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Joseph P. Miller - 1924

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Joseph P. Miller - 1924 - Page Text Content

BC: The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today. We believe without fail that our goal is within reach - but we can’t get there without your support. Please join the fight today. | Our family is supporting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research in memory of my father, Joseph P. Miller, who passed away on November 23rd, 2009 after a 14 year battle with Parkinson's Disease. Please consider joining this important foundation.

FC: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him might not perish but have Eternal Life. John 3:16 | Joseph P. Miller

2: Estes Park, Colorado 1989 | 1942 | First Priest Portrait - 1971 | Junior in High School

3: Ordination 1971 | Torrance, 1976

4: I met my wife when I was 21 and she a fifteen year old child friend of my younger bother Jim, I started dating her eight years later and have been in love with her ever since. | September 19, 1953

5: 1953 | 2003

6: 1969

7: 1964 | 1977

9: 1983

10: Tree- Hunter Joe

12: 1994

13: 1991 | 2005

14: Jon & Helen's Wedding 1983 | Geoff & Holly's Wedding 1991

15: Jim & Anne's Wedding 1992 | Jim & Karyn's Wedding 2005

16: Evan's Baptism 1989 | 1994 | Hunter's Baptism 1992

17: Joe with Rebeca 1990 | 1994 | 2001

18: Grandpa & Hunter 1992 | Grandpa & Kerry 2005 | Grandpa & Nick 1985

20: Lake Tahoe 2007 | Santa Cruz visiting the Stuarts

21: Evan's High School Graduation 2007 | Joe with Jon Stuart @ Crystal Cove, Newport Beach 2009 | Nick's College Graduation

22: Crystal Cove, Newport Beach, July 2009 | Lake Tahoe 2007

23: Birthday July 29, 2008

24: 2003 | 1994

25: 84th Birthday 2008 | Thanksgiving 2008 | 2003

26: 2006 Asilomar, California | Lake Geneva Wisconsin 1985 | FAMILY REUNIONS

27: Seacliff Beach 1999

28: 2006 Asilomar, California | Lele and Henry's Wedding June 2005

29: Joe, Harry and Jim June 2005 | Joe and Marlon

30: One Christmas break I was home from college. It must have been 1974 or 1975. There was a big family gathering at our house and the "adults" were really getting into a big argument. I'm not even sure what the argument was about....I think the uncles and my mom and all of their spouses were trying to figure out how to care for and pay for the care of Grandma Miller. At any rate, I could tell that things were getting more and more heated........and a lot of the heat was being directed at Uncle Joe. I decided to act. I was going out for the night with my girlfriend to a jazz club in Chicago. "Hey Uncle Joe, want to go see Roy Eldridge at the Jazz Showcase?? He's a jazz trumpeter and he's really good." Uncle Joe looked at me with amusement and said, "You think I don't know who 'Little Jazz' is; I LOVE Roy Eldridge!!". And so began my night out on Chicago with my Uncle Joe. We listened to several sets of smoking hot be-bop jazz with Roy Eldridge's quartet (indeed his nickname WAS "Little Jazz", which I had never known), ate a great dinner at the club and then on the way home got a personal tour of Chicago by Uncle Joe who pointed out places he had worked, gone on dates and lived. It was highlighted when he suddenly shouted, "Park the car NOW!!". He got out and ran up the steps of the Holy Name Cathedral and we spent the next 20 minutes (well after midnight) scouring the walls of the church with our hands (it was pretty dark!!) until we found some bullet holes in the walls of the church that had been there since the shooting of a gangster back in the days of Al Capone!!! I thought Uncle Joe was crazy when we started looking for those bullet holes. When we found them he just looked at me with that grin of his and his eyes twinkling. "Sometimes you just need to keep looking Mark". Indeed you do. Little Jazz and bullet holes in a church. It was one of the best and most memorable nights of my life. I will never, ever forget it. Much love, always, Mark

31: Uncle Joe, I remember you as someone with an intimidating intellect, a strong and wiry physique, and a little bit of a devil in conversation. You are so knowledgeable in fields I know nothing about and I admire you never-ending quest for knowledge. Your love of family has always shown through; Carly and Nate are glad of conversations with you about their grandmother Patricia as they only know her through the stories you and others have told. I am personally grateful for overhearing a lesson on falling that I think you gave to Nate, and though I don't go around falling when it does happen and if I have my wits about me I remember to relax and tuck and roll and avoid getting really injured. I am sure that is paraphrasing the lesson but it has definitely saved me some damage -when applied! Enjoy these days surrounded by loving family- our prayers are with you- Love, Judy

32: When we had that family reunion in California... I was in full teenage angst mode And Joe had a few really special conversations about Aikido with me. I remember feeling so loved! And so awe struck by his knowledge and understanding. He managed to make me feel more in control of my scattered experience through chats about martial arts. He made me feel like I was ok. And that I had the ability to figure things out. Taylor | My memory of Uncle Joe: I remember visiting you and Doe way back in 2001 with Sam and I going on a tour of California, seeing the Red Sox play the Angels and Bob Dylan and Disneyland. You showed us around San Pedro and the beautiful beach and park. When we returned to the east, I remember you asked me via e-mail whether I ever remembered a Catholic prayer that begin: "Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy." I vaguely remembered it and went on a google search and suddenly it all came back to me. Every single day since then I have said that prayer and never forgotten that it was, really, yours. God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand. Bob

33: Dear Uncle Joe, One memory? I have so many, you've been a part of my life for over 50 years: When you'd come to visit and always have a new AIKIDO move to teach us Seeing you in the round church in Green Dale Wisconsin with your religious robes on Telling us stories about books you'd read, your non-stop learning going back to get a Masters degree in (Spanish? or was it French?) Sending a welcome note to Taylor and Sam when they were born Being part of every family reunion Presiding over the baptism of Evan in Estes Park. Visiting us in Wayland, MA on your way back from Virginia where you were being an interim minister in 1999 or 1998. You and Aunt Doe came to visit while our family was going through some interesting Your visit made all feel loved, cared for and that we were not alone. I'll always appreciate that visit and your ability to be present with us during that time. Thanks you. More recently in 2005 when I visited you in San Pedro. You and Doe were so welcoming, showing me your new home and the view from your windows. You were interested in what Taylor and Sam were doing, always reaching out and showing love. And Annie and her crew came to visit and Jim. You and Doe created a family that values family, which I'll always be grateful for. And even more recently, when you joined Facebook, and sent out messages and updates on your life in San Pedro. Dear Uncle Joe, you've been a loving presence through out my life and I want to thank you and honor you for all you've done- for your family and for your large extended family. Much love, Tish

34: Heart of a Warrior My "degreed" Uncle Joe... he has degrees in karate, aikido, French literature, engineering, oh yeah, and don't forget that ordination with the Episcopalian church. Recollections of Uncle Joe are many. Once I recall him cutting branches of a tree with a wooden sword that was not even sharp. It was the first time I saw, with proper technique and prodigious concentration, that a person could do extraordinary things. It led to my own interest in martial arts. At a past family reunion — I think it must have been near Santa Cruz because it was a beautiful spot, right on the beach, probably Helen's doing — Uncle Joe was struggling with Parkinson's disease. The "average Joe" would have taken this as an excuse to give up and stick with bed and chair rest. Not so for Uncle Joe. While Parkinson's was clearly a monumentally difficult thing to live with, Uncle Joe was still getting around independently with the aid of two canes. One morning he asked me to walk to the beach with him. Always happy to spend time in his company, I gladly agreed. We walked pretty slowly out onto the sand, enjoying the sun and a gentle breeze from the ocean. It was the kind of moment with a favored uncle you hope to have. Uncle Joe turned to me, dropped his canes and said, "OK Blair, you've studied martial arts. Now I want you to throw me down on the sand." What!?! Here is a man shaking from the effects of Parkinson's disease, and he wants me to throw him on the sand?! All I could think was that he was crazy, and if I hurt him I'd be in so much trouble with so many people... Registering the concern (or was it horror) on my face, Joe said, "Come on Blair. You know how to do this, and no one else will do it for me. It is the best way I know to relax. For some reason, after being thrown around a bit, my shaking goes away, and I'm good for the day." Well it was an interesting time tossing this old guy who was light as feather through the air. Half a dozen throws, and he would land in the most incredibly graceful ways. HIs shakes quieted, and we walked back off the beach, Joe walking with his two canes. Blair

35: Weeks later, I heard that Uncle Joe went back to teaching Aikido. The head of the local dojo had reminded him there were students that needed to be exposed to his warrior's heart. Blair

36: I'll never forget the time Sally and I were spending the summer in California with our family friends, the Herrman's and Uncle Joe took us across the border into Tijuana, Mexico. Yes, Tijuana. He said it was very important that we attend a bull fight to truely understand the culture of Mexico. I was 13 and Sal was 15years old. Off we went into Mexico with NO idea what lay ahead. Uncle Joe herded us into the bull fighting stadium and explained each step of the fight as we watched utterly amazed at the whole event. It was such an eye opening experience for us that it remains etched in my mind as if it was yesterday. The bright colors, noises, Spanish being spoken all around us and Uncle seeminly comfortable and in charge in the midst of it all. Wow! Thank you, Uncle Joe. Oh and another time in California we went to a favorite Mexican restaurant where Uncle Joe said the fish was great so I ordered some. The only problem was that I'd never eaten fish that had bones in it. I was use to fish sticks...remember I was young... so I tried my best to eat around the bones and enjoy the colorful lights and the rest of the dinner. All the rest of the family was eating away without any trouble. I think I was the only child who'd ordered fish. Uncle Joe, you'll be pleased to know that now I know how to eat fish with bones and haven't had a fish stick in years! Another memory is when he came to visit us in Wilmette once shortly after he'd taken up martial arts and proceeded to flip each of us on the rug in the living room, one after the next, until he'd flipped all 5 of us. He still had plenty of energy and wanted to keep going, but we'd had enough! We knew that young as we were, we were no match for him. O.K., Uncle Joe I know you want to talk about how you remember changing my diapers when you came to visit after I was born, but honestly I can't remember that so it's up to you to tell. : much love to all of you, Lele

38: Dear Uncle Joe, You are one of the first people I register remembering. I remember visiting you in a big room above Grandma and Grandpa. A sweet dog Laura, a Cocker Spaniel, had borne puppies in your hip attic space. For a long time I looked for the nice uncle in the attic. Of course you had married Aunt Doe, and Grandma and Grandpa had moved down the street. I may have some details confused, there was a painting of you, I thought it was you and you were an artist in my mind. I was pretty young, maybe 1 or 2 years old in 1950, you and Uncle Jim may have lived together in the book lined room! You liked jazz, poetry, and probably dressed as artists today do. You helped me a lot in my adolescent years. You know how kids often feel they just aren't understood my their families? Well I was the princess of sulking. You so sweetly wrote me a letter and suggested that if there were things I wanted to talk about I could write to you anytime. Your gesture was so comforting. Thank-you, Uncle Joe, you made me feel accepted during the growing pains. Let's fast forward to the late 1960's, I was at college in Claremont. You came out to visit in my freshman year at Holden Hall. I was thinking a lot about relationships and brought up the topic with you. At one point you told a story. Use more than one word descriptions to get to know people. When you met Aunt Doe you said, "I'm a bohemian," and she said, "so am I." Of course her parents came from Czechoslovakia and you were an intellectual rebel, a bohemian! We live a few blocks from Pilsen, the former Bohemian neighborhood in Chicago, so i chuckle about your story often. I think now that you made up the story for me, but I love it.

39: Which Christmas did you and Aunt Doe pack your four kids and me into the station wagon to set out across the mountains to the mid-west? You and Aunt Doe had more energy than this college girl did. You drove and when a headlight went out in the middle of the night Aunt Doe held a strong flashlight to light the way! In those days there weren't 24-hour fix-it shops every few miles! We all tumbled into a restaurant for breakfast of waffles and then, refreshed, you drove all day. Talk about self-discipline and valuing family, you displayed both on that trip! At your suggestion I had one of the most important years of my life. Apropos of my self-pity over not being chosen for a travel abroad trip in high school, you suggested traveling to Sweden. I'd never heard of Junior Year abroad, but my college had a few brochures on the bottom shelf of the registrar's office. What a great year of memories and self-confidence building, thank-you, Uncle Joe! All my love, Sally

40: "In Lake Tahoe Uncle Joe telling the story of how in Mexico some guy "saw this old man, whom he thought easy target" the guy tried to pick pocket him and Uncle Joe put some kind of grip or did some kind of move on him, "I could of broken the guys wrist" He then proceeded to show me how and what he did which brought the guy instantly to the ground. I think someone might of tried to take Doe's purse too or maybe it was her purse and not his wallet. Either way he showed those pick pocket'ers a thing or two. I bet they never forgot "that old guy who took them to the ground with just one move". I too will never forget how to take someone down in just one move. Uncle Joe, no matter where we are when ever family gets together, the moves that you taught us are talked about and taught to whom ever doesn't know or remember them. So, thanks to you we will all be safe and show the bad person something they were not expecting. Your spirit will live on forever and will continue to always be around when ever the family gets together even if he is not there in person. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always. I love you, Claire

41: Dad, Many years ago you made a decision with mom and decided to add me into your family. You asked Helen, Geoff and Jim what they thought and it was agreed to bring me into your lives. I am so thankful for that decision. You have been my guide, teacher, counselor, cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, friend, and daddy. I ...was thinking this morning about the decision you made to move your family from Wisconsin to California. If you had not done that, my life would have been much different and without you in my life. Thank you for teaching me about God, Jesus, and right & wrong. Thank you for the discipline you gave when I needed it and forgiving me when I messed up. I love you Dad! Anne | I love you and miss you grandpa I wish i could be in California to visit you. Rebeca

42: Dear Zio, It always gives me great pleasure to hear from my Uncle Joe. I could be in my UN office/compound in Kabul, my apartment in Geneva or some random Bosnian internet café with photos of random Balkan men with dark eyes framed in gold frames and blip--there was an email from Uncle Joe and I knew he would get me pointed in the right direction again. You are an excellent traveling companion Zio. I had fun sharing adventures from my time with the UN in Geneva, Switzerland with you and you wrote among other things: “Geneva sounds like a good place to study and write. Remember French is a Germanic language with strong traces of Celtic substrata and Italian grammar superimposed to give it a little class. The French music is consonant vowel, consonant vowel even if this requires borrowing an unpronounced consonant from a previous word! So in poetry the rhyme must go back to the penultimate letter in the word as the ultimate is not heard! Enough to drive a dyslectic mad. Tell me about Geneva how they survive the cardinal's ambition. Ciao.” It'd make me smile and give me another piece of the puzzle. Poetry and language and the sound of language. The musicality of it, you were keyed in. You shared Simon Weil. I walked around Geneva’s old town and thought of the Cardinal while eating a kebab, listening to some music and drinking a beer. In the Balkans we discussed music and folk dancing and linking it to historical experiences. Everything has a link. You shared Perlman.

43: In Afghanistan, when we discussed my work there at the family reunion out West I remember you mentioned that you’d like to send a body armour vest “if there was need” and even later sent me an email with the price and investigating the shipping possibilities. I felt protected, which is important. And we discussed, and you sent me a copy of, Weber (“Max Weber gives us many tantalizing hints regarding the economic and social origins of Islamic Law in his two volume Economics and Society”). And it is all fascinating. Rights of man v. rights of the tribe. The words of the Old Testament. Good solid discussions. And of course, you’ve got me on a life long quest to continue to get to the bottom of things such as “no rights, without obligations” (The Dances With Wolfs scene involving a lost calvary hat which was picked up by one of the hunters an Indian brave. He refused to return it to he Lieutenant based on "finders keepers, losers weepers." When the dispute went too far, the chief ordered the brave to surrender the hat to the Lt. and he then ordered the Lt. to give the brave some other article of military clothing as a reward. And so it goes”). Wherever I was, you were there too. Helping me and giving me some insight, another angle and it is always welcome.

44: And so it goes Zio. You are out on the West coast and I am here in New Amsterdam. Walking up to Madison and 47th where the UN has relocated me to work and thinking about the growing list of things I still need to do with you in mind, the short list is here: stop into the Trinity Parish Bookstore and further investigate your father’s recollection that some of the early decendants of Anneka Jans were buried in the Trinity Church yard (you told me that he took you there when you were 16), buy a slightly used copy of Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus and then give a knock and pop my head into Karl Meyer’s office and give it to him (last time I stopped by he wasn’t in. I’ll catch him this time around) and then I’ll head over so see some real Aikido at the New York Aikikai (where they have teachers who were students of the founder of Aikido -- Morihei Ueshiba, right?) and I’ll say hello for you. And that will just be on Saturday. You are one of my heroes Zio. An intellectual, a word-smith linguist poet, aikido warrior hearted preacher man humanist howling at the night, smiling at the sun, and walking softly, but carrying a big stick. I’ll miss you and keep you in my heart. Love to you from New Amsterdam. Aaron p.s. Good old Mr. Bob Dylan is playing a gig tonight at 7:30 p.m. (4:30 your time today) way up in Washington Heights at a church/movie hall where Rev. Ike once preached. It is called the United Palace Theater. Dylan will surely be singing about the good old days of American blues and jazz—you’d love it –I’ll say hello to him for you too.

45: I have so many memories they almost cancel each other out. Perhaps the most important influences you had on my life will surprise you. First, you told me to join the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. This lead me to become a tutor in Freshman chemistry to a struggling Brother. All that extra time spent studying the hardest subject I'd ever taken helped me to pass Chem with straight A's which got me into medical school, all thanks to you! Second, being a Beta got me a blind date with a Theta, who rapidly became my wife. Third, fresh out of the Army in 1947 I was looking for a church to join. Nothing seemed to suit me. I told you about my problem and you suggested that I try going to the Unitarian Church in Madison. Their Minister, Kenneth Patton, had just what I was looking for so I joined the Church and have been a Unitarian ever since. Thank you Joe for giving me a Profession, a wife and a Church! What more could a Brother do. Love to you and peace, Harry, formerly Bud

46: My brother Joe, When Joe returned from WWII and re-entered the University of Wisconsin, he was a wonderful tutor to me. At the University he knew everybody, communists, socialists, chemists, physicists, ROTC men, fraternity people, artists, musicians, historians, philosophers, writers, athletes, .... all kinds. He introduced me to them all. My eighteen year old brain was amazed and that broadened my experience and helped make my days in Madison unforgettable and educational beyond the usual class work. Joe was an avid reader and he educated me by explaining what he learned through reading. So Joe, thanks for all you taught me and for your many kindnesses to me and to my family. A thanks again for your attention during my recent hospitalization. Jim

47: Uncle Joe co-officiated when Sally and I were wed in Wilmette in March 1975. In this way he added an special family aspect to our watershed moment. His presence and participation touched Sally's heart very much and so touched mine too. I do not however remember exactly he said, but I remember thinking that it was thoroughly apt. Perhaps I'll be able to locate an audio-tape of the ceremony and tell (or remind) the family just what it was. Before then and certainly afterward I was repeatedly impressed by Joe's wide range of interests and continuing willingness to take up new challenges (such as becoming a minister or learning French for fun). What a guy! Wade Freeman | Dear Uncle Joe, I really enjoyed getting to know you while playing cards at the Family Reunion in Colorado & later on hearing about the jobs you've had. I Love you, Andy

48: Hi Joe, It's really hard to be saying these words to you now, so many years after our lives became intertwined, back when we were all so very, very young. I was awestruck by you, you know, a Big Man On Campus-- a BMOC, remember?--the guy who wrote the Column, with your dashing self right up there in a photo in every single issue of The Cardinal, the U.W. campus paper, holding your Sherlock Holmes-style pipe. When I met your brother I couldn't believe my luck! Here was this adorable pre-med student whom I cottoned to at once, & the BMOC turned out to be his very own BROTHER! It was probably a combination of being infatuated with Harry plus being awestruck by you that put the clincher on Harry's & my marriage in Dec. of 1947. What a family. I was so lucky. All these years later that is so vivid. So important. As say goodbye now, I have another picture in my mind. I see you, in a sunny green field. You're young again, and maybe that's a pipe in your mouth again, too. You're grinning. In one hand you're holding a staff, as you stride along. Actually it's more than likely an Aikido stick, perhaps. And there, coming toward you, with her hair & her skirt blowing in the wind, comes Patricia. She's laughing! She's so glad to see you! She's been waiting, & now you two will have so much catching up to do. It's a happy/sad time. We miss you here, but it's lovely to imagine you there, with her. So much love, Joe. Bon voyage. Lu

49: Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? Joseph Potter Miller – rocket scientist, priest, aikido master, lover of literature, father, husband, brother, grandfather, friend and my uncle – you will be greatly missed. Valerie | Joe, Thank you for a special memory when you were in your hospital bed and had difficulty speaking, yet you called for your prayer book. I remember you licked your finger and flipped through the pages and pointed to The Offices of Instruction. Having Geoff read, you took Hunter through reciting the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer and the Apostle's Creed. It was as if you were getting one final lick in -- one last holy ritual. Love, Holly

50: I remember coming to SanBernadino and among other things I enjoyed about being with Uncle Joe and Aunt Doe, I remember when we went to Disneyland! I love you Uncle Joe, Katie | When I think about Uncle Joe, many great things come to mind. The one that sticks out the most is probably my very first memory of him. It was years and years ago at a family reunion in Estes Park. I was probably only five or six at this time, and was having fun playing with my cousins my age, especially Taylor and Nick. Little Evan was a newborn baby and so cute! I remember everyone in the family sitting around the big room at the main cottage and Uncle Joe was front and center (and in my memory wearing white robes) accompanied by Helen and Jon who were holding Evan. To date I'm not quite sure what was happening or why Nick was hysterically crying, but that image of Uncle Joe, standing before all of us has stuck in my mind forever. Much Love Lynn

51: He's Gone Monday, November 23, 2009 at 7:52pm Yep, that's what the email said, I knew without even opening it, 4:15 California time is when another angel took his place among all the other who went before him. Now he's gone, now he's gone Lord he's gone, he's gone. Like a steam locomotive, rollin' down the track He's gone, gone, nothin's gonna bring him back...He's gone. Goin' where: the wind don't blow so strange, the water tastes like wine, the climate suits his clothes and those chilly winds don't blow.... Uncle Joe, you will be missed and you will always be loved. Claire

52: I remember at the last Family reunion Kerry was still little and I remember her loving to sit on her grandpa Joe's lap. I remember she was snuggling up to him resting her head on his shoulder. Family reunions can be pretty overwhelming, (especially Miller ones) with all the people around and meeting so many people.. I remember her just going over to sit on her Grandpa's lap when things were kinda crazy, or to just take a break. She may have gone to sleep on his shoulder, she was so happy to see her Grandpa, someone she actually knew, and she really relied on him to offer her comfort during the time of all the new people. I think she liked walking with someone who wasn't moving very fast and then sitting with someone when everyone else was running around and moving very fast. She just liked to stay where she could just be, not have to worry about anyone coming to bother her, watching from the sidelines when things got wild or at first when she didn't know a lot of people. I too enjoyed having someone to talk to when I was tired of running around or going off some place and just needed a break from all the excitement. Always, could count on Uncle Joe and Kerry to be sitting around, her finding comfort in him and him being the Grandpa that he always loved being." Claire

53: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY GRANDPA!!!! Thanks for the best wishes Love, Nick and Andrea | Thinking of you zio. Love from the east coast, Aaron | J Hi Uncle Joe, look forward to scanned photos. It will be good to get them in the computer for longevity's sake. Judy Johnson | Hi Uncle Joe, How are you? I would love to see you! Love, Tish | Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!!! I hope you get lots of hugs and love today. Mark | Happy Birthday From All of Us! See you Sunday. Holly | Tish, your Aunt Doris is being very sweet today. Joe | Holly, thanks for making these twilight years filled with the joy of knowing Kerry Joe. | Happy Birthday to your wonderful and beautiful wife. You have been a lucky, lucky guy to be married to her all of these years. Mark | Sending you my love and prayers from Chicago. Claire

54: Before turning his focus to engineering his ambition was to be a writer. He wrote a weekly column for the University of Wisconsin's "The Cardinal".

56: Dinner at 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro

58: Dear Miller Family, Thank you for all your love & support. We will miss Joe very much but are always with you in the spirit. Love Always, Joe, Sarah, Indi Anna Miller oxoxox It was many years ago at St. Francis that Joe was a guest preacher. He came down that long center aisle and breathed on us, speaking about forgiveness. II had never seen anyone depart from speaking unmovingly from the pulpit in that venue before. His words were special and memorable. It was one of those few special sermons that stay vividly in the memory bank as a gift from Joe to us. Amen. Vicki

59: I found Father Joe to be a inspiration to me & my seminary studies. Connie Walton Dear Doris & Family We remember you all across the street. We had fun and you were great neighbors. God Bless. Love, Russ, Nancy, RJ & Liz Salingers Father Joe & My Friend He & Doris would come over for a DOK event & he'd relax in the pool - what great freedom he'd say, Jacuzzi Time. He was relaxed and glowed for the rest of the time. Cherish many memories. Earlene

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