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Gabriel's book

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Gabriel's book - Page Text Content

S: Gabriel Peter Aguilera

BC: of my life

FC: #0 years in the life | 30 years of memories of Gabriel Peter Aguilera as collected by his mother | Who knew? | > | Random

1: ADisclaimer I have had the idea of a memory book for you for some time, but the task seemed too daunting. There are so many memories, so many stories, so many people and so many places. Some of the days we've spent together would fill a book, never mind the weeks, months and years. Still, I wanted to make a start, and so I have. This is a hopelessly inadequate collection of random memories and images. Maybe we can improve upon it over time. Putting it together has been a real pleasure and a lovely reminder of you. But the photos are just pointers to lots of unrecorded memories I carry. I remember the look on your face when you were a newborn and your first laugh. I remember looking for the light from your bedroom window at Kingston when I went into my bathroom. I remember hours and hours of Lego building and a transformer ambulance. And a 'bed tent' - was it GI Joe or He-Man? I remember movies at the Grand Lake and meals at the Spaghetti Factory and Otaez (before it was remodeled). I remember a huge storm in Cairns and a homework paper on Australia. I remember Kraft mac&cheese and fruit punch picnics at Piedmont pool. I could go on forever (but I won't). Needless to say, you came to live in my heart more than 30 years ago and you live there still. With love and admiration, Momma

2: Gabriel's is a global heritage | Maria Frances Aguilera married Walter Spiess | Walter Gabriel Spiess Aguilera

3: Pamela Jean Harwood married Claude Chandler Brown | Claudia Rosalind Brown

4: Walter and Claudia were introduced by 'Uncle' David. David lived in Sausalito with Walter and worked in San Francisco with Claudia. He was convinced they were meant for each other. | They were married three years later on April 9, 1983 in Sausalito Park where they played volleyball most weekends

5: There was more than a little discussion about what to name the baby boy that was on the way. Claudia leaned toward family names, Walter more toward weird and unpronounceable | They settled on Gabriel after his father and Peter after his Godfather

6: "Families are like fudge mostly sweet with a few nuts." ~Author Unknown

7: Born weighing 7lb 4oz and 18 inches long, Gabriel grew an inch a week and gained a pound a week for the first month of his life. Also, he screamed for the better part of 90 days and never wanted to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time. A really easy baby!

8: First year of Gabe's life | First big trip - Hawaii @ 9 months | First house - 34 El Camino Dr, Corte Madera | First haircut - 10 months | Most important possession - his blanket, "Bebes"

9: Favorite game - He rolls over on his changing table and peeks at me from under his arm. I say "where do you think you're going?". He giggles and scoots away. I say, "I'm going to get you" as I swoop down and grab him. Then he starts over. | Favorite song - Yes, sir, that's my baby

10: Gabriel loved music, dancing, beach trips and playing ball

11: And Gabriel grew

12: Gabe and Rosie | Gabriel named his sister "cookie" because he knew she would be sweet but she had been so long in the oven. | Rosie was born Dec 2, 1987 | Gabriel claimed her and carried her around explaining the world to her.

13: Rosie imitated Gabe in all things - haircuts, clothing....

14: From Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, to LA zoo, to Hearst Castle , to Wisconsin...Gabe was Rosie's guiding star. | Gabe and Rosie

15: ..and Rosie was Gabriel's fiercest advocate and self-appointed protector.

16: Gabe's cousins | Pacey is the oldest Aguilera cousin; Damian and Vicente are Rosie's age.

17: Kendrick renamed Gabe and Rosie to 'Babe and Oosie' | Eventually there were six Brown cousins - Gabe, Rosie, Kendrick, Weston, Max and Lauren | Family

18: Mommy and Gabriel love books, travels, games,

19: Mom

20: Some of the hundreds of stories about being Gabe's Mommy | Gabriel was fascinated by slides when he was about 2 years old. He was determined to climb the ladder and slide down by himself. The difficulty was that I could not leave him near the top of the ladder or he might tumble off. | However, if I waited for him to get to the very top before I raced around to the front, he would launch himself down the slide without me at the bottom to catch him. It was a time and space problem.

21: Gabriel had a woven cotton, white blanket with a longish fringe border. I don't remember where we got it but I think we had it when he was first born. The blanket immediately became absolutely necessary for Gabriel. He carried it with him everywhere. | Gabriel used to twist the fingers of one hand in the fringe of the blanket while he sucked his thumb or nursed or settled to sleep. It was difficult to take it away ling enough to wash. One day, after a weekend trip to Southern California (where we were visiting his grandparents) we were driving back to the Bay Area when we realized the the blanket, which Gabriel called 'Bebes", had been left behind. Gabriel must have been about two at this time. We were well to the north of LA County - probably at least an hour on our way home. But, we knew we would never have a moment's rest if we didn't retrieve the blanket. We turned around and drove back..

23: Gabriel's Papa loved having a baby boy

24: Matt Kirby was one of Gabe's earliest friends Oliver was a strange boy who lived down the street Gabe and Pacey loved spending time together but lived too far apart JC lived on our block and became Gabe's great friend

25: But his best friends for most of his childhood were Matt and Greg Boesche

26: Grandparents | Gabriel 's grandfather taught him to shoot a BB gun so he could help Grandpam get rid of the pigeons that kept nesting in the eaves of Patterson Ave.. Gabe loved it.

28: Aunts, Uncles, and other family | Being one of the first of the cousins, Gabriel had lots of extra parents - Imelda, Carlos , Andrea, Chris, Rod, Barb, David and even Peter. He also had Suzy and JK from England from time to time.

30: Hooray For Birthdays | One year I made a train cake

31: He-man and She-ra were big in Gabriel's' life one year so we had a Greyskull cake | I don't remember when we started having lobster for Gabe's birthday dinner. | We almost always had pinatas

32: Hooray For Birthdays | One of Gabriel's truly memorable birthdays was his second. We had arranged to have a barbecue with all our friends in the back yard at Wildwood.. He was very excited, perhaps too excited, because running down the brick walk into the garden, he tripped and fell flat on his face.. After a good cry and a bit of a wash, he braved the day with bloody face

33: Barnum and Bailey circus would usually come to Oakland on or around Gabriel's birthday so we would generally take a carload of kids to the circus to celebrate | For several years, his birthday parties were at Piedmont Park but, after WG started working in Ventura, we often found ourselves at the beach in August celebrating Gabe;s birthday at the Doubletree Hotel, eating Sushi at George's and going to the Ventura County Fair

34: We traveled all over the world - Mexico, Africa, Australia, England, France and the USA | Rome | Tijuana | Africa

35: New York | Disneyland | Africa | Great America | Mexico | England | Chicago | Amsterdam | France | Paris | Hawaii | Here is just a sampling of the places Gabe has visited.....

36: The summer Gabriel was two, Grandpam and I took him to England for a long road trip. We rented a car and made a raised platform bed for him to perch on in the back seat and set off to visit family and explore the country. | England

37: While in the Lake District a huge swan stalked up to Gabriel and bit him on the arm. Thereafter he showed everyone his bruise and talked about the 'bad boy swan'. | Grandpam bought Gabriel a red ball at a jumble sale. | Gabriel loved Tantie Anne's dog, Victor.

38: The trip to Mexico was too eventful to be reported in a paragraph. | It included a rainy race along a beach, a seasick ferry ride, Rosie falling into a pool, Gabriel falling off a jeep, Walter losing his computer and the children's panic that Santa Claus wouldn't find them. All in all - memorable!

39: Family Christmas in Cozumel with all the grandparents

41: Family Adventure | Africa | Serengeti safari

42: [Yosemite, CA - 6.22.2013] | Most winters, the whole family would rent a cabin at Tahoe, often on the back side of Heavenly Valley

43: Gabe and Rosie kept taking off into the trees and I had to follow. They flew over and through everything and I was pretty sure I would die. | Gabriel was always a fearless skier. I once made the mistake of challenging him to a race from the top of Heavenly. He just aimed straight down and flew.

44: Gabriel's first big trip was to Hawaii but we also went to beaches in California, Mexico and returned to Hawaii often

45: When asked what to do for my 40th birthday, he said shave ice at Matsumoto's. So that's what we did.

46: Gabriel and Rosie went to the Wisconsin Cabin where Auntie Barbara spent her childhood summers. Charlie and Cindy took them boating and fishing.

47: Always a New Adventure | The whole Brown Family went camping near the Russian River.

48: A New School Year | Gabriel never had much use for school. He didn't want to sit still. He didn't want to do the homework. He didn't get along with many of the kids and essentially just skipped as much as possible to get a GED and then a BA in history

49: Little Scholars | Gabriel on the first day of first grade and then on the last day of last grade

50: Gabriel was very concerned about going up to the doors of strangers on his first Halloween (when he was two). I held his hand and tugged him up to the first couple of houses when suddenly, it dawned on him. People were giving him candy! He took off like a shot and raced from house to house in a frenzy of excitement.

51: Trick or Treat! | One Halloween, Gabriel fell off his bike and hit the curb with his elbow. It clearly hurt him but he shook it off and insisted on going trick or treating. That night, the whole arm swelled and by morning it was twice its normal size. It turned out that he had broken his elbow but could not let that stop him from collecting candy | Gabriel was not very happy with my efforts to make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume

53: Gabriel loved presents and Christmas lights but smashing the gingerbread house at the end of the holiday was something he really looked forward to.

54: Spring is Here! | Gabriel loved finding an Easter Basket next to his bed. He was happy with jelly beans, chocolates and story books but...Easter had to include Cadbury Eggs.... I thought the Rabbit cakes I made should be carrot cakes; Gabe disagreed.

56: "I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you." -Roy Croft | "Lucky I'm in love with my best friend"

57: The best thing about me is you. | Gabriel met Nichole, the love of his life, when she was walking home from high school in Santa Cruz

58: For a while....

59: there were four of us

60: And then there were.. | Gabriel's step parents, Dave and Greta

61: More of us | ...and parents-in-law, David and Cheryl | And wife, Nichole

62: Gabriel is blessed with the gift of relaxation

64: Gabriel, like his Dad, always laughed easily and found delight in in many of the small pleasures of life - particularly food! | Gabriel is blessed with the gift of enjoyment

66: Gabriel married his lovely Nichole

67: October 14, 2012

68: As you think back (and forward), remember that it isn't just the cards you draw, but how you play them. | Not this guy | ..and the adventures continue

69: Off course, a little bit of Magic and a fierce angel on your side help too | I'm very proud to be your Mommy

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