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January 2011

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January 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Thompson

BC: The End

FC: Thompson Family January 2011

1: “Work will cure your grief. Serve others.” President Gordon B. Hinckley

2: Hi everybody!!!! The cold, snowy month of January is already past..I for one don’t really have too much exciting news this month! January was spent working extra hours in a different department at Doug’s. A gal that works in the Data department, her husband is going through cancer treatments and so I’ve been filling in for her. My other job has also been keeping me busy and that is working as a PCA (Personal Care Assistant aka”babysitting”) for my nephew, Zach. I’ve also been busy with church callings as well..this is my 10th year as being a seminary teacher!! It seems as though my day’s go like this teach seminary, go to work, come home from work, cook supper, do dishes & clean up, study for the next day’s lesson for an hour, and then go to sleep repeated the next day!! Relief Society is also mixed in there as well between teaching RS lessons, planning activities, and visiting teaching. Jami and I have had a lot to do in the last while in the Relief Society as there has been soooo many sisters’ sick, having babies, & moving!!! | Diana

3: Sometimes I find myself wondering.”how did I do all of these things when I had 4 kids at home, with all the extra laundry, extra cooking, extra cleaning, plus running to all their various sporting events and other activities!!!!!” (and our kids were very involved in ALOT of things!!!) Wow. I must be getting old & tired!!! J hahaha The only time I get to watch TV is when I’m on our new needless to say, I try to get on that thing everyday for an hour!!! Hahahahaha My exercising has paid off a Wii tells me that I’m not obese anymore, now I’m just overweight!!! Hahahaha Ron is still in the obese category, so I harass him about that!! Hahaha Ron has been kept pretty busy with his reffing.he also was excited to receive the “big letter” asking him to ref once again in the Minnesota State Hockey Tournament-----the biggest event in Minnesota!! Haha Ron and I have even taken in a few hockey games this winter sure isn’t the same game when your own child isn’t playing! Man, do we miss watching our kids in sports!!!! Well, that about sums up the month of January for us!!! Love you all!!! The Storey’s

4: Hello family- Happy 2011! Well, I celebrated the New Year with Mandy and family. We enjoyed some peach sparkling juice--cheers!! That was some good stuff, never had that flavor before. It already seems so long ago...but I know I made it to midnight!!! Hee hee!! I watched Chloe and Kate while Mandy and Steve went to a church dance, and while the babies were sleeping grandma was actually reading!! Mandy gave me a couple good books for Christmas, so I was a real party animal, reading New Years Eve--woo hoo!!! At home, Ed and I sometimes watch Man VS Food on the travel channel, and before I had went to San Antonio they had had a episode about a place called Lu Lu's that was in San Antonio. Well, if you have ever watched that program you know that he either takes a challenge to eat either a GI-NORMOUS portion of food, or something that is Extremely HOT!! Well, Lu Lu's is know for serving huge portions. So, one night we took a little tripsy over to check out this place. Steve and I decided to take the "challenge", and we ordered the famous chicken fried steak. Ok, you can check out the pics, but let me say, those portions--even for me--were GI-NORMOUS!!!!!! | Kathy

5: The chicken fried steak alone, was as big as the serving platter, yes platter, not plate!!! Well, need less to say, both Steve and I failed miserably!! We both ate about 1/2 of the chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes/gravy and fried okra, and didn't even touch the bun!!! Oh my we were full!!! Oh, Lu Lu's is also known for its cinnamon rolls--which are...well, you'll need to look at the pics for your self!! Mandy loved that challenge, but too, failed like the rest of us! But it was fun trying!! Like always the trip came to an end so quickly and it was time for me to leave my babies : ( It was nice having a week off from work, but coming back is quite "fun"---I think I've caught up by now-haha! Oh I almost forgot, while I was visiting, I told Mandy that I think that Chloe may look like Gma Lena, ya know when she was little, and minus the lip thing. I am resubmitting this pic of Chloe, because I think it looked like Gma saying "Ok, you just try it --ya little sucker!" You cannnnnn seeeee it right? HeeHee!!! Too funny! Well, that was my fun for January, all of us were sick for the majority of January, so not much to say about that. Well, I hope your 2011 is starting off well. Have a Happy Valentines Day! Love ya! Kathy

8: Jami | She will catch up with us next month!

9: Malissa | She will catch up with us next month!

10: Michelle | She will catch up with us next month!

11: Carlee | She will catch up with us next month!

12: January flew by for us.! Tayrien turned four months and is doing great! He is a little chunker and it seems his cheeks have their own zip code. He weighs 14 lbs and is 24 in long. My favorite thing about him is that he sleeps 8+ hours at night. I can remember the lack of sleep with Ben and I thank my lucky stars. Tayrien had his first hair cut. It was getting too long on the sides so I trimmed it up so it didn't look totally crazy. I left the top long because it is just so darn cute, and not many babies have hair, so I love it! He also got his first tooth. He was so miserable! It appeared for a few days and then went back up. It is now trying to come through again. I hope it stays out this time. He is also lactose intolerant. I cannot have milk with lactose or ice cream. Sometimes I can have cheese, but not very much. It was like he was a new baby when I stopped drinking milk. It finally snowed here and this was the first time Ben was old enough to go outside and play in it. | B R I T T A N Y

13: He loved it at first, but eventually fell in it and realized it was cold and he freaked out! I got it on tape and it is so funny to watch! He has discovered Toy Story and loves to fly like Buzz. Yesterday he was flying and hit his head on the coffee table. Poor guy! He also tries to make everything else fly! I am not a fan of this. I was called to be the first counselor in Young Womens and am loving it. It is the off season for Daniel so he is around a lot more now. I am very grateful because we go a little stir crazy with all this snow and only one car. I also have been working out and am almost to pre-pregnancy size. It is always a good feeling to get back into normal clothing and not maternity. We are getting ready to fly to Arizona to visit Grandpa and Grandma and we are so excited for the warm weather! Hope all of you are staying warm too.

16: Justin and I spent New Year's in Rexburg with some friends. It was a fun evening of games and chatting...and of course, we went all out with fun appetizers & goodies. Soon after the first of the year I tried out to become a Turbo Kick (kickboxing) instructor on campus, and got it! So, I am now teaching kickboxing classes on campus 2 nights a week. Its pretty fun! Justin had been interviewing and applying to several accounting firms and area businesses, and hadn't had much luck. But, after a lot of phone calls he actually received a call from our neighbor about a position opening in the Accounting department at a national firm based in Rexburg. Justin applied and got the job! Its been such a huge blessing. They've asked Justin to work full time when he's not in classes and then part time while he's in classes for as long as we're here. Its amazing! We are so grateful for Heavenly Father's watchful eye over us at this time. Justin also celebrated a birthday shortly after he got his new job. Since his birthday was on a Friday we spent the whole weekend celebrating. It was fun and Justin got a lot of new work clothes, and the wifey even spoiled him with a new Wii game. We've been very busy, but life is great!! | Dawna

17: Danielle | She will catch up with us next month!

18: January!--- My mom was with us to bring in the New Year! We were able to go to an adult stake dance on New Years eve AND a couple days later we got to go on another date! Date's are quite rare over her since Steve is a grad student and we have two little ones so we were grateful for my mom to watch Kate and Chloe for us. On our second date we went to the theater to watch a movie. Steve wanted to see the new Tron movie but I was able to overrule that one :) So we saw Tangled instead and it was sooo cute! Definitely buying that one when it comes out. Around the same time my mom wanted to go to LuLu's Cafe (which she talks about in her newsletter). LuLu's is known for some big menu items (everything's bigger in Texas!) I didn't get a huge dinner plate like my mom and Steve, just a normal fried chicken meal. What they didn't realize was I was saving room for dessert. Which was a HUGE 3 lbs cinnamon roll. When my mom left we sure missed having her around. | Amanda

19: Steve finally sold his old Chevy Cavalier and got a Honda Civic. I was really confused when he said he wanted it because it's a 2 door and an automatic, and neither of us know how to drive stick. But he got it and has learned how to drive it (not perfectly, but he's getting it). The last Sunday of January (31st) was a fast Sunday in our ward, so we decided to have Chloe get her blessing that day. It was Chloe and I's first Sunday back, so I got to show off my cute baby. Everyone couldn't believe how much hair this girl has. It was a really nice day out so we decided to go out in the back yard and take some family pictures using the automated timer on our camera. That was pretty much it for January, love and miss you all!

20: Kate and Daddy | at LuLu's

21: Kate always gets so excited when planes pass by.

24: January was the month of getting readjusted to life after a long vacation. It was nice to be home, but I was about ready to get back to work since I took a week and a half off. I was stressing out a little bit at home because my busiest times at my job are the last week and first week of each month. And January is the month they typically transition the most properties. I came back and had tons to catch up on! I even spent a whole Saturday at work trying to catch up. It was a fun month though! I was able to go visit Doug and Lynn and spend some time with them catching up about the holidays. The last week of the month, I made a work trip to Salt Lake City. Our company is getting into the Time Share industry and our first win was in Salt Lake, so I was able to go up and organize their information and documents. They hooked me up with a Suite within the Time Share/Condo. It was right across from Temple Square, so I was able to have dinner with Vanessa and Bucky and then spend some time on Temple Square. My room had a living room, a King sized bed, a Jacuzzi, a kitchen, and then a bathroom. It was pretty great! I was living the high life for a day. | Ashley

25: The next morning I woke up early to get everything done, and ended up getting done with everything really early, so I went and walked around the Visitor’s Center trying to get ideas for my talk I had to give the following Sunday. Sunday came and it was my first time ever giving a talk without writing anything down! I was so proud of myself! I shared a couple stories from my life and what I had learned, and I also shared a story about Grandpa that made people cry and then made them laugh! My talk was on adversity and one of the points within Elder Eyrings talk was about old age, health, and death can be hard trials to go through. I shared an experience with Grandpa that happened a couple days before he died, and I had many people come up to me afterwards saying how they wish they could’ve met him. I wish they could’ve too! :) The talk was the day before his birthday, so it was really great to think about! Whenever I had rehearsed the story, I would just cry and cry—my roommate even cried when I was telling her, but when I was giving my talk, I didn’t sound like Minnie Mouse at all! Heavenly Father was definitely helping me through that one! January was a super busy month!

26: She will catch up with us next month! | Samantha | She will catch up with us next month!

27: Well, January was busy, busy, busy! I'm back in the swing of things with school, so work and school keep me very busy. Not a whole lot happened during January, with the exception of being apart of the biggest game in BYU Cougar Basketball HISTORY. My BYU Cougars are ranked #8 in the nation right now, and were to take on the #4 team, San Diego State University Aztecs. We were ranked #9 at the time of that game, and it was absolute crazyness! After waiting in line for 2 hours on Tuesday to get a wristband into the game, and another 3 hours the day of the game, I got into the Marriott Center and was very lucky Bucky got in the Marriott Center before I did, because in a sold-out, packed student section, he got me a seat next to him in the 3rd row. It was absolutely crazy! The game was absolutely amazing. Unless you've been living under a rock or avoiding ESPN, you should have heard about Jimmer Fredette by now. :) He is AMAZING. He definitely carries our BYU Cougars this season, and he did especially that game. Anyways, we won. Defeated the #4 team, so needless to say, we had to rush the court :). It was pretty ridiculous. The BYU Police got out there and were trying to hold people back from rushing the court - using force. As I made my way to the court, there were guys next to me getting completely body-checked by the police. What a bunch of party-poopers! | Vanessa

28: I mean, come on. We're good BYU kids. We don't ever do anything crazy. Let us do this! hahaha, so it was pretty great. Other than that game, January was filled with school, work and other sporting events. I am loving BYU still. Classes are crazy as I am getting farther along in my program, and on top of working and going to school, I am also working as a research assistant this semester. One of my projects is analyzing Disney movies for family structures. It's pretty great. I get to watch Disney movies for homework, but analyzing (coding) them as definitely made me realize how crazy some of the Disney movies are. But, it's great. The other project we're working on is running a video game study. Just seeing how friends interact while playing video games. Pretty cool. At the end of the month, Ashley came up to Salt Lake for work, so Bucky and I went up there and were able to spend an evening with her. We went out ot eat and then went to temple square and watched the Joseph Smith movie. It's so great. I've seen it plenty of times, and I love it every time. But, I think that wraps up January. Hope all of you are doing so great. Love you!

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