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Grandpa Yunker

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S: The Wonderful Life of Warren H. Yunker

BC: Til' We Meet Again....

FC: Warren Yunker

1: All Because Two People Fell In Love...

2: Made with lots & lots of love. By: -Brooke Yunker

4: By giving children lots of affection, you can help fill them with love and acceptance of themselves. Then that's what they will have to give away...

5: I remember making home made cherry ice-cream with dad. We would go to the plant and pick cherries off the cherry tree. One day he left mom up in the tree. (He put her there with a fork truck) Eventually he got her down, as she was throwing cherries and buckets at him. -Lisa Danhof

6: When we lived in Northbrook, dad used to go to work early in the morning. We would stand at the front picture window and waive goodbye. Dad and mom would ask us to "throw kisses" to dad and he would catch them in his brown paper lunch bag. That sounds pretty tame, but the trick was he would snap the bag making it sound like the kisses were being caught, landing in the bag. I always felt like he was taking our "kisses" to work with him, and home at night. -Gail Rohde

8: "When Irish eyes are smiling,"

10: Knowing you will be with me in all my tomorrows, makes my today so wonderful.-Always in my heart! | love

11: This love is BETTER than a fairytale!

13: "If a man is, what he never coulda, shoulda, then how can he be what he aint not? " -Warren Yunker

14: "You have the best guardian angel now" -Ryna Yunker | Pilot Warren Yunker

15: Passenger: Pilot Warren Yunker: Destination: One way stop to Heaven. Pack light! | I remember one day when I was flying with grandpa and uncle mark to Eau Claire to visit my grandma. I was always scared of flying in planes but grandpa told me, "it's just like being a bird on their way somewhere." Now, whenever I'm on a plane, I think that I'm just a bird trying to get to my destination, and I'm never scared anymore. -Nicholas Yunker

16: It doesn't matter where you go in life, or what you do ..... it's who you have beside you.

17: Side by side, year by year...

23: When I was a kid, dad would take us out sailing. As I grew, I wanted to go by myself, but would have to pass dad's "test" first. He would take us out to the middle of the lake in the row boat. We'd have to jump in and swim (without a life jacket) back to shore. He wanted to make sure that if we ever capsized the boat and it sank, we'd be able to swim back to shore. Dad rowed along side of us to make sure everything was O.K, and kept encouraging us to complete this journey. It was such an accomplishment to me once I finished. Some of the best times on the lake were when I silently glided across the smooth glass lake with only a slight breeze filling the white sail of the "C" boat. -Gail Rohde

24: Fifteen years ago GOD brought me to work for Yunker Industries, for a man who called those who worked for him "extended family," not employees. The value he placed on family was not something he just talked about, but something he lived out. He said he built this company to serve and honor his creator, and I am thankful to have the freedom to live out my faith at work because of Warren's faith. He was always a joyful person, who placed great value on family, and it has been an honor to know him and work for him. -Randy Jacobs.

25: We have "fans" not "customers" and "family" not "employees." | As a mentor, Warren gave me the strength and courage to do something I never imagined. I will always be grateful and honored to be apart of his dream, and part of a team that will do our best to carry his vision forward. Warren was one of the greatest people I will ever meet -exceptionally talented and so deeply in love with all that life has to offer. He has set a great example for all of us and I miss him dearly, but at the same time, I am so very thankful for the gifts he has given all of us. -Kari Yunker

26: Nicky and Warren | Bob and Warren | Mary Jo | Hanging out at the Yunker house as a kid created great memories for me. Mr & Mrs Yunker were like second parents to me. Mr Yunker gave me an opportunity to work at night while I was going to college. He didn't have to do that, but that was the wonderful kind of person that he was. -Ray | "It's not too often that such great inspirational people like him come along, so we must cherish all of the great memories that we have of him. I know that I feel prvilafed and blessed that I got the chance to have spent so many great times with him. May Warren rest in peace knowing that he has so many loving family and friends that will continue to carry on the Yunker tradition." -Todd Rohde | Fun family times...

27: "It's not too often that such great inspirational people like him come along, so we must cherish all of the great memories that we have of him. I know that I feel privilaged and blessed that I got the chance to have spent so many great times with him. May Warren rest in peace knowing that he has so many loving family and friends that will continue to carry on the Yunker tradition." -Todd Rohde

28: My Max

29: I'll never let you go...

32: I believe he was the love of everyone's life and he never really knew it. All he ever wanted was to make everyone welcome, and he did that so well. He will always be loved. -Mark Yunker

33: When I was a young child, I would always steal a few minutes with dad after church. We would sit in the living room on the green couch, and he would read me the comics, and then a passage from the bible. He told me that if I ever asked GOD for anything, to ask for wisdom. He said, "you can lose your home, clothes, or toys (remember, I was young,) but if you have wisdom, you will always survive. -Cathy Allchin

34: Warren had a way of making everyone he encountered feel special and loved. Each Sunday during or after mass as he offered his "sign of peace" he would hold my hand and smile saying "You are beautiful." He was a very faith filled, peaceful spirit. A special gift to all who were blessed to know him. Thank you for sharing him with all of us. -Cindy Amore. | Warren had a way of making everyone he encountered feel special and loved. Each Sunday during or after mass as he offered his "sign of peace" he would hold my hand and smile saying "You are beautiful." He was a very faith filled, peaceful spirit. A special gift to all who were blessed to know him. Thank you for sharing him with all of us. -Cindy Amore.

35: "Death leaves us a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves us a memory no one can steal. -Michelle Danhof | One thing I will always remember about grandpa, was when I was growing up and I would see any spiders, ants or any other sort of insect either in the house or outside. He would always pick them up carefully and move them to a different, safer area. He would always say, no matter how big or small, they were all GOD's creatures and that we should love and take care of them like he does to us. That just goes to show the love that filled his heart, and the love he spread to each and every one of GOD's creatures. -Danny Fistler.

36: I remember grandma and grandpa were the first to ever see my pet turtle. He said, " welcome to the Yunker family," and gave Borris my turtle a kiss. I don't know, but I think Borris was one happy turtle in our perfect family. -Nicholas Yunker | The first thing grandpa would do when he woke up was go to church. I remember people telling me that when they would travel with grandpa around the world, the first thing he would do is look for a catholic church. He used to call me "Ole Top" a lot. It was kind of a nickname I guess. When he was ill and I'd go down to visit him, he would still call me "Ole Top" so I knew he remembered me, and that made me feel good. I tried to go see him every day, but some days I couldn't make it even though I really wanted to. He liked to hold my hand a lot, and I liked holding his hand in mine. -Alex Yunker

37: "Schmeck!" | Sometimes grandpa would talk to me in German. I had no idea what he was saying. I would just smile and laugh. -Jarad Meyer

38: I don't think dad had an "ugly bone" in his body. He loved everyone and everything. -Lisa Danhof

39: A father's love... | It was a special time when the Sunday paper came. Dad would get on the floor with us and read the comic.s -Dick Tracy and Little Orphan Annie. He read with such expression, and changed his voice with the characters. It seemed so real. -Gail Rohde. | XOXO | Muuuahhhhh...

40: When we were little, dad would wake us up by singing Mitch Miller's "Wake up you sleepy head." I now sing it to my kids. -Mari Meyer.

41: We love you Grandpa! | "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana

42: I will never forget the way dad looked in to mom's eyes... He was so in love with her and you could feel how strong their love was for each other with his big smile, as he would say, "I love you!" -Mari Meyer

44: My dad was one of the most loving, caring people I ever knew. He always said, "GOD never gives you more than you can handle, and that everything always works out by the grace of GOD." I will miss his warm smile and warm hugs. I know he will forever be with us in our hearts and I will cherish his memory forever. -Teri Fistler | "Let me build you a drink." -Warren

45: Happy Holidays! | One of my favorite memories is at Christmas time when we would sing "the little drummer boy" and grandpa and great grandpa would keep saying "pum, pum, pum..." when that part of the song was done. -Brooke Yunker

47: One Vodka on the ROCKS Please!

48: I knew my grandpa for a short time, but it was the best time of my life. I remember going down every day to see him , and he would always give me a big hug and kiss and I'd do the same. I loved going to church with him because he always made it fun to go. I liked going on boat rides with him too, especially in the wooden boat! He was the only grandpa I knew, and he was the greatest grandpa ever. My grandpa was my role model He was very kind and loving no matter if he knew the person or not, they would always get a hug and a kiss. I love you grandpa. Forever and Ever! -Nicholas Yunker | I'm sure the Yunker family could write a book called "the 1,000 most memorable moments with grandpa," and it'd be a best seller. -Nicholas Yunker

50: "wow, the love is amazing!" -Rachel Rohde | "Is that so..."

51: Photos by Sarah Yunker | "Let me call you sweetheart!" -Warren

52: photos by Sarah Yunker | I always have fond memories of visiting grandma & grandpa. Grandpa would always hold my hand and tickle the inside of my palm. Even when he was sick. He always looked up at you after tickling your cheek with his whiskers, and say, "you are beautiful!" followed by his famous "I'll never let you go." He said that every single time I saw him. When I think of him, I can still hear him saying it! I miss him a lot! -Brooke Yunker

53: photos by Sarah Yunker | A great man recently left this world. He was a rare man, and none that can match his wisdom or his love for his family and friends. Those still here will never forget him, and not mourn but celebrate his life and success. -Jason Allchin

54: Not known long enough... always remembered. -Ken Meyer

55: When dad would kiss me, he would often blow air in to my mouth. I always thought I was the only one he did this to til' this year when i saw him kiss Mari. It was then I realized dad loved us all equally. -Cathy Allchin

56: When I was about to become a father with our first child, I started wondering if all the things I did to my body as a kid would affect our baby's health. I finally asked my dad how he managed to make it through all the births of his children worrying if they would be healthy. He said, "well it's actually pretty simple. You are a gift from GOD to your mother and me. Regardless of how you enter this world, you are perfect in his eyes and ours. I gave each of you children to the virgin Mary to protect. I knew GOD would never give me n0 more than I can handle." It was really great advice. I believe it was this belief that strengthened and enabled him to continue after the accident with Eric. I always remember this when I start to worry about Michael, Arron, Grant and Brooke. -Kent Yunker

57: Dad was my teacher and mentor in life. He taught us how to work hard, respect others, enjoy what you do, appreciate and be thankful for what you have, help the less fortunate, to love life and most important -love your creator. Some of my best memories are from when I can remember working outside with my dad around the house cutting the grass, raking the leaves, or putting the pier in or taking it out... In his later years when he couldn't go in the water, he'd be on the deck looking down to make sure we got it straight...ha ha. Whether it was cleaning the gutter or designing a house and helping me build it, it was always great to have him by my side. The best part was when we were finished with a project, we'd get a great big glass of ice water and sit on the deck. We'd look over what we had just accomplished and he would lean over and say, "Doesn't that look just beautiful,"and "Doesn't that make you feel good"....and boy did it ever! So even though dad has taken his next journey in life, I am still able to work with my dad every day. You see, whenever I'm outside tinkering in the garage or yard, I know dad is at my side working with me, guiding me and watching over my family. Today I try to instill in my children the guideline my dad gave me, and on those days when my kids give me a hand outside or down at the lake, and the work is all done...we sit down, have a big glass of water and say, "doesn't that just look beautiful!?" Cheers to you dad! -Adam Yunker | A father's Love

60: Annual Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. TEAM YUNKER! | Dad was the most amazing, loving, caring person I have ever known. I will be forever grateful for what he and mom have taught us....to live life to the fullest, to be thankful for what you have, and always remember your creator.....Our creator of all things he would say. -Kelly Yunker

61: I can only hope to love as he loved, forgive as he forgave, and always be as grateful to GOD for everyday blessings. "It's all by the grace of GOD." -Cathy Allchin

62: Happy Halloween! | I will never forget my grandpa. He was an amazing person, so loving and caring. I miss a lot,! -Jarad Meyer

63: Trick or Treat! | BOO | Let's have a "rockin putzer!"

65: Here's to you, Here's to me... And here's to all the pretty ladies! -Ken Meyer! | Mary Mary, quite contrary...how does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells and all pretty maids in a row.

66: Warren was an extraordinary man, and together Mary Helen and Warren created a beautiful family in which I am proud to be a part of. Together they have given me some very special gifts including those of joy, love, laughter and life. Without the both of them, I would not have met Adam, would never have been blessed with our beautiful children, nor been able to share in so many memorable moments of joy and laughter with all "brothers and sisters" and their extended families. You cannot imagine the awesomeness of "a bakers" dozen from the outside because you don't realize the tremendous amount of support and strength you receive from "the family" when you are faced with challenges...How would Warren say it- "How sweet it is!" and it TRUELY IS AWESOME! -Kari Yunker

67: As grandparents, both Mary Helen and Warren have exceeded expectations by providing so much for our children and making our times together moments to treasure- whether it's 4th of July, or Christmas Eve, both hves made an impact that will never be forgotten. -Kari Yunker

69: When I walked in and grandpa saw me, he always had open arms to me. He would always say, "You're my Miss. America, and I will always love you!" I always helped him in any ways, either shaving his head or rubbing his feet, hands or both. I just miss him so much. I pray for him, and I can't wait to see him again in heaven. I love you so much grandpa. -Jenna Meyer | I loved grandpa because he would always have a hug and kiss for me and say I was "the best little girl ever."I loved going to the house to see grandma and grandpa for parties, Christmas, or even just dinner. He was always so happy to see us and Lucy. (and Lucy loved his treats!) You were the best grandpa in the world, and I'll love you forever! -Lauren Yunker

70: Not known long enough... .always remembered. -Ken Meyer

71: "Created by GOD, and lived for GOD." -Kirk Yunker

73: The funniest education I ever got was when we were in Florida, and dad pulled off a busy highway so Mari and I could have a live teaching demonstration about sugarcane. -Kirk Yunker

74: He was one of the best people that I have ever met in my life. He was a great person. I remember when I was painting easter eggs with him and he made one that had my name one it. He said that was the best egg that he has ever made. That was a great memory. -Alex Yunker

76: After dinner, we would ask what was for desert. Mom and dad would give us a popsicle and we would all head down to the to watch the sunset. That was desert. What a treat. I loved it. Lisa Danjof.

77: I always remember dads haircuts in the bar room. His big smile on his face as he was cutting away. -Beth Nolan

78: One thing dad and mom always taught us was to "keep the faith" & "by the grace of GOD everything would be o.k." -Mari Meyer

79: Dad loved to sing "Let me call you sweetheart" as we danced in the family room. -Mari Meyer

80: "We will honor his memories and legacy forever. He was so special." -Charlie Carroll.

81: I was 6 years old at the time I was unexpectedly attacked from behind and thrown in the water during a game of "king of the raft." (I'm sure it was Mark) I landed upside down in the water and panicked, and started to scream thinking I was going to drown. Before I knew it, I was wrapped up in his big arms and hugged close to his warm hairy chest. He was big and strong and calmed me with his assuring words that everything would be o.k....he had me in his arms now. I can still feel the warmth of his chest, the wet hair, and smell of his skin like it was yesterday. That was my first of many memories as my dad as "the Super Hero!" -Kent Yunker

82: Smiles are contagious, laughter is healthy, and having both in mere seconds in the presence of someone are not only great memories, but something we will soon again enjoy in all eternity. Warren left us all with a great foundation, and inspiration to live our lives. Miss you and will see you again! -Your tallest grandson, -Michael Yunker

86: During difficult times, dad would say, "This too shall pass." It's always been an inspiration to me. -Beth Nolan

87: Every time I would hug dad, he would squeeze me tight and say, "I'll never let you go!" I miss that. -Brian Yunker | "How sweet it is...." | I remember listening to the jutkebx and singing "I've got high hopes" in the bar room. -Beth Nolan.

88: Grandpa has taught me so many things that cannot even be put into words. The unspoken actions are the most important. Love has no words. He also taught me that even if you had a million dollars, that it means nothing if you aren't happy. I was truly blessed to live with grandma& grandpa. The only thing I would have changed was nothing...:) -Kim

89: My sadness is for Hunter because my whole life I was hoping that my kids would be able to be blessed to know him. I can pass on the love he has taught me but from him, priceless. Kim McCarthy

92: "The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you."

93: Grandpa, May heaven rejoice in receiving you, and the warmth of your love never leave us. -Michelle Danhof

94: After his passing, we decided to honor his life with a celebration that lasted an entire week. The bone fire burned for 7 days. .

96: Grandpa, When we speak of you now, it is with past tense. However, you shall remain with us always, for many futures to come. Your parting, though an inconceivable notion, has now left us with a tragic-yet beautiful turn of events. For you have left behind a legacy to be embraced by all. Let us look upon our adversities and heartaches with the strong hearted assurance you always carried. Let us paint, as you painted, live with our dreams hopes, and convictions in the light of your remembrance and grace. May your tremendous gift of faith and forgiveness be blessed upon us- and as we dream with the wonders of heaven, let us see your face and smile. Michelle Danhof

97: God, Jesus, and all the angels in heaven will be rejoicing, for another "guardian angel" will be newly and joyously welcoming your father. -Gloria Eck-Beard. | He was certainly the foundation that the Yunker family and name was built on. All that I can hope and pray for is the legacy to continue with all of us and that we can follow in his foot steps. They are big shoes to fill, but by the grace of GOD, I know we can do it. -Mark Yunker

98: I think of dad and how he liked the fact that all the people that he loved so much and enjoyed being around were there in the end. I believe that he knew that we were there and that's what he was waiting for. He wanted us all together and he achieved that. -Mark Yunker

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