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Family History - Kornblum

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S: The Aaron s - A Photo History

FC: The Arm & Aaron Family The Early Years

1: Dedication Moses and Blima Arm (Aaron) lived in a small village in Poland named Dynow. They had seven children. In 1898, after Blima passed away, Moses came to the United States to find a better life for his family, one that was free of hardship, one in which they could thrive . Most of his children and grandchildren followed and they continued to build their new lives together, a close family, celebrating from time to time with family reunions. It is because of him, that we his grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren and other heirs down the line, in the year 2010, celebrate together and remember Moses Arm and his children who gave us love, life and happiness that we remember so warmly. We especially recognize our cousin, Bernice Frant (d) Bernstein, for all that she has done to maintain and preserve our family history. August 22, 2010

2: Moses Arm (Aaron) and his second wife Dora Korn

3: Moses Arm was born in 1845 in Dynow (Dinov), a small shtetl located on the San River in southeastern Poland (formerly Austria prior to WW 1) . It is part of the Podkarpacki region, an area located in the Carpathian Mountains near the Ukrainian border. Moses was the son of Isak and Dora (Reich) Arm.. He had a brother,Shaya and a sister, Golda, both of whom did not immigrate to America. Moses married Blima Davis (d) from Krasno, Austria. He earned his living as a tailor. They had seven children: Feige, married Mayer Weitzler, a tailor fromStara Sol, Austria (now located in the Ukraine); David married Feige (Fanny) nee Miller; Tillie married Chaskel Frand, a musician from Dubiecko; Jenny, married Mayer Leib (Max) Kornblum, a tailor; Rebecca (Becky) married a widower, Issac Levenbron, a storekeeper; Annie married Louis Weil, a tailor; and Isidore, a plumber, married Rose Farrer and later marriedMary Levine. Although Feige and Tillie never saw the shores of America, their husbands and children all eventually immigrated., except for one of Tillie’s sons, Schmuel, who died in the Holocaust. Blima died in Dynow. Moses sailed from the Port of Stettin, Germany to New York on the SS Aragonia on April 25, 1898. He was then 52 years old. In the United States, he married Dora Korn, a widow, who at the time lived in New Brunswick, NJ. The only known picture of Moses is the one taken with his second wife. His last known address was 129 Pitt Street, New York, NY. Moses died April 17, 1913 of acute peritonitis following an appendectomy operation. He is buried in the Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. He changed his name from Arum to Aaron in the U.S.. The manifests of four of his children, Becky, Jenny, Annie and Isidore all mention Arm as their last name.

4: Dynow

5: Feige Weitzler's Gravestone | Jewish Cemetery in Dynow after WW11 | Dynow

6: Moses and Blima's Children Feige Arm Weitzler Feige was born 1873 in Dynow, Austria (Poland after WWI). Feige married Mayer Weitzler, a tailor, from Stara Sol, Austria about 1894. It was an arranged marriage. He made womens' coats. They had six children one of whom died at the age of six. The other living children were: Regina, Julius, Blanche, Jacob and Irving. Mayer came to the United States several times in the early 1900s eventually immigrating permanently in 1921 as did all his children. Feige never reached the shores of America. Feige died March 3, 1930 with Mayer at her side, who had returned to Poland to be near her death bed. Mayer died in New York City, September 22, 1939 and is buried in Mt. Hebron cemetery. David Arm David was born about 1875 in Dynow, Austria. He was the second child, the first son, born to Blima and Moses. David married Feige (Fanny) Miller about 1897. David’s first trip to the United States was January 1, 1906. He returned to Dynow (date unknown) for his wife and three children, Isidore, Alex and Blanche (Blima). They immigrated to the states in 1911. Their fourth child Rose was born in New York City. David was a tailor. He died August 16, 1956 and is buried in Sharon Gardens cemetery, Valhalla, NY. Tillie Arm Frand Tillie was born September 1, 1878 in Dynow, Austria. She was the third child born to Blima and Moses, and the second daughter. Tillie married Chaskel Frand, a musician from Dubiecko, a small shtetl near Dynow. After their marriage, they settled in Dubiecko where they had nine children: Schlomo, who died at the age of five from a concussion, Jacob, Sol, Blima, Moisha who died young from a disease prevalent at that time, twins Ruth and Schmuel, Elaine and the youngest,Milton. Chaskel came to the United States in 1907, returning to Dubiecko and then immigrating

7: permanently in 1927, except for Schmuel who died in the Holocaust. Chaskel lived in the United States until making Aliyah to Israel in 1955. He died in a nursing home in Mount Carmel on July 23, 1962 at the age of 87 and is buried in Israel. Tillie never immigrated to the United States, dying in Dubiecko on September 5, 1923. Jenny Arm Kornblum Jenny (Sussel) was born in 1886 in Dynow, Austria, the fourth child of Blima and Moses. Jenny immigrated to the United States in 1899. She married Mayer (Max) Kornblum, a tailor. They had five children, Bertha, Sadie (Shirley), Morris who died an infant of scarlet fever, Freddie who died a s a teenager of gangrene (after being hit by a bread truck, and getting a broken leg and hip) and Seymour. Jenny died October 12, 1961 at the age of 75. She is buried in the King Solomon Cemetery, Clifton, NJ. Rebecca (Becky) Arm Levenbron Rebecca (Beile) was born in 1885 in Dynow, Austria. She was the fifth child and fourth daughter of Blima and Moses. Rebecca immigrated to the United States in 1900. Becky, as she was affectionately known, married Isak (Issac) Levenbron, a widower with several children. They had two children of their own, Blanche and Maurice. They were married in New York City and then moved to Huntington, Long Island, where Isak opened a store called “Levenbron’s Department Store.". Becky died in 1943 in Huntington, Long Island and is buried in the Huntington Jewish Community Cemetery.

8: Anna Arm Weil Anna (Chaya) was born September 16, 1888 in Dynow Austria., the sixth child, and youngest daughter of Moses and Blima Arm.. Anna immigrated to the United States on July 10, 1902 at the age of 14, bringing her younger brother with her. She married Louis (Lou) Weil in New York City on March 22, 1908. Her brother-in-law Isak (Issac ) Levenbron, was a witness. Annie, as she was affectionately known, had two children, Sarah (Sally) and Morris. She first lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey and then moved to Highland Park to live with her daughter, Sally, and her family. Lou worked in the garment industry and Annie worked for many years at the Style Dress Shop in New Brunswick. She died on September 11, 1967 and is buried in the Workmen's Circle plot at Washington Cemetery, off Route 130, Deans, New Jersey. Isidore Arm Isidore (Isak) was born April 15, 1891 in Dynow, Austria, the seventh child and second son of Moses and Blima Arm. Isidore came to the United States on July 10, 1902 accompanied by his sister, Anna. He married Rose Farrer and they had two children, Maurice and Lois. Eventually they divorced and Isidore married Mary Levine. He had a very successful plumbing and heating business in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Isidore died July 17, 1963. He is buried at Beth Israel Cemetery, Route One, Woodbridge, New Jersey.

9: The Arm & Aaron Family Album

10: Mayer and ReginaWeitzler Arm | Jacob | Julius | Julius Arm and Regina Weitzler Arm | Irving

11: Feige Arm Weitzler & Mayer | Blanche Jacob, Julius, Feige and Irving | Mayer | Blanche

12: Isidore & Sydelle | Martin & Rose Aaron Willstead & Alice | Alex & Millie | Blanche Aaron

13: David & Feige Aaron | David & Feige 's 50th Wedding Anniversary

14: Jacob | Milton & Elaine Arrive in America | Schmuel | Sol | Ruth

15: Tillie Arm Frand & Chaskel | Elaine, Tille, Schmuel, Ruth, Chaskel, Milton Sol in back

16: Four | Four Generations of Frands, son Jacob Frant, father Chaskel Frand, great grandson Andy Bernstein, & granddaughter Bernice Frant Bernstein | Sally and Jack | Sol and Ruth

17: Irving Weitzler and Jacob Frant in front of the Temple named in Jacob's honor

18: Freddie | Bertha, Seymour & Sadie

19: Jenny Arm Kornblum & Mayer | Sadie (Shirley) & Cornelius Mead | Bertha & Ben

20: Cousins Jack & Blanche | Maurice | Blanche

21: Becky Arm Levenbron & Issac | Cousins Sally & Blanche

22: Anna & Becky | Morris | Sally

23: Annie ArmWeil & Louis | Aunt Annie and niece Bernice

24: Issie,,Maurice, Rose , Lois | Issy, Annie, Sally, Maurice, Morris | Aunt Annie & Lois | Jack Frant, Cousin David Adler of the Jewish Forward, Issy & Maurice Aaron

25: Isidore Aaron and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt address the Israel Bonds Dinner | Isidore Aaron

26: SS Aragonia | SS Teutonic | Prinz Regent Luitpold | SS Campania | SS Noordland

27: Name & Year Ship Port Moses Aran Aragonia Stettin 1898 Lussel (Jenny) Arm Prinz Regent Bremen 1899 Luitpold Beile (Becky) Arm Noordland Antwerp 1900 Chaya (Annie) Arm Teutonic Liverpool 1902 Isak (Isidore) Arm Teutonic Liverpool 1902 David Arum Campania Liverpool 1906

28: Moses' Manifest

29: David is Detained

30: Sussel 's (Jenny) Manifest

31: Beile's (Becky) Manifest

32: Chaya (Anna) and Isak 's (Isidore ) Manifest

33: Moses Arm's Death Certificate and Gravestone

34: Tillie Arm and Chaskel Frand's Marriage Registration

35: Anna Arm and Louis Weil's Marriage Certificate Brother in law Issac Levenbron was a witness

36: Milton Frant | Fred Frant | Henry Bronet | Eugene Bernstein | Maurice Levenbron | Irving Weitzler

37: And they fought for their country that had given their families so much | Sy Kornblum | Maurice Levenbron | Phil Liboff | Gene Arkin | Milton Frant (far right) | Bernice & the Boys

38: Isidore Aaron's Draft Card | World War11 Ration Books

39: Issac Levenbron (Becky's husband) and the Huntington Jewish Community

40: Shaya Arm's (Moses' brother) daughters | The Meiners were related to Blima & lived in New Brunswick, NJ | Great Grandson Jeffrey Aaron holding Moses' face at an earlier reunion

41: Aaron Family 1980 Reunion Donaldson Park, Highland Park, NJ

42: Aaron Family 1980 Reunion Donaldson Park, Highland Park , NJ

43: Aaron Family 2001 Reunion Woodbridge, NJ

44: Aaron Family 2003 Reunion Studio City, CA

45: Aaron Family 2010 Reunion Somerset, NJ

46: 2010 Aaron Family Reunion Sy Kotnnlum, and Milton Frant (center) Sy Kornblum, Milton Frant and Lois Rubin (right) Sy Kornblum and Margo and Bob Gershon (left)

47: 2010 Aaron Family Reunion Allan Kronblum and Jerry Liboff (left) Bertha Eig and Margo Gershon (top right) Jerry Liboff and Roxanne Rubin Greenstein (lower right)

48: From back of the room left: Jack Frant (Nephew) Blance Weitzler Frant (Niece) Julius Weitzler (Nephew) Ida Weitzler (Miece) Barbara Aaron (Granddaughter) Paul Forement (Grandson) Connie Aaron Forman (Granddaugher) Joel Landres (Son in law) Blanche Aaron Landres (Daughter) Martin Willstead (Son in law) Blanche Aaron Wilstead (Daughter) Sydelle Aaron (Daughter in law) Isidore Aaron (Son) David Aaron Feige (Fanny) Aaron Annie Aaron Weil (Sister) Alex Aaron (Son) Millie Aaron (Daughter in law) Unknown | David & Feige Aaron's 50th Anniversary Party Isidore Aaron (Brother) Sa,m Goldstein (First Cousin) Mary Aaron (Sister in Law) Minnie Arm Goldstein (First Cousin) Julius Arm Aaron (FC) Molly Arm Cooper (FC) Jacob Cooper (FC) Regina Aaron (Niece) Jenny Aaron Kornblum (Sister) Susanne Aaron (Granddaughter) Eleanor Landres (Granddaughter) Mayer Kornblum (Brother in law) Dora Susswein (Cousin) Milton Frant (Nephew) Frieda Frant (Niece) Louis Weil (Brother in law) Bertha Kornblum Eig (Niece) Ben Eig (Nephew) | Alice Wilsted (Granddaughter) Neil Landres (Grandson) Barbara Levenbron (Niece) Maurice Levenbron (Nephew) Joseph Miller (Nephew) Sally Weil Miller (Niece) Blanche Levenbron Weissman (Niece) Jim Weissman (Nephew) Nieces and nephews unable to attend Maurice and Vivian Aaron Henry and Elaine Bronet Sol and Esther Frand Jessie & Ruth Lieboff Morris and Millie Weil Photobook prepared by Deborah Miller, granddaughter of Annie Arm Weil & Louis Weil

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