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Growth & Development Project

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FC: Growth & Development Project By: Maddie Carrigan

1: Week 1: My egg was released into the fallopian tube and is ready to be fertilized, this was the last week of my mom's menstrual cycle, but she wont actually be pregnant for another two weeks. | Week 2: I was fertilized during week 2, and my gender was determined as a girl the minute my mom's egg was fertilized. | Week 3: My now fertilized egg was going through a process of cell division, continuously dividing, my mass of cells made their way to the uterus which which is where i formed into a Morula. Eventually my Morula attached itself to the uteran wall which developed into my mom's placenta.

2: Week 4: I was now called an embryo, and I had two sets of cells known as hypoblasts and epiblasts which everntually turned into my organs and body parts. MY amnitoic sac is now produced protecting, and feeding me. | Week 5: I began to take the distinct shape of a baby. My neural tube began to form which turned into my spinal cord and brain. A bulge in my middle is my heart, and my placenta finally develops giving me full nourishment. | Week 6: My brain and nervous system are developing rapidly! My ear, an eye pathways begin to form, my heart also begins to beat. My digestive and respiratory systems are beginning to form an the curled projections off me will soon become my limbs.

3: Week 7: I am now constantly adapting to life inside the uterus, and now my umbilical cord has developed. Other things forming inside me include: GI tract, lungs mouth, nostrils, ears, and hands with little buds which will turn into my fingers. | Week 8: My fingers and toes finally started to form, and i could flex my elbows and wrists. My eyes were now defined and you could see their brown color. My intestines began to grown and spilled into my umbilical cord.

4: Month 3: I was now in a recognizable form. My nails and earlobes started to | Month 4: My skin was now pink, and fine hairs had formed all over me. My eyebrows and lashes | Month 5: I now started growing muscle. I had teeth coming in my jawbone, some hair on my head, and full grown fingernails. I could also clench | develop along with arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, and toes. My eyes were almost fully developed and I had most tissues and organs. | were now visible. I could hear my mom's voice. My neck could lift my head and I slept, swallowed, moved, kicked, waved and peed. | my fists. My internal organs were maturing and fat was being stored beneath my skin. My gallbladder also develops which creates bile.

5: Month 6: At 24 weeks I could suck my thumb and hiccup! My skin was still a little wrinkled and red, I developed eggs in my ovaries, and my bones are now becoming solid! | Month 7: I could now open and close my eyes and was sensitive to light. I moved A LOT kicking all around. On top of that i was packing on the fat for my skin which maintained my body temperature when I'll be born. | Month 8: By now I was smooth and becoming chubby because I was laying fat stores for life outside of the womb. I also turned in my mom's stomach so my head was down now in preparation for birth.

6: Month 9: Now I was a fully formed baby! I gained about 1 ounce per day and my skin was less rumpled. I had developed sleeping patters, and my lungs were mature. I was born 2 weeks after my due date.

7: 0-3 Months: I can now life my head when laying on my belly,and grasp small objects when placed in my hands. I now make cooing sounds, follow moving objects with my eyes and sometimes appear to be staring at things, and begin to smile when I'm played with. I slept through the whole night, and rubbed my eyes when I was tired.

8: Months 3-6: I now hold my head up, roll over on my tummy, can now chew, and I enjoy brightly colored objects. I support my weight when you hold me up, but generally spend most of my time kicking my arms and legs when laying on my back. I cry less now and became more coordinated. I doubled my birth weight and I'm constantly making sounds. My own immune systems begin producing antibodies. I also started to teethe because teeth began to erupt from my gums. I now breathe through my nose and can reach with both hands by 6 months. I could shake my rattle, and bounce in my bouncy. Shook my head like saying no and started eating baby food.

9: Months 6-9: I now start growing at a steadier pace and can now sit completely unsupported. By the end of 9 months, I reach out and grab a toy. I begin eating solid foods, and can recognize common objects, or sounds. I enjoyed making loud noises with toys, drink from a sippy cup without any help, I looked for airplanes when they're flying outside, and have 4 front teeth. I can also pull myself into a standing position and am able to walk when holding onto things. Waved bye bye nodded yes and no and said dada

10: Months 9-12: I am now moving around by shuffling, an crawling. By 10 months can walk when holding adults hands or other objects. By 12 months I can pick up objects on their own. I show affection to my stuffed animals by kissing and hugging, I am just about walking, can eat normal solid foods, and love watching ducks. I know what a cow says and go MOO and know who people are, when asked I can point to them and can also say Hi.

11: Months 12-15: I can now walk by myself,and cruise when holding onto furniture, and also will begin to climb.Can start to build with objects. Voice goes up and down, and say Dog Mama Dada Maddie Nana Dougie and many other things. I now know what is being said to me, and respond when my name is called. I can successfully climb out of my crib and up ladders. I can run and love to play hide and go seek.

12: Months 15-18: I can now walk and stop regularly, climb on objects, kneel, and squat to pick up toys. By this age I can now scribble when pencil is placed in my right hand, and know my own reflection. I refer to myself as my name, and can also use hand gestures to indicate what I want. Temper tantrums become apparent when I become frustrated.

13: Ages 1-4: I can now run, kick balls, can feed themselves, and I'm aware of physical needs. I can also feed themselves independently, and drink from cups. Recognize words in a sentence, identify details in pictures. By this time I have a large vocabulary and learn new words everyday. 3 years old I can drive ride a bike and pogo stick. At the age of 4 I love movies and playing outside. I always want to dress myself and joke around all the time.

14: Ages 4-7: I can now skip, play hop scotch, throw and catch a baseball. I can read and write great for my age. | I have developed emotions about other people. I have my own opinions an interests. | I dress myself all by myself and begin to play soccer, softball, basketball, and swimming.

15: Ages 7-10: Children now start to develop at different rates due to gender, ethnic origin, genetics, hormones, nutrition, environment, or maybe even disease. I begin puberty age 9. I have lost some baby fat and have muscle tone from sports.This is when I become the most active, and want to be involved in specific activities. I have now moved from Michigan to Texas and lost most of my teeth. I also get braces and start orthodontia. I begin to sweat more than usual and my hair gets greasier faster.

16: Ages 10-13: Many changes occur in my academic environment now. Also since puberty begins to set in, many hormones combine to create physical changes. I luckily don't develop pimples, don't have body odor, and my body proportions begin to take shape, and hair grows all over. My boobs get bigger and menstrual cycle begins. I now want nothing more than to be older, and independent. I have now become more self conscious, developed crushes, and also become more mature.

17: Ages 13-16: Now in the teen years, mood swings start to happen. Puberty has subsided and many changes may occur. I have lost any remaining baby fat. I have become very athletic and enjoy a lot of activity. In school I have found subjects that are my strengths and weaknesses. | I have by 16 gotten my drivers license, gotten more acne than before, grew into my hips and rest of my body, have tore my ACL MCL and Meniscus.

18: Ages 16-19: I am done maturing, completely independent for the most part, mostly done maturing, and fully aware of my likes and dislikes. Many life changes occur getting license, graduating, going to college, living on my own getting a job, etc. I expect to get a perfect score on my ACT, graduate with honors, and go to school at Michigan State University.

19: Adult Years: As I have grown, many things have changed. In my early twenties, I noticed that i could no longer eat whatever I wanted, gaining more weight. In my thirties early thirties is when i decided to have children. I gained a healthy amount of baby weight during my pregnancy. I enjoyed feeling my baby kick around 7 months and couldn't wait until she was born I named her Cora Marie. Following her I had 3 other children. I have since then gained but managed to shed the pounds with exercise. I take calcium tablets to get my bones nourished and noticed some gray hairs by the age of 46.

20: Senior Age: At the age of 52 I experienced menopause. I had hot flashes and some serious mood swings. I have arthritis in my knee due to the fact that I had to get my meniscus taken out when I was 28. So I have constant aches in my right knee along with my fingers because of my bones becoming more brittle. Although I haven't lost as much muscle and bone mass as other because I have a high physical activity level. I am now mostly gray. I don't have high blood pressure or cholesterol and am in great health for an 80 year old woman.

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