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S: Family History

BC: This book is not complete, as history is never complete...but always building and growing. I will live on in the memory of some future generation..through stories and pictures and perhaps...if this survives...through my words as well. May we all meet again in that circle that will never again be broken! Hallelujah....Amen! Paula Jeanette Elliott Fawcett | The Newton Kids

FC: James and Ila Elliott | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: In contemplating the creation of this family book, I pondered how I should start. Do I just put pictures with no commentary? Do I just identify people and write nothing of their history? If I write too much (and we all know that I could), this would end up a novel and that should be left for another day. If I write nothing it will be only a collection of photographs with no life...no story to tell. Balance is the ultimate goal! There needs to be enough written history to balance the photographic chronicle without diminishing the story projected by the eyes, the smiles...or the telltale lack of smiles. So before the visual journey, let's embark upon the sea of words, the trail of statistics that bind us together in this family. Long ago there was a man...his name was Mark Johnston. He was born in Illinois and as the oldest son of a pious Roman Catholic family, he was slated to become a cleric. Taking vows was not what Mark envisioned for his life. He wanted to marry and have children. Would his devout family understand and support his decision? Well...not exactly. As a matter of fact he was virtually banished from the fold. Because of their harsh treatment, or perhaps as his own rebellious statement, or to make sure that he was not found and brought back, he changed the spelling of his last name. No longer a Johnston...he would be, henceforth, Mark Johnson. Some time later he met and married Carrie H. Turner. She was a dark-haired beauty and they would go on to have several children. There were five boys: Frank, Charlie, Jim, Joe, and Fred. The daughters included Florence, Bertha and Mary. Mark had at least one sister (not sure about other siblings) and her name was Mary. We really have no additional information about her. I wonder if Mark and Carrie named their daughter, Mary, after Mark's sister? Not many pictures survive of these cherished ancestors... just a few faint memories of the remaining grandchildren (Ila, Jean , and Sondra). As long as life persists, and stories are told, however, they will remain with us...a shadow from the past; a glimmer of our own long ago!

2: In the limited space of this book I can't possibly address all of the ancestors who compose our family tree. At this point I have very little information about Mark Johnson and will focus more on the lineage coming through Carrie Turner Johnson. Cyrus Turner (born 1845) and Safronia Jane Jacobs (born 1846) met and married in the mid 1860's. Their children were: Caroline (Carrie : born 1866), Florence, Gilbert, Mary F., Clinton T., Bessie, and Hattie. Hattie was married to Lee Hereford and lived in Wichita, Kansas. She is buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery on Hillside Ave. in Wichita, Kansas. Early censuses show that in 1920, Safronia lived with her daughter, Florence and her son-in-law, Asa, in Ft. Dodge, Kansas. Florence would have been in her 50's by that date and Safronia would have been in her 70's. Safronia, Cyrus and Bessie are all buried in the Kansas Veteran's Cemetery in Ford County Kansas. | On an early military record, Cyrus is listed as being 5'8" tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and Protestant.

3: It is said that Mark Carroll Johnson (husband of Carrie Turner Johnson), is buried in this cemetery (Annie's Chapel). While we have no marker, there is still a gentle peace and closure from finding information. We suddenly feel, in some way, connected to this long ago shadow in the midst of the Arkansas landscape. Eliza Anne Newton Owen (oldest daughter of John Wilson Newton and Sarah Jane Rogers Newton) is buried in this cemetery. Not far away from Annie's Chapel is an older burial ground. Many of the Newton clan are interred in a cemetery that bears the family moniker. The Newton cemetery land was purchased from one, Robert B. Johnson. The following is taken from the deeds in Johnson County dated 21 Aug 1872: "Robert B. Johnson gives in consideration of $1.00, a plot of ground to William M. H. Newton for a burial ground for himself and his children. Block (section) 14, Township 10, Range 22."

4: The "Johnston" Johnson Family | Carrie H. Turner Johnson | Mark Carroll [Johnston] Johnson was born in Sept. 1845 in Galesburg, Illinois. His parents were Irish immigrants. | Mark attended Northwestern University | in Evanston, Illinois. | He worked as a surveyor after graduation. He eventually became | a farmer after he and Carrie | were married (Denver - 1890). Between 1890 and 1900, he and Carrie lived in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas | Mark's parents were very well to do. He was virtually raised by his Negro nanny. | Mark was bedridden in his latter years as a result of crippling arthritis. | Once, when the family home was engulfed in flames, Mark risked his life to go back in the home repeatedly to carry out several books from his extensive library.

5: Carrie wrote a letter to Florence Newton Christie in 1946. She dated the letter 1926 but the envelope is clearly stamped 1946. She must have gotten confused. How awesome that this letter... this voice from the past still exists!Some of the letter is hard to read yet her love and grace shine through! | Caroline H. Turner Johnson (Bertha Johnson Newton's mother), was born in Carthage, MO in 1866 and died in Wichita, KS Oct. 23, 1958. Her grandchildren loved her so much, and she loved them beyond everything! There were times when they would go with her down to where the boys would be cutting wood. They would find a fallen dead tree and sit with her and talk and talk. It is reported that they could ask their grandma Carrie anything and she would answer all their questions! | Mark Johnson died in Arkansas in 1923 at the age of 78. He was buried at Annie's Chapel. Grandchildren, Ila (Elliott) and Earl Newton paid a visit to the Chapel many years later. | Carrie Johnson's great-great-great grandchildren, Eli, Alicia, and Isa "visit" her the day before Easter. | April 23, 2011

6: Caroline (Carrie) Johnson with her daughter, Florence Elizabeth Taylor Carrie was 91 years old

7: Earl Newton, Carrie Johnson, Sondra Taylor, & Mike Wilson (Mike is Pearlene's oldest child). | Carrie holding Billie Joe with Pearlene Taylor standing by her side.. | This picture had the words, "for Bertha" written on the back. | We're not sure who Billie Joe is, possibly another grandchild of Carrie Johnson.

9: My great grandmother, Carrie was 87 when I was born. Though she lived only about 400 miles from us, I never got to meet her. She died when I was five years old. I never talked to her on the phone, I can't even remember seeing a picture of her until I was an adult. Yet throughout my entire childhood, I missed her. I longed to know her, to have her as a part of my life. I wonder if she knew about me? I wonder if she pined to see her grand and great grandchildren? All that I am sure of is that I feel totally blessed that I have found her all these many years later. Why did I end up moving to Wichita..it may not have been divinely prearranged for me to finally have closure...but I am sure that it is just one more of God's rich and abundant blessings He has allowed me. What a loving, understanding and empathetic God we serve! This is the overflowing cup that He has promised, because I know that somewhere in the Great Beyond, I have this rare treasure awaiting me, my great grandma! I liken the love I feel for my great grandma to the love a mother feels for her unborn child. You have not known that child, yet you DO know them and your love is complete and all encompassing. I may only have a few pictures, a few stories from relative who knew her, and a marker on a grave.. but I am thankful to be a part of her that continues to live on! | We had just come from an Easter Egg hunt. The kids were getting tired and hungry. Their sweet little faces had been painted with pictures of bunnies and butterflies and of course, airplanes! On this April 23, 2011, it was important to visit Grandma Carrie's grave. Easter is a time to remember the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus...but it also a time to rejoice in the life of a person who has passed beyond our Earthly shores to the arms of the angels. Rest sweet grandmother till we will meet by that shore in Heaven. | Isa - Bunny | Eli - Airplane | Alicia Butterfly | Elliott - Butterfly

10: Bertha Lee Johnson Newton and John Oscar Newton | Final resting place of Bertha and Ott (John Oscar) Newton Carpenter's Cemetery, Sikeston,Missouri | My beautiful grandmother, Bertha. I wish I could have met her. From the stories told of her, she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.! (Paula Fawcett) | Bertha died at the age of 36, leaving behind 8 natural children and 2 step-children. Ila, her oldest daughter was already married and was summoned too late to say her last good-bye. It has been a cause of emotional distress for Ila all these long years.

11: Marriage License of John Oscar Newton and Bertha Lee Johnson

12: Earl Jefferson Newton, younger brother of John Oscar Newton His wife and infant son are buried with him in a family plot in Carpenter's Cemetery in Sikeston, Missouri. His brother's children called him "Uncle Pet".He was well respected and loved by all the family. | White Chapel Cemetery Wichita, Kansas John and Florence Taylor Cynthia Wilkinson Carrie H. Johnson

13: Florence Elizabeth Johnson Taylor She was a younger sister of Bertha Lee Johnson Newton | 1900 - 1981 | 1897 - 1933 | John (Jack) and Florence Taylor | Florence Johnson Taylor | S i s t e r s

14: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Earl Newton was the oldest child of Bertha (Johnson) Newton and John Oscar Newton. Earl was quite the dapper looking young man! | John (called Jack) Taylor holding his son Jackie. Florence is standing next to him with Pearlene in front. Florence was Bertha Johnson Newton's sister and the youngest daughter of Mark and Carrie Johnson. | The picture of the Taylor family was taken between 1928 and 1930. The 1930 census shows the Taylor family with a 10 year old girl (Pearlene) and a 3 year old boy, (Jackie). | Earl Newton and Pearlene Taylor. The photo was taken on Feb. 12, 1939. Earl would have been about 25 years old and Pearlene would have been about 19. | Pearlene, Jack, baby Sondra, Florence, and Jackie (12 years old, in his Scout uniform). Taylor Family 1939 | Wichita, Kansas

15: In the summer of 2010, Paula Fawcett discovered the grave of a cousin she had only heard of through the stories of her mother, Ila Elliott. On one hot summer day, she made a visit to that cherished cousin's grave with three of her grandchildren. Here they stand: Isa, Sarah, and Alicia, paying respect to a relative they never got to know. | Pearlene Taylor Wilson and Carl WIlson 1977

16: Our Ancestors | The Family of John Oscar Newton | John Oscar Newton with his first wife, Dorothy, and their children, Jewel and Wilson | There were two more sons born to J.O. and Dorothy Newton: Woodrow and Willard. They both died as infants | Eliza was the Newton child missing in the picture from 1892. She was probably married already and that is why she is not in the family photo. What we do have is the picture of her tombstone. | John Wilson Newton Family - taken in 1892 | Front row - left to right: John Oscar Newton,John Wilson Newton, Earl Jefferson (called, Pet) Newton, Sara Jane (Rogers) Newton, Hilliard McKennon (Hill) Newton,Grover Cleveland Newton, Harve Archie Newton Back row - left to right: William (Bill) Monroe Newton, Thomas Franklin (Frank) Newton, Alice Martha Newton not pictured: Eliza A. Newton Owen

17: George and Jewel (Newton) Lovelady Jewel was the daughter of John Oscar Newton and his first wife. | Wilson moved to California after returning from World War II . | Wilson Newton and his wife, Rachel

18: Marzo Owen | Marzo Owen was the son of Eliza Anne and William Owen. Eliza was the oldest sister of John Oscar Newton. | Marzo was born in 1911 and died in 1962. He is buried at the Minnow Creek Cemetery in Arkansas. His wife's name is Eula, she was born in 1919.

19: This picture was taken on one of my trips to visit family in Wichita. Pearlene's little girl, Joyce, was amazing. I thought she was the prettiest little girl I ever did see! She had flaming red hair and in my mind, she was just about perfect! Standing behind me are Pearlene and her husband Carl Wilson. That's me, Jean Newton, holding Joyce. There is Aunt Florence Taylor, Jackie and his wife (Alice) and their baby and lovely little Sondra down in front! A recollection of Jean Newton Kaiser

20: The Newtons as young adults. Archie Newton is the first person on the left. Next to Archie is his older brother, Earl Newton. Ila is pictured next and beside her is J.L. Newton. Between Earl and Ila (in the back) is Ila's first husband, Cliff Price. | A somewhat sad looking family portrait. This is about the time that Ila and Cliff were divorced. Mom is holding Norma Jean, Clifford Ray is standing in front of mom and James Edward is in front of his dad.

21: To the right is a picture of the Mark Newton family. Mark was the 5th child of Bertha and J.O. Newton. His wife's name is Cleo. The children pictured are Mark and Cleo's two oldest children; Marka and Marty. This picture was taken mid to late 1950's. | Archie Newton was the sixth child of Bertha and John Oscar Newton | Archie never married but he loved his nieces and nephews like they were his own children. He took Paula to the only circus performance she was ever to attend. He also bought her a bicycle for her seventh birthday and helped her learn to ride it! | Archie Newton and Paula Elliott at her 10th birthday party | Archie died in 1995 and is buried in Sikeston, MO close to his dear sister, Florence

22: This picture must have been taken in California...notice the palm trees? Earl Newton (in uniform), is flanked by Frank Newton's wife, Lettie, and his daughter-in-law. Also pictured is Leonard Newton (Frank's son). | back row: Earl Newton, Ila Newton front row: Florence Newton, J.L. Newton | Notice the nice "bowl" haircut that all of the children sport! What were they thinking??? | Another recently "found" relative is the great-granddaughter of Frank Johnson (Bertha Johnson Newton's brother). Her name is Jamie. Her grandfather's name is Dalton Johnson and he is 84 years old (as of 6/12/2011). No new information or pictures but the hope is that Dalton will add new leaves of information to our family tree. | Frank Johnson had at least two daughters also, one was named Reba. | Bertha Johnson Newton and John Oscar Newton both had brothers named Frank. This makes for some difficult family tree searches.

23: Sondra Taylor Wilkinson (daughter of Florence Johnson Taylor) Paula Elliott Fawcett (daughter of Ila Newton Elliott) | Cousins - lost to each other for years found for years to come! | Little Cynthia's marker was instrumental in Paula finding her cousin, Sondra, Cynthia's mother. | A huge shout out to Nancy Taylor (Chris Newton Taylor's daughter-in-law). Without her tireless effort, many of these pictures and bits of information would have stayed buried in a forgotten past! | Larry Taylor, Paula Fawcett, Nancy Taylor | Sondra's daughter is Jill. She is married to David McFarland. They have 7 children, 2 that they have adopted from China.

24: J.L.Newton | Lucretia Newton | Lucretia and J.L. and their daughter, Anna | Ila's brother, his wife, and daughter

25: Ila Newton Price Elliott | Ila, Norma Jean, and Jim Elliott | Mom was pregnant with Bonnie in this photo | Ila and Jim | Ila and Jim

26: ERIC | Melanie | Melanie and Paula

27: Matthew | Chris | Four Generations Sarah, Mark, Ila, Paula | Michael | Isa | Paula and her boys: Eric, Paul, Mark, Matt | Paul | Eric | Mark | Melanie | Melanie and Eric

28: I was the first person in my immediate family to earn my degree from a university. That might not seem important to some...but for me, it held great significance. After the ceremony there was a fireworks display. I have NEVER in my life enjoyed a display more! As is typical, music was played during the fireworks. At one point the song was, "One Moment in Time". I felt that song, the lyrics. It was MY moment in time. It was the culmination of all my hard work and sacrifice, and not just for myself but for my siblings, parents and as an example to my own children. I cried...and wished my parents could have been there to see me walk across that stage at Wichita State University in May 1999. | Paula Jeanette Elliott Fawcett B. S.. Elementary Education: K - 9 | Rebecca | Rebecca, Isa, Eli, Alicia | Alicia | Melanie and Rebecca

29: Sarah | Paul | Elliott | Mark | Sarah | Alicia | Jordan, Christopher, & Allison | Michael | Paula's kids and grandkids

30: This is a picture of Chris. Her legal name was Lara C. Newton, later to become Taylor. In this picture she was 12 years old. She looks sad to me. From all accounts, she had a hard life as a young girl. | Sisters and brother, Chris, Jean, and Archie Newton. Children of Bertha and John Oscar Newton. | Bertha Newton died when Jean was only 11 months old. Jean always longed to know her mother and felt a particularly empty spot in her heart without her. She did have a good relationship with her father even though it was her sister, Florence who raised her. | Many thanks to Jean Newton Kaiser for allowing her photos to be scanned and used in this family history book, preserving these images for generations yet to be born! | Florence and Jean Newton

31: "On these pages are pictures of Aunt Jean, my mother's youngest sister. Mom (Ila) claims that she and her sister, Florence, named this baby, Imogene. But the birth certificate and Aunt Jean say that isn't so. I don't think she liked the name and was very happy that her parents didn't take the naming advise of her older sisters!" Paula Elliott Fawcett | This was Jean's pet hog. Unlike Wilbur...there was no Charlotte to save him and he met the fate of other livestock. | Jean Newton Kaiser

32: Jean Newton Kaiser then and now... | We ran into Jean's old friend, Sonny, while we were in Sikeston. When asked if he remembered her, he said that he did, indeed! He said she was very pretty and had a remarkable figure! | summer 2010 | Jean and Sonny | Leon, Jean, Linda and Jean's step-son

33: Jean Newton Kaiser | Jean and Linda Kay | Feb. 1956

34: Elvis Kaiser was a veteran of three wars:WW11, the Korean War and Vietnam. Here he is with some of his buddies in the Philippines during the second world war! | Elvis was such a cute little soldier boy in World War Two. Like many American boys, he went off to war at the tender age of 17. No one's son should fight a war at 17! He was stationed for a time in the Philippines and did battle in other places in the South Pacific. | This is a picture of Elvis Kaiser and his older brother, Calvin. Both served in World War 11. | Leon was just a little baby when his dad, Elvis was serving in the Korean War. Jean (Newton Kaiser) took pictures of herself and little Leon in everyday situations so that Elvis could still feel as though he were a part of their lives. | Elvis in Korea Jean and Leon on the home front

35: Jean Newton visits her parents' grave (Sikeston, MO) | with her daughter Linda Kay, her sister, Jewel, | Her brother, Mark and his wife, Cleo and | their youngest son, Kevin | Jean Newton Kaiser, Florence Newton Christie, Cleo Newton, Ila Newton Elliott, Linda Kaiser and Kevin Newton | Linda Kay and Elvis Leon Newton | The Christmas card sent to Ila and Jim Elliott | From the Kaisers

36: FAMILY | 2013 | Sara picking up Paula and Joy at the airport

38: H | Happy Birthday, OHMA

39: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu

42: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after. | The shopping trip to Nevada City on Sunday, Oct. 13th

43: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

44: I feel so blessed that a part of our family's history is finally being pieced together. However, I feel even more blessed that I am able to meet some of those people who are the leaves on our family tree! I put off for years trying to find this section of our history. I figured it would be too difficult to find anyone and they probably wouldn't even be here, or if they were, they probably wouldn't want to meet me. How many excuses we position in our own path, preferring to take an easier road. How many stories are lost...never shared...forgotten in a long ago with people I could have met, but didn't? For those losses, I grieve. For these discovered treasures...these jewels...these family members...I am elated beyond belief. I discovered that my great-grandmother's legal name was Caroline...a fact my own mother didn't know or had long since forgotten...yet she named her fifth child's middle name, Caroline! That same sister shares her first name , Joyce, with a cousin that she has never met. I never fully appreciated the genealogy of Jesus but perhaps now, will understand its importance a bit more. We all come from somewhere...and discovering the people and places of our ancestry...well..it simply makes us feel more complete. I am here because of this, and this, and this. I will live on...not in a metaphysical sense only...but in the memories and the eye color and even in the mannerisms that are our genetic links to the distant past! Peace to us all...may our Creator smile upon our journey. May we always live in the present, with an eye turned toward the future, and with a reflective glance over our shoulder at the past. | Paula Jeanette Elliott Fawcett

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