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George and Clara Hawkins - A Love to Last a Lifetime

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George and Clara Hawkins - A Love to Last a Lifetime - Page Text Content

S: Clara and George Hawkins, Their Story

BC: So rare when you find a love so true that lasts the journey of Life. For sixty years Clara and George have danced that dance together inspiring upcoming generations that love can truly outlast time.

FC: 17 | 12 | 10 | Clara and George Hawkins | A Lifetime of Love | Celebrating Sixty Years | 17 | 12 | 50

1: Clara and George's Heritage | Mike, Gregg, and Anne | Clara | George | Linelle and Perry | Annie and Frank | Varina Saunders | Logan Sullivan | Florence Easterling | Wm "Bud" Dawkins | Nancy Jane Martin | George Walter Hawkins | Not Pictured | Anne's Kids - Jon, Jeremy, and Katie | Gregg's Kids - Camden and Gerek | Mike's Kids Allison and Grayson

2: The Heritage of Clara and George | Our Story Begins . . . | In southern North Carolina, among the sandy hills and tall pine trees, February of 1927, two young children were born into proud tobacco farming families. Clara was born Feb. 25th, George was born Feb. 17th. These two young children lived only a few miles apart, not knowing they were meant to be together in later years.

3: Sam Frank Hawkins | George Winfred Hawkins | George Walter Hawkins | Annie Lane Highfill | Nancy Jane Martin | Clara Ann Dawkins | Nelle Sullivan | Varina Saunders | Logan Sullivan | William Perry Dawkins | William "Bud" Dawkins | Florence V. Easterling | Effie Jane Jones | Calvin Jones | Effie Jane Coleman | Charity | Silas Jones | John Jones | Mary J. | Archibald Easterling | Martha Stubbs | John Archibald Easterling | Joel Easterling | Obedience Adams | William Thomas Easterling | Elizabeth Jane Cunningham | Rev. Henry Easterling | Elizabeth Bennet | Richard Thomas Martin | James Hawkins | Louisa A. Carter | The Dawkins - Hawkins Family Tree | Washington Dawkins | Nancy J. McRae | "Fiddler" George Washington Dawkins | Sarah "Sally" Touchberry | Samuel Dawkins | Martha | Richard Dawkins II (b. 1701, England) | Mary | Richard Dawkins I (b. 1668, Cams, England) | Michael Dean Hawkins | Georgia Anne Hawkins Faris | Gregg William Hawkins | Jonathan, Jeremy and Katie Faris | Camden and Gerek Hawkins | Allison and Grayson Hawkins

4: Linelle Sulliven | William Pery Dawkins | Florence Easterlin | Clara Ann Dawkins | The Story of Clara Ann Dawkins | Varina Saunders | Logan Sullivan | Bud Dawkins | Julia Saunders | Reverend Benjamin Saunders | Effie Jones | Archibald Easterling | Commodore Dawkins | Great Grandma Dawkins | Mary Alice Sullivan | George Logan Sullivan Sr.

5: The Saunders Clara's Maternal Grandmother's Family | Julia Saunders and her family came from Wadesboro in Anson County, NC. Her husband died when the children were young and she raised them on her own. Varina was one of five daughters. | The Rev. Benjamin Saunders and his wife Julia | Varina, 18 yrs old | Varina married Logan Sullivan and began a large family in Rockingham, NC | The Rev. Benjamin Saunders and his wife Julia | The Rev. Benjamin Saunders and his wife Julia, Varina’s parents, Clara’s Great Grandparents | October 13, 1879 – July 16, 1945 | The Saunder Sisters – Eugenia, Eleanor, Alletta, Jessie, and Varina. | The Young Logan and Varina Sullivan Family, more kids to come

6: The Sullivan Family | Clara’s mother’s Linelle’s Father Logan’s Family | Their son, George “Logan” Sullivan Jr. Sept. 8, 1878 – Sept. 13, 1946; He is Clara’s Maternal Grandfather. | The Sullivans originated in the North Carolina Mountains, and moved to Rockingham when Logan was a young child in the 1880’s. | George Logan Sullivan Sr. | Mary Alice Sullivan

7: The Story of the Sullivan Family | Written by Elizabeth Dawkins Thrower, Clara’s sister

9: Logan Sullivan’s Family | Seated: Bessie Sullivan, George Logan Sullivan Sr., Mary Alice Sullivan, Etta Sullivan Standing: Will and Lillie Sullivan, Logan and Varina Sullivan, Hert and Ina Sullivan, Oscar and Neely Sullivan | Logan married Varina Saunders and began a large family. They started in a one room cabin and added on as they and raised 10 children.

10: This house is the mentioned “one room cabin that was added onto.” Logan and Varina spent their lives here, and it later became the home of their daughter Linelle. She and her her son, Clara’s brother Thomas lived his last years here, then Clara’s sister Essie occupied the house and added more. This house has been visited by five generations. | The Sullivan Children | Linelle (Clara’s mother), Jordan, Madge, Eva, Julia, George, Raymond Eleanor, Bernice,George, in uniform, served in the Marines and fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima during WW II

11: Clara Anne Dawkins was born Feb. 17, 1927 in Richmond County, NC. Her parents, Nelle and Perry Dawkins, were proud tobacco farmers. She was the oldest of five children – Essie, Clara, Lib, Jack and Thomas. | Clara Ann Dawkins was born Feb. 25, 1927 in Richmond County, NC. Her parents, Linelle and Perry Dawkins, were proud tobacco farmers. She was the oldest of five children – Essie, Clara, Lib, Jack and Thomas | Left, the Dawkins Homeplace, home of Linelle and Perry Dawkins where they raised their five children. It was built in 1938 and was on an 80 acre tobacco farm. Clara was their first born, and here she is in 1929, age 2, and all pretty and dressed up!

12: The Dawkins Family Heritage thru Clara's father Perry | Home of Commodore Dawkins Perry’s Paternal Grandfather | Evaline Lancaster Dawkins | Commodore Perry Dawkins | Their son William Buck “Bud” Dawkins, b. 1885 | His Wife Florence Virginia Easterling b. 1885 | The Dawkins Family | Married Nov. 26, 1874 | Com. Perry's parents: (George) Washington Dawkins married to Nancy Jane McRae Washington's parents: George Fiddler Dawkins (1744 - 1849) married to Sarah Torchberry (b. 1742) about 1815 in Richmond County, NC. George's parents: Samuel and Martha Dawkins Samuel's parents: Richard Dawkins II, (1701 - 1765) married Mary Aug. 23rd, 1742 in Baltimore, MD Richard Dawkins I was born 1668 in Wooditton, Cambridge, England and married Sarah.

13: Bud and Florence Married Dec. 1, 1906 They had Perry who grew up to marry Linelle.

14: Information from the Easterling Heritage Book | Florence Virginia Easterling Clara's Paternal Grandmother

16: HerClara’s Heritage of the Easterlings Clara’s father Perry Dawkins was the Child of Florence Easterling and Bud Dawkins. Their heritage is traced back To 1733 from Reverend Henry Easterling.

17: From the Easterling Family Bible

18: Perry married Nelle and together they had Clara

19: Archie and Effie are Clara's Great Grandparents

20: Clara grew up helping on the farm and graduated Rockingham High School in 1947. She went onto Nursing School at Mercy Hospital in Charlotte, NC where she received her Registered Nurse Degree.

22: Rockingham, North Carolina | Founded in 1784 as the official County Seat, Rockingham historically has been the center of commerce in Richmond County. The county was formed in 1779 from Anson County. It was named for Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond and Lennox. The county is divided into seven townships: Beaverdam, Black Jack, Marks Creek, Ellerbe, Rockingham, and Hamlet. | The Dawkins Homeplace | The Hawkins Homeplace | This is the Sullivan Homeplace originally built by Logan Sullivan. After Linelle’s husband Perry passed, she lived here with her son Thomas. Thomas passed in Dec., 1990, and Linelle passed away here in March of 1992. It was passed on to her daughter Essie. It had been added onto over the years and lived/visited by five generations of Clara’s family from her Sullivan grandparents and by her own grandchildren. | The Sullivan Homeplace

23: This is Green Lake Methodist Church where George and Clara were married. Many members of Clara’s family are buried here in the church cemetery. | Perry's Funeral | Allison meeting her Great Great Grandparents | In January of 1881 Thomas Benson Ledbetter purchased 100 acres at a public auction and with his nephew, John Steel Ledbetter as a partner, built South Union Mills on Hitchcock Creek in Rockingham, North Carolina. It was in operation until 1894 when the mill burned due to a lighting strike. They rebuilt the mill and changed the name to Ledbetter Manufacturing Company. The company manufactured cotton yarn operating completely on water power till World War ll. Then a diesel generator was used to supplement the water power until 1950 when the mill was converted to electrical power. In 1962 a manufacturing journal reported that the mill produced 2,555,000 pounds of yarn. Through the years many of the mill workers were third and fourth generation employees. Clara’s grandfather Logan Sullivan was a supervisor here. Linelle and her sister, Eva Sullivan Currie, worked here along with many members of the Dawkins family. The damn had broke in the late 40’s and Clara’s sister Elizabeth “Lib” wrote an article about it. While Logan worked here, his wife Varina had a route delivering farm goods such as eggs, butter, and such to customers in Rockingham. Linelle and Clara carried on this tradition. | The Ledbetter Mill where members of Clara’s family were employed

24: Elizabeth Dawkin Thrower’s Article of the Ledbetter Damn Burst, 1945

25: Clara’s Uncle, Ned Dawkins, wrote much about the history of their family and the Ledbetter Mill Community. Clara’s sister, Lib, contributed well written articles. This article tells of the incident when the Ledbetter Damn burst in 1945.

26: Time spent with the Grandparents on the Tobacco Farms of Rockingham, NC | Grandma Hawkins George's Mother | This is Grandma Dawkins, or Florence, she was chaperoning for young people at a church event on a Sunday afternoon. Note the NC backdrop..

28: George Winfred Hawkins | Sam Frank Hawkins | Annie Lane Highfill | Nancy "Nannie" Jane Martin | George Walter Hawkins | The Story of George Winfred Hawkins | Nancy Jane Martin (b. 1862) Father: Richard Thomas Martin Mother: Elizabeth Jane Cunningham Married to George Walter Hawkins, Oct. 16, 1882 in Snow Creek, Stokes, County, NC George Walter Hawkins (b. Jan, 1862) Father: James Hawkins Mother: Louisa A. Carter | Annie Lane Highfill Hawkins Sept. 3, 1894 – March 7, 1975 | Information of George’s Great Grandparents

29: “Our relatives came from England and arrived in the American colonies at Philadelphia. Members from those groups later moved on into the Ohio, Illinois and Iowa areas. As others continued to arrive some migrated down the Shenandoah Valley to the area that is now Roanoke where a fork in the migratory route apparently occurred. The group that would apparently be our ancestors migrated from the area that is now Roanoke down into North Carolina.. Quite a few of my close relatives have been or are located in Stokes County N.C. just south of Stuart, VA. My immediate family moved from Stokes County to Richmond County in 1932. During the early migration down the Shenandoah Valley, others continued on down the Appalachian Mountain valleys through the area that is now the Bristol area into Tennessee. There is a Hawkins County Tennessee just south of Bristol.” | History of the Hawkins Family as told by George Hawkins

30: Annie’s oldest son, LJ, from her first marriage can recall best of how Annie and Frank came together. He said, “Frank heard Annie was widowed, so he went after her.” They use to court by visiting people after church, and taking 6 yr old LJ and Frank’s two youngest children, Harry and Avis, along with them. | Sam “Frank” Hawkins is the son of George Walter Hawkins and Nancy Jane Martin. According to his daughter Jean, George’s sister, his first wife passed away young. She remembers a picture of her in a dress and hat with someone hold her up. They had five children: Heisel, Inez, Lindsey, Harry and Avis. The half sister, Avis, had sadly passed away from cancerous tumor on her spine, and it’s thought that is possibly what Frank’s first wife may have died from. | Annie and Frank Hawkins, George's Parents

31: Both Frank and Annie are originally from Sandy Ridge, NC. Annie’s first husband died of tuberculosis which left her widowed with one son LJ. They had moved back home to live with her father. She and Frank married and together had three more children: George, Byron, and Jean. When George turned five years old, Frank sold their farm in 1932 during the Great Depression. The family moved to Rockingham, NC. and bought land near Roberdelle. They rented the farm across the road while the Hawkins Homeplace house was being built. After moving in, the youngest brother Flukie was born. | Hawkins Homplace, built 1933 – 1934 | Frank and Annie’s children: Flukie, Jean, George, Byron | Annie Lane Highfill George's Mother

32: Annie Lane Hawkins with her sister and brothers: Annie, Emma Jane, Ewell, Walter, and William Highfill | Sam Hawkins was one of 10 children. Pictured here are Leslie, Everette, Tommy, Lola, Kirby, “Frank” (Sam), and Moyer. Not shown are Elliott, Lessell, Livvey, and Lilla

33: George Winfred Hawkins Born Feb. 17, 1927 | Childhood pictures of George | George’s Birth Announcement

34: George enlisted in the Navy during the 1940’s. He served at the submarine base of New London, CN. Here he’s relaxing on the balcony of the barracks in the winter of ’45 – ’46. | Here, George is all gussied up with his brother Byron and a friend, Don Fincher for John Dinnah’s wedding. This was taken around 1953 in front of the apartment Byron shared with his first wife Ruth Ivey on the campus of NC State.

35: Dr. George | George went to college for Agronomy, the study of soil. From NC State, he earned his BS in 1952, his Masters in 1956, and went onto Iowa State to earn his PhD in 1963. He was then offered a professor’s position at Virginia Tech, which brought his family to Blacksburg . | George after receiving his BS Degree in 1952 from NC State | This was taken while George served as Superintendent of the Upper Piedmont Tobacco Research Station in Rural Hall, NC, 1952 – 1954. It was operated jointly by NC State and the NC Department of Agriculture | Ames, Iowa, 1958 – during a field day attended by farmers held at the Agronomy Research Station, George is discussing nutrient deficiency in corn. | 1956 – 1962, while at Iowa State, George worked full time as a instructor in the Agronomy Dept. He also took coursework to earn his PhD. He’s pictured here with his department. He’s the gentleman on the very right.

36: til the one day when the lady met the fellow.... | In 2010, George and Clara celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary | How they met: One afternoon Clara was taking her brother into Ellerbe, NC, to get his driver’s license. At the time, George was serving in the Navy and was home visiting. Also in town with his sister Jean, he happened to notice Clara. He asked Jean about her, and, well, one thing lead to another. George asked her out, and for their first date, went to a church Christmas Program. Often they would double date with Clara’s sister Essie and her future husband Jack Cardwell. Thus, they fell in love . . .

37: December 17, 1950 | At Green Lake Methodist Church, Clara and George became husband and wife.

38: The first two years of Clara and George’s marriage was spent with George seeking higher education that eventually lead to his Agronomy PhD. From 1950 – 1952, George attended North Carolina State. He, Clara, and Anne lived in an apartment in Rural Hall, NC. During this time, he served as Superintendent of the Upper Piedmont Tobacco Research Station until 1954.

39: Clara and George's First Born: Anne | Georgia Anne Hawkins | Carrying the tradition of Anne as a middle name, Georgia Anne was born December 3, 1952.

40: By 1956, The family moved to Ames, Iowa where George worked as an Agronomy Instructor at Iowa State. He took coursework to earn his PhD. He would consult with farmers (below) on Field Days where he discussed the nutrient deficiency of corn.

41: 131 Summit Avenue Ames, Iowa | This is the house Clara and George rented while living in Iowa; as one would note, the snow came to occupy as well during those Iowa winters! | Anne and some friends playing in the snow

42: While living in Iowa, George and Clara had their second child and first son, Gregg William Hawkins. He was born the same day as Anne's first day in Kindergarten. | Gregg William Hawkins September 2, 1958

43: After six years at Iowa State, George was offered an associate professorship at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. So, in 1962, the family of four packed up and moved to the mountains and valleys of south west Virginia into an apartment at 101 Sunset Drive.

44: "A Baby's Love Is Best Of All" | Michael Dean Hawkins | Born May 24, 1962 | The birth of Michael made the family complete!

46: In 1963, The Hawkins Family rented a small house at 127 Upland Road in Blacksburg

47: In 1965 George and Clara moved to their home at | 611 Alleghany Street

49: The Hawkins | have lived in this house for over forty years. George and Clara have watched their children grow into adulthood here; many happy memories are in these walls. George continued to work at and retire from VA Tech while Clara went back into nursing.

50: December 1975 George and Clara celebrate their Silver Anniversary 25 Years

51: P | Proud Moments of Graduation | Anne Graduated High School 1971 and Virginia Tech in 1975 | Gregg H.S. 1977 | Mike H.S 1980 Virgina Tech 1984

52: August, 1975 Anne married Ron Faris, In 1980, she gave George and Clara the wonderful news of their first grandchild, Jonathan

53: Anne went on to have three beautiful children. Jonathan was born Mar. 25, 1981, Jeremy was born April 27, 1983, and Katie was born Sept. 28, 1985. | Seen here with Clara's mother Nelle, are four generations of the family. | Anne's children, Jeremy, Jon, and Kate as little ones, and as fine young adults with their Mom,"Muvshead"

54: Jonathan Faris

55: October 20th 2007 | Jon married a wonderful girl named Stephanie in Winston-Salem, NC in a beautiful, Autumn wedding. He met Steph while living in Chicago, IL where he attended North Western University. Jon works as a Production Manager in Theatre and runs marathons with Steph who is a Personal Trainer. Together they bought a condominium and have begun a happy life of their own..

56: March 2nd 2008 | Jeremy graduated from VA Tech like his Mom did, and went on to marry Janelle, his high school and college sweetheart in a dreamy wedding beside a Florida lake. They expressed their love in a beautiful, unique ceremony among the breezes and loved ones. They moved to Gainesville, FL where Jeremy attended the Univ. of FL studying veterinary medicine and Janelle earned a certificate to teach biology. They are a terrific couple who truly love each other..

57: Jeremy Faris

58: Kate Faris

59: Katie, Anne's youngest, grew into a beautiful, young woman named Kate who moved to Baltimore area of , MD to graduate from Towson University in May, 2009. Kate continues her education at the University of Oregon. | Anne's Children continue to bring pride . .

60: March 16th 2002 Gregg married a lovely lady named Crystal Harris in Lynchburg, VA | They settled in Apex, NC buying a nice house. Before they had children of their own, Gregg and Crystal made the nicest Aunt and Uncle anyone could ask for.

61: Aug. 20th, 2007, they were blessed with their daughter Camden Brooke whose birth brought great joy to the family. On Dec. 11th, 2009, Gerek William came along making them a complete, beautiful family.

62: July 4, 1992 | Mike married Cecee and they bought a house inBroadway, VA. They had two children, Allison Renee on Sept. 26, 1996, and Grayson William on Dec. 27, 1999.

63: Life proved well for them. They've grown into a happy foursome that celebrate every anniversary; Clara and George have been a very big influence on their lives as a family. | Nothing is more special than having a Grandma around your whole life to share in growing up!

65: In 2000, Clara and George celebrated 50 Years of Happiness

67: It was a day of joyous celebration with family and friends..

68: Rockingham, NC Trip - August 2010 | It was a special event. All the family gathered for a Homecoming at the Green Lake UMC where George and Clara were married. We sat in the same sanctuary where they exchanged vows 60 years before. Lib's son, Rev. Roger Thrower, gave a very special performance. We also visited with both of the Dawkins and Hawkins Families over the weekend. It made for the most wonderful time. ,

69: George got to see his brother Flukey and sister Gene; Clara visited with her sister Essie. After the Homecoming Service, we got to eat the finest in southern cooking while enjoying fellowship with family and friends! | To the left are pictures of the Sullivan Homeplace where Clara's grandparents, Logan and Varina first lived. Six generations of the family have visited here.

71: Who would think, after two people meeting in the late 1940's would together have such a wonderful, blessed life, and create a "dynasty" . . .

72: We are living happily ever after...

73: It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you do ..... it's who you have beside you.

74: Held December 28th 2010 at the Farmhouse Restaurant | love

75: The Evening's Specially Created Menu

76: Sharing more special cake...

77: Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.

78: You couldn't have asked for a more wonderful time, from endearing toasts to the sharing of so many great memories. Truly a night to remember!

79: 60 Years Later | Clara and George in front of the church where they exchanged vows

80: Nothing brings family together more than Love

81: From a little church in North Carolina, two people took life long vows.. | December 17th 1950 | Silver Anniversary 1975 | Golden Anniversary 2000 | 60th Anniversary 2010

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