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Hall Of Fame

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S: Influential

BC: Published with love by: Snyder/Payne Productions Copyright: 2013 A Division of Neil DIamond and Associates

FC: In-spir-a-tion-al (adjective) Having a positive and lasting influence on someone or something.

1: "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." -John Wooden

3: The Journey

4: Coach, It is such an honor to have been one of your volleyball players. My senior year, to this day, is one of the most memorable events in my life. I have great memories of you believing in us and in our dream. You had full confidence in us, which played a huge roll in winning that first ever volleyball state title for our school. You brought our team to a whole other level, not just on the court, but in our relationships with each other. You have not just been a coach to me, but even as time has passed, you have also been my mentor and my friend. You helped me(more than you know) when I became a coach. Your support and encouragement meant so much to me. You will always have a special place in my heart and I can't think of a better person for this high honor. Congratulations, Coach! Brandey (Stu) Voran (Stuart) 1991-1994 | Coach Snyder wore many hats at Simla when I was there. My junior year, you decided we were going to run a 4-2 offense. Most people responded with, you mean a 6-2 right? Nope, 4-2 because if there was ever an example of white girl can't jump, it was me! Despite my definite lack (wow!) of natural athleticism, I worked hard to gain skills and I am grateful to have had a coach that recognized my hard work and gave me the opportunity to succeed when most would have passed me by. You gave me confidence which is something not just any coach can do. Congratulations Coach! Kaeli Sandhoff (Moore)

5: Coach - WOW! I'm so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! Being inducted to CHSCA Hall of Fame... How GREAT is that?! I'm honored to be one of many to have been under your wing. There are so many great memories I have with you. You had faith in me Jr. High on up. Truth is, I struggled a lot and you kept believing in me, athlete and student. Thanks for not giving up on me. I have volunteered and gotten paid to coach a sport I love. I teach the girls what I have been taught. They are better players after, and I owe it all to you. I look back at my high school carrier... WOW! 1st Gold ball for the girls program there, Runner up, and Gold ball my Senior year... AMAZING. I am a lucky woman to have had you on my corner. Your name is known all over Colorado and I was taught and coached by you. When I had Bailee I always wanted her to play for you... stick around a little longer and she will have to play against you on the dark side... Calhan. :) I would love to see that. Love and Cherish the memories you and your family have helped me create. Congratulations! Love, Bird - Birdsong - Stacie Fluegel 1997 #12

6: Sue, It has been such a privilege for me to get to experience having you as a teacher, a coach, a mentor coach, a fellow-coach, and a friend. You have always been a person I admire greatly and find myself constantly thinking, "What would Coach Snyder have done?". Generally speaking, after asking myself this question, the girls found themselves on the line for extra conditioning!! You taught me so much about volleyball, business, and life...I have been so blessed to be part of your life. Not only did you teach your players the fundamentals inside and out, you taught us all how to believe in ourselves and work to our full potential. The one thing I vividly remember, and continue to tell my players and students about, was when we were in 8th grade. I will NEVER forget when you got so mad at us in practice, you spiked a ball down on the ground came back up and slammed your face. We all knew that if we started laughing we were toast, but, I think you could detect the smirks on our faces. With a beet red face from the ball hitting it, becoming more red with anger, you proceeded to send us all home for the evening...not gently. I have to admit, as soon as we hit that locker room, the laughter erupted. NOT because we enjoyed seeing you get was just funny. However, the older I get and the more I experience the true intensity of being a coach, it becomes just a little less humorous. Thank you for being such a tremendous impact on so many lives, particularly mine! Congratulations!!! You are so deserving of this honor. Michelle (McClelland) Selle (Player - 1987-1992), (Assistant Coach 2001-2003-ish)

7: My favorite memory of Coach Snyder is her love for volleyball that she demonstrated at every practice and at every game. And she "passed" that passion on to her players. I wanted to play all the time. I remember serving over the fence in the backyard and practicing my spiking approach on walks because I loved to play! Congratulations, Coach! Jillian "Jilly Bean" (Gieck) Blodgett - 1990-1995 | Coach Snyder had a way of teaching volleyball to where it wasn’t only competitive but also fun. Not only do we respect her as a coach, but also consider her a friend. We are fortunate to have had her in our lives growing up not only in a school setting but also in our personal lives. We wish you nothing but the best! Congratulations! Staci Norton (Hamacher) 1997-2001 Kristi Carmack (Hamacher) 1999-2001

8: Congratulations Coach on receiving such a very well deserving award! When I started thinking of my favorite memory playing for you, our entire 1994 season takes the cake. Before I reminisce about such a delightful time in my life, I have a few things to thank you for. First of all, I want to thank you for not only teaching me the game of volleyball, but helping me strive to be a better person in life. It has been a privilege for me to be able to come back to Simla and work with you as a fellow teacher. Looking into your program from the outside (as a fellow colleague), I have realized that playing under you and Coach Al helped develop my character and strive to succeed in life. You have such high expectations of all your players (does not matter what the ability may be), and you push them to become the best. Next, I want to thank you for instilling a love of volleyball in me. I remember being in elementary and junior high school; you would always make a point to make me feel an excitement for volleyball. I also want to thank you for the pride you have in our school. As an alumni of Simla High School, it is very apparent how you work very hard at instilling that pride in your players. I am a very proud Simla Bearcub and I can still sing the entire school song thanks to you. While playing for you from 1991-1994, I thought of many special memories, but the most special to me was our 1994 season. It all began that August when we took a road trip over the mountain to Steamboat Springs for our annual volleyball camp. It was that week that we determined we were going to win the gold ball. I remember watching Chad Teichert’s volleyball highlight video when he coached at Cokeville, and we were determined we were going to have one of those at the end of our season.

9: We had a little bit of a rocky start with our first game of the season barely beating Byers with the third game winning 16-14. There were a few fans after that game that thought we set a pretty unrealistic goal in winning state, but our team never stopped believing. We had win after win as the season progressed, and then the last game of our regular season was at Limon. We three seniors had never beaten Limon throughout high school, so here was our test. Jenny Molner had the smell of “burnt Badgers” right after getting off the bus and that set the tone for the night. We finished the night beating our nemesis in two games. Our winning flame continued to burn through post season until meeting Fowler in regionals. They beat us in 2 games and I remember talking in the locker room after the game that it was not going to happen again. We determined we would “respect them, but not fear them.” State volleyball week had arrived and this was what we worked for all season. We were so excited as we traveled up to our “hotel of champions.” Pool play went pretty smooth which put us in a great position for semi-finals. Meeting Wiggins in semi-finals ended up taking a few rotations to finish out the second game, but we eventually got the win. Then came our “Moment in Time”; the championship game against Fowler. Fowler was playing for their 3rd consecutive championship and going on a 92 game winning streak. I remember our pre-game ritual of reading, praying, and focusing quickly turned to tears. It was our last game playing together and our dream season was becoming reality; so there were a lot of emotions flying. I remember you coming in to talk to us and you started looking a little worried as you looked into all our teary faces. Our pre-game warm-up was the worst warm-up we had the whole season; then you really started getting worried.

10: When the game started, our focus returned to the goal we worked for all season. The first game was ours beating Fowler 15-6, then the second game didn’t go quite as smooth. Fowler was ahead of us 13-8 and you took a time-out. I remember being in the huddle and someone saying (could have been Tammy Tracy) “we got this coach.” We went back out on the floor and our point deficit decreased. Then Tammy was up to serve game point and we kept saying in our huddle this is “our moment”; and she served an ace. That was a moment I will cherish the rest of my life. Thank you for believing in us and coaching us through our dream season. Congratulations on being inducted into the Colorado High School Coaches Hall of Fame; they have chosen a very well deserving coach. Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into coaching volleyball. You have definitely instilled a love for the game in my heart forever. Love ya Coach! Carissa (Gordon) Cox 1991-92 through 1994-95

11: It's been over 16 years since high school and I still look back and thank Coach Snyder for some of the best days of my life. From times in the classroom, to the more important times on the court. Through blood, sweat, and tears of joy. Coach always worked just as hard, if not, harder than we did, maybe that is why she has created a dynasty at Simla High and is certainly worthy of the Hall of Fame. I think camp at Steamboat Springs really got things started. Coach sought out Olympic coaches and an area that really got us going, both physically and mentally. We set goals, I didn't know what a goal was until Coach Snyder. In those three days we bonded and learned what it would take to make a championship team. And we did! We sailed through league and districts, just as her girls do now. Hit a bump at regionals, but once we reached the Denver city limits, we were unstoppable. That Saturday night was the most wonderful and exciting night I had had at that point of my life (probably still in my top 5). Our championship of 1994 will go down in history...Mainly because it was first! :) And it wasn't going to stop there. A state runner-up the next year then I returned home to watch my team-mates take state again in '96. From then, Coach has always built herself a winning team. The first time I'd learned something from Coach, it was softball, I was 10. She taught me the round-house. We won every year after that, or at least second place. About a half a year later I was a manager for the high school girl's basketball team. She showed up to practice and was unhappy with the look of my jumpshot. She worked with me the remainder of the girls' practice, trying to perfect my shooting technique. I thank her so much for that, one day it really paid off.

12: Coach let us have fun too! So many laughs we all shared. Like the time Keri threw the fake dog poo on your lap! That was hilarious!! Coach wasn't even very mean to us when we constantly teased her about her Neil Diamond obsession. She let us hang out in her classroom and play games on the computer so we didn't have to take a real class. But we were seniors, seniors aren't supposed to take a lot of classes. Speaking of class, Coach Snyder taught that. From how we dressed, to our attitudes on and off the floor. Simla is now known for having the most classy athletes in the area, something I'm still very proud of. I could go on and on, write your whole book myself, there are plenty of memories. Instead I'll say congratulations. Congratulations!!! I can't tell you how much you deserve this coach, you are amazing. I'm sure everyone would agree you do a lot for your teams, and I truly hope you have gotten back a lot for your hard work. And I also know, you could be coaching a professional team-if you didn't love Simla so much. Jenny (Molner) Billmire

13: Dear Coach Snyder, Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment! I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me so many things about volleyball from the player standpoint all the way to the coaching standpoint. It has been such an amazing journey and truly a blessing. I have a lot of respect for who you are and the amount of volleyball knowledge that you know. Over the years you have taught me so many skills about the sport that it has become a part of who I am. I absolutely love volleyball and am able to play well all because of the skills that you instilled in me. I appreciate every bit of it and am honored to have had the opportunity to play under you and coach with you. Thank you for who you are, all that you do, and all that you have done. God bless and thank you again, Kaley Carter (Played Volleyball 2000-2005 and Coached Junior High Volleyball 2007-2009)

14: Congratulations Coach Snyder! You have accomplished so much as a coach and I feel blessed to say I experienced a small part in that as one of your players. From elementary volleyball camps from before I was even in kindergarten, I grew to love the sport of volleyball above all others. The skills I learned have been ingrained in me forever. By playing all through junior high and high school to even intermurals in college, volleyball will always be a part of my life. You as a coach inspired me to not only share the love of the game but also to coach others to help them find that same love. I have had the opportunity to coach volleyball for junior high girls through the City of Fort Collins and to recall the skills you taught me and to pass them on to others was very special. This also gave me a true appreciation for being coached the correct way to play as I spent hours trying to correctly teach these girls even the most basic skills. Thank for all that you have done and for all that you continue to do! Again, congratulations! God Bless, Kelsey Carter Played Volleyball from 2006 - 2009 (Junior High & High School)

15: Coach Snyder- Congratulations on your induction into the CHSCA Hall of Fame! What an incredible and well-deserved award! I'm so thankful to have had the chance to learn from you and be coached by you all four years (1998-2002) at Simla High School. You were truly an inspiration to me, then, and you continue to inspire me even today. You are more than deserving of this award. While time and space would never allow me to write all my favorite things, or all things that meant so much to me, I do know this for sure; I am who I am today in part because of your incredible influence in my life. I know they say team sports and competition help mold a child, but certainly her coach is capable of playing just as much of a role. You have inspired me to help make a difference in the lives of our youth, and I can only hope that I am able to impact girls in a positive manner, much like you have done for so many years. There were certain things that really stood out to me over the course of four years, and even as I have begun my own coaching career, have implemented so many of these tactics as well. The most impactful investment (besides the time and energy) you made, in my opinion, was our "books"--the books we'd read before games to get mentally prepared for games. After having made them, now, I realize the time commitment even physically and financially creating them was, but more importantly, putting together a curriculum that allowed us to get into a state of mind that demanded our best play was second to none. Without a doubt, I attribute a lot of your success over the years to the mental state of your teams, but I realize that isn't innate; it's something that must be taught and mastered, just like an arm swing or approach.

16: You found a unique way to connect with each girl, and require from her a state of mind that would allow her the best chance for success. After all the drills have been run and the skills have been fine tuned, it's the mental state of the team that provides that competitive advantage. I could recall fun memories and close games, but I wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing us (and each of your teams) with the best chance for success. Those are the memories I will remember forever, and those are the memories that changed my life, and inspired me to be who I am today. Thank you, Coach Snyder. I love you!! Love, Anne Duncan “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” - John Wooden | Coach Snyder, It's crazy to think that I've known you for most of my lifetime. I remember at the age of four coming to Simla to watch my sisters participate in your elementary volleyball camps. I would then go home and practice wrist and hands together, straight and simple, forearm contact, etc. in the living room with my mom. I was so excited when I was finally old enough to attend camp.

17: I would have never thought that you would one day be my junior high and high school coach, but I am sooooo thankful you were. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in to making me a better player and, more importantly, making our team better. I'm so glad you were a coach who taught fundamentals and demanded discipline. Oh...speaking of discipline, that reminds me of my most epic (probably not one of my most fond) memories of you. It was my sophomore year, probably one of your beeeesssst years of coaching since our team got along soooo well (totally joking). It was during practice the week of districts. We weren't having the best practice that day, which was actually kind of a normal occurrence that year. I can't remember what drill we were doing, but it was 6 on 6. You threw a free ball to the "starting" side. I was in the front row in transition and Erica Ehmann was playing left back defense 2 by 2. I was getting ready to pass the free ball since it conveniently happened to come right toward me until Erica yelled out, "MINE!" So, of course, being the unselfish player that I was, I willingly moved out of the way to let Erica pass. But through the confusion of it all, neither of us took the pass and....the ball dropped. For a short moment the gym went silent. But considering practice hadn’t been going well, all of us were on edge. It wasn’t long before I opened my mouth and yelled at Erica in frustration, “YOU CALLED IT!!!” She quickly snapped back, "YOU DIDN'T GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!" Immediately, you slammed the ball down and let us have it. "I’M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU ALL B****ING AROUND!!!!!!!!!!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! IT’S THE WEEK OF DISTRICTS BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!

18: WE DON’T HAVE TO HAVE PRACTICE IF YOU CAN’T GET ALONG!!!! GET OUT OF MY GYM!!!!!!!!!" All of us looked at each other for a little bit, wondering what was going to happen next. But then we realized you were serious. You were kicking us out of the gym...the week of districts...and it was all because of me! WHAT?! Kristen Wilson just got the whole team kicked out of practice?!?!?! We all made our way to the hallway. At first, no one said a word. Erica and I just looked at each other. Then Taylor Goodhue started laughing, "Haha!!! What just happened?!" I started tearing up apologizing for everything and Erica did the same. Erica and I knew there were no hard feelings between us, but we were awe struck of what had just gone on. Taylor continued lightening the mood reenacting the recent blowup between Erica, me, and then Mrs. Snyder. Even though we had just gotten kicked out of practice and should have been more remorseful, we couldn't help but seeing how humorous the whole situation was. I don’t know if you remember this occurrence because "How could Kristen Wilson ever do anything wrong?" Haha! :) That specific memory shows just how much you wanted to win, which is one thing I really love about you. But you were not only a competitive coach, you were also a coach who truly cared about her players. Thank you so much for everything you have done throughout the years, whether it be writing letters of recommendation, supporting me in other areas of life, and having an interest in my life even after high school. Whenever I visit home, you're definitely on my list of people I want to see. Thank you for developing the love of volleyball within me. Even

19: though I loved volleyball at an early age, to this day it is still my favorite sports. I love being able to play at college and dominate all because I had an outstanding coach. But I not only respect you as my coach, but as my friend. Thank you so much for investing so much time and effort into my life. It has been a true joy and honor playing for you, helping coach alongside you, and getting to know you as a person. You’re awesome. Congratulations on being inducted into CHSCA Hall of Fame! You definitely deserve it! I love you Coach! Kristen Wilson Dear Coach, Congratulations on receiving such a much deserved, prestigious honor. It was truly a privilege to be part of a program that you have poured your heart and soul into for so many years. You have helped define what it means to be a “Simla Bear Cub”. Your expectations have molded deep rooted traditions that have and will continue to carry on for generations of Simla Bear Cubs. The memories that I have of high school volleyball are ones for storybooks. It is hard to put into mere words how special those times were. They were truly our “Moments in Time”. Those “moments” didn’t just fall upon us though. It was hard work, dedication, and belief when no one else in the outer circle had any that gave us the edge over our opponents. We weren’t the biggest, or the strongest players, but we did have the biggest and strongest hearts. This is the definition and expectation that you have molded for being a Simla Bear Cub.

20: I remember as a little girl, you saying little things that lit my fire for being an athlete. You instilled confidence and an excitement in me at a very young age that lead to an enormous dedication to and love of the game. I could not wait to wear the blue and gold uniform and represent the Simla Bear Cubs. I have never told you how much those “little things” meant to me, but as Coach Carl McGowen says”there are no little things”. Those “little things” led to “big things”, and I am truly grateful for what you did. Due to our team’s success over the course of my four years in high school, and a lot of time, effort, and support by you, I was blessed enough to be able to play at the collegiate level. That was an experience that I will always be grateful for. It taught me many life lessons, and I made lifelong friends in the process; however, it made me realize even more what a privilege it was to have you as my coach. When I stepped on the court in college, I was always being measured by how tall I was, or how high I could jump, or how hard I could hit. There was always a focus on how my physical attributes measured up. Again, I am ever so grateful to have the opportunity to experience this level of play; however volleyball never quite felt the same to me. Although I spent hours upon hours thinking about it, I could never put my finger on why I never felt the “magic” that I did when I stepped on the high school court. Sure, the competition was different, but it was more than that. I realized as I matured and gained greater perspective that the part of my game that was missing in college was my confidence. I got caught up in where I didn’t “measure up” and lost perspective on the things that defined me as a player for so many years prior; the things that you always instilled in us as athletes in your

21: program. The belief that you had in me, the confidence that you gave me in myself, and the deep rooted love of the game that you helped instill in me was the “magic” that allowed a mediocre athlete such as myself, to achieve what I was so blessed to achieve. Good coaches can call the right plays at the right time, know the game inside and out, and put the right players in the right positions on the court, but a coach deserving of the Hall of Fame can make those players believe they can do things and achieve things together that no one ever thought possible. Thank you Coach for everything that you have done for me, our school, and our community. I am truly blessed to have had the privilege of playing for you and coaching with you. Those “Moments in Time” that we were able to share together are etched in my heart and memory forever. In fact, just the other day, my Kindergarten son Treven came home from school so excited and said, “Mommy, I saw a picture of you at school today..Did your team win the State Championship?” I grinned ear to ear and began telling him the stories of those wonderful “Moments in Time”. He went on to tell me that he and his friends are practicing at recess so that they can win State Championships when they grow up. What a cool testimony of that deep rooted Bear Cub tradition that you have been so instrumental in molding. I am still so proud to call myself a Bear Cub, and it is so cool to see my children growing up with the same excitement and pride that I did. Thank you for your tremendous impact.

22: You are a special person Coach. Congratulations on such a wonderful honor. Love ya! Kelly (Gordon) Kocerha #7 1994-1997 High School Volleyball Teams State Champions 1994 and 1996, State Runners-Up 1995 and 1997 Assistant Coach 2005-2007 | Wow Coach! Congratulations on such a prestigious honor. I cannot think of a more deserving person. When RaeLynn told us about the book she was putting together so many memories went through my head. I have been blessed to have you in many different relationships throughout my life. I have served as a manager for you; you have been my teacher, coach, FBLA sponsor, fellow coach, mentor, counselor, and friend. One of my fondest memories was the 1994 season. It was a very magical year and even though I was only a manager you made me feel part of the team. That is one of your greatest traits as a coach. You have a way of getting people to love the game of volleyball and to feel as if they can be a star player too. I really loved playing for you all four years of high school and two years in junior high. We unfortunately weren’t able to bring home any gold balls, but every single year you guided us to strive for that. You not only were a great motivator you also were a very caring person and truly helped your players through the many challenges they faced. I am so fortunate that I had you as

23: a coach during one of the hardest times in my life. I am truly grateful for the many “counseling sessions” we had during that time that truly helped ease the hurt. Congratulations again Coach! Now looking back at all of the broken clipboards, the lost vocal cords, and the many, many, many hours of watching and learning the game of volleyball you can see that it was all worth it. I, like many of your players, are truly honored that I had such an amazing coach! I love ya! Love, Kimberly (Gordon) Amendt 1997-2000 Outside Hitter 1997 State Runner-Up | Coach Snyder is one of the best coaches I have been coached by. She taught me so much and gave me a great experience playing volleyball in high school. My favorite memory of playing for her would have to be the state tournament in 1996 when it was held in Pueblo at the State Fair Event Center. It was the semi-final match and she subbed me in to serve the last two points of the game. I was so nervous when I went back to serve, but I knew she had the confidence in me to score. I served the first ball, Ace! I was so excited and remember looking over at Coach Snyder and she told me do it again. I served the next ball, Ace! I was so excited I literally jumped a few feet high.

24: We won the semi-final match and moved onto the final match against Fowler. We ended up winning the championship and became state champions. I will never forget that feeling of being a state champion and I am blessed to have had such an amazing coach like Sue Snyder. She has had a major impact on the passion I have for volleyball. I wouldn't love this game as much as I do had I not been coached by her and learned all I did in high school. Thanks for being my coach and having an impact on my life. Pam Kochis | It’s hard to begin to even express all of the ways that Coach Snyder has influenced my life. She has not only provided me with many great memories through my volleyball career at Simla High School, but she has been a wonderful mentor, teacher, family friend, and she raised an amazing daughter who I am blessed to call my best friend. To be one of the greatest high school coaches in the sport of volleyball is a great accomplishment; but to be named a great coach while being a great teacher, mentor, mom, and so much more, is incredible. There are not many people who can do all of that! I cannot think of anyone who deserves this award as much as she does, nor will you find anyone who will achieve so much, yet be so humble. In my eyes, Coach Snyder is one female role model who makes me want to be a better person. I want to thank Coach Snyder for making me a better athlete, student, and person. Dawn Jenkins

25: When I say I can’t think of one single person more deserving of being inducted into the CHSCA Hall of Fame I mean that with my whole entire heart! I wouldn’t have traded anything by growing up in the gym. I am so thankful that you and dad started Bry and I as gym rats at such a young age. I knew you were always a great coach from watching you when I was so young like when you won the Gold Ball and I was crying and you turned to me and said, “Lynny, why are you crying?” And I had no idea why, but I was just doing it because everyone else was. It was in that very moment I knew I wanted to raise that Gold Ball high in the air in front of hundreds of people one day when I got the chance. It was the day I became motivated to be the very best Volleyball player that I could possibly be. The happiness and tears of joy that I was surrounded by when you won your two Championships were something that I thrived to be a part of one day myself. You taught me the game that I grew to love and grew to not be able to live without. Elementary and Junior High just seemed like repetition to me. The same ol’ “wrist and hands together, hands in the shape of a ball, arms straight back on your attack, etc.” Those days were much needed now that I look back, but nothing can compare to my four years in high school when I got to have my mama as a coach. Freshman year was very hard being a starter on varsity right from the get go. I was the one who made the freshman mistakes and could never see to just let my mistakes go after one play. I quickly grew out of that as you were on my butt every chance you got to break out of that. I thank you for that! You had a faith in me that I could never see. It was hard being the only freshman on the court at all times by playing over older girls, but you never had any doubt in me. You always wanted

26: me to be on the court at all times, and I never understood why you had so much faith and trust in me as just a little freshman. My sophomore year was a little better, and it was the first year I made it to the Denver Coliseum on the march to be a part of something special. The state send off that I had always wanted to be involved with, travel itineraries, rooming with some of my best friends, lots of pictures being taken, not reading the newspapers to keep us focused on what really mattered, etc. I remember walking onto the court for our first match against Las Animas and just looking around at the coliseum not really believing I was there for the first time as a player and for the first time Simla made it since the 1996 Championship. I remember all of us saying we weren’t nervous, but we were all nervous wrecks. We were warming up just after captains call, and the lights in the Coliseum went out. Shortly after they went out they slowly started to come on, which just made us even more nervous because we had to wait even longer to start our road to the Gold Ball. You brought us together and gave us a little pep talk to help us calm down a bit. We ended up losing to Fowler in the Semi’s that year who went on to win it all. We were all devastated, and to lose to who of all people?!?! That stinky purple and yellow team that you have always despised, but I remember you and I talking after that State Tournament about how we had two more opportunities. After playing in the State Tournament that year I realized that it wasn’t just something that I wanted, but what I even wanted more than a State Championship was to win one with and for you! I know how much your two State Championships meant to you, and by golly I wanted to win a big Gold Ball with you! I wanted you to be able to hold that Gold Ball up in the air again too. Junior year was even better even though we lost in the Semi’s against the Hoehne Farmers.

27: We fought and fought just to fall short again of our number one goal. Senior year was the year that we had come the closest. We had beat Sangre De Cristo in the semi’s and finally made it over the hump into the State Championship match. I remember after a long day of volleyball all I felt was soreness and tiredness, but you reminded us that now was the time to dig deep. It was the time we had been waiting for. Chills filled my body and tears ran down my cheeks as we were all hand in hand as we walked the Champions walk together to our court for the big game we had been waiting for. Many things happened in that Championship game, but what it all comes down to is losing 15-13 in that last final set. The last chance we had to achieve that one goal together had come to an end and there was a feeling in my body that I can’t describe to this day and that I had never felt before. You and I were the last one’s to leave the coliseum that night as little Kendra Taylor came up and asked for my autograph and said her mom lets her pick her favorite player at the State Tournament every year and ask for their autograph and that year it was me. You and I both started crying and you hugged me and said, “That right there means so much more than a Gold Ball Lynn. There are little eyes upon you.” You always have such a positive attitude about everything and I wouldn’t trade “my mom as the coach” for absolutely anything. You then proceeded to support me in my collegiate Volleyball career 100% and that's really more than I could ask for. You are amazing mama! Thank you for everything you have taught me not just as my mom, but as a coach for the great game of Volleyball. I love you and I am so incredibly proud of you! You Rock! Love, RaeLynn

29: Peers

30: I have known Sue Snyder since I began coaching against her in 1989 when I coached volleyball at Deer Trail. Sue always has had teams that are sound fundamentally, play team ball, and are tough mentally. She is an excellent game manager and has a true passion for what she does. I would consider Sue as more of a teacher than a coach. John Wooden always said that the best coacher were teachers of the game. It was their own classroom away from a regular classroom. That is what Sue has been able to do. so here is my memory... It was 1996, I was in my 3rd year of coaching volleyball at Strasburg High School and trying to rebuild the program. We were having a pretty good year and Simla was awesome as usual. Sue and her team came to our gym and played us on a Tuesday night I believe. Needless to say, the Strasburg Indians did not put up a very good fight and the Simla Cubs manhandled us. The score was something like 2-15, and 3-15. Seriously. After the match Sue and I shook hands and she says to me "I thought you would score more points than that." I know Sue was in her own way trying to give our team a compliment, but I was taken aback at the time. I immediately went into my office and wrote on a note card what sue had said, and that is how I know she said exactly those words. I taped it up on the wall right in front of me and above my desk where I saw it every day. It soooo motivated me, because in my mind I thought we were a pretty good team, but in reality, we were just an average volleyball team.We were not Simla. I immediately decided that if we were ever going to be competitive, I had to get better as a coach. so I signed up for a Canyon Volleyball Clinic in Steamboat Springs (they are Gold Medal Squared today, the system Sue and I use to train our kids).

31: I revamped my entire philosophy, relearned the fundamentals in a more simple fashion, refined the way I work with kids, became more positive as a coach, and Strasburg got better quickly. I continued to use Gold Medal, attend clinics, bring in clinicians, and in 1998 Strasburg got to The Class 2A State Tourney. I look back at that now and realize that what Sue was telling me was, we could get better as a team and should be better as a team. She meant no disfavor in her comment. She knew what it took to win and in her own way I think was saying to me..."Larry you can do this, but you are going to have to get better as a team and as a coach." She was trying to help me. I appreciate that, although at the time the comment made me defensive. It certainly motivated me. Sue Snyder is an excellent coach, teacher, and mentor. she will coach for quite some time I am sure. I wish you the best Sue and congratulations on being inducted into the CHSCA Hall of Fame. I am proud of you! You go girl! -Larry Deffenbaugh

32: Sue, Congratulations on being inducted into the CHSCA Hall of Fame. What a deserving honor for a person who has touched so many lives throughout her career. You have impacted not only the students that you have coached, but the many coaches and official who have had the pleasure of working with you. I know you have been a big influence on me as a coach and I don’t think I have ever thanked you for all the help you have given me. I remember a couple of summers ago at the NJC volleyball camp and you came in with your video camera taping all of your games, I know I gave you a hard time about that and telling you that was not allowed at the 1A level, but in truth that is what makes you a great coach. It is so awesome to see such a quality coach get inducted into the CHSCA Hall of Fame. You are definitely one of the best of the best. Congrats again on your well-deserved honor. I am honored to call you my friend. Bonnie Wallin-Kuntz Otis High School

33: Sue Snyder has been a tremendous role model for me and many other female coaches. Sue is such a giver to everyone that she has contact with. Just watching her teams, you understand the great respect that these kids have for her. Sue always has kind and encouraging words for everyone. I have enjoyed the personal and professional friendship that I have with Sue. I have the utmost respect for Sue and I appreciate that she coaches from the heart and builds character in kids. My brother, Dave Grimes, who passed in 2010 would reiterate all that I have mentioned. He loved “Mama” Sue dearly and always spoke highly of her positive outlook and her leadership qualities in every facet of our profession. Sue is extremely deserving of this honor and I am thrilled that she is the recipient. Patty Childress | Sue, Congratulations on your induction into the CHSCA Hall of Fame. You should be proud of such an accomplishment. The honor does not surprise me, as a teacher I was always impressed at your work ethic, and your leadership skills, no matter on the court or in the classroom. You make the people around you better in whatever you do. It is an honor to be one of the individuals in your life. Continue being you and all that you stand for. I look forward to see you receive this award. Sincerely, George R. Keller

34: To Sue Snyder: From your Assistant coach 1991-1997 2 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP YEARS 1994,1996 2 STATE CHAMPION RUNNER UP 1995,1997 I tried to sum up some highlights of things I learned to do and not to do as your assistant coach. Here are some I came up with. THE TOP 10 THINGS I LEARNED NEVER TO DO AS YOUR ASSISTANT COACH 1. NEVER invite outsiders into volleyball practice! 2. NEVER allow anyone to be late to practice! 3. NEVER allow anyone to SHOOT a volleyball! 4. NEVER--EVER let a ball from your JV court go onto the varsity court in practice! 5. NEVER talk about McDonalds at a time out! 6. NEVER say the word BASKETBALL during volleyball season! 7. NEVER laugh when you bounce the ball hard on the floor after getting mad and it hits you in the face! 8. NEVER ride with you in Denver! 9. NEVER question when in the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME you tell our freshman outside hitter who happens to be in the back row to hit a four! 10. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!

35: THE TOP 10 THINGS I LEARNED AS YOUR ASSISTANT COACH: 1. ALWAYS expect the very best PLUS some more from EVERY player on the court. 2. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE POWER OF BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! 3. ALWAYS WORK HARD 4. ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR BEST IN EVERY PRACTICE, EVERY MATCH, EVERY GAME AND EVERY POINT! 5. ALWAYS KEEP TRACK OF TIME OUTS AND SUBSTITUTIONS AND MAKE SURE TO TURN IN THE LINE UP ON TIME!!!!! 6. ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!!!! 7. ALWAYS WORK HARD ALL THE TIME! 8. ALWAYS REMEMBER THERE IS NO “ I” IN TEAM! 9. ALWAYS HAVE FUN! 10. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN THAT “ONE MOMENT IN TIME”!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a great 7 years learning the game of volleyball from the best. Thanks for lots of memories, tears, and laughter--two state championships, and two runner ups, with LOTS of excitement, hard work, and FUN! Mostly, thanks for all you do for Big Sandy School and ALL our children. Congratulations on being selected into Colorado High School Coaches Association Hall-of-Fame. What a wonderfully well deserved honor. You certainly deserve the best. Congratulations, Cindy Gordon

36: There are not enough words to describe what an amazing and outstanding coach, friend, teacher, mother, sister, daughter, and wife that Sue Snyder is. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to coach with Sue and to be able to call her my friend. I grew so much as a coach, teacher and person because of what I learned from Sue. I have so many wonderful memories from coaching with Sue that I don't even know which one to choose to write about. She has such passion for the sport and truly cares for each athlete and coach that she has worked with. Sue was a true friend who I knew I could always go and talk to about anything. Even though we moved I still keep track of Simla Volleyball just so I can see what outstanding teams she keeps producing. I just pray that Simla and each girl that has the opportunity to be coached by Sue, understands how lucky and blessed they are to get the opportunity to work with her. Sue always goes above and beyond what is expected of a coach. I wish more coaches could learn from her on how to be a passionate and effective coach. It is about time that she is finally getting recognized for all the amazing things she done for the sport and all the time she has put in to making it better. Congratulations Sue, you deserve it! I feel truly honored to say that I had the opportunity to learn from you and coach with you. You are such an amazing person and I miss you dearly. Love, Amanda Aslakson (Coach A)

37: Sue, I have so much respect for you as a person and as a coach. One of the best matches I ever saw was when you guys upset Fowler in the state championship. I was in college and thought there was no way anyone could play with Fowler, but you guys just made so few mistakes. Kelly Gordon (sorry if the name is off a little) was amazing in the front row and you guys found a way to get it done. I am so glad I got to know you better and coach against you. Your teams are always so fundamentally sound and we have had some good battles. You are a great coach and very deserving of the Hall of Fame, but you are also a wonderful person and have a great sense of humor and some of the memories I have most of you is less you coaching volleyball and more laughing and enjoying time with you. One of the first times I ever spoke with you long term was at a coaching clinic done by Joan Powell (also a very funny lady) and me being a new guy to coaching volleyball was called up to the front and called Bambi. You jumped on that and for the whole clinic I was Bambi. Your ribbing was good natured and led to us talking about a lot of things and I thoroughly enjoyed that day. The other time that was a lot of fun was when we coached the All-state games against each other. It was a lot of fun smack talking to each other. You guys were white and my team started making up cheers like "Anybody but White can win." and several others that were even catchier. I think most people can say their life has been enriched by knowing you and I am one of them. Congratulations on all the honors you have earned. You are very deserving.

38: The Hall of Fame is about long term excellence and you embody what a Hall of Fame coach should be. Thanks for all the memories and congratulations one last time. Your Friend, Derek Herbert -Fleming Volleyball Coach PS. Blue did whip white at the All-state games. Just thought I would talk a little smack. One more item checked off my bucket list. Check Item 67 "Talk smack to an amazing Hall of Fame Coach." Done!!! | Wow, do I remember those days at NJC when you were a student/athlete and so much a caretaker for all the team members and the coach too!!! What would I have done without you, thank goodness I had you for at least two years and wished for more.....thanks for all the help and challenges you gave me and NJC and for being that positive player that is a dream on every coaches team.....whether you were on the court in the middle of action or on the bench cheering everybody on to victory. Remember the day we had a marathon basketball tournament and when I walked into the locker room after informing the players to lay on the floor and put their legs up on the wall to let the acetic acid drain downward and not leave their legs tired and sore...and three of you were sitting with your butts on the wall as you encouraged those on the bench to be an active part of the team...bringing smiles to all our faces....

39: Thank you for all you do for the young people and you have every right to be very proud of your Family and they of YOU as well as the teams you have produced and played against. If ever I could have a daughter, I would have wanted her to be like YOU...Congratulations on your induction into the Hall of Fame, an honor well deserved!! PEACE AND HUGS. Coach SRWorley | Dear Sue, I am so proud and soooo happy for you, my dear, dear friend, on your selection to the CHSCA Hall of Fame. You are so deserving of this award not only because you are a GREAT coach and have won tons of volleyball matches but also because you are a kind and caring person who always has the biggest, sweetest smile and hugs for all the people in her life. I know that you have had an amazing positive impact on the Colorado volleyball world for many years now -- and I am honored to call you my colleague and good friend. Congratulations on a job well done!! Sincerely, Coach T.R Ellis Chaparral High School

40: Sue, You and I go back to days of college at Adams State. You have always been the rock to Volleyball in eastern Colorado. I think of all the camps you came and put on for my teams. (It seemed every time you showed up we had to go to the halls because of tornado warnings.) I have notebook after notebook of notes from following you around at camps. I have a three ring binder that is labeled " Sue Snyder's Bible of Volleyball". You truly are the guru of volleyball. You set the standard of what it takes to build a program. One of my favorite memories of you is when , we won state in 2003 and you were hanging over the railing yelling at Audrey as we were headed to the locker room. Your words were something like" hey Audrey, how does it feel to serve game point, no wait game point in game five of the state championship as a freshman." I thought to myself, only Sue would know that. You know more about your opponents than they know of themselves. Congratulations on your award. It is well deserved. Love you, Kerry Sayles " Get your big girl panties on and suck it up!" Our favorite saying. GO PATRIOTS!

41: Sue, congratulations for being selected to the CHSCA Hall of Fame. There is no one who is more deserving! I have always respected and admired what you do with your program and how successful you have been year in and year out. I think that this past year is the true testament as to how adept you are in developing your teams. The transformation that your team made from the beginning of the year to the end was phenomenal! It was so exciting to see you in that state championship match. It is because of people like you that volleyball is so respected in the state of Colorado – you are truly a pioneer in terms of your dedication and knowledge, and you are one of my heroes and role models because you always push your athletes to perform to the utmost of their abilities. My kids have always respected you as well, and they are always so excited when we play your teams. They continually comment, “She is the coach who is so fun and nice. We love playing her teams.” Also, thank you so much for asking me to be your guest at your banquet; being there to watch you receive your award means more to me than you will ever know. Again, CONGRATS! You and your family can be so proud of all that you have accomplished during your stellar career! Much love and respect, Odie

42: I can still remember making my very first trip to Simla on a high school bus from the “big city.” I remember thinking it took so long to get there and why were we (the Rams of Rampart) playing such a small school. I remember it being a tough match; I remember having to play hard just to win. I also remember the disappointment the following season when this same small school came to the big 5A Rampart and beat us on our home court. I can remember thinking those small town girls know how to play!! Back then, I never would have thought I would end up living in Simla and coaching these small town girls. It has been my pleasure these last five years to coach with you! I have learned so much about small town life, coaching, and myself from you. I was so nervous the first day I walked into the gym at Simla as a coach; I had no idea what to expect. I was welcome and made to feel comfortable right away. It didn’t take long to realize what has made the program so strong for so many years; it is the hard work by the athletes and their leader! You taught me how to teach fundamental volleyball, you taught me how to lead young girls and make them want to be great! I have learned from you that Junior High volleyball is fun and so rewarding. I have learned that it takes countless hours of studying the game and your players to figure out what works best! You have showed me how to build great teams out of the athletes you have, or don’t have. Most of all, you have taught me that the love of the game never goes away and that hard work always pays off. This past season (2012) is proof of that I don’t think any one else could have taken that team as far as we did! That group of girls worked hard and had such a desire to win, which I believe comes from a lifetime of playing within your

43: they knew how to win!!! I think it was a team we will both remember forever! Thanks for teaching me so much, thanks for the friendship we have built, and for all the memories. You truly are an amazing woman and coach. Erin Henschel Congratulations, Mama Sue! You are truly one of my favorite volleyball friends. You always greeted people with a big hug and a smile. You make people happy. Thinking back to the many times we’ve shared volleyball information and team strategies about our players, reminds me of your passion for the sport of volleyball. You always had high goals for each one of your teams, “Every year new players and huge goals”. Just think of the 100 of hours we’ve sat together at clinics. We had some great sessions about our kids and family, schools, workouts and lack of workouts, our aging bodies and of course, coaching volleyball! I remember when we had you do our camp in Sterling. You were great! I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the best! Simla is sooo lucky to have such a dedicated coach and teacher. Sue, you are among the best in the state and nation! Oh yeah, you’ve already been recognized as “Colorado Coach of the Year” and “National Coach of the Year”! You are a very outstanding person! Of course, an outstanding person makes an outstanding teacher. Therefore an outstanding teacher makes for an

44: outstanding coach! And, that’s you, Sue! All of the above! Every player you’ve coached has been blessed to have you as their coach. Simla teams were always a reflection of their coach. You always went the extra mile in giving advice. We’ve shared so many drills and specialized trainings. I’ll never forget the clinic when your topic was “Top 10 Ways to Help Players Quit”? Like I said, you made everyone smile and laugh. You believed in helping any volleyball program in the state. I was thankful I didn’t have to continue playing you in championships. Simla moved to AA division. “Thank God”! You are an amazing coach and person! Your teams were always disciplined and skilled. Congrats on your success, Mama Sue! Love, Judy Beardsley | In about 1992 I first met Sue Snyder. She had traveled a long distance in an effort to improve her effectiveness as a volleyball coach. For many years after that, we spent about four days together every summer as coaches. There are a number of qualities Sue has as a human being, as a wife, a mother, a neighbor, a teacher, and as a coach that I really admire. Though this letter will be mostly about her coaching, she is a well rounded, quality person who fills her other roles in life very well, also. Sue works! She pays the price of preparation! She pursued excellence, so when her athletes modeled her example, they too

45: were pursuing excellence. That excellence has born tremendous fruit in the success of the volleyball program at Simla High School and also in the lives of those young ladies she has coached (some of them aren't so young anymore). She was committed to helping her athletes be the best they could be, to give them a great opportunity. She was willing to learn and change and grow, and that is not always easy. In fact, perhaps it is rarely easy. However, she wanted her athletes to have a great experience, to be good at volleyball, and to be good at "life," to make a positive contribution in the world. I honestly think that her willingness to pay the price of preparation, to learn something new, to change something or some things made it easier for her athletes to pay the price of preparation, and to make changes and improvements, because she was setting the example. She wanted to do a real good job, and she did a great job!! Sue was organized. I have worked with many coaches. The good ones, the ones who have real good programs, the ones whose teams are good year after year, the ones young people are fortunate to be a part of have coaches who are good at organization. Sue does the work necessary to be organized, to be prepared. The place I saw it most was at camp. I am sure she was also prepared for practices, for matches, for summer competitions, and so on. The simple reality is this: she had it going! Many young people who want to be coaches could benefit greatly by spending some time around her. Sue had expectations! She expected kids to show up, to show up on time, to work,

46: to be disciplined, to treat teammates and others in a respectful way, to be kind, to do what was right, to be honorable. The world needs more coaches and teachers and mothers like Sue Snyder. Speaking of that, and more important than volleyball state championships, Sue kept life in perspective and worked diligently and lovingly to be a good mother. Her children are striving to live good, honorable lives. They are a credit to society. They are honest and upright. They are making a contribution. I admire both of them. I admire and respect Sue in so many ways. Not only has Sue Snyder been a very successful coach, Sue Snyder has class. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to get to know her and Al and their kids, Bryan (sp?) and RaeLynn. --- As a side note, I'd like to continue and say something like I think she has done a good job of raising Al too, but I want to be in the room when that conversation between those two takes place. I enjoy them. I enjoy their humor. Quite honestly, I admire them both a lot, and also, get a "kick" out of them. I feel very fortunate to know the Snyders. Writing this has brought back some fond memories. I feel blessed to be able to consider the Snyder family my friends! With admiration, Chad Teichert

47: The favorite memory we love to laugh about was at Manitou Team camp. The Simla Cubs were kicking the Mustangs' butts, so of course I called a time out and very passionately shared that the Simla team was beating my team because they were farmers and knew how to work hard and get after it, and that if my team did not get their act together quickly and start working hard, they were going to get beat by a team who wanted it more and was willing to do anything to win. Well, my team came out and ended up winning, and Sue never let me live it down. But, I always admired the fact that year after year Sue squeezes out every bit of talent from the teams she has coached. Sure, she has had some talented players (I did occasionally have to remind her to back off of her daughter) but in many ways it was the intentional way that Sue would coach those with less talent and the creative ways she would find players' strengths and find a way for them to contribute that makes her a phenomenal coach. Sue- you so deserve this honor and I am blessed to have been a recipient of your leadership and friendship. Love, Bridget O' Conner

48: Hi my wonderful friend! Congratulations on being inducted into the CHSAA Hall of Fame. I can honestly say you are the first person I know of who has been nominated and selected to be included in the elite group of professionals. I am so proud of you and I am so proud to say that you are my friend. First, and foremost, thank YOU for being my friend. Thank YOU for always taking the time to share your smile, your warm heart, your wonderful family, and your wise words of wisdom. I will forever thank the dear Lord for His infinite goodness of blessing my life with the gift of your friendship. As for our professional relationship of VB coach and official; wow!, where do I begin. I want to preface what I am going to state next with a short, little reminder of the difficulties I was experiencing as a 2nd year VB official. A coach at that time was extremely disgruntled with my officiating and, truth be told, I couldn’t say I blame her. I was a young, inexperienced official asked to referee one of her “big matches” and I probably wasn’t ready for that type of pressure. The difference was “YOU!” I was asked to referee some of your “big matches” that same year and, instead of expressing your unhappiness with me, you took the time to sit down and talk to me. So, once again, I thank the dear Lord daily for the awesome privilege of getting to work with memorable coaches such as YOU.

49: I will have to save for another day (and probably reams of paper) my extreme gratitude to you for also sharing the gift of your players, the character you helped to instill in them, and their profound acts of respect. You are truly a class act, my friend! I look forward to sharing in this wonderful experience with YOU and your loved ones! Thank you for being my friend and my mentor. May God continue to bless you forever! Much love, Pam Chavez

50: Sue I have known you for about 25 years. I coached against you and now I am an official that is lucky enough to get to come to your school. You are very deserving of this award. Of all the coaches I have coached against or officiated for there are not many that care about their kids as much as you do. You start getting kids interested in the sport from a very young age and mentor them right on through graduation, not just as their coach but also as a role model. You expect each of your girls to give you their best and they usually do without hesitation. You are well respected by fellow coaches, parents, officials and your student athletes. It is my pleasure to call you a friend. Congratulations on your induction. Kathy Davis Peyton School District | Congratulations Sue Snyder for a much deserved award. I have officiated many of Simla High Schools volleyball games throughout the last several years. As an official I have grown and learned a great deal by officiated games coached by Sue. She is the only volleyball coach to tell me that she is running a full court press!!! (Advised by a veteran official to ask coaches that we knew, what offenses they were running, to help us learn offenses) this was Sue's response - followed by we are running a 5-1. Sue has a knack for asking questions, such as, "what do you consider over the net". As an official this helps you to know your rules. When you give her an answer she accepts it. Sue is always volunteering to help our area by attending the assigning meetings and selecting officials. This requires her to give up two Sunday mornings per year: this is going above and beyond her coaching responsibilities. Although

51: Sue makes you work and think as an official, it is always a pleasure to work her matches. You could not have chosen a more deserving person to receive this award. Sue you have earned this award - Congratulations - and enjoy your signed yellow card, it is the only one that I have issued. Respectfully - Dawn Valentine CVOA Area #13 | Sue Coaching against one another has been more of building a friendship than a friendly rivalry. We have grown to respect one another and know that we can always count on a good, competitive match. I think we both walk away from the game knowing that we have gained something for our team in the way of respect, sportsmanship, and friendship! This award depicts all of the hard work, time, stress and heartaches you have endured, as well as countless memories, in building a reputable program. You have a big heart and enduring passion for your girls, your program, and your school! Congratulations! Coach Pam Fagerlund

53: Friends

54: Wow this is such an honor for such a special lady and coach. You were so fortunate to have Sue as a mom and coach. Few coaches have the desire, the knowledge, and the willingness to work with so many young athletes the way your mom has. There is not an athlete that Sue has had the privilege of working with, that didn't become a better person and learn life skills to compete and be successful. Watching Sue coach and teach her teams to be successful and competitive has been a real pleasure for Gloria and myself. She has touched every heart she has come in contact with. We know how proud you all are, and we are so fortunate to know and associate with Sue and your family. Even that guy she drags to all the VB games with her. Congratulations Sue, you are most deserving of the CHSAA hall of fame. A very special accomplishment for a very special lady. Thanks for being a part of so many young ladies. Chas & Gloria Phillips

55: Susan Snyder—I cannot think of anyone more deserving than you of this prestigious award! Oh, we go back a long way and I could write a book by myself, so I will force myself to limit my comments to just a few paragraphs. You always exhibited that drive and tenacity that are marks of successful coaches. Yet, your tender side has allowed you to be a teacher on and off the court. A wise old coach once told me that coaching is easy, but teaching is the difficult part. You have mastered both. Do you remember when we were playing town team basketball in Colorado Springs and that big mamoo of a woman ran you into the wall and broke your teeth? I do. You were so spitting mad because there was no call. But rather than whining about it and just staying mad, you directed your aggressions in a positive manner so we could continue playing as a team. I don't remember if we won the game, it's not important. The fact of the matter is, you channeled your aggressions (and you finished the game, albeit with broken teeth!). I gained a whole new respect for you that night, even though I had known you all my life. Right then and there I knew you were going to be a special coach and there were going to be some young ladies down the road who would cherish not only your coaching skills, but your friendship, for life. I have never forgotten your team motto, I believe it was the first year you won a state volleyball championship: “Respect all, fear none!” Great words to live by, in the sporting venue and throughout life. . I value the memories of playing softball and basketball with you, covering your athletic teams for the newspaper, and even seeking advice from you when I feebly attempted to “officiate” volleyball, but decided to stick with the stripes in basketball.

56: Most of all, I cherish our friendship! Congratulations to you, Susan! You so richly deserve this award! Jean (Rasner) Meinzer-lifelong friend | Mama Snyder, Although you were never my coach, I cannot imagine playing for a better person! You are motivating, encouraging, and understanding. In the short time I have known you, you have gone out of your way to make me feel welcome and like part of your family. I don’t think God could have a better second mom! He sure knew what he was doing! You are so deserving of this honor! As you are soaking up this moment, just remember how many lives you have blessed along the way. I feel like a proud child sitting here thinking about you finally getting the recognition you have worked so hard over the years for. I think it’s time to celebrate! Maybe a margarita?? Have one for me! :) Love you! Hannah Hurd

57: Though she never coached me, nor have I coached under her, Sue has had a profound impact on me as a person and a coach. I have known Sue for the last 13 years, and during that time I have come respect her greatly. I thoroughly enjoy the chat sessions we have, nearly on a daily basis about our school, our families, and the coaching profession. She is not only a colleague, I have also looked to her as a mentor coach. Her focus, her drive, and the way she runs her program are not necessarily volleyball specific they are just part of being a great coach. I have learned much from her and applied it to my coaching toolbox, but even more importantly she is a great person and someone I am proud to call a friend. She is a legend around this state, and we are lucky to have her in Simla. Congratulations Sue on this great honor Best Regards, Shane Zimmerman

58: Sue, I just wanted to write to congratulate you on your induction into the CHSAA Hall of Fame. They could not have chosen a more deserving recipient. I was never a player on one of your teams, and luckily I didn’t ever have to coach against you. However, I’ve known you since we played together as Plainswomen at Northeastern, where you earned the name “Mama Sue” for taking care of everyone. And here we are 35 years later and you are being honored for taking care of everyone since that time. I think how lucky the many athletes, students, coaches, teachers and friends have been to have you as a part of their lives, myself included. You have been Mama Sue to so many people. And you still had time for your family. The children you have raised at home have become wonderful, successful adults. I am amazed at the many other commitments you have taken on through the years in addition to teaching, coaching, and family. I wonder if you ever get any sleep. And yet you always do things with such poise and a smile. Once again, congratulations on this great honor. And I can say I knew you when you used to lip sync into a hair brush to the old eight tracks. I love you Mama Sue! Kendra Morison Short Sterling

59: Every once in a while, a person comes into your life and you know that they will impact the lives around them in special ways. That person, Sue Snyder, is you! Thank you for being an inspiration to the young people you deal with everyday. Your coaching gig has been a calling for you, and you have blessed the lives of many players, other athletes, and opposing coaches (like me, who followed you here!) You stress knowledge and practice of fundamentals on the court and in life. You teach athletes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship and integrity. For some, this is reinforced at home...for others, it has been introduced and reinforced by you. You show athletes how to be winners no matter what it says on the scoreboard. You are an amazing leader in women's sports and in coaching, and you have paved the way for so many...truly unbelievable. I am proud to call you friend, blessed to love your family, and I am so proud to be a Momma Bear to future amazing Bear Cubs! When I grow up, I wanna be just like you! Love ya, Lady!! Love, Jeni Montague

60: I remember when I first got to Simla, I had no idea who Coach Snyder was. This is because I often live with my head in the sand but I had been told many good things about her from my wife and my in-laws. Still, I wouldn't have been able to pick her out from any other stranger I had never met. Needless to say, I was excited to meet her, but really had no expectations or thoughts as to who she was. It didn't take long, well one teacher meeting actually, to find out who she was and what she stood for. As a newer teacher myself, I quickly realized that if I would just listen to her and what she said, that I could learn far more from her than I could ever share with her. Since that first meeting, I go into her room as much as I can just to strike up a conversation with her. I usually ask her a question, just to see how she answers it. She doesn't know it, but I am usually going into her room because I want to learn from her. Don't get me wrong, I like having conversations with her as well, but it is the knowledge that she can share that I can't get enough of. I feel like she is always on us "coaches" side and understands the struggles we go through. She always seems to say just the right things when it comes to coaching. I just only hope that other people take advantage of her as a resource as I try to. If not, shame on them. I could say many things about Coach Snyder, but let me sum up with this: Last year at the State Volleyball Championship game I saw something that I have never seen before and bet I will never see again. After our girls had given the mighty Lutheran Lights all they wanted, something so unusual happened. Instead of the girls from Lutheran running around crazy and celebrating, they went through the line and gave our girls hugs. To me, Lutheran was so impressed how our girls played and acted that they were more concerned with showing that respect back to our girls than they were in celebrating their own State Championship.

61: Now one could argue that the gesture shows a lot about Lutherans team and coaches, but one cannot argue what it says about Simla's girls under the direction of Coach Sue. We are so lucky, let me rephrase, I am so lucky to know her and consider myself even luckier that she will share stuff with me, that I cannot even begin to tell her how much I appreciate all she does for me. Congratulations Coach! You make us all better people. You make us all better players. You just simply make us all better. You are the standard bearer for which we all try to achieve Congratulations on being inducted into the Colorado High School Activities Association Hall of Fame Class of 2013. Dave, Carrie, Evan, and Lexi Guy | Sue, I have so many great memories of you growing up together. Softball in the pasture, riding motorcycles, playing sports together,playing sports against each other (I preferred playing with you). Then we began watching our kids play sports against each other, a few times together, that was great. Coaching against each other was like a chess game. I love watching you coach, as long as it isn't against me, ha ha. You are an awesome coach but even a better friend. Congratulations, my good friend, on all of your accomplishments. What an honor you truly deserve. Love you tons. Love, Rose Bud

62: Hey, Sue! Congratulations from perhaps the first kid you ever coached! Even as little girls you were always telling me what to do =o) but the amazing thing is that you were RIGHT – at least most of the time. I always looked up to you (and not just because I was 5’3” and you were 5’11”). You were not only an amazing athlete, but an amazing person and friend. You showed kindness and compassion both on and off the court and I count it a privilege to have been your BFF growing up. Everybody instantly fell in love with your Texas-sized personality and I just grabbed on for the ride! I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone say an unkind word about you and that says a lot It is with great pride that I have followed your success as you made the Simla Cubs probably the most consistently successful high school volleyball team ever! I know it had to have been through sacrifice, sweat, and lack of sleep; so this honor is much-deserved. Soak up the accolades until your sponge has enough to last you through our golden years. You are definitely the best thing to have ever come out of athletics at Miami High School. Here’s to Susan Lorraine Payne!! I knew her when!! Love you girl, Rosie

65: Family

66: The thing that impressed me when Sue was coaching was the way she handled the girls who were struggling to do their part. Some coaches make a scene in front of the crowd but the games I attended (and we attended several over the years) I never saw Sue do that and that is why everyone wanted to play for her. Susan has earned this award and we are so proud of her. -Uncle Ron and Aunt Mary Ann Bevans- | Sue, Being selected into the Colorado High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame is a great honor and a well deserved honor. You have become one of the premier coaches in the State of Colorado. Sue, this is why I believe you are a great coach: A great coach will teach the athlete to love the sport. You will inspire your athlete to dream big and take risks in pursuit of that goal. You will motivate the athlete to work hard, push through pain and fatigue and bounce back from setbacks and failures. You will build trust among team members and teach each athlete to sacrifice the "I" for the "we." You will teach valuable life lessons and model these through their behaviors and interactions with the athlete and everyone they come in contact with. You will directly and indirectly change the athlete into a better, more confident, happier person. This is why you are a great coach. I love you. It is not too bad being known as Sue Snyder's husband. HA HA. Love, Al

67: First off I just want to say congratulations on this award and that I love you. It’s not really a surprise anymore when grandma or grandpa or my parents or someone says hey your aunt won another award for coaching. I just say well whatever it is she worked hard for it and deserves it. The thing that I love the most about our family is our character and work ethic both of which you are a perfect example of. You have worked hard for everything in your life and never expected anything from anyone. Doing so has made you the person you are today and that is a person of great character.My whole life I have had my parents, family members, coaches, bosses and many others lecture about how character is everything which it is. When you see someone with character you see a person who is confident yet not over confident who is very successful but doesn’t flaunt it. People with character are people that others look up to and model themselves after because they want to be successful. When I look at you and what you have accomplished throughout your life with coaching and teaching and having two kids and now grand kids it brings out your true character. What I mean is that since I was born I have never seen you flinch, cry, brag, yell (accept at your team which is good haha), or doing anything to hurt anyone or anything. All I have seen is a kind, caring, admirable person who works hard and whatever the result of that hard work is you accept it kindly and move on. I don’t know another person who has won as many games or awards as you and if I did they would be bragging and flaunting all of them to the public. But not you and I love that because awards and trophies and rings aren’t what matters to a true athlete or coach it’s the experiences you get while playing the game and the love for the game you have.

68: You truly do love the game of volleyball and it’s clear every time I watch one of your games. I remember when I was in high school and you had a great year and made it to the state championship and lost I asked my dad “Do you think aunt sue will retire now?” and he laughed and said “Not a chance!” which I thought was crazy because you have made it there so many times and won so many games that I thought you would have wanted to retire. But later on in high school I realized why that was and it was because you don’t care about the wins or losses or accolades you just want to make your team as successful as possible and teach them life lessons which are what you do year in and year out. Now I’ve had a lot of coaches for different sports and there were some good ones and some bad ones but I haven’t had one that has all of the tools to success in not only sports but in life as you do. I only hope that all the girls you have coached realize what you have done for them because you are one in a million and I am so proud of what you have done not only in sports but for our family as well. I am proud to call Susan Snyder my aunt because of your character and work ethic and that will never change. I hope you have a great day accepting this award and I hope I can be there to congratulate you in person but if not just know that I love you, I am very proud of you. Love your Nephew, Austin

69: `COACH: synonymous with: instructor, educator, mentor, teacher, trainer, tutor.... WHAT COACHES DO: drill, educate, lick into shape, prepare, teach, train, tutor, listen, learn, accept, advise, aide, consult, counsel, console, guide, cultivate, nurture, ... When I think of all of these words....who is the one and only that comes to my mind.....Susan Snyder! Sue, I've known you for many, many years. As an athlete at Adams State College when I was your assistant coach, I noticed that you were that athlete that always gave 100% and more...ALL THE TIME You might have not been the starter, the fastest in relays, etc. but you were always the athlete who stood out for your dedication and the willingest to do your best all of the time. I always knew you would be successful in anything you did just by observing you as an athlete....and obviously through the are the once who still stands out and succeeds at anything you this prestigious award is so very deserved by you!!!! You live and dream volleyball and bring out the best in anyone you are around by your dedication to the sport! The athletes that were lucky enough to have you as a coach will always remember you for the person you are. They should count their blessings!!! :) I sincerely want to congratulate you on this prestigious award! There is no one more deserving of this than you!! Love you! Joanna

70: Wow!!!! What an amazing honor for an amazing woman!!:) She taught me everything I needed to know about volleyball! She was the best! I look up to her not only for what she has done in the sports and coaching aspects in life, but for who she is and what she has accomplished in life! I'm very proud to call her my Aunt Susie!!!! I love you tons and you deserve this award!!!!:) Love, Chelsey | "Congratulations on getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame! Wow, what an accomplishment! We are very proud of you! We all love you very much!" Debbie and Steve Kyle and Dulcie Nolan and Marissa | To Our Precious Daughter, Our words to you is Congratulations on your very great honor. We have always admired your rich determination to make things the best you possibly can. Your work to help the youth is incredible. Always keep your solid morals and decency. We love and admire you. Your Dad and Mom

71: Sue, you have impacted not only the game of volleyball, but have served as a mentor for numerous people including myself. Throughout your many successful years of coaching, you have been a diligent and tireless worker who not only cares about your players, but about their experiences and achievements both on and off the court. You have a passion to see athletes grow, excel at the skills within our game, and carry on the lessons of life seen though the sport we love. I have had the opportunity to watch you coach for many years and no matter how important the match, state championship or otherwise, your players always receive your focused and attentive teaching. As a high school coach myself, I look to great coaches like you as a true example of why we put in the long underpaid hours, assume many different roles within our programs, and work tirelessly to improve the lives of our athletes. I cannot think of any other person who is more deserving of such an outstanding honor and hope you know the influence you have had on us all. Congratulations! Love, Dulcie Payne

72: Susan: Unfortunately, the miles that separated us all these years kept us from observing your professional development but the record speaks for itself. There is no question that you deserve a place in the Hall of Fame. We have been able to observe your growth from a crazy, fun loving kid into a crazy, fun loving parent who helped raise two wonderful children of your own and undoubtedly had an impact on hundreds – maybe thousands - of young people who went through your classrooms and gymnasiums over these many years you’ve been in the education field. We’ve enjoyed boring our friends with our boasting of your successes over all those years. We couldn’t be more proud than when we can claim you as our niece. Enjoy this well-deserved honor, and, if you can get Al to quit pouting, tell him we’re proud of him too! Aunt Bette and Uncle Stan

73: My Sister/My Hero, For the last 23 years my career of choice has been working with at risk youth and juvenile delinquents involved in the legal system across the state of Colorado. My job involves having weekly meetings with youth who explain to me that they have given up on their dreams and they are destined to a life of crime and defeat. Fortunately there are always a few who when you look in their eyes still have something, whether it be a desire to be someone different, or who still have dreams and aspirations. I have always made it a point to ask these youth why them? What has given them the ability to keep trying and believing in themselves? Without fault, the answer is always the same, they inform me that there has been one person who they look up to or admire and who never ever gave up on them. They describe these people as a parent, a family member, a mentor, a teacher, a coach. Now, I am aware that Susan Snyder grew up on a farm in a small town, and rural community and that she has probably not had too many hard core criminals come through her door, although over the years I have been in awe of how many young people she has influenced, inspired and has perhaps deterred from making negative decisions in their lives? There is no doubt that Susan Snyder knows how to win and put W’s in the win column! Her win loss record speaks for itself as does her trophy case and many achievements. As a baby sister I had the unique opportunity to watch her as an athlete and her intense passion for the game and for sports in general. She played the game for

74: the love of competition but she became a student of the game because of her passion to strive to be better and to never stop learning new lessons of how to improve as a coach and how to get the best out of her athletes. I am sure that throughout this book you will here testimony from some of her peers that although Susan is friendly, a team player, and an advocate for high school sports off of the court, she also believes in FIERCE competition. Susan is one of those Coaches that require that you beat her on the court and that you don’t just win a game. She will have studied her opponent and when she walks out on that court with her players she will know her opponents weaknesses and will demand that her opponent rise to the occasion to play against her and her team. You will have to beat her! Winning is something my sister is very good at! She is impressive, but the thing that makes me most proud of her and all of her accomplishments is that through the constant struggle for the lucid Gold Ball that every coach strives for, she has developed, nurtured, and created young women who have developed the skills to be a leader, to have tenacity, positive self-esteem, and the tools to pick yourself when every one else says you can’t. Now there have been times that she has not been everyone’s favorite Coach. Yes, winning is important but I have watched my sister throw away the opportunity to have a W in the column to do what is right and to set a precedent about integrity and setting limits and expectations for young people to live up to even if it cost her a win. Some people have found fault with that and she has had to stand alone for what she believes is the right thing to do and the right message to give to a young person. That is coaching at its highest honor.

75: In a crazy world today so many coaches have caved in to win at all costs, and the young people they have failed in the process have been devastating. I have watched her teams in the state Championship Playoff match. I have watched as her players have continually played their hearts out and laid their guts on the floor. Sometimes it produced a championship and other times the pain of loss has been reflected in her and her player’s eyes. However, one thing can be said is that her teams who were able to grab that Gold Ball ALWAYS won with sportsmanship and class and to the ones who were denied that moment in time there was always a commadery, a look in each of their eyes that said that they knew that they were winners, part of something special and that they left the court hand in hand with the notion that their lives will forever remember that moment and they walk with their head held high and proud of who they are: strong young women who are leaders that understand work ethic, commitment, being part of a team with a common goal, tenacity, passion and heart. I have also spent my whole life hearing, “Oh your Susan Snyder’s little sister.” When I was younger that was a very difficult standard to live up to. What I understand now is that it made me better, made me work harder, and today it just makes me proud to have that title. I am sure that this is a trait that she gets from our parents and how we were raised to dream and work to achieve that dream. I am amazed when I walk through a stadium with my sister, and it takes an hour, maybe even two to get where you are going because of the respect she has generated by her peers and some of her own mentors.

76: She is constantly stopped and at times acknowledged by some of the great legends of the state of Colorado which make my jaw drop and I find myself wanting to jump up and down and say “Hey I am Susan Snyder’s little sister.” Seriously though a hero is defined as “An ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Day in and day out my sister has made it her life long passion to assist young people to reach their full potential, to learn to be a leader, to follow dreams, and to develop the work ethic needed to achieve those dreams. A hero indeed. My sister has been blessed by so many along her journey. Probably one her greatest gifts have been the amazing athletes and young people that she has had the opportunity to coach. There have been so many incredible young women who have gone on to be heroes to others and to achieve their own goals and make their own dreams come true. Susan has been surrounded by amazing peers and mentors who I know she looks up to and admires throughout the state of Colorado. She has the support of an amazing husband and children, our parents, our family, and friends. Susan Snyder is a woman who in my eyes can best be described as a Christian, an incredible wife, mother and grandmother, a devoted and loving daughter, sister, friend, teacher, mentor and coach. In a world that is fast paced, painful at times, joyful, and unpredictable, she is an inspiration. How many of us can go to sleep at night knowing that we made a difference today in the life of a child, or assisted someone to make their dream come true? It is with great honor that I say to you Susan that you are my sister, my friend, and

77: my hero! I am so very proud of you and the legend you leave behind! YES, I AM SUSAN SNYDER’S LITTLE SISTER AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!!! Congratulations!!! I love you! Dixie

78: Noah Webster, known for learning about the needs of people and improving minds around the world with the publication of the dictionary. Sam Walton, known for his compassion for the American people and bettering their daily lives with everyday low prices. Michael Jordan, known for being a man of integrity and humbleness despite his 6 time NBA championships, 5 time NBA MVP, NBA Rookie of the year, 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist, Naismith College Player of the year, and countless other accomplishments. Pat Summitt, known for her passion for coaching and being the all time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history of either men’s or women’s team in any division. Tim Tebow, known for being an influential motivator and leader to millions of people around the world in both sports and life through his commitment to his Christ, his family, service to others, his sport and his teammates. (That’s for RaeLynn) Neil Diamond, known for being a dedicated singer/songwriter (I mean come on you’d have to be dedicated to be that old and still putting on live concerts, right?) All of these people have had many great accomplishments in their lives and they have all been rightfully recognized for them. Now it is your turn!

79: You have proven to be an effective and greatly successful coach by learning the needs of your players and improving them each individually and as a team. You have shown compassion for each and every player, and have given them the care that they needed without making them sissies and sustaining teams that are mentally tough and ready for competition. You, like Michael Jordan, have maintained insurmountable integrity and humbleness despite your tallies in the win column and numerous other recognitions and awards. Much like Pat Summit, you have displayed a passion for coaching girls and developing female athletes into women of confidence. You have been beyond influential and have motivated female athletes in the game of volleyball. This is proven by countless girls who all still have the passion for the game in their hearts just as you do. (Just look through this book and you will see what I mean). And last, but not least, you have shown your dedication to the sport and your athletes in ways that Neil Diamond could only dream of showing to the music industry. All of these qualities are what make a very successful, very well respected coach. We can now add the name Sue Snyder to one of the most influential people list! Congratulations on your well-deserved induction into the CHSAA Hall of Fame. There is no person on earth that deserves it more than you. We are so proud to be called your children/grandchildren and are so proud of you! Love, Bryan, Sarah, Kooper, and Londynn

81: Congratulations to the 2013 Hall of Fame Inductee Coach Susan Snyder

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