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Jeremy's 30th Birthday

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S: Jeremy's 30th Birthday ~ 04/01/11

FC: Jeremy's 30th Birthday ~ 04/01/11

1: With every birthday card I have told you how much you both mean to me, but over the past thirty years you have become so important to so many people, on this special occasion it only seemed appropriate to give others a chance to tell you as well. | Jeremy Everywhere you have lived you have touched so many lives. Your warm heart, giving nature, clever sense of humor and spirit for life makes you a wonderful friend, and those of us who are lucky get you for life. Have an amazing 30th birthday Jer. I love you so much, Jen

2: Jeremy, They say "absence makes the heart grow fonder". Since you have begun your traveling journey you have greatly been missed, but I feel our mother son relationship has deepened over the last several years. I always look forward to our long conversations whether we are in agreement or not. For only being "30" you have had so many experiences, some more difficult, but all have contributed to the amazing man you are today. I am so proud to be the mom of such an intelligent, witty and most importantly loving person. I love you Mom

3: Jeremy, Even though you have been traveling and away from home for so many years, you have never been out of my thoughts. I am thankful to you for "getting me off the couch" to visit with you and experience wonderful adventures in all the countries and cities you have worked in. I am so amazed at how you can "party hard" and function so perfectly the next day. I could not be more proud to know such a warm, funny and intelligent person and to watch your growth and success in your personal and business life. I love you, Marty

4: Finally going to the Indy 500 and being there with you guys are one of my Top 10 All Time Special Moments of all time!!! | Jeremy & Michael, We've probably taken hundreds of pictures over the last 12 years so you must be wondering why this picture? Well lets face it when will we all get back to China and have to fish for our lunch? It was the trip of a lifetime! You both look like little boys wondering “why couldn't we just go to a restaurant? You both look like studs! Jeremy looks like he's search for something, maybe a fish or a dog? Michael wants to go back to the Beijing market place and “make a deal” on polo shirts! Here's the bottom line, it reminds me of how very special the two of you are. The joy, laughter, empathy, compassion, sensitivity and love of life you so openly share with me is the biggest blessing of all. I know its your 30th and you expect presents, but I wanted you to know how much I value our relationship and know that the gift I get from having you both in my life is much greater than any gift I could give you. So to many many more years of you guys being my tennis partners, travel pals, brunch buddies and trusted advisers. Love you both, Reggie | From China to Pomona... 0 to 120 mph in just 1 year!!! | I love that we can do our birthdays together. Even if we have to travel 10,114 miles to make it happen! | It's been so much fun following you around the globe. Really special moments! | M & J~ You guys are so much fun. To say that you are a tremendous source of joy for me is an understatement. I cherish you and the wonderful relationship that we are so blessed to share. For always, you are my special boys!!! I love you mega-ton-bunches, Dad

5: Dear Jeremy, I'm not sure if I've said it before, but I love having you as my brother-in-law and good friend. I've always felt like we "get" each other and look forward to the times you and Michael let me tag along during twin time. Thank you for sharing your best friend with me and for putting up with my incessant questioning about your TSP (twin sensory perception). And, you always act like it's not a big deal, but you have really been there for me and my family and gone above and beyond to help whenever we needed you. You really are an incredible, and inspiring, person and I'm proud to call you family. Michael and I are so excited to watch our families grow up together and to share all the fun to come. Basically, you're high-flying, deal-with-it, Secret-manifesting awesome, okay? There. I said it. Love, Anna

6: Dear Jeremy: Wishing a Happy 30th Birthday to one of the most important men in my life, which turned out much more difficult than I thought it would be. Do I start at the very beginning and recall the first time my 2 year old cousins made me laugh by assigning "lewd" names to a pair of rabbits? Or maybe start at the pre-teen years when I could school you playing basketball on your driveway, and when ping pong became a dangerous sport. Perhaps focusing on this past decade would be more concise, considering that's probably when I truly realized how incredibly lucky I was to have you in my life. I am so grateful for the close relationship we share, despite any physical distances between us. Without question, this new decade will bring you amazing new experiences and memorable moments. I look forward to being there to share some of those moments with you. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Just remember: Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional. Happy 30th! Love, Amy | Michael and Jeremy, You're such amazing people and I truly cherish the relationship that I have with each of you. I'm so happy that I didn't drop that box of chain on you guys. Happy birthday!!!! Love, Martin

7: Jeremy Happy birthday buddy! I know you've kept trotting around the world after we met in London and it sounds like you have a helluva adventure coming up in Peru. I'm sure the picture here will get you all teary-eyed thinking about how Eddie and I mentored you through those first few weeks at Bricket Wood - but it sure was a good time. And who can forget the time you finally conceded that W and the rest of us hard working patriots were actually correct - I know I haven't... In any event, best wishes for the birthday and many more, and I look forward to seeing and catching up with you in person. - Bharath | Jeremy, My life has been full of love and kindness since you rescued me. Thank you for being the best "Paw" that any pooch could ever wish for. I love, you, CHarlie | Happy birthday Jeremiah!! From Bricket Wood to car accidents in Madrid (no comment, leave that one for cousin Rick) to credit card roulette at Bryant Park (thank your brother for the cocktails) to the next story from Lima (TBD), good times as always. Have a great birthday! Abrazo, Eduardo | Hey Jeremy - How awesome is it that you've accomplished so much in a mere 3 decades! From being down and out physically, to recuperating and becoming stronger than ever before. It's so great to see things fall into place and you not only achieved your academic goal recently, you also achieved your professional goal (all the ideal parts of a role you were looking for...), and most importantly, you met someone amazing who you can share your experiences with going forward - all before hitting that 3.0. Congratulations my Bear Jew! Keep those Brits and Peruvians on their toes! Roderick P.S. Enjoy the chicken.

8: Hey Guys, Here's to an amazing journey thus far, with many chapters ahead of you both. We miss you terribly and feel so blessed to have had you here for the time we did. What a gift-- Chinese Dinners, Batman Costumes, Ski Trips, LA. Enjoy the ride and the celebration. We are sending sweet love from Berkeley. Love you madly, Cheers! Alan, Deedee and Dylan | THE BLISS BOYS Who always give us so many joys. They're our wonderful nephews, kind, loving and sweet, since arriving on the scene, they've been a rare and special treat. We've been a part of their lives, watched them grow and thrive, how fortunate are we, to know and love, Michael & Jeremy. Happy 30th birthday As always, all our love to you both, Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob

9: Happy 30th Birthday Bliss Bros. As I reflect on the memories and images of the past, I am amazed at how the time flies. It was not long ago I remember you two pip squeaks running around your house in PJ’s. I’ve always felt close to you guys despite the difference in our age. Your lives have been so full and rich, filled with lots of love and activities; baseball, football, academics, martial arts, car races, snowboarding, etc. You guys have done so much, and if you haven’t done it, you are probably planning on doing it. It’s been an honor to watch you grow up and become the awesome dudes that you are. Your growth and development have certainly touched me and my family as well. From the time you both bravely stepped up to the microphone at our wedding to wish Michelle and I the very best, to your subsequent visits to Santa Cruz where you established meaningful relationships with Kyle and Jesse. Relationships built on a rock solid foundation of video games, junk food, teenage discussions, and Facebook. Incidentally, Michelle remembers the look of amazement on young Kyle’s face when he saw you two together in the same room for the first time. To that point he thought you were one person. You’ve both served as amazing role models for all of us really. Well rounded and well educated gentlemen, with a high regard for family and community, and guys who know how to have fun! For that we are extremely grateful. As you move forward with your lives we wish you all the best in your personal and professional endeavors. Michael, all our love to you and Anna as you continue to grow your wonderful union and home life. Jeremy, enjoy all your worldly travels and being with Alissa. May you both get the most out of all the experiences you’ve worked so hard to attain. As with everything you’ve done in the past, I’m sure you will handle yourselves with grace, charm, and all the dignity you bring to this world! Mazel Tov Mucho Mucho Love, Donny, Michelle, Kyle and Jesse

10: Jer & Michael, All I can say is that I am very happy we reconnected and that your family is back in my life. The two of you have made an impact on my childhood that you may never truly understand. When a man needed his friend the most, both of you were there to help ease my pain. Together we laid the foundation for a friendship that I truly cherish and at another time might not have completely appreciated. I wish you both nothing but the best and I look forward to sharing meaningful moments with you & your ladies in the future. Happy 30th fellas. Love, Jason

11: Ever since our parents first met I have always looked up to you guys. From sitting outside by the pool to eating family dinners at the round glass table in the kitchen, I've always been inspired with the talks that we've shared. Even when you guys were teaching people for the SATs, I thought that was insane! Nobody I knew was doing that. Now as the past 5-10 years have progressed, the way I look up to you guys has only grown. I am beyond happy with the two life paths you guys have chosen and only see more success to come. 30 is just another number, but a benchmark to embark on new opportunities and adventures. I hope soon enough we will all reside close to each other so we can continue to grow up together again for second round. Jeremy, New York was amazing, could not have been the same without your BALLER penthouse room. And Mike, don't ever stop with your advise and wisdom because it sticks with me every day. See you soon guys! Happy birthday! Griff | Dear Michael and Jeremy, When we first met you, we could hardly tell you apart. However, since then we have seen you both grow into your own with the qualities and traits we can only hope to wish for in our own children. Wishing you all the best today and always. Happy 30th Birthday! Love, Loren, Holly, Aiden and Alex | Dear Michael and Jeremy, It's always so fun to see you and we are lucky to have you part of our lives. You always make our Jewish Holiday dinners extra special! We hope you have the happiest birthday!!! All our Love, The Barsocchini Family

12: Dear Jeremy and Michael, Elliot and I want to first wish you both a wonderful and very happy 30th birthday and hope that your entire lives will continue to be as fabulous as they seem to have been so far. You are both so blessed with the love and support from so many. You are gorgeous, brilliant and so much fun as you both possess fabulous wit and are so truly funny. We have nothing but fond and heartfelt memories of you both. Many years back when you came to stay with us for 8 days over Rosh a Shana, we found you both to be completely delightful, fun, engaging, brilliant and funny as hell. We still find ourselves many times since talking about the wonderful time we shared and how great you both are. You were both so witty and had incredible timing. I have a few favorites, but one was when we were about to get into the car to go to the drive-in and I said “OK Jeremy get in and you turned around and said “I am not Jeremy”. So I turned to your brother and said “Ok Jeremy get in the car” and he told me he wasn’t Jeremy either. This went on for several minutes. It made me laugh so hard. It was truly amazing that at such a young age that you both were smart enough to play on people and were so darn funny while doing it and knew it. My other favorite story was that when you would walk home from school I would ask you when I saw you if you were hungry and you would always say “yes”. You would come over and I would feed you both. You ate everything and I enjoyed watching you eat as neither of my kids would ever eat and it was a pleasure to feed you. Coming from a mother, I am not sure until you have your own kids that you will understand the pleasure it gave me. Thanks. On that Rosh a Shana, my parents got the pleasure to know you all as well and they too fell in love with you all. They just thought you were so cute and so brilliant and nice and they were right. Thank you for being so kind and good to my parents. They were so wonderful and it was so great of you to treat them so well. They always thought of your family as part of ours. That warmed my heart. Now that you are grown men you have not changed. You are as delightful as always. Brilliant and interesting as always and have achieved great success personally. We applaud your continued success and feel great pride for you and your family because of how wonderful you turned out to be. You are still gentlemen, funny, smart, kind, caring and just solid human beings who have brought so much good into so many lives. It is a pleasure being able to write this to you and I could go on and on. We just want you to know that our family loves you and always will. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Know that this world is a better place because you are here. Have a wonderful birthday and may g-d grant you great health and many years to enjoy life with those you love and who certainly love you. With much love, admiration and respect, Pat and Elliot | Jeremy, It all started in 1984 when I met your mom at Children First Pre School. We became instant friends! I'll never forget when one of you (I don't know who) slept at our house for 2 nights and we, Greg included, barely knew you. If you were the one, you sure were a brave, independent, 4 year old. As the years went by, when you were on the same teams as Greg, through the temple, and numerous havarah activities, you were always smart, outgoing and non-stop talking. We have so many fond memories. You made Phil really happy when you decided to attend CAL and root for its teams. While we're reminiscing, we can't forget the horrible scare we all had when you got sick. We don't want to dwell on it, but thank God you were determined and strong enough to pull through and return to being the Jeremy we all loved. It was great visiting you in Madrid. We'll always remember our evening together and how enthusiastic you were about living in Spain. We can't think of anyone else who could leave their family and friends to happily live in numerous cities and countries like you did (maybe Brad). So, enjoy your new life in Peru with Alissa, and have a very HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Love, Anne & Phil

13: From Pony Baseball and 5 errors to occasionally showing up to AP classes... to all the crazy nights at Macadam and cleaning up the next morning... from Buffalo airport pickups and Santa Monica bars... from 'Randro' and Cedar's to surfing in Bali... to NYC and credit card roulette at Bryant Park (sorry Mikey) ... from 'chicks are horrible' to 'now that I'm married I can get any girl I want'. Looking forward to the next 30... Love you guys, -Joe- | To my favorite twins! Thank you both for all the wonderful memories throughout the years. Remember senior year when you guys got that girl to follow Joe all night long, right before you guys left for the summer. He was pissed, that was classic! Although we don't get see each other often, it is always great to see you guys and hear your latest stories. Welcome to the 30's. It was a little scary at first, but it hasn't been too bad. 30's is the new 20's!!! So you guys have 10 more years before things hit the fan :) May they be filled with lots of love, excitement, adventures, and happiness!!! Happy Birthday. Love, Khang

14: Jeremy, I always thought you were smarter, better looking, and cooler then Michael. It was not until way past when I met you that I figured out that you were Jeremy. So my whole theory got messed up. Since you are now 30, and I can tell who you are, I am sure that I was right. Happy birthday, Mr. World Traveler. Todd | Dear Jeremy- If there are two of you and you're both turning 30, does that make you 60?? Getting older never happened to a better guy. Since I've already turned 30 it feels good to rub it in a little :) You are on a wonderful wild ride in your life and hope it continues to give you everything you ask of it. Just make sure wherever you end up that you have a sofa somewhere - Todd and I will surely come visit. It was so much fun to hang out with you in NYC when we were there for Matt's 30th, I often wish you lived closer so we could see you more. Happiest, happy birthday to you! Love, Laurie | Michael and Jeremy ~ Happy 30th! I can't believe how fast time flies :-) Looking at these photos reminded me of what a great trip we had. Its memories with family and friends like these that make our birthday milestones so meaningful. Here is to many more years of wonderful happiness and good times. Lots of love, Jen G. | Michael and Jeremy, I wish you both the best birthday. You both have achieved so much in such a short period of time. I can only imagine what the next 30 will bring for the both of you. Happy 30th day Matt

15: Happy Birthday Guys! Welcome to a new, fabulous decade! We have all shared so many happy memories together in the last 15 years and I look forward to many many more celebrations together. It is hard to believe we are all 30?!? Where has the time gone? From homecoming, to high school shenanigans, to birthdays, engagements and weddings, I am so happy to have shared all of these special events with you both. Thank you for your continued friendship throughout the years!! Cheers to you both on this very special birthday. Happy Birthday, Tracy p.s. Brad wishes you both a very happy 30th too! | Michael and Jeremy, I have many fond memories of hanging out with you both. They range from competing with you on multiplication tables in 3rd grade to our awesome "study sessions" in high school (should have had better grades with all of the studying!) and even hanging out at with each of you individually at sporting events. Jeremy I am so glad that you were able to come to the Cal game with my family and me. It meant so much to share that with you. Mike, you have always been the nice one and no matter how long we go without speaking we are always able to pick our friendship right back up. I often feel transplanted back in middle school when we hang out and I always have so much fun with you both. Happy 30th Birthday! Man we are getting old :) Love, Marisa

16: Jeremy, it's been great knowing you since our serendipitous meeting in NYC way back when. Partying with you both in New York and in Spain has been great! I wish you the best for your birthday and in your new job and I hope we'll connect soon on yet another continent! Nicholas | Jeremy It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating my 30th birthday in Monterey. You and all the guys were teasing me about how old I was! Well, now its you who is turning 30 and guess what? It is not that bad!!! Happy b-day Jeremy and given that you happen to be living in Perú, if we haven't celebrated your birthday by the time you read this, well certainly do so in the coming days. So be ready!!! ~Gonzalo

17: Happy Birthday to the funny one and the good looking one. We'll let you figure out which one is which. Either way, we couldn't be more glad to have you both as friends Love, Stef & Dan | Hey Guys, I just wanted to say happy big 30 to you guys. You guys have both been two of my best friends over the last 15 years. I can't believe that it has been that long and how much we have all gone through. All the support throughout the years in pursuit of becoming a doctor meant a lot to me, even if you didn't get that at your wedding speech Michael...:). Jeremy, we have partied in Tel Aviv, rode bikes through the Chinese country side, hung out in NYC, and hopefully will be chillin in Peru some time. I think the best has been all the hilarious inside jokes though, even though I have been the cause of most of them. Whether the girls have been ducking weird, gum being the best, me passing out and hitting my head on the toilet, or throwing the best rave in history in high school. You guys are the definition of great friends. Thanks for all the great times and for all the ones to come. Happy Birthday Guys, Jonas

18: Hi Michael and Jeremy, Happy 30th Birthday to you both and many many more in good health and happiness!!! Ed and I have watched you both grow up from birth and attended both your Bar Mitzvahs, many family gathering at the Agoura house and many other family occasions. It is always such a pleasure to see you both. Michael, your wedding was a wonderful time and we were so happy to be there. Jeremy, when you get married, if we are invited, we will be there too. You both have grown up to be wonderful men who are educated, traveled and successful. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors. You both have accomplished so much already in your 30 years. Both your Mom and Dad must be so very proud of both of you as is everyone who knows you!! All our love, Ed and Sharon | Dear Michael and Jeremy, It's been double our pleasure, double our fun having the two of you as part of our family. We love being with you individually, in tandem. and with your significant others. Happy 30th Birthday! Love, Mark & Cheryl Mallin | Wishing a Happy Birthday to you both. Wow! You guys are old! I should have probably written this in all caps. But really wishing you guys a great birthday and many more. Hope we can get together soon. Cousin Jason

19: Happy 30th Birthday Michael and Jeremy! We miss you both and hope to see you very soon! Viv, Jimmy & Mia | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FAMOUS (OR INFAMOUS) “BLISS BROTHERS!” Although I wasn’t “allowed” to have both of you in my classroom due to the rules about twins, I had the joy of interacting with both of you through other activities like Student Council and Math Group. You were always enthusiastic, interested, inquisitive, full of good ideas, and involved. You showed initiative, you questioned and you challenged and you led! What a gift to have been your teacher and to remember with such warmth! Then, recently, I had the good fortune to see you both at Tracy Still’s wedding and to marvel at the beautiful, strong men you have become. And so, dear ones, “May the sun always find you, May joy walk beside you, May you star in your life every day.” Love and Affection, Annie Haas | Jeremy! Happy Birthday buddy. Feels like only yesterday we were cruising the streets of Lan Kwai Fong while planning our server farms of SlingBoxes. I'm glad destiny led you into that bar in Soho years later to reconnect so we could continue sharing some fun times. You're off on a new adventure but I know our paths will meet again soon. Happy Birthday! ~ Jesse

20: Michael and Jeremy, We've been best friends for almost 30 years. From playing "Risk" in your playroom, to winning "History Day" (and yes we won in my mind), to champagne on NYE, to being in each other's weddings, we've had a lifetime of memories together. Have a happy and healthy 30th, and here's to another 30 years of friendship. ERIC | Dear Jeremy Happy 30th! So many wonderful days were spent with your over the past three decades. I often reminisce about your days in kindergarten as one of the "Three Musketeers" singing The Purple People Eater song, and going to the 5th grade class to work on computers. As you got older I remember you participating in karate, basketball, and playing on baseball teams, attending Jewish holiday celebrations, attending birthday parties and performing in band recitals. The one event that stands out most is the extraordinary project you, Michael and Eric so passionately obsessed over for History Day LA project: The Munich Agreement: Help or Hindrance. Your dedication to excellence was seen over months of preparation with research, writing and creating a phenomenal poster board. The result truly exemplified your intellect that would carry over into your adult life. I'm proud to know you and will always cherish the shared memories. Your mom keeps be informed about your travels all over the world! May the next thirty years bring you everything you desire. Wishing you joy, love, laughter and beautiful surprises. Love, Hilary

21: Mike & Jeremy~ Some of my favorite memories of when I was a kid was taking the trip to Agoura to hang out with "the twins." Whether it was playing video games with you guys or showing you all about my rotisserie basketball league... it was always fun. I'd even like to think that I am responsible for your successful careers... after all, how much did you learn about crunching numbers from starting your own rotisserie league based on mine I wonder... Have a very happy birthday, you two... I'm really happy we've reconnected over the past few years. The best to you both in all your future endeavors! Love, Your cuz... Rick(y) | "Sharing a weekend of love and Blisses" You boys and Jennifer have always been a special part of our lives. Uncle Sammy loved being with you. What fun it was to see all of you light up when we arrived with those yummy chocolate eclairs. Happy 30th birthday. Love you, Aunt Evy

22: Michael and Jeremy Our relationship is very unique. I knew you before you were born and I used to speak to both of you while you were still in your mother’s womb. You didn’t have any names so I called you number one and number two but I don’t know now who was who. In any event, you’re both number one now, not only to me, but to anyone who knows you as a relative, friend, associate or client. If Eddie and Michael were here they’d be signing this letter as well. They adored you both and I speak to them in my prayers so I know they still feel that way. Happy 30th birthday and many more to come. Shloshim is a lucky number in Hebrew, may you multiple it by four. Love "Grandma" Dot

23: 30 years old! Welcome to the club! Considering we met in preschool, I guess that means I’ve known each of you for almost 30 years. While we grew up together and you both got to witness the height of my athletic achievement (sadly for me that came in elementary school), I must say that I’ve enjoyed our post college years the most. From tearing up the clubs in Madrid and New York with Jeremy to nights out in LA, poker games and countless trips to Chavez Ravine with Michael, I always have a great time with you guys. And that doesn’t even count the shenanigans we’ve gotten into when we’re all together, such as Ryan’s wedding in New Orleans, Michael’s bachelor party in SD and the random times Jeremy has been back in LA (stories have been intentionally left out). You guys are great people and great friends. I feel fortunate to have you in my life and am looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years have in store for us. Happy Birthday, Greg | Michael and Jeremy, I am so fortunate to have you as friends and whether its when I was living in LA or in NY, I loved being able to spend time with each of you. Although you both have different personalities, there are many wonderful traits you share. You are both genuine and caring of others and some how you make any situation fun bringing a smile to everyone's face (especially mine!) I am so fortunate to have been able to strengthen our friendship as we have gotten older and see you grow into such wonderful men. Have a happy birthday and flip a coin to see which one of you has to be my neighbor again next :) ~Jess

24: Michael and Jeremy, I've known you guys for well over a decade. It's been a friendship I've really valued, and one for which I'm very grateful. Some highlights: From the early days when you first befriended me at Cal because you (mistakenly) thought I could be your connection to the cute girls on campus because I happened to have gone to high school with a couple of them. (Boy did you misread that!) For assembling a championship-caliber intramural softball team, on the verge of greatness, only to have victory wrenched from us by a certain saboteur. Damn you, Steve Nagata! For Michael, helping me line up my first job out of college while I was still a listless, shiftless, slouch. On the other hand, I was never better at golf than at that time and my game's been in steady decline since I started working full-time, so maybe I shouldn't be completely grateful. For being, along with the nascent liberal blogosphere, friendly voices of reason during the dark days of our American imperial adventures. Thank goodness those days are behind us And Michael, for negotiating that (potentially fraught) transition with me from friend to couple-friend, as Anna and then Megan came into the picture. And looking to the future: Jeremy, once you make it back to LA, couple-friending it with you (perhaps), and forming that awesome and formidable baseball team that has been speculated about for years. Hopefully we can reflect on that more in the 40th birthday book. It's been a great decade and I look forward to many more. Your friend, Elliot | Dear Michael and Jeremy, Happy 30th Birthday! It's crazy to think that we've been friends for 15 years! This picture is of Jeremy and I celebrating Michael and Anna's awesome wedding weekend. You guys are the best! Love, Ryan

25: My Dearest Michael and Jeremy, To be honest, I am beginning to tear up a bit as I gather my thoughts. Your emotions tend to run wild, once you become a Mom. Although, I am pretty convinced this emotion comes straight from a place inside me, where I keep those dearest to my heart. Jen is such a wonderful person for creating such a beautiful gift and for giving me the opportunity to tell you both how much you mean to me. Indeed the years have brought some separation, as it should. You two have grown to become (as predicted) strong, handsome and extremely successful Men. Your travels and experiences through life are remarkable and exactly what I envisioned for you both. | To the "Bwiss Bwoders" There are plenty of goofy stories from my year with you guys, you were such terrific kids. I wanted to wish you a Happy 30th Birthday and would love it if you would stop by and say hi the next time you are in the area. ~ Mark Cantor | I very often think back and giggle over such silly things and smile over such wonderful memories. I remember being somewhat of a confident girl. I always saw life differently then others, felt like an old soul at times, and dreamed of accomplishing so much. It wasn't until I met you guys, where I was convinced that I was not alone. Your charm, tender hearts, intelligence, and more than anything else, strong sense of humor was by far what made you guys irresistible. I remember disliking the fact that not one of you were interested in dating me BUT loved you even more because of it. I didn't know it at the time, but later in life understood how important our friendship was and appreciated it tremendously. Not a day goes by where I don't think about one of you. Somehow and someway I will always be there for the two of you. Whether it be a wedding, new baby or your 40th birthday..........I will be present in some form. Hence, the wedding gift to Michael. You both are forever in my heart. Happy Birthday Michael. Happy Birthday Jeremy. May the world receive 30 more years of Bliss!! Your good (and old) friend, Melissa (Friedel) Stepan

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