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Happy Birthday Jeff!

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Happy Birthday Jeff! - Page Text Content

S: Happy 50th Birthday Jeff!

BC: Happy Birthday Jeff!

FC: Happy 50th Birthday Andrus Jeffrey Sondrup A book of memories from the people that love you1

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. CathyAllen

3: Happy birthday Dear Jeff....another opportunity to tell you of our love and so many good memories....I fell in love with you the first time you were put in my arms. You were a big, beautiful baby, 9lbs 4 oz, with a big frame, square shoulders and big gentle hands, but no hair!! However, you did have big, beautiful blue eyes....eyes that were continually searching everything and every where and you wanted to touch and handle seem to grow so fast, got your teeth all in one month....walked at 10 months....healthy most of the time, cooperative, most of the time.... Careful, thoughtful.... Learned quickly, good grades most of the time....imaginative, good concentration and talented!! You would sing "Take me out to the ball game" for the neighbors....for some cookies..... I don't know where the time went! You also had a great sense of humor. I loved it!! Keep it up!! We all love you! MOM

4: Dear Brother Jeff, Writing this has made me think that I must have been a very self-absorbed person, either that or I am getting old enough that my memory is truly fading. I was 12 when you were born though and most 12 yr. olds are pretty self-absorbed. When you were a baby and a young boy we lived in Hunter, not West Valley City. My friend Shellie and I called you "Andrus baby." You were a cute, sweet bald headed baby. Then we moved to Cottonwood area. What a great street to grow up on. There were friends everywhere. Remember the day we took photos of Goldie on the motorcycle in the backyard, and the trip to Uncle Dee's place when we all floated the salt River in tubes? There were so many mosquitoes we finally got out of the rive, carried our tubes and tried to walk home. I remember being at one of your basketball games where dad was so vocal, I swear the referee called a technical on the crowd. Christmases were great. We were always surrounded by family and dogs. The pool was fun, hard work, and a super attraction for friends. I do remember very well though the day you almost drowned. We were tending a little neighbor girl, and mom asked me to go find her. We always worried about the pool. I walked into the front room and looked out the patio doors. She was standing on the edge of the pool by the deep end. I called to her to come into the house, but she wouldn't come. So I walked out to where she was standing on the edge of the pool, and grabbed her hand. I looked down and there you were | laying on the bottom of the pool. I screamed for mom and she came running. She didn't even say anything. She went right past me and into the water. She brought you up to the edge of the pool and with one arm looped through the ladder she started to give you mouth-to-mouth. It seemed like forever before you began to choke and cry. I was so happy. I had to stay at the house while she took you to the hospital. We were so blessed. You hadn't inhaled any water, which can cause pneumonia, and there was no brain damage, (that we knew of then). You recovered so quickly. I remember that you liked to hunt and fish. You were so smart and had the gift of tongues. I believe you memorized the whole of Monty Pythons, "The Holy Grail.," and the "life of Bryan." You were also a terrible tease, but Jenny was more of the victim of that than I was. More than once though I was soaked when you asked me to get you a drink and you had wrapped a rubber band around the handle on the hose sprayer. I have always been proud of your accomplishments and the man you have become, and I will always love you.. Sheri

5: I remember fishing at Fish Lake with Uncle Jeff. I was always around when he was gutting the fish, and he would always pretend to eat the eyeballs, however, I was too young to be privy to pretend. So now? I don't gut fish and I definitely can't look them in the eye! Love you, Steph | Memories of 'My Uncle Jeff' ..... he gave me a sympathy card for my High School Graduation. I didn't get it at first and had to have my mom explain it to me. Now, of course, I totally get it! Why is it that when we are self-absorbed adolescents we never appreciate how good it is to be living at home with mom and dad and have no responsibilities? ...... he helped me with my Calculus homework at a Thanksgiving family celebration. This was over eight years ago - but, I still remember being impressed. Ashley

6: I first met Jeff in the Fall of 1973. It was my first semester of college and I had been writing to Jeff's older brother Brad while he was on his mission. My brother Craig was Brad's first companion and we had met via letters through Craig. Craig and I had been invited to the Sondrup's for Sunday dinner. As we pulled up to the house I saw a boy riding his bike towards the house and commented to my brother that must be one of Brad's younger brothers. I was right when that same young boy pulled my chair out for me as we sat up to the table to eat. I was so impressed by how polite he was and how helpful he was to his mom that evening. When we were leaving Jeff joined his parents and other family members saying good by to us at the door. I was surprised that a 12 year old would show that kind of interest in his brother's friends. The next year when Brad came home I got reacquainted with Jeff. He asked me lots of questions about what I had been doing for the last year. Once again I was very impressed that a 13 year old would show that kind of interest in me. He even asked to see my engagement ring when I got it that Christmas. After we were married Jeff and I had many opportunities to see each other at Sunday dinners, holidays, birthdays, summer evenings coming out for a swim etc... He was always so enjoyable to be around. There was a comfort that I felt when we would talk. I watched him grow into a very intelligent, athletic, handsome man. I remember him talking to me about a girl he was infatuated with named Kami Herbert. I had the same concerns about this budding romance as the other family members- would he still go on a mission? One thing I learned about Jeff at that time was that he could not be deterred in doing what he knew was right for him. That trait has given him many many successes in life. He left for a mission to Japan the year after he finished High School. | Brad loved to wrestle with Jeff and he was not gentle about it. I don't know why he thought Jeff a better opponent than Wade but for some reason when he saw Jeff it was a signal to get him to the ground and hold him in some bizarre wrestling move. I know Jeff did not particularly enjoy these tumbles on the ground but he was good natured about it. There were times I knew Jeff was getting hurt and I would tell Brad over and over to stop. Sometimes he call for Carrol to make Brad stop. I remember one incident were the wrestling got so intense that Jeff's pants split open. Roger and Carrol use to take an annual 3 week trip to Mexico. After Brad and I married they would ask us to stay at the house with Jeff and Jenny while they were gone. One year during Jeff's junior year in High School we were awakened by a knock on the door very early in the morning. Carrol had told me that the milk man delivered milk on that day and he would knock on the door. Jeff was sleeping in the downstairs bedroom and Brad and I were upstairs. I heard that knock and so did Jeff so we both headed to the front door at the same time. Both of us assumed that we were the only ones awake at the time. When we met at the front door Jeff was wearing nothing but his underwear. There was no way to hide the awkwardness of the situation so we both just chuckled. Over the years when that memory pops into my head I still laugh. When Jeff left on his mission we were living in Oregon- a 12 hour drive to Salt Lake. Brad was determined to say good-by to his brother so we left our home at 6pm on a Friday night drive all night. Arrived early Saturday morning to the Sondrup's and were able to spend one last day with Jeff, go to his farewell and leave for home Sunday afternoon so Brad could be back to work Monday morning. It was an exhausting trip with Jordan and Cole in tow and me being 8 weeks pregnant with Teral. | We headed back to Salt Lake when Jeff got home. Kami was still single and interested in Jeff and so we figured that it would not be long before we were headed back to Salt Lake for a wedding. We were right and that summer we drove back home for their wedding. Brad died about 18 months later. He died at his mothers home while Jeff was in classes at the University of Utah. This was back in the days when there were no cell phones so all we could do was leave a message and wait for him to call back. I saw him the night before the funeral at the viewing. He was grief stricken but as we walked out of the funeral home he put his arm around my shoulders and walked me to the car. I don't remember what he said to me but I do remember that arm felt like Brad's and I knew there was still a little piece of Brad comforting me. The years after Brad's death were filled with grief, exhaustion, loneliness and the need to start a new life without a husband and father in the family. Jeff was always kind, always showed an interest in the kids, always extended invitations for visits and always left a feeling that he and Kami were willing and happy to provide whatever we needed. Now, 27 years later we still know that Jeff is interested, can be counted on for kindness and support, and is happy to provide whatever we may need. It has been a blessing to write this tribute to you. It brought up so many happy memories. Your brother and I love you very much. He is very proud of the wonderful life you have made for yourself. I know he looks forward to a joyful reunion with you someday. Happy Birthday Jeff. Lots of Love- Kim,Jordan,Cole,Teral and Stuart.

7: I remember swimming with him a couple if times at grandma and grandpa's pool. I remember going up to your house in Idaho falls and him taking cole and me down stairs and showing us his swords from his mission and talking to s about his mission. He is a great guy and always greets me with a hug whenever I see him. I hope he has a wonderful birthday Stuart | My Memories of Uncle Jeff: All of the Sondrup brothers (my dad included) were big fans of practical jokes. In all honesty, my first and most vivid memories of Jeff are of him jumping out of a closet to scare someone (mostly Jenny), or pulling some other prank that would reduce him and any other spectators to fits of hysterical laughter. I remember visiting him and Kami in what must have been one of their first apartments, and him casually asking my mom to open a suspicious cabinet door. When she did, out fell a giant stuffed animal wearing some sort of grotesque Halloween mask. I remember my mom screaming and jumping back while Jeff rolled on the couch with laughter. I distinctly remember he and Kami’s wedding because my sister and I got to wear pretty pink dresses and stand in the wedding line greeting all the guests and shaking their hands. A more recent memory includes my first and only ice fishing trip. I was staying at Jeff and Kami’s for a few days to help Kami with the high school drill team. He convinced me to go fishing with him and Roger, wherein we would end up sitting on over-turned buckets on a frozen lake eating licoriceI caught 3 or 4 fish I think!...I used that story to impress many subsequent dates. Happy Birthday Jeff! Lots of love- Jordy

8: Happy Birthday Brother! One of my most vivid memories as a child is Mom and Dad bringing you home from the hospital when I was four years old and laying you down on the bed so I could look at my new baby brother. How cool. Eventually, you would become the one I could tease and punish as Brad did to me. By the way, I truly am sorry for that chipped tooth you got when I rolled you up in the kitchen rug and left you in the corner. I didn’t figure you would try to move and fall on your face without arms and hands to break your fall. I never could figure out your fake cry. Were you really crying or just trying to get Mom’s attention and get me in trouble. Fooled me every time. It probably prevented me from killing you. You grew up to be one funny, brainy little brother. You had cool friends with cool cars (a Vette and a supped up Nova). Still can’t figure out how you talked Mom and Dad into a motorcycle. I guess it took Brad and I battering them for years so they just gave into you. Seriously, I loved and respected you smarts, your sense of humor and your character. I loved watching your little league baseball games and I was so proud of your church championship team. My heart ached that you didn’t get a shot at football because of your chest surgery. That was a wicked thing attached to your chest with wires sticking out from the skin trying to pull your rib cage out. You would have been an awesome receiver. As you grew into a man you became an example to me. I shared in your missionary ups and downs and I always enjoyed reading/hearing about your experiences in Japan. You married first and your married well. Kami is a wonderful woman and mother. No brother could be more proud of the example you set as a brother, a father (and grandfather) and a man of God. When I struggled to find myself you didn’t judge. You were steady and loving. As you have faced adversity with life and loved ones, you have stayed grounded and you never seem to lose faith. You continue to set the example for me. I will always look up to you. I love the brief moments we share now when time affords. Your warped, dry sense of humor never fails to make me laugh. It’s no coincidence that you and I were the only two people in a crowded sacrament meeting to pick up on Brother Coons’ “organism/orgasm” Freudian slip. We share the same brain in so many ways. I love you! Wayde

9: My beloved brother, I love you! I love you! I love you! When I was little, you were my light. I wanted to be near you always. You showed your love for me everyday the only way an older brother knows how, by torture. Like the time you rolled me up in the kitchen rug and leaned me in the corner, or when you chased me through the house with your light sabre broom after you'd seen Star Wars for the first time. I especially loved when you would hide around the corner by the dish washer and grab my ankles or tie a rubber band around the sprayer on the sink. My favorite was when you asked me to go to the carport to get you a flashlight knowing the dead deer carcass was hanging in the dark. I knew you loved me because if you didn't you would ignore me. And like all good Golden Retrievers know, its better to be beaten than ignored. I know things are not the same between us and I'm sorry for that. I do love you and I miss you. I look back on my childhood with nothing but fond memories and most include you. Your still my big brother. Always. Jenny

10: Dear Jeff, I just want to thank you for all that you have done. For all that you have provided to Kami and your kids. Thank you for being such a great example for your children. You have always worked hard and provided for them. You have also being so kind and loving to me and my children. I really appreciate that. You are such a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person. Thank you for everything that you do for everyone in our family. I love you very much! Happy 50th Birthday!!! Love Holly | Jeff I remember, when Don use to lecture and question all the boys that came to pick up Kami for a date, but when she brought you home I told him to leave you alone, this one is a catch, he’s good-looking and intelligent. Some of the best years of our lives were when you and your babies lived with us. We are very proud of you. You are a good husband, father, and provider. We feel very fortunate to call you our son. Love Don & Jan Herbert | Dear Jeff, HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Remember when 50 sounded so old and now it seems pretty young. It is hard to believe that you are already that young. We tell our kids and grandkids to stop growing up so fast because we know that if they are getting older so are we. We want to stay active and keep doing the things we have always done and we can except it just takes longer to recover from them. 50 is such a great age. The hearing keeps coming and going. Ibuprofen is your best friend. Those beautiful late night walks to the bathroom. It is all so good. Well have a great birthday. We are so glad you are a part of our family Love Rick and Jane

11: Hi Danielle, My first memories of your dad go back to when I was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Your dad would have been about two or three. Our family lived about 3 - 4 miles away and I frequently would ride my bike to see Jeff's brother, uncle Brad. On one of these occasions, I remember pulling in the drive way and as I parked my bike in the carport attached to the Sondrup home, I saw a little neighborhood girl standing in the back yard staring down at the bottom of the pool. When she saw me, she quickly ran out of the back yard, running back to her home. Normally I would go to the front door and come into the house that way, but what I saw seemed kind of strange. So I went over to see what the little girl had been looking at in the pool. When I got to the pool, I couldn't believe what I saw! Your dad a little boy... lying on the bottom. I was afraid he was dead, Almost instantaneously I remember looking up toward the house, aunt Carol. (your grandma) looked at me and in an flash she flew out of the house and was in the pool, grabbed your dad and quickly tried to revive him. I remember being so afraid. Then I saw your dad start coughing and breathing. I thought I had just seen a miracle! I went from being so very scared to feeling such incredible happiness and relief. Then aunt Carol said she needed to take little Jeff to the hospital. When I asked her why, she said that depending on how long your dad was on the bottom of the pool...not breathing, there could be brain damage. Well, in spite of how your dad acts sometimes, I think most of his brain cells survived. A potentially very sad day turned out to be a happy memory. We love your mom and dad a lot. Both Sharon and I wish your father the very best birthday ever. Your dad and I had such a wonderful time together at the US Open a few years ago. I hope we get to do something like that again soon. Best wishes to you and a great birthday celebration! Much Love Larry & Sharon

12: Jeff, It is with a smile on my face that I have the privilege to write you a message on the occasion of your 50th Birthday!!! Recalling our youth sometimes puts a strain on the old brain. When your daughter asked if I’d write a message for this event, I began to make notes in my phone as I recalled some of our great adventures together. At first, specific memories were clouded by time. But as I began to concentrate, recollections started flooding my feeble mind. I would find myself laughing out loud at some memories, and then at times, I would feel a great emptiness. This emptiness was nothing from the past, but of a realization that since we’ve become “Men”, have families, careers, and considerable distance separates our day to day lives, I have not had you near to create a lot of new memories. You are a true friend, and my best childhood friend. I can’t fathom having a better friend than you to grow up with and begin my early years on this earth. God created everything including best friends. I thank you for being my friend and consider it a great blessing and privilege to have lived across the street from you and experienced our youth together. I cherish the few times we’ve gotten together for school reunions and I especially enjoyed your visit to Texas several years ago. I really missed you when you left because it brought back old memories of our youth. We were both in the same kindergarten class at Woodstock Elementary. All I remember from kindergarten was milk, taking a nap on a towel, and racing to the toys to get a dump truck to play with. Those were the good ole days. I lived on the other street until I was nine years old, then we moved across the street from you in March of 1971. It was probably shortly thereafter that we became friends. My earliest recollection was playing with you and Tommy. Over the years, many memories were made. I’m sure you will remember some of these and could probably add many more. Others who may read this won’t understand the humor or significance of the events, but for me if forged our friendship. Here are some that I recall; Scouting - Camping and hiking together every month, summer and winter, rain or shine. Building snow caves. Backpacking for hours on foot, on snowshoes, and cross country skis. A six foot deep fire pit that slowly melted its way down to solid ground that swallowed half trees with snow seats hewn into the sides so we could get some heat from the fire. The smell of burnt shoe rubber from that fire. You earning the first “Scout of the Year” award in our Troop. Halloween – Stringing a line between your bedroom and the top of my house so we could run a ghost back and forth with a speaker to talk to trick-or-treaters and drop candy to the sidewalk below. Trick-or-Treating with pillow cases to, get lots of candy. Going to a church Halloween dance and you helping me onto 15 inch tall platforms that I wired my motorcycle boots to. Painting me green to be hulk and shredding a shirt. Transportation – Skateboarding or riding our bikes everywhere. Walking, running, or driving to school. “Hookybobbing” to Mutual behind my dad’s truck when there was snow on the ground. Goldie pulling us on our skateboards while chasing a ball suspended from a stick you made in front of her. Riding our dirt bikes as much as possible. Riding my uncles

13: Yamaha Special street bike everywhere one summer. Racing in the “NOV” (Nova) on Friday and Saturday nights on State Street and 7th East, and once even running from the police after getting caught racing. You performing the, speeding in reverse then quickly throwing the wheel, to whip your parents’ car into a quick skidding 180 degree turn, quite successfully I might add. Racing the Nova while attending BYU Education Week and losing my first race. Employment – Delivering papers on our paper routes year round, fighting frozen slush in the winters on our “Ten-Speeds”. Freezing cold mornings that hurt our hands to fold papers and warming them directly on the 100 watt light bulbs hanging from the paper shack. Landscaping with Hogan. Working on constructing the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course. Thrill Seeking - Sneaking in and painting the water fountain in the Cottonwood High School inner court area with the “Class of 80”, just before graduation. You and I taking a trip to Idaho to go river running. Remember when I was driving the Nova and we were speeding down the dark freeway and you told me to look down? I did, and then you hit the camera flash and I was temporarily blinded and you had to steer for a while while my vision returned. Us just dragging a six man raft to the river edge, passing all those people who were on paid guided tours, and we just jumped on the raft and started rafting on our own to the surprise of several people. Setting off an acetylene bomb (noise maker) on the driveway for one of our friends to ask a girl out to a prom dance and then having her dad jump from the bushes with a rifle stuck in our faces. Pushing a huge boulder off the, “Little Matterhorn”, mountain and almost getting caught in the resulting landslide. Walking on 11 foot stilts and sitting in your bedroom window on the second floor. Sports – You teaching me how to golf. Going golfing for gym class in high school. Being on the Track Team together. You teaching me how to play basketball and our little rag tag team taking the Church All Area Award. Trying to get buff like Arnold Schwarzenegger and lifting weights and following his book on body building. You dropping a dumbbell weight on your head one morning because the lock collar came loose. Mark Evans and I getting you involved in snow skiing. Developing and competing in underwater Olympics in your swimming pool. Swimming all the time and in the summer after delivering newspapers. Church - Priesthood activities throughout the years. Lake Powell youth trip. Priest Quorum motorcycle adventure in Southern Utah on Elephant Hill. “V’s Theory of Energy” drawing was created during church as well as our “Fist and Murp” powered zit engine. I wish I could find those pictures. Building Stuff – Building a 25 foot wingspan kite out of wood strips and plastic, then “flying” it while running down the street. Playing Mack & Joe with all my Tonka trucks in your in-laws new yard, yes, we were in our early 20’s. Playing with your race cars and modifying them to scream up the stairs getting traction by adding tape to the track and wheels. “Accidentally” getting high while building boat models in my closed basement bedroom. Attempting to build an underwater breathing apparatus using a garden hose and a 5 gallon bucket.

14: Stupid and/or Dangerous Acts - Playing in your pool with the plastic cover and discovering its potential lethal characteristics for immobilizing its victim. Funny thing about that is that some 15 years later, it helped me recognize the severity of that dangerous combination when my wife and Aaron where blown out onto a lake while zipped up in a large tent and I immediately remembered what we discovered in your pool and it spurred me to quick and decisive action. Career exploration in Dentistry with Mark Evans and nitrous oxide effects on the human brain. Playing “Gang Tag” on motorcycles in the “Little Sahara” sand dunes and that resulted in one injury. Stake road shows and gun powder obtained from your sister for creating smoke. Leaning out of the back of Mark’s truck trying to modify some mailboxes. We were never successful. Allowing myself, against all better judgement, to follow you and Ron up what appeared to be a 50 foot plus cliff to jump off. I was really scared to jump but you and Ron did, so I had to as I saw no way to climb back down the steep cliff. The jump became terrifying when I noticed very large fish (at least 5 feet long) chasing after each of you as you surfaced and began swimming towards the boat. Immediately after hitting the water, I opened up my arms and legs to arrest the descent into the murky water. I thrashed and kicked so wildly, I almost turned that lake water into butter on my way to the boat so I wouldn’t be eaten by the massive fish. You guys got a good laugh on that one. Dignity and Heroism - Gracefully bowing out of running for Senior class president for fear of a split vote with a friend (I admired you for that act). You serving a church mission to me was very heroic at the time and I still think so today. Sticking up for Brian and getting into a fight with a guy with football pads on. Fun – I always remember sharing a can of soda pop with you. You, Ron Dowden, and I taking our high school graduation trip to Lake Powell that ended up at Bear Lake due to mechanical problems with Ron’s dad’s truck. Subsequent tutoring under the direction of a General Authority on church attendanceo matter what we were dressed like. We really thought we were outsmarting everyone by not bringing Sunday clothes to get out of going to church. Riding in the back of your dad’s truck late one night coming down Soldier Summit on the way to Lake Powell and a deer was in the road. It was my turn to ride in the bed of the truck and I awoke to the truck swerving and jack-knifing down the road as you tried to avoid hitting the deer as I watched Dowden’s boat fly off the trailer and skid down the road. You successfully avoided a collision with the deer and managed to keep the truck, trailer, and boat on the road. Though the boat was literally on the road, no one was hurt and the boat only required minor repair to the gel-coat after waiting for a tow truck to lift it back on the trailer. Since this was not an intentional act, I classified this in the “Fun” category vs. the “Stupid and/or Dangerous Acts”, because we did laugh a lot about it. We had so much fun and many grand experiences, that at times when life gets me down; I sometimes have the desire to escape back to our simpler childhood days. You taught me many things and were a great example. I look forward to spending time with you in our next estate. I’m sure more adventures await us.

15: I know that as soon as I send this off to Danielle, that I will remember something else to add. Take care my good friend and if your body and mind are fit, I wish you another happy 50 years!!! With all brotherly love, Vaughn Schmitt 12/1/2011

16: To My Buddy Jeff Sondrup Hey Buddy! Happy Birthday!! Wow 50 what an old fart!! Speak of farts do you remember when we stayed up all night and ate chilis and Orange juice and did blue darts and each other? You still look like you're in High School, ya big stud, you have not changed a bit, same with Kami! We have been buddies since the 7th grade at Bonneville Jr. High in 1975. I thought I was pretty cool because I was best friends with the "Mr. Stud Basketball, Jeff Sondrup!" We had some good times with our buddies Vaughn and Doug. Do you remember the dance we went to for Halloween and Vaughn dressed up in his 8' tall Robot costume and no one knew how he was, and he danced with all the girls? Or | the time we hid in Dougs house and scared him when he came home from work? Vaughn was hiding in the closet through the night and into the morning and right when he was ready to jump on him Doug woke up. Or when you hid in my house and had the flash light with the lights that looked like the red eyes from Burnt Offerings- I guess that was the big scary movie at the time, and you hid behind the curtains and scared my date! So funny! And of course let's not forget your wonderful home coming from your | mission with the strange family!(pictures included Mother-Doug, Father-Vaughn, and son Ron) And do you remember the surprise birthday party? And you guys gave me some gag gifts (also included) I was so embarrassed. We had some good times. And I guess it was all good because we have all done ok. We have great wives! (How that happened I will never know, for a couple of bums like us) and great families! And they are ours forever- pretty lucky guys! You have always been a great friend to me and a great example. I have always looked up to you as the guy I want to be like. Hard worker, smart, and good looking. You always had all the girls. And I had the car (72 Vette -too bad I traded it for a minivan) However I could never play Marco Polo as good as you. I'm always it! Happy Birthday my Friend! Love Ron

17: Ron Dowden

18: Jeff, first Happy Birthday ya ole man! The big 5 - 0 eh? You first were introduced into my life back in 1990 and it seems like yesterday. You had just rented a place off of 17th street, a condo near a canal, two story I believe. You were also finishing up a Master's Program of which I was very envious. I remember being the "new guy" at work and being welcomed by this HUGE JAZZ fan from Utah. He would tell me about all the games he had gone to helping his friend out who was in a wheel chair. I was sooo jealous, Jeff was BIG time! Remember playing men's slow pitch softball? Then there was the soda runs! I want to say my addiction to caffeine started here, but it was well established before EG&G. This was the time I also was introduced to Ole Blue. The blue diesel Isuzu Pup with holes in the floor board. I remember the morning I laughed so hard when you told me you hawked a lugi at a closed window and you thinking it was opened. I still think if that truck was located, the carpet underneath the driver's seat would still be preserved from all the wipings from your nose ! Man, who's going to read this? I'm still laughing cause you warned me about that location once when I borrowed Ole Blue. LOL ! Then there was Golf Friday's. I think this is why the INEL or INEEL, INL switched scheduling to every other Friday off and longer work days. We killed Friday's ! My love of the game started here. I only wish I had more time to enjoy it now, but we would take every Friday afternoon off and hit 18 holes at the local courses in Idaho Falls. I don't think I EVER came close to beating you or Swen. I think hole 12 at Pineview will always be remembered as the HOT DOG hole. My first time ever on that stupid green in two and then "HOT DOG" challenge would be echoed as I would step up to putt. I think I seven putted that stupid hole and still had to buy the round of Hot DOGS ! But I can't forget to mention the best moment I have of Jeff and golfing was the time Jeff actually put the silly ball in the hole with one hit. It was Pineview Golf Course, small par three and I want to say 130 yards or so with his Pitching wedge. I don't recall but I know you will remember, cause the ball hit the green rolled up to the flag and disappeared and then the jumping and screaming began ! A hole-in-one ! If I recall correctly, you had it submitted and received some pretty cool swag from it. Once again, jealous of my dear friend Jeff or Heffay ! Our golfing then took us to bigger and better places. One summer I purchased a student golf pass at the Rexburg courses, Teton Lakes soon became my favorite. I also found that I could smack the ball pretty well, ok maybe once out of like 3 hits, but still when I connected I could really send that ball down the fairway. I don't recall how or when it came, but my new nickname became the "Rexburg Rocket". Still makes me smile cause I can't quite hit the ball as well these days, but a good story none the less. Thanks for the golfing memories Jeff and hope we can do it again some day, SOON ! Staying with EG&G, there was March Madness. Jeff was the master when it came to running these. He had Swami awards, master Swami and Why are you playing awards, which I seemed to always take. Once again, I think Jeff won every year, how did you do that ? Jeff was also quite creative with Photo editing. In fact, I LAUGH now, not so much then, but it's dang funny now. There was a time when Jeff somehow got a hold of my security badge and took a Xerox of my picture. See Jeff used to sell and/or maintain Copiers in Salt Lake before moving to Idaho and was rather good with them. So the editing began with my picture. I think if Jeff would have known how to get a job at the National Enquirer he would have been top dog Editor. He took my photo and an Alien Baby caption and joined them and I was posted on the wall at work as the next big discovery ! Alien Baby identified ! I was glad Photo Shop wasn't popular back then, or I would have been in a bigger news headline. Good stuff !

19: There was also the time when Kami and Jeff decided to give a Dance Studio a run. I had just purchased a 4x4 Ford Ranger, oh it was big time. I had the light bar, like in the movie Back to the Future, only a Ford Ranger and not the Toyota Tacoma in the movie, but still I was COOL ! The Dance Studio entered the Idaho Falls 4th of July Parade. Jeff and Kami asked if I would escort the dancers using my truck and carry the sound system. Oh I was on cloud 9. Don't think I will be that cool again in a parade ! Then there was the times spent at the Sondrup home. I recall the new home in Ammon. The wood working area in the basement with the hanging Plastic walls. I think we built a picnic table and even a bed frame if my memory is correct. There was the garden in the back and of course the Chicken Coupe ! Do you remember that? Your kids loved that thing ! I sure enjoyed spending time with your kids as well. We spent hours watchen television and I think Jeff spent even more time on the couch watchen T.V. Jeff had the numbers on the remote worn off so bad you couldn't tell what they did, but Jeff KNEW! Watching T.V. with Jeff was like watchen 5 shows at the same time, and anyone who has watched T.V. with Jeff can vouch for me. The invention of the DVR / TIVO may have actually saved Jeff's marriage. LOL ! Seinfeld was popular then and we would quote lines all the time from it. Then there was the Atlanta Braves and the tom-a-hawk Chop! Still find myself liking the Braves. But Jeff's true love was the Utah Jazz ! In fact, Jeff, I would really enjoy spending a night at a Jazz game with you, so call anytime ! Fishing is another fond memory with my pal Jeff. I recall that Jeff thought fishing was throwing some bait behind a boat and spending time eating Jerky and drinking soda. :) Thus the introduction to Rapala and Panther Martins and river fishing. We also did our share of fishing up at Black Tail too in a boat/canoe. My favorite spot was Twin Bridges outside of Ririe and the South Fork of the Snake River. When I heard Jeff finally purchased a boat and seeing his string of fish pictures come my way, oh man I wished I was back in Idaho with Jeff sharing the good times. We worked together for nearly 5 years and still hold you as my closest friend! We've been able to keep in touch and I really enjoy the emails that come my way. There are not many guys like you in this world and feel quite lucky and fortunate to have been able to cross paths and get to know you and your family! So from the bottom of my heart, Happy Birthday Dear FRIEND and pal ! You will always be and older brother to me and highly respected. Sure love ya man ! Tony Moser

20: I was in high school and played tennis on the Bonneville High team. I did not have anybody in the ward to play tennis with, so Jeff was nice enough to ask me to come along and play tennis with him. I remember that he would pick me up at my parents house in this old Isuzu truck that was blue with a rainbow of other colors on it. I was glad that I had a nice guy to play tennis with and his truck was nicer than mine. By the way, I don't think I ever beat Jeff at tennis. Ryan Bybee | Jeff, Thank you for being such a great neighbor. We really enjoyed the years that you lived next door and we're so sad when you decided to move. We appreciate your continued friendship over the years. Thank you for being such an awesome Scout Master, coach and role model for the boys. I've (Leslie) been trying to think of some specific memories but my mind is not as sharp as it used to be, that's what happens when you turn 50. I do remember your special bond with Clay (Fred) when he was little. Watching you bail out water from your window well was amusing. And one of the more recent ones, participating in the belly flop contest at Redfish. Life does bring it's challenges but one thing you can count on is a good friend like you. Happy 50th Birthday! Love, The Riggs Family

21: “Call Jeff” Where is the line between neighbor and friend and when does it disappear? For us it was sometime after the Sondrups moved in next door and Jeff moved into a cubicle down the hall at work. They moved in before Brock and Sammy, but Dani and Roger were still at their prime Trick or Treating age. We were all a lot younger then and Jeff had so much in common with Mike. They liked sports, and keeping their yards tidy and green. We shared all kinds of project designs and execution around our homes and were proud of the end results. Having a neighbor and friend like Jeff is special. When we needed help lifting something we said, “Call Jeff”; When we needed a 3rd guy to throw baskets or horseshoes we said, “Call Jeff”; When we needed dog tending, mail pick-ups, house checking, rides to work, math tutoring, help with ageing parents, and on and on we said, “Call Jeff”. I guess the key word here is “need “. We’ve always known that if he was available he’d be there.No worries, “Call Jeff”. So we don’t know when it happened but a long time ago the line between neighbor and friend disappeared and we’re sure grateful it did. Mike and Jackie Brower

22: I think extremely highly of your dad. We went to Bonneville Junior High and Cottonwood High School together. I have a few very vivid memories. In 9th grade we had math together in Mrs. Peppinger's class. For me, it was very painful. For your dad, it was a walk in the park. The only way I was able to pass the class was because I sat by your dad and he helped me understand many problems. The other reason why I passed the class was because Mrs. Peppinger was a basketball fan and your dad and I were both on the school team so that helped. Speaking of basketball, your dad and I were two of the starting 5 on the team. He was the center and I was one of the forwards. During practice one morning for some reason I was able to block a fair amount of shots and deflect a lot of passes. Your dad coined my nickname "Pelican" because of my work that morning. I guess it had something to do with my wingspan. So from that point on, he always called me Pelican. He and I were teammates on the district championship basketball team that year. That was a great experience playing along side him. When I think of Jeff Sondrup, some words that come to my mind are intelligent, dedicated, loyal, fun, whitty, athletic and trusted friend. While our lives and careers have sent us in different directions, it is always a positive experience to renew our friendship at high school reunions. Please pass on my birthday greetings to your dad. Sincerely, Mark Slight

23: Jeff, I will never forget the night we answered Cindy Liljenquist to the Girls Pref dance. Dressed up in Guerilla fatigues, carrying real guns and breaking into her home. How could I forget Cindy sobbing hysterically and you saying, "This isn't such a good idea. Let's just get out of here." And Cindy looking into your face after reading the note we took from her father's safe...Yes, I'll go to the dance." Very touching moment when she said, "I hate you, Jeff." (What's really bizarre is that I'm writing this letter exactly above the ground that happened, as we tore down the home and rebuilt on the lot.) That night, to celebrate, we went downtown and, brandishing our guns, burst into the concession stand at Liberty Park and made everyone get on the floor. Wow. We'd go to prison for that today. Wasn't life better in the teens? I think not. Though I do miss seeing you. You were like our own Ted Danson. You even look like him. Take care and God Bless you over the next 50, Love, Rick (Evans)

24: Hey Jeff, Happy Birthday, old man. I am thrilled at the chance I have to wish you a happy birthday, and I hope that there are many more. I remember first meeting you when you were an undergraduate at the U, then knowing you in graduate school, but most importantly as our softball teammate on the MEGS (Mechanical Engineering Graduate Students). Then, being the great example that you were, you went to Idaho Falls, so I had to follow you, and it was one of the best and happiest decisions in my life. I have very fond memories of our lunches in Idaho Falls, eating Mexican food at the best dives in towns. Unfortunately, my memories are not so fond of me trying to teach you some Spanish, but I got over it. Thanks for letting me participate in the annual INL NCAA basketball tournament, even though I wasn’t an employee. My picks peaked early then tanked and you still didn’t kick me out of the pool. Thanks, and I’ll be back to win next year. It was a tough decision to leave Idaho Falls to go to Moscow, and I really miss going to lunch with you. You are a great friend and it is a pleasure to know. I turned 50 last year, and I can still feel it. Take care, John Crepeau

25: I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff Sondrup and calling him a friend for over twenty years. For the majority of that time we were immediate office neighbors. Maintaining this friendship while at my current desert work location, where our offices are not in close proximity, has been important to me. Our friendship has been valuable to me in that it allowed sharing many of the experiences of raising families, and plans and approaches to accomplish that goal, over these two decades. Having a receptive listener, who also had a father’s (and husband’s) perspective, was always nice. This meant sharing joys and heartbreaks, and allowed persevering through them all. I have enjoyed the opportunity to share the sometimes funny and sometimes painful experiences of seeing our parent’s age. Listening to other people’s experiences makes you realize your own are not necessarily completely unique. That was healthy. I likewise enjoyed discovering commonalities in our childhood experiences while growing up in the western US, with both of us having fathers who enjoyed the outdoors. I have greatly benefited from Jeff’s wry sense of humor throughout our friendship. This humor allowed work time to be mostly entertaining in the often unreal world of working for DOE contractors. | Some examples that I can distinctly remember are his teasing my wife Deborah after the BEA/CWI contract split when Deborah was still working in the ROB-1 building. Deborah’s office was next to the BEA supply cabinet. As a CWI employee, she was supposed to get her office supplies from a facility on the other side of the river. Jeff would whisper over the cubicle the wall in a teasing fashion “Debbie, do you need a pen, staples, legal pad, pencil? Ha ha, can’t have it”. And then he would give her whatever she needed anyway. I also remember Jeff trying to outfox Penny Howe when Penny had a hallway mirror in her office to prevent being surprised by people showing up unexpectedly. I think Jeff crawled under a second desk in part of her office and waited for her to come into the office and then did the “Boo” routine. I liked his joy in finding a creative way to accomplish surprising Penny. The true engineer in Jeff became evident when we both had children participating in debate. I cadged together a crude flowsheet to aid in judging. Jeff took this crude, hand-drawn flowsheet, and turned it into a precisely-drawn, engineering marvel. This flowsheet helped numerous parents through the process of learning to be adequate debate judges. To conclude, the best thing of all has been always having someone at work who is a friend. Congratulations Jeffrey on turning the big Five-O Swen Magnuson

26: Dear Jeff, Happy 50th birthday, Jeff, you are half way to 100!!!!! Dani asked if I would jot down some memories from the old days at work. For one of the best guys I know, it is an honor. For example, remember when; we were mostly newlyweds; our wives were mostly pregnant; our kids were infants, toddlers, little tots in youth sports; we played city league basketball, softball, catch behind the ROB; most of us had thick hair on our heads (except Roger), not just you and Swen; we had dark hair on our heads, not our backs. To jog your memory, I made a list of the folks that came to mind and a list of memories related to some of them. As usual, I try not to let the truth get in the way of my memory (I learned that from Rich)! And at my age, I have forgotten most of the people. But here is a subset. Abbott, Ansley, Arnett, Baca, Baker, Becker, Bishop, Brower, G. Carpenter, M. Carpenter, Cotton, Dino, Dunevant, Faulder, (Lee Large) Freibeger, Gallup, Garcia, guy, Harrison, Holdren, Honeycutt, Hubble, Hull, Joston, Kaminsky, King, Knutson, Koslow, Lord, Magnuson, Martian, Martineau, Mattingly, Mattson, McCling, McElroy, Neuman, Neupaur, Nitschke, Norrell, Pain, Parsons, Peterson, Reynolds, Ritter, Rood, Seitz, Shook, Sisson, Smith, Sp&*jk%$^ich, Staley, Stormberg, Toller, Walton, Welch, Wood. You will have to connect the memory with the person. "If TETRAD converges, the answer is good"; "another vadose zone gizmo patent"; "GO AWAY welcome mat"; 'John Lennon arm band"; "my new wife is half as old as your new wife"; "department head forever"; "my goal at the INL was to try and spin up Swen. I failed"; "March Madness, the best part of the year"; "If you don't have a plate for the shrimp sauce, you can just put the sauce on your wrist like this see"; "As far as I am concerned, sexual harassment is one of the perks of this job"; "did I lock my car?"; "American's are tolerable if they think just like me"; "I was sad because I had no arm, then I met a man with no charge number"; "Go Cornhuskers!"; "The lab is stress, stress, stress but now I am an occupy Idaho Falls organizer."; "first hand German prisoner of war stories"; "If you celebrate my 50th birthday, I will never forgive you."; "I know that Jackie is 50 because she is exactly my age"; "the white - white guy"; "If I would have known I would live this long, I would have taken it a little easier on my body!"; "growing old its not for sissies"; "well, you see God told Noah, you can take two of every animal or two dinosaurs, and that is how the dinosaurs went extinct. Now lets talk about fish."; "we are married"; "we were married"; "you are saying I can't do that on a company computer?"; "he is Mormon too? Are you serious, I didn't there were this many Mormans in the country"; " don't worry about it, it's not like I've never been in jail before". This is the youngest you will ever be, these are the good old days! Enjoy, you deserve it! Love, James, Kathy, Daniel, and Sean McCarthy

27: Jeffery Sondrup When I was asked to write this letter, I was initially quite excited. However, that excitement was soon replaced by trepidation, as I realized that the letter would be published to be read by family, friends, and posterity for generations. As a consequence, I began to take the invitation more seriously, and decided to leave out the time Jeff smacked a golf ball at the guy at Sage Lakes, or the time he dumped his motorcycle trying to follow me up a hill. I especially don’t want to mention the time we filmed a chukar hunt and he missed two easy shots while on camera. Yep, those kinds of stories have no place in a sober setting such as this. Given these constraints, I finally decided on an approach that seemed to be me to be appropriate, for a man of Jeff’s stature. So here is Jeff as I see him. When I first joined the INL in 1992, Jeff was one of the first people I met. He immediately befriended me and made me feel welcome in the office, even inviting me to go golfing and do lunch with the “cool guys”. Over the next 20 years, Jeff and I have become great friends, experiencing both the highs and lows of raising a family, struggling at work, and the common experience of difficult church callings. Through this process, Jeff and I discovered that growing up we had similar experiences, it sometimes seemed that we were raised by the same parents. We even share the brotherhood of the secret the secret pheasant and fish hiding places. These are places where our fathers stuck the “extra” birds and fish that needed to be removed from the population. And of course the resulting ulcers that came from worrying about getting put in jail by the Fish and Game. Over the years, we have shared many burritos, fishing and hunting trips, motorcycles, the rise and fall of the Jazz, and many long talks about the important things in life. I believe, that if we had recorded many of those conversations, we could have solved many of the worlds more pressing issues. As a result of all these contact hours, Jeff has become one of my dearest friends and is a person I look up to. I have found over the course of my 46 years that it is rare to encounter people who make a substantial difference in the way you live your life. If one excludes family members, those individuals become even rarer. In my life, Jeff is one of those rare people, a contemporary, who has set a standard that in many ways I try to emulate. It is my natural tendency to rush into problem with a giant hammer trying to fix everything by bashing it into submission. Jeff has always been a more thoughtful introspective soul, than I, a person who has the ability to provide insight and advice at critical times. A person who I can always count on to help me deal with a problem in a way that does not make it worst, which is contrary to my planned approach. it seems that no matter the difficulty, Jeff is more likely to deal with the problem with patience and understanding. He is a great example of the person I would like to be. He is a man who lives by his principles, and will not be convinced to otherwise by any force. Jeff is a person who doesn’t need to cuss to make a point, threaten to motivate, or speak when listening is more appropriate. In the end the best thing I can say about Jeff is that he is my friend, no matter where we end up in life. I pray that his next 50 years are even better than his first 50. God Bless Travis McLing

28: Congratulations on reaching the big 5-0 Jeff, Time certainly flies as we get older. lt doesn't seem that long ago that we were starting work at the ROB and now we are becoming the "gray hairs" at the office. It seems like just yesterday that we were picking nine year olds for the Braves when Brock was 10 and now all those guys are out of high school. I really enjoyed coaching with you and have many good memories and some humorous ones from those years. (l still don't like the Yankees). We also used to be the big dogs in the NCAA Basketball pool, but now are being overtaken by the young guns. I still look forward to it each year, although Sean has become a force. I also remember playing racquetball with you and tearing the tendon off of my toe. Also, many a pickup game of basketball and some softball without such painful injuries. I would not be able to move for days if I tried to play right now. I remember the days when we would talk about what it would be like for Utah if they played in the Pac-10. Now they are members and we don't have to speculate. Unfortunately, they have not been kind to WSU up to now. I appreciate all that you have done for me over the years and look forward to many more years a friend. Sincerely, Roger Seitz

29: Jeffrey has been my friend for 22 years. I think he started at the lab in January of 1990, or was it May? Anyway, Jeff and I immediately began a friendship that resulted in thousands of games of racquetball (I don't recall loosing any), a hundred rounds of golf (I don't recall winning any), and one partial game of one-on-one basketball (Jeff elbowed me in the face, I popped him in the mouth). Jeffrey is a good golfer. Swen, I, and some guy I don't remember his name witnessed Jeff ace number 7 at Pinecrest in July of 1994. The best part was the next day when the sports page had a couple of sentences on Jeff Fondrup's hole-in-one. Believe it or not, Jeff's family did not know how to make root beer floats. And, they were slow learners. Over and over again, I had to bring over a gallon of A&W root beer and a half a gallon of Dryer's vanilla ice cream and teach the Fondrup family how to make floats, after suffering through two or three helpings of Cami's lasagna of course. They must have finally figured out how to make the floats as I have not been over there lately. Strangely enough though, my waste line has gotten bigger. I write these few lines sitting in a condo in Wiakoloa Village on the big island of Hawaii. I am about to go out and play the Beach Course for the seventh time in the last two weeks. Below is my enemy of this course, #7. I have lost $50.00 in balls on this hole. I finally birdied the hole the other day. Below is a picture of the approach to this hole. I wish Jeff was here to play it with me.Below is a picture of the approach to this hole. I wish Jeff was here to play it with. Happy 50th Birthday Jeff. Let me know how it feels so that I will be be beter prepared when I turn 50 in a couple of years. Rich

30: Daddy, I’ve kind of had a hard time of thinking what I might write to you because I’m not exactly sure how to express how much you mean to me as a father with it all sounding to cliché. You’re the best dad and I love you!! How much more needs to be said J other than the congratulations on the big 50!! You really are a great dad; I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done because I probably don’t know all that you have done for me. But I can thank you for always being there when I needed you, and offering your guidance and advice even when I may have not necessarily wanted it but needed it. I want to thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me that has turned me into the person I am now. You’ve always sheltered and comforted me just enough while also forcing me to get out there and do things for myself as I grow up, just as you’re doing now as I’m at college and am learning to lean not so much on you and mom any more but still always providing the safe haven for me. You’ve helped me learn the importance of work and responsibility. You’ve pushed me to become a better me, to stretch the bounds of my abilities and talents and to learn and grow as I progress. I want to thank you for helping me become who I am and who I yet will be, you will always be a strong influence in my life as any father should be in the lives of their little girls. I also want to thank you for the example you have been for me in regards to the church. Growing up we always went to church, that’s just how it was. Those Sundays have taught me the better things of life and allowed me to realize the true importance of what it means to be here on earth. I feel extremely blessed to have grown up in a family active in the church, without its influence in my life who knows where I would be to day. I’m terrified for when I have my own kids what the world will be like because of the terrible influences we have now and how much worse it will be, but my own experiences and observations have reaffirmed to me the importance of the church and marrying a worthy young man so that I may raise my kids in a home where the church is prevalent and where they can experience the blessings of having a priesthood holder for a father who can give them blessing s when needed, as I’ve experienced in our own home growing up. I want to thank you for being worthy to always give me a fathers blessing whenever I have needed it. It’s weird talking about myself having kids and saying the words ‘as I was growing up’ because I still have to lot more I need to do before I ever become ‘grown up.’ But no matter how ever old I get I will always be your little girl. Daddy I love you and miss you so much. Thanks for all you’ve done and more. Happy 50th birthday you old man!! Sammy

31: Dad, There was once a scared little boy. He had decided he was going to take apart his fathers weed whacker and build himself a motorized scooter. After the boy had disassembled the motor and scattered the parts across the garage floor, he realized it was a pointless endeavor. Worried, the little boy hid the machine in the bushes next to the house. The next day the boy’s father found the weed whacker in the bushes and asked his son if he knew how it got there. The boy lied and said he had no idea how it could have ended up there. The father just laughed at the boy’s response and smiled. I know this guy. He taught me how to ride a bike, he showed me throw a ball, and he held me when I cried. He helped me with my math homework, brought me to church every Sunday, and gave up his weekends to watch me debate when no one else would. He coached me through hard times, and helped me up when life pushed me down. When I was scared, he comforted me. When I was lost, he found me. When I was lonely, he loved me. He taught me what it means to be a man. Everything I am today, I owe to you. You have always gone above and beyond your duty as a father. You were my baseball coach, my scout leader, and one of my greatest friends. As I get older I realize more and more everyday how much you sacrifice for this family. I realize how much you sacrifice for me. It is just one of the many reasons why when people ask me who my hero is, I respond with “my dad.” I will never forget the first time I called you after I had left for college. I was a complete mess. I was so scared and frightened, and gosh darn it I missed my daddy. You reassured me, told me how much you loved me, and helped me calm down. I realized that night, that no matter where I go, or what I do in life, I will always need my dad. I will always need the man that helped me catch my first fish. No matter how old I get I will always be that little boy who disassembled your weed whacker, and I will always need that gently comforting smile. I know I don’t say it enough, but I love you so much, and I hope that one day I can grow up to be just like you. I put you through a lot of crap while I was growing up and you still found ways to love me. Someday when you are old, grey, and wearing a diaper I hope I can begin to pay you back for all that you have given me over the past twenty years. Thank you for being my teacher, my friend, my protector, my coach, and my hero. But most of all thank you for being my father. With Love, Brock James Sondrup

32: Dear Dad, I wanted this letter to be amazing and for that reason it took me a long time to sit down and write it. I finally realized I just needed to do it because I’m too much of a perfectionist and I would never be satisfied with it anyway, so don’t expect much. Father I love you very much, I won’t say more than you know because I’m sure you can relate by looking at how much you love your father, I will however say I love you in a very different way. The things you have done for me over the years have given you a special place in my heart. I’ve wanted to hate you at times, but never could, and loved you at times and didn’t want to show it. Your such an amazing man and I look up to you in so many ways, I wish I had the ability to manage money like you do, or the organization skills and self discipline you do. Your ability to think things through gives you the upper hand when making decisions and can almost ensure you won’t make a poor one. You treat women how they should be treated including treating mom like a queen, and Danielle and Samantha like royalty as well, and because of that I will always treat my wife and daughters like gold. You hold a very high respect and care for others, you are always willing to help anyone if you can and because of that you’ve taught me the true meaning of service. I have so many good memories with you that I’ll never forget. Coaching me in baseball, I remember you used tell me before practices and games that you weren’t going to treat me any different than any of the other players. I always thought that you were harder on me maybe you were but either way I’m glad you were my coach, you used to never let me get away with watching the 3rd strike, and because of that I’ll always go down swinging in life, I’ll never give up. I remember deer hunting with Travis and how you were so proud of me, and when we went over to Rich’s with our meat to grind it up, and how we had a freezer full of it for almost a year. Or when we went pheasant hunting with Annie and it took her about ten min to scare up that bird on the other side of the frozen canal then I blasted the whole breast out of it and there was nothing left except the head, backbone, and legs. I remember all our fishing trips, grandpa and you taking me and Brock to fish lake and grandpa throwing Velveta out the side of the boat and hiding fish in his tackle box, or when you caught the fish I had lost a day later by the stringer I had lost him on. How about scout camp two years in a row when you begged me not to cut myself and even though I was convinced I wouldn’t I still did, both thumbs one 5 stitches the other 6. I remember playing in the front yard at our old house when you were making wood covers for the window wells and you set an open circular saw right on your leg. Then you sat in the shower for ten min cursing yourself before you finally drove yourself to the hospital, I remember offering to drive you because I was worried you wouldn’t make it, you looked pretty pale. I think it was that same year I was playing with my little motorcycles on the side of the house before we went on a trip to Salt Lake for the weekend and I wanted a river around my mound of dirt so to keep it from seeping in I had to leave the hose on, but I never turned it off. We got a nice surprise of a basement full of three inches of water when we got home. Or when Riley Maddox and I started a fire two feet from the house right under the pine tree, I was so scared for you to get home, but I did have good reason to be.

33: Dad I know I’ve made some mistakes more than you or I wanted me too. But I can promise you one thing I will be an amazing man, such a man that people will ask me who my father was and I will say with pride, Andrus Jeffrey Sondrup. You never gave up on me and I owe everything to you, I will say that I made the decision to fix my own life but I wouldn’t have been able to make that decision had you not taught me the value of integrity, honesty, love, and determination. I hope that you are proud to blame yourself for the way I turned out some day that is my goal. I used to say when I grow up and have a family I won’t raise my family in this way or that. Now I only hope and pray that I can raise my family like you raised yours, with the love and compassion that you had, and the discipline and structure that you offered. Dad I hope this 50th birthday is wonderful for you, don’t ever feel like you’re getting old, (even if you are), because truthfully your more active, both mentally and physically, than most 50 year old men I know. Wear that badge with honor because, neither you nor, mom look your age. Be proud to say I’m fifty and yes I still look this good. You have had such an influential life both on me and others around you, everywhere I go whenever I meet someone that knows you I’m always so proud to say I’m your son because people always speak so highly of you. You impact people in a way that they never forget you, and I know you will continue to improve in everything you do without a doubt. Please don’t ever feel like you failed as a father because you did the exact opposite. It would be an insult to me as a man if you think you failed in raising me, because I now see a bright future for myself filled with joy from the gospel of Jesus Christ, and joy in an eternal family, and joy amongst the people I surround myself with. Dad I love you just as much as you know, and then some, I hope you have a wonderful 50th birthday you deserve it you’ve worked your butt off your entire life, and I know you will continue to do so. Love Your Son, Roger Jeffrey Sondrup

36: Happy Birthday, I hope you enjoy your birthday and take time to reflect on the lives you have enriched. I've learned a few things from you over the last few years. One of which being, someone else's "trash" is always your treasure, although throwing your phone in a fast food garbage can takes that to a whole new level. We appreciate everything you have done for us including our sprinkler system, lawn, and multiple car repairs. I've come across a lot of people that know you and i always hear what a great guy you are, so thanks for not being a jerk. That would not be a fun conversation. I am thankful my kids have a grandpa that lives close by. We have always felt welcome in your home. Lastly, i will always be thankful for letting me take your daughter, I now understand how much trust that would take. Love,

37: Daddy, It has honestly been a privilege to put this book together for you. I really have enjoyed talking to the important people in your life, getting to know them and their relationship to you. I will admit I have read all the letters and was not surprised by how many people’s lives you have enriched. It was so fun to read about all the memories and the stories, the scary, the funny, the sometimes inappropriate, and most of all the very moving. I have always known you were a great man, but to hear it from so many other people- made me so proud. You are my dad- the one and only! I have only recently in my life been able to understand what you have done for me. What you have sacrificed so that I could have the life that I have. I owe so many of the good things about me to you. You worked so hard to make sure that we were taken care of. As a child it is hard to appreciate that, I hope you know now how much I love you for taking care of me. I also realize now just how hard it is to be a parent. I want to give my kids the world, but sometimes it is hard to give them ten minutes. I was so grateful for the time you were able to spend with us. Those are some of my best memories- when we could talk you into playing a game with us or when you would take us out in the sled and pull us behind your truck, when we would just pack up the trailer and find a place to camp, the vacations we would take to visit family, Redfish, and oh the Yellowstone trips! You always worked so hard at whatever you had to do, and you did a good job at it. That really taught me a lot about hard work and getting what you want out of life. You were always so careful when you made decisions – and I know that has also helped me get to where I am today. I remember our consistent conversations about not missing out on life. They have stuck with me always, and Garth Brooks “Standing Outside the Fire”, will probably forever be one of my favorite songs. You were always there to support me in whatever I was doing; school, science projects, young women, and not very many kids can say that. And you have always been there to help me now even as an adult. I can't thank you enough for all the times you have helped my little family! I am so grateful for the Grandpa that you are. You remind me so much of Grandma Carol when I was a kid! You have been there for my kids and that is more than I could ask for. They love you and that says so much. I have learned from you the kind of parent and Grandparent that I want to be. I hope that you get from this book that you are loved and should be happy about what you have done, because I feel this is the best way to measure success- by seeing how many people’s lives you have touched. I hope these letters show you how great you are and help you to be that man for the next 50 years. I love you Dad- Happy Birthday! Love Dani

38: A brief History form the Journal of Kami (Herbert) Sondrup Her memories and feelings of Jeff Sondrup On September 6th 1980, I went on my first date with Jeff Sondrup to the Christopher Cross concert, he is such a doll. I had a lot of fun. Our team, the Chaparrals performed at the Homecoming game and Jeff was there. After the game was over we sat and talked and talked and talked it was a lot of fun. He’s friend told me that Jeff really wanted to ask me to Homecoming but couldn’t. I went home after the game and I was upstairs washing my hair when Jeff came by my house and gave me a rose. I couldn’t believe it. Then the next Monday he called me and asked me out for that Saturday night, the next Wednesday after school I asked him to the girls preference dance, I gave him a big bag of peanuts, I cracked one open and put a note on the inside. I took it over to his house, he answered the door I felt kind of dumb, but anyway I gave him the bag of peanuts and told him not to open any till I left. He invited me in, I said, “ I wanted to here him play something on the piano”, he said, “ ok what do you want to hear”, I said, : I don’t care”, so he just started to played, then he looked at me and said, “ do you remember this one”, He started to play “Sailing” by Christopher Cross my favorite song. It was so neat. I Saw him again Friday at the game we sat and talked till no one else was in site. He and his friend Vaughn gave me a ride home, they came in and we talked till 7:00, he had to work at 7:30, I told him I was sorry I kept him so late, He said, “don’t worry about it I wouldn’t of rather been anywhere else.” I was so excited! Today is October 17th 1980, Jeff and I have been doing pretty good . I went to the Alpine slide a couple of Saturdays ago. Then last Tuesday the 14th we went to a ski movie it was really good. The Sunday before he came over to my house we talked and laughed, then we went over to his house he gave me a picture he had drawn. Then we listened to a song “I’ll build you a Rainbow” it’s a really good song. He played the piano and sang “Three Times a Lady” and “Still” to me, He’s really good! Today is December 15th 1980, Jeff and I are really close. We have been going out for 3 months now. Yesterday we had a drill team party and I took Jeff tubing, we had three injuries, I have a neck brace on and a sore back and neck. December 25th was the best greatest Christmas I have ever had I gave him a shirt and a sweater, a picture of me and a stocking full of goodies, he gave me a Mother Karen jacket, red, black and grey, I really like it. At Thanksgiving he came over we ate dinner with everyone and then we went out and built a snow dog (thus began the snow sculptures) it was cute. He’s so neat he really knows how to treat a girl. (me) Jeff’s birthday is on February 16th and mine is on the 17th, on he’s birthday I took him out to lunch and then we went to Trolley Square and had our picture drown. Then on the 17th

39: on his birthday I took him out to lunch and then we went to Trolley Square and had our picture drown. Then on the 17th we had a big birthday party, with his family and mine. It was so much fun. On Valentines Day I made Jeff a giant card and gave him a giant Chocolate Kiss and a chocolate heart, but that doesn’t even compare to what he gave me. He gave me a big red heart shaped box that said “Be My Valentine” on the top of it and when I opened it, it was full of candy and a brown velvet box. I opened the brown velvet box and on the inside was a ring with two small diamonds and a gold band, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited and I still am. It’s so pretty, I love it, and I love Jeff so much. Just last Tuesday March 3rd Jeff got he mission call he had just dropped me off from the basketball game, then called me and wanted me to come back over. He came back and picked me up. We went back over to his house and opened it, he folded the paper so he could only read one line at a time, when he got to the line where it said where he was going it was so neat, Japan Tokyo North Mission. I couldn’t believe it. It was so neat, I was so excited for him. March 12th, 1981, Jeff and I don’t have to much time together before he goes on his mission, in about a week and a half he is going to Mexico with his family and will get back a week before he has his farewell on the 19th of April, then he will leave on the 23rd of April. I am going to miss him so bad, he has been the greatest thing that has every come into my life. I hope the next two years will go by fast, because I love Jeff more then anything in this world and I want to be with him for all time and eternity. Today is April 27th 1981, Jeff left last Thursday and I sure miss him, his Farewell on Easter Sunday it was really neat, he gave me an Easter basket with some Easter eggs and a shirt in it. I gave him a bucket with lots of candy and an umbrella for his mission. Its been really hard without him. Thursday morning I went with him and his mom to the MTC. I didn’t want to leave him there, I wish I could have brought him back with me, I sure love that kid, he sure is the neatest thing ever, I hope the next two years go by fast. I LOVE YOU JEFF! Today is June 17th 1981, This morning Jeff left the airport for Japan Tokyo. When I saw him my heart jumped and my legs started to shake, he gave his family hugs then he looked at me and smiled he gave me a big hug I told him I loved him he said he loved me too, He left at 9:10 am on June 17th 1981 on Western. Today is April 6th 1982, last weekend was General Conference and they announced that they were cutting the missions down to 18 months. For the missionaries that had out for a year or more have the choice of staying the rest of the two years. The missionaries that haven’t been out a year are coming back at the end of 18 months. Well Jeff hasn’t been out a year yet he has a about a week or so till it’s a year, so I don’t know if he gets the choice to stay or has to come back in 6 months. It scares me, I wish I knew.

40: I really miss Jeff. I have been dating but none of them are anything like Jeff. He means the world to me. He makes me want to be a better person. Well Jeff is coming home early, he going to be home in 5 months, I can’t wait! Today is October17th 1982, Jeff has 12 days left till gets home on the 29th. I can’t believe it. I don’t know what I will do if it doesn’t work out. I’ve missed him so much. Today is October 30th 1982, Yesterday was one of the most happiest days of my life. Jeff got home, I couldn’t believe it. I love him so much. It was so hard for me that day at the airport when his plan came in and when we all waited for him to come off the plane, when he did I could not stop crying. We shook hands. He was not released till 5:00 the next day. Needless to say he was released and life went on we dated and broke up and got back together, On May 22nd 1983 Andrus Jeffrey Sondrup asked me to marry him, I had suggested we go for a ride up the canyon, we went up little cottonwood canyon. We were walking around and taking pictures, we climbed up on a big granite rock. As we stood there on the rock he said, “So are you going to ask me to marry you, we laughed and I asked him again for the 7th time, he said he said that was my lucky number. Then he asked me, would you marry me, and I said are you asking me, and he said would you marry me, and I said are you serious, and he said I don’t have a ring but I have the diamond, will you marry me. I started to cry and he was shaking we almost fell off the rock, we sat down and I finally said yes about 10 times. He asked me at about 6:15 pm on May 22nd 1983. We were married on August 11th 1983. Jeff you once wrote down a poem for me; Love Oh the comfort- the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, Having neither to weigh thoughts, Nor measure words- But pouring them all right out – just as they are Chaff and grain together certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them- Keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kindness Blow the rest away- There were and are so many time you have done this for me and I for you, I am so blessed to have you in my life, I am so lucky to be married for you for all time and eternity, for you are my one and only. I love you Andrus Jeffery Sondrup, Happy Birthday!! Your one and only Bijin

41: Aging seems to be the only available way to live a long life. ~ Daniel Francois Auber | By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found out that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but never ourselves. ~ Marie Dressler | Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age. | "Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." ~Chili Davis | “Age is a matter of feeling, not of years.” ~George William Curtis | If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself. ~ Mickey Mantle

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