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Frank - 60 Years

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Frank - 60 Years - Page Text Content

S: Frank Kucirek - Celebrating 60 Years

BC: "A truly rich man is one who's children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

FC: Frank Kucirek

1: Over the Years

8: First Communion

10: Lucky Dog

12: The Teenage Years

13: Lounging Around

14: "Listen! Encourage. Say something. Do something. Be yourself. Love" ~Rev. Dale Turner | "Listen! Encourage. Say something. Do something. Be yourself. Love" ~Rev. Dale Turner

18: Wedding Day for Frank's Kids | February 24, 2007

19: December 4, 2007 | May 10, 2003

20: Frank's Favorite Hobby - Fishing!!!

22: Hannah Leigh | Megan Addison

23: Chase Alexander | Ethan James | Grandkids

25: Happy Birthday Frankie! You have caught up with me for another two months, and then I leap ahead of you again! It is very seldom that I can get ahead of you, but I hope for your 60th birthday I can pull one off on you. We have many memories that we have shared over the years. It all started when I first met you at my dear brother’s wedding, but you were already going with another girl in the wedding. Then came the day when your memory lapsed and you forgot to put an ad in the paper and Linda asked if you wanted to go out with Denny’s sister. We mutually agreed to go out and that was the beginning and within six months we were married. Neither one of us wanted a formal wedding, so we eloped and had two employees at the Court House be our witnesses. What a day!!! Then, the first 30 days of our marriage was a real test. The house we purchased we found out at closing that the seller wanted to stay in the house for an additional 30 days. So, we sweated it out literally by living in your only available apartment which was a one room apartment with bath on the 3rd floor of a brick building on Chicago Street. No air-conditioning and we only had a twin sized bed!! The only thing I could cook in was an electric skillet and washed the dishes in the bath tub. We survived the first 30 days and now look, 37 years later we are still happily married!!! After about 4 years of marriage, we had our first child, Jennifer. You were so excited to have a little girl! And she looked so much like you. You were there when she was born and I could see the excitement in your eyes. Jenny was a real challenge for us, could she cry and scream! We found out how loud she was when we were in St. Cecilia’s on Mother’s Day when Jenny was about 5 months old. The Priest stopped the services and commented on how a father was helping the mother out with a crying baby. Everyone could hear Jenny throughout the church!!! You then bought your first hardware store after helping a friend who owned a hardware store run his store. Harry wanted to sell his store to you, however, you couldn’t make it work. So a short time later Ideal Hardware was for sale and you purchased that store. Boy, that was a real treat with some of the employees that you acquired with the store, like Clint who pulled a knife out and you in turn showed him your gun!! A month after buying Ideal Hardware, our baby boy Kris was born. What a joy! He was our little Frankie! All Kris needed was a mustache. You were having so much fun with one store, that you thought, heck why not open a second store and call it Kris Hardware. After a few rough years during the Jimmy Carter era, we had a successful business and found that running two stores and having a family was a little too much. During this time, we also had our third little baby. Jackie came about three weeks early and we just were not prepared yet, we thought we had another month to get ready. But Jackie is a little stubborn and comes when she is ready! You enjoyed having three little ones running around and finding time to spend with them with running the hardware stores and taking care of the apartments. We needed to downsize a little, so we sold Kris Hardware and devoted more of our time to the kids, one store, and all the apartments! Continued...

26: You kept very busy over the years, but you spent time with the kids. All three of the kids have memories of you teaching them to swim, ride bikes, and having fun with them. You even took the kids with you while doing the apartment maintenance, showing them how to do plumbing, electrical, paint, etc. You were so proud when the kids became your ‘employees’ at Ideal Hardware. I think they learned a lot by watching how hard working their Father was. They had a lot of respect for you and your knowledge. The kids really enjoyed it when you brought the bags of quarters home from the laundry machines and they learned the value of the money, enjoyed counting the money and rolling the quarters. My, how the years did pass, it seemed like our little ones grew up in such a short period of time, in grade school one day and the next thing you know, they are in high school. You were proud of each one graduating high school and college. You respected the kids by letting them be themselves, achieve their goals, and be successful. We have happy memories as each of the kids met the special person in their lives and celebrated their marriages. Each wedding was very special and you were a proud father of each one. You welcomed Pat, Courtney, and Mike into our family as another member of our family. I think all the kids appreciate all your talents and have learned a lot from you. You are the one they will call when they have a problem and need help solving the problems. They know that Dad knows how to do everything and fix it the right way. We have been blessed with four beautiful grandkids, Hannah, Ethan, Chase, and Megan. Each one brings extra joy and excitement to our lives. The day each one was born was a special day in our lives and to take the new title of “Grandpa Frank” was very special. You enjoy getting down with each one and playing with them. I am sure as they each get older, they will be coming to Grandpa Frank and asking him all kinds of questions and you will be there to help guide them. They all love their Grandpa Frank and they love getting their little butts massaged. I enjoy the memories of all the vacations that we have taken since we ‘retired’ from the hardware business. We had great fun taking the kids to San Diego and to Disney World and the first cruise with the kids. Since then we have added the memories of the cruises to Alaska, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Alaska. The best thing we did after getting out of the store was making it an annual occasion to go to Minnesota fishing. We have many memories of our June trips to Minnesota with some of the greatest friends. You finally taught me to bait my own hook and sometimes take the fish off the hooks. You have learned to relax and enjoy the scenery around you while in Minnesota and it is so tough going back to reality back in Omaha. There are so many memories that I have since we have been together, too many to put down on paper. I am looking forward to creating many new memories with each other and our family. I love you and Happy 60th Birthday. Pammie

28: Dad, A lot has happened in the 32 years I've known youI wanted to share with you a few of the memories that I have which are only a fraction of my memories I remember when we found out Jackie's eyes were brown you were in the basement and came running up stairs SO excited; I remember riding with you on your bike up and down California Street in the evenings; I remember swimming in the pool with you; I remember helping you with the properties cleaning a nasty tub, mowing yards, picking weeds, etc; I remember getting a really big uniform shirt to wear while working at Ideal Hardware; I remember you teaching me how to use the register; I remember meeting Quincy for the first time in our front yard he was so tiny; I remember you being so proud of me when I graduated high school and college; I remember you helping me out with my nasty landlord Demitree when I lived off of 48th & Maple; I remember hearing about the “contract you had ready for Pat when he asked you for permission to marry me; I remember when you walked me down the aisle when Pat and I got married, telling me that YOU were the person sending me the letters and flowers prior to the wedding; I remember dedicating a song to you and mom at our wedding to recognize your 30 years of marriage and how we wanted to follow in your footsteps; I remember how you stood by my side through many difficult days of back pain and complaining because you KNEW what I was going through. I remember how you always liked to put a positive spin on things and make me laugh; I remember the look on your face when you first met Hannah and were now “Grandpa Frank and again when you met Megan and were a grandpa again the list could go on and on. I have learned so much from you when to laugh instead of cry, when it is okay to cry, when I should learn to let things go and not get so upset. How to be a parent, a wife, a sister and a leader in the work place. How to make the right decision, when to ask for help, when to keep my mouth shut How to check shorts and electrical wires, lay ceramic tile, snake a drain, etc. How to teach my daughters the same life lessons that you taught meDad, you are my “Super Hero”; I don't know how you do it all, but you are the best. I love you and wish you the happiest 60th birthday! Love, Jen

29: "I'm so lucky as can be, the world's greatest Dad belongs to me."

31: Dear Dad, I am so lucky to have a Dad like you that has taught me so much and given me the best memories. One of my early memories of you are from when I was about 3 or 4 years old and we were laying under the steps by the vent to keep warm. I remember pushing snow with you each winter around town. I also liked the times I would go to Minnesota with you and hang out. You have always been my role model and I have always looked up to you and have the utmost respect for you. With your guidance, I’ve learned how to be a good father and husband. You’ve shown me the meaning of responsibility. When I was young, I can remember going with you to work on apartments, learning the meaning of work from working at the store, and mowing grass for your properties. I always look forward to the times when we go fishing or do things together. Getting time away to go to Alaska or Canada was very special for me to be able to spend that quality time with you. You have shown me so many things in life and I appreciate everything you have taught me. With your help, I’ve learned how to fix and build so many things and become a better person. I can’t thank you enough for all your help on building our home. I remember your help in finishing our basement. Spending Saturdays with you and learning how to do framing, electrical, plumbing, painting, tile work, and trim work were all invaluable lessons. Catching up with you on Grandma and Grandpa while working and how Ethan is growing up and getting your advice on different things I could do to be a better Dad are all things that I remember from spending time with you while working in the basement. I look forward to the many more memories that we will make! I love you, Dad! Your son, Kris

33: hmm a memory of my dad! There are so many to choose from. I remember when I was younger maybe 4-5 I would drive around town with my dad to check on the different properties. I would bring my little "boombox" even though that isn't what it was - just a little cassette player. I would remember I would always want to sing... "John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmitt...his name is my name too.." I also remember taking rides to the dump and coming up with our own song, "to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump." Once I got older I became that teenager and was a true pain in the butt. When I believe I was 20ish and arguing a lot with my parents, my dad and I took a ride to somewhere, which I don't remember, and he let me know that not all guys are truly worth it. He ended up telling me funny stories about some of his ex girlfriends, especially the one that he scared when she was peeing off the back of his car. All in all, every memory I have of my dad is a great one! He will always be the number one guy in my life! Jackie

35: Frank, I've never seen you so at a loss for words as when you're around your mom or around my mom (like at Myrtle Beach in 2009). I'm calling Elizabeth next time you seem over worked. She will get you slowed down. - Mike

37: Dear Frank- I have so many good memories of you. I remember the first time I talked to you. We were over at your house sitting out on the gazebo talking about houses. You told me how you had seen me on TV a year before with the City Council. I remember thinking then how I liked you and thought we would always get along. I remember when Kris and I were planning our wedding and the whole family was in your dining room talking about who would do what and you asked how you could help. I asked you if you could build an envelope box for the reception. What I did not know is how beautiful it would be or that you would also create a magnificent box for our memories as well. I remember the look you gave me when you knew I was pregnant before I even knew for sure. You came over to help us with something on our house and I was sicker than a dog and you just smiled. As Kris and I started construction on our house, you were there to support us. Without your help and guidance Kris and I would not have half the home we do today. Your constant support and perseverance helped us finish our home from top to bottom and gave us everything we could have possibly dreamed of. I’ll never forget lining up the pieces for the wood floors as you nailed them in or going from room to room and painting every wall with you, or putting up insulation in every wall! Frank, if I remember nothing else about you, I will always remember the type of person you are – which honestly is very complex! You are shielded, yet sensitive; hard working, but love to relax; honest, but can keep a secret; loyal to your family, but open to having lots of friends, and you are a jack of all traits and an expert at everything. I hope you enjoyed your 60th Birthday party and I look forward to spending many more with you! Cheers! Courtney

42: Hey Frank, Do you remember the time we went down to Lincoln to watch the Thunderbirds fly? I can remember when we were at the end of the National Guard runway and you were watching four of the Thunderbirds go straight up from the middle of the runway and you never saw the single come from behind 50 feet over our heads. You hit the ground real fast. It was probably the fastest I ever saw you drop down. Your brother, Ed

47: Tommie and Wilda Adams

48: This was a party to remember! Friends, cake, games and lets not forget the best part, memories to last a lifetime! | Happy 60th Birthday, FRANK!

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