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Grandma's 90th Birthday

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S: Happy 90th Birthday to Grandma with love

BC: amundson Productions | BY LINNE

FC: But did you know your grandchildren do too....? | Your children rise up and call you blessed, and your husband praises you..... | love notes to our Grandma on her 90th birthday

1: She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.... | IDABETH Ella Mae Olson AMUNDSON *Celebrating 90 Years** | She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness. | She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come | A NOBLE AND VIRTUOUS WOMAN: | Proverbs 31: 25-29

2: Grandma --I have great memories of going fishing up north with you and grandpa. You always made the best fresh fish and the breakfasts were great. I remember my folks always working in the garden and I would go in and eat cookies with you. Thanks for all the support and time you put in in going to all my basketball and baseball games in high school. It meant a lot to me to have you there. You're the best. Have a great birthday grandma!! Love you. | SHANE

3: "Grandma You're THE BEST"

4: Happy 90th Birthday! I have a lot of great memories of the time we shared. Wishing you nothing but the best! Love, Jon Michael

6: Hello Grandma Happy 90th Birthday! I remember how much all of us kids used to look forward to and enjoy our summer trips to Minnesota. It was always so much fun to visit you and Grandpa at your old house. From riding in the bucket of Grandpa's tractor, to catching frogs and critters in the creek, life there was always a fun adventure. I will always appreciate how much you love each one of your grandchildren. You've always taken such good care of us and I'm amazed at how even with so many of us, you always managed to remember all of our birthdays every year. | The older I get the more I realize just how wonderful you are. My dad is lucky to have you as a mom and we are lucky to have you | as our grandmother. I love you very much. Happy 90th Birthday. Love, John Mark

7: "The older I get the more I realize just how wonderful you are"

8: Happy 90th Birthday Grandma! There are so many wonderful things that come to mind when I think about you. I will always cherish all of the great times we have had together like playing dominoes, watching the Minnesota Twins, you visiting us at day care, having coffee, or just sitting and talking and laughing. You can always bring a smile to my face. One of the things I love most about you Grandma, is your loving heart. Thank you for always being a role model for me. You are a very special person in my life and I will Love You ALWAYS!! NATALIE


10: Grandma - Where do I begin? As a child, the drive from Colorado to Minnesota was always full of anticipation of the adventures we would have when we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house. There was the fun spiral staircase down to the basement; the old piano we used to perform very elaborate concerts with; your toy closet which always seemed more exciting every year; the corn fields to get lost in playing hide & seek with all the cousins; the tractor grandpa would lift us up in; the tall trees to climb; the yellow stool to argue over (where is it today?); baby Joe, Jeffy, or Ben for Natalie and I to fight over, Reggie the dog, all the cousins, aunts and uncles we would see, & of course you standing outside ready to greet us with a warm excited hug when we finally arrived. You were so genuinely happy to see us & I always felt instantly right at home. At your new house, even more memories were made swinging over the creek & making up games to play, the endless hours you spent playing inside games with us, the peanut butter & jelly toast in the morning, & all the yummy food you had ready when we wore ourselves out and finally came inside. | "you are loved greatly"

11: surrounded by LOVE | LINNE | As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate your character even more. You have so many qualities to admire. When you lost Grandpa so suddently, you carried on trusting that God had things in control and would take care of you. I admire your strong faith, persistence, and ability to rise above your circumstances. My dad always talks about what a hard worker you are....and that is what I have also observed. Not only do you do whatever needs to be done, always the first to get up and help, but you do so cheerfully. Thanks for being such a fine example of a hard-working, loving, sincere, kind, God-honoring mother. I miss seeing you every summer and wish I could spend more time with you. You're loved greatly; thank you for making us know as children that we were loved and that we were -and still are- special to our grandmother. Here's to your 90 years! Happy Birthday! I love you.

12: Happy 90th birthday Grandma! I have fond memories of coming to visit you as a child. I always loved coming to see you and the rest of the family. You were always glad to see me and no matter what we did we enjoyed each other's company. I enjoyed playing games with you such as Boggle and Rack-O. You would always beat me of course but I enjoyed playing anyway. You always had good food to eat and I enjoyed playing in your back yard, swinging from the trees or just running around in the grass playing with my cousins. I will never forget the time I got stuck in your porch swing while I was trying to squeeze in between the armrest and seat. John Mark still teases me about that. Visiting you has always been so much fun, just being around my family means a lot to me. I love you | Grandma, Love LAURA


14: GRANDMA "....the heart of our family......."

15: Grandma - as a child I fondly remember the love and comfort you exuded. as i get older i see your great strength and courage as well. I cherish the times we share and am thankful for all the memories. i admire you greatly as you are such a wonderful person and the heart of our family. thank you for all that you do and all that you are. love, | TOM

16: "I have so many wonderful memories of time spent with you...."

17: Dear Grandma, Happy 90th birthday!!! I have so many wonderful memories of time spent with you. Family trips to Windom were often the highlight of my summer, and I especially loved when Laura and I got to stay longer than the rest of the family! Thank you for introducing me to Scrabble, Rack-o, and Boggle and for the countless games we played together. Those are still some of my favorite games. I remember sprawling out on your living room floor while you watched the Twins play or chatting with you while you made a blanket for the upcoming high school graduate in the family. Sometimes I would read the Janette Oak books you had or attempt to cross stitch with the patterns you got us. Of course Ill never forget the swing in the backyard and then coming inside when it was time for coffee to chat with everyone. I loved just being around you and spending time with you (and still do!). Thank you for all the memories and for the amazing example you set for our family. Even as a little girl I recognized that my grandma was a strong, hardworking, sensible woman and I know that I want to emulate those qualities in my life. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, | Grandma! Happy 90th! | JESSICA | Love,

18: you were also always at my baseball and basketball games and, whether it was when i had time between school and a late basketball practice, or when gina, ethan and I come down to windom, you are always happy to see us. just like when i was younger, you are still always ready to talk about the minnesota twins when i see you. thanks for all the great memories, BRANDON | Grandma - I have many great memories involving you. for starters, how about all the camping trips we went on when i was little. i especially remember the one where there were sheep at the camp site we could pet and feed.

19: "you are always HAPPY to see us"

21: Wishing you a very happy 90th Birthday! Love, Katrina


23: I've always thought of Grandma as the core of our family. Any events or activities that were ever planned always seemed to start and end with Grandma. If for whatever reason she wasn't involved - well, it just wasn't the same! As cliche' as this sounds, I always loved going to Grandma's house. Granted, it wasn't the biggest, but it always felt so warm and comfortable. I was as comfortable there as I was at my own house. There were so many great things. The tree swings in back, the deck/porch, her garage for holding our bikes during the summers, the lawn to mow! My favorite though was Christmas.I loved it when she put her tree up; it meant Christmas was close. It always looked so cool from outside when it was lit up on Christmas Eve. Everything about that holiday there was perfect. The whole atmosphere was really, really special. When I think of Grandma, words like strength, patience, love and kindness come to mind. But the thing I will always admire most about her is the role she plays as the foundation and lifeblood of this entire family. To me, Grandma is, and always will be, the glue that has made our family as loving and strong as it is! | JOE

24: Grandma - Happy 90th! Some of my happiest memories are with you as a central figure. I will never forget holidays at your house with all of the great food and games inside and then going outside to play in the yard. Whether it was baseball or swinging over the creek, all us cousins knew that when we were ready to come in, you had a great homemade snack waiting for us inside. Christmas was especially memorable when we were young. I remember going straight to the Christmas tree to be the first to locate the cross stitched frogs which concealed Hershey kisses! Finally, for all who were in attendance, I know the great "Christmas concerts" that us young kids put on for grandma with our instruments will never be forgotten! Connie and I look forward to you meeting your new great grandchild in December. Love you Grandma! May you have many more happy years ahead! | JEFF

25: "some of my happiest memories are with you..."

26: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

27: Happy Birthday Grandma! I would like to tell you that! I was so lucky that I got to be able to come back to Minnesota when I was born and that I was able to be raised near loving family. Not in the same city as you, but close. When I moved back, at 7 months of age, it was in October of 1987 and the Minnesota Twins were in the playoffs for the World Series. Not only did they make it through the playoffs, they actually won the World Series that year. My mom even bought me a baseball outfit that looks suspiciously like the Twins baseball uniform. We also lived with you for a month or so while we found a place to live and get settled. I am told that it was non-stop baseball and watching me crawl. I even crawled into the end table that you had that was open on the bottom. In one side, and out the other, I crawled. I also know that you made the best cake and that we loved to come visit you for weekends. I was your travel companion when we went out to Colorado and Wyoming to visit. I was in charge of navigating us through the airports. I can't believe that you let me go on that super intense white-water rafting trip! I have a Grandma to be proud of. Thank you for being a wonderful grandma throughout \my childhood and young adult years. Love, BEN


29: As the youngest grandchild I remember my desire to hang with the older kids. It always seemed like I was too little to do things, but you never made me feel that way. Though you did kick my butt at Scrabble every single time, you were also patient with me, showing me how to score the most points and what words would be best to play. I remember pulling out the box of toys that used to be hidden in the closet, old toys that nobody seemed to play with except me, but they were always there. But mostly I remember the amount of work you put into each family gathering we had, and the amount of love you held for us all. You're the best Grandma; have an incredible birthday! I wish I could be there in person for this one, but know I am sending all my love. MIKENNA

31: given with lots and lots of love to you Grandma on your 90th Birthday July 13, 2012 Windom, Minnesota

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