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Family History (Copy)

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Family History (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Steve Carroll

FC: Family | Family is not always a blood line its people in your lives who have been through the good and bad with you.

1: Dear Steve On June`7 1975 A beautiful baby boy was born I still remember the day.As a kid you always loved the moon you thought it was a big ball in the sky.I remember your first day of was such a good son I was always proud to be your mother I loved your smile which always brighten up my day.You became the man I wanted you to become your heart was made out of gold.I love you so much my son I still talk to you ever day.R.I.P My son Love Always Mom

2: We love you for the man you were you were a great role mode and teacher

3: Loving son with his mother

4: Our Father in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done as in earth as in heaven give us are daily bread forgive us of are sin:s as will forgive those who sin against us leas us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for the kingdom the power of the glory is your"s now and forever. Amen

5: June 7 1975-February 6 2012

6: Taylor Marie Carroll | Steve loved his daughter more then anything in this world he was a amazing father

7: A Loving father

8: . | Joesph M Carroll | A Wonderful Brother | Micheal J Carroll | Thomas S Carroll

9: Steve you taught us well | Stephanie D Carroll,Christopher B Carroll,Jason A Dalbow

10: Always a great friend

12: Steve loved his family and friends | Steve brought a smile to peoples face when entering a room

13: Jay & Lanette | Doug and Toni | Jeremy | Wade | Chauncey

14: Good Times

15: Never a dole moment with the Carroll family | Its hard to let someone go.

16: Friends are our Family

17: So many good times that we will never forget

18: Mom and Chris 2008 Mom loves her boys | Mom And Jason

19: Joe and Mom | Chris and Stephanie | Shelton | Chris,Jason,Jeremy,Steve

20: Are kids are Crazy too.

22: Having good times with the kids | Got to love those faces

23: Good Times | With Family

24: Chris and Sophia | Priceless

25: Ty and Kylee Banff | Ethan Carroll | Mattrew Carroll | Micheal Carroll jr | Gage Banff | Peyton and Kaden Dalbow

26: Joe and his kids

27: mike and his kids

28: All abouttTommy

29: Stephanie and Kids

30: All about Chris

31: Jason"s crew

32: Kaitlin and Taylor

33: Steven D Carroll sr.

34: Brother you have been there for me all the time.Unconditionally I don"t understand why this happen.I am lost for words.How could God do this that"s what I keep asking myself.How could he take you from us so quick.It"s just not fair.we love you and will always miss you.Love always Mike

35: I always thought you were invincible and that you would stay around forever. I always thought i had more time to come back and tell you how you affected my life.And made me stronge when i thought i couldn"t be. I will never forget how you watched out for us when we were kids and how i looked upto my big brother more then any little brother could ever. if i could be half the mab you were I love you and miss you my brother love always Tommy

36: R.I.P Shelton you will always be our family and very much missed

37: Thanks for always being there

38: Eckard Family | Our brothers

39: Chauncey Miner | You have always been a brother

40: Steve"s Memorial

42: Aunt Shannon and Uncle David Carroll | Uncle Blane and Aunt Penny Carroll

43: Blane Carroll And Anthony Martine | Shawn Carroll | Jimbo and Tina Martine | Tyler Carroll | Rodney Carroll the 3rd | Brittany Carroll | Shannon Carroll | David Carroll jr

44: Steve, you were a wonderful father and son. I wish i could of meant you.I feel like I knew you my whole life.Love always Aunt Donna

45: Dear Steve, you were your mom"s pride and joy.Your brothers and sister adored you. Your friends knew they always could count on you.. you always had a smile on your face.Even as a young man you were full of like.I enjoyed the times we spent with you at the rive | you and Jeremy joined at the hip.I felt like you were my son too.I felt so blessed i got to see you a few years back on New Year"s.But now your in Heaven watching down on us You are always in our thoughts We miss you very much.Love Always Christy.aka your second mom

46: Mom And James Sutton | Steve, I was very happy to get to know you.and you always been a man of his word. you have always been a hard worker.I wish there was more men like you.R.I.P you are very much missed. Love James

47: Goodbye is such a hard thing to say.When the person we loved had to go away.So we look above at the stars in the sky.And send our angel our love. we all hated to see you go but our angel must rest.. So into Gods hands you go. and now sweet angel

48: Mom and Dad | Dad and Kylee | Mom | Grandma &Grandpa Carroll and Steve

49: Jason,Steve,Chris,Stephanie,Joe

50: Steve,What defines greatness? Is it measured by our possessions? Can it be bought or does it have to be earned?Does your name have to be featured in lights,magazines,or television,and does it have to be known by everyone? Is it the things we accomplished in our lives?Growing up all I knew was your reputation...Steve Carroll is a BADASS.Always heard stories about you,mostly about crazy things you have done and all these fights you were in.I was intimidated and scared of you at first,of course I was young but as I grew I knew I never a need to fear you because you watched over me.This BADASS was actually one of the nicest guys around,he would do anything for his friends and family.I have so many fond memories of you.Looked forward everyday to hang out with Jason and you.Doing carport,working out or shooting pool.My best times with you were through Hardcore MMA I know you loved that place as much as I did.During that time you taught me so much.You took me under your wing,felt like your little protege.With you in my corner I knew I could never loss.Thank you for everything.For showing what a father is.

51: Taylor was such a lucky loved her with every ounce of your heart.Thank you for being my mentor just not in fighting but many other aspects of life.Thank you for always being there whether I needed you or not.Thank you for being my brother..You Steve Carroll are one of the greatest men I have ever known.I miss and Love you brother Always Chauncey

52: Steve,Well brother we have been through some crazy times together.We went from not liking each other to becoming best friends and brothers.I consider you to be as real of a person as they come.You were never afraid to speak your mind.You were always willing to put yourself before others.Give the shirt off your back if a friend needed it.You are a one of a kind person and I am blessed to have been given the chance to have known you.There is not a day that goes by that I don"t still think about you and often smile at some of the times we had.I miss you big brother and one day we will meet again on the other side.Until then hold it down for us bullet.Love and Respect Love your brother Jay

54: Jason,I was once down I was never out.Feeling sorry for myself. its not what life is about.Fulfill your dreams and stand very proud. Just had to figure out my time.In this life there is no guarantee when you passed it almost got the best of me.Keep you in my heart now i dream bigger.You always told me not be a quitter. to fight for my life and roll with the punches now i walk proud kind of like you did. I know longer pity myself I choose to rise above | I know your looking down and God yes i really love it time to make you proud and show everyone that i love him.. I passed failure on my way to success with you by my side I am very blessed.So I will make you proud until the day i rest. brother we will meet one day again at the gates.I love you Steve i know your Gods angel now and you will never leave my side.Love Always Jason

55: Steve,Just wanted to say how much you mean to me and how much i looked up to you. were such a great guy..Thanks for always being there.Love Always Blane and Shawn Carroll

56: We held you when you came into this worldWe were so proud and filled with joy.Your parents have given us our grandchild are baby boy.We hold you in our hearts now.With surrow deep.Trying to accept someone so young has meant his eternal sleep.You were such a treasure as short as your life was. and brought us so my pleasure as a grandchild does.We will always remember you from the moment you were born.Until the last breathe you drew.Today because we love that we mourn.We promise we will see each other soon Love Always Grandpa And Grand ma Carroll

58: If a rose grew in Heaven Lord please pick a brunch for me place them in my brother arms and tell him there from me.Tell him that I love and miss him,And when he turns and smile place a kiss on his cheek for me.And hold him for a while.Because remembering him is easy.I do it everyday.But there is a ache in my heart because I miss him every day Love Always Stephanie

59: Last picture"s of Steve Chris Carroll was happy that he stopped and seen his brother when he did

60: Steve, when I first heard about you it was your reputation for fighting.Once we met it was a friendship that came to be common interests,I played the guitar Steve and I loved Kurt Cobain we loved music.While Steve had the reputation for being tough he was more kind.We wrote songs together.He went out of his way to help me.He was the generous person I ever met.Steve I am happy that I called you friend my brother in life.The best thing I remember about you is being a good friend.Until we meet againR.I.P my friend until we see each other again..Love Always Kevin Carter

61: This is how I will always remember you

62: Steve, I miss you so much. when you passed away. I could not believe you were really gone.I knew you was not coming back and you was going to be there for my wedding to Blair.if and when I had kids they will never ger to meet you only hear stories about you..You were always a good brother to wre always a man of his word.And what a sense of humor you had ha,ha.I would call you everyday just to talk.I always tried to do the right thing by you.Help you when I could.Till this day I am glad I stopped to see you,.Something just told me to turn around and see you.Two weeks before you passed me and you were sitting in mom"s front yard I mentioned something about someone changing there life and finding God.I told you anybody can be saved and forgiving.I think God planned that conversation for a reason just like God gave me the feeling to come see you..You were a good son, and friend you always looked out for the interest of others .The way you would protect family and friends with your fists

63: You had so many people look up to you.,that respect you.I will always keep you in my heart.Well brother one day the Lord will call upon me and we shall be together again. May the Lord walk with you in Heaven..Love Always Chris

64: I am there inside your heart.,Right now i am in a different place.And through we seem apart.I am closer than I ever was.I am there inside your heart.I am with you when you greet the day.And while the sun sets,I am with you every night.I am with you through the good times and bad.Too share a laugh.And if a tear should start to fall , I will still be there for you.And when that day arrives .That we are no longer far apart.I will smile and hold you close to me forever in my heart

66: Do not stand at my grave and weep,I am not there I do not sleep.I am a thousands winds that blow,I am the diamond glints of snow.I am the sunlight on ripen grain,I am the gentle autumn rain.When you awake in the morning hush,T am the swift uplifting rush.Of quiet birds in circled flight.I am the soft stars in the sky.Do not stand at my grave and cry.I am not there I did not die

67: R.I.P Steve you are in our hearts and thoughts until we meet again we all love and miss you

68: Life Some times things happen that we don't under stand .Steve impacted many of lives as a son,father,brother,friend and lover.Steve brought cheer and joy to every body he seen .He has a beautiful daughter,Taylor Carroll who he loves dearly.Steve was the oldest of eight with five brothers and two sisters. Brothers and sisters will fight, but the Carroll will always unite.

69: Jesus,Lord and SAvior You say if we call upon your name are prayers will be answered.The passing of are brother and son and friend at times we don't under stand. We know your reason we do not have to understand ,for it was your will to take him home .We put are trust and faith in you,for we know your plan with him is great,in some point in are life you will come and take us home. Just lead guide and direct us in Jesus name i pray amen

70: Every Morning I look to the heavens and tell you good morning tears slid down my face thinking of you we all miss you

71: In Loving Memory of Steven D Carroll jr

72: Jason and his big Win | Proud moment for Jason Steve is proud of you and was in your corner

73: Thank you all for being apart of are memories

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