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Jill: Fabulous at 50

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S: Fabulous at 50

BC: "Just remember, once you're over the hill, you begin to pick up speed." - Charles Schultz

FC: Jill | Fabulous at 50 | January 1, 1961 - 2011

1: Jill Lizabeth | January 1, 1961

2: Thank heaven for little girls They grow up in The most delightful way.

4: A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. | Enjoy the trip!

6: Dear Jilly-Bum, If you are 50 today, who is your father? I am only 66! Maintain this frame of mind or delusion and you'll never age, just like me! So indeed, it is hard to believe that my little girl has finally come of age and what an interesting and productive journey. As always I am so proud of you and the accomplishments that you have achieved. I recall when you were born, you were not just "delivered," you bounced out of your Mother's womb and you have just kept up the beat to this very day! Your wonderful husband and children surely are testament to your determination in creating and maintaining a loving environment for your family. When I step inside your home I always feel a warm embrace from all of you that certainly reflects your influence. Zack, Halle and Gaby are just so beautiful, bright and loving as is their Mom. Of course Dick is the bonus. As to the professional side: Whenever I have the opportunity to brag about my children you always highlight the conversation (this is not to be shared with your siblings). Without going through your historic and remarkable resume, suffice to say your accomplishments in the business world have been outstanding to this very day. I always marvel of how you do it....but you do! You are quite expertise in the juggling act between family and business, and you seem to get both fulfilled with ease. Of course I would love to be with you on this special day and give you hugs and kisses and more. I have only the best memories of you since you bounced into my life and you have always been a joy. I truly get very emotional when I reflect upon your love and support through some very trying years. You are always there and I certainly enjoy our very long "visits" on the phone. The in-person ones are even better. I leave you with bundles of love and wishes for a happy day, and just one question: who came first..Floppsy or Moppsy? I love you, Daddy | xoxo, Dad

8: With love, Mom

9: It would take volumes to tell you why I adore you, and volumes more to describe why and how you continually amaze me. As mother and daughter with much in common, we have had our joys, our challenges, but loving has been the key. Putting this day in perspective, it's a milestone for you, an opportunity to assess life goals and some “facial ruffles;” For me, it’s the reality that all four of my offspring are AARP, need Moscato and a box of Frango truffles! You were a darling from the moment you opened your eyes, posing in the nursery, just a few hours old; Then, a precious and precocious toddler with an independent streak, you were as good as gold. The stage was where I thought you were bound. You could keep a crowd mesmerized with stories, jokes and your wit; The leader of the pack, personality and smarts, you were destined to get in all kinds of sh--! I know where to start, but if I do, I'll write volumes and volumes and never be through, does it matter? Do I dare mention the Playboy magazine...the locked bathroom door and the fire truck and ladder? | As you know, you are anything but concise smart, sassy, clever, creative, funny and always nice! From birth, a darling, happy and "with 'tude" Never had to worry 'bout you being rude! There were no strangers ‘cause you won everyone’s heart And in doing so you became oh so street smart; All that hasn't changed much, but as the years have passed; You've developed capacity and capability and learned how to kick ass! I am in awe of your sensibilities, successes and style; And you certainly succeed in making folks smile. Quick wit, hard work and delivering the goods; Are trademarks that make you stand out in the hood(s). I'm proud of you Jill, as proud as a mom can be; And take comfort in knowing you'll be there for me. You and Dick are a perfect match, and your progeny's are certaintly proof of that; Three kids with passions, talent and straight A-hitters each time at bat! As a wife and mom you've played many roles as part of a winning team; Thank you...what a pleasure it's been to be here to beam!!! Good luck, good health, good times, good friends...weddings and babies,,,family galore! May all your dreams come true...can’t imagine I could ask for more! Happy birthday,,,hugs, xxxxxx and luv. Mom | Ode To A Newly Inducted AARP Member/Daughter

10: How can my little sister be 50 years old? Well, as hard as it is to believe, it's true! And it's a great excuse to celebrate you! There isn't enough space in this book to recall all that we've shared and to express all that you mean to me. Since you were a "Tinykin" people have been drawn to your sparkling personality. You were my little shadow....following me everywhere...to the basement to perfect dance moves with the jukebox, practicing cheerleading moves on the front lawn...even to AU! But, I never minded having you around...you're a natural entertainer, and pretty much the most fun person to be with. The times I've laughed hardest are times I spent with you! I loved being there for you when you were in college, giving you a safe haven and some sisterly guidance. Soon our age gap narrowed, and as we became the best of friends it was you who taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and take risks...inspiring me in making some of the most important (and best) decisions of my life. We sure had some wonderful and wild adventures together! I must say that our trips to St. Thomas and later to Rio, where we celebrated your 20-something birthday, are stand out memories. Just remember, what happened in Rio, stays in Rio, sister! I wish you the happiest birthday and love you so very much! Janie

11: We just left the D.C. area and moved to the west coast after spending twelve years finally getting to know you. You were only 11 or 12 when I went off to St. Louis to college and we never lived in the same place again until I was in my 40s!!! I learned that you are extraordinarily funny and smart, and a wonderful wife and mom with an incredibly strong sense of family. Your husband and three beautiful kids shine in your light. David wants it known that he thinks his aunt is “the tightest!” (for the uninformed, that means really, really cool!!). And we both think you are simply awesome! We miss you, Jilly, and wish you the happiest of birthdays!!! Love, Deb and David

12: Debbie and Jane....Doug and Jill. That's the way it always was, at least in the old days. Those pairings decided by birth order. The older girls are just over a year apart. Then a few years later, you and me...just 18 months apart. We shared a room in the back of the old house. After we moved, we got our own rooms (while Debbie and Jane STILL had to share....and we all know how that turned out!). But we were still somewhat joined at the hip. In order to continue our nighttime activities despite our separation, we developed our code word...."ac"! (for "action"). God forbid anything interesting happened after the two of us were sent off to bed (together of course). And so it went...day camp together, sleep over camp together, and outside of one year...school together. At camp we went to socials together, and had the same friends. At school, only a year apart we created one big social scene. I'd say worked out pretty well. I got access to your friends, and you mine. It was even more convenient as we got older and had co-ed sleepovers. Proms, concerts, parties, Poppy Al's pool, school events, camp reunions, being the cousins, or just hanging in the basement....we had the BEST times together. Once Mom and Dad split..it really became "Doug and JIll". Holding down the fort on 37th Street. We were there for each other through it all....the awkward holiday trips to California, the long nights alone in Paterson, or just surviving the split on our own. This was long before divorce became common, and there was no guide book. Just you and me, making our way, together. But really....it was mostly good times that we shared. We have so many shared memories of family, friends, camp, and school. We lived the same life early on, and had many of the same experiences. Hopefully you remember everything I don't! | So many years have passed, but we have a bond that can never be broken. I feel it every time we talk or see one another.(or read your Facebook postings!) I am so proud of you Jill. You have made a wonderful life and family for yourself. You have forged a great career, and reinvented yourself along the way. Your devotion to Dick and the kids is tremendous, and speaks to the priority of family in your life. You and Dick have created a great one, and are blessed. I think we both know how important that is. So, Happy 50th Jill....and Happy New Year! I love you ox Doug

13: Dear Jill, Ok, a few have probably told you that turning 50 years old is sliding down a slippery slope! I would like to tell you it isn’t so bad. First, you gain an acceptance of yourself (wrinkles and all), you are more confident in life’s challenges, and maybe a little less tolerant of the b.s. These are my pearls of wisdom to pass on to you as you enter the next decade. What makes all of this more seamless is that you have so many wonderful things in your life...your lovely husband and beautiful children (the teenage years will pass, so they say). You have created a family that at 50 years old you can reflect on with much love and pride. Enjoy this decade of change. xo, Noreen

14: Jill, Just wanted to wish you a very happy 50th! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I hope you have a tremendous day. Much love, Brad

15: To my Super Cool, Hip Sister- The one who bought me my favorite bright rhinestone tummy top when I was 7. The one who tried to convince my Mother to allow me to pierce my ears and chop off my hair during each visit in Elementary School- then threaten to return me home with tattoos when the answer was “no.” To the sister who said “bad” words and discussed the unmentionable (i.e. boys and periods). To my super cool, hip sister who let me stay at her house the entire summer year after year. However, my payment was to sing the “O” song every night- Guests or no guests. “Hi. My name is ‘O’ and I work in a button factory” Thank you for perfecting one of my many talents. To the sister who was always singing, dancing and acting silly. To the one who sang every musical song ever made, and always sang the loudest. To my super cool, hip sister, who could make friends with any child, dog or adult, anytime, anywhere. Then proceed on with a 20 minute conversation and let them in on every embarrassing thing I had ever done in my entire life. | To the one who openly acknowledged that family can get crazy, girls can be mean, boys can be dull-witted, and school can get difficult. But you got through it, so I could too. Thank you for all of our heart-to-hearts, your shared wisdom and incredibly honest and forthright, no-sugar-coated, type of love. I am so fortunate to have a woman like you in my life, let alone as my sister. Love to you always, Catherine

16: DALLAS, TX -- As some 30,000 attendees swarmed the exhibit hall at this year’s National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) convention, love blossomed for two NAHB staffers who met for the first time here today, despite their having worked just two floors away from each other for nearly six months in the association’s Washington, DC headquarters. | Courtship Begins for Charming Couple, Nuptials Likely to Follow Soon | January 14, 1988 | Okay, okay... so maybe the nuptials didn't follow quite as soon as some might have liked (Don: "You know, Dick, you could have a place above the fireplace in that new family portrait if we only knew you were serious about getting married..."), but we got there: 22992. Besides, without the four-year courtship you'd only be 46 or something now, right, and we wouldn't be celebrating this landmark event -- the big 5-0! It's hard to believe that we've been together for almost half your life, Jillie. There are far too many memories and milestones to list here, but a few of the standouts about you and us that will always make me smile are... | Once upon a time . . . Happily ever after.

17: Max, Tiny, and the bedroom door propped open with a brick. Tuna, egg salad, cheese eggs, and cinnamon coffee from Booeymongers. Sounds of the bus depot and rain on the porch. Bailing out Blackie (on more than one occasion!). Movies with Nancy. Trick or treat on Harrison Street! “Ten minutes ago...” “Face, please...” Three VW Bugs stacked on top of each other. Counting celebs at the inaugural ball. Life decisions made over breakfasts at IHop. Three amazing children!! A dozen not-so-amazing nannies (and one gem in Libby!) Too many visits to Sibley, Suburban, and Shady Grove hospitals. Trips to St. Thomas. Summers on The Cape—critter hunting, wave beach, band concerts, and ice cream. Continuing the legacy of camp. Doing good work together that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. Gracie (okay, and Hershey, too). Maintaining family traditions, even in the face of change. | ...I hold tight to the fact that throughout these and a thousand other experiences, I have been lucky enough to have you beside me, Jillie. It hasn’t always easy, but we’ve weathered the challenging times and embraced the good ones. And we have been so tremendously fortunate that most—even when sometimes clouded by the heat of a moment—have been very, very good ones. I love you so much, Jillie. I love our family and all that we have done together, and I look forward to spending your next 50 years with you! Happy Birthday! Love, Dick | But most of all...

18: Mommy, First let me start off by saying that you are the most fun parent a boy could have. You are always supportive and funny and sweet and caring and loving and I absolutely love you for that. For as long as I can remember, you have always been there for me and helped my through everything. You are always someone I know I can talk to because of all the interests that we share and love. You've gotten me involved in so many things that have become some of my most cherished activities. You're the one who started me with theatre and singing and I am so grateful that you and I have shared memories of being in plays together and long drives to and from rehearsals - WE'RE ON THE BRIDGE, MOM! We've shared so many laughs and cries and wonderful moments together and I am so amazingly glad that you have been there for all of them. I love knowing that no matter how I mess-up or no matter what I want to go for, that you will be behind me 100%. I love you so much mommy, with all my heart. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY - ya old geezer! Love, Zack | Launching one acting career and rekindling another in Cinderella, 2004.

19: ZACK

20: GABY | Mommy, I love you so much! You are the best mommy in the world and I don't know what I would do without you! I love you more than I could explain throughout my whole life! I am so happy that you have shared your love of camp with me and that we will be Scaticonians together forever, as well and mother and daughter. Happy 50th Birthday -- I love you! | I love you more than Fuzzy Scarf!

21: Mommy, I love you so much and appreciate everything you do for me. I will never forget all the times we watch baby videos and laugh so hard we cry. I'll never forget the time you told me that when you were pregnant with us you had a dream that we were monkeys. We have an endless amount of memories and good times, and I know they will continue forever! Happy 50th Birthday. | HALLE

22: Dear Jill, I can't believe you're 50! I wouldn't have guessed a day over 30. Really. But, we already have a lifetime of memories together. I'll never forget the time you, Zack and me watched five seasons of "Family Guy” together. I feel like we have a special bond because you're the only one who gets my jokes and you legit-ly make me laugh out loud! Happy birthday! Love, Alex

23: To: | Jill | I have had a countless number of memorable moments with you ...you have always been there for me whenever I needed anything or anyone to talk to. I miss you so much! Oh and I can't forget, you are one of very few people that can ALWAYS make me laugh, even when I am sad. You will always have a giant place in my heart, and with that, Happy 50th! I love you, David

24: ...from that exhausting time right after Gaby and Halle were born. I flew out to Rockville the following week to help in any way I could with these precious little bundles who share a birthday with me. Jill and I had been given matching long nightgowns by Grandma Mary and I’m not sure I ever took mine off. Those little bundles of joy were on a rotating schedule where one would wake up and need the usual baby stuff – changing, feeding, burping and of course holding/cuddling. We'd start with one baby and then the other one would wake up. They took a lot of patience to feed because their sucking reflex was not strong yet and the bottles were tiny (in my mind) and they sure ate FREQUENTLY! I have to admit that I never really thought of twins waking each other up and both demanding their needs be met IMMEDIATELY! I do not know how people would do it with just one adult present. So, I came with luggage to help, never really got dressed and was allowed (by Dick and Jill) to sleep every night, all the way through the night. I had a lovely “suite” downstairs, was exhausted and never heard a thing. Fine help I turned out to be! So then they fed me – we tried all of the lovely Asian foods that I was never able to get at home and had not experienced before – all carry in, of course. It also was a rare time for me as I was able to see Jill “go into action” as she set about finding formula for her babies. They needed something special – soy or goat’s milk or something that was VERY EXPENSIVE times two. Jill knew someone who knew someone who happened to be the president of the company who made the recommended formula. Before I knew it, I think she had a year’s supply for free from this company. A year’s supply of formula! WOW! I was impressed. | My favorite memory of Jill is... | We LOVE our free formula!

25: It was such a wonderful trip! I think I was pampered more than anyone in the group and came away with lovely memories and a need for more sleep – leaving Dick and Jill to care round the clock for these two adorable babies. I got the “rocking baby movements” down pretty good as I found myself swaying in that fashion in the airport - no baby in sight, but always in my heart. Thanks Jill and Dick for the opportunity of a lifetime! Love you both and Happy Birthday Jill! I was one year older than you are now (my goodness, 50!) when the girls were born. Has your energy ever subsided? I think probably not. | Then, there was the time we did get dressed – remember, Jill had just given birth – and went to a cute restaurant for lunch – Jill, Halle, Gaby and me. The babies were in carriers, which is a lot of “luggage” in a small restaurant. Before I knew it, Jill was passing out the babies to other patrons. I was so impressed with the number of people she knew and her willingness to share these beautiful babies. On our way out, I asked her if these were all friends of hers and she said, “No, I didn’t know any of them, but they all were 'Jewish grandmothers,' so they were ok.” Jill does not know a stranger! | Love you, Barb

26: Dear Jill, Birthdays, just plain old Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, talent shows, making movies, camp, and the best . . . Go-Go's and Poppy's pool, such fun. Fast forward to the teen years. I felt like you were my 4th daughter. We spent so much time together. The Girl from Ipanema, chicken dogs, cans of asparagus, Bewitched, Passaic Collegiate, I loved it all, I love you. You have accomplished so much, great job, yes you deserve it, you give 100% to all you do, a great people person, just like that little girl long ago. You could always work a crowd. Caring, loving mom, wife, friend, co-worker. I hope you see your gifts. Ok, so you’re not perfect, can't do it all, but you come close. I'll always be here for you. I love you, Your Aunt Joan

27: Dear Jilly Bean, Some of my fondest memories are the times that we all spent together on Cape Cod. Your very first visit was twelve years ago when you were pregnant with the twins. You, Dick and precious four year old Zack stayed with us in our house which was walking distance to the beach. Walking distance, “shmalking” distance, you had a broken ankle. You were a real trooper. Dick would drive you to the beach where you had to walk down this long deep flight of stairs, and walk back up this long deep flight of stairs when we were ready to leave the beach. Why we didn’t go to a different beach, to this day, I don’t understand. In spite of all the trials and tribulations you had to go through, we all had a great time. Dick played with Zack for hours, building sand castles and swimming in the ocean. You sat on the sidelines taking it all in, watching your men have fun together. Even when we got back to the house, their playing continued, hide and seek and running around the house for hours on end. I don’t know how Dick did it, but he did!! A few years after the twins arrived, you all rented your own house on the Cape while we were there. We so much enjoyed being on the beach with you all. Again Dick was a master castle builder, who taught Zack all the tricks of the trade. We loved having barbecues with chef Dick involved. Ice cream was a ritual every night, and lucky you, you could walk to the ice cream parlor, with us pulling the girls in the wagon. How about all those Christmas Tree Shops, where we had so much fun buying “junk”. We love you sweetie and only want the best for you, and all the happiness that you deserve. Love, Auntie and Unc | Your Aunt Joan

28: So many memories...growing up in Paterson with the Herzog's on the other side of the park was wonderful. I had a cousin who was one month and 7 days older than me. She was not only a cousin, but also a friend. I spent nights sleeping in Jillie’s purple room with the white formica furniture. We would sing and dance to " Turn Around Look at Me " in the basement. I believe we had dance movesvery slow dance moves. I have one memory about a piano, a piano on wheels that Jill would swear that I took from her house. Now really, could a child steal a piano from one home, wheel it down the street, through the park and safely cross over Broadway in one piece? No way. Knowing full well that Joan would have noticed a child missing, because this act of theft would have taken some time. We played, laughed, and at times cried. I have felt a connection with her all my life. We were the dancers for our brothers’ band performance of "Cecila" at Scatico. Scatico was the place that Jillie loved and shined so brightly. She could make a song out of any tune and remember it for decades. We have grown up with and without each otherbut have remained connected in heart and mind. We have spoken for hour on the phone about our lives and our children, and I treasure her. Sothe happiest of Birthday wishes Jillie. Love, Heidi | COUSINS

29: Congratulations on your 50th birthday – WOW! I just wanted to say that I feel very blessed to have you as a cousin. I love you not just because you are my cousin but because you are a true friend. You have been there for me during some very difficult times and knowing that you are only a phone call away has been a tremendous source of strength for me. I hope you know that I am there for you whenever you need it as well. In addition to being an amazing friend, I think you are a fantastic mom, and your three wonderful kids are evidence of that. I love you very much, Cathy

30: Dear Jillie, Happy, happy 50th Birthday!!! Through the years we have shared many different experiences, many laughs (sometimes uncontrollable), some sadness, joy and lots of love. I remember (in no particular order, as my memory is not what it used to be): “Jillie wants No Jellies,“ scrounging for change at your house so we could go get “fries, well done” at Sunshines Deliof course, chicken dogs and canned asparagus with soaps at our house in Patersonbeing counselors together at Scaticoand, for those more recent memories – Captain, oh Captain, I thank you for suggesting we walk together as “cousins” in honor and support of Nancy. This has been a gift. We have shared the awe, inspiration, sheer determination, drenched delirium, sorrow, hope, laughter, blisters (thank you for introducing me to mole skin, who knew?) and so much more. Know that we are sending you lots of love and wishes for a wonderful birthday and year to come. With love, Liz, Scott, Rachel, Robert, Hannah & Willie

31: We also had our fair share of chicken hot dogs, (2 & 1/2, please), and cans of asparagus. I loved those afternoons spent with you after school at our house on 39th Street, even if we ate ourselves into a stomach ache with all those packs of sugarless Trident Bubble gum. Remember that fateful day when we discovered they had replaced the saccharin with some inferior, (i.e less sweet/addictive) additive? Bless our hearts, we were not deterred. We chewed on.... There's the night you slept in my room - a big coup for me. You and I know about that night when we chatted with our feet up against the air conditioner unit. I was there the day a big, sweaty man delivered your new, white, formica bedroom furniture that I was so jealous of, and yet happy for you. It was such cool furniture! You guys were always so cutting edge (besides being the BEST dancers...even that night at the Chubbiy Checker event ,in spite of everything. i.e. the complete annihilation of your life as you had known it! :o( It did make for great comedy material in later years...). Jilly, you have always shown up for so many, with your big heart and deep desire to connect. I celebrate you on your special day. Happy Birthday!!!! I love you. Many more happy and healthy days. Your little cousin, Jenny xo | Dear Jillie, NO WAY! 50th Birthday...I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Jilly-wants-No-Jelly. :o) Janie asked us to share memories, send well wishes, and I wouldn't know where to begin. There's Chubby Checker, Football games in your backyard with all the cousins, film-making, pickle races, BBQ's at grandma and poppy's pool, laughing it up about Butchie swallowing crayons and...well, you know. Apparently, I wasn't the only one to scrounge around your house on 37th street looking for enough change to procure an order of Sunshine Deli's french fries (well-done, please). The trek was well worth it. I can still recall that sweet sound of the ringing bell when our order came up. Piping hot and just-right crunchy. Oh those were the days! We were little thieves, but sated ones at that.

32: To Jill on her Fiftieth Birthday OMG what does that make me??? Jilly, I've known you almost since you were born. Bobby and I met on April 4, 1961, so you can do the math, but we didn't really get to know each other until about five years ago when you reached out to me for help on long term care insurance. What a way to connect. We started talking via phone and email about hard financial facts, family responsibilities, and our mothers. Along the way I discovered that even though you could have grown up into a complete airhead—like many beautiful children and young women do. You actually grew up to be the rock of your family. You are smart, hardworking, responsible, and caring— qualities I value above all others. When you helped my young friend Alex—trucking furniture from Hampton Bays to Washington to her for her first apartment—I realized that if you can help someone, you will. I think I treasure this trait of yours more than anything else. In the last five years we haven't talked a lot, but we've talked about significant things—mother-in-law issues, raising sons, helping kids find their way into the right college and the right job. I was disappointed when you didn't make it up to the Hamptons last year. What can I say other than, "Happy birthday, Jill. You, Dick, and any or all of your children have a standing invitation." Love, Beth

33: Dear Jill, You were the first of the 1961 girls, A beautiful baby with dark wavy curls. Your personality and warm loving way, Was ever present and made everyone’s day! Fifty years later, you’re a loving wife, mother and friend, Being there for your family and others never seems to end. Your wonderful personality still vibrant and strong, With you in their lives, how could anyone go wrong? And remember that aging does not mean that you are old, Like a good wine you’re getting better, so I’ve been told! So here’s wishing you and yours, good health and good luck too, As we send a loving Happy 50th Birthday to you! Much love, Ruthie and David

35: It was my 10th birthday party and we had a sleep over at our house in Ridgewood. We were all in our PJs with the feetsies and trap in the backside. We all had different colored PJs and the round red transistor radios. I believe we were listening to “Ceciila” and “One Toke Over the Line” a lot. That was 40 years ago but I will never forget it. You had an Afro and wore striped PJs. My mom has a picture of us, and next time I’m in NJ I’ll get for you! I also have fond memories of singing with you and the player piano at Joan and Barry's house. You knew every song and liked to act like the singer. I always thought you should be in show business! Happy birthday, Jill. It’s hard to believe we’re all turning 50 this year! Love, Lauren | The only reason I would think of you as 50 is because I'm right behind you. My memories go back that far too, playing with you, Doug, Richard, Heidi, Jeff, Linda, Lauren... as little kids. I believe my first sleepover was at your house and remember late-night trips to the kitchen for tuna and Ritz crackers, singing all the oldies with our counselors at Scatico, the drama of our crushes on boys and being awed by your talent and self-confidence on the stage. You introduced me to all the teenage stuff, having the advantage of older sisters, and gave me my first matching underwear set for my 9th or 10th birthday! Though we don't get to see each other much, everything I hear through your family, mine and Facebook, confirms that you have gone from strength to strength, with your wonderful husband and children, a great career and your talent for performing. Not only that, but you seem to get more beautiful as you go on! You are truly blessed. I wish you the very best birthday and years ahead. | Much love, Lisa

36: I have so many memories, they could fill the whole book! You and I met when we were four and five. I really remember dancing in the basement to the Jackson 5 on the jukebox. We taught ourselves "crazylegs." I slept over many Fridays, and on Saturdays we always went to Sunshine’s Deli to get a hot dog and split an order of well-done fries. We didn't see each other for a while, and then you called tell me you were coming to Paterson Catholic. You and Doug took the school by storm! We went many times together to St. Thomas, once with "the girls, dancin' at the Greenhouse. I also visited while you were at A.U. Remember "Booeymongers and iced coffees? How about our road trip with Laura Gray to Cape Cod? There were many loves and many losses but always fabulous fun times. Soon I met Adam and you met Dick...I got the call saying..."I just met the man I am going to marry"and so it was. Onto marriage and kids, and 45 years later we are still the best friends we were as little girls. I love you, Jilly. Love, Al | BFFs 4-ever

37: Happy Birthday Jillie, Fifty years of laughter, love, tears and hours of talking, talking, talking. I can't wait to see what the next fifty years bring, but one thing I know for sure you will always be my dear friend! Love, Mara

38: Jill, Well join the club my friend ... we are aging as gracefully, one can only hope, as your mother! My favorite memories of us ... * Passaic Collegiate (and, of course, Mr. Husiak) * French Fries at Sunshine Deli * Smuggling (& getting caught) Italian Subs * Tiny Chiclets – by the package * To Sir With Love * Hitchhiking * Spin the Bottle (Still love you Richard!) * World’s Best Sleepovers Mostly I thank you for sharing your wonderful family with me & being part of my life all these years. Know I worried you many times but we did muddle through & hoping I made you proud. Happy Birthday my friend . . . . . . and always love – Lisa Dauzier Steele

40: Memories of college days and beyond Dancing at McKay’s -- are we gay? Iced coffee and Kahlua and then Jazzercise away. Oh Buick! Do you still have those bandanas you wore around your neck? Welcome to the club! Love you, Jean | I don't have any friends from college that I have stayed in contact with except youl. Not that I had a choice, you've always been quite proactive in that regard. And I am very happy that you have, as you are one of my best friends. Happy birthday Jill! Big hugs, Steve

41: My most special memory of Jill is holding tightly to her hand as we walked to the train at Grand Central station to go to Camp Scatico. It was 1967 and the first year for both of us. What wonderful years we enjoyed together. Our friendship continued well past Scatico. When we were snow birds traveling back and forth to Florida on I- 95 our stops at the Phillips’ were the highlight of our trip. I still remark to Aaron that I’m sorry we’re not making that run anymore because we can’t see Jill, Dick and the kids. Happy Birthday Jill! Much Love, Carol | I can't believe little Jill Herzog is 50 years old. Doesn't seem that long ago when we were walking to school 20 behind Jane & Kathy. I am proud to say I was her 1st..... boyfriend that is. Jill did set the bar high, so every girlfriend after had to live up to her high standards. The Herzog family was a big part of Kathy and my childhood. We have lots of great memories. Happy Birthday Jill, you look just like you did 40 years ago. Dave Valle

42: Ah, Jill -- welcome to the 50s! I remember when we first met -- sitting in the social hall for a religious school program. You introduced yourself; we talked for a bit; I came home and told Steve, "I met someone I really, really like and I want to be her friend." Next thing I know, Ali has been invited to go to Cape Cod for a week with your family. I hardly knew you, and others ( including my husband) thought I was nuts for letting my 11-year-old go. But you assured me that you would take good care of her -- and I knew you would -- and you did. And over the past years, you have adopted not only Ali but our whole family as yours -- and have taken good care of each of us with your warmth, your enthusiasm, your humor, your honesty, your compassion, your generosity. | Over the past several years, we've shared holidays, meals, carpooling, movies, plays, musicals, school events, families, and kids -- as well as heart-to-heart talks, usually sitting in the car in the driveway in the dark. And always after being with you, I come away just feeling lucky that we met. So, Jill, as you turn 50, I want to thank you -- for being in my life and for being my friend. If, as the saying goes, "Friends are like bras, close to the heart, and always there for support," then you are one of the finest and most valuable bras I have!Happy 50th Birthday! With all my love, Deborah | I have only two regrets about our friendship. One is that I haven't known you longer, and two is that I don't get to spend as much time with you as I would like. But I am so grateful that you (and your family) are in my life and so grateful for whatever time we do spend together. You are the friend upon whom I can rely whenever needed, the friend whom I call to share good (or bad)news, the friend whom I admire and respect, the friend with whom I most want to hang out, the friend to whom I can say nasty things about Republicans, the friend who makes me laugh and the one who knows when not to. The interesting thing about our friendship is that you sometimes wish you were more like I am while I usually wish I were more like you. You know those wrist bands inscribed "WWJD?" Well, I've frequently thought of wearing one and interpreting it as "What would Jill do?" Because more often than you know, I try to do as I think you would -- but I lack that "Jill-ness" that makes you so unique and wonderful.

43: For the past 6 years, you have been my second mother. You've always nurtured me and treated me like family. I enjoy your company so much, whether you are giving me life advice or we are exchanging music favorites. Now, your appeal to Zack’s friends does not just apply to me – several of my friends from Eastern MS often say, “I just love Zack’s mom!” [sometimes more than they love Zack]. Your ability to connect with anyone, anywhere is just one of your positive attributes – you always emanates an encouraging energy, and have a huge capacity to love and support her family. I cannot explain how much you, and this entire family has shaped me, and I cannot thank her enough for that development. Jill – please know that I am always here as a babysitter, a friend, and a moral support. Have a fabulous birthday! You deserve it. Love, Ali

44: Dear Jill, Wow, I can't believe I have known you for more than half my life. I don't know that I can put in words how much you have meant to me over the years. You have always been there no matter what boy broke my heart or whatever else was going on. I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life. Here's to another 50 years of laughter and friendship (eventually I will be changing your diapers as I did with all 3 of your kiddos)! | Through Thick and Thin... | No need to display the "thick" part... | Lots of love on this big day, Maria | We're so hot, we have to cool off with ice cream!

45: I realized when I was thinking about what to write, that we don't have any pictures together. So, I decided to make my own and re-create some of our fondest memories and biggest laughs! | Remember when the kids and I got lost in a corn maze for hours (and apparantly with a couple of Asian tourists)?! | Remember when you were pregnant with the girls, about to burst and we laid in your bed while Dick brought us Dunkin Donuts?! | Ah, our first meeting. I was sitting up in the lifeguard chair (please ignore the tattoo and hairy arms) and you were desperately peeking through the fence begging me to babysit. The beginning of an era. | Sipping lemon drop martinis that we shook up in the red sippy cup.

46: Dearest Jill - I have always believed that birthdays merit huge fanfare. Whether it's the first or the thirty first. But the fiftieth? That deserves a celebration on an entirely different level. Everything should be sweeter - from the cake to the friends and family that surround you with love. You've earned it and you deserve it. You are wise, kind and compassionate. And, funny. You are an incredibly successful and much admired executive who has also managed to create and nurture one of the most warm and beautiful families I have ever known. Oh? And did I mention funny? You are generous - to a fault - always placing the needs of others before your own. You can 'bust a move' better than most 30 year olds (watch out Jennifer Grey) and belt out a show tune or the newest hip-hop song with equal parts enthusiasm and pitch. And, you are so freakin' funny! | Glynis | You are Wonder Woman. A Super Hero fighting injustice for your family and the world with brains, strength and beauty. (Not to mention a tiara and really cool bullet deflecting bracelets.) Every moment of our friendship has been a joy ride (in your invisible plane)! I love you.

47: Jill, where would I be without you in my life??? Because of you my life is full. I so treasure our friendship. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many, many wonderful years to come! Love you, Cindy | Happy birthday Jill! Who knew that me sitting at your desk, looking at Zack’s baby pictures would end up 12 years later as one of the most important relationships in my life? I feel incredibly blessed to have walked in the door at SHS and to have walked out after you, to have worked for you and with you, and to have built a friendship that has seen amazing highs and endured the lows. Thank you for making me laugh, drying my tears, and teaching me how to be a better manager, mommy, and person! Here’s to many, many more birthdays!! Elaine Rahbar | Happy birthday from the Waxmans!

48: Dear Jill, Happy 50th Birthday! Ive been thinking about what I wanted to say here for a long time. Its really hard for me to pick just one story or memory of you. And I think that part of that reason is because you have been many things to me over the years. You have been a friend, boss, mentor, role model. But one thing that has been consistent is your involvement. Regardless of what role you are in, you are always involved. I remember the first time I met you. You interviewed me for my first job at SHS. I never would have imaged where that interview would lead me. You later called me at home to offer me the job. I was actually being offered two different jobs to choose from. I wanted to take the one with Girl Power! and work for you, but I remember thinking I should consider the other more serious-sounding job too. You gave me good advice that dayyou said you have always chosen to do the thing that you think will be the most fun and make you the happiestand that it has always worked out okay for you. I am so glad I took the one I did and got the opportunity to learn from you and get to know you. Thank you for all that you have taught me over the years. | The other thing I remember about that phone call when you offered me the job was that Zack was in the background. You were pregnant with the twins and Zack was around the age that Charlie is now. I dont remember what exactly he was doing, but I think he was putting a Lego down the toilet or something. I remember you telling me to hold on while you told Zack to not put whatever it was down the toilet. And I remember laughing to myself and loving how real you were. You were a real person with a real kid who did real kid things. I have always loved and admired your authenticity. Over the years that followed that phone call, I got to know your kids and were always entertained by the stories you told about them. Its amazing to think that I am now the one with the pre-school aged son and baby daughter. I hope that my kids turn out to be as wonderful as yours have. Thank you for letting me be a part of your kids live You have been there for me for some of my happiest and saddest moments of my adult life. You shared my excitement of getting engaged, looked at bridesmaid dresses online with me, asked all about my the plans, bought me the necklace I wore at my wedding, and came to the wedding. You were excited and sad for me when we moved to CA.

49: You told me it would all work out fine and were the among the last two people I hugged goodbye before getting in the car to drive to CA. You were also one of the first people to call me after my dad passed away and let me just talk and cry. I was in NY at the time and you helped me figure out the logistics of getting back to OH and told me not to worry about work. And then later, you were so excited for me when I became pregnant with Charlie and later Lily. You shared all your favorite books, music, and mommy must-haves. You took care of me when I was pregnant and sick at your house. You were so interested in hearing all about them and seeing pictures after they were born. You had just been laid off from Macro, but when I called you, you just wanted to hear about baby Charlie. You were happy for me even though you were going through such a hard time. And now you like to know what they are into and what makes them happy. You have been so generous with them and me. Thank you for being a part of my kids lives. You have been an integral part of making me the person I am today. When I first met you I was 22, recently graduated journalism major, new to DC, and single. I am now 34, with lots of web experience (who would have guessed that one), married with two kids, and living in St. Louis! You helped me to become a grow-up. Thank you for being so welcoming and loving to me along the way. I hope you have a happy birthday celebrating with those you love. I wish I could be there with you to celebrate in-person. Hopefully this book reminds you of all those who love you across the miles! Much love, Lisa | "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - Mark Twain

50: Dear Jill, The first time I met you was at the airport in 2000. I liked you right away, but I didn't understand much you were saying. I was too excited to be in a different country with "strangers" (back then) and my English was quite weak. But by using hands and feet, we were able to just about communicate and from then onwards you were my "other mother." Just like my mom, you were there for me when I had hard times in the beginning. You guys made that BIG sign for my first birthday in the US (even if the spelling was not really correct - I loved it!), you drove me to the hospital (after I had my face "done" by the grill), took me out for shopping, laughed with me and sometimes cried with me. One of my favorite times was the vacation in Cape Cod. I still wear the bracelet! After my first year, it was really hard for me to leave the whole family, but I was able to come back and spend another 5 years with you. Those years were some of the greatest in my life. I learned so much from you and I was more than happy that you took me into your family and became also my family. I love and miss you very much! I wish you all the best for your big day and I sure hope we can see each other again very soon. As I mentioned, I want to spend my 40th in the States and I am still planning on it! Love Libby

51: “Happy Birthday, Jill! Enjoy every minute of your 50th and of the next 50 years to come! You are a special person and a wonderful friend. Love, Arlyn | To the special person who gave me a Chance for Loose Change and other unforgettable moments in life... Best Wishes, Jillie... Dave | I first met you at our Booz Allen orientation class. We were sitting next to each other and immediately clicked- talking non-stop throughout the class. By the end of the day, you said to me, “I’m building a health market and we are going to work together on a health project.” And, like you do with everything, you made it happen. I’ve been blessed to have worked with you for the last 3 years, on not just one health project, but several. You are a professional mentor to me and also a great friend. One of my favorite memories is when we travelled to Philadelphia together for a public health conference. We had so much fun, making friends with random people on the train, going out to dinner and then sitting in our pajamas talking about everything and nothing until the wee hours of the morning. By the end of the trip, you were calling me your “woobie” and my stomach was sore from all the laughing we’d done. And, in between all the fun, you’d given two incredible presentations on one of our public health projects! I feel so fortunate to have you in my life. You bring me constant perspective, insights and laughter, teaching me by your example every single day. Happy Birthday, Jill! Teha

54: Good times!

55: Celebration!

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