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Josiah Kindergarten

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1: First day of School! Homeschooling with Mom September 6, 2011

2: Our Schedule | 7:45-8:00 Bible Study 8:00-8:20 Breakfast 8:20-8:40 Piano practice 8:40-9:00 Character Study 9:00-9:05 Bible Verse 9:05-9:10 Calendar | 9:10-9:15 Number of week 9:15-9:25 Add/Subtract 9:25-9:30 Letter of week 9:30-9:45 Writing 9:45-10:00 Reading | Monday - Thursday | Josiah being silly! | This schedule lasted about a month. We began to be flexible and do school when it worked for us.

3: Homeschooling on Fridays is going to be a little different. We'll do activities such as cooking, crafts and a service project. This week, Josiah had his first service project. He helped Auntie Melissa clean out the girl's room. Josiah did an excellent job! He worked hard and never complained. He often asked Auntie what he could do next. I was so proud of him! | Serving Auntie Melissa | Sept. 8th

4: Serving Ms. Lindsey | We cleaned up Lindsey's side and back patios. Josiah helped a lot by throwing leaves away and sweeping. It was a hot day, but he did a wonderful job! | Josiah took this picture of me. | Taking a break. | Sept. 14th

5: Tree Project | Making a human tree. | Coloring a picture of a tree. | Listening to Joy & Traci. talk about trees. | Sept. 15th | The kids found their own tree and observed two things about it. Then they listened to Joy & Traci teach about trees and how God made them. They also learned that as trees planted by water grow, we too as Christians can grow in knowing God. We can pray, read our bible and be around people who follow God.

6: Getting to know my sister! | Josiah interviewed Meghan: *When is your Birthday? Jan. 16, 2009 *How old are you? 2 *What do you like to play with? Babies and my kitchen *Who are your friends? Haley, Levi and Jackson *What are your favorite colors? Pink and purple *What are your favorite shows? 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' and 'Word World' *What do you like to play with me? Instruments, hiding, and babies | Josiah helping me think of questions to ask Meghan. | Asking her questions. | Whispering to her that she's '2' because she couldn't remember. | She seemed to really enjoy this time together.

7: Get to know me: | About Me: *When were you born? April 12, 2006 *How old are you? 5 *What does Josiah mean? Fire of the Lord *What does Michael mean? Who is like God? *Who else has your middle name? Papa & Dad *On February 5, '11 what big decision did you make? I asked Jesus into my heart *What is your favorite color? Blue *What do you like to play? DS, video games, games on the computer, wrestling & baseball with Dad, and board games & cards with Mom *What are some of your favorite books to read? 'Oh, were they ever happy', 'A monster at the end of this book' and my Bible devotional *Who are some of your friends? Caleb, Hannah, Haley, Ben, Olivia & Katie *What are some of your favorite shows/movies? 'Olivia', 'Toy Story' and 'Tangled' | Pictures of Meghan during her video camera interview. | Josiah took these pictures! | Josiah doing his video camera interview. | Both interviews on Sept. 18th

8: Serving Ms. Sam | Janet and Jill joined us all as we cleaned Ms. Sam's house. She was in the hospital recovering from having her baby, Jude. We cleaned her house top to bottom! | Sept. 20th

9: The Aquarium of the Pacific | We saw a lot of sea life. We even got to touch some. The kids had a blast! | Sept. 21st

10: Me & my Mom | Making tacos together, then enjoying eating them. | Mom, showing us pictures of when she was a little girl. | Sept. 26th

11: She taught me how to play Jenga. I lost! | Mom loves to take pictures, and is teaching me how to. I took these of Dad & Meghan, and Riley. | My mom told me about herself as we ate tacos: *Her birthday is March 29, 1981 in Escondido, California. *She has 1 sister. *She had dogs, ducks & hamsters growing up; her favorite was the hamster. *Some games she played with her family were 'Uno', 'Life' & 'Candy Land'. *On vacations with her family, they would go camping a lot. *She didn't like math, but enjoyed writing. *Some things she liked to do was play the piano, acting in drama class & being a cheerleader. *One of her favorite meals her mom made was tacos. *She had 2 fun jobs: working at 'The Storm' baseball games & at Disneyland. *She asked Jesus into her heart as a little girl. *Now, she really enjoys taking pictures, scrapbooking & playing games.

12: Serving Ms. Joy & Ms. Emily | Josiah & I cleaned Joy's entry way. We pretended we were Superheroes & were attacking the dirt. It was fun seeing how clean we could get it. | Sept. 28th | Josiah & Emily vacuumed her van. It turned out great! | Oct. 4th

13: Serving Ms. Cindy & Ms. Niki | Oct. 21st | Oct. 18th | We pulled weeds, trimmed bushes, raked & swept. | He took this picture of me! | Pulling weeds. | Trimming bushes. | Josiah & Isaac washed 3 cars! | Josiah went to serve them but they ended up serving me by washing my car too! | Isaac said Josiah worked really hard and didn't complain.

14: Dad took him to play baseball. He loved playing sports growing up & so does Josiah! | Looking at pictures of our vacation at Sequoia National Park a few years ago. That was Dad's favorite family vacation spot as a kid.

15: About my Dad: *His birthday is Feb. 25th, 1981 in Bellflower, California. *My Dad has 3 sisters & 1 brother. *He wanted to be a soccer player when he grew up. When he was older, he wanted to do something with music. *His favorite family vacations were when they went to 'Sequoia National Park' together. *His favorite subject in school was History. *Growing up he played soccer, baseball, basketball & learned to play the piano. *He really liked to play capture the flag with his friends. *The chore he did not like was picking up after the dogs. He liked mowing the lawn. *The meal he liked to eat was chicken pot pie. He really liked his Grandma's German dessert,'Kooka' *With his family, he liked playing games. *He asked Jesus into his heart before age 7. *Now, Daddy likes playing music; the piano & bass guitar. He likes watching Laker Games on tv, and playing poker with his friends. | Just me & my Dad! | Sept. 29th | Digging into his smiley face pancakes. Just the way Dad liked them when he was little. | Dad got him an 'It's-It' ice cream sandwich. It was his favorite growing up!

16: Papa & Josiah | What Josiah learned about Papa: *He was born November 15, 1948 in Springfield, Missouri. *He has 2 brothers and 1 sister. *Papa wanted to be a Missionary in Russia (someone who goes to a foreign country & tells people about Jesus). *His favorite family vacations were taking his kids to Oregon to visit their Grandparents. Now he likes going on cruises with Nana. *His favorite subject in school was History. He did not like math, spelling, language or science. *Papa loved Wood-working class in school. *As a kid, he loved going on walks, climbing and playing basketball. *Games he loved playing were tag, rolling down big hills, and pretending to be a soldier. As an older kid, he liked to play 'Risk' and 'Monopoly'. *He did not like his chores: cleaning his room, taking out the trash & washing the dishes. He did like mowing the lawn, though. *His favorite meals his mom made were: Navy beans & cornbread, lasagna, peach & blackberry pie, peach cobbler, and gingerbread cake w/ lemon sauce. *His family liked to play games, go walking, climb hills, and pick berries. *He asked Jesus into his heart when he was 9. He got baptized that same year. *His hobby name is making things with wood. | Interviewing him | Making a card holder | Oct. 2nd | Mommy painted his name, a smiley face, cross, baseball bat & ball on it...per Josiah's request!

17: Grandpa & Me | Oct. 15th | About my Grandpa: *He was born February 13, 1956 in Riverside, California. *He has 3 sisters *When he was little he wanted to be a Doctor, but then he grew up and wanted to be a Plumber. *His favorite family vacation was camping in Utah & seeing Zion National Park. He loved going hunting with his Dad too. *In school, he liked P.E. & Math. He did not like History & Government. *He liked Drama class because of the girls in it. He played soccer, track & he wrestled for one year. *The games he liked were 'Chutes & Ladders', 'Rummy', & 'Hide & Go Seek'. He liked to go swimming & shoot birds with his BB Gun. *His chores were to take out the trash, pick up the dog poop, pick up apricots & peaches that fell off the tree, mow the lawn & pull weeds. *T-bone steak and Spaghetti & Meatballs were his favorite meals his mom would cook. *For fun his family liked to watch movies & laugh together. *He asked Jesus into his heart when he was 17. *His favorite activities now are playing with Josiah & Meghan, going to the movies with Grammy, going camping and hunting. | Making an address sign | Grandpa likes to joke around. He said 'pull my finger' and made a toot sound. He gave me a 'toot' maker and we laughed a lot! | Interviewing Grandpa! | The paint smelled so Grandpa painted it alone. | Finished!

18: Me & Nana | Oct. 16th | Josiah interviewed her while baking. | What I learned about Nana: *She was born November 3, 1949 in Evansville, Indiana. *She has 1 brother & 1 sister. *When Nana began to grow older, she wanted to work in an office because she liked typing. *Her favorite family vacations were going to Sequoia National Park. *She did not like History in school. *Her favorite meal her Mom would make was meatloaf. She also loved when she would fry egg yokes for her. *Nana didn't play sports growing up. She loved singing, though. *She liked playing the game 'Chutes & Ladders'. *For chores, she had to keep her room cleaned and help her Dad in his rose garden. *With her family, she liked to work in the yard. *She asked Jesus into her heart around age 11 at 'Hume Lake' camp. *The hobbies she loves now are crocheting & reading. | All done and decorated so fun! | He kept wanting to make shapes that Meghan would like. | He just wanted to eat them! | Adding food coloring to the homemade icing.

19: Mid-Term Family Tree Project | So proud of the finished product! He even wrote one thing he remembered about each person he interviewed. | Josiah filled out these documents with information he knew from those he already interviewed. | Family Tree: Where he came from. | Map of USA: Where each person was born. | Timeline: When they were born. | Oct. 20th

20: Texas Park Day | The Cropps Hardemans, McSpaddens & Williams Families. | Jordyn & Jenica Moore. | While on our family road trip to Texas, some of the Re-Think families met us at a park.It was wonderful to get to meet them and put faces to names. The kids had a lot of fun playing together. We're so grateful for the time we spent with them! | Oct. 30th

21: 'Thankful' Tree | We made a Thankful Tree! I made the trunk & branches. Josiah helped me by cutting out the leaves. He picked those colors himself. Then he & I wrote words on the leaves of things we're grateful to God for. We hung it on our wall as a reminder of all God has given us. | Nov. 17th

22: Serving Ms. Carlene & Ms. Aimee | Josiah and I helped Carlene organize her balloons. | Dec. 2nd

23: Interviewing Great Grandpa & Great Grandma | Dec. 4th | About Great Grandpa Washam: | About Great Grandma Washam: | *He was born on Oct. 8, 1927 in Modesto, Ca. *He has 2 sisters. *When he was younger, he wanted to be a Firefighter. *He loved going to Yosemite National Park & Yellowstone national Park for vacations. *In school, he liked geography, history, science and some math. He did not like English. *For sports, he played basketball & ran track. *His hobbies were hunting & fishing. *When he was little, he liked playing 'Hide & Seek', 'Red Rover', and 'Anti-Over'. *For chores, he liked getting the cows & driving them up to the barn. He also had to carry in wood for his mom to cook with. He did not like milking the cows. *He loved when his mom made corn on the cob, and fried ham & eggs with potatoes and onions. He also liked cornbread & milk and popcorn. *his family liked to eat, sing, travel & go to church together. *On April 19, 1938 he asked Jesus into his heart. *Now, he likes writing poems & short stories. | *She was born on April 30, 1929 in Ozark, Missouri. *She was 3 brothers & 1 sister. *When she was younger, she wanted to be a teacher. *They did not go on vacations as a family because they lived on a farm and couldn't leave the animals behind. *Her favorite subject in school was math. She did not like spelling and reading. *She did not play any sports. But she did play with her horses and played house with her friends. *Growing up, she played 'Anti-Over', 'Hid & Seek', 'Hopscotch' and 'Marbles'. *For chores, she had to carry in wood for cooking and milking the cows. *Her favorite meal her mom would cook was fried chicken, chicken & dumplings, & ham and eggs. *As a family, they liked milking the cows together & tending the farm. *Between the age of 8-10, she asked Jesus into her heart. *The hobbies she loves now are reading & crocheting. | Josiah & Meghan had a great time with them!

24: Interview with Grammy! | About my Grammy: | *She was born on April 19, 1958 in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. *She has 1 brother & 2 sisters *When she was younger, she wanted to be a professional baseball players, a Kindergarten teacher or an Airline Stewardess. *Some of her favorite family vacations were going to Disneyland & Sea World, and going to North Carolina to visit family. *She liked Math, Spelling & English. She did not like History or Science. *In school, she liked running track & jumping hurdles. She sang in the choir at school, took accordion lessons & was in a few church plays. *For fun, she liked playing Barbies, 'Uno', 'Jacks', and 'Freeze Tag'. *Her family chores included cleaning her room, doing the dishes with her sisters, cleaning bathrooms, dusting & mopping. *The meal she loved the most that her mom made was pinto beans, cornbread, turnips & salmon patties. She also loved her fried apple pies & graham cracker cake. *As a family, they lied watching tv & having ice cream every night. She sang with her mom & sister in a gospel group called, 'The Evangelaires'. *She asked Jesus into her heart at age 9. *Now, she likes crocheting, going to the movies , dance lessons & on cruises with Grandpa, and going to Disneyland with Josiah & Meghan. | Meghan got involved too! | Interviewing Grammy! | Making smoothies. | Grammy playing the accordion and trying to teach Josiah. | Dec. 8th

25: Interviewing Great Grandma Jennie! | About Great Grandma Jennie: | *She was born on Feb. 21, 1937 in Los Angeles, CA. *She has 1 brother. *When she was younger, she wanted to be a bookkeeper. *Her favorite family vacations was going camping at the beach. She didn't go swimming she she still can't swim. *In school, she liked accounting, but not History. *She was in the cheer club & on a bowling team. She liked watching basketball games, but didn't play. *Growing up, she liked playing kickball & going bike riding. *Her family chore was having to kill & skin the rabbits before they'd cook and eat them. *Her favorite meal her mom would cook was Spaghetti. *As a family, they would go camping & visit people. *We're not sure when she's asked Jesus into her heart, but have been told she has. *now, she likes knitting, shopping &spending time with her family. | Interviewing her! | Dec. 8th

26: Learning about my Great Grandpa Jim! | Great Grandpa Jim: | *He was born on Sept. 26, 1932 in Carbondale, Illinois. *He has 2 brothers. *When he was younger, he didn't think of what he wanted to be when he grew up because they were poor. *His family was too poor to take vacations. *They did not own a car. *Growing up, he was good at math, but really was best at doing things with his hands. He quit school at age 16 to go to work at a Coca Cola factory to help out his family. He was the first one to own a car in his family. He taught his mom how to drive. *He was really good at playing softball. *Some of his favorite games to play were 'Hide & Seek', 'Keep Away' and 'Street Football'. *His family chores were washing dishes, carrying water into the house once a week for washing dishes & bathing (they had no indoor plumbing). *His favorite meal his mom would cook was fried chicken. *Their only family activity was going to church. *When he was 19, he enlisted into the Air Force and was stationed in Riverside. *He asked Jesus into his heart when he was 42 (though his Dad was a pastor). *The things he likes to do now are practice shooting, making his own bullets, ballroom dancing, doing magic shows & traveling. | Dec. 31st | Interviewing him. | They got Josiah a nerf gun. He and Meghan loved it!

27: Great Grandpa showing him pictures of the houses he grew up in (shown above). | Playing baseball with together. Great Grandpa Jim used to love playing softball as a kid, and was good at it! | Teaching Josiah a Magic Trick. He does magic shows for kids at churches. | Great Grandpa Jim with his 2 kids, 5 grandkids, 7 great grandkids & 2 on the way. | 4 generations!

28: Josiah's Family Tree Final! | Working hard! | All finished! | For his final, he filled in the names of the other family members he interviewed since the Mid-term. The 'Family Tree', 'Where they were born' and the time line of 'When they were born' were the projects he did. It is fun to see the poster board all completed! Josiah did a great job on it! | Dec. 8th

29: Serving Ms. Janet | Helping Janet with some yard work. | The kids did great! | She let them pick some lemons to take home. | Jan. 19th

30: Valentine's Day Learning | Sam explaining how they're going to graph the candy hearts based on color & amount. | They all participated and did a great job.

31: They went on a hunt around the house for paper hearts with words from Heart Attitude #1 on them. | Then they worked together to put the verse in the right order. | What a fun learning day! They really helped each other out! | They even decorated heart cookies to pass out to other friends at the Chic-Fil-A day we were going to later. They showed how to put others above themselves.

32: Noah's Ark Exhibit! | Feb. 23rd

33: Papa & Nana took the kids here with some other Homeschooling families.

34: Mid-term Winter 2012 | Josiah wrote out 'The Great Commandment', HA #1 and HA #2. It was a lot of writing, but he did great! | Holding up his memory verse cards. | His Heart Attitude Chart. He gets a sticker when we catch him doing the HA's. | March 24th

35: Easter Party! | April 6th | Hunting for Easter eggs. | Doing a craft. | Meghan making 'resurrection bread'. | Mom helping kids with the bread. | Josiah & Natalie showing their craft. | Traci read the story of what Easter is about, while having the kids open resurrection eggs. We had several guests there. This was a great event!

36: Teamwork! | Working together to fill eggs with candy for the Easter Party. | Working together to hide eggs for Dad & mom to find. | Josiah teaching Meghan to climb something at the park. | Unloading the dishwasher together. | The 2nd semester of our 'Re-Think' project, we worked on 'Teamwork'. The kids did things together as a team.

37: Playing computer games. | Josiah & Daddy frying eggs. | Helping Mommy give Aubrey a bath. | Doing a puzzle together.

38: 'Teamwork' Final Project! | Putting the pictures in the book. | Writing what he is doing in the picture. | Showing Meghan his book. | Finished with the Teamwork project!

39: What Josiah learned in Kindergarten! | *He can write the alphabet, all upper case & lower case letters. *He learned which letters are vowels. *Josiah is able to read at a 2nd grade level. *Can say the days of the week, months of the year & seasons. *He can tell me what the date is. *He learned about character qualities: obedience & patience. *Can write numbers 0-10. *Is doing some math (simple adding & subtracting). *He can spell his entire name. *Josiah knows the difference between a sentence that requires a period, question mark or exclamation mark. *Can count by 5's & 10's up to 100. *He can write a small sentence that I give him. *He learned his address & phone number. *Some chores he began this year: make his bed, get dressed, read his Bible, put away his laundry, set & clear the table, empty the trash, take a shower & unload the dishwasher. *He did the 'Re-Think' projects on his Family Tree and Teamwork. *He learned what it means to serve people by doing small projects at their home. *Josiah knows how to tell time on a clock. *Here are the Bible verses he learned: Col. 3:20, Gal. 6:9, Jer. 32:17, Phil. 4:13, Gen. 50:20, Luke 22:42, Isaiah 40:29 & 31, 1 Sam. 14:6, Matt. 22:37-39, Phil. 2:4 and Eph. 4:25. ~Kindergarten was a great experience for Josiah and I. I am so proud of him and all he learned this year! | Finished Kindergarten May 25th, 2012.

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