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Growing up Briscoe

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S: Growing Up Briscoe: a Visual Story of Our Family.

FC: Briscoe | Growing Up | A Visual Story of Our Family.

1: Dear Billy: December 2010 I have wanted to make a book like this forever...a book that captures, in one place, a brief visual story of our family. Thing is, I don't have much historical information going back beyond our grandparents, and if I waited until I compiled that info, I would never finish this book. So this book captures mom's, dad's and your's and mine lives. When Grandma Andersen died, I was so lucky when Uncle John walked over and handed me a box full of photos he had found in Grandma's house...of mom in her childhood. I had never known these photos ever even existed, and to be given them was priceless. Now Dad's photos were harder to come by. But Aunt Kathie (Campina) helped out greatly and mailed me the pics you see in this album....she even went through the trouble of dating and narrating their content! And then of course, there are the pics of you and I from our childhood. I have many memories of many of these photos, and I am 99% sure those memories are different than your's! When I look through them, I am struck by the fact that we really did have the best childhood any kid could have..and some of the best parents, too. This is for you...I love you! | Love,Wendy

2: MOM | Kathryn Elizabeth Andersen | Born: November 1st, 1942 | Weight: 5lbs, 10 oz. | Length: 19 1/2"

3: "Sissy at 2 1/2 months" | "Sissy at 18 months" | "Sissy at 26 months" | 1943 | 1943 | 1944

4: as a little girl... | MOM

5: "Sissy: 3rd Birthday: November 1st, 1945" | Happy Birthday! | "Sissy: 4th Birthday: November 1st, 1946" | 3 | 4 | 8 | "Sissy: 8th Birthday: November 1st, 1950"

6: This photo still shocks me, how much I look like Mom. This one was of her in 6th Grade. | MOM | Grade School age | This should be a postcard. Knowing how much Grandpa loved bikes, this photo is so fitting for two of his four kids to be on one.

7: MOM'S FAMILY | The Andersens | Uncle Harold | Aunt Jo | Grandma | Mom | Aunt Kristie | Uncle Bobby | Grandma | Grandpa | I think these 2 in the back row were Grandpa's and Uncle Harold's parents, so they were Mom's grandparents.

8: Christmas Memories | Mom & Uncle Bobby in Illinois | I love these photos because they look like postcards for Christmas! Uncle Bobby with his train set and Mom with her dollie... | "Sissy and Bobby Under the Tree: Finks Street, Cicero, Illinois."

9: Happy Holidays | MEMORY: I remember Mom always saying that they would go and get their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve...because Grandpa knew that he could get it for free if he waited till the Christmas tree lots almost closed.

10: MOM | on the move... | These photos were taken when Mom, Bobby, Grandma and Grandpa moved from Illinois to Richmond, California. The top photo is the car they drove out that contained all of their belongings...including the fridge strapped to the back bumper.

11: My favorite thing about these photos is how dirty Mom's hand's are. I wonder if the dirt was soot from a fireplace, dirt from a backyard... | "Sissy and Bobby playing Soldiers on Finks Street in Cicero, Illinois." Approx: 1945

12: MOM | as a young woman... | Aunt Kathie said this was taken at Uncle Ed's "ranch" in Windsor, CA. We think Mom is holding our cousin, Lisa Grigg. | I remember Mom saying she took a cruise to Mexico. I remember because the amount of poverty she saw really stuck with her. Maybe this pic is from that cruise. | Must have been before we were born...since Mindy the dog is at a lake on what looks like a "vacation". Stupid dog. | Christmas 1965

13: I have no idea where this is. But there are Palm Trees in the background, so we know it is on the West Coast. Perhaps it is at Hurst Castle? | I think we both remember Mom being extremely giving. From giving strangers rides home, volunteering her time when she had hardly any of it, to making us each our own batch of heart-shaped rice krispie treats for Valentines Day, she was the essence of giving. It oozed out of her, even to her own detriment. How many nights do you remember Mom staying up till the wee hours because of some commitment she had made? I would say "most". I am so blessed to have been a child of her's, and I thank God all the time for the parents He gave to me. | She could have been a model with this photo...Dad scored.

14: DAD | John Oliver Briscoe | Born: November 10th, 1936 | Sadly, this is the only baby picture of Dad anyone could find. | Dad with younger sister Kathie, and their dog "Pal". | Dad with younger sister Kathie

15: The Briscoe Family. | Back row: Ed Briscoe (dad's older brother), John Briscoe (Dad), Joyce Briscoe (dad's older sister). Front row: Maud Briscoe (dad's mother), Kathie Briscoe (dad's younger sister), and the head of the family: Joy Briscoe (dad's father).

16: DAD | as a young man... | Santa Rosa Senior High School Photo Class of 1954. | The horse wasn't Dad's, it just came to his birthday party. Dad looks like he was about 9 or 10 years old.

17: The back of this photo was stamped with a "Rosenberg's Department Store" stamp. It is a very high-end professional photograph which leads me to believe it was done as an "employee" photograph by the department store. | Dad was the guy who never said "no", the life of the party, the guy who would drive to Safeway's at 1:00am to buy more hairspray for mom. Dad was the type of guy who I would have loved to have as a friend because he was loyal, funny and seemed to always put people at ease. He also was mom's "behind the scene" guy: when she volunteered to bake 4 dozen cookies for a school function, it was usually Dad baking the last batch at midnight, and cleaning the bowls. Some might say he was a "pushover" but to me, Dad was the kind of person we should all strive to be: nice. When Mom dedicated "The Wind Beneath My Wings" to him at her funeral, she couldn't have been more right. | This newspaper clipping shows Dad and reads that he was "Vice President" of Rosenberg's Employee's Association. Funny the things you learn about your parents that you never would have thought. | Rosenberg's Department Store is where Mom & Dad met. He sold shoes, Mom worked in the offices as a secretary to the V.P. of the company.

18: Our Brother | JOHNNY | I remember being so excited when "Big Brother John" would come over, usually on holidays. He would always play touch football with us out in the street, he was enormous to us! He was Dad's son from his first marriage to Dorothy. Johnny was always more like a cousin to us, because we never lived together (he lived with his Mom) and we only saw him throughout the year at family gatherings. But we always loved it when he would come over. | Johnny had a heart-attack and died at the young age of 48 in 2002, just 4 short months after Dad died. It was surreal to lose both a father and a brother in such a short period of time.

19: Kids are cruel and when I saw this pic my first thought was: "Ohhh... redhead, freckles AND glasses...I wonder if Johnny got picked on." But my second thought was: "Probably not since he was twice the size of any other kid in his class!" | 1961 | When I graduated from Cal State Long Beach and Johnny and Dad and Billy and Roz came down. | 1994

20: Mom & Dad | GET MARRIED. | Mom was 20 years old and Dad was 26 years old. | I remember Mom saying she borrowed her wedding dress from a friend.

21: John & Kathryn Briscoe Married May 5th, 1963 | "I Do" | Driving away as a husband and wife.

22: A Wedding Day | SHARED WITH FAMILY | Mom has her hand on the shoulder of her younger brother, Roy. Next to Roy is Dad's son, Johnny. Next to Johnny is Mom's younger brother, John. The 2 redhead little girls are Carol and Lisa Grigg, dad's nieces from his sister Joyce. The littlest girl on the right is Dad's niece, Cindy (his brother Ed's daughter). And the other little girl to the left of the redheads: a mystery. | I can't find any photos from their wedding that have Mom's older brother, Bobby, in them. Wonder where he was.

23: Guess that's where I got the "my-eyes-are-always-closed-in-pictures" trait. Thanks Mom. | Mom and Dad with Mom's parents: Virgil Andersen & Helen Andersen | Mom and Dad with Dad's parents: Joy Briscoe & Maud Briscoe

24: BECOME PARENTS | Mom and Dad | First comes Wendy: January 8th, 1971 | Next comes Billy: May 4th, 1973

25: 2 REDHEADS.. | Just 16 months apart. | I dont know if Mom and Dad planned to have us so close together or if that is just the way it happened. But I am sure they had their hands full with us only being 16 months apart! Even though I was older, I was constantly being tormented by Billy. Mom always used to talk about Billy pulling my hair out, and when she would discipline him, I would start to cry and tell her "Don't be mean to my brother!"

26: Christmas Memories | Of Our Own... | I remember being a little freaked about sitting on Santa Claus's lap. But as long as I had my brother with me, it wasnt so bad.

27: Wendy's best present: The dollhouse dad made me, designed exactly after our house at 932 Ellen Street in Rohnert Park. | MEMORY: When we opened our Christmas stockings to find See's Butterscotch lollipops. We unwrapped them and starting sucking, only to find ants spilling out from the inside, down the plastic lollipop stick. | Billy's best present: When mom and dad pimped out his white Huffy bike to make it look like the G.T. he wanted but they couldn't afford. | We used the same Christmas stockings for years and years. Mom made them, one for each of us: Dad's was an old sock with a toe sticking out, Mom's was a slipper, Billy's was a cowboy boot and mine was a Mary Jane shoe.

28: Remembering some of our | FAMILY VACATIONS | With Goofy at Disneyland, about 1976 | With Charlie the Tuna (?) about 1976

29: We went to Disneyland a few times, some by ourselves and some with the Bialkoski Family in an R.V. I also remember going to Knott's Berry Farm and the Spruce Goose and The Queen Mary, all in Southern California. We never flew on an airplane, we always went on road trips. I also remember going to Fort Bragg to ride the Skunk Train and we stayed in a cheap motel in Willits that had an indoor pool. We thought that was the best thing ever. Other than those trips, I only ever remember Hendy Woods. | MEMORY | I am pretty sure this is at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. How uncomfortable do our clothes look? And I love that Mom would dress us like this and then get annoyed when people would ask if we were twins. | Driving in Autopia at Disneyland...pretty sure this is one of the only photos of Billy's finger in the bandage after he CUT IT OFF in a bike chain. Obviously, the docs were able to reattach it.

30: Family Photos | This is exactly how I will always remember Mom and Dad | 1973 | 1989 | 1981

31: Memories of our house at 932 Ellen Street, Rohnert Park, CA. | The "orange bathroom" The red carpet: great for playing games of "Hot Lava" The black "pleather" couches The set of red and black Encyclopedia Brittanicas That red and black flowered wall paper in the kitchen The uncompleted brick wall held together with chicken wire The half-pipe in the backyard that Billy built The gum machine that Mom always stocked with cornuts Billy's forts in the backyard A pull-down electric train table Dad built in the garage

32: WENDY. | That which is Wendy. | Yes I wore Gunnysack dresses buttoned up to my neck. And yes I was a tattle-tale. I always followed the rules, no matter how lame the rules were. I never ever wanted to "rock the boat". Even though Billy was younger, I often would get talked into doing things for him: like going around the neighborhood with a wagon to "truck people in" to our garage for his legendary carnivals. | We did a dance routine to the theme song from "Popeye the Sailor Man" in our school talent show. I think we actually won something.

33: I never remember playing with dolls, I always remember playing with Billy's army men, Star Wars action figures, and being all-time Quarterback in touch football (I was the only girl in the neighborhood). But I clearly am enjoying a doll and stroller here. | Mom made me this robe. It was yellow gingham and matched my yellow gingham bedroom. No wonder Billy always wanted to punch me.

34: BILLY. | My brother | Billy always loved a competition. He didnt like getting in trouble, and wasnt really a rule-breaker, he just liked to push the envelope., so therefore he got in trouble. He loved capitalizing on other kid's stupidity or rather, gullability.. hence, the carnivals he hosted in our garage with games he charged money for that were pretty much impossible to win. Billy was such a business man, even at the age of about 10, he started having garage sales in which he sold whatever he didnt think Mom or Dad would miss from the house. | Billy competing as "The Joking Juggler" at our school talent show. | Sporting his Rohnert Park City Allstars hat

35: BILLY. | The ever-covetted Diamond Back bike Billy won by selling the most candy bars in the league. He set his eye on this bike and never ever took it off. Most evenings and weekends Mom would drop him off in front of either Raley's or Safeway to sell his candy bars.

36: Sports Memories | We had a ton of them! | Dad was one of the coaches for my "Under 8" soccer team: The Little Rascals. | St. Rose C.Y.O Basketball > > | Rohnert Park City League Baseball

37: We pretty much played sports more than any other activity growing up. I still cant pass a softball field without getting warm fuzzies just from the smell of the grass. Whether it was playing a game, or just playing catch with Dad and or Billy, some of my best childhood memories are of playing baseball. Though I never passed up a game of "Horse" basketball either. | Wewe | Cardinal Newman Varsity Team 1990 | >>>

38: GROWING UP BRISCOE. | Dimes and quarters in birthday cakes. Mom sipping pepsi (not coke) out of fancy teacups with straws cut in half. "John...Johhhhn....Johhhhhhhhnn....JOHN!" Push-starting our VW Rabbit. Pitfall. Billy not wanting to eat frozen vegetables, so he throws them in the bathroom and locks the door from the outside. Speaking of bathrooms: the "orange" bathroom. Having the best house ever to play a game of hot lava...cuz our carpet was red. Mpm blowing ants off the cookies for the bake sale at Evergreen...and still selling them the next day. Camping in the rain thinking the Klu Klux Klan was at the site next to us. Donut kids' dad. Rowdy Rodney Piper. Taffy ringing bells for treats. Taffy coughing up a lung cuz of a hole in her heart. Billy rolling down the car window yelling: "CHILD ABUSE!" cuz mom would make us ride with all the windows up so as to not mess up her, hair while smoking. Disneyland for 5 days in an R.V. with the Bialkoskis. Dad always balancing the checkbook, sitting on the floor at the coffee table. Mom with all of her bills | spread across the glass dining room table, figuring out what credit card she was going to use to pay the PG&E Bill, etc. When Dad didnt set the emergency break at the Bialkoski's on New Year's eve and the car rolled back down their driveway, up over the curb and into the middle section of their court. Mom falling at Cal Skate RP, they had to clear the skating rink cuz she broke her arm, Dad had to crawl out to her since he had skates on and didnt know how to skate! During high school, always meeting Mom and Dad at Lyon's for dinner since we all had so many activities going on: probably one of the things that sent them into bankruptcy. Kent 100's...perhaps the main source of their negative bank accounts. Napa Valley Box company: our summer assembly-line job working for Jim Isaacs. Dad's Chevy Citation that didnt have reverse.

39: AND GOOD FRIENDS TOO. | Brother & Sister | Do I need to even name the decade? | In front of the fireplace at Quail Hollow Drive. | Right after we got our dog: Taffy. Dont know why the name Taffy, but Billy named her. | With the evil dog Mindy. She hated us because she was the "baby" before we came along. The feeling was mutal, Mindy.

40: MOM | Always in Our Hearts. | Layed to rest on August 22nd, 1993 | With older brother Bobby, younger brother, Johnny, and her mom. | < At Disneyland in about 1980 | Sitting on the Stanislaus in Strawberry

41: Dear Holy Spirit: It is only You in me who wants to inspire others. I pray that You will speak loudly through me, crying out Your message of love, for I fear to more than whisper. I am so full of my "self" - the only true good in me is nothing of my doing...where one might find any real good in me, it is the Christ in me they will find. Please help the "self" in me to lessen and the Christ in me to increase. | Mom was constantly striving to be a better person (though she was such an exemplary one already!) I found these journal entries after she died.. | I want to be humble, but my "self" screams out. I want to be humble, but even that I shout. Please help me to whisper... "Lord Make Me Humble." | Written February 1985

42: DAD | Always in Our Hearts. | Layed to rest on May 26th, 2002 | With sisters Joyce and Kathie at a family reunion | Dad at maybe his favorite place on earth: Strawberry | Some of the best times of my life were playing catch with Dad. | When I graduated college

43: With a lifetime of memories in my thoughts on this day Your journey ends softly, I watch my best friend slip away I look back through the years at all the great times we’ve had And a smile grabs my soul, I’m so proud you were my dad You were the life of the party, everybody’s good friend A quick-witted genius, cracking jokes until the end But there was more to the man, that others might not have seen Love, loyalty, compassion, the perfect father to me When I needed advice, you always knew what to say I would give anything for you to be here for just one more day I smile at the love that you and Braeden had Yet I cry because my son won’t know his granddad A celebration of life, not a dwelling on death Is what you would have wanted on your day of rest Until the day occurs when our paths cross again My heart is always with you, my father, my best friend Dad, we all love you With all our hearts Love, Billy | Billy wrote this poem and read it to Dad at his funeral. Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the funeral hall.

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