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Israel Trip May 10th - 23rd 2011

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S: My trip to Israel May 10th - 23rd 2011

BC: "PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM Psalms 122:6 Shalom! | Special thanks to Precept Ministries for a trip of a lifetime.


1: Arrived in Tel Aviv Israel May 11th, 2011 After a good but long flight we arrived at our destination There we loaded the bus and headed to our Hotel - Gai in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee We were greet by the staff of Precept Ministries We ate dinner and then headed to bed. My travel buddies were Grace and Martha

2: David & BJ Lawson | Blue Bus here I come | Eitan was our bus driver. Born & has lived in Israel for 63 yrs. | Blue Bus Rocks!!!


4: May 12th Chorazin, Dan, Caesarea Philippi, The Golan Heights At Chorazin Kay taught concise History of Israel At Dan, David Arthur taught I Kings 11-12 "Are you the builder of your faith? Caesarea Philippi David Lawson taught Matt 16:13 "Who do you say I Am?" | In Chorazin Jesus rebukes this city according to Matthew 11:21 "Woe to you Chorazin! Chorazin is 2 miles north of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus performed miracles and yet they did not repent! Dan This is the place where Jeroboam made golden calf idols and told his people that these gods brought them from the land of Egypt. They were set up in Bethel & Dan. I Kings 12 Caesarea Philippi located at the foot of Mt. Hermon on the main source of the Jordan River. Huge Mtn. Cave "Gates of Hell"

5: Teaching site Chorazin Dan Oldest city gate date backs to time of Abraham Seat of Moses Caesarea Philippi "Gates of hell" Martha & I

6: May 13th Mount Carmel David Lawson taught I Kings 18:1-46 Elijah & Ahab "How Long will you hesitate between two opinions?"

7: May 13th Caesarea by the Sea Ruins here date back from the time of Christ, also during Paul's defense before Felix, Festus and Agrippa Acts 10 Ruins built by Herod the Great Kay taught at Colesium that faced the Mediterranean Sea Mystery of Church Aqueduct brought water from Mt. Carmel

8: Megiddo guarded the main pass through the Carmel Mtn. range that linked Egypt with Fertile Crescent | May 14th MEGIDDO - Har-Magedon Kay taught book of Revelation | Solomon rebuilt and fortified Megiddo and made it one of his chariot cities. I Kings 9:15. Water tunnel still visible today

9: Remains of Canaanite altar, granary, water tunnel | Plains of Megiddo, Valley of Jezreel. New Testament Armageddon. | We walked down lots of steps into water tunnel

10: May 14th Baptized in the Jordan River | by David Lawson 2011

12: CAPERNAUM MAY 15Th 2011 by the Sea of Galilee | Beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee Kay taught Matthew 4:12-13 John 4:46-54 Faith in God's Word will give you abundance according to your faith. | Simon "Peter's House" where Jesus lived, is marked by traces of ruins of a church allegedly built in the 3rd century. Mark 1:29 Peter's House was near a synagogue. The Paralytic man was let down through the roof of this house. | Matthew worked on Capernaum's shore until he responded to Jesus' call to follow Him. Jesus settled in Capernaum (His own city) Matt 9:1 during His ministry. He performed miracles. 20 Mi No. of Nazareth.

13: North of Sea of Gailee and NW of Capernaum Mount of Beatitudes Matthew 5-7 | David Arthur taught Matthew 5 Sermon on the Mount "Gospel Kingdom" Are you willing to live a radically and righteous life? | We are blessed because we are poor in spirit | After teaching we ate lunch at Catholic Church Pasta | May 15th 2011

14: SEA OF GALILEE May-15-11 This is the place where Jesus preached from a boat, slept in a storm, walked on water and calmed a wave! 690 feet below sea level, 14 mi long and 7 mile wide. Called also Lake of Gennesaret




18: Sunday May 16th, 2011 Beth-Shean | Beth-Shean lies where the Valley of Jezreel meets the Jordan River. Crossroad of commerce & military control. Saul & his sons died on nearby Mt. Gilboa I Sa 31 Bodies where hung on the walls of Beth-Shean. Men of Jabeh took them and buried their bones. | From Seleucid through Roman & Byzantine time, the city was known as Scythopolis. The capital of Decapolis ("ten city") a Roman confederation east of the Jordan River, it was the only city west of Jordan. Ruins of the city have been excavated extensively.

20: May 16th, ,2011 We left the Galilee Area and headed toward Jerusalem. We traveled along South Hwy 90 Jordan River Valley which extends southward from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea. To the east, Jordan encompasses the ancient land of Gilead, which begins at the Yarmuk River. West of Jordan lies the hills of Samaria. South the hills of Judea to the West of Dead Sea. Jews living in Galilee who traveled to Jerusalem for annual feasts used King's HWY.

21: MAY 16TH, 2011 ASCENT TO JERUSALEM While we didn't stop at Jericho, we pass nearby as we leave the Jordan River Valley just north of the Dead Sea to begin our ascent to Jerusalem. Jericho was the first city Joshua destroyed on entering the Promised Land, following the wilderness wandering after the Exodus. An important trade route. (Joshua 6) Jesus activity in Jericho and His story of the good Samaritan. Above the hills of the Judean Wilderness is the traditional site of the Mount of Temptation, where Jesus endured forty days of wilderness and Satan offered Him the kingdoms of the earth. (Matt 20:29-34) Judean Wilderness - ascending from Jericho on the new highway, we parallel the ancient road Jesus and His disciples used. The ravine the ancient path and aqueduct follow is called by some the Valley of the Shadow of death. Psalms 23, 120-134 The Psalms of Ascent

22: May 16th, 2011 On our way to Jerusalem we stopped at Genesis Land, there we were met with Eliezer Abraham's servant and then proceeded to tent of Abraham for lunch.

23: We sat on the floor around tables and had a wonderful lunch of pita bread, hummus dip, fresh salsa, chicken, meatballs, rice, dates, raisins and apricots and hot tea.

24: May 16th on our way Jerusalem Set in the heart of Israel on the crest of the Judean mountain range, Jerusalem overlooks the Judean Wilderness and the Jordan River valley to the east, and the hills leading down to the Mediterranean on the west. The slopes of the Mount of Olives on its eastern edge | have many cypresses and very old olive trees. The city appears golden in the sunshine and silver in the light of the moon, with a beauty unlike any other. We are on our way to our Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem

26: Western Wall (Ha Kotel) Part of the Herodian temple mount; now supports the west side of the Haram esh-Sharifa area. It's 150 feet long & 55 feet high, but only the nine lowest courses of stone belong to the Herodian period. Some of the stones are very large, 16 ft. long. Archaeologists think this is the only fragment of the temple wall enclosure Titus didn't destroy in AD 70.

27: MAY 17TH 2011 WESTERN WALL From that time on to 1967 this section was called the Wailing Wall. After the destruction of Jerusalem, Hadrian prevented Jews from coming within sight of the city, on penalty of death. Constantine, liberalized this policy by permitting Jews to weep at the Dome of the Rock once a year. In the Twelfth Century, the exterior wall (Present Wall) was given to the Jews for a place of prayer. | The Wailing Wall the Jews bowed and prayed to honor the thousands of their forefathers who died in the city, hence the name Wailing Wall.

28: 5-17-11 Temple Mount is the site of Mount Moriah, where Abraham offered his son Isaac and where David built an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah, the Jebusite. On the same spot Solomon built the temple that Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar later destroyed in 586 BC. Zerubbabel built another temple on the same site after the Babylonian Captivity. Herod the Great rebuilt and expanded it from 20 BC to AD 64, The Romans destroyed this 2nd temple in 70 AD.

31: There are four quarters to the Old City, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian. The Christian and Muslim quarters are predominantly Arab culture with slight religious differences. The Old City is surrounded by the walls Ottoman Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent built in 1542 to strengthen the city. He instructed his architects to use the ancient walls Kings Solomon and Herod constructed centuries earlier, but they failed to include Mount Zion, which is now outside the walls.

32: May 17th David captured this city from the Jebusites about 1040 BC. The name Jerusalem combines Jebus & Salem. David ruled over this city, where Jesus later did a great deal of preaching before He wass crucified.

33: Jews have been returning to the holy land in large numbers since it was declared a state on May 14th, 1948.

36: The Herodian Quarter located in the Jewish Quarter. Home of some of the wealthiest aristocrates in Jerusalem, apparently from the priestly classes. | Storage room, reservoirs, ritual baths, ovens and decorative adornments. These residents enjoyed a very high standard living using only the finest goods. The Herodian Quarter was discovered after the Six Day War. The Museum was constructed in the 1980's and endowed Wohl family.

38: 5-17-11 sitting on the Southern Steps looking toward the Mount of Olives to the right of the city. Kay Arthur taught Daniel 9:24-27.

39: archway right above us

40: Walked along the wall, then walked among the markets. Ate lunch Shopped

43: May 18th 2011 Free Day around Old City

44: 5-19-11 Masada caps a Mtn. near the SW side of the Dead Sea. Jonathan Maccabeus was the first to fortify the rock. Herod the Great made it a monument to his bldg career. He built this city as a refuge in case either the Jewish people or Cleopatra deposed him. He also built a two palaces. Masada was Herod's oasis in the Judean desert. AD 66 during Jewish revolt, Zealots captured, who waged war against the Romans. AD 72 Titus captured Jerusalem Roman General Flavius Silva set out to attack the fortress of Masada

45: For three years ten to fifteen thousand soldiers attempted to invade the fortress. According to Josephus, Silva & his army built a ramp on the western wall that enabled them to enter the city. Eliezer Ben Yair, "We shall die before we become slaves to the enemy and remain free as we leave the lands of the living, we our wives and our children. Even before Roman army invaded they burned their possessions, 10 men slaughtered 960 before killing themselves. Masada was discovered in the 19th Century. 1963-1965 excavation

46: MAY 19TH Salt Sea | Salt Sea, 50 miles long and 10 miles across. Dead Sea is not mentioned in the bible

47: The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth's surface. 1,292 feet below sea level. Of the 5,000,000 tons of water the Jordan pours into the lake every 24 hrs. 280,000,000 cubic feet evaporate, depositing 9,000,000 cubic feet of solid chemicals in this great basin. Value of of mineral salts is 1 Trillion $$

48: May 19th 2011 Qumran The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in Qumran Caves in 1947, a few miles from the Dead Sea. A Bedouin boy found the cave while looking for his goats. He left the cave and returned later with a friend. | When they entered the cave, they found several jars containing rolls of aged leather manuscripts. Sometime later these scrolls reached Jerusalem. They were dated about 100 B.C. Later they were dated to be 1900 years old. Before 1947, scrolls had been found dating back only to the 9th century A.D. None are as old as the ones these young Bedouins found at Qumran. The find included two scrolls of Isaiah.

50: Mount of Olives Pictures were our view while Kay taught Zech 14; Matt 21, 24 | Facing the Eastern Gate closed until Jesus returns Kidron Valley between us.

51: Mount of Olives looking toward Eastern Gate | Me & David Arthur | Jesus taught His disciples from this mountain, prayer, ascended after His resurrection | Jesus will return to set His "feet" Zech 14:4

52: Tear drop Church and Garden of Gethsemane May 20th The Garden of Gethsemane lies at the foot | of the Mount of Olives in the Kidron Valley. The Franciscan Church of all the Nations is there today.

53: Cemeteries surround the Mount & Garden. There is a Muslim Cemetery in front of the Eastern Gate supposely Jesus would never cross.

56: Elevator up to roof!! | King David Hotel After noon Tea & Coffee | Great time to slip away with Precept ladies | Sisters | Terrace | YUM! | YMCA | Dorie Carnes from California | Rooftop of King David Hotel

58: The Church of St. Peter is over the dungeon which was under Caiaphas house. Jesus possibly spent that last terrible night. Stocks where prisoners were cruelly beaten are visible. It is possible that Peter, John and other disciples were beaten here later Acts 5:40 Message: "Is there a cross in your life" | A flight of steps Jesus would have come from the Mount of Olives to House of Caiaphas the high priest. Also where Peter denied Jesus Matt 26:57-27:2

59: Jesus condemned, scourged, then crowned with thorns and mocked as "King of the Jews

61: May 21st 2011 Pool of Bethesda St. Anne's Church | Just north of Temple Mount. John 5 angel stirred the waters once a year and the first person into the pool was healed. | Jesus walked by the pool and saw a man who had been there a long time but not been healed "Do you wish to get well?"

62: After we left Pool of Bethesda we walked up the Via Dolorosa toward our next stop lunch | Via Dolorosa means "the Way of Sorrows." Many think this is the road Jesus walked. 14 Stations to the Cross | Praetorium North of the NW corner of Temple Mount, the Fortress of Antonia where Pontius Pilate and Roman troops were located. Carved markings from games soldiers played | Walked around the markets and more shopping

63: MAY 21ST 2011 GORDON'S CALVARY & GARDEN TOMB No one knows precisely where Jesus was crucified and buried, but two alternatives have been suggested: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre within the Old City and Gordon's Calvary & Garden Tomb just outside the Old City. The city walls at the time of Jesus' crucifixion placed Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulcchre outside the city. Skull like figure outside the city walls and along a road that had a garden with a wine press and a tomb, all from Roman times.

64: May 22nd Promenade - beautiful view whole city before us, where maybe Abraham looked at the land. Message by David Arthur Acts 1:8, 3:17-19, Matt 24:33-36 Our final day | The question is not when is He returning but what kind of people should we be? Our focus should be "what we are to be doing?" 2 Peter 3:9 "not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance Repent & Return Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

65: May 22nd Model of Ancient Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple | Topography and architecture, and to visualize life in the city. The walled city sits on a high plateau. Three sides have deep ravines. East - Kidron, South & West - Valley of Gehenna and middle Tyropean Valley

66: May 23rd Early Departure Time to go home Trip of a lifetime

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