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Family Memoirs

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1: My parents like to go out and have a good time in town whether they are dancing, singing, or just listening to some peaceful jazz music. When they are out, my little sister, who is 7, and I catch up on our homework. Math is my favorite subject so I apologize if my writing is a bit off. My family and I are big New York Yankee fans and we try to listen to the games on the radio every other night. Babe Ruth is our favorite player and puts on a show every time we turn it on. Lately, my pa has been earning more money than usual so there might be a chance we could actually go to a game! That would be exciting. Everyone is happy and I hope things stay like this. | It is the year 1926 and spring is upon us. The winter has been a little rough on us. We live in a fairly sized farm house with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in Colcord, Oklahoma just south of Delaware County. My Pa’s crops are looking better than ever and he plans to harvest a lot of wheat. My family is in an all around great mood and everything is going swell. I just turned 12 on March 14th and and I plan to help my pa on the field in the next couple months or so. I attend a small schoolhouse a few miles away from my house that I walk to every weekday. In my free time, I love to hunt and fish. It gives me time to think and relax. The sod is really good and farmers, including my father, are planting very vigorously. | In the picture below, this is my school house. | Here are some jazz singers and dancers my parents go to see!

2: It is now 1930 and a severe drought has caused depression amongst many farmers. Dust from the field has settled in the air and when a slight wind comes it gets everywhere. My father has not been the same since this has been happening. Things have changed greatly. My parents do not go out anymore and my father has been working longer trying to nurse the remains of the weathered crops. The lakes and ponds I like to fish in are dried up as well as the fish that were in them. The Great Depression has not really affected crop prices but we are still holding strong and crops are still producing. | The dust storms happen a lot and it seems as if we will never see fresh sod again. It is very depressing seeing my mother and father like this. Luckily, my father did not have any money in the stock market but he could not receive his money from the banks. People are lined up at the doors of banks all night but the banks do not have money for anyone. My father bought a lot of expensive farm equipment on credit so he could harvest an abundance of crops for the troops coming back from war. There was over production as well as over cultivation which led to all of this dust. I know it is very stressful for my mother because I know how hard she works. I act like everything is great around the house and cheer up my family but I know it is not. Pa does not talk as much as he did in the past years. Farming with all this dust layered on the earth is nearly impossible. I can see it wearing him down. At dinner time, ma tries to avoid the dust, but it gets in the food and drinks. I am used to tasting the dust on my tongue. These times are sad but I believe my family and I will get through it. | These 2 pictures show how much dust settled in the air and the daily struggles of raising a family.

3: This was a major downer, considering how much the government has done wrong. Hoover thought it would be a good idea to raise taxes on incoming goods with this thing called the Hawley-Smoot Tariff. it seemed like a good idea, so that people would buy American, but all that happened was that other countries ordered less from us too and we lost even more money! I’ve been trying to get a job building railways, being that the land is yielding so little crop (the drought has really started to affect the farm now) my father can do it on his own. The Government (long after it was due time) has finally let the RFC loan money directly to the people, but that was only due to the fact that Hoover is up for re-election. I would be greatly surprised if he won again, after all the problems that he caused. | (1932): The Government has done little to help my family out in the time of crisis. Hoover told us that he would “engineer the US out of the great depression”. However, he has done very little to help us out directly so far. He promised us that the Depression was not our fault, rather, that it was the fault of “worldwide economic conditions”. Hoover told us that we just needed to be confident, however, it seems to me that he is only saying that to try and keep the people calm. Hoover thought up this thing called the ‘RFC’ and at first, it seemed that he made it to give money back to the people, but alas, we were wrong again. The RFC gave money to the Banks and the stockholders! | This is a picture of my former president, Herbert Hoover. | Here are some people from my town that were helping build the roads and infrastructure of America.

4: (1933) Our family is taking it hard during the great depression, but not as hard as some. At least all of our family has survived and stayed home, stuck through the troubles. That is not to say in any way that it was easy. We ate very little, because we lost all our credit with the local store so we could only pay with the measly money we made from the crop we turned out during the season. With the lack of income, we also were unable to buy new clothes, or new fabric for clothes that our mother could sew for us, so we had many pieces of clothing with holes in them, and little patch jobs were the big rips used to be. It would have seemed that, from the lack of crops, however there is even more work to do now. We had to put in window and door seals to try and prevent the dust from getting in the house, and in the barn. We were very unfortunate in the fact that we were unable to save many of our cattle, as their lungs would fill with mud or they would starve. I very nearly had to quit school just so i could work full time, however i was lucky enough to be able to make money working with the town building roads part time and go to school. I got very little sleep every night but as long as I was helping sustain the family we were going to be okay. | The struggles are shown in the picture to the right. People walked everywhere and lands were virtually destroyed. | To the right, a family is eating dinner

5: In the first picture to the right, a farmer is receiving his check for the AAA. The next is FDR signing for the Agricultural Adjustment Act. | It is now early 1934 and this year is looking very good not only for me but also for Pa. FDR announced the creation of several organizations such as the the AAA which would help farmers that were in times of need. This could really mean a lot for Pa seeing as how his crops just haven't been producing for the past couple of years which meant he was on the breaking point and just about ready to ship us all out west to California. I heard when I was at the general store that the Administration would be sending out a representative to advise some of the local farmers in the process of government assistance. Enough about Pa I got to catch you up on what I have in store for the near future. Besides the creation of the AAA to help out farmers FDR also created the Civilian Conservation Corps which is to help out young men like me get jobs. The program was just set up last year and I heard about it from a friend of mine who convinced me to sign up. I let home just a few weeks ago, but it already seems like ages. I have been stationed in Morristown, New Jersey where me and my company will be working on America's first historical national park. I might even be able to see a Yankee game! I am just so excited for the future and looking back am blessed to finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you know what I mean.

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