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Happy 50th Anniversary Norm and Sharon Scott!

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Happy 50th Anniversary Norm and Sharon Scott! - Page Text Content

S: A Tribute: 50 Years of Norman & Sharon Scott!

BC: Norman & Sharon Scott

FC: A Tribute: 50 Years of Norman & Sharon Scott!

1: A Collection of Memories from Family, Friends and Colleagues

2: Congratulations Mom & Dad! | 50 Fortunate and Blessed are we! "Y ou need to set the example" (Dad to Robin so many times!) E aster sunrise service at the park A lways ready to listen and laugh R ole models for a great lifetime marriage S uper parents and grandparents! | Thanks for the lifetime of happy memories. We look forward to the years to come. We love you... | S ewing, crafts and lifetime hobbies H iking national parks and monuments A lways supportive of our dreams and goals R eady to help at anytime with anything O vernights with friends and "girls" shopping N eedlework masterpieces of San Franscico row houses, teacups and much, much more | N ever stop learning O ut for lunch Sunday after church (“Lets have Shirlene ask because dad will say yes for sure!”) R oad trips and camping excursions to 47 states M owing and shoveling "to build character" A cademia as a way of life N ew York State state of mind – from covered bridges to broadway shows | A lways believing in the potential of the Philadelphia Phillies N ever give up until you try a little harder D ays of sledding and cross-country skiing

3: R abbit, Oh that Volkswagen—learning how to drive a stick shift with our patient mother O ften found standing, or rather dancing, at the dinner table because Robino could not sit still B and camp flautist with enormous enthusiasm I ce skating at Cass Park (who needs two front teeth anyway?) N amed after the famous Phillies pitcher Robin Roberts | S abaticcal in Reading created many memories H amburg, a home away from home I nitials from Mom & Dad (NRS and SRS) used when naming children R elationships with family & friends valued highly for the Scotts L eaving the dinner table only allowed after eating all of her peas E njoyable games were always a part of leisure time N ever to be left behind E ver fashionable & creative | N eighborhood concerts produced & presented with the Taskers A ble to sit for hours doing jigsaw puzzles N ever got tired of handmade desserts E ditor & writer of engineering prose T ested all ears with violin practicing T raveled alone to Brazil; returned more expressive yet unable to speak English E ventually finished reading to do chores

4: front yard on Forest Boulevard in Spokane, and being regaled by many a story as only Sharon can tell them. Over the past ten years though, I've been thankful to enjoy more frequent visits in Arizona and elsewhere. A couple of the more memorable meetings centered, unsurprisingly, on Washington State Cougar football. Despite the decisive loss to Oklahoma (I blame Gesser's injury), attending the 2003 Rose Bowl with you and Kirk was a thrill---something I'd often thought about growing up in Pac-10 country, but never thought I'd really do. | Dear Uncle Norm and Aunt Sharon, It's wonderful to celebrate with you as you look back on fifty years of marriage! The three thousand or so miles between our homes made our visits with each other far too rare when I was growing up, but I do have some fond memories of playing croquet and "Jarts" with Norm in the

5: Then there was the Cougars' visit to Notre Dame in September 2003 to play my Fighting Irish in the shadow of "Touchdown Jesus." Although I wore the "ND" hat of my alma mater, my Northwest roots and the knowledge that you both were there kept me from fully enjoying Notre Dame's 20-point fourth quarter and eventual overtime victory. Then for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea for us all to eat dinner afterwards at "Pat's Irish Pub," a place whose walls are littered with Notre | Dame memorabilia and that blares the ND fight song every fifteen minutes or so with flashing lights. Thankfully, Norm was gracious enough to stay with us through the whole meal. I'm thankful for these memories with you and for the role you continue to play in my life, and now, that of my family. Congratulations to you both! With love, Kyle

6: Here are two memories: | Thanks to Sharon for being instrumental in my 3rd child’s (Margaret) career and being gainfully employed. Sharon let Margaret work for her at her B&B her junior year in high school. This experience was a mandatory pre-requisite to apply to the Cornell Hotel School. Margaret applied and was accepted for early decision, which was a major relief for her father.

7: Norm probably forgot some of the details..but this is a good example of how Norm can make a budget really last. When I interviewed for a position in the agricultural engineering department at Cornell (I was on the faculty at North Carolina State University) when Norm was chair, Norm informed me that he was a little short on travel funds to sponsor candidates and he was not really sure they could even invite me to interview. I quickly sensed the opportunity might be disappearing and said that I was willing to stay in a very economical hotel if needed. Norm responded by offering their guest bedroom in the family’s Burleigh Drive | house and that this would work out well, as Sharon was away at the time. Norm spared no additional expense and served me Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for my dinner that first night. Ummm MMMM good And, I got to go to an Ithaca High School orchestra performance that | Nan was playing in (Nan was also a baby sitter for our little ones when I was a graduate student at Cornell). Norm was always a joy to work for and to be around. I’m sure some of these same qualities of frugality have endeared him to his dear wife, Sharon. May you have many more years of happiness. Mike Timmons

8: Grandpa and Grandma- There are so many memories and fun times to talk about, but it would be impossible to write them all down. Kevin and I wanted to share just a few memories. | I remember growing up and always being so excited to visit Grandma and Grandpa at the bed and breakfast. As a kid, it seemed like the biggest house ever with so many exploring opportunities. But going to the house would have meant nothing if Grandma and Grandpa weren’t there to enjoy it with us. I remember often when it was nice out, Grandpa and I would go outside and play a game of basketball, usually horse. The first few times we played, I remember being impressed by Grandpa’s skills. It seemed no matter how hard I tried he would always sink a baseline jumper and take the game. Each year, I would think I have been practicing a lot lately and Grandpa is getting older, maybe I will be able to beat him this year. Yet every year Grandpa would go for his clutch shot and I would once again be the loser. I guess I will never be as good as Grandpa on the baseline, but maybe I can hope that in the next ten years he will slow down a little and I can pull out a win! After getting beaten on the basketball court, I would love to go inside and spend time with Grandma and run around the house. My favorite thing to do when I was younger was call Grandma’s house phone so I could hear her answer and say “West Wind Bed and Breakfast” before she realized it was me. I was always pretty impressed that she could juggle having our whole family around while caring for and attending to her guests. I also used to love looking at all the pictures around the house, especially of Grandma when she was younger. I always hoped I’d grow up and look like her someday. After staring at all the pictures, Grandma would call me down and suggest a family game or two, usually Mexican train dominoes. I loved looking around the dining room table and feeling so grateful that this was my family and we always had so much fun. Although it is sad the infamous bed and breakfast house will soon be sold, as long as Grandma and Grandpa keep returning to Ithaca I’ll be happy. Love you! | S A R A H

9: Most of my memories with Grandma and Grandpa I still think about through the lens of childhood awe. I remember thinking every second with Grandma and Grandpa seemed to be surreal. We spent our time playing board games, croquet, riding the tricycle, eating what seemed like endless supply of danishes for breakfast (tiny boxes of cereal that we were never allowed to get at home), sandwiches made just the way we liked for lunch, and whatever grown-up food happened to be popular for dinner. Westwind in and of itself provided infinite activity sources. There were toys to be found in the living room’s storage benches, Grandma’s desk full of pens – note pads – credit card swipers, swings in the yard, the pond to ice skate on in the winter and even an Atari (if we could convince someone to set it up). Westwind was essentially a castle to Sar and I, with its number of bedrooms, the small balconies that overlooked the living room, the secret closet tunnel between room 1 and grandma’s powder room (had to watch out for the row of shoes stopping the door from swinging open. I even got to go home to my friends and brag about having my own private tree house at my grandparent’s house. I think for both of us, one of our fondest memories with Grandma was the summer we spent at her house going to the Cayuga nature center. It gave us a chance to hang out with her one on one. Not only did we have fun at camp, but we looked forward to getting picked up by grandma and running errands at Wegman’s on the way home. It gave us a chance to talk her ear off and plan the countless activities we had for once we got home. We knew Grandma had just as much fun with us as we did with her (the exception being the times we bickered with each other and our stint in the kitchen that led her to walk out of the room leaving us to deal with each other). She herself was a constant source of entertainment – cracking jokes, goofing off with us, and knowing just what it took to keep us all giggling. I had always enjoyed asking Grandpa tons of questions growing up, as he seemed to have the answer every time. He had the ability to talk to me as an adult, while keeping me entertained and laughing as a kid. His love for golf led to me starting to play, which resulted in countless rounds together over the years. As a student at Cornell, I had the unique opportunity to peek into Grandpa’s professional life. As a cornerstone of the BEE department, he was mentioned in some way or another in almost all of my classes – even guest lecturing in a few. I most appreciated the ability to swing by his office once every week or two and pop in for a chat. We talked about everything from my classes to his upcoming trips and lectures to my activities around campus. Being able to vent my frustrations and struggles with my course work to someone I trusted and respected proved to be the source of reassurance I needed to suck it up and stick with engineering. As an adult, Grandpa has become one of my favorite individuals to discuss everything from sports to food to energy technologies. I have grown to respect and look up to Grandpa more than almost anyone else in my life. Thanks for sharing years of fond memories, laughter and above else time as family with us. We love you both so much and congratulations on your 50th! | K E V I N

10: I, being only 15 at the time of this piece's conception, can say very little about Grandma and Grandpa Scott's achievements or the like. However, I can recall two particular memories, even with all the algebra and Japanese that is crammed into my head. The older of the two memories was created in New York. Their mansion had a very appealing slope in the back and it was sledding heaven when it snowed there. I remember sliding down the slope on sleds that looked a lot like over-sized bird baths. Undeterred by the shape of the sleds, Daria, my sister, and I would sled for hours in the back yard, or until we were called in for supper. Once, the snow had been slightly slick from our previous sledding and I jumped on the sled and picked up speed fast; the wind whipping at my frosty cheeks. In fact, I sled right over the spot where Grandpa's new garden is growing! But I soon realized at the speed I was going Grandma might have to replace the glass sliding doors on the back of the house! I promptly slid off the sled itself and I skidded across the snow for another few feet, thus saving Grandma's doors. The more recent memory was created in Arizona. It was a nice abode that they owned—in fact I rather liked it. But nothing was more fun than Phase 10 after dinner. It usually took place two to three hours after dinner, thirty minutes if we were that adamant. We all pulled up chairs from around the house and huddled around the table as someone slid the cards out of their cardboard sheath. The cards were passed around and the game was played many times a night, even five times if my memory serves me. I won very few times, but then again I never had a knack for card or board games, but I still loved to play them. I will never forget these events, as they were some of the best times of my life. And like these memories I will never forget Grandma and Grandpa Scott. May they live for many years to come, and get that new house they were looking at. Written sincerely by, Andrew David Scott Talaski | Phase 10 and Sledding Surprise

11: Growing up; the most chaotic part of a person’s life. School, making friends, trying to cram as much as you can in your head. There is a lot that has to be remembered. Being little for most of my time with Grandma and Grandpa has limited my memory of them but I can think of two things. Grandma and Grandpa always have inspired and stretched my imagination. For instance, when I was very little, maybe five or so, I found a small door linking the master and guest bedrooms. It was the perfect size for me. I would walk through and open it very frequently. It was and remains to this day my favorite part of that house. I would explore the house and look in every nook and cranny to see if there were any other passage ways. I would have so much fun being there. Now they amaze me in different ways. For instance how can Grandpa still be that active? And it always amazes me the amount of “trouble” Grandma gets into. My more recent memory is about them both—being the active and fun loving couple that they are. Grandpa has always been an active one and surprises me to this day the way he can move and run. Making a door, playing tennis and taking hikes on the Arizona plains. Grandpa has always been fun for me. Now for Grandma, She does more than the average woman her age. She makes the beds, does the laundry and waters cactus. But she knows when to calm down and rest. I admire her for that. She will sit down and read a book or take a nap or watch TV. She has that blood-a-racing and that head-a-thinking. She may not be as mobile but she is definitely not one to just mope around. Many things have happened to me in the last few years. Trying to remember it all is a great challenge in its self. Even so, Grandma and Grandpa have made a permanent imprint on my mind. I will never forget them and I cherish those memories. Sincerely, Daria Jean Talaski | The Magic House & Always Active

12: Congratulations from Roy & Alma Coats

13: Congratulations from Roy & Alma Coats

14: Thank you so much for inviting us to your parents 50th wedding anniversary. We are honored to be invited as they are both wonderful friends and very special people. | I would like to add that Sharon and Norm are great people and role models for so many of us at Cornell. When I worked at Cornell, I often saw Norm rushing off to work very early and looking so professional and always had time to say hello. Sharon not only ran a successful business but found time to entertain faculty and the BEE wives and always with a wonderful sense of humor. We cherish their friendship and wish them many happy years ahead. Eileen | My 27 years at Cornell were connected with Norm from the very beginning and continued without interruption . When I came to Cornell on sabbatical in 1983, Norm was the Chair of Ag. Engineering and he also organized my coming here permanently in 1985. Of course he was then Vice President but we remained in close contact over the years with committees and projects. It is even more so now that he is back in BEE so it is easier to have coffee breaks. I am looking forward to our continuing friendship for many years to come when we are both retired. Yves

15: I would say that the biggest thing that stands out to me is how warm Norm was when we first talked on the phone a couple of years ago. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Also, Kari and I always joke about the time we went to a Cornell basketball game with Norm and it was an icy night. We were concerned because it was icy and didn't want him to fall. He came zipping by us walking SO fast that we could hardly keep up. I have yet to meet your Mom but, with as kind of a man and as quick and spry as he is, I can imagine she is a wonderful woman. | Congrats! Scott & Kari Cloutier

16: The first memory I will share is of the time when I lived in Ithaca during the school year 1968-1969. They were a busy family with three little girls and I was a single person who still thought the world pretty much revolved around her. When I would stop by after school--- need I add unannounced?--- taking up a couple hours of Sharon’s time just visiting, I never was made to feel like I was imposing or that Sharon had anything else to do but drop everything and visit with me. She would be trying to help the girls and get dinner on the table while I yakked about my day. It was only years later when I had a family of my own that I realized how generous Sharon had been with her time toward me. This memory of Norm is funny now but at the time there was a bit of tension in the air. | Memories of Sharon and Norm for their 50th Wedding Anniversary Naturally there are many wonderful memories we have of Sharon and Norm and their times shared with us. The idea of giving of yourself for others is the theme that embodies my best memories of this special couple.

17: Norm was kind in helping me with the various things that needed to be done in maintaining my car. Sometimes this was done in the dark in very cold weather, too. Such was the case of this incident. The memory of Norm’s great attitude of helpfulness far overrides that of the tension that came the day he changed SOME fluid—oil, antifreeze—whatever, and then only very late that evening when I went out to go home did we discover that the transmission fluid had been drained, too. Oops!! Of course it was a Sunday night and almost everything was closed. All I remember is that he stayed with this project until the car was once again mobile. This had to have been | Thanks for all the great memories and may we share many more. Love, Sheila & Paul | one occasion when they were happy to see my tail lights as I drove out of their long Sheffield Road driveway and back to my apartment in town. The theme of Sharon and Norm giving of their time and resources for others continues to this day now that we see each other more often since we all winter in Arizona.

18: Norm and George Hubbard at 101 The Parkway in Cayuga Heights. Norm, George, and I (Ted) lived here while grad students in Agricultural Engineering. Since there is snow on the ground this was taken in the Winter of 1959-1960. | Congratulations Norm & Sharon! Ted & Nancy Sobel

19: The Scott Farm near Spokane, Washington. I did a 13,000 mile trip around our great United States after finishing my MS at Cornell. I was exploring and looking at colleges for a PHD program. I stopped to see Norm at the farm as he was home. I believe this is where I met Sharon before they were married. Approximate time, June-July 1960.

20: Dear Sharon & Norm: Congratulations on your fifty wedding anniversary! Nadine and I are saddened by the fact that we could not join you for this momentous occasion. However, a nice dish of bouillabaisse was waiting for me in the South of France, and Sharon, you know how much I like good cooking. As I celebrate this momentous event from across the ocean - and with ca ouple of glasses of Bourgogne wine - a number of great memories and reflections cross my mind. One of the first reflections is how a share a similar situation with Norm of having a set of authoritarian women running our loves! However, I did learn something from Norm and kept it to three women running my life. | 19 July, 2011

21: Sharon, you know that over the recent years Norm and I have made several trips to Washington together for business (ha ha ha). Most of these junkets were to get away to eat good food, drink good wine, and to commensurate on how our women control our lives - and you thought we were solving the world energy problem. However, more recently Norm has been recovering lost memories and he is frequently telling me how life was not so bad with the four Scott women - it is amazing what a bottle of Bourgogne will do to resurrect memories. He even claims that on several occasions that he evolved into Norma Jean to find his feminine side to better bond with the Scott women. What he has forgotten was these cross dressing episodes were the results of bets that Norm lost to me. However, this was growing tiring and I have more recently been betting him for good bottles of Champagne - my way of recovering lost memories. Sharon and Norm, one of my favorite memories that I have of the two of you is how you always welcomed visitors into your home and family. From a young Ph.D. interviewer for a position in the Department with a jittery stomach to important Chinese visitors you have always provided a home away from home that makes a visit to Ithaca special. The place at the rainbow's end is a home full of warmth, laughter and love.

22: Another reflection that comes to me at this time is the tremendous amount of shared growth that is needed for a couple to stay together 50 long years - Sharon you are a very patient woman! One of my favorite science fiction writers, Robert Heinlein, talks about the challenge in many if his books and he raised the question of whether it is possible to | be married to the same person for 100 years. Now Sharon if you could be patient another 50 years we might be able to obtain an empirical answer to this question. Of course, by then, Norm will have recovered a whole bunch of lost memories about how his women completely controlled every aspect of his life! All joking beside, congratulations to two very special friends that have been able to carve-out something special over a period of 50 years! You have created a family that you can be proud of, catalyzed many great friendships and shared many special moments together. We feel fortunate to count the two of you as close friends. Sincerely, Larry & Nadine

23: HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY NORM AND SHARON SCOTT Welcome to the 50’s Club! It seems like it was only 50 years ago that you were single, carefree and free! And 50 years later you are together, carefree and really free! And you’ve made it a wonderful journey, with independent spirits working in tandem to raise great kids and build successful careers. Not many make it to this benchmark, so you should be very proud of yourselves and your accomplishments. And along that journey, we especially recall the adventures of ASAE meetings, with more and more kids tagging along over the years. And Norm practicing reading his research paper under the sheets at night in the trailer with a flashlight so as not to disturb his roommate. Ah, what a good, caring husband! | It is also to his undying credit that he never brought home one of his hypothalamically challenged chickens for Sharon to cook. Lucky Sharon! Lucky kids! And it would have been a violation of research project protocol to do so anyway. The Scott's have always been outstanding upstanding citizens. And we appreciate that greatly.

24: It was hard work along the way, but there was lots of fun, too. Your Halloween masquerade parties were exceptional fun. On one occasion, we made super-super-sized copies of the invitation card that completely hid us – and succeeded in not being identified by sitting silently in chairs in the living room. For another party, Ron went as Anne and Anne went as Ron, with similar results. Maybe you remember these folks – | Ron as Anne | Anne as Ron | Isn’t (s)he cute?!?!

25: Who could not like folks like you who always had a smile and a happy face to greet people. Good humor is a great personality trait and treat. Like when years and years ago Norm nicknamed Ron “Ronald McDonald” and sticks to it to this day. Well, turnabout is obviously fair play so Ron greets Norm as “Normally Scott”. (Not really sure what he is the rest of | the time!) But it’s a great example of humorous bugging at its best! And here you are at our 50th wedding anniversary in July 2003, studiously studying the menu. Looking for hypothalamically challenged chicken, no doubt! | So, here we are, decades later, still “Furry, like the rabbit”, wishing you the very best, now and always. (Well, Ron may not be so furry on the top anymore, and Anne is now called “Snowball”, but it’s still all in good humor, right?) With much love, Ron and Anne Furry

26: PRECIOUS MEMORIES, HOW THEY LINGER! As we reflected back over the years that we have known Sharon and Norm, many things came to mind. My first memory of Sharon was her kindness in taking me under her wing when we were the ‘new kids on the block’ and making me feel like I ‘fit in’ to the Ag Engineering family by always including me on shopping trips and coffee outings. Mike’s fondest memories of Norm will always be as a friend and valued co-worker who never ceased to encourage and inspire him in his career. Many were the dinners we shared around their table in their home on Burleigh Drive as well as the departmental get-togethers that they hosted in this same home. However, the memory that we have that no one else will most likely share is the call for HELP from Sharon while Norm was out of town, and she was met with rising water in their lower living area on Burleigh Drive. Mike, rushing to Sharon’s assistance, found

27: their lower level covered with water—or to be more accurate, sewage. Seeking Mike’s help as a ‘water specialist’, Sharon was confident Mike would be able to help her in this moment of distress. With sewage, and all of its components, flowing out of the downstairs toilet, in an ebb and flow manner, Mike was able to remove the toilet and bolt a plate over the sewer hole. Problem fixed! Wrong! No sooner had this been accomplished than the sewage transferred its avenue of entry and sprang up like a gusher from the sink drain. Sharon was a real trooper as she worked to restore her downstairs living quarters and Norm, arriving home the next day, became her real hero when the source of the problem was discovered—a large log in an outdoor sewage pipe diverting neighbors’ sewage into Norm and Sharon’s home. It was a night to remember—or maybe for Sharon, to forget, but for us it was one for the memory book. Sharon and Norm, thank you for being the great friends you have always been to us and for always including us in your social functions and smaller family events. We treasure your friendship and admire both of you, and your family, in so many ways. Love, Dianne and Mike Walter

29: HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY Norm and Sharon Geri and I couldn’t be happier for the two of you. You have both been good friends and important people in our lives. It doesn’t seem possible that you have been part of our “extended family” for more than thirty years, but we have been blessed that it is true. We have shared some tears and sadness, but far more laughs, joy and good times.

30: Some of our fondest memories include: Differences of opinion, as well as consensus on occasion, on politics, religion, environment “Desert golf” when Norm refused to give up a stroke for a lost ball - jumping cholla and snakes be damned; the only guy I know that will sacrifice a $50 shirt and $75 pair of pants for a $1.50 golf ball Death-defying, headlong plunges down gulches and over cliffs Hikes, trips, cruises, views and vistas that took our breaths away Laughter at the Gas Light Theater and at/with each other Culture at the Hanger Theater, on and off Broadway, various symphonies, and the Esplanade in Boston (what a 4th of July)

31: Camp outs, cross-country skiing, floundering sail boats and “heroic” rescues from shore Tours of observatories, radio telescopes, huge dairy operations, biospheres, Taliesin West More than these, however, we remember the heartfelt interest and care you offered friends and members of the small group when in need. Thanks for being special friends and a great couple. Celebrate, celebrate for many, many years to come! We hope we get to make a few more memories with you in the future. Lots of love, Joe & Geri Pinkham

34: June 27, 2011 Having moved to Ithaca in 1993, we do not go back as many years in knowing your parents as many of your parent’s friends and acquaintances. However, one of my first meetings with your mother and father was at some kind of reception at Cornell. I remember chatting with your mother for a long time while your dad attended to business matters. She was friendly, smiled easily, and had a good sense of humor. Over the years, I remember visiting her in the hospital when she had knee surgery, and later my husband and I joined their small group. One of my fondest memories was visiting your parent’s beautiful home on Taughannock Blvd. at holiday time.

35: The formal tree in the living room was just stunning, and I loved the smaller traditional tree in their kitchen area. She always had such sweet decorations near her entry door and I just felt it to be a magical place in December. I was sorry when they moved to Tucson as I knew the days of seeing her Ithaca holiday home was no longer to be. I have found your mother to be sincere and thoughtful. She has weathered many physical afflictions with courage and even humor at times. I do not know your dad as well as your mother, but will remember his many presentations for the small group meetings and his enthusiasm for his work at Cornell and countries abroad. They often have spoken of their children and grandchildren with much love and pride. We wish them many more years filled with happiness, good health, and memorable occasions with each other and those they love. Sincerely, Donna and Al Clark

36: My first evening at the Scott’s home One could easily write a success story about Norm or his unique characteristics but I chose to write a personal story – my first evening experience at the Scott’s home. I was hired during Norm’s tenure as department chair. The day arrived when I had to come to Ithaca for an interview for the job I am in. This was my second job in the U.S. For my first job, there was no formal interview because it was at the college and department where I did my undergraduate degree. The professors knew me as their student and now they were hiring me as an Assistant Professor. It was just like walking in. This is to say that my Cornell interview was my first and last interview in my life. So, I didn’t know what to expect. Norm waited for me at the Tompkins County Airport. He drove me in a Volkswagen to the present Clarion Hotel. At that time, it used to be called Sheraton Hotel. When we arrived at the Hotel, he told me that I have half an hour to freshen up. He will be coming back to pick me up to go to his house to have dinner with the Search Committee. Frankly, I was not enthused about meeting the Search Committee after a long trip. More importantly, what am I going to

37: chat about with these people? I knew that I had no choice on the matter. I imagined then that they will be observing and evaluating everything I say and do. What a pressure! Norm came back as he said he will and there we go to his house at Burleigh Drive. I was introduced to the Search Committee and Sharon. I remember Lou Albright and Ron Furry were in the group. I don’t remember the rest now. As we were talking and munching before dinner, I remember one of the Search Committee members offered me cheese, and I said to him I will take a piece if it is Wisconsin cheese (Wisconsin being the dairy state). I was trying hard to eject something funny to the conversation. It was time for dinner. The table cloth was all white. At some point when we were enjoying our meal, I was trying to grab my drink. It was Coke in a glass. But accidentally, I hit the glass and spilled the coke over the white table cloth and I said “there goes my job”. I was trying to clean it with my napkin but Sharon immediately and generously said “don’t worry about it.” That was my first eventful evening in Ithaca. Sharon and Norm, we are sorry we could not be with you on your day. Congratulations on your Golden Anniversary. We wish you many, many years of good health, love and happiness. Norm, you are one-of-a-kind. Tsedal and Kifle

38: CONGRATULATIONS NORMAN AND SHARON ON YOUR 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY We have been asked to remember an event with Norman and Sharon that was "Hilarious" to us, "Aggravating" to Sharon, and "Gee Whiz" to Norman. "Who", "What" and "Why" might be a good way to start this event. Our daughter, Lisa, was to be married in March 1990 and Norm and Sharon had flown into Spokane to attend the event. Since the groom's relatives and friends were staying in our home, we needed a place to house Norman and Sharon. My cousin came up with a plan. He lives only a short distance from us and had a huge recreational bus. He offered to bring his vehicle over to our yard for Norm and Sharon to

39: use while in town. We now had a luxurious home for them--all settled. The rehearsal and dinner were scheduled and since Lydel and I left early, it was decided there wasn't any reason for Norm and Sharon to go early. They decided to join us a little later. No problem with this as they knew the way to the Church. The rehearsal went well and the ladies of the church had prepared a roast beef dinner for the invited guests.All the guests arrived, mingled and then were seated. BUT NO NORMAN AND SHARON! | We were becoming concerned and the ladies were ready to serve the dinner. (We can't remember if the "blessing" had been said when Norman and Sharon arrived.) The look on Sharon's face was hard to describe. Dinner was served and conversation was pleasant. After dinner, we questioned what "drastic event" had taken place to delay the pair. Sharon was given first chance to speak! She had gone to the motor home to change clothes, etc. When she was ready to leave, the door was locked and she had no key to get out! (PROBABLY NORMAN HAD IT!) She turned on and off the head lights to attract Norman's attention, screamed and tried everything she could think of, but no RESPONSE. She even thought about climbing out the window (fire exit--party dress, etc.?).

40: Meanwhile, Norman was in the house blissfully watching a basketball game on TV. He suddenly realized that Sharon should be dressed and ready to go. Norman walks down to the motor home to see why Sharon had not come to the house. He reaches the motor home and has to unlock the door. (NO ONE was there to hear the words exchanged between them.) They hurriedly got into the car and arrived at the Church a few minutes late. The lock system was also repaired to prevent any future repeats. It was kind of funny to "US." Sharon can really get a colorful complexion! | (The wedding was the next day and everyone arrived on time, March 24, 1990.) We send you our love and many good wishes for a wonderful celebration on July 30th. Lydel and Frances

41: The last day of a visit to Ithaca and on our way to the airport with some time to kill, we stopped off at Sapsucker Woods. While walking the grounds I got separated from my family. Of course the group made it back to the parking lot, and with time now running short I am still lost out on the trails. As you can imagine my parents are ready to wring my neck, when Sharon saves the day. I was later told her response was “Paul, Sheila, if Kirk doesn’t make it back in time. I will take him to the mall, get him a clean set of clothes, and have him on the next flight home tomorrow” Her reaction is to help, to give, and to serve. We have all heard the expression ‘to make a long story short’. Sharon turns this idea on its head, and does it in a way that is interesting, entertaining, often heartfelt and with humor. Thank you Aunt Sharon! | My Aunt Sharon When asked to reflect for this celebration two qualities came to mind. First Sharon’s spirit of generosity, and second her ability tell a good story.

42: My Uncle ‘Iron Man’ Norm I remember a family trip to New York in the summer of 1990. Norm, my dad Paul, brother Kyle, and I went golfing on the 4th of July. It was over 100 degrees that day and after 14 holes the 3 Forsyth’s were about ready to die whereas Norm appeared ready to play another 18. Later that week | Norm wanted to take me and Kyle up the road to see the Taughannock Falls. As two high school aged kids in pretty good shape I was astonished when we had to break into a light jog in order to keep up with Norm’s ‘walking’ pace. When I think of Norm, I am struck by his drive, determination, and how he strives through life with passion and fervor. Thanks Uncle Norm! Congratulations on 50 years of marriage!! Love, Kirk Forsyth (Nephew)

43: Hi Shirlene, Jim and I will unfortunately be unable to make this wonderful event due to travel plans. We've had a very busy summer of travel. When I received your lovely invitation, I somehow read the date of the party as August 30. At any rate, we'll miss all the festivities. Both your parents were extremely gracious and kind to us as well as our children. I do remember meeting your Mom and Dad at a lovely dinner they hosted during Jim's interview. We brought our 2.5 yr old with us. Do you girls remember babysitting for our Benjamin? I had to unfortunately excuse myself several times during the evening and find the restroom. I was in the first trimester of my third pregnancy. Your mom is a "Smart Cookie" - she knew what my abrupt absences were all about. Your parents made us feel very welcome into the Cornell Community. Our congratulations to Norm and Sharon! Happy Anniversary! Your Friends, Jim and Barbara Bartsch

44: When our Missoula, Montana relatives were not home, our parents made the decision to just keep driving and we'd sleep in our own beds that night. Nothing unusual about that decision but I wondered why Sharon, my oldest sister, was suddenly excited about getting home one day earlier than planned. | Asking For Her Hand It was as if it happened yesterday. Our family had just returned from a three week vacation, touring by car through Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho and then home to Spokane.

45: She started putting curlers in her hair and looking in her mirror a lot! Oh yeah, her boyfriend was coming from Cornell for a couple of weeks. That explained all the primping. Sometime during his short visit, we all gathered in our living room at Norm's request. Sharon seemed so excited but said nothing. We all turned to look at Norm for a clue. I distinctly remember him nervously starting out with the age-old phrase, "In spring, when a young man's fancy turns to love...”. As he continued his speech, just at a crucial part, instead of leaning against our mother's cedar chest, he started to sit down on it. CRACK was all we heard and Norm shot straight up in the air. Everybody laughed, Norm finished his request to our dad, and out came a sparkling diamond ring! This was June 1960 and their marriage took place one year later on June 17, 1961. Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! (Several years ago I replayed this scene to Norm and he quickly denied the cracking sound of the cedar chest. Now I ask you, would you take his word for it or an impressionable 13 year olds' recollection?) Connie Cogley Seattle, WA June 2011

46: Small Group, 1998

47: Dear Norm and Sharon, We don’t have the space to write about all the great memories we have shared over the last 40 years. Our Small Group activities have been a blast. Remember when Norm dumped Cliff off the Laser into the water and how we always enjoyed Sharon’s colorful telling of her life experiences. It seems we were always in stitches. With retirement come changes so we are happy to have you nearby in Tucson. (If you call a one hour drive nearby!) It’s great to have another small group there with our Ithaca friends: the McCunes and Merrills – almost like having the best of both worlds. Here’s to more of the same at each of our homes. Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary! With our love and best wishes Cliff and Jane

48: Dear Sharon and Norm, Congratulations for making it to 50 years. Cathy and I extend our best wishes on the celebration of your life together. We have known you both for nearly as long as 50 years, and I have known Norm for at least that long. He was the one who told me that I should raise my bicycle seat, and then asked the question "do you believe in heterosexual interdigitation?" We've had many pleasant visits with you over the years, first on West Hill, then at West Winds, and at other times during various professional meetings at many locations around the country.

49: We have always looked forward to these times when we could get together and chat about daughters, grandkids, and between Norm and me, professional issues related to agricultural and biological engineering. Maybe we didn't solve all the world's problems, but we came close. Now that you have reached this milestone, it's time to prepare for the next 50 years. I always like to look ahead optimistically, anyhow. So, of course, congratulations for the past 50 years, but, most of all, best wishes for the next 50. Sincerely,

50: In the area of remembrances both Nancy and I remember an epic costume party at your parent’s house around Halloween. We think it was about 1982. As we recall Norm was dressed in drag as a female cheerleader! I wish we had some pictures to add to your memory book but alas we only have our memories. Best wishes to Norm and Sharon for many more years together and special congratulations on reaching the golden years. Sincerely, Gerry and Nancy Rehkugler

51: My memories are of the special friendliness and down to earth nature of both Norm and Sharon. Also a certain Halloween party where Norm came as a cheer leader! It has been such a pleasure to know them over the years. Diana & Lynne Irwin

53: Dear Sharon and Norm, You both have been such good friends. Even before we were "officially" asked to join Small Group, you invited us to a New Year's party at your home. We had such a great time and were made to feel a real part of the group. Sharon, I'll never forget how you came over to the house and sat with me after John's death. Most of Small Group was in Europe and you and Jane DeMayo stepped in and offered support and help. And more recently Norm, your help in getting plane tickets lined up was a blessing. It's hard to believe at my age and as much flying as I've done, I've never had to purchase tickets myself. So "thank you" both for being there when I needed someone and... "Congratulations" on 50 years of married life!

54: I have a couple of short, but interesting stories: | Story 1: Everyone always talks about how Norm sets his mind to something and juuuuust does it..... it was a very cold Sunday afternoon in November. Norm had asked some of his and other students to help him set up a small scale, "home-made" anaerobic digester, which was supposed to be built by one of his students who has a farm, but it was taking too long, and Norm wanted it to happen. The truth is that nobody, except for him was really excited about going... anyway, we were there the whole, freezing cold afternoon. However, Norm didn't seem to care at all! I have never seen somebody who pretty much eats only M&M's, works way harder than a bunch of 25-year old students. He grabbed a pickaxe, threw his jacket aside and nobody could stop him anymore...

55: Story 2: Driving back from somewhere lost in the state of NY after picking up a free instrument for the lab we were just setting up in Riley-Robb. It was late evening and we both were tired... but he wanted to drive, as always, so my job was to pay attention to his driving to make sure he wasn't too tired so we could make it home! It turns out that he was really tired, and I was having trouble staying awake myself. So I decided that I had to try to make a conversation to keep both of us awake. He wasn't really into talking so much so I decided to make some bold statements like "hey Norm, I think I'll have my first paper ready in 3 days", or "I think I'll be done with my thesis in a year"... 3 years later, I just published my first paper, and my thesis is not done yet! Anyway, bold statements and everything, they didn't work, and now I could tell he was even more tired with my stories... so I resorted to trick of stopping somewhere to go to the bathroom with the intention of trying to get him to get some fresh air and a big coffee...but, of course he didn't get a coffee, he got m&m's and jumped back in the car... after that, I gave up... but we made safely home, and we are both here! | Congratulations! Rodrigo & Jenny

59: Norm loves digesters and always brings a camera to his trips. This is a good idea because one of his pictures got on the cover for a book of which Norm and I wrote a book chapter. Thanks Norm for calling me at WashU with the opportunity to come to Cornell, for being a great neighbor, and for working with me. Many more married years! Congratulations Norm and Sharon!! Lars Angement & Ruth Ley

60: Haiku—RAS, 1990s I. Laughter roared, eyes “teared,” Work escalated, fun cheered — Life with VP Norm II. How support sprang strong From behind the scenes, right there Cheering, Sharon soared Tina Sneed

61: Rising, Aimless Stars | He's true... And he wears it well. | He's Ab-Normal... A-Boss called NORMal | She's both... Ms. California & Ms. New York Mets | Ms. Congeniality, What's up? Fun and games, no doubt. | Ms. Candid Camera: She's making a composite. | He wants someone... To get coffee for him. | Ms. Prim & Proper. She's looking for her lace. | Here comes the Pink Panther! Where's he going next? | Ms. Fine & Dandy. She's got the lace.

62: Surprise Party Friday, July 29, 2011 The Forsyth Clan arrives to get a jump start on the weekend celebration

63: Surprise!

65: 50th Anniversary Party at The Statler Hotel Cornell University Saturday, July 30, 2011

66: - Hors D'oeuvres - Prosciutto Wrapped Melon Ratatouille & Artichoke Crostini Skewer of Grilled Thai Chicken with sesame dipping sauce | - 1st Course - Field Greens Mandarin Oranges, Dried Cranberries and Toasted Almonds Asian Pear Dressing - 2nd Course - Herb Crusted Sea Bass and Seared Filet Mignon With Pommery Mustard Sauce Chef's Selection of Starch & Vegetables Ithaca Bakery Rolls and Butter - 3rd Course - Cornell Apple Galette Cinnamon Whipped Cream

88: Brunch at Taughannock Farms Inn and an Afternoon Hike at Taughannock Falls Sunday, July 31, 2011

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