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Happy Birthday, Mother!

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Happy Birthday, Mother! - Page Text Content

FC: Love, Geraldine

1: Time it was and what a time it was, A time of innocence, A time of confidences, Long ago it must be, I have a photograph, Preserve your memories, They're all that's left you... Old Friends, Paul Simon

2: I remember when I was eight years old Mother taught me how to cook Cream of Wheat. I was so excited to know how to do that. Every morning I asked if I could make Cream of Wheat for the family. Sometimes I even put the sugar in when I was cooking it because that’s what the directions said you could do. | One time we were somewhere and we ran out of gas. Daddy went to find some and Mother stayed with us. She sang songs with us and started a story and had each of us add to it. She did everything she could to keep us happy and keep us from being afraid. I remember her singing songs with us a lot, such as: My Hat it Has 3 Corners, The Wheels on the Bus, and when we were babies: Pattycake, There was a little House in the Middle of the Woods, Here's a Ball for Baby, Rock-A -By- Baby. | One time Mother and some other lady, Grandma Knudsen maybe, took some kids, Tammi and I included, down to Mesa. On the way back the car overheated and broke down on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. We sat for awhile and cars went by but nobody stopped. Suddenly I had a great idea to wave a white Kleenex out the window. Sure enough, the next car stopped for us. I was pretty proud of myself, even though that’s probably not the only reason that the guy stopped. | I really enjoyed the trip Mother, Alexa, and I took to Nauvoo while I was living in Kansas. We had a wonderful time and had many special experiences while we were there, things that I will never forget.

3: Memories of Mother | One time, I was driving with mom. She mentioned that someone had said, “When the prophet speaks, the debate is over.” I had always intended to go on a mission, but that statement touched me and I told mom, “The prophet has spoken. I’m going on a mission.” | The main thing I remember about mom is being in the kitchen when she was discussing the gospel. I didn’t help with the cooking, but loved to hear her talk about things she had a strong testimony about. I remember mom and the sisters making bread on Saturdays. We always had fresh baked bread Saturday night. | Mother was a great teacher. She made sure she always taught her kids the gospel. She taught me how important it is to listen to and follow the prophet and apostles and that they are men of God and will never lead us astray. | It is because of Mother's encouragement that I took Choir in junior high and high school and learned to sing alto and have enjoyed singing in the ward choir many years. I remember coming home from school one day when we lived in Pinon and Mother was playing some new records she had ordered through a record club. When she would sing along with them I asked her how she knew how to sing something different then what they were singing and that it sounded so pretty. She told me she was singing alto and that it was called harmonizing.

4: One time when I was at BYU, mom came up and we went to a fireside. The speaker was one of her favorites. Towards the start of it, I said something to mom that made her laugh. After about 15 minutes, when she had composed herself, she asked, “Is my mascara running?” I leaned over and asked, “Does the word ‘Raccoon’ mean anything to you?” That was good enough to cause her to laugh another 15 minutes. I love mom’s great sense of humor. She laughs easily and hearty. | One summer Debbie, Carla, Traci, and I all shared the attic for our bedroom. We wanted to move a couch from one side of the room to the other. At the time we had two sets of stairs, outside and inside the living room. For some reason, we decided that we could not move the couch without taking it down the outside staircase and then back up the inside staircase. We chose not to tell Craig about our plan until he helped us get the couch downstairs. Of course, when we told him that we needed him to help us take the couch up the other set of stairs he almost flipped his lid. There was a lot of loud yelling and complaining as we got the couch back up to the attic. Amidst all the arguing and cajoling, I went to tell Mother something. She was bedridden because of back pain and was in her room during all this. When I went in her room I saw that she was crying, so I snuck out and upstairs. I felt really sorry for her, thinking that her back was hurting her, so I told everyone that Mother was crying. This stopped all the arguing, and we all decided to check on her. When we went to ask her what was wrong, she told us that she had been laughing so hard while listening to our adventure that she was crying. That was a great experience! | Pistol Packin' Mama! | I always loved Mother's sense of humor, she would be sitting there reading and all of a sudden burst out laughing. | When we were living in Pinon, I asked Mother if I could start shaving my legs. Since I was only in fifth grade, she told me no. The reason I asked to start shaving was because the hair made my legs itch so much. I felt bad that I had to wait a few more years for my legs to stop itching. | I remember when Mother shot a skunk that was getting into our chicken coops. They put a gun and holster around her hips and took a picture of her. Grandma Walker was pretty impressed.

5: I remember Saturday cleanings, making bread, learning to cook, hanging out laundry, learning to can food. Learning patriotism, Love of the Gospel, Love of Motherhood, Love of Music, etc. | I remember having lots of late night talks with Mother. Especially after becoming an adult. Whenever we would go home to visit or Mother would come to visit us, we would always stay up late and talk. | I remember when I was 12 years old and had the operation on my leg and I was in the hospital for about a week. Mom came to see me more than anyone else. She was working at the hospital at the time, and she would come see me before work in the mornings, after work in the evenings, and during her breaks during the day. She had a house full of kids at home, but she wanted to keep me from being alone as much as possible. I really appreciated that and will never forget it. Then, a few days after I got home we were going out to the car and I fell down. I was on crutches and had the long cast on my leg. When I was going down the steps I fell backward and tried to catch myself with my bad leg. It really hurt a lot and I got really shook up, but Mother kept me calm and comforted me until I was ready to try it again.

6: I remember having to feed the calf in the middle of the winter when our hands froze to the bottle. I also remember needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but being too scared to go out to the outhouse. I also remember being in the outhouse when the Schofields were throwing rocks at it and unleashing unholy phrases upon us. | I remember hauling water, feeding (then later eating) the rabbits (and sometimes other pets). I remember being scared of the turkeys and Debbie getting to have her picture taken with the turkeys and trying to decide whether to be jealous because she got the publicity or relieved because I was afraid of the turkeys and was embarrassed we were both in our play dresses. | I remember Mother taking me to my first day at Kindergarten. I was afraid and did not know anyone there, but she reassured me and stayed until I felt comfortable. | I remember mother laughing until she cried and now I do that too. | Watching Pink Panther movies | Jumping on furniture to ABBA | Diana bringing Michelle and Dusty to our house to watch Smurfs with me, early Saturday mornings.

7: I remember once that Craig and Traci took me sledding in the snow down a hill, I think near Safeway. I was wearing galoshes that were too big, so I got a lot of snow and ice inside them and my feet were freezing. I kept crying, and they finally took me home. I remember Mother getting so mad at them for letting me get snow in my shoes and not bringing me home right away. She got me a warm bath and made sure I got warmed up right away. | Once when I was about 5 years old I forgot to meet Mother at Relief Society at the Church. They used to hold R.S. on Tuesday afternoons after school. When I made it home I realized where she was, and that I was all alone. So, I sat in the driveway for what seemed like an eternity until she got home. (I don’t know why I didn’t play in the yard anywhere.) When she got home she was so upset and told me she had been worried sick when I never showed up, and was very relieved that I was safe at home. | Mother always made the best fried chicken and roast beef! I remember that those were Sunday dinners that we had often. | Anyone remember Tammi’s imaginary friend “No One”? | I loved living in town and being able to walk places and get together with friends often. | Walking through stickers barefoot to get to Diana’s house.

8: I remember sitting on the kitchen counters laughing and having spiritual discussions with Mother. I remember the night when we ran out of gas on a mountain in Colorado and tried to keep each other warm while we waited for our father to go get help. We had to sit on each others feet to keep from freezing to death. Our mother was very calm and tried to distract us by telling stories. | Mother, thank you for coming to my graduation from MSU-B. You have always encouraged me in my school work, and have shown me that you are proud of me. You have also given me a lot of emotional and financial support since my divorce. I can’t tell you how much it has all meant to me. You have helped me do things that I never could have otherwise. Thank you for paying for Carla to help me move out to Kansas, I really needed her help during that trip! Thank you so much for everything! I love you! | Mom, I have always admired your love of Church Doctrine, reading and learning in general. You have always encouraged us to do our best in school and to learn everything we can. | When I was in second grade, one day I woke up and thought I was sick. I really didn’t feel that bad, but wanted to stay home from school. However, mom saw through me and told me to go to school. I decided that I’d stay home anyway, but had to hide in the garage. I made the mistake of telling Traci, who told everyone at show-and-tell when she went to kindergarten. After a while, I got bored and went outside. I was in the back yard when mom came out looking for me. I jumped over the brick fence and hid on the other side. I heard her looking all over the back yard and saying that she knew I had stayed home from school. Finally, I jumped back over the fence. When mom saw me, she spanked me with her hand. Later, at school, the principal asked me if I had been spanked at home. Not wanting to get swats, I said, “Yes, with a big stick.” | One summer Cindy got a ride to go to Grandma Knudsen's house. I really wanted to go but mother told me no. I begged, and begged, and begged, and begged, and she finally said Ok. While we were there, I went on a bike ride with Jo. We went down the big hill on Knudsen and the bike was shimmying because it was going too fast. I was scared, and I didn't know what to do, so like an idiot I jumped off. My whole body was all scraped up. I still wasn't healed up by the time we went home. Mother said: "I knew there was a reason you shouldn't go."

9: I was in eighth grade when we moved to Seattle. It was a huge adventure for us. We drove in the station wagon for four days. Diana and I played The Dating Game board game most of the way there. We rode in the back where our seats faced the back window. We stayed in motels every night which we thought was wonderful. Once when we stopped to get gas, Daddy bought us all Hershey bars. | I remember family trips to Utah,( going to the zoo, Lagoon, Fruit Loops,) Mesa (the Bevels, dates, seeing Great Grandma and Grandpa Stradling and receiving a doll,) Love of Reading, Home Movies. Taffy pulls. Going to the Movies (The Allen, the Cameo and the Apache Drive-Inn) | Going on a trip was always so exciting for me. One of my favorite parts of it was having Fruit Loops because it was the only time we got them. I remember going to Rexburg to visit Cindy when she was at college. She didn’t know we were coming up. When we got there we handed Bracken to one of her roommates who took him over to Cindy and asked, “Do you recognize this baby?” Cindy came over to where we were, carrying Bracken, with tears streaming down her cheeks. | Mother always bought us Fruit Loops to eat dry when we were traveling and she would buy us Archie comic books to read on the way. | Once, when Traci and I were young, we were in the car while Mother ran in to the 7-2-11, a convenience store. She was going to buy a paper, and we wanted her to get us a treat. She asked if we wanted candy or gum, but we couldn’t decide. We kept changing our minds, so she finally left. When she got back she had two suckers for us. At first, I was disappointed, until we realized that there was gum in the middle of the suckers. I thought she was a genius to find such a wonderful treat that had both candy and gum! | driving to Utah in the summer | I remember going out to the hills and camping on the La Plata highway. It wasn’t too far away from our home, but it was a nice camping trip. | Our family trips mostly involved going to Provo or Mesa. It was fun visiting family and I always knew that family was important to mom. | From my mother I learned to pack a lot of food, comic books, and toys. My family still makes fun of me for packing unreasonable amounts of crap.

10: When I was 4 or 5 years-old, I misbehaved (believe it or not). Mom set out to spank me, but I ran around the outside of the house several times until she gave up. We had bushes and other things around the house that I could duck under, so I was a bit faster than she was. | One time Mother, Tammi and I were home alone. I walked into the bathroom and this big snake reared its ugly head as if it were about to attack me. I screamed and jumped back at the same time. Mother used a broomstick to guide the snake out of the house. | Weeding, Gardens, Mice, No bathroom, drinking from OJ cans, sleeping on the bunkbed. Spilling boiling hot water on my leg and getting a big blister on my thigh. Craig breaking his arm. In the other house, I remember the indoor staircase being made (one errant nail hit me in the mouth) and being able to share the attic with my sisters! I also remember being woken up by the sound of birds chirping or Mother or Daddy telling us it was time to get up. I remember always getting up early and having breakfast (oatmeal or cream of wheat on weekdays, pancakes on Saturdays, and cornflakes or shredded wheat on Sundays)together as a family. | I remember sometimes the power would go out on La Plata Highway, and we would gather together as a family and listen to Mom and Dad tell stories from when they were growing up. We would have the light from the fireplace and candles, and it just felt so cozy. It was great to have those times without TV or anything else to distract us, just spending time together. | I remember Mother reading to us in the summer. I remember times we laughed til we cried. | At the first home on La Plata highway, I remember mom heating up water so we could take a bath in a metal tub. I also remember the outhouses. I hated going there after dark.

11: When we lived at the first house on La Plata highway, I was only about 4 or 5 years-old. One time, after I’d done something wrong, mom sent me outside to get a stick that she could spank me with. I went and found the largest log I could. It was so big that I could barely carry it in the house. However, my strategy worked and mom laughed out loud and didn’t spank me. | I remember when Mother and Daddy would go into town and leave us girls alone; we would get our chores done really quickly so we could play. Sometimes, however, Debbie and I didn't mind Cindy and Diana. When Mother and Daddy got home it was Diana and Cindy rather than Debbie and I that got punished for what we had done because they were left in charge. I remember feeling bad about that and making up my mind that I would behave next time so Cindy and Diana wouldn't have to be punished for me. Next time Mother and Daddy left, I remember having so much fun. It wasn't until they pulled up that I suddenly realized with horror, "Oh no, I forgot to be good!" | Bracken and his ball and hose. Sleeping outside in sleeping bags. Brother Frost as Santa. I remember one time we were all in Cindy and Diana's room and mother came in and was talking to us. She went over and grabbed a can of what she thought was hairspray and sprayed it all over her hair. She then found out it was actually aerosol deoderant! She laughed and laughed about that. Actually, we all had a great laugh! | After going away to Ricks College and then living in Provo for a while I decided to go back home. The family was now living back on LaPlata Highway in Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s old house. Diana and Dennis had just got engaged. Two months later Duane and I started dating and became engaged. That was about the time that I lived at Grandma Knudsen’s so that it was easier for Duane and me to see each other. | When I was 4 or 5 years-old, and living at the first house on La Plata highway, whenever I took a nap and woke up and heard mom talking to people in the front room, I would never go out. I would wait until the visitors had left. I hated people commenting on me just waking up. | The best part of our family fun was Cindy and I choosing Debbie or Carla in a fight, and hitting them to get back at each other.

12: RESERVATION DAYS | I remember playing with Nada Jack and sliding on the big slide in Pinon. I remember Mother reading us (herself) to sleep, then us sneaking outside to play. One time we saw a snake and I remember thinking that perhaps it wasn't the best idea for us to be out unsupervised. | One time the whole family went to Farmington except Cindy and I. The first thing we did when the car was out of sight was make bacon the way we like it, barely done. | Working and living at Bitahochee was a stressful time for mom. I remember her saying many times that we were almost broke. However, mom and dad were able to pay for my mission. I will always be grateful for that. | When we lived at Bitahochee, one time mom was speeding into town (I know that surprises some of you) and a policeman pulled her over. He saw her and said, “I caught the trader.” I don’t think he gave her a ticket. | Renae and Kerri, along with Michelle and Dusty got to stay with Mother and Daddy at Bitahochee for a week or so. That was a dream come true to a child to live right above a store where you could just walk down the stairs and get ice cream, candy, and all sorts of things without even having to pay for them. | Having to ride the bus 45 minutes each way to school. | Spending time with my two best friends – the red mountain and the green mountain with “my dog, George” by my side. Getting stuck on the top of the red mountain. Yelling for help until someone heard me and Craig coming up to rescue me. | Tammy almost being squished between a car and the house when Craig was teaching me how to drive a stick – I was in 5th or 6th grade.

13: Oh yes, the good ole’ Res. We had a lot of fun climbing on the hill/mountain behind it. I’m fairly certain that will be the only house I will ever live in that had a grave in the backyard. It was also really fun to be able to eat candy whenever I wanted it. Talk about every kid’s dream! Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games…we were so isolated and I remember being so lonely and missing Diana and her family SO MUCH! | When Diana and I were just little girls we lived at Black Mountain. One evening in the middle of the night, Mother and Daddy woke us up and took us to a Pow Wow to watch Yabachai dancers. | When we were living in Pinon, I asked Mother if I could start shaving my legs. Since I was only in fifth grade, she told me no. The reason I asked to start shaving was because the hair made my legs itch so much. I felt bad that I had to wait a few more years for my legs to stop itching. | When we lived in Pion, I remember the drunk Indians fighting in our backyard and slicing each other up. | There is no other experience quite like riding in the car as Mother would make the mad dash to the bank on Friday nights. Those reservation roads were really something else! | Being shot in the leg with a BB gun. Playing dress up with Mothers fancy dresses. Sliding on the Spiral slide. Playing with Nada Jack. Eating push-ups (the sherbet dessert). Being scared of some kind of dancers who were performing | I remember having family toasts during FHE, and playing a lot of games. We had a lot of board games while growing up, so we could play and have fun with each other. I think that helped us grow closer together. | Going to Chilchinbeto weighing 60 pounds and coming home weighing 82 pounds after 2 weeks – lots of candy. | Leaving at 6:00 p.m. to see a movie that started at 6:00 p.m.

14: I really enjoyed the trip Mother and I took to help Debbie when she had Joseph. It was the first time that I remember really having Mom all to myself for an extended period of time. We talked all the way up and back, and I felt a lot closer to her when we returned back home. | I used to love to go to Paradise Valley near our house on La Plata Highway. We would sometimes go on picnics there, and I think we even camped out there a couple of times. I also really enjoyed going fishing at Jackson Lake. | I also remember mother always telling us to wake up and look at the pretty scenery, which was pretty hard to do since I was always drugged with Dramamine. The scenery was pretty, when I was coherent enough to look at it. | I remember on our trip to Seattle sitting in the back of the station wagon eating froot loops, and being so excited about having froot loops, even though I threw them up later, which is probably why they drugged me with Dramamine. | One thing I remember about our family vacations, we always tried to go by a temple. This helped me to develop a love for the temple. | When I was sixteen, Mother and Daddy took Diana and I to Mesa (they might have taken the whole family, but I don’t remember anyone else going) to get our patriarchal blessings from Great Grandpa Stradling. Great Grandma Stradling gave us each one of her dolls. | I remember Mother ditching church to take me to a Cowboys v Cardinals game. | I really enjoyed the trip Mother, Alexa, and I took to Nauvoo while I was living in Kansas. We had a wonderful time and had many special experiences while we were there, things that I will never forget. | I remember going to southern Colorado for picnics. I always loved how beautiful it was there.

15: When we lived in Seattle we got to go to the zoo. We all had to go the bathroom and so Daddy was sitting on a bench in front of the bathroom waiting for us. When we came out we couldn’t see him (even though he was in plain sight) and so we all walked around for a long time trying to find him and then walked around the zoo for a couple of hours. Finally we went to the car and after a while Daddy came out and found us. He hadn’t seen us come out of the restroom and had waited a long time for us and then walked all over trying to find the rest of us and checked the car periodically. | Mother used to baby sit a couple of girls during the summer months that Traci and I would play with. I remember that we always hated to take a nap because we were having too much fun playing. One day we kept complaining until Mom told us not to leave the room until we had our nap. Traci came up with a plan to wait a little while in the room and mess up our hair so that it looked like we had been sleeping. When we thought it was safe we came to Mother and told her we were finished. She took one look at us and started laughing, but she let us go out and play. We couldn’t figure out how she saw through our brilliant plan! | Summer Memories | Summer Fun! | We got to go to the library every week or two when we went into town and check out books. I loved that! | Some of my most favorite summer memories were of when we lived in Colorado. We were free to run wherever we wanted to. I remember running through the grass and the wild flowers. I remember one time Cindy and some of the other kids were out in the garage playing around and we saw a snake. We were so scared and we grabbed the other children and climbed up on some barrels and screamed at the top of our lungs. We stayed up there for what seemed like hours until the snake finally slithered away and we jumped down and ran to the house. | Laying in the sprinklers until I was burnt | I remember one summer when Mother would read to us every afternoon. I think we read Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little. I also remember her making us take naps—which we hated!! | Camping, Paradise Valley, Weinee Roasts, Picnics, going to the mountains, weeding the yard and garden, growing gardens, Jackson Lake and the Swimming Pools in Farmington | We kids would fill up the laundry hamper with water and have a water fight. Afterward we would sit on the lawn and tell ghost stories and get sunburned. | Going to bed before the sun went down

16: When we moved to Seattle Mother was just barely pregnant with Traci. She didn’t want Grandma Walker to know because she had just previously been working at Woolworths and she didn’t want Grandma to say the same thing she had always said before, which was: “Geraldine always gets pregnant when she works at Woolworths. So after we had been there a while, Daddy was taking a picture of all of us to send to Grandma. Mother made sure she was standing in back of all of us kids so that Grandma wouldn’t see that she was pregnant. | When Bracken was born and Daddy called to say he was a boy (back in the days before ultrasounds) all of us kids were so excited that we were all jumping on the furniture. A few days later Daddy took us all down to the hospital and Craig, Tammi, and I were too young to go in so we had to sit in the car for what seemed like hours. We kept honking the horn and yelling “Hold the baby up to the window”, which I’m sure was pleasant for the other patients. We thought Bracken was crawling around on the floor of the hospital room. Later the rest of the family came out, except Mother of course, and a nurse held Bracken up to the window so we could see him. I was unaware of his blood problem and was so disappointed when Mother came home without him. After he came home Mother commented that nobody else got up with him in the night so that night I woke up when he cried and got up with her. She sent me right back to bed. I was six and it was a school night so I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t stay up. | One glorious day, Bracken was bestowed upon us. We thought he was the cutest baby in the whole wide world. We all thought he was going to be a general authority, what a laugh. | We were living on LaPlata Drive when I graduated from High School. Several months later Bracken was born. I was so excited for him to come home from the hospital and when I came home from work that day, Mother and Daddy had just come home from the hospital and looked so sad. They didn’t have the baby and I knew something was wrong. They told us that Bracken had to stay at the hospital and needed blood transfusions. We were all so happy when he finally got to come home! | When Bracken was born, I jumped on all the couches and beds along with my brothers and sisters for a while. Then, I sat down and cried because I wanted a baby sister. | Babies

17: We were so excited when we got our first brother! Mother and Daddy took us all into town to the hospital in the middle of the night when mother was in labor. They had a bed made in the back of the Scout and us four girls all slept there while Mother and Daddy were in the hospital. Daddy would come check on us periodically. Finally Daddy came out and told us that Mother had had the baby. We asked him what it was and he said, “It’s a Craig!” | I remember when Bracken was born. I was so excited and thought he was the cutest baby ever. As soon as he made a peep we would all rush to his crib and fight over who got to hold him. I even remember crying one time because I thought it was my turn and someone else held him. | I remember having a say in what the new baby would be named. How fun it was to have a new baby in the house. I also remember when Julie was born, I was able to go to the mortuary with Grandma Knudsen and Nancy and help dress her. That was very important to me. | I'll never forget when Craig was born; we had to go a long way to the hospital. Our parents didn't have anyone to leave us with so we stayed out in the car while they went into the hospital. We had a great time playing that there were mean people coming to get us. We would hide under the blankets, and we got to stay up as long as we wanted. We were so excited to FINALLY have a brother, but the best part was that we didn't have to go to school the next day. Back then, there was no Obama to write a note excusing us from school. | When Tammi was born, mom had to stay in the hospital several days. Daddy took us to the outside of the hospital. Mom’s room had a window at it and she held up Tammi so we could see her and mom.

18: Weddings | From the very first time she met Athan, Mother made him feel welcome in our family. He always felt very close to her. | I remember the impression it made on me watching Diana & Cindy come out of the temple when they got married (to their husbands that is). | Being a bridesmaid. Pushing Mother in a wheelchair at Traci's wedding. One of my children spilling punch all over the tablecloth at Traci's reception | I remember walking back and forth in front of the movie camera acting like I didn’t notice it was filming. This was when mom was trying to film the family at a wedding.

19: The main thing I remember about Cindy, Diana, and even Debbie’s weddings is that the bride and groom got ALL the attention and nobody even seemed to care about me. How fair was that? All the pictures and videos were of the happy couple, and Craig walking in front of the camera. Wasn’t I as attention worthy as the bride? I remember being very crabby at the temple after each of their weddings. Sorry guys. | I remember going down to Mesa for Bracken's wedding. We all packed into a borrowed suburban with no air conditioning. There were like 30-40 mph winds and it was only about 119-120 that day. I decided then and there I was going to do whatever I could to avoid going to hell. I remember rolling down the windows to get some air, but then it was just hot air blowing in. Which was better? We did not know. Nobody did. | Duane, Kerri, and I drove to Mesa for Bracken’s wedding in our un-air-conditioned Datsun. The temperature that day just happened to be 121 degrees. We put a bag of ice in a garbage bag on the floor and put towels in it. As they got wet, we would hold them in front of the window for air conditioning. As we got into the city and had to just sit at the stop lights there of course was no breeze. So I just put the whole towel over my head. Duane was embarrassed, but I didn’t care. No one knew me there. | I admire Mother for going to Traci’s wedding in a wheelchair. Even though her back hurt so much, she did everything she could to make it. | I remember going to Bracken's wedding in Hades when it was three million degrees. I remember all of us melting and going home with heat stroke. It was great. I hope someone else will do an August wedding in Mesa.

20: Family Pets | I remember Mother beating the mice to death with a broom. I remember our pet skunk. And I remember Mother letting me get my own kitten when we lived in Seattle. I wondered how we could afford it. It was the first pet allowed in the house. I loved that cat and was so excited when she had kittens. When I learned we were moving back to Farmington, I was concerned about my cat and her kittens, but was assured we would take them with us. As we were leaving, I asked where my cat was and was told it was in the trailer. I was only in second grade, and didn't think about my cat needing air, food, water (or a litter box, for that matter) on the multiple day trip. I pictured my cat and her kittens comfortably perched on a blanket on top of all our belongings. Imagine my dismay when, sometime after reaching Farmington, I asked where my cat was and I was told quite matter of factly that we had to leave her in Seattle! The picture of the comfortable kitty perched on a blanket was immediately replaced by a picture of a starving mother cat trying to feed her starving babies. | I remember all of the mice living in our first LaPlata Highway house. One day we saw a group of baby mice in the corner. They needed to be killed but Traci was crying because they were just babies. I told her they were teenagers not babies, and then she was fine with it. (She was quite wise for her tender age.) | The Skunk Mother and Grandma Walker killed and buried, The baby mice Mother killed with a broom. Cuddles and Tiger(the cats we had on Laplata Drive) I remember one of Cuddles kittens got a hook stuck in her and Daddy had to get it out. Cuddles stood right beside her kitten trying to comfort it while he removed it. | I remember being forced by my sisters to kill three kittens that were sick. It was traumatic for me, but we felt (at the time) that it was for the best. I wonder if the kittens agreed. | I remember the dog we had in Colorado (although not enough to recall its name apparently) that got attacked by a mountain lion. We were scared to go out of the house for days, except for Bracken. He had a large fan club, which would scare off any mountain lion, though he was not yet alive then. | Raising pet rabbits and then BBQing them with shake and bake. | Buster jumping into trucks/cars while people were getting gas and having to get him out.

21: The pet I remember most in my early years is Dobie, the Doberman we got from Dan and Pat. Dobie was nice and fun, but the neighbors still shot him. I was sad. | One night, at the house on La Plata highway, one of our dogs gave birth on my bed while I slept. During the night, I would wake up every 15 minutes or so to a new puppy yelping. I didn’t get much sleep that night. | We had a dog named George at the trading post at Bitahochee. George loved biting your foot to get you to stop walking. It didn’t hurt most of the time. I remember mom laughing about it. | Snoopy and Bernard are the first pets I remember. I don’t actually remember them but I remember their names. We had a Shetland pony that I don’t remember. Also a baby skunk that we kept in a cage until we discovered it one morning with a hole in it’s stomach. There was my cat, Charlotte and her kittens, she was probably the prettiest calico cat I’ve ever seen. I remember when we got Rowdy, in preparation for our move out to LaPlata Highway. Some of my friends and I were dipping our suckers in Rowdy’s water so he could taste them, too. We would put the sucker in Rowdy’s water and then back in our own mouths. Yum! I also remember when our dog Mitzi had 9 or 10 puppies. I think some of them went on to become police dogs. Then there was poor Laddie who starved to death. And of course, Ralph, Nicky, George, and the sewer dog. Well, the sewer dog wasn’t really one of our pets, but I remember him just the same. | Mother paid for George to go to the vet several times when he was bitten by rattlesnakes and sprayed by porcupines. He was an expensive dog, but I appreciate her spending the money because we loved him so much. | George – contrary to what everyone else believes he was my dog | Breaking up Buster and George fighting with Mother whacking the dogs over the head with 2x4s.

22: The Harry Belafonte record we would play to get the babies to sleep. Bedtime or Naptime stories such as "Barthalemew and the 1000 hats", or "The three Bears", "The Three Little Pigs", "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", the last three told from memory. As I grew older, I will never forget the late night long talks she had with us older girls. We talked about many things. These talks helped to forge my feelings for the gospel and the importance of Motherhood and they bonded us together. | Sweet Dreams.... | One night when we were living on La Plata Drive I woke up in the middle of the night to Cindy taking off all the sheets and telling me there were spiders everywhere, even in my hair (to my dismay).

23: One night when I was young I woke up to the sharp sting of a beetle on my leg. I started screaming and crying because it scared me and hurt a lot. Mother came in and explained to me what it was, and helped me look under all my covers and under the bed to make sure the bug was gone. Then, she helped me make my bed again and get back to sleep, even though I was scared to lie down again. | or night-time shenanigans! | I remember sleeping on the floor at the house on La Plata and waking up the next morning and finding out there had been an earthquake. I slept through it. | Anyone remember that creepy dream/hallucination Mother had about the man in chains who pointed an arrow at her and then rose up into the attic where we girls were sleeping? That scared me for a long time! | I have fond memories of sharing a bedroom with my sisters in the attic. Oh what fun we had.

24: The Christmas I got my first and only ever Barbie doll, she came in a doll case with a wardrobe of the most darling clothes hanging on little hangers. Mother had made all the clothes. I never saw her working on any of them and had no idea that was what I was getting for Christmas. I was in fourth grade that year and we were living in Sapinaro, Colorado. That was when Barbie dolls starting getting popular and girls played with them at an older age than they start now. My Barbie was a real classic; she had the short hair bob and looked like she was about 40 years old. | Christmas trees were very important to mom. She would always comment on the tree and whether or not it held up to the other’s from previous years. As children, we would always get up as early as possible on Christmas morning. We always had several presents from Santa. Then we would unwrap the rest of the presents. | Every year Mother and Daddy would have a big fight while trying to set up the tree. We were always afraid that we wouldn’t have a tree that year but we always got one. It was sort of a family tradition right along with fudge and sugar cookies. | I remember sometimes waking up early on Christmas morning to see Mom and Dad still up, and they would say they were helping Santa get everything ready for the morning. Then, when we kids would wake up they always got as excited as we were. I know they did not get a lot of sleep, but they did everything they could to give us a nice Christmas. I remember the candy canes would magically appear on the tree on Christmas morning, which was always very cool. It seemed like we would often have breakfasts of scrambled eggs, bacon, juice, and toast that morning, and I still like to keep that tradition. Mother always made sure that we trimmed the tree together as a family and helped us put on the Nativity Story on Christmas Eve when we were younger. I remember one year I was really sick, and Mother made sure I was comfortable on the couch while everyone was opening presents. She was very concerned that I was sick for the holiday and it made me feel loved. | I remember one Christmas our parents told us we weren't going to get anything for Christmas because we had no money. But when we woke up on Christmas morning, mother had made Cindy and I two of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen. | I loved being one of the big kids helping Santa on Christmas Eve. It was fun staying up later, talking and laughing, eating Santa's treats, and seeing what the younger kids were getting. | Woke up one Christmas morning at 4:00 am to George being granted his Christmas wish. He had gotten into the fence with Buster and we had to break up the fight. | Christmas was the only day we could play board games all day and not get in trouble for it.

25: Cindy and I always got everything alike. My presents were always red or pink. Cindy's were always blue. I remember one time when we lived on La Plata Drive mother sent me out to the garage to find some Christmas decorations. While I was looking I saw two books of remembrance, one red, one blue. I was so disappointed because I had no idea what to do with a book of remembrance. | I remember one Christmas where Mother had us make a list of what we wanted. She purchased and wrapped our presents and put them under the tree. One Sunday before Christmas, while Mother and Daddy were napping, I took out my list and sat under the tree shaking and feeling each present until I knew exactly what each one was. It was the first year I remember getting everything I wanted, but it was my worst Christmas because I wasn't surprised at all. I'm sure Mother wondered why I wasn't happier when I got everything I asked for. | Daddy getting the tree from the mountains. Decorating the tree, especially the icicles. Getting up early and seeing what wonders Santa brought. Spending the day with the family. All the delicious baking and candy making. I also remember one Christmas when Mother made some dolls for Carla and I and didn't have time to finish their clothes, but said she would later. She never got around to doing it since the Christmas rush was already over. | One of our Christmas when we lived on LaPlata Highway (the house that later evolved into Merrill and Ellen’s house), Diana and I got black fishnet nylons and garter belts. That was before pantyhose were invented, and that was our first pair of nylons. | We always had an orange in the bottom of our stockings along with a toothbrush. Many times we got a little individual box of sweetened cereal…those were my favorite. We always got books for Christmas. One of my favorite stocking stuffers ever was a giant Sugar Daddy. I remember chewing on it while I read two of my Christmas books: Charlie’s Monument and The Bishop’s Horse Race. Mother made little clothes for our Christmas dolls and one year she made Tammi and I life-sized rag dolls. | Because I asked, I found out the truth about Santa Clause when I was eight. After that I was always allowed to help Santa every Christmas Eve prepare for my siblings. That was the best part of Christmas! | When we were living in Pinon, Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation, I had Scarlet Fever that Christmas and was too sick to enjoy it; except I was excited about my present. It was a college dorm set for my Barbie doll. I was in fifth grade that year. | One of the things I loved about Christmas was eating sugar cookies. I remember making them and using the different Christmas cookie cutters. | Getting big Hershey Kisses or Big Sugar Daddy’s | Getting books to read

26: I remember Fried Chicken for Easter and going on picnics.Decorating eggs, The Easter Bunny. Doing our own fireworks for July 4th. Big feasts for Thanksgiving with relatives over. The year Carla and I made dinner when Mother was in the hospital. Playing games and staying up for New Years Day. | Mother always made us Easter dresses every year. We would also get new shoes. One Easter when Diana and I were young, Mother made us Easter dresses with beautiful pinafores. We got to wear them on an Easter egg hunt we went on out in some rocky countryside with Aunt Donna’s family and some other family members from the Walker side. | I remember going on picnics for Easter. It was usually cool weather. One year, I think we had to eat in the car because it was so cold. One year, we went up to Durango and had an Easter egg hunt at a park by a stream. | When I think of the 4th of July, it reminds me of Mom taking us to Brookside Park or Lions Park for the afternoon. We would have a ball playing, and it always seemed like such a treat. | I remember Mother making our Easter dresses every year. One year I wanted a patchwork maxi dress. They were the latest rage, but it was like making a quilt in long dress form. For some reason, Mother didn't get it finished by Easter Morning; however, those were the old days when we had sacrament meeting at night. So, I begged Mother to finish my dress in time to wear it then. She worked all afternoon, repeating the scripture?/saying? that for every stitch you stitched on Sunday you would have to remove 9 (or so) with your nose. I briefly pictured Mother doing that and wondered if it could be true, but finally decided I wanted my dress bad enough that it was worth it. Mother completed the dress in time. I thought it was beautiful and proudly wore it to sacrament meeting. | Chocolate bunnies are one of my favorite things to get on Easter. One year I ate everything else and saved my bunny for last, but while I was in the bathroom, Debbie ate my chocolate bunny. You still owe me a chocolate bunny, Debbie! | I remember going to Durango for the Easter Egg hunt one year. I would spot an egg and say, “There’s one.” And then Craig would grab it before I could. He got most of the eggs that year. Mother always made all the girls’ Easter dresses.

27: I remember one birthday when we were still living in the house on La Plata drive, so maybe it was when I turned 5. Somehow I had completely forgotten that our birthday was coming up. Craig and Traci woke me up that morning and told me it was our birthday. I did not believe them for a long time, it just seemed impossible that I did not know it was coming up. It was a Sunday, and Mother took me out for a walk in the backyard before church, just the two of us. I remember looking at the pretty flowers and just having a wonderful, peaceful feeling; I really enjoyed having some alone time with Mom. It was a very pleasant morning, and I remember it as one of my favorite birthdays. It was such a sweet surprise to wake up and have a great day without having all the anticipation beforehand. | It seems like we always had extended family to share Thanksgiving with. I remember how much I LOVED Mother’s stuffing. I still miss having family around on Thanksgiving. | We always set off fireworks for the 4th of July. I especially loved the sparklers. I also remember going to Kanab one year. We had a lot of fun going to the town dinner and celebration and then running the tunnel in Zion’s park afterward. Yes, we were incredibly bright to do such a safe thing, especially at night. | Halloween costumes usually consisted of putting on a dress that was too big for me and going as a princess but one year I got really creative and decorated a paper bag. I remember getting some sarcastic comments about it from the houses I went to. | I remember going to visit graves on Memorial Day every year. Mother would always make a nice lunch and we would have a picnic in the mountains. It was sad to visit the graves, but we always spent the day together as a family, and I think we all grew closer on those days. | I always loved Mother’s Thanksgiving dinners, and I still think her stuffing is the best I have ever had. I would wake up late on Thanksgiving to the smell of turkey and stuffing baking. I did not realize at the time that Mother had to get up very early to get everything started, but I really appreciate it now. | Going to Farmington for Memorial Day | Wiping the small amount of remaining whipped cream from a plate onto Dennis’s face.

28: Infamous Walker Family Quotes | When Mother and Daddy were living in Holbrook and I had brought the kids down for a visit, Daddy was having a “low blood sugar or diabetic” moment and wasn’t making a lot of sense. He told the grandkids that he was going to tell them a story, but first he needed one of them to bring him a cold glass of tall water. | "I don't have any hands left" …Bracken (After the earthquake when he was holding both parent's hand and was told to eat his dinner) | “Squish me popcorn” (Bracken as a toddler going around behind us in our chairs as we sat at the table.) | “I was staring!” (Tammi) | “I need to get organized and start a filing system.” (Debbie said this hundreds of times when she returned from her mission.) | Damn the damn flies anyway! (Oh wait a minute, that was a Knudsen quote.)

29: When things have outlived their usefulness, we eat them. You'd better do your chores now. | Yes, fish is protein. (This involved me, Traci, Mother, Dad, and Bracken. Traci and I were talking, and she said something that I misunderstood, and I made a nonsensical reply. Just then, Bracken came up and misunderstood what I said and made another reply. Then, Dad misunderstood what Bracken said and made a reply to that. Finally, Mother misunderstood what Dad said and replied “Yes, fish is protein.” By this time, Traci and I were rolling on the floor laughing, quite literally. After we explained the whole sequence of events, we all had a good laugh for pretty much the rest of the evening. I really wish we had written down everything that was said!) | "It seems kind of funny to be going sledding without any shoes but with only plastic bags" | “You’re too young to have a reLATIONship!” (Mother to me on MANY occasions) | “Nobody has ever been known to be productive in their pajamas, so get dressed! | How will we find our way back home? | Hey, you didn't seriously expect to keep those rabbits as pets forever, did you? | “Use your head for something other than a hat rack” | "Whatever blows your skirt up" | "Bye, bye fathead!" | “Sure is pretty” | "Let's rock Mother until she's sick!"

30: A | A righteous posterity...

31: C | Cindy & Duane Camphuysen | Renae & Jason Lee Cody Jared Kierra | Kerri & Troy Scott Kailee Hunter Jordon Jonah | Brenda & Lowell Reedy Karissa Taelynn Abram Carter | Dereck & Sandy Camphuysen Tyler Lindsay | Amber Camphuysen

32: Diana & Dennis Culler Stephanie Culler Michelle & Sean O'Neil Tyler Lauren Brayden Dustin & Becky Culler Will Katie & Cory Stock Emily Harlie Michael Culler Nicholas Culler

33: Debbie & Joseph Hopoate | Saane Kesia Khadija Kamilah Khauri Lani Siaosi Jayden Jaysen Sani Mateo Charnelle Siteli Sione Finau Tai Jeffery Oakley Meleesa Kiara Keny Meleesa Sesilili Karina Paul Nina Austin Fapuiaki | Stephan Mikayla Stephanie Hina Isikeli Seluvaia Tunai Heamasi Tuila Ane Fauiaki Angelina Hayley Taylor Kristen Kirsten Benjamin Joseph Miranda Ammaron David Marissa Robert Marie Melanie

34: Carla & Lonnie Kilgore Adam Celeste & Allan Noland Zachary Ethan

35: Craig & Jennifer Walker Brett & Jenna McGowan Bryce Austin McGowan Elise McGowan Foster Justin Milo McGowan Chelsea McGowan Jorgensen Andrew Page McGowan Alexa Pearl Walker Spencer Robert Walker Jacob Craig Walker

36: Traci & Dave Stokes Jessica Nicole Stokes Courtney & Ruben Orosco Kyra Cheyanne Stokes Melissa Anne Stokes

37: Bracken & Kristen Walker Dominic Walker Malena Walker Zackery Walker | Tammi Walker Tejeda Julie Walker

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