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James Davis Memories

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James Davis Memories - Page Text Content

S: James Thomas Davis August 19, 1938 - November 9, 2011

BC: To the future generations to come, I hope you will continue to pass down the information about the ones we love and stories of our family ancestry. James Thomas Davis was a wonderful man, father, and friend. -Laura Lynn Davis (his daughter)

FC: Remembering James Thomas Davis | If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

1: James Thomas Davis was born August 19, 1938 in Lubbock, TX to J. William and Edwena Davis | He was named after his grandfather, James Thomas Davis. His family and friends growing up called him Jim Tom. He went by Jim as an adult. Kyle, Laure (me), and Dana called him Dad. | James Thomas Davis & his namesake grandfather James Thomas Davis | Baby James, his mother (Edwena - standing), his grandmother (Maggie), and his great-grandfather (George) holding him. His father (J. William) and Aunt are in the background.

2: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | James Thomas Davis | James William Davis | Edwin Bruce Barnes | Maggie Belle Parkhouse | James Thomas Davis | Edwena Shain Barnes | Uta Alice Willson | George Parkhouse | James Atchison Willson | Georgia Valona Swan | Walter Jonathan Davis | Eliza Caroline Smith | Emmaline Todd | Isaac Barnes | Susannah Hill | Sister Carolyn Brother Don

3: It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself. ~Joyce Maynard | 1938 (4 months old) | Jim Tom and his father

4: Christmas 1938 Cousin Sandra (left) and Jim Tom (right) as babies. (left) George & Donna Barnes (Sandra's parents) (right) Edwena & William Davis (parents) (back left) George Parkhouse (great grandfather) (back) Maggie & Edwin Barnes (grandparents)

5: 1939

6: There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.

7: 1940 Jim & baby sister Carolyn with their parents, William & Edwena Davis

8: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Jim and his Mom - 1940 Big Snow March 1940

9: May 1940 on horse November 1940 portrait Summer 1942 with sister Caroline on horse | According to my dad, photographers would bring these horses into Lubbock at times for parents to pay to have their child's picture on one. These are not family owned horses. I'm sure this was exciting for children.

10: (above) Jim's 5th Birthday Party! August 1943 (right) Christmas 1943 in Lubbock, TX (top) January 1944 Jim and sister Carolyn

11: (above) August 1945 7th Birthday Party (right) 1946 Christmas with siblings Don and Carolyn

13: 1947- 1949

14: My big brother Jim Tom played many roles in his lifetime, but the ones I look back on with nostalgia were from our childhood. The firstborn, he took on the role of my guardian when I was born. He helped Mother watch me, held my hand as soon as I could walk, taught me how to ride a tricycle, and in general kept the monsters at bay. It was only when our little brother Don grew to about ten years old that the dynamics changed. Boys will fight; I refereed. My informal job was to get between my older brother and my younger brother and try to keep the peace when our parents were away. It was next to impossible. I would get, “He started it” from both sides. Sometimes, when I put myself between them physically, I was in peril. Like the time Jim Tom threw Don into the wall. Try explaining that hole to Mother and Daddy when they returned! Jim Tom led the way for Don and me in lots of ways. He was the first to get a job. He was a basket boy at the local swimming pool where Mother took us all to swim. By the time Don was working, Jim Tom had become a life guard and a swimming teacher. He sold concessions at the Tech football games as a teen. He advanced to Assistant Manager of a city pool, then was Manager. He always had spending money, but he rarely spent it; he saved. Jim Tom had started in band in junior high school. He played the tuba all through high school. Actually, he was a little bit of a dork back then - being too shy to ask a girl out and too embarrassed to socialize. Jim Tom looked pretty good though. He was very tall and blond. He was muscular, keeping in shape by being on the Lubbock Swim Team. He wore a flat top—the phrase then for very short hair that stood on end. Mama made him take dance lessons and join the teen dance club, but if he went at all, he probably stood in the corner or hid out in the bathroom. Jim Tom was the first to get a car, of course. Our great aunt willed her car to him—a Studebaker. That car gave him his ultimate freedom. He went away to work in the summers. He and Jack Shipley took jobs with the Forest Service to work at fire watch outposts in Oregon. I believe these summer jobs changed his life, along with his time in the Army.

15: When Jim Tom graduated from Lubbock High School, Daddy advised him to join the Army. There was a six-month program offered then, so Jim Tom went off to El Paso (Fort Bliss). He had learned independence and earned some self-respect by working in the forests. In the Army he learned discipline and gained more confidence. He learned that he didn't want his life's work to be either in the forests or in the Army. He wanted to be educated. Education was the byword in our family. All four of our grandparents were college graduates—an almost unheard-of accomplishment in the early part of the century. Jim Tom entered Texas Technological College to study history. He was awarded a scholarship to be on the Tech swim team and later became the team captain. He set Border Conference records in free style that stood for years. He even made the Dean's List a few times. He graduated in 1961 with a degree in History. Jim Tom went to Louisiana State University and earned a Master's degree in Political Science (graduating in 1965). It was at LSU that he met and later married Lynn Powell. After that, he was a swim coach in Wichita Falls and then joined the FBI. You know the rest of the story. Continued not next page... | Parents Edwena and William | Jim Tom, Carolyn, and Don Davis

16: But the middle part of the story, the time of growing up, was a time of relative innocence—there were no bad guys then. In the fifties, we might have worried that the atom bomb would fall, but basically we didn't worry much. We dreamed. We played with the 20+ kids on our block: Follow the Arrow, Hide and Seek, and made-up games. We watched the stars on a blanket at night. We told ghost stories. We listened to western music on the radio and the family gathered on the floor beside the radio in the evenings to listen to stories. We read comic books. We roller skated and rode bikes. The boys played with trucks and toy soldiers. We read books or Daddy read them to us when we were confined to our beds with the measles or chicken pox. We memorized poetry and recited it for Daddy. We went to church, Sunday School and MYF. The boys mowed the lawn, the family painted the fence, and we all picked up pecans in the Fall. We helped tend a neighborhood Victory Garden in the forties. We took long family vacations in the car each summer, eventually seeing about 35 states. It was a time of sweetness and security. It was a happy time in a happy family. It was a time that God smiled on our family—a time perhaps Jim Tom recreated for his own children. - Carolyn Davis Kennedy (Jim's sister) | Don, Carolyn and Jim Tom

17: Carolyn, Jim & Don in Fall 1951 | Band 1956 | 1951

18: US Army 1956 | US Army Active Duty (1956-1957) Reserves (1957-1964)

19: Swimming Medals

20: 1959 Swim Team Captain at Texas Tech University

22: Texas Tech ID Card LSU Athletic ID Card

25: FBI Agent Training 1966

26: 1967 with Kyle & King as babies, Jim & Lynn Davis (left), Carolyn & Pug Mahon (right), Don & Linda Davis (front) and J.William & Edwena Davis (holding their grandsons)

27: Jim and his 3 children: Kyle born 2/17/1967 Laura born 11/27/1968 Dana born 10/6/1971

28: Daddy's little girl - Dana

29: 1972 Jim & Lynn and their 3 children: Kyle, Laura, and Dana

30: Dana | Laura | Kyle

31: My dad was the kind of father who played with us in the driveway and taught us how to play many sports. He taught us to ride bikes and so much more. This is dad with me (Laura) above. He also made us do yard-work, carry in the wood for the fireplace, keep our rooms clean, have chores around the house and respect our parents. He was both very loving yet appropriately strict.

35: FBI Agent Jim Davis

36: Dad loved to hunt and fish. He also loved his dogs and trained them to hunt with him. Frosty (our yellow lab) would be so excited to go with Dad hunting and came home dirty and exhausted. Dad always talked about how Frosty was a little out of control and would "chase a bird into the next county." Dad worked with Frosty in the yard hiding a fake bird and teaching him to fetch. Dad's pets meant the world to him.

37: 1973

38: This is the picture that says the most about how dad dressed when he wasn't working -- jeans, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and a t-shirt. This was his "dad" look and Dana has his hat and boots now which mean so much to us all. For work as an FBI agent, dad wore a suit and carried a badge, handcuffs and a gun. He was always a very handsome man.

39: Dad would load up the children from the neighborhood into our green station wagon, strap sleds onto the top of the car, and take us all sledding many times each winter! We loved it! | Dad & Dana

40: Dad loved the outdoors. I truly believe it was where he was happiest. 1975 | Fun times fishing and riding in our boat (pulled by our green station wagon)

41: August 1945 7th Birthday Party 1946 Christmas with siblings Carolyn and Don

42: When we were young, we would drive to Texas from Washington state to see our grandparents. We saw many places in the United States riding in the back of a car or the pick-up. Mom and Dad liked to expose us to all kinds of adventures, activities, and places. I know we didn't appreciate it at the time, but they really exposed us to so many sights to see in the western United States. As much as us three children wanted to pick on each other in the back of the truck, these are fond memories of bonding for us and I'm sure it is part of why we are so close. In the back of the truck (this was before seatbelt laws), dad made us a bed, put a fan in there, and added an intercom system for us to say "are we there yet?" to them.

43: 1976

45: 1977 | Every year we would go cut down our Christmas tree.

46: 1978

47: 1979 | 1980 | Our wonderful dog, Frosty | There is a strong chance that siblings who turn out well were hassled by the same parents. ~Robert Brault

48: 1980 Dad was Security at the Winter Olympics 1985 Aryan Nation Weapons recovered by Dad (FBI) on a ranch near Ione, WA

49: July 1986 -- Dad with the Director of the FBI, William Webster.

50: Dad, friends, the dogs and hunting! | Frosty | Abby and Frosty | Abby

52: Gone Fishing

54: 1988 Kyle and Laura were both in college and Dana was in high school.

55: August 1988

56: One of dad's favorite recreational sports was skiing! He took us all the time (especially Dana when she was in high school). | Dana, Dad, Laura November 1990 Las Vegas, NV at Kyle's Wedding

57: 1991 Visit to Texas | (left) Dad, his brother Don, Sister Carolyn, and Parents Edwena & William

58: Texas - Carolyn's 60th Birthday Party Linda & Don Davis, Edwena Davis, Kirk Mahon, Carolyn Kennedy, Jim Davis, Jack Kennedy

59: August 1995 Retirement from the FBI | From Dad's resume: FBI 7/5/1966 - 8/19/1995 Training in crime scene searches and investigations, firearms, interpersonal violence (sex crimes), death investigations, interviewing/interrogation, child abuse and exploitation, confrontational management, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), federal, state and tribal jurisdiction regarding crimes on Indian Reservations, drugs, white collar crimes and civil rights

60: (right) Granddad, Baby Josh and Kyle (below) Summer 1995 Laura (pregnant with Jacob), Dad, Munder, Dana, and Jared (right page) - March 1996 Baby Jacob Cook & Toddler Josh Davis with Kyle & Patty, Laura, and Dad

62: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | April 1997 Jared & Jacob Cook with Granddad

63: Toddler Jessica Davis and Baby Darby Mott

64: Darby and her Granddad (the family swim team members) They have the identical walk and body type. | Granddad & Piper

65: Granddad to Jared Cook, Joshua Davis, Jacob Cook, Jessica Davis, Darby Mott, Caden Mott and Piper Mott (oldest to youngest) | Laura, Dad, Dana | Josh, Darby, Granddad, Caden, Jessica, Jacob | Jacob, Jessica, Granddad, Caden, Josh

66: Dad and his second wife, Sandy, with the grandchildren. | Darby, Granddad, Caden, Jacob | Josh, Granddad, Sandy Caden, Jessica, Jacob, Darby

67: Laura, Piper, Granddad | Granddad, Sandy, Darby, Jessica, Jacob, Josh | Caden, Darby, Granddad, Jacob

68: Spokane, WA December 2010 | Siblings Carolyn, Jim, and Don December 2010 Eagle watching in Idaho

69: Dana, Dad, Laura & Kyle Eagle watching in Idaho December 2010

70: James Thomas Davis | Kyle William Davis | Jacob Scott Cook | Jessica Lynn Davis | Joshua Thomas Davis | Laura Lynn Davis | Dana Carol Davis | Jared Scott Cook | Darby Lynn Mott | Caden James Mott | Piper Elizabeth Mott

71: Darby, Jessica, Jared, Jacob | Piper, Josh, Caden | Summer 2011

72: These are the last photos we have with our dear daddy. All three of us wanted one last picture of him holding us. He would grip our hands often, even when we were not sure if he could hear us. | Kyle | After dad's stroke, we spent three weeks by his side in the hospital. We had high hopes and truly believed he would make it up until the end. | Laura | We stood by him until his final breaths just as he stood by us our whole lives. I don't think you ever get over the loss of your parents. | Dana

74: This is the view from my dad's porch of the house he was about to move into before he passed. He would have loved this home and we were so excited for him. He had picked out all the interior and they had the home just about complete. The three of us visited his new home when he was in the hospital and just stood on his porch looking at this view and knowing how it was the perfect home for our dad. This photo is both beautiful and sad to me, but reminds me of my dad because this is where he wanted to live out his final years. He was always happy with a view of nature and looked forward to seeing the birds and deer.

75: Well done daddy. Be thou at peace.

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