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Hunter Collins Outlier Project

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S: Hunter Collins Outlier Project

BC: Bibliography | “Singapore Indoor Stadium Picture,” Photograph. webshot. 3/19/13 http://www.streetdirectory.com/stock_images/travel/normal_show/11048348073342/59532/singapore_indoor_stadium_main_view/ “Singapore Sports Hub Picture,” Photograph. webshot. 3/17/13 http://intelligentlyretarded.wordpress.com/2008/01/19/cool-dome/ "The Team | Singapore Sports Hub | Sports Hub." 2012. 14 Mar. 2013

FC: Hunter Collins Outlier Project | Mark Collins

1: My father, Mark Collins, could be considered a renaissance man. He was a great student in his high school and college years. He mastered in government because he was planning to become a lawyer. He was also a great athlete and he had played professional basketball. After playing and having to retire from basketball because of a knee and broken hand injury he had managed a professional football team using his sports expertise and his government knowledge to become a successful sports team manager. Little did he know that his skills would take him even further in his career | Mark Collins Before The Success

2: The Roanoke Civic Center, a well known place for people living in the Roanoke area, and major Grave Digger fans. My father Mark Collins had become the manager of the Roanoke Civic center after working his way up from the ticket counter. Bob Chapman, the manager at that time, was retiring so he had to chose someone to take his place. My father had known him pretty well because they had played golf and had gotten dinner together a few times after work. The day of the promotion, Bob had called my father into his office. Mark had thought he had done something wrong and he was being scolded or fired, but little did he know Bob had told him since he was retiring he had to chose someone to be the new manager and that he had chosen my father.”Really, thank you sir.”(Collins Mark) After hearing this news my father had walked out of Bob’s office with a large smile of joy on his face. This had been his first large position job, having to look over so many people and so much paper work. “I was filled with joy but at the same time terrified, I didn't know what would happen if i messed up or if i couldn't fulfill all my tasks. My first few days after being promoted were exciting, I had been introduced to the rest of the organization and tried to think about ways to make the Civic Center more efficient.” (Collins, Mark) | The Promotion Of a life time

3: A 9,828 seat multi-purpose arena built in 1971. The Roanoke Civic Center is currently the home for the Roanoke college and Virginia tech hockey teams. Opening later that year in October 1971 it was home to the professional basketball franchise Virginia squires. adjacent the main stadium there is a 10,000 square foot exhibition hall. a few highly recognized events and Broadway shoes had attended the Roanoke civic center like the eagles, the Roanoke symphony orchestra, and Elvis Presley. | (Roanoke Civic Center Logo) | (Comcast Logo)

4: Comcat had bought the company that had recently owned the Roanoke Civic Center and during this time they were in need of some workers for the Asia side of Comcast. Comcast had been interviewing and asking sister companies if they had anyone who was eligible to work in Asia. Finally they had stumbled upon my father who had past experiences managing stadiums planning events and leading large groups of people. Under Comcast Spectacor is there subsidiary company called Global Spectrum. Comcast had thought that my dad was perfect for the job. Comcast had emailed my father asking him if he would come work for global spectrum. at this time he had been on a temporary retirement so he accepted the invite. Although he knew that this would be a great experience and he would make a lot of money but he also knew if he accepted it he wouldn't be home for extended periods of time. Comcast had told him there were a few positions open one in Singapore one in Dubai and one in Hong Kong. Even Though my father wanted to come to Singapore at this time it was not final, because the project in Singapore wasn't approved of yet. And that contract that was needed for Global Spectrum to stay in Singapore was later approved. | The Question of a Lifetime

5: (Singapore Indoor Stadium Picture) | (Global Spectrum Logo) | Global spectrum Manages the Indoor Stadium, which is currently the national stadium. Global spectrum have host people and events from Elton John to the Eagles to Taylor Swift all the way down to circ du soleil. Global Spectrum does not just manage the Indoor Stadium but they also manage venues in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and here in South east Asia.

6: Global spectrum had challenged other companies in Singapore for the rights to the sports hub project. My fathers company had won the rights to the sports hub. we were at our Roanoke home when my father had gotten the news. it was late at night 11:30, we were all getting ready for bed when my father had gotten the call. we all thought it was just a small work call because he gets those often but this one was different after he had hung up he started dancing with joy. he started playing music and picked up me and my sister and started spinning shouting with joy. the entire time my sister and i were saying in a soft monotone, “put us down we're going to bed.”(Hunter Collins) While we were trying to get him to put us down so we could go to bed he was saying to us,”why go to bed we need to celebrate. we just won.”(Mark Collins) my mother and father had been rejoicing with joy but at the same time my sister and i did not fully know what our parents were cheering about. because of my fathers company winning the job we are both now in Singapore. if he had not won the job offer then my father would not be working in Singapore and i wouldn't be going to such an amazing school or we would be somewhere in Hong Kong. | Not The Lottery but Close to it

7: The new national stadium's construction in Singapore is being over seen by Global Spectrum. Although Global Spectrum is over seeing the construction, the Singapore sports council and WSG (World Sports Group) are both involved in the sports hub project. | (Sports Hub signing) | (Singapore Sports Hub Picture)

8: Conclusion | Mark Collins is a very lucky man and he knows who to make friends with. because of this we now live in Singapore among the top one percent. since we live among the top one percent i am able to attend Singapore American school and just like my dad i have connections to obtain things that i would like. since he is the manager of the indoor stadium i am able to get free tickets to concerts, basketball games, and F1 Go-Kart races for myself and friends.

9: Bibliography | Collins, Mark. Personal Interview. 1 March 2013 “Comcast Logo,” Photograph. webshot. 3/15/13 http://symbolphotos.blogspot.sg/2012/07/comcast-logo-photos.html "Global Spectrum - Homepage." 19 Mar. 2013 “Global Spectrum Logo,” Photograph. webshot. 3/15/13 https://businessservices.ucf.edu/partners.html “Roanoke Civic Center Logo,” Photograph. webshots. 3/15/13 http://www.roanokehomeandgardenshow.com/ "Roanoke Civic Center - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia." 2005. 19 Mar. 2013 “Sports Hub signing,” Photograph. webshot 3/19/13 http://www.singaporesports.sg/default.aspx?q=1

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