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Family History Gonzales (Copy)

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Family History Gonzales (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Family History

BC: Time brings changes with the years, but memory keeps its souvenirs....And though a moment may be gone, the love that made it shine lives on

FC: Our Journey Back in Time

1: Great Great Grandfather SalvatoreDiCaro 1842-1912 Raffadali, Agrigento, Sicily | Great Great Grandmother Rosalie Spataro DiCaro~ 1851-1927 | Ribera Agrigento Sicily

2: Giovanni DiCaro 1874 ~ 1928 | Great Grandfather | Great Grandmother | Rosa Santino DiCaro Mitchell 1885 ~ 1958

3: Rosa Santino DiCaro, Rosalie DiCaro, Giovanni DiCaro Tunis

4: Giovanni DiCaro & Anna Librici Lucia DiCaro~1776 married May 9, 1826 to Giuseppe Castronovo~1789 Salvatore DiCaro~1785 (abt) in Raffadali married Jul 7, 1820 in Racalmuto to Paola Spoto~1793-1833 Sep 26 parents of Paola- Francesco Spoto & Rosa Casalicchio Giovanni DiCaro~1822 in Raffadali married Feb 2, 1840 in Ribera to Francesca Sicurello~ 1824 Dec 10 in Raffadali- parents of Francesca - Salvatore Sicurello & Antonina Nardello Paola~1840 Nov 29 Paola~1841 May 19-1841 Salvatore~1842 Raffadali married Jul 20, 1873 to Rosalia Spataro~1851-1927 (Nov 23, 1849) Ribera - parents of Rosalie- Alfonzo Spataro & Paola D'Amaro Giovanni~1874-1928 Oct married 1903 in Tunis to Rosa Santino~1885-1958 Jan Rosalie~1902 Feb 6-1984 July 30 married Nov 14, 1925 to Paul Petisi in Rochester, NY Frances VanDusen~1926 Oct 13 Rosemary (baby)~1929 Mar Rosemary Pettrone~1930 May 17-2007 Apr 23 Gloria~1932 Apr 30-1937 Jan Vincent~1936 Feb 24 Joanna Bianchi~1934 Dec 5 Marianne Clemente~1937 Nov 5 John~1940 Mar 31 Giuseppa~1905-1986 married to Emil Caluori Edmund Edmund David Sylvia married to Joseph Gullo & Elwood Driscoll James Gullo David Gullo Lynn Gullo Ann married to Angelo SanFilippo Steven Brian | DiCaro Family

5: children of Giovanni DiCaro & Rosa Santino continued.. Salvatore DiCaro~1918 married to Fanny Caparella Jeannie Trapani Judy Rosemary Fox Susan Baker Carmela~1923-1977 married to Chester Thomas Dennis Roseanne Surridge Roy Thomas Laurie Coleman John married & divorced Roseanne Auletta John Michelle Francesca Paola (Paulina)~1878 Nov 19-1942 married 1903 to Benedetto Marino in Tunis Santa~1904-1904 Antonino~1905 Salvatore~1908 Santa~1908 Tunis-1982 Las Vegas Nevada name Saintee Nebbia married in 1935 to Edouardo Borg in Tunis (Edouardo was murdered in Tunisia) Josette Mireille Santa married Leo Nebbia in Rochester, NY date unknown Sauveur~1911 Gaetano~1914 Rosalie~1916 Giovanni~1916

6: Francesca Paola~1880 Feb 29-1963 Feb married Vincenzo Pitisi~Nov 1898 in Tunis parish of Ste Croix Maria~1899 Aug 12-1984 Paolo~1901 Dec 3-1901 Dec 9 Paolo~1903 Jan 2-1993 Dec 31 Angela~1905 Jun 3-1905 Jun 3 Rosalie~1905 Jun 3-1905 Jun 8 Salvatore~1906-1986 Joseph~1922 Aug 22-2011 Oct 25 Giuseppe~1888-1949 married Veronica LoBue~1897-1990 Sam~1918 married to Sofia Mitch Rita Rosalie~1920 married to Stanley Silk Steven Margaret Karen Elizabeth Angelina~1922 married name Sloan Matthew~1924 Jun 19-1998 Jan 7 married to Laura LaVerne Fitzpatrick Matthew Regina children of Giovanni DiCaro & Francesca Sicurello continued Paola~1846 Nov 5-1847 Nov 18 Paola~1849 Oct 13

7: Ribera | Raffadali Cathedral | children of Salvatore DiCaro & Paola Spoto continued Anna Maria~1824 Anna~1825-1827 Salvatore (widower of Paolo Spoto) married Nov 10, 1833 to Francesca Galletto~1813-1852 Sep 12 parents of Francesca - Angelo Galletto & Rose Farruggia Anna~1834 Stefano~1837 Sep 9-1839 Dec 29 Stefana~1840 married Jun 5, 1853 to Calogero Galvano Stefano~1843 Jan 21-1843 Feb 27 Angelo~1845-1845 Stefano~1846-1846 Giovanna~1848 Giovanna~1850-1850 Anna~1850- Paolo~1852-1852 Salvatore married Jun 9,1853 to Giuseppa Bellaccomo~1799-1857 May 23 parents of Giuseppa - Onofrio Bellaccomo & Anna Salamone Salvatore married Sep 19, 1857 to Giovanna Faseli~1820 parents of Giovanna - Pasquale Faseli & Vincenza Marro Maraglione Giuseppe~1858

8: DiCaro Family Grandma would say the DiCaro family was descended from Spanish royalty. Don Giovanni De Caro, Baron of Montechiaro, was given the island of Lampedusa in 1436 by Alfonso of Aragon. The island is part of the Province of Agrigento, but it is located a little over 100 miles away. That is a fact, but it is not known whether he is related to our family or not. Salvatore DiCaro, son of Giovanni DiCaro & Francesca Sicurello, was born 1842, in the town of Raffadali, Italy and Rosalie Spataro, daughter of Alfonzo Spataro & Paola D'Amaro, was born in 1851 in the town of Ribera, Italy, according to her marriage record. Another family genealogy source has Rosalia's birthdate as November 23, 1849, and date of baptism, November 25, 1849. Giovanni & Rosalia were married in July, 1873 in Ribera. The first child born to them was Giovanni DiCaro in 1874. No record of his birth was found. Francesca Paola born in 1878, is believed to be Paolina, their first daughter. There is a birth record of a daughter also named Francesca Paola (Great Grandmother) born in 1880. Those two records were registered in Ribera. While researching Italian birth records, it was not uncommon that siblings were named the same name but one is known by the first name and the other is called by the middle name. Salvatore & Rosalia's son Giuseppe was born in 1888, but no record of his birth can be found. Salvatore & Rosalie eventually settled in Tunis, with their children. They stayed in Tunis, never coming to the United States. There is a record of Salvatore's burial at "Asile V" in 1912 in Tunis. Rosalie's Catholic burial was recorded in Sacre Coeur parish in 1927 under the last name Spartaro. Great Grandfather Giovanni DiCaro met Great Grandmother Rosa Santino in Tunis when she was 14 years old. He met her at her family's boarding house where he stayed while working on the railroad. Rosa's immigration record states she was born in Sieuliqua, Sardinia, but Great Uncle Sam believes his mother was born in Sicily. There is a record of Giovanni and Rosa's marriage in Tunis dated 1903 in the parish of St. Croix (Holy Cross).

9: Three children were born to Rosa and Giovanni in Tunis. Rosalia (Grandma) in 1902, baptism recorded in Rosaire parish; Giuseppa, also baptized in Rosaire, parish 1905; Salvatore, baptized in 1918, parish of Mateur. Children were baptized the day they were born or within days of their birth. Their daughter Carmela (Millie) and son John, were born in the USA. Giovanni (Dicara) 33, 5' 7", first arrived in the USA at the port of Philadelphia on the ship "Californie", which sailed from Havre, France, July 21, 1907. In the ship log, his occupation is listed as a mason; he left father Salvatore Dicara in "Tunis Place Morgena"; he was going to stay with his cousin Gaetano Danna, 2359 Atlantic, Brooklyn, NY; he had $10 in his pocket. Francesca DiCaro Pitisi, husband Vincenzo, and brother Giuseppe arrived at Ellis Island in 1908, and went to stay with an "Uncle Miazo Spataro Giuseppe" in Cumberland , Maryland. Her brother Giovanni was already there. It has been told that Giovanni, brother Giuseppe & their brother-in-law Vincenzo Pitisi left the East coast to travel out west to work in the mines around 1908 and did not return for many years. Francesca went back to Tunis at some point and did not attempt to return until 1913, at which time she was sent back to Tunis because of her daughter Maria's sickness. There is a census record that may be the three men in Jackson, Missouri in 1910. There is also a census record with the name Vincenzo "Pitici" in a boarding house in Las Animas, Colorado, weeks later that same year. One of the stories told for years was that Giuseppe, Giovanni & Vincenzo were at a saloon, a man came after one of them for fooling around with his daughter, so the men left out the back door, jumped on horses and escaped with just the clothes on their backs. It is not known exactly when the three men returned east, but it had to be by the year 1917. Great Uncle Sam DeCaro was born in early 1918 in Tunis so Giovanni had to have returned to Tunis by then. In piecing some facts together, it seems Giuseppe ended up in Pennsylvania from out west, where he may have met his wife Veronica (who was from the town of Boswell) and they had three of their four children there. Eventually, Giuseppe and his family settled in Johnston City, Illinois. | "Californie" | Ellis Island

10: Giovanni DiCaro arrived back to the USA from Tunis, at Ellis Island on the ship "France" on January 16, 1921 with daughters Rosalie, 18 and Giuseppina, 16. In the ship log information, it was noted that Giovanni previously arrived in the USA at the port of Philadelphia in 1906 & 1915. On this final trip to the USA, he left his wife Rosa Dicaro at 9 Tue Majoi, Tunis. He and his daughters were going to stay with Uncle Joseph Spataro, 35 William Street, Waterbury, Connecticut. Giovanni's occupation was listed as a workman; Rosalie & Giuseppina were listed as housewives. The family had $100. Rosa Santino DiCaro, 36, 4'10", arrived in the United States at the port in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 27, 1921 on the ship "Canada", which sailed from Marseilles, France on July 12th, 1921, with her son Salvatore, 3. In the ship log information, she was listed as a housewife, could not read or write, left her mother "Santino, Joseph", in Tunis at 9 Rue Majoy; was going to stay with her husband John Di Caro at 35 William Street, Waterbury, Connecticut; she had $20; Rosa's place of birth was listed as Sieuliqua, Italy. After Rosa's husband Giovanni died in 1928, her brother-in-law Joe & wife Veronica arranged for her to marry Jack Mitchell (Miceli) in Johnston City, Illinois. Jack had four children, Joe, Tony, Lena & Charlie (according to the 1930 census) in his care. Rosa was gone from Rochester by early 1930, She took Sam, Millie and John with her. Jack Mitchell turned out to be very abusive but Rosa stayed for many years. Sam came back to Rochester when he was about 17 and stayed with his sister Rosalie and other relatives; Millie met her husband Chet who was in the Navy in Illinois and eventually came back to Rochester. John left Illinois, joined the Army at the tail end of WWII and was in the South Pacific. He re-enlisted, went to Berlin, and stayed in the military until the mid 50s. Rosa came back to Rochester when she needed surgery and never went back to her husband, He came here to try to get her to go back to Illinois, but no one would let him take her back. She died in 1958 and is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery under the name Rosa Mitchell.

11: Francesca DiCaro Pitisi February 29, 1880 January 31, 1963 | GreatGrandmother & Great Grandfather | Vincent Pitisi March 27, 1863 November 27, 1944

12: Pitisi Family The Pitisi family was from the town of Mussomeli, Caltanasetta, Sicily. The earliest record has a Silvestre Pitisi in Mussomeli in the year 1681 listed as "Elenco alfabetico dei capi di casa", head of the household. All the family members born in Italy and Tunisia had last name spelled "Pitisi". It is not known when the spelling changed to "Petisi". There is a notice in the Rochester Daily Record dated August 20, 1935, with Paulo "Pitisi" obtaining an automobile license for a 1929 Olds Cch. Paolino Pitisi, born about 1822, married Maria Theresa Cicero, born about 1828, on May 28, 1848 in Mussomeli, Italy. Great Grandfather Vincent was the 7th child of Maria & Paolino. His birth name was Vincenzo "Maria". It is said that Italians sometimes gave their sons that middle name so the Blessed Mother would protect them. Vincent immigrated to Tunis (year unknown). He married Carmeline Orlando in the year 1896 in the parish of Ste Croix in Tunis. There is burial record in Tunis under "Carmela" Orlando in that same year. Vincent then married Great Grandmother Francesca DiCaro on November 1, 1898 in Ste Croix parish. The first child that was born to Francesca and Vincent of the six born in Tunis, was Maria (Great Aunt Mary) in 1899. She was baptized in the parish of Ste Croix that year. In the year 1901, a boy Paolo was born & baptized in the parish of Sacre Coeur, but only lived for a few days. Another boy named Paolo (PaPa) was born January 2, 1903, according to record of birth registered with the town of Mussomeli, Italy. Paolo's baptismal record is listed in Sacre Coeur parish. There were twin girls Angela & Rosalia, born June 3, 1905, but Angela was stillborn and Rosalie only lived for five days. Rosalie was baptized in Sacre Coeur parish. In October, 1906, Salvatore (Great Uncle Sam) was be born. He was baptized there in 1907, also in the parish of Sacre Coeur. Great Uncle Joe Petisi was born in the USA.

13: Francesca DiCaro Pitisi first came to the USA, at the age of 25, arriving at Ellis Island on January 26, 1908 on the ship "LaTouraine" with her brother Giuseppe DiCaro, 18, & her husband Vincenzo, 38. In the ship log information, it is stated Francesca left her father Salvatore DiCaro in Tunis and went to stay with Uncle Miazo Giuseppe Spataro, 205 Oak Street, Cumberland, Maryland. It was noted that Giuseppe was going to meet his brother Giovanni, at the same address. It is not known how long Francesca stayed in the USA, but Vincent joined brother-in-laws Giuseppe & Giovanni DiCaro on their journey out west around that time and the three men were gone for many years. Francesca made another journey to the USA arriving at Ellis Island in August, 1913 on the ship "Roma" with Maria, 12, Paolo 9, and Salvatore 5. It was stated in the ship log,that Francesca's husband Vincent was already in Rochester, her mother Rosalie Spataro was left in Tunis. It was also noted that Maria was hospitalized and they were then deported back to Tunis. Her final trip back to the USA was in January, 1921, on the ship "France" which sailed from LeHavre, France with sons Paolo 18, mechanic & Salvatore 14, a student. They left their sister Maria Manfre in Tunis. The ship log noted that Francesca was American by husband's papers dated January 29, 1918. Maria Pitisi (Great Aunt Mary) married Agostino Manfre in Tunis, parish of Sacre Coeur in 1921. They came to the United States, June 26, 1928 on the ship "Ile de France", with their son, Jean (John) 6, going to stay with brother-in-law Vincenzo Petisi, 253 Whitney Street, Rochester, New York. The 1930 Census had Vincent 67, occupation Glassworker, Francis 49, and Joseph 8, living on Whitney Street and Agostino, Mary & John Manfre living on the same street.

14: Pitisi Family Tree Francesco Pitisi~1802-1866 Dec 24 & Maria Messina parents of Francesco - Giuseppe Pitisi & Lorenza Mancino Paolino Pitisi 1822-1901 Apr 25 married May 28, 1848 to Maria Cicero 1825-1890 Apr 12 parents of Maria - Carmelo Cicero & Teresa Mistretta in Mussomeli, Italy Maria Carmela~abt 1849 May 4-1877 married Jan 3, 1871 to Giovanni Salvatore Scaglione Giuseppa~1872 Feb 19 Francesca Paola~1875 Apr 12 Giuseppe~1852-1892 married Nov 23, 1882 to Maria Cala (widow) Maria~1883 Dec Giuseppa~1885 Jan 23 married Oct 15, 1908 to Giuseppe Territo Paolo~1886 Dec 19 Vincenza~1891 Feb 14 Salvatore~1854 May 23-1929 June 9 married Feb 10, 1881 to Francesca Scavone Paolino~1882 Jun 11 Maria~1885 May 4 Salvatrice~1889 Jan 30-1891 Oct 19 Filomena~1894 Aug 15~1895 Nov 12 Vincenzo~1856 Sept Calogero~1858 July Calogero~1860 May 31-1934 Mar 2 married Jul 12, 1891 to Rosalia LoManto Paolino~1892 Jan 11 Francesca~1893 Jul 7 Calogero~1895 Aug 9-1896 Maria~1897 Feb 25 Vincenzo~1900 Dec 3

15: Vincenzo Maria~1863-March 27-1944 November 27 married Carmelina Orlando in Tunis~1896 widowed in 1896 married Francesca DiCaro, Nov, 1898 in the parish of Ste Croix in Tunis Maria~1899-1984 married in 1921 to Agostino Manfre in parish of Sacre-Coeur in Tunis John~1922 (Tunisia) married to Marie Janet Paolo~1901 Dec 3-1901 Dec 9 Paolo~1903 Jan 2-1993 Dec 31 married Nov 14, 1925 to Rosalie DiCaro/DeCaro Frances~1926 Oct 13 married May 24, 1958 to Gene VanDusen~1929 Feb 27 Karen Marie Cottrell~1960 Sep 12 married May 1, 2010 to Robert Cottrell~1959 Jan 20 Paul~1962 Dec 23 Joshua~1985 Jul 27 (mother Lisa Basso) Paul Louis~1990 Mar 14 Rosemary~1929 (stillborn) Rosemary~1930 May 17-2007 Apr 23 married to Aug 25, 1951 to Salvatore Pettrone~ 1930 Jul 8- 2009 Jan 1 Sharon Ann~1951 Oct 6 married Jul 13, 1974 to Eric Charles Davis~1951 May 27 Kristen Rose~1979 Apr 1 married May 8 2004 to Robert Frances Long Jr.~1979 Apr 14 Julia Rose~2005 Mar 26 Jared~2008 Feb 13 Melissa Ann~1979 Apr 1 married Dec 13, 2008 to Christopher John Usher~1972 Sep 19 Christopher Kenneth~2011 Nov 19 Brad~1984 Jan 20 engaged to Mary Maher 1984 Jul 26 Olivia Hope~2007 Oct 27

16: Donna Marie~1952 Oct 17 married Mar 30, 1985 to Robert L. DeFreze~1950 Mar 21 Robert Salvatore~1986 Oct 3 Danielle Marie~23 Mar 1988 Renee Marie~1954 May 20 Amanda Frances~1978 Nov 5 -father Joseph Marotta married 2000 Aug 19 to Michael Andrew Yoder~1978 Aug 22 Evan Michael~1998 Oct 29 Ava Catherine~2006 May 17 Samuel Patrick~2007 Jun 4 Abby Rose~2009 Mar 22 Samantha Rose~1980 Aug 12 married 2006 Jul 1 to Roberto Diego Cappuccio~1977 Jul 7 Vincent Diego~2009 Nov 13 Celia Rosalie~2010 Jan 9 married May 25, 1985 to Louis Giardino 1954 Mar 21 Michael Andrew~1985 Oct 16 Alexander Louis~1988 May 22 Francesca Rose~1958 Apr 4-1990 Apr 3 married to Jack Treese Nicole Marie~1985 Feb 1 Benjamin David Jr~2005 Mar 4 Francesca Rose~2007 Apr 17 Christian Alexander~2008 Dec 11 Gabriel Teague~2010 Nov 21 - father Michael Teague Jack 3rd~1986 May 7 George Salvatore~1965 Jan 11 married Nov 11, 1995 to Charlene Thorpe~1970 Aug 3 Cassandra Rosemary~1995 Jul 20 Gianna Haley~1999 Jan 20 | 565 Jay St ~ 1941 125 Frank St ~ 1925 253 Whitney St ~ 1921 503 Jay Street ~ 1936 160-1/2 Brown St ~ 1923 | father Ben Cornish

17: Gloria~1932 Apr 30-1937 Jan Joanna~1934 Dec 5 married to Dominic Bianchi (divorced) Vincent~1936 February 24 married May 22, 1971 to Christine Malley~1947 Apr 22 Vincent J~1973 Oct 21 married Jan 17, 2009 to Jennie Cieslinski~1978 Mar 13 William Vincent~2003 Jul 9 Alexis Carmlita~2000 Oct 25 Edmund~1975 Oct 24 Lillian Elizabeth~2005 Jan 28 -mother Michelle Schomske Teresa Rose~1983 Dec 8 Mark Cervero~1978 Jun 3 Alexander Christian~2011 Mar 25 Marianne~1937 Nov 5 married 1960 Oct 8 to Louis Joseph Clemente 1934 Sep 16 Linda Marie~1963 Nov 19 married 1988 Oct 15 to Dean Burdick~1962 Aug 8 Adam Dean~1990 Aug 29 Michael Joseph~1997 Apr 18 Suzanne Marie~1961 Aug 4 Anthony Louis Carrasquillo~1995 Apr 23 father Jose Carrasquillo Louis Paul~1967 Nov 3 married May 28, 1994 to Beth Licata~1970 Mar 3 Marissa~1997 Mar 15 Matthew Louis~2001 Jun 21 John~1940 Mar 31 married Jul 1964 to Patricia Gruttadauria~1943 Mar 17 Amelia Louise~1965 Dec 13 married Oct 17, 1987 to John Russell Patterson~1965 Dec 15 Jonathan Daniel~1988 Mar 12 Emily Lauren~1994 Oct 28 Paula Ann~1968 Nov 25 married Aug 13, 2005 to Matthew Plucknette~1971 Jul 21 | Family Traditions Love Strength Roots Home

18: children of Vincenzo & Francesca Pitisi continued Angela~1905 Jun 3-1905 Jun 3 Rosalia~1905 Jun 3-1905-1905 Jun 8 Salvatore~1906-1986 married to Susie Andreassi Norma Marie married to Peter Borreggine Peter Joseph Joseph~1922 Aug 22-2011 Oct 25 married to Helen Sherron Elaine Lazzaro Robert Kathleen Mathews last child of Paolino & Maria Pitisi Francesco~1866-1897 Sept 30 married Maria Stella Martinez 1897 Sept 3 | Tunis

19: Vincent Pitisi & friend in Tunis | Giuseppe DiCaro Vincent Pitisi Giovanni DiCaro

20: Paul Pitisi Confirmation ~ Tunis

21: Paul Petisi | Grandfather | January 2, 1903 ~ December 31, 1993

22: Paul Petisi (middle), & Sam Petisi | Sam Petisi, Charlie Madonia, Angelo Mastrosimone, Paul Petisi

23: Rosalie DiCaro

24: Grandmother | Rosalie DeCaro Petisi February 6, 1902 July 30, 1984

25: Rosalie DeCaro & Paul Petisi November 14, 1925

26: Rosalie & Susie Petisi

27: Rose, Millie, Rosalie, John & Sam DeCaro | Francesca, Sam, Paul, Vincent, Joe Petisi

28: far left, Ann Caluori, Mom, Lucy Gallo, Norma Petisi, John Manfre holding Gloria, Frances, Betty Curro, Joe Petisi, Edmund Caluori

30: Aunt Mary Manfre holding AuntMare, Fanny holding Uncle Johnny, Grandma holding Uncle Vinnie, Papa, Uncle Joe, Grandpa Vincent, Grandma Frances, Uncle Agostino, Uncle Sam, Aunt Susie, John Manfre, Aunt Fifi & Aunt Millie | Aunt Susie, Uncle Sam, Aunt Josephine, AuntMary, Uncle Agostino, Grandma Frances, Grandpa Vincent, Grandma,

31: Uncle Agostino, Papa, John Manfre, Grandfather Vincent & Uncle Joe | Aunt Josephine Caluori, Grandma & Aunt Susie Petisi | Grandma, John Manfre & Papa | Family | GreatAunt Helen, Grandma & Uncle Johnny | Great Grandmother Frances | Veronica DeCaro & Aunt Mille

32: Lena Mitchell, Aunt Fanny & Aunt Millie | Angelina DeCaro & Aunt Millie | Norma, Uncle Sam, Maria & Aunt Susie

33: Cousins from Tunisia | Great Great Uncle Salvatore Tunis

34: Veronica DeCaro, Francesca DeCaro Petisi & Rosa Santino DeCaro | far left, Rosa, far right, Jack Mitchell | Rosa

35: Grandma Uncle Sam Aunt Millie | Uncle Sam Aunt Fanny | Joe DeCaro | John DeCaro | Laura & Matthew DeCaro

36: Frances Beatrice Petisi VanDusen October 13, 1926 | Ann Caluori & Frances | Fifi

37: Gene VanDusen

38: Rosemary

39: Rosemary Petisi Pettrone May 17, 1930 April 23, 2007 | Sonny

40: Gloria Petisi April 30, 1932 January, 1937 The sweet angel girl who helped herMama take care of the babies, invited the neighborhood for coffee

42: Uncle Vinny & Uncle Johnny | Vincent Petisi February 24, 1936 | Unck Vinny & Anut Mary Manfre

43: Christine Malley Petisi

44: Joanna Petisi Bianchi December 5, 1934 | Joan & Irma Petisi | Jean Carusi

45: Uncle Joe, Aunt Fanny, Aunt Millie, Aunt Joan, Aunt Mare & Uncle Johnny | Aunt FiFi, Mom, Aunt Joan, Uncle Vinny, Aunt Mare, Uncle Johnny

46: Marianne Petisi Clemente November 5, 1937

47: Uncle Junie

48: John Petisi March 31, 1940 | Uncle Vinny & Uncle Johnny | Uncle Joe Petisi, Grandma & Uncle Johnny

49: Patricia Gruttadauria Petisi

50: Sylvia Caluori, Norma Petisi, Mom, Marie Petisi & Aunt Joan | Edmund Caluori | tUncle Joe Petisi | SusieDeBole & Aunt Fifi

51: Aunt Susie,Mom &Aunt Helen | AuntFifi, Norma, Mom & Marie Todisco | Norma

52: Mom,Jean Carusi, Frankie Lane & Aunt Fifi | Uncle John DeCaro & Friends~Berlin | Aunt Millie & Uncle Chet, Rosanne & Dennis Thomas | Edmund Caluori

53: Papa, Uncle Joe, Uncle Sam, Uncle Agostino & Aunt Mary | Dennis Thomas | Grandma, Aunt Millie, Uncle Johnny & Aunt Jo | Grandma Frances | Uncle Dom Bianchi

54: Papa & Grandma ~So many memories....Birthdays, holidays, & just being together. They never owned a home or a car but they had the best family. Who could forget the cookies, the lamb cookie jar...... | If her kids asked her for money, she would say "if I had a nickel, I would be in Paris"... The times spent playing pokeno for pennies...Papa singing his crazy Arab songs with a drink & a cigarette in his hand.

55: Everybody squashed in whatever apartment they lived in but no one noticed or cared... Bingo & trying to watch Papa's cards upside down.... The crocheted sweaters & dresses..... | The coucous that took all day to make... Grandma feeding the babies the "boddler" burping them so hard we thought their heads would snap....but they burped & their heads were fine

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