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Family Memories Aug 11-July 12

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Family Memories Aug 11-July 12 - Page Text Content

S: Family Memories 2011-2012

BC: Family Memories August 2011-July 2012 Made with Love by:

FC: Family Memories 2011-2012 Jake 2 yo Drew 0-1 yo

1: We were all home as a family in August and September because Mom was able to take extra maternity leave (9 weeks!) We had so much fun getting to know baby Drew. Jake was an awesome big brother right from the start!

3: BATH TIME | Drew slept through his 1st bath!

5: Aunt Baca came to meet Drew and play with Jake. We had a great time while she was here! Jake made his first rice krispy treats. This summer Daddy started mowing the grass with Jake every week. Jake really loved this!

6: Drew's 1st Swim!

7: Bath time fun with stethoscope and "Co-co Ta" the Raccoon

8: Drew

9: 1 MONTH

10: Fun Day at the Apple Orchard | September 2011

12: Jake is Two!

13: 9.11.11

14: Fun Presents | Lawnmower Themed Party (your favorite toy and thing to do with daddy!)

15: Your Monkey came to the Party | A real vacuum for your big present. You love it! | Daddy loves You!

17: Soon after Jake's 2nd birthday, our dear friend, Melissa Dooley came for a visit to see Jake and meet baby Drew. We had such a great time with her!

18: Lincoln Trip Sept 2011

19: Before Mom’s maternity leave was over, we decided to take a short trip to Lincoln, NE. We stayed at the Embassy Suites for 2 nights. Jake enjoyed eating pancakes with “dip-dip” for breakfast and swimming in the hotel pool & spa each morning before Drew woke up. Drew traveled like a champ, sleeping through the night in our little shoebox travel bed. The first day we went to the Lincoln Children’s Zoo where Jake enjoyed his first horseback ride and first train ride! The 2nd day we spent at the huge Lincoln Children’s Museum where Jake was on a mission to drive every big vehicle there. His favorites were the airplane, mack truck, and police motorcycle. We had such a great time as a family on this trip.

24: Drew

25: 2 MONTHs

26: Fun Day at the Wildlife Safari and Drew's 1st Picnic Lunch

28: Family Love!

29: Uncle Chad gets to stop in Omaha on his Army mission! Hooray! We were so excited to see him. He and Aunt Becky are living in Germany right now so it has been a long time. Uncle Chad loved showing Jake his airplane, little did we know that all airplanes were soon going to become “Unckie Tad’s Auhpwane” Drew was very happy to meet his uncle for the very first time, too! | Uncle Chad's Surprise Visit

32: Jake & Drew LOVE bath time at night! | All Clean!

33: Bath Time!

35: In October, the Butlers came up from Whiteman AFB to meet baby Drew. We had a great time at the Lincoln Children’s Museum. Bethany loved taking care of Drew-good practice for her new baby brother that is on the way. It was great to see everyone!



41: So grateful for family fun days!

50: Halloween 2011 was so much fun! We all dressed Flintstones style as Betty, Barney, and Bam Bam Rubble. Drew was our prehistoric giraffe! We went to the church "trunk or treat" and Jake had a ball trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

54: Happy Halloween!

56: BOO!

57: Trick or Treat! | Happy Halloween!

58: Drew

59: 3 MONTHs

60: "Good times are even better when they are shared"

61: For Thanksgiving we piled in the car and headed to the Butler's house down in Missouri. The Thomas crew met us there too and all the cousins had a great time together. Bethany organized a talent show and the big (adult) kids spent a lot of time playing Rock Band! It was so much fun! Family time ROCKS!

62: Being together is the best gift of all.

65: Drew’s first Christmas was a memorable one. We enjoyed the morning opening gifts and eating cinnamon rolls and sausage. Jake had a great time and was thrilled to get a train set! We started the tradition of Elf on the Shelf and saving the best for last by wrapping up baby Jesus from the nativity scene and reading the Christmas story. We are blessed!

66: Christmas 2011

67: Drew's 1st Christmas!

69: God is so good! Merry Christmas 2011

70: Drew

71: 4 MONTHs

72: TAHOE VACATION | Flying with the boys!

73: January Fun at Grammy and Papa's House

80: Drew

81: 5 MONTHs

82: "Twinkle twinkle little star; do you know how loved you are?" | Treasuring life's "ordinary moments"

83: "What A Life Eating Sleeping Playing... And Being Cute"

84: Mommy & Daddy love you no matter what! | Jake Talk: "Na, I don't fink so" (I don't know) "Gapo" (Thank you) "Stucking" (not working) "Aw look at dat" "1-2-3-4-second 4-5-6..." Favorites: Songs-Twinkle Star, Jesus Loves Me, Buzz buzz, Row Boat Foods: berries, PB&J, special drink (veggie juice) Shows: Blues Clues, Caillou Toys: trains, guitar, drums, mommy's phone

85: "Children Are Life's Most Precious Gift"

86: In February, we had a snowstorm that brought about 7 inches of snow overnight. We lost power the next day for several hours. We ended up cooking lunch and baking bread on the grill outside! Jake had a great time sledding with Daddy in the fluffy white snow. Drew and Mommy stayed inside and watched!

89: For Valentine’s Day, Dad surprised Mom with a kitchen covered with red balloons with some of our favorite family sayings on them. He had also baked fresh bread that he colored pink! Dad made an amazing dinner with fettuccine alfredo and coconut shrimp. I had presents to open from all 3 of my boys. We enjoyed an early romantic dinner while you guys had a late nap! Then we all enjoyed some yummy chocolate-covered strawberries which were a hit with Jake!

92: Drew | Learning to crawl!

93: 6 MONTHs

94: Drew had his very 1st bite of solid food on January 16th. He wasn’t too sure about it. He started his first attempts at crawling on February 19th. Lately lil Drew has decided that it is much more fun to nurse with mama during the night than take a bottle during the day. Don’t tell, but mama doesn’t really mind this. He likes to roll around on the floor and eat Daddy’s smashing pumpkin guitar book. He also tries to sneak a peek at Jake’s shows, especially Blue’s Clues. He loves to smile and laugh with Jake. He just lights up when Jake is around. On March 11th, Jake and Drew took their first bath together (w/ mom’s help!) and Drew had a ball watching Jake splash around. He giggled the whole time. We can’t imagine our life without our lil baby Drew-Boo. | Jake has been talking as though his hand and foot are separate from him. Yesterday at breakfast he told us that foot wanted to see. He put his foot up on the table. Daddy told him to put his foot down. But he said foot is crying now daddy. Foot is crying because foot just wants to see. He also tells us "hand wants this or that" so funny when his "hands" get in an argument about who is doing what. Recently his hand has been transformed into “lady bug” and flies around often diving down our shirts or into his eyes. Jacob you are so funny! Funny words: “It’s bloken”, “I need heppnooooI need to do it mysef” “Jakey did a pee-pee, Jakey did a pee-pee” (when going pee-pee on elmo seat) Favorite songs: Twinkle star, Jesus loves me, Row boat, Look at the beehive Favorite foods: oatmeal, berries (any kind), “big” milk, chicken nuggets Loves reading books, daddy hug time at night, praying to Jesus, and favorite time of day with mama. | Precious Ordinary Moments | Jake | Drew

96: Drew

97: 7 MONTHs

98: Time to Mow Grass with Daddy again! | Fun with Jake! 2 1/2 years old | Cooking with Mom | Hungry Bear | Backyard Bliss! | I love playing in my "jaka world" | IMAX Movie Fun at the Zoo

99: MAN Date! | Omaha Beef Arena Football! | Time for "plopcorn" | Jake loves to climb up into the top of the pack-n-play when we are not looking to watch his Blue's Clues or UmiZoomi!

100: Meeting Baby Bo Butler! Marissa and I had a great time visiting Aimee and Baby Bo. A few weeks later, we met Grammy and Papa and all the cousins for some Kansas City Fun!


102: “grateful for Drew’s little hands smacking the kitchen floor as he crawls around” “snuggling drew while daddy and jake mow the grass outside” “drew being a trooper despite getting 3 new teeth all at once” “amazing blue eyes bright and eager to greet me” “open mouth kisses and smooth chubby cheeks” “the perfect tiny curl of hair on the right side of drew’s soft little head” “looking at this perfect baby sleep and watching him breathe in and out and wanting to inhale his preciousness and freeze time” | Moments from Mommy’s Gratitude Journal lately... “I love listening to the first glimpses of Jake’s imagination as he plays in the bathtub” “climbing and sliding with Jake at the park. I love that he wants me to do everything with him” “grateful for an afternoon walk with my boys and jake riding “his favorite bye cycle” “joy in jake’s face as he swims in the hot tub” “my strong desire to come home every moment I can to see these boys” “watching jake drive his tiny toy bulldozer thru our brand new (and very first) vegetable garden” “our friendly 2 year old waving to everyone in Lowe’s today” “so blessed to have my sweet boys and their daddy who takes such good care of them when mommy is working” | Precious Ordinary Moments | Jake | Drew

104: Drew

105: 8 MONTHs

107: Happy Easter 2012 (Jake 2 and Drew 8 months)

113: Happy Mother's Day!

114: Drew

115: 9 MONTHs

116: In May... Aunt Baca came for a visit!

117: What a great time we had with Aunt Baca! She took Jake shopping and got his very first pet fish! He was so excited. She and Mom went shopping and got Mom a whole new summer wardrobe, which was great because Mom still had clothes from high school and college...it was time!! We LoVe our Baca!!

118: Drew

119: 10 MONTHs

120: We had a great time planting our very first vegetable garden this year. We grew peppers, cucumbers (galore), tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and more!

121: Our 1st Garden!

122: Drew is getting so animated with his facial expressions, he loves to smile at Jake and blow rasberries. He is such a joy to be around and we are still pinching ourselves that he is ours! He loves to play with the stacking cups and the noah’s ark set. He is a crawling machine and is getting so fast! | Jake's (2.5y) funny sayings lately "sun waking up" when the Sun rises. He also gives a shout out to sun waking up at prayer time at night "mogotah" we have no idea what this is, but jake prays about it every night "Wes" yes "noooo vait fo mee mommeee" when I start singing twinkle star a little early "ni ni drewey, see you in fo hours" "pick a choice" when he wants you to choose b/w things Favorite songs: Old MacDonald "Cow song" Jesus wuvs me | Precious Ordinary Moments | Jake | Drew

124: Jake really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly this spring. The caterpillars came in the mail and we watched them all develop until they were beautiful butterflies! After a few weeks we decided to let them go “to find their mommies”

126: Today after naptime, Jake announced to Daddy and I that he was "all done paci". We've been telling him for weeks that soon it would be time to be a big boy and mail the paci to the paci fairy. We told him that babies needed his paci and that the paci fairy would bring him a toy. So, we clarified today with him (clearly we were the ones NOT ready) that if we mailed his paci, it would be gone. He told us he needed a stool so that he could reach the mailbox. :) So, we wrote a letter to the paci fairy and put the paci in an envelope and went out to the mailbox with the stool. Jake seemed very sure of the whole thing. Us, on the other hand, not so much. So, we put him to bed tonight and he had lots of questions about where his paci was, he seemed a little concerned for sure. We told him that the paci fairy would bring him a tool box (a toy we've been saving for months). He seemed ok with that and went to bed w/o a tear. Then Daddy and I got to work putting together his Home Depot Tool Station. ...our baby is growing up. Between this and the super short haircut he got today, he is all boy w/ only a hint of baby left in that tummy and those cheeks. I'm so in love with him it hurts. Praise God for these precious precious moments, we are so blessed.

127: Jonassons come to Omaha!

128: She helped set up a pretend wartime medical facility | Mom prepares for a military exercise

129: Daddy ran the Papillion 1/2 Marathon again this year! Jake enjoyed cheering him on and handing out water to the racers. It was a chilly day. Way to go Daddy!

130: Father's Day 2012 | We had a great day celebrating Daddy at the park.!

132: Drew

133: 11 MONTHs

134: OUR OWN | Vacation July 2012

135: Tybee Island, Georgia | We were delighted to join Marissa and Todd on their 4th of July trip to Tybee Island, GA this year. It was our first vacation since Costa Rica in 2008 and our first time away from the boys...A BIG thanks to Grammy and Papa! Rebecca joined us and we met up with Ris and Todd and their crew for 7 days of relaxing, reading, playing, and more. It was an awesome trip!


144: Grammy & Papa came to Omaha to watch the boys while we went on our first childless vacation! Whoa, did they spoil you guys! Look at all the fun you had with them. We were so happy that you had a special vacation too! A BIG BIG thank you to Grammy and Papa!! | Fun with Grammy & Papa

148: Drew discovered he can squeal really loud at dinner tonight! Drew is learning new sounds. He has been evaluated by the school district for some delay but now he’s really emerging! So fun to watch him try to copy our sounds. Tonight he made a mmm sound maybe “mama” is coming? He is such a sweet little guy, we’re in love! Drew waved Hi today (11mo)! Jake is having fun trying to teach Drew how to talk...they look at each other saying “ba ba ba” and then jake cracks up and says “I teached him that!” Drew was diagnosed with developmental delay today (7/17/12), God has given us such peace about it and we are ready to give our little fella everything we’ve got! We love you Drew! Drew waved bye-bye today and started pointing...hooray! Mommy is grateful today for marshmallow-covered baby cheeks...drew loves s’mores! | I love that Jake randomly wishes me a happy mother’s day every now and then. I love that little boy! Nothing better than coming home for lunch and Jake insisting on sitting next to mommy so he can hold my hand and give me tons of “hugs with squeeze.” Every night after mommy and daddy tuck you guys in, mommy whispers “I think you have what it takes to be a great man like your daddy, and I’m so proud to be your mommy and I love you.” Now, Jake says this to Drew whenever he tucks him in. “hey doo, I think you a great man and I love you, ok?...see you in cup-a hours” Melts our hearts! Jake calls the airport the “airpwane port” and says “that’s a little bit cool” Jake showed us his little tummy this morning and asked us to kiss his belly button... I am mesmerized looking at my sweet Jake’s long eyelashes while he holds my hand and daddy reads him a bedtime book. Tonight as I was putting Jake to bed he said, as he dragged his finger across my forehead, “mommy why you have all those lines on there?” I told him they are not lines, they are wrinkles. He said, “silly mommy, why do you have sprinkles on your head?” | Precious Ordinary Moments | Jake | Drew

150: Happy 1st Birthday Drew!

151: Drew's Splash Bash!

161: Wow, another amazing year in the books! We are so grateful to God for our precious family and all these memories. Goodbye August 2011-July 2012, what an awesome year!

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