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GG Scrapbook (Steph Copy)

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S: Muriel Jenkins Heal Bywater: 90 Fabulous Years

BC: ....It's been a wonderful life | September 8, 2011

FC: Muriel Jenkins Heal Bywater 90 Fabulous Years

1: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents | James Jenkins Senior | Blanche Elder Alkire | Muriel Roberta Jenkins Heal Bywater | Benjamin D. Jenkins | Jane B. Evans | Theodore Alkire | Luella Theodocia Lee | David Henderson Alkire | Sarah Hayden | Amandavill James | David Morgan Jenkins | Mary Vaughan | Richard Davis | Mary Evans | William Clinton Lee

2: “I looked out the window, where my own ninety-year-old Mother was sweeping autumn leaves, happily working in her feeble way, close to the soil. It was something to which she could relate. She had grown up, one of fourteen children born to a hardworking, traditional farming couple. Her father was a hauler of coal, ice, and farming crops, or some relocating neighbor’s household goods “ -Excerpt from “Kinks and Corkscrews” by Muriel Bywater | Picture of Balnche's Parents | “Jim (Muriel’s father) had been baptized in the Baptist church of a little mining village in Missouri, at the age of twelve. His mother had just become a widow, one of the many wives and mothers whose husbands suffered from “miner’s asthma” and was left with seven children. Jim was just twelve and the only child to become a church member. Mother had said he was always attentive to his mother, writing letters and sending pictures of his little ones.” -Excerpt from “Kinks and Corkscrews” by Muriel Bywater | Picture of Jim's Parents | “I remember having taffy pulls many a time, but there were enough of our family that we never invited anyone in. We popped corn and there was a lot of singing around the piano. Some of the miners would join in. I usually played piano. I loved ragtime. One of our favorite popular tunes was “Oh, You Beautiful Doll,” with Errett and me singing (p. 41).” “After a while Blanche found employment at Gingham Gardens, a nightclubIt was here she started doing the main cooking under a chef and developed a reputation for her fried chicken.She collected autographed pictures of the stars, some of whom she had become quite fond. One was Lawrence Welk, who once offered to go into business with her, if she cooked the chicken. He signed the picture: “To Blanche, my favorite chef! Always your friend, Lawrence Welk (p. 44-45).” -Excerpt of Blanche speaking from A Sweet Water Love Story by Muriel Bywater

3: “Mama sweet unassuming Blanche, a Midwest farmer’s daughter had married Jim, my father, a handsome Welsh miner fourteen years older than herself. Jim had been one of the mining borders at her family home, and was taken with Blanche’s restraint and soft spoken warmth. She was brown haired with startling, unusually large, blue, dreamy eyes. She was always sensitive of her rather flat nose. It almost gave the appearance of having a missing part of facial structure, yet she was pretty in spite of it. She was shy and quiet although as a girl she was a fun-loving, Scott Joplin piano-playing fire-ball. Blanche had to wait for her eighteenth birthday to get married, although she was pregnant. She was fearful of telling her mother, and knew she would need parental consent to be married. When she told Jim she was going to have a baby, he said, “We must get married right away.” Her birthday was just a few weeks away, and they eloped to the city to be married in a little Baptist church. “ -Excerpt from “A Sweet Water Love Story” by Muriel Bywater | Parents wedding picture | A coal miner was lucky in 1914-1925, if he worked four consecutive months. However, even with the coming of six children, Mama and Daddy were able to save and scrape together enough to buy a lot and build a tiny house in the country. They lived from their garden and never went into debt. They rode streetcars and paid for building materials as they could. Mama could see something was wrong with Daddy. He would measure, step off the measurements, sit, and rock, and stare into the heavens. “What’s the matter, Daddy?” my seven-year-old sister asked. Daddy looked vacantly through the child and answered, “I’m losing my mind.” Mama was frightened. With a baby nine months old, and four other children under ten, she worried, but silently. His condition worsened and finally he was taken to the state sanitarium 35 miles away. It might as well have been 500 miles. Travel was not easy, and money was scarce. Mother took in washing and ironing in order to provide. -Excerpt from “Kinks and Corkscrews” by Muriel Bywater | Wedding Day September 23, 1914 | “I made the dress I was married in. It was dark blue foulard material with the flower design woven in, all the same color. The sleeves were raglan, square collar in front and open diagonally down front. The skirt was circular. Elbow length sleeves with blue satin collar and cuffs. It was calf length, and I wore a dark blue coat.” Her (Blanche’s) eyes sparkled as she described the special dress (p. 41).” -Excerpt from 'A Sweet Water Love Story" by Muriel Bywater | Blanche said Jim was always kind, gentle, and thoughtful. “He was a very smart man, and was well-read, although he started working as a miner at the age of fourteen to help his widowed mother. “He had nice handwriting and used to write his Mother in Missouri quite often when he worked in Cantrall, and later after we married (p. 43)” -Excerpt of Blanche speaking from A Sweet Water Love Story by Muriel Bywater

4: 3 year old pictuer | Muriel at 3 years. This is the first dress I can remember. It was a soft coral pink and the bloomers matched. Uncle cut my hair in the popular “Dutch” bob. This was the year I was taken to Uncle Errett and Aunt Nettie’s to “live for awhile,” to help out at home. | Muriel at age 4. She had leggings to match the coat. It was a soft brown. 1925-26 | The house on North Tenth, where I first went to live with Aunt Nettie and Uncle Errett. 1108 N. Tenth St Springfield, Illinois | Muriel and her first playmates on N. Tenth: Jimmy Russell, Muriel, Bill Bob Bolinger. Pretty shy at first. After being told to put my arms around them, I happily complied!

5: ...In order to “help out,” I was taken by Uncle and Aunt who had no children of their own. Perhaps two or three times a year, while on a Sunday afternoon drive in my Uncle’s second hand Chevy would stop so I could visit Mama and my brothers and sisters. Uncle’s home was on the other side of town. As I grew older, I was allowed by Uncle and Aunt to spend two weeks “out home” with my family during summer vacation. Sometimes I could go for two or three days during Christmas holidays... As I grew older I realized the despair of my 29 year old Mother, unskilled, and left alone with five small children...Still, after having children of my own, I often wondered, “How could a mother give a child away?”... I looked out the window, where my ninety-year-old Mother was sweeping autumn leaves, happily working in her feeble way, close to the soil...So here I was, enjoying the daughter-mother closeness I had so long missed, and at a time when she did not remember her own family members. In the garden of Mother’s mind grew kinks and corkscrews, feathered strokes of light and dark, thin as wind. Later in the afternoon Mother sat on the couch looking at her photograph album I had worked on so long...”There’s my Mother,” she pointed proudly. Then, turning the page, she came to my photograph taken as a three-year-old when I had first gone to live with Uncle and Aunt. “This is the little one—they took to their house—and never brought her back!” Her childishly simple face registered a memory of grief. In one vivid moment, I saw Mother through the years: in quiet thought—her enduring in gentle silence—at times her large blue eyes watering unexpectedly. The gentle, generous woman she had always been--always wanting the best for those she loved. I looked up at my sister. “Did you hear what she said? They never brought me back! They never brought me back!” I repeated with a satisfied smile, knowing at last that Mother had not given me away. She had expected them to bring her little three-year-old child back to her after “taking her for a while.” -Excerpts from “Kinks and Corkscrews” by Muriel Bywater | Uncle Errett and Muriel, 1928

6: The “Little Room” at Sandhill School. My first teacher for the first four grades, Mrs. Stella Combs. She was childless , and mothered every child as though he were her own. My best friend Isabel Daniels, is the first one in front right. We were inseparable for nine years. | The “Big Room” at Sandhill School in 1933. The teacher was Virginia Kohl. Muriel was in 7th grade. | When I started school, I was taken by an older neighborhood girl, Kathleen McMillan. She told the teacher my name was Muriel Alkire. Aunt and Uncle never changed it. I went through grade school and high school as Muriel Alkire. On Sundays at church, I was on the rolls as Muriel Jenkins. So I sort of lived a life of “two personalities.” As a very timid child, it was embarrassing. It called for many explanations when I later went to church with the same youngsters I knew at school. | The upper windows on the left were the “little room”. The windows on the right were the “big room.” The basement rooms were the playrooms for recess with a boy’s and girl’s room. | Sandhill School | The big room, 1934-8th grade. Miss Vivian McCall was the teacher.

7: Time out of play to pose for a picturenotice the dirty dresses. Eileen Daniels, Muriel (Alkire) Jenkins, Betty Jenkins, and Isabel Daniels. I was 10 and Betty was 7 years. | Muriel, 12 years old, with Marie Van Hooser from Chicago. She visted her Aunt Faye Hughes in the summer. 1934 | Muriel, 11 years, in back of Daniels home, with their dog Major. | Muriel, 12, with Babe, her pet goat given to her by brother Vernon when it was small and had to be fed by a bottle. Babe later became a mother to twin goats. One black, the other white“Day” and “Night.” | Cousins: Carol Alkire, Muriel, Betty Jenkins, Marilyn Sims (in front). At the side of Grandmother Luella Alkire’s on North Fourth 1933 or 1934. | Muriel at Aunt Elsie’s with little cousin, Marilyn Arlene Sims (1934). | Mary Biesenthal, Muriel and Mary’s brother Albert Evans. Ready to be taken to Sunday School by Uncle Errett. The house was the Daniel’s house. A lot between us, but our closest neighbors. | Muriel at age 13 a “dime store photo.”

8: Muriel attended the Third Presbyterian Church as a child until 1940 when she converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Most of her aunts and uncles were members of this church after they moved to Springfield from the little town on Cantrall, Illinois. | This picture of the Reverend Hildebrand and his wife was given to her for perfect attendance in Sunday School. | Muriel and Blackie at 826 S. Fourth | Muriel, Eula, Betty with Karen Bradley, Eula's little darling 1940 | A dime store photo. Muriel was 15

9: A Capella Choir at Lanphier High in 1936 | Muriel, following the induction ceremony of Quill and Scroll. In 1938 as a junior, I took a journalism class and wrote for the school paper. | Lan-Hi school yearbook staff. Muriel was literary editor.

10: Jess and Muriel dated for 3 years. He was the most sought after young man in high school, football quarterback, played in the school band, also played coronet in a dance band. He did not drink or smoke. He was a really sweet guy, and I was a lucky girl! | Jesse Schwarberg (quarterback in middle) and Muriel were high school sweethearts in 1938. | After an afternoon at Lake Springfield in 1941. Jess and Muriel are the couple second from the right.

11: Graduation | Muriel at age eighteen in 1939.

12: September 25, 1940 at Lake Springfield. The day I was baptized by Elder Don Poulton of Salt lake. Muriel is holding the purse above her face to block the sun. | August 1940 in the yard of Blanche Jenkins, the day Eula Bradley was baptized. Betty, Blanche, Elder Leo Seibold, Muriel, Eula and Karen Bradley. | Elder Don Poulton | Elders Douglas Thompson, Willard Bruderer, Leo Seibold, and Reuben Dotson. The first LDS missionaries I met, May 12, 1940. In front of A. Lincoln Memorial. | Investigator Polly Hufnagel with Elder Poulton. | Baptism

13: Muriel holding her doll, Tickle Toes. Sister LaVaun Meeks holding Nettie’s mother’s doll, Suzy in 1941. | Erret Alkire, Sister Mavis Tingey, Sister LaVaun Meeks, and Muriel in 1941. | Betty and Muriel Jenkins, 1940 at a LDS Conference in Bloomington, Ill. | I met Mavis Tingey as a Lady Missionary in Springfield. Her companion was Sister LaVaun Meeks from Canada. Mavis was one of my counselors in the Springfield Branch MIA when I was president and new to the Church. | Mavis and her parents invited Betty and me to spend our first Christmas in Utah at their home in Ogden. Her mother often sent a box of home canned first and homemade bread and jams down to Provo for us to enjoy. She came to give Tommy his first bath when I came home from the hospital, and we continued our friendship for over 58 years! | Mavis, 1941

14: Muriel in her new kid paw fur coat. Her first real splurge! | Jerry Hickey and Muriel at a Decatur Conference in 1942. | Muriel in Washington Park doing a back-bend. | Sisters—Betty and Muriel in a red velveteen jumpers with Bum our dog. | Muriel in the park in her favorite dress belonging to Betty. A red/white silky check

15: Anna Jean Hampton and I helped entertain the soldiers at the USO in Springfield and double dated. We were invited to spend the weekend in Peoria to go boating with Dick Walch who was a good LDS young man. Saturday afternoon we went boating, and dinner and dancing in the evening. On Sunday, Dick took us to his ward. | Muriel and Dick Walch, 1943 in Peoria. Dick died in the war. | Gerry Hickey and Muriel about 1942. This was one of my favorite dresses, a luggage tan brown with egg shell trim. A jacket dress. | Lubert (Luby) Groesch, 1943. We loved dancing together. Luby had a wonderful singing voice.

16: Alkire's Barber Shop on Grand Ave and North 9th in Springfield, ILL. After High School, Muriel worked at her Uncle's Beauty Parlor | Muriel and Eula standing on the lawn in winter in front of 617 S. English. Muriel’s first purchase of importance after starting to work as an apprentice beautician was this black and white tweed coat. She made $3.00 a week for a year working for Uncle Errett. That was a long, hard year, when her friends were all working at nice offices, making more than that! | Muriel shooting Darrell Taylor’s gun the summer of 1943 when he and Ben Lewis were living in Springfield. Darrell was with the FBIDarrell was Tom’s scoutmaster in the Provo Pleasant View Ward, 1963. Bob Johnson, Betty, Muriel and Darrell after church in Springfield. | Just outside the Barber Shop, Muriel, Uncle Errett and Virinia Blansett.

17: “Sisters”—Maypha Hickey, Betty Jenkins, Muriel Jenkins, Jerry Hickey in 1942. This is where Muriel lived before she left for Utah. | Muriel Jenkins, President Leo J. Muir and Eula Bradley | Muriel playing the piano at the YWCA hall. She was the YW Pesident. | Elder Reed Larson sitting in Joseph Smith’s chair, 1940. | After church at the IOOF Hall. Muriel and Dede Shultz

18: On June 7, 1944, D-Day in World War II, Betty and Muriel arrived in Salt Lake City on the “City of Los Angeles” train. We were met at the station by Charles Bingham, Adeline Kleven, and Mavis Duke. These were all wonderful friends we had met in Illinois as missionaries. Charles Bingham and I had met at a conference and started corresponding. We were very much interested in each other. He was the first one we saw waiting on the platform as we entered the station.Adeline’s father, Brother Kleven, gave us the special reservation ticket we needed to attend the funeral of President Heber J. Grant in May, 1945. We went and soaked up the spiritual talks and feelings like a sponge. | At the Kleven home in Salt Lake listening to LDS General Conference, 1945. | Betty and I ready for sightseeing around Salt Lake City. | Adeline, Betty and I all hiked up City Creek Canyon. It was quiet and we were alone, so we took off out blouses and sun bathed. Can’t do it these days! | The Klevens

19: BYU | The walk to “upper campus” BYU. I had every other class on the upper campus and a ten minute break between classes!!! There was much snow that first winter of 1944-1945. | A spring snow, 1945. Muriel and Norma Robertson sitting on a snowball on the lawn of the Joseph Smith Building. | Going to classes after gym down below. | Between classes in front of the Joseph Smith Building, 1945. | The Girls, 1945. | This is the glacier we all slid down after the ascent to the top of Timp. Our first month in Provo, July, 1944. The next day we were so sore we couldn’t move when we woke up! Our bed was a thin mattress with no box springs. We lived at the home of Evan and Grace Croft, a BYU teacher. It was a basement apartment, no fridge. $28 a month for rent.

20: Charles Bingham left for the Navy the day after we arrived in SLC, June 1944. We had written after becoming acquainted at a Bloomington, ILL conference. He gave me his picture and was to be released from his mission soon. After basic training, he entered the Naval dentistry program in Cleveland. We wrote regularly and became engaged the next summer, June 1945 after a visit to Vernal when he was home on leave. That August, I visited him in Cleveland to make plans for a March wedding. After finding myself terribly attracted to his best friend, I gave him his ring back. I gave no explanation except that I just didn't love him enough. Joel Gillespie and I both were torn, because they were best friends! We wrote a letter or two, but we dropped it. | Charlie, Muriel, Joel out on the town in Cleveland. | Joel | Charlie | Engaged, Chuck and Muriel in Provo, Summer of 1945 | Ready to go back to Springfield, minus the diamond ring. I called it off after being "smitten" with his best friend, Joel.

21: On December 13, I was introduced to Ward Heal, who had just returned from the South Pacific Theater of war. We started dating, and by the time my friends had come back from Christmas vacation, I had accepted a ring from Bill (Ward) and we planned an April wedding. Charlie made a quick flight to Provo during a leave, and wanted to get married then, and take me to Cleveland with him. I made it clear to him I had made my choice. He gave me a package which contained all of my love letters to him. I took them home and threw them into the furnace without reading a one. Bill and I were married April 29, 1946 in the Salt Lake Temple by President David O. McKay. | On February 13, he gave me a ring. He couldn't wait till Valentine's Day. We planned a wedding for April 29 in the Salt Lake Temple. -Excerpt from "Pages of a Twentieth Century Journal, p.33

22: Bill bought me a lovely, deep purple orchid at the Hotel Utah florist shop...Mother and Dad Heal gave us a wedding luncheon in the afternoon in the Jade Room of Hotel Utah... It was a day of occasional April showers, but not enough to dampen or darken our spirits. President David O. McKay, with his glowing white hair was handsome and awe-inspiring, not only in his magnificent size and appearance, but in his significant and solemn discourse and exhortation on the sacredness of the marriage covenant. President McKay was a poet with his eloquent speech. He talked about “two hearts-two souls-slipping into one, as two dewdrops on the stem of a rose when the sun comes out in the morning, one slipping into the other, the two becoming one.” He spoke of a strong commitment to principles of loyalty and tenderness toward each other, and keeping romance alive; family harmony, and consideration always for the other person. His words were ever-inspiring and a beautiful commencement for married life.... -Excerpt from “Pages of a Twentieth Century Journal” by Muriel Bywater p. 33

23: During our drive to Illinois (to meet my family), we had time to talk about our favorite foods, our new apartment, our families, and we sang and harmonized. -Excerpt from “Pages of a Twentieth Century Journal” by Muriel Bywater p. 33

24: One of our family traditions at Christmas time was to take the Provo train to Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square and go to ZCMI’s to see the Festival of Tree's. It was always a magical time for all of us. | "Double Pleasure" at the birth of identical twin daughters, Stephanie and Christie March 28, 1950

25: Family Christmas photo 1961 | The news of a new baby brother was so exciting. Kim Michael Heal was born April 25, 1955. He was a special son and brother and completed our family. | 1964 Family Photo

26: Travel | Bill and Muriel loved to travel together and explore this amazing world. | BERMUDA | LAKE POWELL | They toured Europe together and loved to tell the story of the missing suitcase and how it was returned on Christmas! | They took the family back East to visit family and the cultural sights there!

27: Muriel joined the Realty business. She loved to attend the conventions with Bill. | Realty | Las Vegas,

28: Great Grandfather | Costume Parties | Ward and Muriel would attend many annual Provo Rotary costume parties.. They won best costume one year. | 1st Place

29: Poet and Author Muriel is an amazing writer. In 1980 she received the Art Council's award for Best Juvenile book, presented by Utah's first lady Mrs. Scott Matheson. Her first-place book winner of the 1994 Pearle M. Olsen Publication Award, "Stretching Toward Wild Swans was presented publicly and published by the Utah State Poetry Society. She has published several books narrating our family history that are treasures to each and every one of us. | After seven years being afflicted with Myocardiopathy, on January 25, 1982, Ward slept away until his heart just stopped beating in arrhythmia.

30: Grandmother and Grandpa love to take people to dinner. Grandmother loves her old fashioned fountain drinks.

31: One Sunday evening after coming home from the Band Concert in the Park, I decided to go for a walk. Problem! A lady cannot go walking alone after dark. So I thought about calling a male friend who lived just a couple of blocks awayI told him he could even wait until after dark to come over (to keep the church members from talking). Gordon Bywater came before dark. We had a great time walking up around campus, resting at the waterfall, getting acquainted. Walking together continued for several weeks. We had known each other for many years. He and my husband had been Rotarians together and had played golf together. We started walking in July, and in November we were married. -Excerpt from “Pages of a Twentieth Century Journal” by Muriel Bywater p. 41 | When Gordon and I found we both had a Welsh heritage, we decided to go to Wales! In July 1994, we were on our way. -Excerpt from “Pages of a Twentieth Century Journal” by Muriel Bywater p. 41

32: Everyone loved to help out with ballooning! | 1996 Scottsdale Thunderbird Air Balloon Classic

33: Annual Heal Family Christmas Party! | GG loved to throw the annual family Christmas party. She kept her basement decorated all year and would give ornaments to visiting great grandchildren. She also loved to watch the "Nativity" narrated and presented by family members on that special night.

34: I would take flowers to Kim's grave site whenever we visited Mesa, Arizona. | Stephanie took Gordon and me on many occasions to Arizona to enjoy the warm weather and visit family members. | We were so happy to be able to attend Jessie and Peter's wedding June 25., 2009 | My Aunt Thelma turned 100 years old on January 15th 2010. I was thrilled to be able to celebrate with her and family members! | My grandchildren and great grandchildren were always glad when GG visited them | I enjoyed seeing my Aunt Thelma Moore when I visited Phoenix | We would attend, baby blessings, birthdays, weddings, and more than anything, just being there to visit and catch up on the lives of my family, are the times I will always cherish. | Phoenix, Arizona

35: My visits with other family members took me to my home town, Springfield, Illinois | Eula and me visiting with brother Jimmy at the Veteran's Home in Quincy, Ill. Paralyzed with a stroke but never without a smile. | We visited with my cousin, Evelyn Lamken and her daughter Marilyn | The home my mother Blanche Jenkins 805 Summit Avenue and where Eula lived until she died in January 2011 | Springfield, Illinois | Eula and I visited our cousin Bob Lehnen, his wife LaVerne and their daughter Lois | Eula pictured with daughter Karen outside her home in Mattoon, Ill. | We stayed with Gary and Dorthy Lamken at their beautiful lake home in Springfield | Eula and Stephanie at Eula's home

36: Christie Jason Nichole Jessica Haley Jeffrey Cody Colton | Tom Jared Tamara Shana Rebecca Michelle | Stephanie Nick | Kim Dustin Jessie Dallas Cory | Ward & Muriel Heal

37: Cabin Pic

38: Tom Heal | We love you Mom. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

39: You make us laugh! | LOTS OF GRANDCHILDREN | YOU MAKE US LAUGH!!

40: Jared Heal


42: Tamara Heal Dorny | Memory or letter here

43: live | laugh | love

44: LOVE LOVE LOVE | Shana Heal Garbett | SO BEAUTIFUL

46: Rebecca Heal Christensen | TRUE HAPPINESS

47: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

48: Michelle Heal Burgi

49: Love is Spoken Here

50: Stephanie Heal Johnson | You taught me that family is forever! | Things that remind me of you: .the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning .a beautiful bouquet of roses picked fresh from your rose garden .hot cream of wheat or oatmeal served with half and half , a random shopping trip to D.I. to buy a treasure . the fresh smell of ironed linens, as I crawl into bed at night | My mother taught me how to cook. She had a special cook book that she learned to cook on in ninth grade called the "America's Cook Book". She taught me to cook from the same book. I would look up recipes to make meals when it was my turn to cook for our family. Mom, thank you for teaching me how to cook. I will always put it to good use! | Recipes with Love | Stephanie & husband Ed

51: Because of You I was blessed! | Brothers | Sister | Son | Grandchildren | Family | Favorite Things Mother loves the beautiful and simplest of things...the majestic snow capped Mt. Timpanogas, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, her rose garden, flowering trees in bloom, a rain shower in the hot summer, song birds, ,shopping at Deseret Industry, and writing poetry. But nothing can top the most precious thing in life, "Family" which she has given to all of us

52: so many | Caden &Ashley love BYU like GG! | NICK & JEN | Nick's 1st Grade School Picture | True Blue! | Allie & Conner | The Parcell Family`

53: Nick Parcell | Conner & Allie Playing blocks at GG's | Grandmother's ! So special! Grandmother & Nick(2wks old) | ~Being the sports fanatic that I am, some of my earliest sports memories came with Grandmother by my side at BYU basketball and football games! She taught me how to be the number one fan that I am, but also how to be respectful to the other team! I will cherish those games and the time that we spent together. In fact, Grandmother often took time to read the sports section of the paper out loud to me! You could say that she adapted to the style of reading that would grab my attention. ~Grandmother has a knack for naming our pets. One of my favorites was Obie dog. ~Over the years I have learned so much from Grandmother but the most important has been her faith and love of the gospel! | Princess's Ashley & GG. | Me and my Mom!!

54: When I was about 10 years old, my mother taught me how to sew. She told me she would buy me all the material I wanted,but I had to sew my own clothes. I even made my own prom dress. One Christmas, I didn't have a lot of money and couldn't afford to buy very much for my five children so.... I sewed them a Christmas! I love you mom, for teaching me important things that have made me a better mom to my children | Christie Heal Pearce | Christie and Stephanie Junior Prom 1966

55: Mom loves playing the piano. When she was a little girl she couldn't afford piano lessons. Her Aunt Thelma paid for her to take lessons. Thank you mother for paying for my 12 years of piano lessons. I love playing and sharing my talent with my children and grandchildren. | Christie and Stephanie Piano Recital 1963 | Christie and Dick's Wedding Day November 17, 1989

56: I loved having "Grandmother-time" growing up. Grandmother would teach me to bake pies, sew and garden. We loved bird watching and looking in the bird book to see what kind of birds we saw in the backyard. Sleep-overs were my favorite times. Grandmother would make me milk-toast before bedtime. In the morning we would have breakfast on the back porch, just the two of us. You are a very Special Grandmother and I love you very much! | Nichole Moss Young

57: You are the perfect example of.... a Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother | GG and Dylan | GG with Nichole's twins, Carson and McKenzie | Grandmother and Nichole | Grandmother with her twin girls

58: Jessica Moss | Memories of my Grandmother * I surprised you one day with cleaning your house...I left you a message letting you know I was thinking of you and loved you very much. A couple weeks went by and I was surprised when I walked in my room one day after school and a similar note was placed on my dresser. * I remember having a monthly baking lesson with you at your house. You taught me how to make Cherry & Peach cobbler from scratch. I think that is why I love baking so much. You are an amazing Grandmother and I love you so much!! | Young Women's Program 1987

59: Samantha 2010 | Samantha Muriel Arredondo GG's "Name Sake" | Samantha 6 years | Surprise! An addition to the Arredondo family! Samantha is going to be a big sister arriving.... February 2012. "It's a girl!"

60: Haley Moss Christensen | May 1995 | ... | Family | I loved the sleep overs with you, grandmother. We would have cream of wheat in the morning for breakfast. Things that I loved... your homemade ice cream with fresh berries, the pink mints you had in a bowl on your counter and the heated blankets on the beds. I moved in with you and grandpa in 1996. I cherished our talks over breakfast before I would leave for work. You have taught me great valuable things in life, that I'll always remember. I've always looked up to you, grandmother. Happy 90th Birthday! With all my love, Haley

61: Cherish Yesterday Live Today Dream Tomorrow

62: Jeffrey Scott Moss | I will always remember Grandmother reading books to me and helping me memorize poems. One of my favorite poems you taught me was “Little Jack Horner, Sat in the corner, Eating a Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said "What a good boy am I.” Thank you Grandmother for spending precious time with me throughout my years and showing me your love. | I cherish memories of family dinners at your home, listening to family stories, and picking out pink lipstick that suits you perfectly! Grandmother, I admire the natural teacher in you, your spunky personality, your strong convictions, and your enthusiasm for life. You have left a firm legacy of learning and of faith.

63: Corbin, Quinton & Deagan love visiting you at Jamestown to read books with you and Grandpa and to feed the baby ducks. | It is never unnoticed how much you love the children.

64: Cody's favorite memory of Grandmother... | Cody Pearce | Cody & Dad 1989 | Cody Pearce | Grandmother, you are so sweet and kind. You are always interested to find out what's new in my life. I hope you have a Happy "90th" Birthday. Love, Cody | Elder Cody Pearce Rome, Italy

65: Cody, Colton and Dad headed to Bellingham, Washington 2011

66: Colton Pearce | When I was 4 years old, my Grandmother and Grandpa Bywater took me to Thanksgiving Point. I saw many animals that I had never seen before. There were Llama's, baby goats, bunny rabbits and a team of Clydesdale horses pulling a wagon. Grandmother wrote a book about our trip to Thanksgiving Point. It helps me remember that special day with my grandparents. Thank you Grandmother for spending quality time with me. I love you and wish you many more happy years with your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

67: Colton, 2010 Maple Mountain High School Graduate

68: Kim Michael Heal | Kim blessing Day | cruise | Kim graduated from BYU on April 20, 1979. | Kim loved traveling with his Mom and Dad!

69: Cruise | Wedding Pic | Kim Heal Family 1998 | Every time Muriel comes to Arizona, she visits Kim's grave. | May 10, 1998 As I was thinking of what to give you for Mother's Day, I found this book that I think will express my feelings the best. You have done so many little things throughout my life that have given me direction and love. As a parent myself, I sometimes think I fail if there isn't a big event where one of my children learn something. But I now know from you, that it's the small insignificant times like; making sure you were there when I got home from school, reading me stories, and always writing me notes and letters throughout my life supporting me in all I did and encouraging me to continue on with my dreams, that makes a child turn out "okay." I hope this Mother's Day is a special one for you! You are a "Very Special Mother!" Love, | Found in the book What Latter-day Stripling Warriors Learn from Their Mothers | Kim

70: Dustin Michael Heal | Grandmother, thinking back to the time we spent together, a number of precious moments come to mind. Some of my favorite are represented right here on this page. I have many memories of you reading to me. My favorites were 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Piere'. I remember taking trips with you down to the Provo Library where we would spend hours looking for books to read. I also remember you sitting down with me at the piano and teaching me how to play 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'. My favorite memory, however, is a recurring memory. From the time I was young, to this very day; each and every time I call you on the phone, I love to hear the excitement in your voice when you say 'Oh Dustin, I was just thinking about you!' That is something I look forward to hearing every time I call to say HI. I love you very much. Happy 90th Birthday! | 2005, Dusty portrayed "John the Beloved" in the Easter Pageant.

71: Kimball remembers playing piano with GG and playing soccer on her grass. He loves her roses and when she reads him stories. | I remember the first time we brought Kimball to meet GG. We arrived at about 4 am and crawled into bed in the basement. We were awakened by GG leaning on the foot of the bed yelling, "Where is my baby?"It scared me to death! She has always been a gracious hostess and we love visiting her!

72: Jessie Heal Christensen

73: My favorite memories of Grandmother are of my family coming to Utah every summer and staying at her house.. We would always arrive in the middle of the night and Grandmother was up waiting for us no matter what time. She had our beds ready and when we woke up in the morning she would make us anything we wanted for breakfast. Our trips to visit Grandmother were always my favorite vacation. When I went to BYU, Grandmother invited me over every week for dinner and to do my laundry. I loved spending the afternoons talking with her and getting to know her better. I loved hearing stories of her childhood and my dad's childhood. I'm so glad I have those memories to pass on to my children. | Kimberly Michelle Christensen

74: Dallas William Heal | Grandmother, some of my favorite memories were being able to visit you every summer for the 4th of July. We would arrive late in the night and you would be waiting up for us and be so happy to see us. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, you would wait on us kids hand and foot. We knew that when we were at Grandmother's house, we would be spoiled rotten, and we loved every minute of it!

76: Cory Ward Heal

77: It meant so much that Grandmother came down when Cory took out his endowments before his mission. | My favorite memory of Grandmother was when we would do laundry at her house as newly married students. We made it over there about every week or so. Grandmother would always have lunch for us, and then, as our laundry was washing, Grandmother would tell us stories of her childhood and of my dad. We heard about how she joined the church and moved out to Utah. Emily never met my dad so we loved hearing stories about him.

78: We had a surprise birthday party for Muriel in July. All of her descendants attended except Kim and Cody. | Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren | Back row: Jessie and Kimberly Christensen, Jason Moss, Dylan Young, Mason and Dallas Heal, Cory and Scotland Heal, Dustin and Megan Heal, Jamal Christensen, Micah Robarge, Colton Pearce, Becca Christensen, Nick Parcell, Tamara Dorny, Cienna Dorny, Shana and Garren Garbett, Jeff and Deagan Moss. Middle row: Nichole Young, Gordon Bywater, Carter Christensen, Muriel Bywater, Gaje Christensen, Haley and Mac Christensen, Michelle and Lincoln Burgi, Abby Garbett, Mikell Garbett, Emily Garbett, Boston and Jared Heal, Brock Heal. Front row: Jessica Moss, Samantha Arredondo, Christopher Dorny, McKenzie Young, Landon Heal, Carson Young, Krew Christensen, Tanzynn Christensen, Ty Christensen, Corbin Moss, Kimball Heal, Quinton Moss John Dorny, Caden Parcell, Julia Dorny, Connor Parcell, Ashley Parcell, Allie Parcell, Logan Heal, Dallin Heal. | SURPRISE... Happy 90 Years

79: Children and Spouses Shelly Morris, Dick Pearce, Sandy Heal, Tom Heal, , Ed Johnson Christie Pearce, Gordon Bywater, Muriel Bywater, Stephanie Johnson | Chris' Posterity | Stephanie's Posterity | Christie's Family | Back row: Nick Parcell, Jennifer Parcell, Stephanie Johnson, Ed Johnson. Front row: Ashley Parcell, Caden Parcell, Gordon Bywater, Muriel Bywater, Connor Parcell, Allie Parcell. | Back row: Jason Moss, Heidi Moss, Brandon Young, Rocky Arredondo, Jessica Moss, Colton Pearce, Dick Pearce, Jeff Moss, Haley and Mac Christensen, Cole Christensen, Tanzynn Christensen. Middle row: Dylan Young, Nichole Young, Gordon Bywater, Muriel Bywater, Christie Pearce, Holly and Deagan Moss. Front row: McKenzie Young, Carson Young, Samantha Arredondo, Corbin Moss, Quinton Moss, Krew Christensen, Ty Christensen.

80: Kim's Posterity | Tom's Family | Children | Back: Emily & Cory Heal, Dusty & Megan Heal, Jim & Shelly Morris, Pete Christensen, Dallas Heal Front:Kimball, Mandy, & Scotland Heal, Gordon & Muriel Bywater, Jessie & Kimberly Christensen, Mason, Colleen, & Landon Heal | Back row: Paul, Lincoln, & Michelle Burgi, John & Cienna Dorny, Sandra &Tom Heal, Micah Robarge, Tyler & Becca Christensen, Jared Heal, Curtis Garbett. Middle row: Tamara Dorny, Gordon Bywater, Muriel Bywater, Jamal Christensen, Brittany Heal, Garren and Shana Garbett, Abby Garbett. Front row: Julia Dorny, John Dorny, Christopher Dorny, Carter Christensen, Gaje Robarge, Logan Heal, Dallin Heal, Boston and Brock Heal, Mikell Garbett, Emily Garbett. | Chris Pearce,Tom Heal, Gordon Bywater, Muriel Bywater, Stephanie Johnson

81: We scanned photos and stories of her life. Then, cousins added memories and family pictures. Thanks everyone for contributing to GG's book! | Her first amazed look! | She loved it! | Grandchildren | Back: Dallas, Dusty, Cory, Jessie, Jason, Jessica, Colton, Nick, Tammy, Jared, Rebecca, Jeff, Shanna Front: Nichole, Gordon, Muriel, Haley, Michelle

84: Mother's Favorite Things | Mother loves gardening....The statue of Rebecca (originally a fountain) was given to her as a birthday gift, by Ward. In the summer she would pick a bouquet of roses from her garden, for her kitchen table. . | Writing poetry has given her great pleasure and many publishings.

85: Dance...Dance...Dance! She and Gordon belong to a dance group, "The Glass Slipper". They're dancing into their 90's. | Mother has many talents.... Playing the piano is one of her favorite things to do. She has always pushed herself to play difficult pieces. She was still in her 80's when I heard her play one of my favorites... Marvin Hamlisch and Scott Joplin's "The Sting".

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