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Golmon Christmas Book-2011

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S: Les and Judy Golmon

BC: Family is not an important thing, it is everything.

FC: all because two people fell in love...

1: This book is dedicated to Lesley & Judy Golmon Who some call: Daddy & Momma Papa & Nana Uncle Pookie & Aunt Judy Turkey & JuJu LesBird & Captain Judy No matter what we call you.........we love and treasure you both. You have touched each of our lives as well as so many more. Merry Christmas 2011

3: legacy leg-a-cy /legase/ Something that is passed on to you from family, including reputation

5: Younger Years

8: 7th Grade Sweethearts

11: School Days

12: David L. Coker

14: Working Hard

16: Hey batter batter!

17: Look at that stud

18: Sweet Babies

22: Like Father Like Son 1983 | Family


27: News Channel 5 | On Your Side

29: I bet Vanna White & Pat Sajack didn't know they were hob nobbin with celebs that night!

30: David & Donnie Mae Coker | Leo & Enola Golmon

32: Mom and Daddy, I can say many things about you both. You have been great parents. Over the years you have taught me so many things. Some of the most important ones are to always work hard and never give up. You both were committed to your jobs, hobbies, and most importantly, always to our family. You have always thought about others. There has not been a Christmas that I can remember that food and gifts were not given to people that maybe we had just met. I always remember you telling me, "Hard work always pays off." I have great memories of vacations even if it was to work a fishing tournament. Mary would always come along. We ALWAYS had a great time. Daddy, you always made time for us to ski. Mom and us kids would play games and dress up while you were fishing. I have always loved our Christmas gatherings because that is when our entire family would come together. We cook and always have a great time with everyone. Christmas of 1985 was very special to me. Earlier that year I gave my life to the Lord and my life changed. I remember Christmas Eve we were gathered at Ninnie & Papa's house. We had opened presents and everyone was in the kitchen teasing each other that they got more money than the other...as always! I was helping Ninnie do something and you (Daddy) came up to me. I asked if you needed something and you said, "No, I just want to tell you Michelle that I see a difference in you. You have changed and I love you." I was so happy and thanked Jesus Christ for the work He had done and was continuing to do in me. I am so thankful to Christ for answering prayers over the years and the best one of all is the day you both came to Christ. I am blessed beyond measure to call you my parents. I pray that I can do the same. You both are treasured and loved more than you can imagine. Thank you Jesus for my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for all you have done and all that you are. I love you, Michelle | Michelle Christine Golmon Jackson

33: Lesley's Baby Dedication 1995

34: If you haven't guessed by the pictures, this is from your favorite son-in-law!!! LOL We too often think and feel a lot of things that are never spoken, me included. I want to wish you both a very Blessed Christmas and to say thank you to the both of you for your love that you have always shown to me. I became a part of this family 24 years ago and from day one you have loved me and treated me as your own. To be apart of this wonderful family is a blessing that I treasure everyday. Over the past 24 years I have been blessed with many fond memories of times together as family, from crawfish boils (Thanks Steph) to vacations, and of course I can't forget the annual (for me) hunting trips to the camp(s). Les, I always enjoy the times we spend together and the conversations we've shared to and from the camp; whether we were traveling by land, water, or air, all were both eventful and memorable. I have always listened to your words and gleaned from your wisdom. You are a sincere man of integrity and honesty. You display a strength of character of heart and genuine love for family and others that I have not seen in very many men and for that I have always held you in the highest esteem. Your actions always displayed the character of Christ...even without spoken words, your actions speak for themselves. As for Judy, you are the glue that makes all this stick together. You keep everything organized and take care of all the details (That's where Michelle gets it!!! LOL). You are always thoughtful of others and make sure everyone is taken care of. You are a great mother and wife. I want you both to know that I consider it an honor and am proud to be your son-in-law. I Love You Always! | Danny Jackson

38: Family Portraits 1991

40: When I think back I can always remember the trips to key west almost every year. The drive was long but never uneventful. I can remember the late at night entertainment the best. We always waited for those stories that would come on the radio, you know the ones, the ones where it was dark and Mom & Dad would always say ‘listen now listen’. Then the creaking of the door would sound loudly on the radio, that was about all we heard I think. Shortly after that we would one by one fall asleep. But that was the ‘PLAN’ I believe. We would always wake up the next morning on those sandy white beaches. Now that was life! I remember when I broke my leg in the back yard as Daddy and Papa were taking down the beagle pen. All the grown ups were telling us to stay away, well, I am not a very good listener. I just have to say that Michelle and Steven thought it would be great fun to push me though the house in my cast and wheelchair straight into the front window. It was fun alright, they blamed the broken window on me of course. Now that I think about it, it was hilarious and still is. You know we all loved going to those fishing tournaments and fishing and swimming! We all had a blast! I also remember Daddy having to stay late for work sometimes when he was working for KALB (where he worked his entire life). Mom told us that Daddy would not be home just yet and that he was tied up at work. Well can you imagine Daddy being tied up at work? No, no I really did think he was tied up. With ropes!!! I later figured it out but, it hurt my feelings thinking that they would tie him up. For a little kid that was trauma! I also remember when Daddy was Santa Claus at the TV station cuz we found the letters next to the chair in their room. Mom told us to quit being so nosy. We were all good at that. And maybe still are.. I also remember when Mom worked at P&S Clinic. We would call her every chance we could get and she would get so mad. She was at work you know and didn't need us calling her so much. But Mom, sometimes I think we called just to hear your voice. We could always tell what kind of mood Mother was in by the way she sounded on the phone, oh and even a lot better in person.. | Rhonda Marie Golmon

41: Working at the TV station was supposed to be out of the question because it just wasn't a good thing (Family working with Family). But when I came back from Africa I didn't have a job. So Daddy said to go on up there and speak with someone named Phillip Taylor. Well I did! Can I tell you I am still there after almost 21 years! I think that Mardi Gras was the most fun of all! I remember giving Daddy a Jello shot and just told him to eat it. He asked "what is this?" "Just Jello Daddy now eat up!" Boy was he ‘kinda’ mad at me hahahaha. Well he never did that again. The last year Daddy worked at the TV station we really blew it out at Mardi Gras. We finally got Mom on the float and not just on the float but on the top floor. Let me just say there is an art to separating AND throwing beads. Marie was there to and she thought that she would help Mom with her beads???? Well, needless to say Marie did not know how to do it either she had never done it before as well. After Mom & Marie threw almost a case of beads without taking off the straps or just getting them so tangled they would just throw the whole wad of them to the crowd, I forgot all of my throwing and handled the beads and threw for them. Mom & Marie could not believe the crowd and how much fun we had that year. I loved it! The whole family almost was on that float that year! Mom & Daddy you have always been my rock, you have stood by me through thick and thin and have never judged me. You taught me to Love, Understand, Respect and Accept and for all of that I thank you both from the bottom of my heart! I Love You Both so much and I am proud to call you MOM & DAD

44: One of my first memories of talking to Ms. Judy was on the phone. I was going to Tennessee to pick up her daughter the next day. She introduced herself as Rhonda's mother and then proceeded to ask me - Do you drink or drive fast? I told her occasionally but thought that was a very odd question. I was leery about meeting her in person but Rhonda assured me it would be fine. Little did I know how very special she would become to me. I soon had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Les; he was so soft spoken and very nice. Then one day on my way to Baton Rouge for a meeting related to work, I got a speeding ticket. There was no way I could have a speeding ticket in a state vehicle with my job title so it just had to be taken care of - Rhonda said she would talk to her father and just see what he could do. Next thing I know I was summoned to her fathers office and I was scared to death, but, very calmly, he asked me why I was driving so fast. Well, anyone who knows Mr. Les knows the end of the story. He had it taken care of but not without a small lecture then a hug. What a nice man! As time went on, I began to have many meals & conversations at the Golmon's. Sometimes Ms. Judy would be a little fussy and I wasn't sure just what to make of that but if you know Ms. Judy sometimes you know what that means. I would simply just ignore it and always leave with a hug and a kiss on the puckered lips of Mr. Les. They are really awesome. I went on a cruise with the Golmon family. I had a blast but not without being humbled first with Ms. Judy. Before we left for that cruise Rhonda and I went shopping with my credit card in Louisiana (the same credit card I took with us to Mexico). No one told me I could not make a big purchase in one country and then the very next day I couldn't make a purchase in another country??? Well, after not so much shopping we made it back to the ship and went promptly to the service desk there to see if we could rectify the problem. The service lady called the credit card company and they wanted to speak to me. They asked me the usual questions, and I passed the test until they asked me to spell my last name again. Much to my surprise, I was spelling my last name incorrectly. Just about that time Rhonda started crying imagine that? And just guess who spots us on the biggest boat I have ever been on in my life but Ms. Judy?! She came rushing over and in a very giggling and loving way asked "Girls is there something wrong?" We explained the situation and she promptly got on the phone with Mr. Les. They both told us not to worry that you could get it straightened out. When we got home Mr. Les told me if there was anything I needed not to hesitate to ask. They are both amazing.

45: A couple of years later both of them took the whole family again to New Orleans for a Broadway production of 'Wicked.' I didn't know it would become a wicked experience, but hence New Orleans. Well the lights went out just after the second act started. I can tell you at first we kind of thought it was part of the play or just a joke. Someone came out with a flash light and told us to just stay in our seats and that they were working on the problem. Rhonda knew that was probably NOT going to happen. It was getting hot in there and Mr. Les assured us this was NOT part of the play. I had to get out of there... We all finally just got up and went outside and waited and waited till they finally said there was no way they could continue on with the play. Mr. Les told us the rest of the story on the way back to the hotel room that night. I don't think it was just me -- was it? NO, there is just no way. Anyway you look at it we ALL had a great time that night. The Golmon's have been such a blessing to me and have enriched my life with so many great memories. I know, if my Mom & Dad were alive, they would have become great friends. Words cannot fully express how much I love & appreciate Ms. Judy and Mr. Les. I Love You Both, Marie Alynn Mayeaux

46: Mardi Gras Parades

47: Mr. Food

48: Steven Brent Golmon | I didn't just get lucky, I got blessed! My life is full, overflowing with your strength and your love. I am so grateful to God that I got you as parents. I want you both to know that your guidance and encouragement has made my life so much better. Your lives were building blocks for me and I can't thank you enough. My view of life is large, grand plans, big dreams and I learned that from you! I also learned that it really is the little things in life that make it more precious, a quiet talk, laughing out loud, making my wife's coffee, and encouraging words to my girls. I want to leave my girls with the same feelings I have for you both. As a Christian, I know that I must honor my parents. Thank you both for making that so easy. Love you both!

50: Our paths have been intertwined for 27 years, I have known you both for more than half my life. My thankfulness to God in allowing me to meet two wonderful people and then to fall in love with their son, is beyond measure! My love and respect for you is deep, being pillars of a community, having standards and values, teaching your children and grandchildren the hard lessons of life with quiet dignity, all of these things I can and do watch with awe. Your lives are a testimony to love, marriage, kindness, humility, respect of others and your thoughtfulness. I want to thank you both for allowing me to share in your journey! Wendi Hudgens Golmon

52: Alaska

57: There isn't a single time in my life that hasn't had you both in it. My memories are full of our laughter, our respect, our prayers, our adventures and our love for each other. I am so thankful to God that I have you both as grandparents. The lessons you have taught with your life are invaluable to me in mine. As I enter the summer of my life, your lives become much more precious to me! Our lives are full of ups and downs, mountain tops and valleys, and you've taught me it's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it that counts! I thank you both for being who you are! Love, Abbie | Loren Abigail Golmon

58: Family Portraits 1995

60: Lauren Ashley Jackson | Where do I start? I could write an entire book on the both of you! I have so many memories, so many stories about the two of you (some I’ll just keep between the three of us!). First off, let me just say how much of a blessing it is to have y’all as my grandparents. I can’t begin to explain how much it has meant to me to be able to live with y’all these past couple of years. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Without y’all there is no way I could make it. Thank you is not enough! I hope you both know how much I love and appreciate you. You both have been there in some of the hardest times of my life, and I believe God had me placed here because he knew what I would need. Like I said, there’s so much I could talk about. My first wreck happened 2 weeks after my first semester of college started. I was crying and Papa came around the corner asking what was wrong. He called the man and took care of everything, after checking on Rhonda who Nana was on the phone with. She got in a wreck at the same time. My first 2...3 speeding tickets I got after moving in. Nana and Papa both, have yet to let me forget about them. The year we had the snow during Christmas break Nana was so worried about me driving to Baton Rouge. Papa ended up driving in front of me in his truck a good portion of the way until he felt that I would be okay. Moving in just in time to witness the transition of Papa’s retirement...priceless moments that I will never forget! There were times that you two would be going back and forth with one another and I would just bust out laughing. I’ll always remember Papa looking at me on multiple occasions saying “And what are you laughing at?” If only inflection could be evident in text!

61: I will never forget going fishing with Papa that day. I remember riding out to Larto in the dark thinking “there’s no way we’re going the right way”, we almost ran off the road multiple times. Papa, you knew where you were going, unsurprisingly. You got the boat in the water (no, it never occurred to me that WE were going to have to get it back out). We weren’t in the boat 5 minutes and it started beeping, very loudly, for a while. You killed it and then couldn’t get it back up for a moment. We finally found the place we wanted. If you would have made those fish pee on me one more time! You told me after the first one, “don’t be a wuss, pick up the fish!” because I was scared it was going to fin me. So I did, almost 45 times after that. We were on our way back and you hit it-- almost full speed-- and the trolling motor in the front wasn’t latched down, flying up and spraying water all over the both of us. On our way back I kept laughing, and you kept asking me what I was laughing at and I finally admitted that I didn’t think we were going the right way (like I knew how to navigate on the water or something).

62: You just smiled. We were back at the landing ten minutes later. The landing. This is the moment you looked at me and asked, “you ever backed a trailer up?” and my response was, “um, no sir, but I can try”. I had the window rolled down and could see you in the rear view mirror. “RIGHT!”, and I’d go right. “LEFT!” and I’d go left. It took me a good 20 minutes and some real come to Jesus moments in the truck, but I got it. I’ve never seen a man with such patience. I remember cleaning almost all of those 89 fish... you conveniently had an “errand to run” with a smile on your face. Nana, you've always taken care of me. From making sure I eat to making sure I’ve had what I needed for whatever I was doing at the moment. I remember I had a presentation and needed some black pants, we got some but they were too long. You fixed them that night! It has been such a blessing to live with a grandmother while going to college. When I’ve been sick you've always made me feel better, making the homesickness not so bad. I remember one night when Papa was gone (either hunting or he was in Mexico) we talked about so much. You told me all about you and Papa and you going to school at Northwestern while Papa was here in Alexandria. Let me just say, I think you are one of the strongest women I know. I admire you so much for your endurance, your unending love and your dedication to our family. Every time I think about my nursing program you are in my thoughts. Papa, you have been both the encouragement I have needed and the comic relief. I can be almost in tears about school and you always get me to look at it for what it is. A test is just a test. Not only are you my reminder to chill out, but also my very own fashion stylist. “Which shoes? Are you sure? This pair?” Ha! Now it’s a given. I can be in sweats, tennis shoes and a pony tail rushing out the door and I’ll hear, “your shoes look good. Oh! And your hair looks fine”. I love that I can talk to you about anything. You have given me so much advice and still, when I’m faced with decisions I can hear your words of wisdom that never cease to amaze me. I cherish every conversation me and you have had and I hope you know how you have impacted my life. Both you and Nana are such an example to me. I see the way you love one another and it is such a challenge to me. No matter what is going on you both are always thinking about each other. Your love is truly phenomenal. Your marriage is an amazing picture of what it is supposed to be, Christ laying down His life for us. Through the good and the bad your love has remained constant. My prayer is that one day I can love my husband like y’all love each other, that my family would be as blessed by me as our family is by the both of you. Thank you for always being there. I love you both with all my heart!

67: Lesley Dayton Daniel Jackson | Well to start off, I have to say that Nana and Papa have always been there for me no matter what. From day one of my existence they have been by my side. Even when I wasn't the most pleasant to be around. I remember being little and Papa always picking on me about pretty much everything, whether it was about Jeff Gordon being a girl and a wimp, or about going hunting. I remember our yearly crawfish boils with the family and seeing everyone. I have always loved going to their house and spending time with them. My Nana has always looked out for me and has understood me being the only grandson out of all the girls ;) One thing that always has stuck out to me was when I was put in the hospital within two hours of me being admitted, my Nana was there. Probably the most important thing that I have always seen in my grandparents is that they have always been willing to lay their lives down for other people no matter what. They have always given their time, money and advice to people, not just their family. They have touched many people's lives whether they see it or not, and it is very evident. I look up to my grandfather so much. I wish that when I grow up I can be half the man he is. He means so much to me and I love him so much. He has always given me advice that was true and honest even if I didn't want to hear it, because he only wants the best for me. Growing up with the name Lesley gets you made fun of sometimes but it has never bothered me because I have my Papa's name, and he is more of a man than they will ever be. I am honored to be named after him. I want to try my hardest to live up to that name because I look up to my grandfather so much.

68: Portraits 2005 | Family

69: Easter 2009

70: In my life, times have been hard, stressful, fabulous, and happy. We've had the best of times and the worst of times. We've laughed, loved, and more. Even in our non-perfect way, we are perfect for each other! From the countless hours as a hunting buddy with Papa in the deer stand, to the endless hours spent on the love seat having my back scratched while Nana read the paper, you are both exactly the grandparents I need. I will always be grateful and thankful that I am your granddaughter. Thank you for your smiles, encouragement and love. Christmas may bring cold weather, but it also brings families together to laugh, to smile, to have your back scratched, to hunt, and to share endless amounts of love that will always remain intact. I love you both, Merry Christmas, Caroline | Caroline LeeAnne Golmon

72: we can never leave out our 4-legged family!

75: Les Golmon General Manager of KALB-TV NBC/CBS Alexandria, Louisiana retired September 2,2009 from Hoak Media. A 49-year veteran of KALB-TV General Manager for 20 years Began his career in 1960 as comptroller and moved into the sales department in 1974. November 1989 became General Manager Lead the staff through the transition process of four ownership changes. KALB-TV remains a dominate role in the Alexandria Market and is recognized by NBC as a ratings leader in local news among all NBC Affiliates. Out of 216 markets --KALB was consistently ranked in the top 10 based on Rating and Share. Guidance over 10 years from the termination of the stations analog signal to the transition into HDTV KALB was the first station in the state to cease broadcasting its analog signal February 16, the vast majority of the states stations made the move June 12. Acquisition of the CBS Network Dominated the market

76: Hunting

78: in the genes

79: Colorado | Elk Hunt

80: Colorado 2007 Elk Hunt

82: Oh the Fishing Stories | Herman Nall & Les

83: Father & Son | catching the big one

84: Fishing Club

85: Fishing Tournaments

86: Mighty fine catch! | ...and I ain't talkin' bout the fish!

88: fishing in Mexico

89: more fishing..... Alaska

90: 2007 Cruise | Reelin' 'em in!

91: "I'd rather be on the water thinkin about God than in church thinkin about fishing." | "You can't kill em sitting on the couch." | "Big or small, I likes 'em all" | "I only hope the fish will take half as much trouble for me as I've taken for them." | "I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it's such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her." - Ellen DeGeneres

92: St. George's Island

93: Like any good grand-daughter............. going for the wallet! | Family Vacation | Summer 2000

96: Steven feeding the seagulls

97: Vicknair Family Reunion 2011

98: Easter 2010 New Orleans Trip Wicked Dinner at Irene's

99: The night the lights went out in New Orleans!

100: I don't know if I have a story to tell, just glimpses in memories, not really any funny antidotes that don't involve stealing taste of food as Uncle Pookie cooked yummies and Aunt Juju washed red plastic cups. I remember moments on Christmas Eve hoping to open one present before Christmas Day and it seems I was always given life's parachute. Aunt Juju must have had a crystal ball and had known I would need a lot of lifesavers so she prepared me with a book of them. I remember the fishing trips, Mom says I napped which is probably why there are fish tales to tell. I recall the paper tablecloths on the tables outside Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie's when the fish and the curly q's were frying. Goofing with Uncle Pookie and Daddy under the porch waiting for the fish to get done is a fond memory. There was a lot of Turkey calling going on those days. I remember the day I got lost at school and I was trying to explain to them I needed to go to Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie’s. They said, what are their full names? To which I replied, Pookie Golmon. They knew a Golmon at school but her dad was Les. Well that isn't him, I said. He is Pookie and she is Juju. They asked, what they did and I chirped he fished and she, she coordinates people. Didn't they understand and who was this Les? I must admit that is the day I realized someone had messed up and given them two names, but it was also the precursor to many times of me getting lost and needing direction in life. | Malissa Anne Arceneaux

101: Mama taught me to cook and make bows but Aunt Juju taught me the secret art of packing (has come in handy between moving and work) and wrapping presents that could cut diamonds with the precision sharp and perfect edges. Scooby Doo on her bedroom TV, raiding the amazingly stocked pantry and always getting to play in her Avon stock. As I grew up the house changed and I moved into the old movie channel that showed black and white films, she still had that pantry stocked and the make up was filled with Avon and Clinique. Oh and the closet with rows of shoe boxes. The clothes were great but the shoes were fantastic. I do believe much of my need for the proper shoe does stem from Aunt Juju's closet and the need to keep them in their proper shoe box. I just realized something; I don't know where Uncle Pookie kept his clothes or his shoes? At the deer camp? In the boat? That other Closet is Aunt Juju's back up closet. I must admit I never got the chance to go hunting with Uncle Pookie. That is because he knew they didn't make duct tape that strong to keep my mouth shut. So I got to hang out stealing his remote and sitting on the edge of his chair chatting about whatever we wanted too. I could sit for hours and chat with him. Listen about the ratings and TV shows, hunting, fishing, the town, growth and work. I remember the prom dress search and what was I to wear to high school graduation, both dilemmas in their own right. Mom and Aunt Juju took me to try on so many dresses. Aunt Juju said we would find the perfect dress. Aunt Juju always made shopping an art and fun at the same time. She taught me to wear easy to dress in clothes and sensible shoes when going shopping. She also taught me that shopping is a marathon so don't come if you can't finish. I can't tell you how many sparkle, soft pretty special scrumptious treats that she and Uncle Pookie bought me as I was sworn to secrecy but I will tell you this: I still have the black lace prom dress and the yellow linen classic dress from my baccalaureate. I thank God for their generosity, love and being angels. I remember getting the call that they were coming to California and asked if I wanted to go to the NBC Convention. Goodness they were brave for taking me to meet celebrities and gamble at the races but that is the thing about Uncle Pookie and Aunt Juju they are always so nice and caring, so genuine, loving and fiercely brave. I met Bill Cosby and Martin Short at one event. I saw Cirque de Soleil and laughed with them over the dinner in a big tent then low and behold that wasn't all, as Diana Ross took the stage. They convinced me to get up on stage and sing with her when she asked for people from the crowd. I am sure I sounded terrible but we had great fun. That was an awesome night.

102: A couple years back I got the wild idea to take up school as a hobby. Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie were supportive and encouraged me to keep up with the challenge. So when mom asked what I wanted for a Master's graduation present and I replied, a pig she enlisted Mr. Ronney and Uncle Pookie into service. Uncle Pookie was up to the challenge. He slept in the camper and was up at the crack of dawn to see that suckling roasted toasty. Thru the rain and the winds he kept the fire hot and kept vigil and made awesome sausages. We snuggled in folded chairs and snacked on warm food and drink until Mom called me up to make more candy. “The pig cookers in their natural habitat” was filmed that day as they ate biscuits and sausage to keep up their strength. I could have eaten all the skin off that pig by myself but we shared instead. Mom's house was full with everyone who came to celebrate Christmas that year and it was the best ever. I have a recent memory of Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie at the hospital. We had been texting. When texting it is hard to know who is behind the phone but with Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie that is never the important thing because they are always one mind with love and support. We texted of dreams and I mentioned I wanted to have a cookie shop and they said “you can do what ever you dream”. That is what I always remember of Aunt Juju and Uncle Pookie. They always looked past the worries to see the happiness of love. Malissa

103: The Marriage I was devastated when Judy came to our bedroom and told Ginger and I that her and Les had eloped. WHO WAS GOING TO DO MY HAIR! I liked Les but what made him so special to leave ME with this curly hair to take care of for the rest of life. Well, it was evident from the start that he would be the kindest, gentlest man, who didn’t talk a lot but did laugh a lot. Over the years I did finally forgive him for the loss of my hairdresser though, but gained one of my best friends. The First Pregnancy I do remember the hoopla a little bit when Judy was graduating from Northwestern State University at Natchitoches. Can you even believe they were not going to let her walk across the stage to get her diploma because she was pregnant? Ha! Didn’t matter that she was married, just the times. Mom wanted to rip them off the face of the earth. The Kids Les and Judy loved each and every child that was born, first Michelle, who was the fifth generation of Turner’s to be born while all were still alive. Rhonda, the sweetest angel, then Stephen, the next sweetest angel. As the kids grew and went to school, life would go on, the work, the play, the hunting. Les was either hunting or fishing and Judy seeing about everyone. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Her whole life she has been a caregiver, God knew she would be a nurse. Fishing I remember all the fishing tournaments. We all had such fun. You can say what you want about other families, we were always together. We went all over the state, camping or staying in a cabin or a trailer. Mike Arceneaux and I were devoted fans, of course Mike loved fishing with Les. Somehow, we always worked it in between the kid’s school and work. When Les became a big time TV star, we were all so happy. It didn’t matter that it was just a fishing show; we were all crazy about fishing so it was as big as today’s “Swamp People”. Shoot, I think bigger. Les and Judy always seemed to be the point at which the both of the families revolved, the Coker’s and the Golmon's. | Les and Judy | Donnie Sue Coker Broussard

104: Hunting I remember calling Les up one night and telling him a deer just hit my car and was lying on the road. Well that was easy enough to say but I live north of Pollock in the woods. "Yes Les," I told him “I have a gun.” He said to get out of the car and shoot it. Well my days of shooting things were long passed. I decided to go home. It was a mile down the road. I changed clothes and went back. Dead is dead right. Wrong. Les told me he would get up and leave and I though "yea right". Well he did. I laughed only because I knew that Les knew what he was talking about and two because I was happy he got up and left because of the outdoors. It is nice to live where you see the deer all the time. Les taught us all to respect wildlife. Gardening I used to think that Mom and Dad’s garden at Cotile Lake was put there by God to teach us a lot about life. We were all having a good time and didn’t know it. Sometimes I would like to just walk in the dirt barefoot. How cool it was. We all gathered out there to toil and gather the fruit of our hard labors. It was a good time for the kids to learn about gardening and plenty of room for them to play in the dirt and they did a lot of that. I used to think Steve would turn into an earthworm, he ate so much dirt. Talking Les and Judy do not talk a whole lot. Les hears so much talk at work he just listens. Don’t blame him, I feel the same way. Judy doesn’t talk a lot either. I used to tell Judy that I wished I had a husband that didn’t talk a lot and she would say “I wished Les would talk more”. That was when we were younger. Now we understand God’s choices for us more. Mr. Golmon and Ronney loved to talk. We always let them sit next to each other because they liked to talk politics. Les and whoever, always enjoys talks on the finances of the world and politics. Ronney loves talking politics but when he does, even Les runs for the hills. We all don’t let the door hit us in the backside running out. Ronney is even more passionate about politics than Mr. Leo. We remember. Sickness We all have been sick one time or another. Some, more than others I suppose. From experience, as you grow older you hate those tests. Doctors are crazy because if they had to endure all the mess they come up with to torture us, they would be a little quicker with test results and a lot easier on non evasive tests. Personally I hate medical tests. One time Les and I were waiting for those doctors to take Judy away to do bladder surgery (I think). He got to talking with Dr. Lindsey about hunting and he missed kissing Judy bye. He beat himself up forever over that. She just smiled and knew something I didn’t. When she came out of surgery, he sat right beside her all night and day. He didn’t want to leave her. You know love like that is eternal. Another time Les and Judy were on a cruise to Panama. Ninnie had to go to the hospital. Ninnie was the matriarch of the family. Don’t mess with Les’s mom. She would chew you up and spit you out. I have seen her do it too. I had to stand guard until Mary Jo,Cindy, Richard, Michelle, Rhonda, Steve or someone got there. Well they all know that I am the worst nurse in the world. They also know I will not tolerate abuse of the elderly.

105: It is pretty important to be the person watching over Ninnie and I took on the job as if she were my baby chicken. She had asked for a priest and they didn’t deliver in two hours. Well I stepped outside and saw John Hall. He is some big wheel at Cabrini I met at Louisiana College. Told him Ninnie wanted a priest and in less than two minutes she had a priest. My thoughts were OH Heck! Don’t die on my watch. How will I explain this to Les and Judy? Well soon all the sergeants in charge arrived and I was relieved of duty. Thank God. Patience Les has more patience than Job. I am convinced of this. I used to wonder how he could like my sister when she had so much trouble balancing a check book. I know now that Judy wasn’t born with Check Balancing genes. Most of her genes are caregiver genes and good ones at that. Les never said a word about anything. Whatever Judy needs to do, he always supports it and the same is true for Les. Shopping Born to Shop! Yep! I have said that my beloved sister was definitely born to do. Didn’t matter what or for who, she was always ready, willing and able. She deserves the Girl Scout merit badge and she also deserves any medal from any other organization also, plus a Nobel Prize. She is the epitome of smart shopping and she should start her own website. On second thought maybe not, she really doesn’t like the computers that much. The kids would run in and out of the clothes rack and she would just fuss with them and never miss a beat looking for a good deal. She is always trying to find the best deal. Taught the kids to use their money wisely. I always wanted a husband that never complained about me shopping. Les always laughed about it. He remembers the times they didn’t have much. He knew Judy would be thrifty. Later, when they were doing well, it never mattered much to him. I admire his coolness. Always loving and respecting towards Judy. Packing Judy has saved us all with her technique. Now I guess she was born with this gift because there sure isn’t another family member that has such a unique talent. Must come from being a nurse. Ha! When we were taking Malissa to Catholic University we had to call on Judy to help pack. All of us, don’t matter where we are going, Call Judy...445-4902. I dare say Les would have never made it anywhere without her talent for packing. Hording Now, I love my sister but this eccentric behavior of hers is a bit much for me. I have come to understand it a little more since becoming older. She has a ton of flowers. The same ones she has had for forty years. She is expecting a run on flowers but she is ready. Yes sir, ready for the silk flower market to go to heck in that handbag she still has from high school days. Les is not exactly lily white in this department either. I believe he still has the first bait his Dad gave him years ago along with all those he got free from every bass lure company from sea to shining sea. Yes sir! My sister is ready for any contingency in the flower department and Les, for the world to need any kind of lure after that market fails.

106: Christmas Always the best. Judy is at her finest at Christmas. I know when we were growing up; we didn’t have a lot except for the love we felt. Judy made sure there was always plenty of presents her tree. Time and time again I would give my “The world is suffering speech”. She said she would make donations everywhere including her family, extended family and any other little lamb plus there are still those presents under the tree. At times I wondered if Santa spent the night with Judy and Les. He just got there and decided to just stay. One reason is that Christmas tree. To this day, I still say my sister uses a ruler to put those decorations on the tree. No one on this green earth could possibly put ornaments on a tree that perfect except for God of course. She may not when we are present but at night, she gets up out of bed and measures it out. She doesn’t fool me. Yes sister, I am looking at my tree thinking I would fail the Christmas Decorating Class. My forte is not tree decorating. We Love Food You can say what you want about us all but yes we love food. There have been times I would want to give up in life but here comes Les and Judy with “You didn’t bring us some chickenanddumplings." Les would say it like it was one word. Judy loves everything we fix, Les too but he especially loves chocolate pie. So kids get up and fix the pie so I can make the chicken and dumplings. They are always there to help. Each one is there to help cook and clean. Except for that family member, Mary Jo. Les’s sister has a knack for needing to go to the bathroom when it is time to do the dishes. We have laughed about that all our lives. But practically speaking, too many cleaners in the kitchen is too many in the kitchen and that is realistic. I guess Mary Jo is a realist. Their cornbread dressing has so many pieces and parts in it that I have trouble finding the cornbread. You laugh Les, but it is true. Still the best tasting around. Always prepared for the crowds. Butter! Or the lack thereof. Yes my sister Judy used to never put out butter for the bread. Now why is that? Cindy went to all that trouble to make home made bread and Judy always forgot the butter. It was like the butter fairy would come and say “Not me”. We are always laughing about that. Richard used to think they didn’t have any because they used it doing all that cooking. Couchon de lait December 2009 Malissa called and wanted Uncle Pookie to do a couchon de lat at our house. Well, why didn’t the little turkey ask for the moon? I had to ask him. He never waivered or blinked an eye. It was yes immediately. Russell Singrey through it, was amazing. I was so happy and Malissa too. That Christmas Cindy and Richard came out too. They had never been to my house and that was special. We all had a wonderful time. Mud everywhere. Rained the whole time but we had great fun, made good memories, and ate too much. Our Cindy wrote me a sweet note thanking me. I was truly moved by her sentiment. We all worked hard but had a wonderful time. We were having fun and didn’t know it. Thank you Les and thank you Judy for all of your help once again to help make Malissa a good memory.

107: Help Now Les and Judy are always helping everyone, financially or otherwise. It doesn’t matter what any of us need, they are there for us. They always share the spirit of love and caring. When times were hard financially for me, somehow Les and Judy would be there. I could fend for myself but they wanted to make sure Malissa had what she needed. They never judged me, just reached out their hand to help me find my way. Many times I didn’t know what I would do. Then along came Judy. Always there, always helping me out of jams. Love her. Love Les. Legacy We are a pretty good family if I do say so. Les and Judy made sure we all found our way and taught us values to not just survive but to succeed in whatever we wanted to do in life. We all cherish their words of wisdom and love and will for many years to come. Laughter has been all of our saving grace. Laughter keeps us all sane and it is good for stress. No matter what any of us have or don’t have, we always try to step up and help each other. What wonderful living we do! Sue

110: - One of my first memories is mother telling me that when you started school at Tioga, you wanted to take me with you. - I remember going to the movies on the handlebars of your bike and being scared to death! You would peddle really fast and act as if you were going to run into a parked car but would turn at the last second. - You always tried to take care of Richie and I and tried to keep us out of trouble...but it didn't work all the time, especially with Richie! You could always talk me into anything! | - I remember sitting in the car with you and Rich in front of Murrell's clinic when mom and dad visited someone. I was sick with a sore throat and you told me that if I didn't get well, my tonsils would have to be pulled out with pliers. | Mary Jo Golmon Sweeden

111: - I remember you being so grown-up and helping mom & dad. Everyone depended on you in the neighborhood....everything from buying kidneys to feed Miss Rosemary's cats...to burying the ones that got run over! - When our house burned down and we moved to Geraldine's rent house, you took me and Marion Mivhels fishing. I was so happy. - During my high school years you were sick and had so many surgeries. I hated the platform rocker in the kitchen corner because you sat in it so many times and hurt. I wanted to help you but you were so quiet about your illness and private. My only contribution was to do everything in the house to let mom be able to work in the lunchroom at school and be with you at the hospital - When Ferrell and I were dating you were in Cabrini and needed blood. Ferrell and a few of his buddies donated blood to keep the hospital from charging your bill. I tried to donate but they would not let me because I was anemic! Ha! - I loved watching you play baseball and football. So talented. So smart. So responsible. - I remember you and Judy dating early in my grammar school years and she was so pretty with long red hair. She loved you then and has loved you since, always stood by you. What a catch she was for you and a blessing for us. - I have pictures of you serving as best man in our wedding and pictures with Judy. When you two lived across the street and Michelle came along, it was one of the happiest times of my life. This precious baby was part you and part Judy. I loved her so. P.S. When I came over to visit and she was napping, I ALWAYS woke her up. Judy always suspected it. - Remember Norma Jean's rehearsal dinner? You, Judy, Ferrell & I were walking out of the back door and passed by opened bottles of champagne and you talked me into taking one! You said, "they will charge them anyway if they are opened!" We drank it in your car and laughed.

112: - I loved going with you two and Ferrell on our many adventures. Before the Pineville bridge opened we walked on it and took pictures. - All those damn fishing/hunting trips you took Ferrell on and left me with mother! She got me up before the crack of dawn to make lunches for all the "men". She told me to put some fruit in the bags and I said to myself, "I'll fix them!" That's how the "lemon" joke started. You liked to throw Ferrell out the boat when he threw one into the creek. - I loved going to pick pecans with you and Rich in the fall. You would throw a big stick up into the tree to knock them down and Rich and I would want to throw it just like you! - Waiting those moments to leave for the Philippines was so painful for me. You talked sense into me by telling me the things I didn't want to hear and made me listen. It was all true. - Ferrell came home from VietNam and was landing in Shreveport but would not be flying into Alexandria until the next morning. You asked your very rich boss to give me a ride so I wouldn't have to wait. We were driven by his chauffeur and I was so excited.

114: Faith, Family, and Friendship Les & Judy Golmon Growing up as part of the Golmon family meant so much to me. Even as an Air Force brat I knew where home was in Alexandria Louisiana. Sitting down to write this, I was absolutely flooded with memories, so thought I just might share a few. I REMEMBER... Southfield Drive-- I was so excited to go to Uncle Pookie & Aunt Judy’s house – even though I didn’t live there the first number I dialed was 445-4902. Summer visits – the Aquatic Club, Cotile Lake (digging potatoes!), and fishing tournaments. Watching Uncle Pookie win a boat! Oh my gosh, I was so excited I told all my friends that my Uncle Pookie was better than Bill Dance. And I still think that! No one ever loved hunting and fishing more, period! Working the tournaments with D&M Marine – oh what fun! Toledo Bend and lots of work. Aunt Judy trying to keep all those fishermen in line – think that might’ve been a lost cause. Uncle Pookie got jobs for Rhonda and I answering phones for a siding company that sponsored a movie on KALB – and we made $30. By the way, when I would brag on Uncle Pookie, I think I “might” have just told everyone that he was the president of NBC. I don’t believe I necessarily shared that it was KALB. In my eyes, he ran the world. When I learned the “love story” of Uncle Pookie and Aunt Judy, I could not believe they’d been together since they were basically children! Who does that anymore? A great love story This last bit I share a bit reluctantly. Once when we were watching tv Uncle Pookie had his face propped on his hand, and someone made him smile. He sort of had a crooked grin, andI remember telling my Mom that I thought Uncle Pookie was Elvis. I’m not joking. Dedication to family and friends, hard work, success and love all virtues I observed in Les & Judy.and their legacy of children and grandchildren. Susan Sweeden Morris

116: I remember my Uncle Pookie always being there for me, from putting me to work and just being a great inspiring Uncle with great advice. All of the time, I used to love to go to Judy and Pookie’s to hang out with Stevie. It was my favorite place to go. I used to go swimming and hang out. Love you my Uncle Pookie. You are the greatest. Love you so much, Craig Anthony Sweeden

117: I always think of Uncle Richard as being the more precocious one of the two boys...until there is a family meal with a toddler present. Watching each child lick on their first piece of lemon, given to them by their sweet Uncle Pookie, has kept me entertained for years. My wedding day was such an outpouring of love by our entire family. We were so young and and scraping to get by! All of my family was so incredibly generous...Uncle Pookie and Aunt Judy led the day by cooking amazing food put together with their loving hands. We would never have been able to have something so nice on our own. I will cherish the memories and share them with our children and grandchildren. Penny Sweeden Hagin

118: The happiest memory I have of Pookie and Judy is them accepting Jesus Christ at Cindy's memorial service. Richard Lee Golmon

120: Cindy Cook Golmon

122: Alaska Home 2011

123: I think the MOST important connection I have with Uncle Pookie and Aunt Judy is the fact that I will spend eternity with them. Regardless of what happens to our physical bodies here on planet Earth, I know I will be reunited with them in Heaven. I know without a doubt my mother would have graciously given her life for their salvation. Although it was an extremely sad time, Uncle Pookie and Aunt Judy gave their life to Christ at my Mother's memorial service. A day of mourning was also a day of celebration! Uncle Pookie.... Well I consider myself Uncle Pookie's favorite niece :) There has never been a time that I have come to him, asked for something, and he has done whatever to help me. Example one... Not many of his children even know that the reason there is a crawfish boil each Easter is because of me! I was coming home from college and called Uncle Pookie and asked if we could have one at his house. That began about 20 years ago, and I believe it still continues because of a spoiled college student a long time ago. At this point I still owe him one of my famous coconut pies he loves! Of course, anytime I came to him with one of my projects through school or cheerleading, he always did whatever he could to promote my projects. But probably most importantly.....He and I have had many discussions to "solve the world's problems"....or at least some family ones. Those conversations he always kept in confidence. I most enjoyed our ride to Oakdale when he rode with me right after Mother's accident. I will always cherish that specific time with him. Love you Uncle Pookie! | Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of what makes my relationship special with Uncle Pookie and Aunt Judy! Don't worry..... I won't tell anyone I'm your favorite! Love, Stephanie Golmon Williams | There are so many things I could write about: 1. Letting my girls swim and hang out 2. Preparing food for special events and/or sad events 3. The special bond that the Golmon siblings share | And Aunt Judy....Well Whitney Rose probably would not have made it through the first week of her life had it not been for Aunt Judy! I was learning how to feed Whitney Rose "the natural way" and wasn't so successful. I spent several days in her comfy chairs at her house. She encouraged me and somehow explained and/or directed me..... well we figured it out and the rest is history! Also, as we all know.... I have horrible allergies. Once Aunt Judy realized my huge problem, every Christmas Eve she vacuumed and vacuumed and over cleaned and kept her sweet cat in the back room. It was so thoughtful and enabled me to be able to participate in our annual Christmas celebration.

124: Some dear friends... | Dewayne Dunlap | John & Necia Murphy | Dr & Mrs. Prevost | Joe McPherson & Family

125: Ethma Odom | Alma White | Gene Couvillion | Patti Hudgens

126: CRUISE 2007

127: Nana and Papa, You guys really are my 3rd set of grandparents, and I love you just like my own. Y'all have treated me as a part of the family, and I have never felt out of place in your home. Nana, thank you for always being able to make me smile and cooking for me all the times I come over (you could have your own cooking show!). Papa, thanks for always being authentic and loving towards me. You have made me feel like your own son. I love listening to your stories about hunting and fishing and watching Fox News with you, of course. Nana and Papa, there really is not enough words to describe your faithfulness, loving attitudes, and sacrificial hearts. May God always bless you and keep you. I love y'all. Love always, Blake Wooten

128: TOP TEN SUBJECTS COUNT DOWNS: (10) WISDOM Always share the same Wedding Anniversary date. This way Dwayne or Judy will never let you forget this most important date. This wisdom also insures that Dwayne or Judy will have a designated driver for the evening. (9) Financial When shopping for your Wife’s Christmas gift, pretend you forget your wallet and use Dwayne’s credit card “no matter what the cost” then tell Dwayne two weeks later. It’s the “what did you do look” statement that makes it all worthwhile. (8) Mechanical Understanding the mechanical operation of your automobile upon your arrival and departure times, when traveling with a true blonde. Take the time to read the operator's manual to improve your knowledge of the letter “E” located on the gas gauge. After 50 years, the letter “E” still means empty. (7) Safety Always travel with an umbrella, just in case you did not read the above rule. Never dress yourself outside the truck when the motor is running and in gear...duh. Learn how to do backward flips when climbing into your deer stand. For more information about Safety, look up the word “gravity” or refer to Blue Cross Blue Shield. (6) Wisdom While hunting and or tracking deer on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River during rising water conditions, a flashlight will improve your performance verses a “pecker sized pin light”. This wisdom will also reduce the number of holes you step in when transporting the deer from one location to another. | Certification of Education From The Les Golmon University Of “Wisdom, Life Philosophy, Financial, Mechanical & Supernatural Strength”

129: (5) Logistics Coffee at 3:00 am is not required when deer stands are located 25 feet away from the hunting camp. (4) Philosophy When attempting to cross parts of the Mississippi river in an aluminum boat under flash flood conditions, educated people need to always make sure their battery is properly charged. Four finger people do not paddle as well a five finger people. (3) Navigation Understanding and navigating a high performance bass boat during heavy currents could cause damage to the boat if struck by a cypress tree. (Foot Note: This rule will not apply if you sold some sucker the boat the day before). Educated people would use running lights while attempting to cross the mighty Mississippi River in the middle of the night. (Foot Note: There are no Green Stars noted in the cosmic system. If you see one these stars at night while trying to cross the Mississippi it could be a barge. You can confirm this if your 100 feet in front of the barge as it’s moving down the river. (2)Competition Never challenge Mr. Les to a game of marbles that he’s given you for Christmas. He plays to win and for keeps. He’s good!! (1) Supernatural Strength The University suggests that you do not attempt to test your Supernatural Strength by trying to stop a one-ton truck from siding down the side of a wet levee by extending your hand and shouting “Stop”. This could be hazardous to your health, and never challenge Mr. Les to a came of marbles, he plays for keeps. The University of Les Golmon Philosophy: Family and Friends are God’s blessing. Your word is your bond. Integrity and Trust are not just words, it’s the way you live your life. Love is more than just a word, it’s unconditional. Mentoring, Coaching of others is not a job, it’s a privilege. Les, you’re the Best and we thank you for everything! The Dunlap Family 12/14/2011

130: Anytime I reflect on childhood memories, your family is present. I must have been the luckiest girl around because I had two families. I often think today that I need a personalized license plate that says Blessed because of people like Les and Judy Golmon. Les and Judy adopted me as their own. I was at their house probably more than mine. I considered Maw Maw and Paw Paw Coker and Ninnie and Paw Paw Golmon as my grandparents. We spent weekends going out to Cotile Lake or over to Ninnie's house. What I wouldn't give to have another meal with all of them again. My daily life as a Golmon was filled with many big weekend breakfasts, mandatory Sunday naptimes, playing out in the backyard in the playhouse, inside with barbies, dress up and cooking in our easy bake ovens. Again, on the weekends, it was out to Sue's in Hineston where we either watched hours of tennis matches or played outside. My most fun vacations were to Sammy Gill's because I knew Les was gonna win and win big he did! He seemed to always have gigantic trophies and new boats! Juju was always really happy when he won, and I guess between her working tirelessly as a nurse and his job at KALB and his hobby, they really did live the American dream! This was most evident during Christmas. Les loved to spoil Judy and the kids. There were diamond rings and fur coats and so many presents it looked like the North Pole. I was always in awe at the family gatherings on Christmas Eve! Not only did I see their family love, I felt apart of it. Tidbits from the past I cherish: Les teasing me mercilessly for being the only Italian he knew like spaghetti & meatballs. Weekend nights at Lazarone's. Juju and Sue taking me shopping for my eighth grade graduation dress. Juju taking me to get my hair straightened. Les going hunting during his off season. There really are no words to express the magnitude of love and gratefulness I feel for you. I appreciated your generous spirit as a child but now appreciate you on an entirely different level since I am a parent myself! You both have shared God's gifts with me and I pray that you will be rewarded for adhering to his greatest commandment, Love ye one another as I have loved you! Merry Christmas! I love you! Mary Medica Bordeaux

132: Where to begin.... Pookie, first of all, you were a genuinely nice boy. You were always kind to me -- that skinny little only child from the corner of 12th & Park Ave. -- not mean & scary like Charles Ray was, or a pest like Richard! I do remember Enola running that household with an iron hand and y'all all had your chores to do every day. You did them, too. I recall that your dad used to cut yours, Charles and Richard's hair. My husband David says his dad used to cut theirs, too. Guess it was common back in the crew cut days. Remember how our Moms became such good friends and had coffee together practically every afternoon? They would yak and I'm sure our ears should have been burning while they decided what we should and shouldn't do. When I was in 9th grade and struggling with Algebra I, Enola "volunteered" you to help me with some problems one evening after supper. You and I sat at the kitchen table while the rest of the family watched TV. You were trying to do your own homework after all! Think those problems were just as Greek to me when I went home as they were when I got there, but it was nice that you tried to help me. Judy, I've never forgotten that gorgeous flaming red hair of yours back in the day. You know, you and Les were present at a very important occasion in my life, my first real date! When I was right at the end of 10th grade and y'all were graduating, Grady Hickman called my house one evening and asked to speak to my mother! HUH??? Shoot, I don't think he would have even known who I was except we'd had snow that yr. and he'd seen me having a snowball fight with Mary Jo and Richard in the Golmon's back yard. Looking back, think I could see Enola's hand in this! She knew how overprotective my mom was. He told her that he wanted to take me on a date and seemed to have it all planned -- we would double-date with Judy and Les to some end-of-year football game at Bolton Stadium. Miraculously, my mother said I could go; I guess she figured that Les wouldn't dare let anything happen to me because Enola would have a FIT as only she could! Hell, they settled all that before he even spoke to me !

133: Think I was in a state of shock the rest of the week. Date came and went and I think we dated for a month or two after that. HAH! I think I'd actually been a little concerned about doubling with y'all because I knew you'd been dating all through high school; I was afraid y'all would start making out and then what the hell was I supposed do??? Fortunately, y'all managed to restrain yourselves .... I sure remember that old black Ford you drove for so long, too. I remember y'all living near your folks when you were both still in college so they could help with Michelle plus helping you, Les, when you'd have a surgery. I always thought you had such a strong family unit what with all the hand operations that Richard had, all your surgeries plus the one Mary Jo had. I know our families always helped each other whenever they could. As they say now, we were always "there" for each other. HAH! Wonder if Mary Jo remembers her graduation night when the zipper broke in her prom dress and she came tearing down to our house in tears to see what Aunt Ruby could do about it. You know Aunt Ruby -- she skillfully sewed Mary Jo into the dress and had her bring it back another time so she could put a new zipper in it. Always know that I love y'all like you were part of my own family. Love, Mary Alice Poe

134: Dear Les And Judy, Diane and I wanted to send y'all a note to wish you all the blessings of Christ during this Christmas Season. We know that y'all are going through a difficult time in your lives and we want y'all to know that we are praying for you daily. Les, I have always enjoyed our conversations whenever we had the time to chat. I always love to hear of your work in the communications business and your hunting adventures. I wish we could have made a hunt together and maybe we will someday. As pastors we find that sadly we hardly know the families of some of the people that we are closest to. Danny, Michelle, Lauren, and Les are some of our dearest friends and we have y'all to thank for them. They are truly a blessing and I know that the character they display is a testimony to y'all's home. Michelle served as my personal assistant for eleven years doing her job with excellence! I know that her type of character is forged by caring parents and we want to commend y'all for a job well done! And now she and Danny have done the same for Lauren and Les so y'all's legacy lives on in them. In the 23rd Psalm it says, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me." It seems that y'all are in that dark valley right now, but God's presence will drive all fear away in this hour. God's rod and staff (a symbol of His authority) are there to assure us that He is Lord even over death! Remember this, we can only have a miracle when we absolutely need it! this is the place of miracles! Walk in faith not fear. Enjoy the Lord's increased presence in your lives right now. Y'all are a blessing to us. | Merry Christmas, Teryl and Diane Hebert

135: JUST FOR LES AND JUDY GOLMON As we travel the highways and bi-ways of life, we encounter many different places,things and people. We do not know why some of our pathways cross or in what manner but GOD has a perfect will and direction for each of us and has caused ours lives to cross. We crossed paths when our children, DANNY AND MICHELLE came together as Husband and Wife. Our lives would be changed forever. For out of this union came to beautiful and wonderful grandchildren, LAUREN AND LESLEY. We thank God for this encounter that took place years ago and how our paths have remained firm since this union between our children We want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for many gifts of hospitality and kindness you have extended to us and both of our families. There have been times that we do not understand what God has for us or what His future plans are but you have always been there when we needed you. God has graced our families beyond expectation and we THANK HIM for your love of HIM and following HIS leadership. May He continue to BLESS both of our families. LOVE, HORACE DAYTON AND HAZEL JEAN JACKSON

137: Thanksgiving 2011

140: My favorite Les quote is “Don't worry it's going to get better.” You said that so much over the years at KALB, it became a joke between us. The work and stress never seemed to stop but we had fun working together. I was fortunate to have a boss that cared enough to mentor me and that my boss became a great friend. You and Judy are special to me and I have enjoyed getting to know your family over the years. Merry Christmas! Love from Shannon Paul, Megan and Morgan

141: Christmas 2008

142: Christmas | ...the most wonderful time of the year

145: We probably have names and dates wrong. We may have left family and friends out but.... in the process of putting this book together it has definitely proven to be true, there is no book big enough to fit all the friends and family that the two of you have touched over time. You have left a legacy. A legacy of integrity, patience, hard work, determination, strength, courage, love for family and friends, and most important, love for our Heavenly Father. This Christmas may we treasure the true gift that has been given to all, Jesus Christ. As we gather together may we remember the past, cherish the present and look forward to the future with abundant faith, hope and love. Merry Christmas! | "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

147: Thanks to everyone who contributed to this book. Les and Judy--without you none of this would have ever been possible. Thanks for the memories and the many more to come!

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