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In My Heart Soul and Mind

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In My Heart Soul and Mind - Page Text Content

S: In My Heart, Soul and Mind, to Make me Who I Am Today By Anna-Lee Boerner

BC: Randy | Ronnie | Chris

FC: In my Heart, Soul, and Mind. All Make me Who I Am Today

1: In my Heart, Soul, and Mind. All Make me Who I am Today!

2: My Soldier Straight Standing, Confidently Walking, Braver then All, Nothing, Nothing at All, Can Make him fall. Fighting for Billions of Lives, Fighting for Freedom, Never giving up, Never standing down, Being him, Being strong, Not just the Average Strong, Army Stong. | Smiling a Mile Wide, Being Positive Through it All, A Bright Young Man, He is the Man we All Adore, He is Making Our Lives Easier, Every Day We Forget How Much He Does for Us. He is a Hero, He is a Friend, He is Brother, He is My Soldier.

4: My Football Player On the Field, Off The Field, He is a Class Act. Never Giving Up, Never Living in the Past, Each Game is a New Beginning. Getting a Tackle, Getting Tackled, Hurt or Not, He Gets Back Up, Brushes it Off, And Lets us know, He is Still Chris. Arvada West Wildcats Won, Thanks to all that he Does, Making many happy, A Community, A School, A Game Away, Thanks to Him. | He is an Athlete, He is a Hero, He is a Fighter, He is a Friend, He is a Brother. He is my athlete, He is my Hero, He is my Fighter, He is my Friend, He is my Brother, He is my Football Player.

6: My Wrestler Takedown, Gramby, Stack, BAM! And Pinned. This is my wrestler. Winning, Rarely Losing, Always a Good Sport, Either side of the scoreboard, Shakes each of their hands, As if nothing had just happened. This is my wrestler. Working Everyday, Sweating till his shirt is drenched, His hair going where ever it pleases, Holding the Weight on His Shoulders, Never letting it fall, This is my Wrestler. | Practice day and night till 7, Never complaining, Giving it his all, Seriously Pacing, Seeming as if he needed to “loosen his tie,” But no one ever dared to tell him that. This is my Wrestler. Not the Average friend, Not the Average Hero, Not the Average Brother, This is my Wrestler. All of this, Because he is, My Big Brother, My Best Friend, My Hero, My Wrestler.

8: Piviting, Splits, High V, Low V, Goal Post, Daggers, Right, And Left. | We begin practice with our "average" JDBC Warm-Up. Going along each day while we work as hard as we can. Thinking we would pass out if we had to keep dancing. Just to know that dancing on that field, was truly what mattered. A short time, to make a big impact. To get all happy, to make all smile, to make the team happy, to support each and every player, looking at us like we are something amazing. Never knowing if they really cared. The nicest people, the most dedicated people.

9: Knowing we worked as long as we could, knowing that as long as we kept giving it our all, they would be happy. The smiles on their faces, give us hope, that we could be a professional, that we could be the ones coaching, teaching guiding, Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleading, a lifetime experience, a lifetime commitment, and everyday life, to a dream come true.

10: My Second Family | When you have two brothers still in high school, such as I do, you get to meet, and become close with multiple people with multiple personalities. My brothers attend Arvada West High School. Both of them are on the wrestling team, and while we are at each dual and meet, we become closer with each wrestler, parent, and coach. There are two sets of brothers on the wrestling team. My brothers, Randy and Chris, and then the other brothers, Ramon and Jerry. They all are very close, but Ramon and Jerry's parents are the ones I am most close with. Tammy and Ramon (Jerry and Ramon's parents) are the people that everyone seems to know. Along with them, we have Garrett's Mom, George's parents, Collin's parents, Nick's Mom, Tony's Mom, and Clayton's parents, all in our fan club for the wrestlers.

11: However, I may as well call them mom or dad because of how close and how much time we spend together. Next, well we have the wonderful, the amazing, the fantastic, hardworking, best in the world... coaches! Ya...I know... that was kind of a let down, but honestly, the coaches are some of the nicest, funniest, sweetest, most amazing coaches you'll ever meet. First, we have the head coach, Granieri. I have known him since I was very little. He is like my dad. He is the guy that I love to talk to and visit with. No matter what he is there to help everyone else and I whenever we need it. Coach Sandoval is one of my all time favorite coaches. We met at a tournament and spent over 13 hours together. As always, he picks on me 24/7. Anything he can find to pick on me with, he uses. Whether it's embarrassing, or not, he always find something to use against me, in front of people, or in private, he is the man who we all think of as the funny, embarrassing, pankster. Ofcourse, we can't forget about the one, the only, Coach Marty! Him and I have only met a few times, but he is one of the nicest, most amazing persons I have ever met. Every time I see him,

12: he has a smile on his face. He always knows just how to brighten up a day. Coach Bradon is my favorite coach. Aside from being close with my brothers, he is the type of guy that picks on you, but is very good about being there for you when you need him. Whether it's in the wrestling room or out of it, his personality makes you feel important, therefore, making him my favorite coach. Finally, we have coach Lew. He is the coach that everyone knows, and everyone that doesn't know him, wants to know him. He is so focused on what is happening, it gets everyone in the wrestling mood. Ofcourse, all of the coaches are funny, entertaining, and just overall great people. After these four coaches, we have Isaac, Hexenbaugh, Staggs, and Renella. Even if you only talk to them for five minutes, you automatically think that they are all the coolest people you have ever met. They are just layed back, easy going guys that love to coach and share the sport of wrestling. Every team needs a team coordinator, ours is Ramon Trujillo. He is the father of Jerry and Ramon, also known as he Trujillo brothers. Ramon does everything from setting up for tournaments, to hospitality for the wrestlers and coaches. If we didn't have him, there wouldn't be a wrestling team. Ofcourse, we all work together to make everything that happens, happen though. Finally, we have the key ingredient to a high school wrestling team, the wrestlers! The wrestlers are a family of there own, but we all know each other and are very

13: close with each and every wrestler. First, we have Clayton, who is a 103 pounds wrestler. He is very talented and seems to be one of the most well-known wrestlers on the team. Next, we have Garrett, who is currently filling in for Clayton due to injuries. He is so helpful and never seems to back down or give up. As we go along, we have the Trujillo brothers. Jerry wrestles at 119 pounds and Ramon wrestles at 112 pounds. These brothers are some of the most talented wrestlers around. You never see them giving up, or walking away from a battle. They always give it their all on the mat, and whether is goes their way or not, they always make sure, that they keep their eyes on the prize. Next, we have Tony. To be honest, I don't really talk to him that much; however, he seems to be the nicest, yet one of the most focused wrestlers around. At 130 pounds, we have Randy, and at 189 pounds, we have Chris. Also known as, the Boerner Brothers, but to me, they are my big brothers. Randy has been wrestling since he was little, and Chris, well this is his first year wrestling since he was in 8th grade (he is currently a Senior). Randy and Chris both are very focused on wrestling, and Randy takes it VERY seriously. Chris, takes it seriously, but also likes to just have

14: fun with it. At 135 pounds is Collin. Collin is so quiet, and yet he is so amazing at wrestling. When you talk to him, you realize that he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Moving onto the next wrestler, we have George at 145 pounds. We don't talk much, but he is so nice. He gives it his all and pushes through to the end of the match, never giving up, he should be proud of all that he has done. At 152 pounds, we have Tom. He is funny, but I have only said a few words to him to be honest. Kyle is our 160 pound wrestler. The first time I met him, he was quiet, but still the person that you wouldn't mind talking to for a while. On the mat, or off the mat, he is the type of guy you want to meet. Nick is our wrestler at 171 pounds, and he and I are fairly close. He has so much to be proud of on and off the mat. He is the type of person that in your head, you say, "he seems cool," about. Last but not least, our 215 pounder is Dustin Weese, also known as Weesey. Weesey is the one of the most entertaining and funny persons you will ever meet. He is talented on the mat, but off, he will make you laugh until you drop. Last but not least, we have Nicole and Amanda the managers. They are basically my older sisters. They watch out for me and give me advice. Them and I spend as much time, just hanging out, as we can. From the parents, to the coaches, to the wrestlers, we are all one big family.

15: We may not be normal, we may not be what you call "the average family." However, we are all proud to say, that we are the Arvada West Wrestling club, and we are proud to say that we are a family that sticks together, and supports each other through whatever the outcome on the mat. | Ramon | Lew | Marty | Isaac | Granieri | Sandoval | Brandon | Richie

16: Randy | Ramon | Chris | Nothglenn Tournament! | Weesey | Ramon

17: Coach Lew and I | Ramon | Coach Granieri and I | Coach Marty and I

18: Lulu (Tony's Mom) | Collin's Mom and Lulu | Tammy (Jerry and Ramon's Mom) | Tammy and Collin's Mom | Tammy and Collin's Mom | Mr. Vickers (Clayton's Dad) | Lulu Making Beanie's For the Wrestlers | Tammy | George

19: George | Weesey | Randy (my brother) | Clayton | Jerry | Nick

20: Ramon | Ramon | Jerry | Weesey and I | Tony, Jerry, and Deon | Daniel and Marcos (Tony's Little Brother) | Nicole (manager)

21: Tammy, Michelle (Clayton's mom) and Jordy (Clayton's brother) | Nicole and I | Tom | Collin's Parents | Collin Eating After The Season | Nicole and Amanda (managers) | Ramon, Nicole and Amanda

22: Ipod Blasting, Justin Bieber Through the Headphones, The song ends, I flip through the songs, I tap my finger, On the Song, Hummingbird Heartbeat, Katy Perry Gets me Through, Each and Every, Long, Hard, Day.

23: Country Music Videos, Steel Magnolia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw, All I Need, Each and Every Mood Just to Get Me Through, I Only Need my Ipod, Bored or Not, Day Dreaming, Song by Song.

24: Not the Average Best Friends When you ask the average teenage girl who her best friends are, you usually get a response of Maegan, Jerry, or even Casey. When I get asked this question, I have a very unexpected, yet very simple response...-- my big brothers. My three older brothers are not just my hero's, or not just my brothers...they are the one's there for me...there to tell me that everything will be okay when it seems nothing will be. Whenever boy drama, or any type of drama comes my way, they are there to stop the hurt, and to protect me from any emotional, or physical damage. When sixth grade was about to start, my grandmother who I had been very close with passed away. During this trial, the people I went to, were my brothers. I will always remember what they told me, " When you lose someone good in your life, it means there is room for someone great." As long as I can remember, they have been the ones I go to when I have nightmares, or when I'm scared

25: of my own shadow, they take away the darkness from my life, that follows behind me. I will never forget my brothers, for as long as I live, I will remember all of them for the rest of my life. Going through ups and downs, trials in everything we do, when I look my brothers in the eyes, I know that they will always be there for me. When I need a shoulder to cry on, someone there to stand up for me, and someone to protect me from any type of harm, my brothers will be there. I love my brothers and all that they do. They make me proud not just to say 'that's my big brother' or 'I am related to him.' Instead, I get to say, 'that's my best friend.'

26: Kaiser Our Bundle of Joy, Brought Into Our Lives, Just After Heart Break, Lovable, Soft, Sweet, and Cuddely. Growing Up Fast, Getting Bigger and Bigger, Bringing a Smile to Our Faces, Bringing Our Day to Life, Only Six Months Old, And Yet So Valuable to Our Hearts, Love You Puppy Babe, My Puppy, My German Shepherd, Kaiser.

28: Paige's Only Way of Asking Me to Be Her Friend One of my best friend's and I have been close since the middle of sixth grade, but what may seem as a shocker to you, is how we met. At Outdoor Education, Paige and I were in the same night group. Her, I, and one of our old friends, linked our arms together on a scavenger hunt hike. I know what you're thinking, why would I do this without knowing her? Well, she seemed nice. The three of us were headed straight for a tree, but being me, I was distracted and Paige slid over so that I was the only one headed for the tree. Ofcourse, I didn't see it, with it being dark and all, so, as soon as I knew it, I was face planting it into the tree; however, this wasn't the only thing that happened to me. Walking into a tree, caused all three of us to fall back and me to hit my head on a log (and no, this is not why i have less IQ points then the average 7th grader). Of all the ways we could have met, I really wish this wasn't the way. However, this lead to an amazing friendship that I will treasure forever. She is always there for me, no matter how boy crazy, loud, annoying, crazy, or weird I can get. Paige is a key ingredient to me feeling important and confident in myself.

31: Dear Olivia, You Say Your Worried, You say Your Scared, You Say You Love Me, You Say Your Only Protecting Me, You Are My Friend, You Are my Sister, You Are Here For Me, Through Thick and Thin, I Will Always Remember You, You Are Here For Me, I Am Here for You, As Long As I Live, I Make This Promise, To Love You As My Sister, To Comfort You, To Laugh and Cry With You, To Smile and Frown, Never Will We Hate, Only Love, As Sisters.

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