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Holdaway Family

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FC: Where It All Began... | Created by : Alisa Miller Saloma Jane Middleton

1: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | C. G. Holdaway | Saloma Jane Marshall | Ola Mae Popkins " Pilkins " | Andy Frank Holdaway | Margaret Elizabeth Ford "Gie" | Emory Howard Marshall " Dead Dog" | Salomie Zebiah Davis | John Lewis Marshall | 1865-1935 | 1863-1943 | 1904-1996 | 1905-1981 | Carrie Loveless | 1883-1919 | 1872-? | Curnel W. Pilkins | Geneva Anderson | Andrew F. Holdaway | Minnie Anderson | 1890-1941 | Charles W. Ford | 1866-1940 | 1905-?

2: These are the coupons we used to buy food during the 2nd world war.

3: Great Grandparents, Colonel and Ola Pilkins | Great Grandparents, George and Geneva Holdaway | Bottom picture Aunt Bertha | Picture on the right is Aunt Myrtle

4: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Grandparents

5: Uncle Dewey My Daddy's older brother. He had 2 older brothers and three sisters. | This is a picture of my grandmother Salomie and grandfather John Lewis and their children , Alvin, Dewey,Bertha and Minnie. | (Right Picture) My Uncle Dewy, Aunt Minnie and Aunt Myrtle

6: Daddy;s Whole Family! Back row) Alvin, Bertha,Dewey, Minnie, Mertal Front Row) Daddy's father, Daddy, Daddy's Momma | Daddy's Family Reunion | Four Generations (left to right) My daddy's niece named Forest , his mother Salomi Zebiah,sister Bertha and his grand niece Margaret. | Papa Ford, Aunt Pearl and baby Margaret

8: Mother taught Harold and me in the 7th grade. I thought I could take advantage of the situation and not get my homework assignments. When I asked her what my assignment was for the night she would not tell me and told me that this was my responsibility. So I called my friend Carolyn. I never asked her again. | Forestville grade school teachers. Mrs.Money(far right) taught Timmy and me. 4th one in from the right is Mother.

10: When I was a little girl, around 5 or 6 years old, daddy invited a friend and his wife( who was also a Diamond Cab Driver) like Daddy to Sunday dinner, daddy didn't know his name. He called him by his cab number -#970. Business was so good Daddy decided to keep working so Mother had 970 and his wife over for dinner and he didn't even know their name. Boy was he in the dog house.

11: (Picture right) Jane Marie Myers and me. We were both named after our grandmother Mini Jane. Jane Marie is my first cousin. She was also my maid of honor in my wedding. | When we moved to Forestville, Va. we went to the Methodist Church, where C.G. and I got married later on.It was a one room church with a little balcony. We had Sunday school classes in a different area of the church. I heard Harold (about 4 or 5) say to his teacher " My daddy doesn't love anyone except me and the dogs". C.G. and I got married in the new brick church that was built a few years later. | This is baby Harold:) (Butch) | " I told you I had to peee! "

16: It was my birthday party and I was sick and I was about 4 or 5yrs old. | My daddy and I.

17: " | Aunt Mini and Uncle Bill Dunning and me | Daddy;s Girl

19: Getting ready to go to school. I had to walk a ways to get to my bus stop. | jkjlj

20: Saloma Jane

22: Daddy and Harold | I was about 11 years old and this is when we lived at the chicken house. We lived there 7 years. Ages 6-13 yrs old. | Harold when he was about 12 or 13 and he is admiring his gun selection. | Mama, Daddy, Harold and me. We are still living in the Chicken House.

23: This is my best friend since 2nd grade her name is Carolyn Mathews and we lived across the field from each other. Carolyn's sister Betty Jane and Harold and I would play softball in the field between our houses and we would use cow pies as bases. We would slide into them.

24: Me and Jane Marie and Jo and Dale. This is taken at our home in Forestville, Va.

25: Me and Dale and Jane Marie | (left picture) Carolyn Mathews and me:)

26: This is me and my friend Sandra Dickson in the 8th grade. | Right picture Ginger Blaire and me. We became good friends in the 8th grade. I loved the name Ginger and ended up naming my daughter after her.

27: This is Easter at the Popkins! Around 1952-53 | Swimming at the creek. This is where I learned to swim. With the cows and everything.

29: Harold

30: We attended a one room Methodist church in Forestville. Harold was standing at the alter reciting for Sunday school, when he hollers out " I gotta peee". Then climbed over the alter rail and heads down the aisle.

31: Daddy and Harold and the Coon dogs. Daddy's passion - Coon hunting. | Harold and James Myers. James was killed on a motorcycle near his home at 3500 Austin Ave, Richmond. "See old people can remember thing from along time ago but they cant remember things from 2mins ago. **Saloma Jane** | When Harold was about 3 years old, Daddy used to have him sit on his hat and he would tell him if he tried real hard he could lay an egg. So this one time while Harold was concentrating he had Mama go grab eggs from the refrigerator. Then Daddy said" look boy you laid an egg".

32: Herndon High School Class of 1955.

33: Daddy, Me , Harold and Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Norman. When Daddy got older he used to call me" Margaret, Minnie, Myrtle, Saloma Jane"! Like I do now..:) | (left) Uncle Arthur, Daddy, Dewey, Lawrence, Louis, Aunt Bertha, Alvin Jr. Front Row (left) Arlie, Uncle Bill, Aunt Minnie, Momma, Me and Aunt Myrtle, Harold, Aunt Edyth, Uncle Alvin, Aunt Bertha

34: It All Began When...... I first saw C.G. Holdaway at the Herndon Theater when I was 11 or 12 years old. He was 13 when he first began working there, C.G. was the usher and took tickets as we entered the movies. Periodically he would walk the aisles and check the doors on either side of the screen to make sure the doors were locked. I can see him now, dressed in his maroon corduroy jacket with his pretty blonde hair. Daddy used to take Harold, my best friend Carolyn Mathews and me to the movies on Saturday nights. We saw a lot of Westerns and episodes of The Three Stooges. You could always tell where Harold and Daddy were sitting because when Harold laughed he cackled. When I was 13, the 7th grade classes from Forestville, Va, Floris and Herndon went to the 8th grade in Herndon.It was the only high school in the area so it was 8th-12th grade. So that is where we officially met. Carolyn invited C.G., Billy Hill and me to her house one Sat. night. C.G. and Billy picked me up in C.G.'s first car, a 1931 Roadster(with rumble seat). That was our first date. We talked and listened to records. Carolyn had an old stand up-wind up victrola. I remember one song we played "Irene Good Night". C.G. quit school in the 9th grade and went to work. We went"steady" until I was 16 and he gave me an engagement ring for Christmas. Mother and C.G.'s mother went with us to the Fairfax County courthouse, where they signed for us to be married. When I was 17 and he was 18, I had to get special permission to finish high school as a married woman. I had to write a letter to the superintendent of the schools requesting that I be able to finish school as a married woman. June 30,1955 I turned 17, on Aug. 27,1955 we were married. Graduated high school in June 1956.

35: First started dating in 1951. Our first date he kissed me and so I smacked him. I smacked him because I didn't think we should be kissing on the first date | C.G. and Salama Jene

39: When I was a Senior in High School, I had a big problem. I did not know whether to get my husband to sign my report card or my mother.

40: Timmy getting a bath in Gie's kitchen sink. | Timothy George Holdaway Born August 13, 1958 9pds 81/2 ounces 21 1/2 inches

44: When we lived on the Ramey farm, Mr. Ramey died. One day Timmy and I walked across to go visit Mrs. Ramey. In the kitchen there were many bottles of medicine sitting on the counter. tTmmy asked Mrs. Ramey if that was Mr. Ramey's medicine. She said , yes. Timmy said, "It didn't do him much good, did it? | When we lived in Broad Run Farms, Timmy's friend Debbie's mother gave the children candy. I said, "What do you say Timmy? He said " Why didn't you give me M&M's? | When Timmy was about 3 years old we were living in Broad Run Farms. Timmy was having a wonderful time going from house to house getting candy. When we got to Senator Dirkenson's house, they were out of candy so they gave him a dollar bill and Timmy just cried and cried. | Wayne Aikins hit Timmy in the eye with a golf club accidentally, Causing his eye to swell like an egg sitting on his cheek. I took him to Dr. Livinggood. My mother called me and said for me to bring Timmy over to her house because Timmy had called her and said that his Mama was driving him crazy by asking him if he was alright. He asked he could PLEASE stay over there with her.

45: Timothy George Holdaway

47: Timmy taking a bath in the sink at our first home in Navy. | How Timmy was named: I liked the named Timmy for a little boy. We named him George after his father. | In this same kitchen one day I gave him a sucker and I turned around and the top was gone. So I screamed thinking he had swallowed the sucker. CG was home that day and flipped him over and hung him upside down and Timmy started giggling. Then we noticed that Timmy had the sucker turned upside down holding it in his hand. I was so scared.

48: Grass tickled your toes.

50: When Tony was little, I'd say " I love you Tony". He would say " I know it". | Tim and Tony were playing on the railroad tracks in Herndon, Tony hurt his hand so they went to the High's store and asked one of the clerks(Helen Bain) if she would fix his hand because his Mama gets so upset. | Anthony Darryl April 1, 1962 9pds 71/2 ounces 21 1/2 inches | How we chose the name Anthony Darryl: C.G. wanted to name him Tony. I liked the named Darryl. Hence- Anthony Darryl

54: Mama paid for us to have our pictures taken professionally. They were taken in Mother's living room. I was pregnant with Penny at the time.

56: Penny Born November 6,1964 8pds 6 1/4ounces 20 1/2 inches | How we chose Penny Elizabeth: Penny was after Penny in the soap opera in As The World Turns. Elizabeth was after Mama(Gie).

57: I always traveled everywhere with 3 clean pacifiers. Penny loved them. | Timmy got his hair cut one day and it was rather short.Timmy was about 11 years old and afterwards he just cried and cried and stayed in his room. He was so upset. Penny at this time wanted to be a missionary. She went to Sunday school and told everyone about him being so upset and asked everyone to please pray for him. | One time Penny was wearing her first pair of high heeled shoes to school and she was in the 7th grade. She had to walk down the dirt path and along the way she fell and sprained her neck and had to wear a neck brace for about a week.

58: Mother and I went to the grocery store in Herndon, Penny and Ginger were 4 and 5yrs old. I was pushing Ginger and mother was pushing Penny.I thought Tony was in the store but he had gone out to the car.and was playing with matches under the seat. He came in and told us the car was on fire. We started running to the front of the store and Penny stood up in the cart to see what was going on. She fell out hurting her head. A lady offered to take Mother, Tony and Penny and Ginger home while I went to see about the car. there were a couple of men out there trying to put the fire out but couldn't get it out. So I drove the car on fire to the fire house. The fireman cut the front seats out and pouring water to get the fire out. Penny started to get dizzy and not feel well so she was taken to the hospital where they took x-rays and her head looked like a huge cracked egg. She had to stay overnight and had to wear a helmet.

60: Ginger sucked her thumb and twirled her hair. If I were holding her and she was crying, she would pat me on the back comforting me. | Ginger Born October 17,1965 Weighing 8 pounds 3 1/2 ounces 21 inches

62: How we chose the name Virgina Ann: I wanted to name her Ginger after my high school friend and because I liked it so much. But I thought she should have a proper name so I named her Virginia. Ann came from my best friend Shirley Ann.

64: After C.G. and I separated in 1968 the children and I lived at Park Ave. Apartments in Herndon,Va. I worked in Crystal City for the Dept. of the Army and it was a very long day. The resident manager kept my children for a while while I worked. One evening I picked my children up.( right next to our apartment) It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door-Lucy said" You forgot one". It was Ginger.

66: Sisters

67: Park Avenue Apartment Girls

71: Uncle Harold bought these outfits back to you guys. | Penny and I crossed the road at the apartment bldg with our friends when we were about 7-8 years old and Mama told us to never cross the road. She caught us one time and came after us with the belt and whipped us all the way home in front of our friends. **Ginger** | We went sleigh riding when I was about 12 years old with all the kids in the neighborhood to Grant Street in Herndon. There was lots of kids riding sleds down this huge hill. Jamie and I got on a sled and went down together and these 2 boys threw sticks in front of the sleds trying to make us wreck. Well Tony and Bruce Martin came along and we told them what the boys were doing to us. So needless to say, Tony and Bruce threaten them that they would beat them up . The boys went home and told their dad and so of course their Dad came to the hill and fussed at Tony and Bruce. The only thing I can remember when Tony and the dad got into was .Tony said Do you want to go home and tell your wife you got beat up by a “boy”? I think that is so funny!!!!!! **Ginger**

72: Me, Penny, Cathy, Jamie, Kerrie use to go play in the creek behind Jamie’s apt. and get clay out and form ashtrays for our parents and some time use a chalk for the sidewalk.*Ginger** | My fondest memory as a child was playing on the side of the Park Ave apartments playing Barbie dolls with Jamie Aikens.We could sit for hours and hours. **Ginger**

73: Ginger and Penny got off the school bus one afternoon and Amy Fitz said " You have a surprise". Ginger had thought they they had gotten a gift from Uncle Harold as he brought them a lot of things from different places. When they went in they had found out that their apartment had caught on fire. We had to move to another apartment. Our neighbors at Park Ave. sent us a lot of different things to help. Jamie Akins gave me a quarter. People are good.

74: Gie told me a story one time of her as a teacher in elementary school . They were going on a field trip and told the kids to put their gum in a box that she passed around cause she HATED kids chewing gum. One of the little boys said but Mrs. Marshall how will I know which one is mine? Hahah!!***Ginger | When we were little sometimes we would spend the night at Gie’s house and Penny and Ginger would sleep in her bed and Tony would sleep on the floor in the living room. She always wanted us to scratch her arm and then she would scratch ours.

81: Mom would take Gie to the grocery store on the weekend and Penny and I would go. She always treated us to McDonalds. We would order a Big Mac and they would cut it in half and give it to us. It was a special treat. | Jesse would sit and watch "HeeHaw". Penny and I always climbed up on his lap and watch it with him.

85: Saturday night was " Mom's night out". The children would stay with Gie and Deaddog. Gie made her special spaghetti which all the kids loved. Washed down with pepsi-cola. For snack they had Doo Dads, and Moon Pies. On t.v. they watched the Brady Bunch, Little House On The Prairie, Hollywood Squares. Sometimes Deaddog watched wrestling and Gie liked watching it too.

87: When we lived in Herndon Village Tim's friends Mike Smurda and Mike Clark used to spend the night now and then. Mike C. would keep me awake because he coughed all the time. I must of spent a fortune buying Nyquil. | When we lived in Herndon Village I found a pretty blue vase in the living room so I put dried flowers in it. Guess what...it was not a vase:)

88: Daddy and mother lived in Herndon Village Apartments. Daddy walked all dressed up in a suit and hat ( looking very sharp). He would stop along the way and pull flowers out of peoples yard and take them to the girls at McDonalds. | Daddy was a taxi cab driver in Washington, D.C. Daddy was very germ conscious and cleaned his taxi cab very well. He used Clorox in some areas. One time he was carrying a large pig in the trunk of his car, and because of so much clorox, the floor in the trunk fell to pieces under the weight of the pig. The pig fell on the road. Pig was not injured- car was not moving.

89: Daddy fell down an elevator shaft. When he got into the elevator there was no bottom and he dropped lower than 2 stories.(where machinery and gears were) He was in a coma for a week and wasn't expected to live. They said his Mamas prayers are what kept him alive.

90: Jesse Edward Middleton Jan. 9,1944-Feb. 3,1987 I first met Jesse in 1968 at a dance at the Rouitan Club in Sterling Va. Every Saturday night a bluegrass band would play. We would have Paul Jones, which I loved. I remember the songs "Hold What You Got, I'm A Coming Home Baby" and " I Know You're Married But I Love Your Still". Jesse was 25yrs old and I was 29 when we first met. We started dating and ended up dating for 12 years. Then in Jan. 1980 we got married at a preachers house in Greene County Va. I was so very sick that day, but I was not going to let that keep me from getting married after waiting this long a time. Jesse was a construction foreman for Owens and Dove Inc. in Merrifield Va. He traveled from Madison County to Merrifield everyday for years. He was a country boy and a fish out of water in the city. He loved country cooking and country music. He was a hard working man and believed in taking care of his property. He did not believe in charging and paid cash for everything even cars. He worked hard for his money and did not believe in wasting it. Jesse bought a house in Madison County on 30 acres of land. We had horses ,cows, ponies, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, dogs, guinies, ducks and cats. Jesse loved the kids. Jesse passed away on Feb 3, 1987 at 43 years of age with a massive heart attack. He is buried at Graham Cemetery in Orange Va. I am thankful for the 19 years we spent together.

91: Tarzan and Jane

92: When C.G. was 13, he bought his first car but was too young to get his driving license and he couldn't drive so when he was 14 his mother signed for him to get a special driver license so that he could work. | C.G. wouldn't get up to go to work in the morning and I had to go to catch the bus for school. So I decided I would throw water on him to wake him up. He jumped up out of the bed and started chasing me. I ran yelling " Mama, Mama". He was so mad at me.

94: Col. George Holdaway

96: We moved into this house when Timmy was about 4yrs old . Tony was born here and because we couldn't make the payments we had to rent the house out and move to the Ramey's farm in Great Falls for free while we helped out there. | We moved from Park Avenue to Herndon Village. | Some of the places we called home. | One day after we moved to Broad Run Farms, Mama asked me if I had planted any flowers yet? I said "No, I feel like everyone is watching me". I had always lived in the country and was not used to having neighbors close by.

97: When I was 13yrs old we moved into this house. This is where CG picked me up the first time we went out on a date. | First house we bought and I was about 18 years old. This house had a couple acres of land and it cost us about $3000.00. | Tony's bicycle got stolen from Herndon Village Apts. I asked Timmy to go with me to find the bike. We went to the 7-11 store since we saw a policeman. The policeman said they were getting a lot of stolen bikes back from Cedar Ridge in Reston. So we drove there. (Nobody was around) Then we went to the Fox Mill Estates(low income), there was a big group of black people in the yard. As we drove down the street looking for Tony's bike we heard shots. I said " Someone is shooting fireworks". Timmy said " No Mama that is gun shots". Then turned around at a dead end street. As we approached the apartments the Fairfax Co. Police pulled me over and made Timmy and I get out of the car and check us and the car for a gun. The crowd said I drove by shooting at them. Policeman yelled at me to get out of there and never come back. Never got that bike back.

98: Our Life Travels........ When we first got married we lived with Mama and Daddy, and Harold in Forestvill. After I graduated from high school we moved to Herndon where we rented an apartment over the drugstore( across from the movie theater, now called the "Ice House Cafe". Approximately one year after living in the apartment we bought Carrie and Herman Thorpe's house in Navy Va.Our house consisted of a small back porch( where I washed clothes). Kitchen, living and and bedroom. We had an outhouse down the hill. We had a oil stove in the living room, gas cooking stove in kitchen and running water. Sometimes we would not have any running water and I would have to get ice out of the ice trays and melt them on the stove to wash before work. Mama bought me a portable single laundry tub to put on the back porch to rinse the clothes. I heated water on the stove and carried it to the washing machine. I had to attach the hose to drain the washing machine out and let it run down the hill. One time the water wouldn't empty out. So I put my hand in there thinking it was a sock left in there but eeeek!!!! it was a mouse. I got pregnant with Timmy and he was born while we lived in Navy. He was a perfect baby boy. He was born at George Washington Hospital in D.C. I quit my job to stay home with my baby.Mother decided I should get out of the house and she would babysit Timmy. So I went to Washington and all I did was go from phone to phone calling to see if Timmy was alright. Mother then told me if I called one more time she was not going to babysit anymore(Ha!! Ha!! Like she meant that). When Timmy was about 3 yrs old we sold our place in Navy and bought a new brick rambler on a 1/2 acre lot in Broad Run Farms for $17,200. While we were living at Broad Run we had another perfect baby boy named Anthony Darryl Holdaway(Tony). We were in danger of loosing our house in Broad Run so we moved to Forestville to the Ramey;s Farm where we lived for free by helping out when needed. I gave birth to my first perfect daughter, Penny Elizabeth Nov 6, 1964. Then gave birth to my 2nd perfect daughter, Virginia Ann 11 months later on Oct 18, 1965. They each had their own playpen. My world was now complete!! But in 1966 we lost our house and moved back to Mama and Daddy's basement. We came full circle. Only this time we had four little ones. On September 19, 1967 we got a legal separation and on June 4, 1973 are divorce was final.

99: Dear Tim, Tony, Penny and Ginger, What a joy you have brought to my life! We've had some difficult times but maybe that made us appreciate the good times even more. I wouldn't trade a moment of our lives together. When we first went out on our own and moved into Park Ave. Apartments, I remember saying to you, " Well kids, it;s you and me against the world". We need to take care of each other, and we have!!! You are all good, kind, giving, loving individuals who I am so PROUD of. We may not have had many material things growing up but we had a close bond and a loving family, and nothing compares to that. You all have been so good to me. Always know how much I love you and I know you love me. **Mama** | To my amazing children

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