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Grandma's Book

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FC: "There is nothing in this world as personal, as nurturing, or as life changing as the influence of a righteous woman." ~ Elder M. Russell Ballard

1: Merry Christmas! From all of us who have the great blessing of calling you Mother, Grandma, and Gigi. We love you! Christmas 2011

2: The Fife Family | Among my daily reflections of Mother, two of her many extraordinary attributes seem to leaven the others. They are: faith and standards. For as long as I can remember, Mom has made her decisions, and applied her efforts, based on faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many times have I heard her express the thought that one should carefully weigh the costs and consequences of a particular decision (“studying it out in your mind”), apply prayer, and then proceed with vigor according to what feelings come into the heart. If it is right, “things will fall into place” and success would be additional validation. If excessive obstacles arise, reevaluation might be indicated, which would be alright as well. In the end, Mother would always recognize and acknowledge the guidance of Heavenly Father. I have observed her applying this process many, many times. Even with the occurrence of the inevitable adversities of life, Mother possessed the faith to sincerely state that “things will be alright” because of her faith in the loving mercy and personal nature of the Lord. She would assure that peace and direction would come, and they always have. Her faith was also manifest through her adherence to Heavenly Father’s commandments. No course of action was accepted if it was contrary to God’s revealed word. I sincerely believe that Mother’s life has shown “faith in every footstep” from the simple life of her agrarian roots the Uintah Basin to the complexities of the digital world of today. The standards that Mother has kept might well be characterized with the scriptural passage “if there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” Mother’s standards apply to every aspect of her life. Her desire to establish family life and family relationships as preeminent is manifest by her life-long motivation to “get people together” and reflects the verity that there is no substitute for time and personal contact. Furthermore, her standard has always been a personal one: hand written notes and hand addressed envelopes; no speaker phone discussions; remarkable attention to special occasions with notes and carefully selected cards; personal works of poetry; maintaining an ambience of cleanliness and culture to uplift and educate while at the same time being willing to have great fun and “playing ball” when appropriate. Her sense of humor has always been clever, contemporary and yet classical and has helped bridge many a generation gap. One of the highest standards she has set has been in her Church service over the years. Nothing has ever been too good for the Lord, the saints or those whom need a favorable impression of the Lord’s kingdom. She has helped elevate all of those around by standards she has set. Her home, her poetry, her art work, her style, her grooming, her attention to detail, in short, her entire demeanor “set the bar” for which we can all strive. Mother, thank you for possessing, among so many other worthwhile attributes, faith and high standards as beacons for your posterity and all those who’s blessing it is to have come under your influence. How blessed we are! With much love, Your son, Tom

3: It has been 43 years since dear Gigi became my "mother." She has loved and supported me through all the years of raising our children. She has taken such a special interest in each child and has always built them up and shown such love and concern. A couple of memories are her bringing the "grab bag" (pillowcase full of treats) each time she visited us and her giving out the "Fife Family Certificates of Accomplishment" at our family reunions. I have learned to be a better cook and hostess by her sharing her recipes and my watching her planning and organization skills. I have been by her side through her joys and sorrows and she has supported me through my joys and sorrows. We have truly shared our hearts with one another. My love has grown deeper these past two years as I have cared for her and watched her deal with her physical challenges with courage and strength. Love, Karen

4: Suzanne - I love GiGi. She is such a great role model. Whenever I am with her she is always so happy and smiley! She always remembers what is going on in everyone's lives. She especially makes our birthdays special and I just love it. Gigi is definitely someone I want to be like when I'm older. I love you Gigi! Jackson - One of my favorite memories of GiGi is when I brought my pet snake over to her house. She was so scared of it, but acted like she liked it and she even held it. Now whenever I see her she asks me about her friend "the snake". I love GiGi! | Katie - I love GiGi because she always has something good to say about people. Whenever I visit her, she always looks pretty. I would never change anything about her ... she is perfect in every way. She also gives good kisses. Emily - I love to dance and sing for GiGi. It makes her smile. I like to hear her sing her favorite song, "I am a Child of God". Benjamin - The thing I love the most about GiGi is she always has treats for me. I also like to play pool in the garage at her house. Molly - I love that my middle name is Margaret ... just like GiGi!

5: There is no one around that has the class and poise that Gigi does. She is so kind, and thoughtful. No birthday or baby blessing is left uncelebrated, no holiday passes that she does not think of the little details. She takes these special occasions and makes them more meaningful by taking the time to express her love. We used to love to get the "FIFE KINGDOM" Certificate of Merit... and still have the little trophies for the grandkids that say... "Every Fife is a star". What a wonderful sense of love she has instilled in all of us. She is such an amazing example of what a 'true lady' is. She is the QUEEN of our Fife Kingdom! I have never seen her lose her temper, complain, or let a situation drag her down. I am sure she has many days where she has felt like throwing in the towel... and being grumpy and unhappy, just like we all do. But she seems to master the 'natural man' and turns her trials into faith. I admire her strength, and wonder how she is so patient in all she does. She is very wise, and I have always loved how she would ask questions about our lives.. with such incredible memory. She doesn't skip a beat! And in her tender way, she still teaches us, and helps us to see life from a gospel perspective. Her testimony shines through in all she does. There is no doubt in my children's minds.. and in my mind how she feel about the gospel, and about her family. I love her with all my heart, and strive to be half the woman that she is. Lastly, in addition to all of these qualities... she has the most fun sense of humor! It is so fun to visit her.. and we always are sad to leave. She is a bright spot in our life. Definitely one of my lifetime heroes. (I will never forget dressing up in her house coat with her, and pinning my hair like her.. to take a picture! We were laughing so hard!) I love you Gigi! Thank you for always accepting me, and loving me and encouraging me. Thank you for letting me come and spend time with you.. I treasure those moments! You always make me want to be a better person. And...Thank you for always making me feel like I had the most precious babies in all the world. They are so lucky to have you as their Great Grandmother! xoxoxoxoxo.....love, Becky | Dave - One thing that I will always love about Grandma is that from the time I was a little boy, I was positive that I was her favorite grandson. She would tell me that all the time. But as I got older, I discovered that she told all of her other grandchildren the same thing. I love it!! She made everyone feel special and loved. Grandma made her relationship with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren her #1 priority. As I contemplate how all the birthdays and holidays I have experienced in my life time, I think Grandma has sent me at least 120 or so cards and/or gifts. She never forgot any special day in my life and I am grateful for that. I think if I could sum her up in one word it would be LOVE. She loves others unconditionally and has a gift for showing that love with her words and deeds. I love Grandma ... what an amazing person!!

6: Grandma has several qualities that stand out to me. First is Grandma's attention to detail. This includes her attention to and interest in the details of the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It also includes the colorful details she includes when she recounts events from her life. She has a wonderful ability to tell engaging stories. Second is her deep faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have always been inspired by this. Third is the personal love I've felt from her. She makes every grandchild feel like they are her favorite. I still remember when Phil and I were eight years old and got to spend a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. We were doing some activity, and Phil jumped in front of me and pulled Grandpa with him. I'm sure I looked upset, and Grandma with her perceptiveness quickly said, "First the worst, second the same, third the best of all the game" which made me completely forget about being upset (and made me feel like I was the best). Finally, I really enjoy her sense of humor. She's quick-witted, knows how to laugh, and can laugh at herself. Grandma, you truly are an inspiration! I love you. ~Steve | April ~ One of my favorite things about Gigi is the fact that she welcomed me so warmly into the family! All of my grandparents had passed away by the time I was married, and I didn't realize how much it would mean to me to have a grandmother again. I have never felt that I was an "in-law" when I have been with her. She has always treated me as her own granddaughter and I have appreciated that unconditional love more than I can say! Aaron ~ Gigi is a great story-teller! I like hearing stories about her past. I also liked the Halloween parties where she would take the lead in the costume parade and march us around the room. Nathan ~ I love that Gigi likes to hear me sing and perform. She always asks how I am doing. I like the yummy treats that she gives us from her drawer and fridge.

7: Grandma, I have so many amazing memories of you and I don't know where to begin! I just want to thank you for the legacy you have made for our family! Thank you for being supportive of all of my activities. I remember when you gave me $100 before I went to Jerusalem and with that money, I was able to buy the beautiful Olive Wood Manger Set. Every time I look at it, I will remember you- how much you love the Savior and show your love for Him by continuously serving those around you. I love you, Grandma. You are the greatest!! With love always, Your Granddaughter, Julie Anne Fife | I am glad to be able to contribute to this book of memories for you, Grandma. One of my favorite memories is when I was 12 years old and came to stay with you in Las Vegas for a week. I was so excited that I would be able to fly to Las Vegas and have you all to myself. We had so much fun. We went out to eat, went to a few shows, and you bought me lots of goodies and treats and let me stay up as late as I wanted; I loved it! You also told me a lot of stories from your childhood, I loved hearing those. Probably the most fun part is when you took me to Merle Norman to get my ears pierced. Every time I put in earrings I think of that fun week we had together. I love you very much. Merry Christmas! Love, Debbie

8: Our Favorite Things about Grandma/Gigi Jon ~ She remembers and loves and cares about every single member of her family. Erin ~ She always remembers everyone's birthdays and other special occasions. Jonny ~ She gives us candy. Matthew ~ She gives us treats. Hayden ~ She is my great grandmother. Rosie ~ She loves me.

9: I've always been amazed at how Grandma is able to remember so many events in our lives. Her cards for everyone's Birthdays, Holidays, and any other occasion you could think up are legendary. But what is just as amazing to me is the effort she puts forth to connect with each person individually. When she was unable to attend my Dental School graduation, she made sure that we had our own special graduation at her apartment. I brought over my diploma and cap. We talked about the event and took some pictures together. It was a lot of fun and a memorable experience for me. ~ Dan

10: Grace, style, and being proper are the first thoughts that come to my mind when I think of Gigi. From the first time I met Gigi at her home on Plaza Del Prado to her sweet home in the guest house of the Richards she always exudes a welcoming home that is clean and beautiful. Her home reminds me of the temple....you always feel good leaving her house and you feel better about yourself and your future. She is so excited to learn about what you are doing and how you are doing. When we lost Olivia I could just hear it in her voice how sad she was for us. She truly mourned with us. We were so lucky to have her at Olivia's funeral and she even stood up to see our little baby....it was such a tender moment....It meant a lot to us to have her there...especially since I know it was difficult. Gigi always teaches me something when I visit her...Gigi is one of a kind and I feel so blessed to be a part of her family.... love, Heather | I love Gigi, She always gives us candy when we go to visit her. She likes it when we sing songs to her. I remember one time when we had a Halloween party at Gigi's and we watched a movie and ate cotton candy and popcorn. It was fun. ~Evan Gigi is so nice. When we go visit her she always gives us snacks. She lets us get suckers out of the cupboard. I'm sad because Gigi is getting old. ~ Audrey

11: When I was young I always felt like Grandma loved me so much and thought I was the most special person in the world. She still makes me feel that way now. I always looked forward to the grab bag when she was coming to visit. I loved getting gifts at Christmas and birthdays, and getting letters and treats at all of the holidays. She had a distinct smell that must have been her perfume that was her smell and only hers. After she would leave it would smell like her for a few days in the room where she stayed and I would go in and smell her smell and remember her. It was always so great to have her visit. Grandma is so appreciative. Once in the past 2 years she developed a skin issue which she was extremely concerned about. I provided some minor treatment and offered some suggestions about how to help the problem, which fortunately worked. She made me feel like I had saved her life! She was so appreciative, and kept thanking me for months and months. She makes everyone feel accepted and loved. When I became engaged to Heather she immediately sent Heather a card. She is a very thoughtful gift giver. When we lost Olivia in 2010 she gave us a beautiful box with meaningful gifts and mementos in it. It was a place where we could collect and store memories, and it was very touching. Some of my favorite memories have been spending time with her the last few years. I feel like I have gotten to know her better in the past 2 years than in the previous 34 years of my life. I have never met someone who is always so upbeat, gracious, and positive even while dealing with so many health problems. She is always so concerned about me, Heather and the kids. She remembers everything that is happening in our lives, asks specific questions, really cares about the answers, and gives advice once in a while. At the end of every visit she insists that I open the cupboard door and take a few pieces of Sees candy (She says it is because I always had a sweet tooth, but I think she offers it to everyone:). It has also been great to hear her tell stories of her life, to hear stories about Grandpa and my dad, to hear about her faith, and to hear her discuss her pain and health challenges in such a positive way. Every time I visit her I am uplifted and energized, her positivity is contagious! ~ Doug

12: A Thank You To My Mother~ As I ponder my 71 years as your daughter, memories come flooding back of your love of our Heavenly Father, and His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ~I can remember watching you as a young child kneel in prayer with me, encouraging me to speak freely of my many needs, to remember to always thank Him, and to express my love for Him. And to forgive me, always. As a young adult, these same principles of prayer and faith had a great impact on my own desire to feel close to all things heavenly. Most prominent was your constant gratitude for the gift of the Holy Ghost. I watched, and listened, as you verbally pray for continued companionship of the Holy Spirit, and told me often that, I too, could and would be blessed by this great Gift. How true her words and example have been to me in my own life, as a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. I often hear myself uttering the same words she did, " Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the guidance, and peaceful blessing you have given me through the Holy Ghost." Now, at 94 years old, when we share her evening meals, and take turns saying the prayer~her continued faith, reliance, and gratitude to Heavenly Father pour from her heart and soul, as she prays for her dear family members, for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for the endurance of our country's freedoms, and most of all, for the Atonement of Jesus Christ on our behalf. Always closing her prayer, with the phase, "Again, I thank thee for all I have, for I know all good things come from thee." Thank you Mother, for making me a better and stronger woman of faith~ I love you. Suzanne | The Hebertson Family

13: Grandma is an amazing person! I'm grateful to be her first grandchild. Happy that I can remember her each Christmas, even though we live far apart, each time I put up her Christmas village. It is one of my most favorite things and I'm so very grateful that she gave it to me years ago! It has a special place in our home each Christmas, as I know Christmas has a very special place in her heart. As I've gotten older, I've grown to appreciate all Grandma did, and continues to do, to try and make her home a beautiful place to be ... I always have felt so special each time Ive been in her house and I admire all her effort to make her home, wherever it has been, this way. It reminds me of the counsel we receive to make our homes as special as the temple. Thank you Grandma for teaching and sharing so much of what is important to you with me, my family, and all of us. Merry Christmas! We love you! - Valerie | Some of my earliest memories is going to Gigi's house when I was maybe 3 years old in Las Vegas, and always being able to go through the pantry and pick out my favorite candies. As I have grown, even though I haven't been as close geographically as I was at that time (especially now! 10,000 miles away? give or take a few), I have been able to see the genuine love that Gigi has shown to me from those early days until now. Even though I haven't been able to see her as much as I should, the times I have, I have just felt the enduring happiness and love that define her. On my last trip to Las Vegas before leaving for my mission, my best friend and I had the opportunity to visit her. Even though she had never known my friend, she welcomed him as she would one of her own, and as we drove away, he even said how happy he felt being with her and talking with her. It was something I will never forget, and even something he will never forget. ~ Elder Griffin Brown Gigi – I hope you have a Merry Christmas! You are awesome ... and I love spending time with you! – Hayden

14: Dear Gigi, Merry Christmas! I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are such an amazing example to me of a strong woman. I hope to be able to develop some of your many wonderful qualities over the course of my life. I have so many memories of times I have spent with you over the years, it is hard to choose a few as my favorites but there are some that always come to mind. *When we lived in Las Vegas when I was little, I remember going to your house and swimming and getting treats out of your pantry to put in a baggie to take home! I also remember my 8th birthday party that was hosted at your house! *A special memory that I will always have is March of this year, when we were able to take a five generation photo with you, my grandma, my mom, me and Olivia. I will always hold those photos very close to my heart. *Even though we have a large family, you always remember birthdays. It has always been special to receive a card from you each year on my birthday. *I was so glad to be able to live close enough to drive down and visit a few times while at BYU. I loved being able to visit and talk with you. I have always admired you for your beauty and kindness. Your testimony of the Gospel has strengthened mine and showed me a wonderful example of how to be a woman of God. I am so grateful for how you welcomed Brian into your family with open and loving arms. I love you so much and hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Amanda

15: Kristina and Chris ~ GiGi has shown us the importance of doing things with our family and keeping traditions alive for our children. Even in her older age she has been a pillar of strength and perseverance. We love her and feel blessed she has been with us for so long. | Samantha ~ Gigi is so nice and always remembers me on special days. Ben ~ Gigi is nice to me. Noah ~ Gigi has white hair.

16: My favorite thing about Grandma is watching BYU football games while eating nuts! Good memories at Three Fountains! I love you, Grandma! ~Greg | My favorite thing about Grandma is her ability to whip up anything tasty at the sight of company. She could make delicious dinners as well as spur-of-the-moment treats. My FAVORITE is her Root Beer Floats! Served with the can of Root Beer, of course!! Mmmmm! Love you Grandma! Love, Mindy | My favorite thing about Gigi is that she has shared some of her collectibles with us. She gave me one of her dolls and my Mom one of her Nativity sets. Love you! ~Allie | My favorite thing about Gigi is that she always remembers our birthdays and sends us a card and some money. Thanks! Love, Geoff

18: I have always been impressed with the wonderful friendships and relationships that Mother has sustained throughout her life. I think I started to appreciate and observe this in my early years, as I watched Mother prepare meals for others, diligently serve those she visit taught and show love and concern for so many friends and family. I remember as a child and teenager accompanying Mother as she visited many sisters in the Relief Society. I often thought to myself “Wow my Mother has so many wonderful friends” and as I grew I began to understand why. Because Mother shows so much love, she in turn is greatly loved. Through the years I have had the opportunity to read many of her notes to others and those to her and I am grateful that she has instilled in me again through her example, the importance of taking the time to learn about others, to share in their joys and support them in their sorrows . I find it particularly inspiring that at this time in her life, when energy is at a premium, that on any given day Mother can be found writing a note, making a call or visiting with someone who she loves and who loves her; it’s her priority. Thank you Mother for all that you have shown me throughout my life, for being an amazing example to me of the importance of loving and serving others. There is no one who has influenced me for good more than you. With greatest love, Debbie | The Hainline Family | Debbie’s mother has always made me feel as though I am one of her sons because of the warm greeting and her genuine concern for me . One of my fondest memories occurred during our family reunions. Mother would appear in her grab skirt, covered with pockets and filled with toys and how much fun it was to watch her and the faces of her excited grandchildren as they anticipated their chance at a grab and see their surprise! There was no doubt that their grandmother loved them and everyone felt it. Another memory dear to me was watching her show photos of ancestors and telling a little bit about the life of that ancestor. How wonderful it was to learn more about the legacy that we share from those before us. There are many more memories that have touched me. I love you Mother. ~Gary

19: Lori ~ I wish to be even a fraction of the woman you are, you are absolutely the most amazing woman I have and will ever know. You will always remind me of one of my favorite stories growing up, Katy No-Pocket, with your gift apron! "I love you Grandma"! Ashley ~ You are the most caring, thoughtful and most amazing great-grandma ever!!! Megan ~ I love you Gigi and miss you lots. Marcus ~ You're the greatest great-grandma anyone could ever have. Manny ~ You are the very, very, very best great-grandma in the whole world.

20: The first trip I took to Las Vegas with Holly, she and Grandma had an instant bond. I remember Grandma holding her and the two of them were talking and smiling at each other. It was as if Holly recognized her on some level. Grandma has that spirit about her that those around her feel loved and accepted. ~ Heather | My favorite thing about Grandma is her smile and comfort. ~ Danny

21: My favorite thing about Grandma is when you are around her, on the phone with her, or with her, the world stops and you feel calm and have nothing to worry about! During trials of faith she calms me down and gives me that celestial perspective and boost I need. ~ Tommy My favorite thing about Grandma is she always knows the right things to say and is very comforting. ~ Megan | My favorite thing about Gigi is hugs and candy. ~Maddox | Grandma, When I think of all the amazing memories I have with you, there is one that stands out most. As a child, coming to your house was always fun. Family reunions were so amazing because of you and your wonderful spirit, and grab skirt! But there is one memory that will forever be with me. I would come over and there would a full tea set out on the table and wonderful goodies for us to eat. This was our special time. It was when you were teaching me the most. Grandma, those hours spent with you will forever be cherished. I am so incredibly grateful for the example you set and the love you show each and every one of us. If I become half the women you are, I will be a lucky lady. You taught me how to be a polite young lady and I cherish those lessons so much. Grandma, thank you for all you did for me and all us cousins and the example you are to all of us. I love you so much. ~ Stacey

22: Mother always provides the wonderful example of high ideals to everyone. This is especially evident with her grandchildren. . . planting or promoting ideas of what they can become in life. Mother is always a gentle counselor to any child, grandchild or great grandchild; a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, a wise adviser. There is always a beautiful and comforting spirit wherever her home is. We are grateful to have her home, at this time of her life, be at our home. This is my second Grandmother in home experience; my father’s mother lived with us for the balance of her life following my grandfather's passing. Likewise, her ever-present beautiful spirit will never be forgotten, just as Mother’s spirit will always be a legacy to our family. It has been our blessing to have her near to us, always. ~ Phil | The Richards Family

23: Ironically, each Christmas we talk about finishing her history and publishing her book, and this year we are giving her a Christmas gift book of thoughts and feelings about her. I hope as she reads it, she will know of the great influence and legacy she has provided for each of us. I am so grateful that I have had the rich experience of helping her with this project, my promise to her is that her history will be published. . .look for this best-seller to be published in the future! With love, Cathy | I have had the distinct pleasure of compiling and organizing Mother’s poetry and prose as part of her personal history. For Mother, this has been a life-long project, for myself, I think it has been about 15 years, What a great opportunity this has been to see her philosophy of life develop and find expression through her writings, As I have read her poetry, I can picture her as a blond, energetic 8 year old writing of her tender feelings for her father; or a heart-broken teenager after a break-up with her high school sweetheart; a new bride, expressing her love ( and frustration) towards a new husband; an over-whelmed young mother, as well as a confident church leader; or a wise, proud grandmother. Through her writings, she expresses her love of life, her deep spirituality, her tenderness, her sense of humor, and most of all her love for the gospel, the Savior, and for her family. I laugh each time I read the poem she wrote after observing our young family getting ready for school. . . I reflect on my own wedding day when I read her poem on temple marriage that was written for her grandchildren. . . I cry when I read her letter about baby Christine, Mattie, and Danny, but find comfort in her strength and understanding of eternal life and eternal families. My own testimony is strengthened when I read her testimony written for her grandchildren.

24: Dear Grandma, You have taught me many things, but when I think about you, the greatest lesson I’ve learned is that if you are going to pursue something, you should do it well. You have always had the ability to make everyone you know feel special, and you have been able to do this because you truly believe they are. If there was one thing I could count on every birthday of my life, it’s a message from you. When I speak one on one with you at a get-together, it’s as though you and I are the only two people in the room. If there is a word to describe Grandma, it is refinement. You have spent every second of your life trying to do better. From your looks, to your words, to your writing, everything is carefully crafted and presented precisely and thoughtfully. As the world gets faster and cheaper, Grandma reminds us that what is important above all else is quality and we should strive for that in all we do. It doesn’t matter how small the task, you should do it well, and if you do enough small things well, the world will be better. In line with Grandma’s desire to do well, as matriarch, you have been diligent in establishing a culture of success in our family and ensuring that culture will be passed from generation to generation. Through family reunions and genealogy, you put in motion a system that bonds Fifes to their ancestors and allows us to inherit the lessons they learned in their lives. This is invaluable. But if there is one thing, overall, that you have taught me, it is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. Your life speaks to your testimony. You don’t just live life; you love life and you have squeezed every ounce of potential out of it. You’ve shown us the path, and inspired us to follow. We love you so much, GiGi! Thank you for your life and thank you for making everyone you touch better. Love, Philip | Dear Gigi, You have taught me a lot of things so I want to share it with you. You taught me how to always be nice to others because you always treat people nicely. I love coming to visit you and telling you what I am doing. You always listen to me. It is so nice that you always have treats when we come to visit. It makes me feel like you are happy to see me. Whenever I give you a hug you smell so nice. I want you to know that I love you! I love you with all my heart!!!! Love, Lindsey

25: Dear Gigi, You have been such a wonderful example to our family and you have taught our children wonderful lessons by living a life filled with love, service, and knowledge. I have always been so impressed with the unfailing love you show others. Regardless of whether you know a person well or not, you treat others with such kindness and dignity. Your love for family members and friends truly shows the love you have for our Savior. I have always loved hearing your testimony as it shows a life spent loving and serving our Savior. You have touched so many people. And in the 20 years I have been a part of this wonderful family, I have been touched countless times by the acts of service you perform for others. Many times I have been the recipient of your kindness and generosity, and I have grown as a wife, mother and member of the Gospel because of my relationship with you. I am constantly in awe of you! Whether it’s the everyday, worldly knowledge you possess or, most especially, your knowledge of the Gospel, you truly are someone who has spent your life seeking knowledge and becoming a better person with what you learn. I love listening to your advice about serving in the church. . .it has helped me in my own callings. You have such a wealth of knowledge about the Gospel, and you have helped me put my own challenges and trials in perspective with your advice and guidance. I have so many treasured memories with you. I remember meeting you for the first time the weekend Philip and I became engaged. I felt so loved and accepted by you right from the beginning. Our friends in college loved coming to visit you when we came home for long weekends. I laugh every time I think of the rap you performed at Kelly’s wedding reception. I laugh when I think of cleaning corn of the cob with toothbrushes in preparation Fourth of July (I now have a toothbrush in my kitchen!). And I especially cherish the times we got together to decorate your Christmas tree. I have learned so much from you, and I love you dearly. I am grateful for the wonderful influence you are in our family’s life. It makes me so happy that my children have such a deep love for you and will be able to share their memories of you with their own children. All my love, Allison | Dear GiGi, You are a great helper and example to me. You teach me to be nice and helpful to others. You have been such a great example to me of how to act and behave. You never get mad even when all the cousins get crazy. You just laugh at all the silly things we do. When we have family dinners at Grandma Richards’ house, I really like telling you about the things I am doing. You always put your arm around me and I can tell that you are really listening to me. You always make me feel special. I love you and I am so happy that I get to see you when we go to Grandma’s. You are so special to me and I love you a lot. I love you, Jackson

26: Dear Gigi, You have really influenced me in my life. You set such a great example for me and everyone in our family. I love your great stories that you always tell me; I will never forget how many great memories we have shared together. For example, the necklace you gave me for my baptism. It has CTR beads on it that are silver, surrounded by beads that are primary colors. I love wearing it, and thinking of this little precious necklace, because it makes me think of you. When I have a little girl, I will not be able to wait until she is baptized, so that I can share this necklace with her, and she will feel the importance of it, just as much as I do. As you know Christmas is coming up, and it is a tradition to go to Grandma’s to help decorate the Christmas tree. The kids always have tons of fun, but the best part of the day is always going into your room and giving you a hug and a kiss. I love seeing you around Christmas time because you are so joyful, and I love all of your Christmas sweaters. I’ve got to say, Christmas would not even be half the same if you weren’t there--you complete the package to having a great Christmas. Another one of my favorite things to do with you and Grandma as well, is just sitting down at the table and eating a great dinner, explaining to each other the many things going on in our life. It can’t get much better than that, I love hearing you talking about experiences that you had with great grandpa LJ, I can tell that you are a very colorful and happy person in every situation. You treat people with kindness and respect, and you are a model of what I am already striving to be like when I’m older. I love listening to your stories because they mean so much to me. They have so much excitement to them. I love you so much Gigi, you mean so much to me I can’t even express how much I do. You have a great positive influence on my life, and there’s nothing better that you want by your side. Love, Sydney | Dear Gigi, Having you in my life is a true blessing. I cherish every moment I spend with you. I find it amazing that you are always so interested and aware of what is going on in each of our lives. Of all the things I have learned from you, the one that I never forget is to always be a good example. You always make me realize how important it is to remember my actions will affect those around me. Because of you, I try to keep a good and happy relationship with every single one of my cousins and family members! I love you as well as all of my family members so much; I don’t know how I could survive without them. You are one of the most important people in my life and I love you to the moon and back. You put a smile on my face and warm my heart. I love spending time with you and hearing all about your life and the advice you have for me. You are such an accomplished woman! I know for sure that you have lived your life to the absolute fullest and always follow in Heavenly Father’s plan. Another thing I find astonishing about you is the fact that I have never seen a time when you don’t have your makeup done perfectly; or your clothes picked to match the occasion accordingly! You always look like royalty to me! I don’t understand how you could look so perfect every time I see you! Love always, Taylor

27: Connor ~ GiGi will always be special to me because she is so nice, and was there for my baptism. I loved being able to see her a week before my 12th birthday. She sends the BEST birthday cards with a special note inside, just for me. Addie ~ Gigi is always helpful and thankful. Sophie ~ Gigi cares a lot about us and she is really nice. Makenna ~I love GiGi so much because she always has candy, and my favorite...fruit snacks! | Grandma is the most elegant and classy woman I know. She always looks beautiful and is done up with jewelry and a smile on her face. I appreciate the time it takes her to get ready and the effort she puts forth into coming to all of the family events. I admire her creativity in her poems and special messages she writes to everyone on their birthdays. One day I hope to wrap presents and tie bows as professionally as Grandma does. It is one of her many talents...not OCD's. When Matt tells me that I remind him of his Grandmother, I take it as a compliment. I truly admire and love "GiGi" with all my heart. ~Jenn | My greatest memory is hiking Mt. Timpanogos with Grandma and Grandpa Fife once I turned 8 years old. It was THE tradition all the grand kids looked forward to and Grandma and Grandpa always made good on their promises. It was then she realized that I was her favorite which she reaffirms every year on my birthday card without fail (sorry everyone, but I am her favorite.) ~Matt

28: Grandmother, thank you for always being such a powerful influence in my life. You are an example of strength, wisdom, faith, elegance, charity, and love whom I have always felt so blessed to know. I have so many dear memories of family reunions, visits on special occasions, phone calls, even yearly birthday wishes that always assured me that you care. I can remember being around 7 years old and taking the liberty to call you on a regular basis to chat. Your phone number in Provo was one of the only ones I needed, and our phone bills reflected that (sorry about the collect calls)! I loved to call just to say hi. You have always had a way to make me feel important and loved. It was obvious to me that I am and always will be the favorite grandson! I don’t think there was ever a time where I didn’t feel like you knew where I was, what I was going through, and just the right thing to say. No matter the circumstances, your counsel was always positive and grounded in eternal gospel principles. I have always admired your love of the Savior and felt that my testimony is stronger because of His attributes that I can see within you. Now, I love to watch my own children as they spend time with you and I can witness how they love to be with “Gigi.” They, like everyone else, can’t get enough of your pure love for them. I enjoy sharing my memories with them of the grandma that has a famous “grab dress”, has mastered the proper usage of Scotch tape, roots incessantly for BYU, and best of all, can rattle off a mean rap! You’re one of a kind, and I love you! Love, Jon

29: Nicholas ~ Gigi is very smart. She always remembers my birthday. She is always happy even when it is hard. Matthew ~ I know Gigi loves me because she gives me treats. I love her. Lindley ~ Gigi is nice because she is never mean. She really cares about us. She loves Scotch tape just like I do! I love her very much. Abby ~ I love to come in Gigi's house and visit her. I love my special bracelet that she gave me when I was a baby. Julia ~ I know that Gigi loves me. | Grandma, There are so many things that I love and admire about you. One is the way that you have always made me feel that you love me as one of your granddaughters. It has been a wonderful blessing for me to again have a grandmother here on Earth to guide and encourage me. The way that you emulate the Savior inspires me to try harder to be like Him. You have a special gift for seeking out the beautiful and lovely things in life and in each person you meet. I think that we all stand a little taller in your presence as we feel of your love for us and your desire for all of us to be true to our spiritual heritage. The way to a mother’s heart truly is through her children, and your unfailing kindness to mine always touches me. Each of them reveres you and knows that they can always count on their Gigi for a dose of unconditional love and acceptance. They cherish the heartfelt notes and cards that you send and love to think of ways to express their love for you. I feel so very blessed to be married to a good man who honors his priesthood and his family. I know that you have had great influence on his becoming the man he is today. I am thankful for the way that you instill in each family member a love for our ancestors and a reverence for their sacrifices and legacy. You teach by example the importance of family in our Heavenly Father’s plan for us. I know that, as my Grandpa used to say, “Old Age is Not for Sissies!” Your cheerful faith and unwavering kindness are an example to all of us of courage and fortitude. I am so grateful to be a part of your family – I am truly blessed to have the privilege of calling you “Grandma”. All my love, Lacy

30: Grandma, you mean so much to me. You have been a perfect example of the perfect Grandma and GiGI. I want you to know that I have and will take so much of what I've learned from you and apply it to my life and my children's lives. You have taught me to be fun, kind,creative, loving, supportive, a hostess, and even a bit of a perfectionist (in my own special way). I'll carry with me all the "talks" we've had and how I've always left feeling understood and appreciated for my views and thoughts. I will cherish all my memories with you from childhood to adulthood. From visits with you and Grandpa LJ to family reunions, setting out the Madam Alexander dolls at Christmas time, delivering flowers to the elderly, trying on all your jewelry during Sacrament meeting, and lunches at the Cheesecake Factory. You are a constant light in my life and I love you dearly...You are my Grandmother. xoxo, Kelly | Grandma, the one thing that I always get a chuckle over was the fact that every time we came over, you were quick to offer us a root beer, and when you had ice cream, you offered us a root beer float. I could never pass you up on your offer, even when I didn't need that root beer float. I also would like to let you know that you are a special person in my family's life, especially Kelly's. Kelly has taught our girls the proper way to act, and she tells them that she was taught the correct way from you. I want to personally thank you for being a guiding light in Kelly's life. She is a wonderful mother to our kids and you are a big reason why. Thank you for all you have done for my family in our lives. Love you Grandma, Mickey | GiGi you have been a great role-model for me. You have given me encouragement and have been a great person in my life. I love it when I get to spend time with you and I have a great time. I love having the little talks with you and being with you. You always will be a role-model and be my only GiGi. I will always love you a lot. Love, Kylie Gi-Gi, You are so nice. I love all the things you have done for me. You are the best Gi-Gi ever. I love you. ~ Kassi Gi-Gi, I think you are kind. I love that every time I see you, you give me hugs and kisses. Love you, Kyndl

31: Grandma, One of the things that has always stuck out to me about you is the interest you take in the lives of your loved ones. You always seem to have the time and energy to listen and talk when I come to town. Thank you for always caring! -Joe

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