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Harris Book- copy not 4 sale

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S: Fred & Mabel Harris Family

BC: Compiled and edited by Sally Sweet - 2011

FC: Harris Family Tree | ""Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one."

1: I don't know when it all started, Or how it all began. But God created families, As only our Lord can. He was teaching what it means, To love, honor, and obey. He wanted someone who'd be gentle, And so He created mothers. He wanted someone strong, A support filled with love. And so He created fathers, Sent from heaven up above. Brothers and sisters came next, With that, an instant friend. Someone to look up to, Someone on who to depend. When He put them all together He was amazed at what He'd done. He had created a family, Mother, father, daughter, son. But look at the family created by only two How many we've become. We have a lot to be thankful for The memories through the years. The many times together, Full of laughter, full of tears. I don't know where we'd be today, If it weren't for "each other" To show us strength, support and love, Like only family can. | A Tribute to Family by Michelle A. Moran | Grandma Mabel Harris | Great Grandpa John Penn | How Grandma and Grandpa Met: The methodist minister from Wittenburg, Wi asked Mabel Harris to come to Medford with he and his family. Mabel was provided with the opportunity to attend high school in Medford while caring for the ministers children. In school Mabel met Carrie Harris, who invited her out to the Harris farm for Sunday dinner. It was there that Mabel and Fred met for the first time. They started dating and were married on Mabel's 20th birthday on June 23, 1904 in Coal City, Illinois, where Mabel's grandmother lived. | Grandpa Fred Harris

2: Fred Linwood Harris, son of Samuel & Louisa Harris was born May 9, 1873 in Omro, Wisconsin Mabel Alice Penn, daughter of John & Annie Penn was born June 23, 1884 in Coal City, Illinois. On June 23, 1904 Fred and Mabel were married. They had eight children: Lottie - born and died September1906 Ellen Alice - born August 25, 1908 Linwood Sneed - born July 20, 1912 Grace Lanora - born November 20, 1913 Ralph Edwin - born May 3. 1915 Beatrice Pearl - born September 25, 1918 Ethel Caroline - born July 28, 1921 John Frankliin - born February 24, 1924 This book includes snapshots of these 8 branches of the family tree from June 1904 to June 2011 | Harris Family Tree

4: Yearly family reunions are great picture opportunities. Reunions are hosted by a different sibling and/or family each year and have been held mostly in Wisconsin county or city parks. | Ellen, Linwood, Grace, Beatrice, Ethel, John | Ellen, Grace, John, Ethel, Beatrice | Ellen, Linwood, Grace, Beatrice, Ethel, John

5: The Harris siblings visited each other whenever possible. I'm glad they posed for pictures now and then. It's a good reminder for later generations to do the same. | Ethel, Beatrice & Grace

6: Beatrice Harris Married to Arlie Krohn October 28, 1941 | Grace Harris Married to Louis Wigstadt June 23, 1941 | Love Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weakness. Love is content with the present. It hopes for the future and it doesn't brood over the past. It's the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories and working toward common goals. If you have love in your life, It can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it is not enough, so search for it, ask God for it, and share it! (author unknown) | Ellen Harris Married to Roy Pierce November 7, 1935

7: Ethel Harris Married to Reuben Vieth May 3, 1952 | When the time is right - it's right! Linwood and Martha met while attending "Youth Group". He was 34 and she was 22. Martha found out his birthday was 2 days before hers, so she sent him a birthday card. Linwood followed up and four months later on Nov 16, 1946 they were married! | John Harris Married to Vera Risum July 2, 1946 | Linwood Harris Married to Martha Mowery November 16, 1946

8: Alice 6/17/36 | Jim 8/4/38 | Ardis 5/29/42 | Linda 1/8/42 - 4/28/71 | Dorothy 2/20/44 | David 10/11/44 | Wayne 8/9/47 | Bob 12/12/47 | Dan 10/30/48 | Judy 1/28/49 | Jewel 6/16/50 | Donna 3/39/51 | Ron 10/30/52 | Mike 12/31/52 | "Oh, tell me, please tell me, is there a trick to get cousins to sit still, even real quick? One giggles, one wiggles, one tugs on another. One crawls, one tickles, then they pile on each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, taking pictures with cousins, is way too much fun! authorL Beth Rogers | Linda died in a tragic car accident at the age of 29.

9: Brian 2/6/53 | Debbie 8/11/53 | Dale 11/12/54 | Sally 12/5/54 | Kevin 11/21/55 | Paulette 10/19/56 | Paul 10/19/56 | Sandi 12/12/57 | Carl 11/5/58 | Marilee 1/6/59 | Llyle 1/13/59-7/31/96 | Scott 8/27/63 -1/10/64 | Are you sure these are MY Relatives? | Llyle died unexpectedly of a heart attack at the age of 37 | Scott died of complications from birth defects at 4 1/2 months

10: Jim Pierce | Jim and Gloria | Alice | Alice & Tom Roundy | Ellen & Roy Pierce had two children, Alice and James. By 2011 those two had multiplied to include 5 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren, and 5 great great, grandchildren! | Alice & Joni | Jim & Alice | Alice Mae | a | Aunt Ellen and Uncle Roy owned a farm near Baraboo. It was always fun to see the animals - especially the huge pigs. I'm sure more than a few of us had a ride on one of them. A | Brett, Sheri, Gloria, Jim | Tom & Alice with their grandchildren

11: Great Grandparents | Linwood & Martha Harris had 4 children, Brian, Dale, Kevin, & Merilee. By 2011 those 4 had multiplied to add 11 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren. | Brian's family | Marilee's wedding | Linwood & Martha | Kevin | Linwood and Martha | Uncle Linwood and Aunt Martha both worked in the Stevens Point School system. He was a janitor and she worked in the kitchen. They were also very active in their church and would take us with them to services when ever we were there. This Harris home was also home for several foster children through the years. | Linwood Harris Family

12: Grace & Louis Wigstadt had 3 children, Linda, Dorothy & Dan. By 2011 those 3 had multiplied to add 6 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren. | Louis & Grace 1968 | Grace & Dorothy | Linda - died tragically in a car accident near Marshfield in 1971 | Dorothy | Dan | unnamed kiddos Grace Lonnie, Bob, Ardis & Dorothy Pictures from a Halloween Family Reunion in 1999 in Spencer

13: Green Thumb (from a local newspaper) As you travel Wisconsin's Highways in the beautiful Summer days, Have you seen the well-kept parks, new picnic tables, clean rest stops? Did you ever wonder who's working there in their green hard hats and graying hair? To be told, they are a Green Thumb Group, who are proud to be a part of a working troop. Green Thumb is a life-saving chore, to those whose working days are not o'er. Giving the elderly another chance to feel important and even dance. It was started back in "67, by "Farmers Union. 'A Gift from Heaven". | First they hired just the men, then came the women who say "A-men." Green Lite was their title then; now, Green Thumb, as they work like the men, filling jobs of different sorts, in schools, nutritions, and at outdoor sports. Weatherization, painting, or planting a tree, no jobs too tough to make them feel free. Green Thumb workers are happy to say, Thank you, America, you've brightened my day! by Grace Wisstadt "A Thankful Green Thumb Worker" .

14: Beatrice & Arlie Krohn had 12 children, Ardis, David, Wayne, Judy, Jewel, Ron, Sally, Paulette, Paul, Sandi, Llyle and Scott. By 2011 those 12 had multiplied to add 17 grandchildren, and 25 great grandchildren. | Ardis & Lon Officer, Kurt & Katie; Kayla holding Johnathon, Jason, Kim holding Jared and Kelsey | Becky, Briana, Bob, David, Donna, Kim, Emma | Beatrice & Arlie | Beatrice & Arlie | Beatrice | Marsha & Wayne; Marsha holding Mackayla & Cathy holding Brittney; Shawn & Olivia, Alyson & Sam | Judy | Ardis & Beatrice in a ".look-alike" contest | Arlie, Jewel, Neiel, Beatrice; Candi & Corey; Sheila & Corey, Jewel, Candi, Neiel & Andrew | Judy, Ron, Amy, Karen: | Back row: Judy, Karen, Ron & Dexter Front row: Brian, Dean, Amy, Randy & Roscoe

15: Beatrice & Arlie | Beatrice & Arlie | Beatrice & Arlie | Jim & Sally | Dennis & Paulette; Rochelle & Christopher | Arlene & Paul; Kyle, Nick & Casey | Warren & Sandi; Joe, Ceirra,, Traci, Kylie, Alexandra Mark & Sandy | Llyle & Kyle | The Krohn Klan - Christmas 1988

16: Ethel & Reuben Vieth had 1 child, Debbie. By 2011 the family had multiplied to add 3 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. | Ethel Debbie " "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I am my mother, after all!" | Rueben | Debbie & David in 2005 doing the three legged race. | Reuben's father, became the minister at the EUB Church in Dorchester. Grace & Louie decided to do some matchmaking,& kept inviting Reuben over for supper, but he always had some excuse. Finally one Sunday Reuben drove Grace, Ellen, Alice Mae and Ethel to a church meeting in Marshfield. On the way home he dropped the others off and took Ethel to Stanley for coffee, bringing her home at 2 a.m.! He asked her to go to a movie on Saturday and she said yes. BUT, she didn't tell him that her boyfriend from Chicago as supposed to come on Sat. too. She decided to go out with whoever got there first. Guess who was right on time?? | Joe & Debbie''s 25th anniversary. Joe, Debbie, Nicole, Jamie & Tory | Joe holding Nick & Finn, Joey, roman, Logan, Ava and Sophia. Debbie holding Henry & Piper | Debbie, Niki, Tory, Logan and Ethel | Ethel & Reuben

17: John & Vera Harris had 4 children, Bob, Donna, Mike and Carl. By 2011 the family had multiplied to add 11 grandchildren, and 6 great grandchildren. | Jill & Carl Jennifer & Jeff with his fire engine | Ginger, Jason & Zach; Bob & Sandee; Andy; Erin holding Audrey, Makayla in front & Luke in back; Katie | Larry & Donna Wold | John's 85th birthday Left Back: Mike Harris with wife Wendy & daughter Vicky. John Harris. Donna (Harris) Wold with dog Suzie. Bob Harris holding granddaughter Makayla Kuesel & wife Sandee. Carl Harris with wife Jill and daughter Jennifer. Left front: Chris Wold's fiance' Amanda with Cloe, Chris Wold, Larry Wold. Katie Harris. Erin (Harris) Kuesel with husband Luke. And last, but not least. Andy Harris in red shirt. | John & Vera

18: I. Lottie Harris II. Ellen Harris - Roy Pierce 1. Alice Pierce - Tom Roundy A. Joanie Rathermal -Richard Campbell a. Scott Campbell - - Brianna b. Brian Campbell- Kim Pfaff - Ashley, Hailey, Gavin c. Tammi Campbell-James Benson, Jr. B. Dale Rathermal - Nancy Nuemier a. Christopher Rathermal b. Courtney Rathermal C. Kevin Rathermal a. Christopher - Jamie TerBeest b. Jereme -Jocelyn c. Randy - Tricia Huizenga d. Brett e. Alec 2. James Pierce - Gloria Dunce A. Brian Pierce a. Meghan b. Tessa B. Brett Pierce -Sheri Lund III. Linwood Harris - Martha Mowery 1. Brian Harris - Diane Gleason A. Inga Harris - a. Chara Sommerfeld b. Hannah Schmitz B. Britta Harris - An Thanh Nguyen a. Ashar Thanh Nguyen C. Anna Harris 2. Dale Harris A. James Harris - Debbie Moore B. Alisha Harris C. Jared Harris 3. Kevin Harris - Deborah Berger A. Tyler Harris B. Devin Harris - Angelique Peterson a. Kale Harris C. Jory Harris h | 4. Marilee Harris - Wendall Bell A. Nathan Sirkis - a. Daniel Sirkis b. Jonathon Sirkis B. Joshua Sirkis IV. Grace Harris - Louis Wigstadt 1. Linda Wigstadt 2. Dorothy Wigstadt - Ronald Baumgartner A. Robin Baumgartner - Lisa Williams a. Amanda Baumgartner b. Amber Baumgartner c. Aaron Baumgartner B. Todd Baumgartner - Maureen Wing a. Jessica Baumgartner b. Danny Baumgartner c. Stacy Baumgartner C. Mark Baumgartner - a. Britney Baumgartner b. Sami Baumgartner c. Morgan Baumgartner 3. Daniel Wigstadt = Donna Gehrke A. Benjamin Wigstadt = a. Benjamin Wigstadt b. Stephanie Wigstadt c. Carly Wigstadt B. Adam Wigstadt C. Matthew Wigstadt V. Ralph Harris VI. Beatrice Harris - Arlie Krohn 1. Ardis Krohn - Alonzo (Lon) Officer A. Kurt Officer - Katie Urban B. Kimberly Officer - Jason Schultz a. Kayla Schultz b. Kelsey Schultz c. Jared Schultz d. Jonathon Schultz 2. David Krohn - Donna Blodget A. Kimberly Krohn B. Rebecca Krohn - Robert Weaver a. Brianna Weaver b. Emma Weaver | Descendants of Fred Harris & Mabel Penn 1904 - 2011

19: 3. Wayne Krohn - Marsha Byrd A. Shawn Krohn - Alyson Ford a. Madison Krohn b. Olivia Krohn c. Samuel Krohn B. Cathy Krohn - Brandon Fidler a. Mackayla Penyak b. Brittney Penyak c. Jonathan Penyak d. Zoey Fidler 4. Judy Krohn 5. Jewel Krohn - Neiel Gilbert A. Corey Gilbert - Sheila Zinger B. Candi Gilbert a. Andrew Powers b. Alex Powers 6. Ronald Krohn - Judy Sipe A. Amy Krohn - Randy Rennock a. Dexter Rennock b. Roscoe Rennock B. Karen Krohn - Brian Hermann a. Dean Hermann b. Ty Hermann 7. Sally Krohn - James Sweet 8. Paulette Krohn - Dennis Anderson A. Christopher Anderson a. Keira Anderson b. Ian Anderson B. Rachelle Anderson 9. Paul Krohn - Arlene Kleinschmidt A. Casey Krohn B. Kyle Krohn C. Nicholas Krohn 10. Sandra Krohn - Warren Sjoman A. Traci Sjoman - Joseph Frischman a. Ceirra Sjoman b. Kylie Frischman c. Alexandra Frischman B. Mark Sjoman - Sandra Rode a. Savannah Sjoman 11. Llyle Krohn 12. Scott Krohn | VII. Ethel Harris - Reuben Vieth 1. Debra Vieth - Joseph Skerbeck A. James Skerbeck - Sonja Olendorf a. Joseph Skerbeck b. Sophia Skerbeck c. Nicholas Skerbeck B. Victoria Skerbeck - John Burrows a. Logan Burrows b. Ava Burrows c. Piper Burrows d. Finn Burrows e. Henry Burrows C. Nicole Skerbeck a. Roman Zeise VIII. John Harris - Vera Risum 1. Robert Harris - Sandra LaBansky A. Ginger Harris - Jason Meyers a. Zach Meyers B. Erin Harris - Luke Kuesel a. Makayla Kuesel b. Audrey Kuesel C. Andrew Harris D. Katherine Harris 2. Donna Harris - Larry Wold A. James Wold B. Christopher Wold -Amanda Spicer a. Cloe Wold 3. Michael Harris - Wendy Kolb A. Anthony Harris-Katie Schmittinger a. Christopher b. Elizabeth B. Alexander Harris-Kristine Schuenke C. Victoria Harris 4. Carl Harris - Jill Koepp A. Jennifer Harris-Jeff Dahl B. Cassandra Harris

20: Tidbits from the family | After retirement, Ethel & Reuben ran off and joined the carnival! The Skerbeck Brother's Shows, to be correct. Debbie married Joe Skerbeck in 1972, That same year Joe and his brother became the 5th generation of Skerbeck's to operate the show. The show has more than doubled in size since then. The entire family works March-October, traveling mostly thru Michigan, providing a world of fun for thousands of families. Ethel continues to travel with and work for the carnival, even as she approaches her 90th birthday. Look them up on the web at | Check out to read about a HUGE 3 on 3 volleyball tournament that Kurt Officer (Ardis' son) and his wife Katie started with some friends. They have a yearly tournament with over 200 volleyball nets in operation during the event. People from around the world attend the event. | Christopher Anderson (Paulette's son) has an on-line web store selling his own disc-golf bags. Christopher designs and makes his own bags. www, | After getting laid off from her job at the age of 61, Donna Krohn went to college. She graduated in 2010 and is now retired. | Bob Harris retired in 2010 after 35 years as an EnvironmentalHealth Specialist at UW Madison. His job was to maintain clean air, food and water for the campus.

21: Despite having polio as a baby, Sally went mountain climbing in the Seirra National Forest in 1986 | Dave Krohn has been a pastor of a Nazarene Church for 27 years and is just about to finish 21 years in Brodhead, WI. He Pastor's and works full time in the Evansville school system in cleaning. | You can buy a quilt and quilt rack or hanger from Joanie and Richard Campbell. Joanie has been quilting and teaching quilting for over 16 years and has been making the Harris Family Reunion Quilts since the first family reunion. Visit their shop at JC Treasures in Baraboo, WI. | Get your eyes tested by Dr's Karen or Brian Hermann at their offices in Bloomer or Chetek, WI | Mike Harris retired as principal at the Middleton School District and came out of retirement to be principal at the Baraboo Middle School! Some retirement!! | Wanna go fishing? Ginger (Bob's daughter) is the "Go To Girl" She enjoys fly fishing and tying her own flies. | Joe & Traci (Sandi's daughter) are busy on the farm, making sure the rest of us "Got Milk!" | Note from the editor: I tried to make this a group effort by collecting as many pictures and as much information as possible, but undoubtedly you will find some errors, misprints or missing pictures and information. Please accept my apologies and know that any errors were unintentional.

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