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Jim Houck's 70th

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BC: Copyright 2008. Houck Productions.

FC: 70 Years of Jim Houck Entertainment for a Century

1: There are some people that other people are always telling stories about. Jim Houck is one of these guys. Dads, enjoy the 70+ stories compiled by your kids and sent from all your friends. We have a feeling there are many more out there, but some should never be put on paper. Happy 70th Birthday! Love, Barb, Beth, Jim and Amy

2: Solving the Energy Crisis

3: 1. In July of 1995 while canoeing the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota I had the pleasure of sharing a tent with your Dad for about six nights. Wow! That man had enough gas to ease the energy crunch! - Ken Konkol 2. He has passed enough gas over the years to start his very own gas company! - Sandi Flynn 3. It'll make your eyes water. - Grandchildren

4: 4. I can attest to a unique first in my life, which was provided by Jim. Jim and I made a couple of Golfing trips to PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, to entertain a few folks from Florida Power & Light. We were joined by a B&W Salesman, Stan Whitney. We stayed in a 2-BR Condo at PGA National with Stan. Jim and I shared one of the rooms, it had two beds. One night I was awakened by a noise. That noise turned out to be Jim, passing some gas. This was my first experience with somebody who was able to rip off a big one, while asleep. I was amazed, and in awe of someone who had that much muscle control, while in an un-conscious state. – George Oschmann 5. I will never buy a split level house. When my dad was in the kitchen, we could hear everything going on while my sister and our friends were down in the family room. I'll never forget the look on their faces when they realized what they were hearing. The grin afterwards confirmed it. - Beth & Barb I

5: 6. I remember once going to the Yum Yum Tree with my Dad to buy a card for my mom. He cleared the birthday card aisle, nothing yummy about it. - Amy 7. Then there was my college graduation. We had a party with a bunch of friends, my Dad ended up in the kitchen with some guys I knew. Moments later (without them knowing that I could hear them), one of the guys said, "Oh my gosh, did you hear Amy's Dad ripping them off in the kitchen." I was horrified. - Amy 8. We're grateful that my mom has had allergies for much of her life. I think it has pretty much spared her from being completely gassed out. - Barb, Beth, Jim and Amy

6: Rip Van Winkle

7: 9. Jim can fall asleep anywhere at any time. -- After one of our Christmas Carol Evenings with all the kids and parents, we were at our house for hot chocolate and snacks. Your dad laid down on the family room couch and fell fast asleep with all the noise and commotion going on around him. – Henry Ereth 10. He also fell asleep at one of the cabins at Hocking Hills as everybody was milling about. He laid on the picnic table on the porch and slept. – Henry Ereth 11. Then there was the famous Black chair... or the times that Bob Guilda would take sleeping pills to keep up with us...because Jim and I would fall asleep after dinner... – Earl Middlethon

8: 12. Jim and I were spending a week in Toronto looking for fabricators and other vendors. Each night we would watch a little TV and drink a couple beers. (as I remember I bought the beer) One night Jim fell asleep in my room while watching TV. I tried to wake him but was not successful, so I turned off the TV and the lights closed the blackout drapes and went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard some banging around, crashing into things and #$@?!%&*# while Jim tried to figure out where he was and how to get out. I had to bite my lip but laughed to myself for about a hour. – Dan Peterson 13. Jim is known for his afternoon naps..I can start dinner, turn on the TV, sing a song, bang pots and pans, the telephone could ring and Jim would not awaken. However when I shake him and tell him I am home he will say “I was only resting my eyes”. - Nancy

9: Good with Kids and Pregnant Women

10: Good with Kids and Pregnant Women 14. Your dad also had a helper on the roof of the Summit Street house one day. Your mom and dad were watching Lori for a few hours. He was on the roof and turned around to see Lori up there with him. He told her that she shouldn't be up there and her reply to him was, " Mr. Houck, I do have roof experience." I don't know if he allowed her to stay or not. – Henry Ereth 15. Nicholas remembers a time when Papa took Bart and Nick to the park. "Papa went down the slide and almost fell off." - Nicholas Creed 16. I remember Dad saying when Fisher was born (note that he was grandchild number 6), "Geez Nancy, we really started something." -Amy

11: 17. When I was in labor with our twins…Jim and I got into the car pulled out of the garage. He looked at me and said, “would you go and put the garage door down?” - Nancy 18. I was away for the weekend. Before I left I prepared a Johnny Marzetti casserole for Saturday night’s dinner. When I called home to say hello Saturday evening I was greeted with “dad put ketchup in the spaghetti” When I asked Jim why he put ketchup in the spaghetti he said it was dry and ketchup was red and so was the sauce. - Nancy 19. The one I like is when Barb was 8 months pregnant with Kris and Jim claimed to be the Badminton champ of Barberton... Of course she beat him...3 games.... – Barb and Earl Middlethon

12: 20. No family can claim “the breathement treatment.” In fact, I don’t think anyone knows what the “breathement treatment “is except my dad and his four kids. I think it’s my dads claim to fame. It was a combination of wrestling, suffocation, and smelling my dad’s breath whether we wanted to or not. Whenever my dad was in a playful mood he would wrestle and play with us and then give us “the breathement treatment.” We all feared it. We screamed and laughed at the same time secretly wishing we wouldn’t be the one to get caught, especially if he had bad breath. I smile thinking about the “breathement treatment,” but have decided that that family tradition would not be passed on. - Barb 21. When Charlotte was about 18 months old, I asked my dad to watch Charlotte in the basement while I took a shower. When I came down to check on them, I found Dads completely asleep and Charlotte playing nicely with lots of opened markers. He must have felt my presence because just then, he woke up, looked around and asked ME, "where's Charlotte?" -Beth

13: Ho, Ho, Ho

14: 22. As Beth, Jim, Amy and I got older Christmas started to take a new form. Santa started to visit in a surprising way. AKA Jim Houck. After we opened all the presents, Santa would show up with more gifts that Mrs. Claus never knew about. Jewelry, for my mother, sometimes cash, and sometimes gifts from the Eddie Bauer outlet clearance sale. I have to say, I always loved getting cash, but the funniest for me was when my dad came in the living room with a huge sack of clothes from the Eddie Bauer outlet sale in Columbus. We tried everything on, modeled, and laughed. My favorite from the bag was a green one piece snowsuit that I worn until a few years ago. I loved it. It kept me warm. Thanks dad! - Barb 23. Sentimental comes in different forms with Dads. When Barb and I were on our own, we received a tool box for Christmas, outfitted with the best quality tools he could come up with. Even years later, we learned that my tool box was better than Mark's. - Beth

15: 24. The Christmas Eve parties were something we looked forward to for many years. Jim and Nancy opened their home to many friends and their families. There was always lots of food and beverages for everyone. Great celebration for the Birth of Christ. Maybe we should have called it the Lord’s birthday party. The Christmas Eve party sometimes would go pretty late before the end would come with the last good night and Merry Christmas. We are sure there must have been lots of times that the family gifts were still in boxes to be wrapped, long after the last person left to go home. - Glen and Marilyn Weishaar

16: Hair

17: Hair 25. On that trip (July, 1995 in the Boundary Waters) there were three adults, my 15 year old son, and five teen girls that were all around 14 or 15. I will never forgot seeing your Dad lying on his back at the campsite on Lake Wisini that was referred to as "Heaven" and having these girls wash his hair. It was hilarious. – Ken Konkol 26. I have some memories of my dad that make me smile when I think of them. The first being when I was around 8 years old my sisters and I would play hair salon with my dad. Forget about my mom’s hair curly locks or what we thought we could do with her hair. It must have been the fascination of grooming someone with no hair and the fact that my dad would let us do his hair what seemed like forever and we could do whatever we wanted with the few strands of hair on top of his head. And yes, we tried to style his hair in different ways hoping to give him a more full head of hair look, but it never seemed to work and trying to change his comb over didn’t work either. - Barb

18: 27. Jim has more hair on his chest than on his head, so when the Island ladies (on a trip to the Dominican Republic) wanted to braid his hair he had to ask the Island ladies if they would braid his chest hair. Jim, it did look a little funny having your chest hair braided. – Glenn and Marilyn Weishaar 28. I ate breakfast with your dad on numerous occasions at Buehler’s, and the wait staff would always ask if we would like coffee. His reply as he rubbed his head was, "No, it causes baldness. See what happened to me”. I would also reply no as I told them that I didn't want to become bald. The wait staff always had funny looks on their faces. – Henry Ereth 29. "Would you like some coffee?"/"No, it'll make your hair fall out." - Waitresses across America

19: 30. I remember styling my Dad's hair while he would drive; it was usually the girls in the back seat and we would use his black comb to get the few strands he had in just the right place. I also remember his hair being really greasy. - Amy 31. I've never recovered from the mistake of telling my father-in-law how much I spent for a haircut. Come to think of it, if you compare the per strand price, I actually did pretty well. - Mark

20: Dr. Doolittle

21: 32. One of my favorites stories was while we were still back yard neighbors. You dad single handedly expunged the neighborhood of squirrels with his trusty 22. He used to shoot at them out the window so that the cop who lived next door wouldn't see him. He used to dispose of his little buddies in Buehler bread bags. One day he happened to look out in the back yard of the Millers and saw Chris and her two little ones digging a hole. Apparently they had found one of the dead squirrels and were "giving it a funeral and a proper burial." He didn't get out of the house with the bread bag soon enough to hide the evidence. I have tried, to no avail to have him come up to my new neighborhood and get rid of the pesky little buggers, but so far he hasn't obliged. – Sue Siesky 33. One day, I went out hunting to bring back a present to the guy who feeds me and pets me every once in awhile. I got slashed by a racoon and then bled all over his garage. It cleaned up okay so I'm still getting food and some occasional love. - Sophia

22: 34. I sure enjoyed knocking pens off your desk and I don't think I ever met a better mate for the couch. Thanks for the special love and attention. - Sam the Cat 35. One day while driving his yellow VW Beetle to work, Dads felt a little tugging at his socks. Sure that he was imagining things, he swatted it away only to find Waldo the cotton-sucking-cat at his feet. - The Houck Kids 36. Thanks for burying me instead of putting me in a Buehler's bread bag. - Kitters

23: The Great Outdoors

24: 37. Attached is a poem I wrote in tribute to your Dad after an April 1997 canoe trip down the Elkhorn River in northern Kentucky. There were six of is in three canoes and your Dad was with Jim Rogers. My 17 year old son was with me and we were ahead of everyone else. After a rather long rapids we stopped and waited for Jim and Jim after they didn't show up since they had not been far behind. We finally walked back and found Jim Rogers searching the waters for a hand made fly rod and your Dad soaking wet and all beat up after taking about a 100 yard trip down the river without his canoe. We didn't hear the end of it that night. Later that evening he had the bright idea of throwing the remainder of the Kamikazes we had been drinking into the campfire. This caused a ball of flame to leap up about ten feet endangering humans, tents and any nearby wildlife. You might also ask him how he and Jim explained to Jim's wife how the rear window of her Explorer got broken on the return trip home. – Ken Konkol 38. I don’t have a funny story, but I liked that my grandpa took me fishing and we caught a lot of fish. - Bart

26: 39. Jim has always been an avid hiker. We have hiked together as a part of our group and Jim was a Scout leader for our sons. While being a Scout leader they took many hikes and Jim helped introduce our sons to the wonders of nature. Thanks Jim. – Fran and Dave Hammerly 40. On one of our fishing trips to Canada a black bear came through the camp and ripped the side off a pop top camper while they were cooking breakfast. That afternoon Jim was going to take a shower. Walter Beller leaned out of a window behind Jim and let out a fierce bear grow. As Walter tells it Jim had to change his underwear before he went to take the shower. – Dan Peterson 41. Jim and I made a bet back in 2001. I would dive and spearfish on one of the local wrecks in Florida and he would fish from above--winner would be the one with the largest fish. After a half hour on the bottom, I came up with a few fish and noticed a large cloud of something surrounding the boat. I assumed it was Jim and his friends chumming for red snapper. I got aboard and found Jim and his friends in various states of queasiness; I'm not sure that any one actually tried to fish that day. The cloud around the boat, as it turned out, was their breakfast. - Scott

27: A Way with Words

28: 42. Background I will not include the many expletives used in this story. The timeframe when this happened was early 1980’s when I worked at TLT-Babcock at the same time as your dad. Frank was a departmental manager who hired Barb, a secretary, to a fulltime position reporting to him. Frank was a legend in his own mind, a ladies man who pursued almost anyone wearing a skirt. Frank was regarded by all that knew him as an ---hole. Barb was a short, heavy set lady in her forties who was not very attractive. As people at TLT-Babcock got to know Barb, she had an inner beauty that greatly outdistanced her outward appearance. The Story On the first or second day of Barb’s employment at TLT-Babcock, Jim Houck came into my (Dave Blough) office and went off about Barb. I can recall that Jim had a white shirt with a tie to adorn and highlight his virtually hairless head (to be dramatized later). Jim proceeded to ask me if I had seen the very homely secretary that Frank had hired. He could not believe that Frank, the ladies man, would hire such a blanking pig. He went on and on describing Barb with numerous expletives and admonishing Frank with many expletives in total disbelief that Frank had done this. I allowed your dad to go on and on and then in my very best poker face cautioned: Jim, Barb is my wife! Well, your dad almost stopped breathing. His face looked like a thermometer – the red started from the top of that white shirt and rising to the top of his bald head. He stammered, he stuttered as I maintained that unsmiling face. After a long time (much longer for your dad) he blurted out an apology and scurried out of my office. Later in the day, I told your dad the truth and I do believe he would’ve liked to kill me. - Dave Blough

29: 43. When we were in Rome your dad and I went shopping. We were looking for a pair of shoe laces for one of his shoes. One of the laces had a small (very small) fray starting in the plastic tip. We stumbled around for about 15 minutes until we found a small shoe shop. The only way we knew it was a shoe shop was a small sign in the shape of a shoe over the door tucked into one of the ancient buildings just off of a Palazzo. The doorway was small and felt cramped. As we walked in your dad went first. The shop closed around us on all sides with goods and various shoes either waiting to be pick up or serviced. The shop was long and narrow with a low ceiling. We must have looked as if we were looming over everything. As we walked in we immediately saw two older women at the back of the shop. Both were not much over five foot tall and engaged in quiet chit chat and lounging as if we had been the first customers all day. Before we got too far inside the door your dad started talking in his booming voice which visibly startled the women as they bolted upright. He began speaking in English of which they understood none of. Once it was clear they didn’t understand him he began to talk louder until they started stirring around pointing to items guessing at what he was asking for. Eventually they figured it out – or we saw some shoe laces in a case. I can’t remember which. That scene has always stuck with me as one of the most subtly comical scenes I’ve ever witnessed. I wish I had a picture of the place. – Chris Ireland

30: 44. I’m sure Jim’s booming loud voice has been heard throughout the neighborhood (even though no one has complained about being awakened), and He does love talking to people. Just the other day he stopped to talk to a painter who was working in my neighborhood and managed to get him to come over to his house and do a job for him….I’m now hoping to hire him too! - Sandi Flynn 45. Huh? - Everyone 46. What's this? - All Houck Kids 47. When we lived in Barberton our babysitter stopped by before the prom to show off her beautiful gown and introduce us to her date. “ Mr. Houck I would like you to meet Steve.” “Glad to meet you Bob” was Jim’s reply. -Nancy

31: The Commode

32: 48. Your dad enjoys hiking but as we would hike the trails at Hocking Hills or other places of travel, he always needed to go to the bathroom in the woods or behind a bush. The kids would all gasp as the adults kept hiking. – Henry Ereth 49. When your dad, Jim Rogers and I came to Florida for a week of fishing, Jim Rogers took us to the area of Everglades City. On the way there, your dad had to stop and use the restroom. We found a gas station on Route 29, not the best looking place, but he had to go. We stopped. The men's bathroom was in use and since he really had to go, he used the ladies room. The restrooms were on the outside of the station. Lo and behold, out there in the middle of nowhere, a car full of ladies stopped to use the restroom. They went to door and opened the door on Jim. They scurried back to their car. It didn't seem to bother your dad. –Henry Ereth

33: 50. I can remember one funny incident that I will share. I was on my way to Miami University to pick up Susan for her Christmas vacation and stopped at the McDonald's off of Rt. 71 in Mansfield. As I was entering the women's restroom, your father was walking out. We were so surprised to see each other and laughed and laughed. Hopefully, it was an accident on his part and he realized his mistake before entering. – Marge Guilda 51. I just purchased my new condo and Dads came to help move me in. He wasn't impressed by the local "flavor" or some of the craftmanship, but all this was put aside when he saw the Toto toilets. "Now THAT's a nice toilet." - Beth 52. We seriously considered buying my father a toilet for his birthday one year. He would have loved it. - Houck Kids

34: 53. I recently stayed at my parents house and picked up a stomach bug my Dad had. I was up all night going to the bathroom (in the dark). I flushed a lot, but in the morning...nothing had gone down and it was backed up. I took one look at it and screamed downstairs "Dad!" Not many would come to the rescue in this situation so quickly. My Dad proudly took on the task and then told me every person in our family who has ever backed up that toilet (Scott, Mark...). I'm sure it will be replaced before my next visit! - Amy 54. You'd think that if you dropped your cell phone in the toilet once, it would be a mistake you wouldn't make twice. Nope, Dads has managed to do it two times. - Jim 55. For our first project in our first house. Beth convinced Jim to come out for a weekend to redo a half bath -- a little paint, replace a sink and change out a light fixture. I was out town, so Jim would have three days to tackle the project with the help of Beth. Upon my return, the bathroom was beautifully painted. The floor had a fresh coat of polyurethane and new installed oak base board...well, half installed. Oh, and the toilet was sitting in the foyer. Fortunately Jim was able to give a 10 minute crash course installing toilets, coping molding and installing sink drains before we had to run him back to the airport. I learned a little more than I intended about bathrooms. - Mark

35: Mr. Fix-It, The Gadget Man and The Neatest Man on Earth

36: 56. Jim is a good friend who always has been willing to help me no matter what the situation. Since I am not mechanically inclined, he has come to the rescue with hanging pictures, drapery rods, moving and just being there when needed, no matter the time of day or the problem. He also is helpful in buying major items like a stove or a car since he does his research in advance. – Henry Ereth 57. Jim is also "gadget man". If you want to find an interesting gift for Jim, go shopping among the tools, gadgets, weird stuff and you'll find the perfect gift for Jim. – Fran and Dave Hammerly 58. Jim is often called gadget man. Our house has dimmers, switches, timers and a TV remote that only he can operate. - Nancy 59. Nothing is better than having Dads get your car detailed! - Amy

37: 60. Jim has had in a hand in numerous remodeling projects at all of the various the places we have lived. And rest assured each one was done with the utmost attention to detail. That is except for one. Kids bathroom rehab 2003 from our house on Pierce. The task was to install a pedastal sink, storage cabinet and paint. Before the painting began, there was some loose corner tape that had bubbled up. Jim had explained to me we would use drywall screws to secure the trouble areas and then spackle, prime and paint. I reached for my Jim approved 19.9 volt cordless drill and handful of 2 1/2 drywall screws. Posied to drive the first screw jim sees what is about to happen and shouts “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”. I stop. Jim explains, “You need 2 1/4” screws, don’t you have any 2 1/4 screws!?”. I looked confused at him and respond, “What will happen if I use 2 1/2”?” Jim pause for a second, “Well, I don’t...” (drill sound) WHIRRRRRRR! Fortunately we sold the house 3 years later and never had to suffer the long term consequences of our actions that day. - Mark 61. "What's this crud?" I can picture his face along with having the crud on his finger. I'm sure he had already smelled it. -Amy

38: The Ultimate Salesman and Deal-Maker

39: 62. Jim has always been one to find the best deals. And this trip he was planning one the deal of deals. The Smith’s, Wyant’s, Baker’s, Ogurach’s, Spohn’s and Weishaar’s all agreed to do the Jim Houck planned trip Let’s get the most for the American dollar!!!!!! So with Jim suggestion we all drove our cars to the Toronto airport and then we would fly from Toronto to the Dominican Republic. Flying out of Canada it was $1.50 Canadian to $1.00 American. The value of the dollar has changed since that time. We want to tell you another very significant thing that happened while on the trip at the Dominican Republic. It really is pretty funny. On this trip we had a few nude sunbathers on the beach which drew the attention of Jim and just a few other males in our group. But here is what happened to Jim. He had his eye glasses lifted (stolen) from his beach towel on the beach. Yes, Jim’s fun was over. He could not see anything including the nude sunbathers. He needed his glasses. Sorry Jim!!!!!!!!!!!! Really you didn’t miss seeing that much. - Glenn and Marilyn Weishaar

40: 63. It is well known that Jim loves technology. It is also well know that on occasion Jim needs help with his technology. One year, Jim received the ultimate weather station device as a collective gift from his kids. It would allow him to track the barometric pressure changes, wind speed, temperature, rain levels, etc... In fact it would allow you to be a broadcasting site for the national weather service. All of this information is feed through a very sophisticated hi-tech weather vane about the size of a small satellite dish that is mounted to highest point of your house. In Jim’s case, that happens to be a sharply peaked roof over the back bedrooms. I am not sure if it was because I am the favorite son-in-law or least favorite, I was tasked with the installation of this device, which required lying on my belly and hanging my arms about 12 inch over the side of a 25 foot drop. Then as a bonus two lears later I “helped” change the battery. - Mark 64. Dads has a sweater (we're all sure that he still has it in his closet) that he thought was such a good deal that he kept a copy of the original price in his pocket. Whenever someone mentioned the sweater (and, boy, they would ... it was very bright blue), he would whip out the receipt to show off his deal. - The Houck Kids

41: Memories and Well Wishes

43: 65 At work or play We've enjoyed the Houckster And salute him dearly On his upcoming Seventieth Birthday We met him when the twins were cheering And Jimmy was not known as Uncle Jim Nancy was no GrandMa And Amy was a teen We've canoed in the North Woods and Kentucky and Montana And packed and portaged there too While entertaining many youngsters We've camped in Tennessee and also near Lake Erie We've driven to Ely, Ft. Collins, Polebridge and Maysville So much windshield time over twenty five years that I've lost count But wherever we were and wherever we went we had lots of laughs and good counselets Through TLT and Liftit and Generaction we've made it a go...Financing college educations, new cars, weddings, fishing gear, steak and more Your friendship is great, trusted and true And we thank you for your service to the Red, White and Blue Good luck to you on this day Here's hoping for your continued pleasant stay. - The Rogers' Clan

44: 66. WOW - 70, quite a milepost in this trip we call life. I’ve thought about this for some time now, and have decided, some things just need to be left un-said. With all due respect, I appreciate having known Jim, and having had him as my mentor. Just about all that I know about fan retro-fits, I got from Jim. Please convey my best wishes for a Happy Birthday, and continued good health. - George Oschman 67. He's only 70?? I would certainly not divulge details about an evening in Tampa some years ago. What happens in Tampa stays in Tampa. Anyway, I would not want my family to know that I was even an innocent bystander. Congratulations to Jim, and thanks for all the high-quality works of art that he sends me. - John McDonald

45: 68. Happy 70th to Jim! I hope he enjoys his collection of memories. - Henry 69. Good grief, I can't believe Jim is 70 years of age!! He doesn't look it or act it!! Have a very Happy 70th birthday, Jim! In celebration, the next ice tea is on us! - Your friends, Dave and Fran 70. Your father is one hell of a nice guy and I am glad to be able to call him my friend. Sorry that I can't be there to help celebrate this milestone in his life. –Ken Konkol 71. Jim is a good and faithful walking buddy. He is slowing down a bit these days, but we still enjoy his company and his stories. Please wish him happy birthday from one of his "harem". Here's to many more years of walking. –Sue Siesky 72. Here are two I thought I could share, the really bad ones I will save until Jim is 90. Happy 70 Jim! – Dan Peterson

47: 73. Acquaintance with your family began around January 1994 when a call from late cousin Mary Dougherty of Barberton, Ohio (mother-in-law of Henry Ereth) called to say that your brother would like to use our garage to store his vehicle, a large truck. Our answer was yes. Your brother was found to be a very nice fellow and we were happy to be of help in this way while he attended Outward Bound and enjoyed the experience of camping and surviving outdoors in an Ely, Minnesota winter. Your dad Jim knocked on my door the following summer and I wasn't home, but a summer or two later I was at home and he invited me and several of my friends to dine with him and Jim Rogers at the Ely Steak House. Each summer we met this way with his fishing buddies and two of my lady friends. The last summer he was in Ely I remember doing him a favor in regard to his camp equipment. I miss his coming to Ely. Through our e-mails and phone calls we got to know each other and a bit about our families. He shared with me your family's wedding in Italy and sent me newspaper articles. Recently he e-mailed three great pictures of his Lake Erie fishing trip. I'm sorry that I don't have a picture to scan. I'm glad that he was persistent in trying to meet me, as he is a very nice man, a gentleman in all respects, very friendly and pleasant company. I'm very happy to know such a good guy! Happy 70th Birthday to Jim!!! -Leona Janezich and brothers Louis and Fred Janezich.

48: 74. First of all, I cannot believe Jim is (70) years old! I first met Jim sometime after his heart attack. I had just met Nancy a week or two before. She was out walking one day and I asked if I could walk with her. That is how I met the Houck’s! At some point Jim started walking with Jim Carey, Nancy and me and now 17 or 18 years later, Jim and I are still walking together! Jim is quite the character and even though we have both moved in the past twenty years...…it wasn’t far enough away to keep us from walking. We have been caught in numerous rain and thunderstorms, we know most of the dogs by name in the neighborhood, and even though we haven’t been attacked by the dogs, we have been verbally attacked and almost run over a couple times by “Crazy Man” and also his wife, “Crazy Woman” who live in the neighborhood…..and apparently don’t like walkers. If you haven’t heard this story, please ask. It all started with a stopped car and Jim asking if the guy’s steering wheel was broken! At first I thought Crazy Man just didn’t like Jim, but he has managed to harass me and a couple other girls in the neighborhood when Jim wasn’t even around. The Sheriff has been called more than once! On a very recent walk, Jim arrived at my house. Jim did a favor for my husband and was bringing back a DVD. He got out of the car and started opening all the car doors in search of the DVD. He looked at me in a strange way and said, “I think I put the DVD on the top of my car…..I then saw the trash can out by the road and thought I should put it away…..I put the trash can away and was sure I put the DVD in the car but maybe, just maybe, I might have left it on the top of the car when I left the house”. Jim could not remember for sure what happened. Jim thought he better drive back home and look for the DVD in case it fell off the top of his car and there was a possibility of someone running over it. Five minutes later he is back at my house with the DVD….yep, found it on the street right where it fell off the top of the car after he made the first turn. It was still in good shape though. Well, I just want to wish my walking buddy and friend a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I look forward to hearing about all the stories people tell about him; that is, of course, if he can remember them! I sure hope we have many more years of walking together……. - Sandi Flynn

49: 75. Happy Birthday Jim Houck, We go back a long time with our friendships. Over the last 35 years and we are sure it is that long. Time sure does go fast. We remember celebrating your 50 birthday just yesterday. It couldn’t be yesterday but it sure does seem like yesterday. Jim and Glenn first became acquainted at Babcock and Wilcox Company and also being involved in the Cursillo Retreat program. Then there was the couples bowling, church choir, golf and who knows what else. Nancy and Marilyn met in between Jim and Glenn’s activities and became a social pair that built a strong social friendship over the years with couple bowling, dinner parties, coupon capers, prayer group and some fun side trips. Jim, there has been so many memories over these wonderful years. It would take lots more paper and ink to write them all down for you. It certainly has been great getting to know you over the years and great being your friend. We wish you a happy 70th birthday. May you have many more special birthdays. Happy Birthday Jim. God Bless You, Glenn and Marilyn Weishaar

52: 76. I don’t have a funny story, but I have a story that made me laugh. When I was young, my papa would steal my belly button. He would grab it and show it to me. It was really his thumb, but I was fascinated by his trick. -Caroline 77. I first knew him when I was 10 years old. We moved to Barberton at that time, and although I didn't know him that well because we went to different schools, I did now that the Houck family lived on Baird Avenue behind us. He was also a good friend of my cousin, Paul Madigan, and I would see him in the neighborhood or at my cousin's house. He has been a good friend to Bob and I over the years, and we have many fond memories. When your family was living in Barberton on Ries Street, I remember the many "meetings" Bob and your dad would have at the Shamrock with Nels Glessener and Betty. These meetings were so important that if the snow were too deep to drive there, they would walk. I can also remember many other special and fun times: family vacations at Shawnee State Park; family get-togethers with the Middlethons on Christmas night; "dinner-of-the month" evenings with Middlethons when Bob would claim your dad and Earl would fall asleep; our trip to Colorado for Jim's wedding and what a great tour guide your dad was to show us the area and take us to his favorite store, the Sierra Trading Company; and our trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon. Please give him our love and let him know how much his friendship means to us. We wish him many more Happy Birthdays. - Marge and Bob

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