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Floyd Leyba 60th Birthday Memoir

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Floyd Leyba 60th Birthday Memoir - Page Text Content

S: A Birthday Memoir

BC: Happy 60th!! September 17, 2012

FC: 60 Years with Floyd Leyba A Birthday Memoir | "Old age is not that bad if you consider the alternative!"

1: In honor of your 60th Birthday we have gathered pictures, stories, reflections, and birthday wishes from family and friends. We hope you will enjoy and cherish this book as a reminder of how many people God has blessed through you in your first 60 years of life. | With hammer, saw, solder gun, plywood, wire, switches and light bulbs, he fashioned a space ship control console. It came fully stained, complete with an array of colored lights, switches and dials designed to bedazzle any young space explorer. I thought that this was pretty cool and played with it quite a bit, at least initially. As time wore on, however, my playmates, being a bit less imaginative and less willing to be part of my many creative encounters with aliens and hostile space warships, tired of the process.

2: Where it all began | Floyd Orlando Leyba September 17, 1952

3: Floyd we love you very, very much and are so very proud of you. Life hasn’t always been easy and you’ve managed to make a very good life for you and your family. Happy Birthday Son! Love Always, Mom and Buzzy

4: Floyd Orlando Leyba & Grace Maria Trujillo | Married in Denver CO Saturday November, 6 1971

5: Here is a funny story we always laugh about. "On our very first date,Floyd took me to the Lincoln High School Home Coming dance. I think he was as nervous as I was because he locked the keys in the old station wagon he picked me up in. Luckily, Eugene, who we double dated with, was a small-framed guy and he was able to squeeze in through a partially open window. We think back about that night now,and we have a good laugh over it. That was over 40 years ago! Wow -where has the time gone!!! Thank you my love for 40 wonderful years.I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!

6: The Proud Papa | “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” -Clarence Budinton Kelland | On October 21, 1976 when you had just turned 24 years old, Lisa Ann Leyba was brought into this world.

7: From that moment on you were a DADDY and from what we hear- the BEST daddy ever! You have watched Lisa grow into an accomplished woman with the same determination and drive you possess. She graduated high school as senior class president then graduated from the University of Colorado and is now career driven just like you! | On the 2nd day of August in 1978 your son Robert “Bobby” Michael Leyba was born. You are the only one he lets call him “Bob”. In his 34 years, Bobby has accomplished so much with the love, support, and guidance you have provided him. You got to see him become a college graduate from the University of Colorado and he even followed your footsteps as a fellow Marine - OOH RAH! Now he is a successful, career-minded family man who has taken on the very same important role as dad. You led them by example, Floyd, a darn good example. Be proud papa, be proud!

8: Floyd the Accomplished | Abraham Lincoln High School Class of 1970 Metro State College of Denver, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1984 University of Phoenix Master of Arts in Organizational Management, 1994 United States Marine Corp.

10: Floyd at Play

12: Your family has grown...

13: From two, to four, to NINE! In record time!!

14: Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Words cannot possibly express the love and gratitude I feel for you Dad. I feel like I won the Daddy lottery (almost) 36 years ago and it’s been giving to me every day since. You are truly the kindest, most giving, loving, understanding, non-judgmental and supportive man I know. Plus your sense of humor, downright silliness and handyman skills are unmatched by any Dad I know!

15: From our childhood days to you waking Bobby and I up with whistles and tickle attacks, to our adolescent days of you coaching our sports, helping with our homework and giving sound advice, to our adult days of being able to have honest and difficult conversations with you about life’s many challenges and bailing us out when we didn’t follow that sound advice, you have ALWAYS been there. You’ve set a bar for men in my life that may well be the reason it’s taken me this long to find one I want to keep around. You were my super-hero as a little girl and you are still my super-hero today. | God gave me the greatest gift of all when he delivered me into your arms and the world is a much better place for having you in it. To me, you really are the world’s greatest DAD! Happy Birthday! I love you Daddy! –Your little girl

16: I will always remember our Lake McConaghy fishing trips, especially the times we were knockin em dead with some great bass fishing. Our “man-to-man” hunting trips. Our “down-to-earth” trips to visit your family in New Mexico and our “party hardy” cruises to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. All the years with you as my little league coach in baseball, basketball and football. For all time you put into our practices, games, & tournaments and for always making sure we had new equipment. | Happy 60th Dad!! So being that I've known you pretty much my entire life, Ive got to say that you are ONE HELL OF AN AWESOME GUY! Its crazy to think that we have shared 34 years of this life together how quickly the years go by. I am so very proud to have you as my father. You are such an amazing person for growing up in the environment you did and for beating the odds to become the successful man of GOD that you are today. In my book, you have far outdone the competition and have easily earned the title of WORLD’S GREATEST DAD!!!!!!

17: For raising us in the church and giving us a foundation for hope and salvation in this hectic world that we live in. For always being available to me on the other end of the phone while I was out-of-state and out of the country during my military years. For the sound advice you always gave me in times of confusion. For extending financial gifts and loans to me and to others in need. For taking in family and friends to live in your home when I know that may have not been your 1st choice of living arrangements. | Dad you are a model for the type of father that I someday hope to be. I would like to sincerely thank you for your love and support that you show me each and every day of each and every year. I would be lost in this world without you. It chokes me up inside to think that thru all of our life experiences we have built a relationship that I will cherish above all others for the rest of my life. THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO AND ALL THAT YOU ARE I LOVE YOU DAD!!! | It’s deeds like this that teach the rest of us what being a good Samaritan is all about. You have never failed in answering my distress calls and helping me out in my countless times of need. And although I’m sure I’ve caused you a great deal stress and heartache over the years, you never turned your back or gave up on me. I feel that 98.2% of my current success is due to having such loving and devoted parents who literally saved me from my destructive ways. There is no doubt in my mind that your ceaseless prayers were answered when JESUS came to visit me during my rehabilitation days.

18: HAPPY HAPPY 60TH FLOYD!! I'M TYPING IN CAPS 'CAUSE FLOYD LOVES CAPS... I just want to thank you for doing your part to raise such an amazing daughter. You have been a great role model for Lisa and from what I have heard, a role model for a lot of others in the extended family. I see Lisa gets her strength, caring, morality, and generosity from you and Grace. Maybe her sense of humor also but I wont hold that against you... Thank you for all the things you have done for us... Helping us move in while I was at work, letting us borrow your vehicles whenever we were in town, helping fix things around our place... All in all, I hope you feel appreciated because you are a great man. YOU DA MAN FLOYD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Rick | Thank you so much for welcoming me and Tomas to your family with open arms! You have been nothing but a wonderful father-in-law to me. You are such a caring individual who shows unconditional love for each and every person in your family. We appreciate you in every way and love how you have made such an impact in our lives. Thank you for blessing us with your love. HAPPY 60th!! -Dorothy Floyd, thank you for being a good person. You come to my games to cheer me on and that means a lot to me. I hope when I am 60 years old I can be rich and golf and travel everywhere just like you and Grace. I want to learn how to whistle like you too cause I can’t whistle very good now. Happy 60th Birthday - Tomas

19: Happy Birthday Pampo!! Thank you for making us laugh and buying us chocolate milk. Thank you for letting us help you work on your car in the garage. We love you! Marky & Luke-Luke a.k.a "Boo"

20: Floyd, Here's wishing you a very Happy 60th Birthday!!! There are so many, many reasons why I love you, Floyd...your heart-warming smile, your ability to make everyone happy to be around you with your sense of humor/positive outlook on life/fun-loving personality, and most important your love for Grace, family and friends!! Knowing you all of these years has made me truly blessed and I thank you for that! You are a "morning" person just like me, and oh how we love to conquer those crossword puzzles!! My favorite memory of one of the funniest things you ever said to me was, "Margo, look at all your Peeps!" (meaning all of the other "white-haired" people around). When I finally realized what you were talking about, it has been this "funny comment" shared so many more times! Keep on being the wonderful person you are for many, many more years to come! Never lose that sense of humor and quick-wit that is so endearing to all of us! Love you bunches, Margo

21: Dearest Uncle Floyd – You are a rock for the Trujillo Family. You are a spiritual guide for all of us. A reminder of how to live God’s word. That is not to say that you don’t pull shenanigans or get into a bit of mischief yourself. However you are always loving, ever supportive in our lives. We have enjoyed many a family gathering, holiday, golf outing, engagement party, baby shower, wedding celebration and funerals. AND now we celebrate your crossing over to the over 60 crowd. ABOUT TIME. Wishing you as more good days than hard ones, more joy than sorrow, more love than heartbreak and definitely more grandchildren. HAPPY 60th, from your elders Jose and Judy

22: A special message to Flavio from Bryan and Berna. We have know our dear friend, Floyd, for many years and have shared memories dating back to when Bobby and Matthew played baseball together. Our children have wonderful memories of parties thrown at Floyd and Grace's house, which none of us had any knowledge of, until they were over. Bryan remembers a time when the party started at their house, and prior to Floyd and Grace coming home, the party was moved to our house. We have shared family vacations when the children were younger and continue to this date with our current yearly golf outings. Once we all went on a cruise together and Floyd was our leader when we bought a horse we named E-Jock-U-Late which entertained many of the passengers on the ship watching the event. We think he was a bit of a celebrity after that on the cruise. Floyd also has a favorite story about Bryan when we were on a cruise and Bryan thought he could speak Spanish. While arranging a taxi ride in Mexico, Bryan was offered a taxi ride for $12.00 but, in his broken Spanish, got the rate up to $15.00. Bryan made the taxi driver very happy and gave everyone a great laugh. The biggest thing we cherish is that Floyd is a funny man, always smiling, and he continues to amuse us with his jokes. Our life has been enriched by Floyd and we look forward to many more years of laughter with him. Happy 60th Birthday!!! We love you very much. Bry and Muffy

23: Uncle Floyd, what can be said that everyone does not already know You are one of the main Rocks for the Trujillo Family. Always willing to help out any family member, no matter who, or why. You are my Godfather, the one who confirmed me. Uncle Floyd, you have always been a second Father to me, a man like my father that I never wanted to disappoint, even though you and my aunt Grace are the two most forgiving people I know. I remember growing up always wanting to be at the Leyba house, uncle Floyd always made it fun. I am who I am today because of my Uncle Floyd and Aunt Grace, they always told me to make something out of myself and not get into trouble I always held those words of advice very high. Quick Story: I was 18 years old and my Uncle was working for a company called Optima Batteries, he told me of a position they were hiring for in the warehouse. I applied and got the job. 6 months later Uncle Floyd was laidoff, and being his nephew I had a feeling I was on the chopping block as well. He told me not to worry and that I would be fine I worried for days. Long story short, 3 months later I got my raise and asked why the people who started just 2 weeks prior had been started at the pay rate I was just bumped up to. My supervisor understood my concern and told me that he would have an answer for me later. I went to lunch proud thinking that I was going to get an even bigger raise in pay. I came back from lunch and my supervisor called me into his office. He handed me a check and said that the company had to let me go. I was baffled and stunned but learned a good lesson, NEVER look a gift in the mouth. Appreciate what you get when you get it and don’t ask for a raise if your uncle doesn’t work there anymore lol!! Happy Birthday Uncle Floyd!!! Juan Montoya

24: Happy Birthday Uncle Floyd. The family is so lucky to have such a caring and understanding individual who can give so much and expect so little in return. A true model in which we all can strive to aspire to reach. I believe that we all become better people after a simple conversation with you at a barbecue or at times of grief. Like some of the hard days, times and situations that has struck our family in the past. More intimately I want to thank you for all of the cards which you and Grace sent to me to help me stay connected to you while I was..... away... It meant so much to me to know that I might have been lost but, could still be found. GOD bless you Tio. We all love you so much! -Mikey "Miguelito" | Uncle Floyd.when I was at the lowest point in my life you took me in, helped me find a job and took care of me in my time of need. There are no words to describe what a good man you are. You have God in your heart and such great knowledge of so many things. You are successful and so smart. You are the man I would love to be some day. I appreciate so much what you and Aunt Grace did for me. There is no way I can repay you for what you have done but I will try my hardest to follow in your footsteps into being a great man. I have not only looked up to you as an uncle but also as the father I never had. Happy Birthday Uncle Floyd! Love, Toby

25: Happy 60th Floyd! We wish you many more blessed years of joy and happiness. Keep being your silly self! God bless! ~Jolean, Ralph, Devin, Bella & Max Reyes | I | "Floyd is the most beautiful man I know. He takes me to his house and buys me cigarettes and gives me money". ~Freddie | Happy 60th Uncle Floyd! Thank you for everything you have done for Juan & I over the years. I'm blessed to have become a part of the family. We are grateful for the advice, support, guidance & love you've shared with us. You are a role model for all the boys in the family & have done an amazing job raising Lisa & Bobby. Tomas, Marcus, & Lucas are lucky to have you as their Grandpa. Enjoy your birthday & many blessings for the years to come. Love Stephanie Vargas-Montoya

26: Uncle Floyd, I have so many good memories of you in my life. I remember when we were little and you, Aunt Grace and my parents used to do so many things together, play poker, softball and even bowling. It seemed like we were always together. I remember when I would struggle with homework and my parents couldn't help me but you always took the time to help if you could, even volunteering for a tutoring program for the youth group I was in. As I got older my love for reading was further enhanced by an uncle who loved reading the kind of books I liked and who would take the time to talk about what we had been reading or recommend other good reads. You have touched my life in many different ways and I thank you. I love you very much and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Love, Bridgette

28: FLOYD You have been such an amazing role model and outstanding father. You have shown your children the way of the Lord. You taught your son what it is to be a man, a husband, and a servant of Christ. You modeled to your daughter what characteristics her future husband needs to have. And with 40 years of | of marriage under your belt you have proven to many that love stills exists and it is possible to marry and still love your high school sweetheart. You are an amazing son, uncle, father-in-law, grandfather and friend to many. | Everyone who contributed to this book agreed that you are truly a joy to spend time with. We all look forward to many more years and many more memories with you. Everyone respects you more than you could ever know. This project was born out of love and fueled forward by gratitude and admiration for the selflessness that you possess. This glimpse into your life has proved that you have been a blessing to many, many people. Happy 60th Birthday!!

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