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Kimberly Dianne's History

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S: The Tapestry of Our Lives

FC: The Tapestry of Our Lives | "You are a part of our tapestry that was torn. Can we mend it together? The tapestry will always be imperfect, never bright or new, but it can be mended, with the hues softened by time." Written by Deanna to Kimberly in a letter, 1994

1: My Dear, Dear Family, After returning to Washington for the first time since my birth, and after having had the honor of meeting all of you, I decided it would be fun to give you all a thank you gift that comes from my heart. So, I spent untold hours putting together this book. I am hopeful that it will show you a chronological sequence of my life, via pictures, before we met. My wish is that you will be able to see some of the beautiful life that you gave me, by placing me up for adoption. I have to admit, since not all of the pictures had dates on them I had to utilize my hairstyle at the time to put them in the correct chronological order (hee-hee). I also wanted to share some of my adopted family's pictures, as well as some of their history. I was so blessed to be a part of their lives. If it had not been for the heartache you experienced by placing me up for adoption I would never have been so fortunate to now have two sets of families that love me. I know there has been pain, heartache and tears shed all around but I couldn't imagine my life any other way and am so incredibly lucky to begin a new chapter with all of you. How poetic to end the book with the newest members of my family. I love all of you and am so looking forward to getting to know each of you even better. Thank you for being so gracious as to allow me to be a part of your lives after all these years. God has truly blessed me and is healing my heart through this process. I pray He brings the same healing and blessings to yours. Hugs, Kisses and LOTS of love, Kimberly Dianne

2: Just home from the hospital | Just home, eyes open | Me and Dad | Uncle Hugh, Aunt Donna (Mom's oldest sibling), Kevin, Shug (our dog) and I (less than 1 month old) | 6 months | Aunt Nylla and I, looks like I'm still an infant (can tell by the hair :) | Newborn to Eight Months Old | I have a picture, this same pose, of my Dad and Sydney, when she was 2 weeks old...not even a planned photo op---pretty special :) | Aunt Nylla (my mom's twin sister) and I, 7 months | SOME INTERESTING HISTORY FACTS: My dad worked for Boeing as a draftsman in the Commercial Aircraft division in the Renton Plant. His division worked on the 707, 4 engine plane (very few flying now) in the cabin control group. They were responsible for where the pilots and navigator sat. Prior to the age of 3 months, he was stationed back in White Sands Missile range in New Mexico. My parents petitioned the courts to leave Washington. We moved to Las Cruces, NM

3: My Dad, Irving | My mom, Twylla | My ornery, but very loving brother, Kevin (2 years older) | Mom and I, 5 months old | Eight Months | Dad and I, eight months | Hmmm...not sure what I was attempting, but there"s ornery Kevin, letting me flounder | While living in Washington, we lived in a mobile home park just outside Renton and just past a golf course. My dad recalls the road ran alongside a river and the golf course was on the other side of the road. He said they could see Mt. Ranier on a clear day. The mobile home park was on the right-hand side as you're driving from Renton for just a few miles. My dad said it was one of the most special and happiest times in their marriage. He said they were so blessed. After adopting me and knowing how God had blessed their lives, my dad made his profession of faith and was baptized in a small Baptist Church in Renton. | Bath time, 5 months old, as you can see the smiles started at a young, young age

4: Nine Months to One Year Old | Me (9 months), Kevin, Dad and Mom in Middletown, New York visiting Dad's family | Me (9 months), My Grandpa (Dad's father), Kevin | My mom, Me (9 months), Kevin, My Dad | Grandma (my Mom's mother), Kevin, Mom, me, Dad and Shug | Me (9 months) and Grandma (my Mom's mother) | started walking at 10 months | Kevin and I (10 months) | YAY! Birthday cake! One year old

5: Year One | Dad's birthday, November 15th so I was just over a year old | My Second Christmas | Me (1 yr) and Kevin | My mom made my outfit | Aren't I just too cute for words? | Just hanging out in the orange chair (we had lots of orange furniture back then :)

6: Blowing out the candles on my 2nd birthday cake, with help from Mom, Dad (behind) and Kevin (can see part of his head) | Dad, Mom and new baby doll. | Let me get this present open!!!! Surrounded by cousins | 3rd Christmas, I was two. Surrounded by my cousins in New Mexico (mom's family) | Me, my cousin Shawn and my Mom. This was a baby doll birthday; note the doll cribs in top picture. Kevin nowhere to be seen now; he must have lost interest when he saw baby dolls :) | Easter, me and my cousin Shawn (the oldest daughter of my Mom's twin sister). My mom made my Easter dress. | Year Two

7: Years Three and Four | Three years old. Another dress made by Mom. | Neighbor boy, me (3 years old) and cousin Melanie | Kevin and I (4 years) | My cousin, Melanie (red head and youngest daughter of my Mom's twin sister) and I (4 years old)

8: me (5 years old) in middle and friends on either side, Norman, OK | Grandma and Grandpa (my mom's parents from NM), Kevin and I (5 yrs), taken in front of our house in Norman, OK | My first tricycle and I (5 years old) Norman, OK | 1st day of kindergarten, Norman, OK | Kevin and I (5 yrs. old), we must have used all the snow in the Norman yard, not much left to work with | 5 yrs with our new puppy, DeeDee (this may be the only picture you see of her with a white mouth (you'll see) Norman, OK | Christmas in Norman, 5 years | 1st grade, teacher: Mrs. Price. I was the teacher's pet :) This was my first year of school in Midwest City | SOME INTERESTING FACTS Las Cruces, New Mexico, where we lived, is my Mom's home town. She has a sister 10 years older, Donna and a brother 5 years older, Jerry as well as her twin, Nylla. Most of her family still lives in New Mexico. My Uncle Jerry has passed away. We lived there until I was almost 5. My dad attended the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces on the GI Bill. Once he received his bachelors degree, we moved to Norman, Oklahoma so that he could continue his education and receive his masters degree in City Planning and Zoning. The pictures you see here are when we lived in Norman, Oklahoma. When I was 6 years old, right before 1st grade, we moved to Midwest City, Oklahoma where my dad took a job as Assistant City Planner. We stayed in Midwest City until the year after I graduated from high school. He became City Planner, Assistant City Manager and then City Manager. | Years five and six

9: 2nd grade picture, teacher: Ms. Harper and yes, I cut my bangs all by myself. You should have seen them before they grew to this length | Christmas at 7 years old | My sister Darcie was born, I was actually 6 1/2 when she was born--but no room on other page | 3rd grade picture, teacher: Mrs. Sheets Mom made this dress also | My Uncle Jim (Nylla's husband, his parents in Arkansas, my cousins Shawn and Melanie, and I (7 yrs, in front) | Kevin and I; Not sure what was going on, just know we had lots of orange furniture | Easter Egg Hunting, 7 yrs UMMM--hiding it in the cactus-HAD to be my brother hiding that one | The family, I was 8 | Seven and Eight

10: 10th birthday, me in front with friend | Family at La Posta, our absolutely favorite Mexican restaurant close to Las Cruces, NM. We still eat there every time we visit New Mexico. YUMMY! My favorite as a kid was rolled tacos and sopapillas! Oh, and the huge parrots and fish aquariums in the lobby waiting area :) | 4th grade picture, teacher: Mrs. Harrison. I'm not sure where my 5th grade picture is but my teacher's name was Mr. Terry | Christmas, 9 years old | Nine and Ten | Darcie and I in the copper mine in North Central, New Mexico | These bottom three are from our family's trip to Middletown, NY to visit my dad's parents, his brother (Keith), his sister (Nonnie) and my cousins

11: 12 years old. Kevin thought he was so cool, that collar and that chain. I think there is even a whisper of a mustache | 6th grade picture; teacher: Mr. Greer---ahh, teacher's pet again :) Not sure what happened to my 7ths grade picture--but I believe that was the year that I hated it so much I had retakes--then I hated the retakes so much that I never gave them to my mother and just threw them away. OOPS | Gotta love the outfit, suspenders, tie and all. If you cannot tell the collar even had ruffles and the pants were brown corduroy WOW! | The family, 11 years old. Yes, mom made the matching dresses as well as her dress and Kevin's wild shirt | Eleven and Twelve

12: 8th grade, 13 years | Kevin, Darcie and I (15 years) | 14 years old, with friends | 11th grade, 16 years | Teen Years Pictures were scarcer, probably because I was too cool to be photographed. After I graduated from high school my dad accepted a position in Tulsa, OK. We moved and they have lived in the same house ever since. | 15 years old, Kevin had to have surgery on both of his ankles and, therefore, ended up in a wheelchair temporarily. Boy, did he use the sympathy card with the ladies. I tease him relentlessly because he is ornery, but love him dearly. | 17 years old | 18 years old. Sewing something. I guess I was trying to get the seamstress abilities my mom had;however, they never materialized. | The puppy (Duchess) and kitty (Tiggy) that "followed" me home--not at the same time of course 19 years old. | My 1st car, 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo, burgundy interior

13: 17 years old | My mom and her dad, Kevin and I (18 years). This was the time Grandma and Grandpa visited from New Mexico. Grandma was visiting friends, I invited Grandpa to go to Target with me. We had a blast, even though we were only gone about 30 minutes (popcorn, ICEEs, etc.). After being back home for about 2 hours, Grandma rings the doorbell. She is mad as a hornet---oooweee, I'd never seen her that mad. We found out she had been sitting in the hot backyard for the last 2 hours. She came home during the short time we were gone, then went to the back yard to wait for us. She never heard us come home and we never thought to look for her outback. To this day I am not sure how many times she repeated the phrase, "Well, I NEVER....." I bet Grandpa slept in the doghouse that night. It took a couple of years before she would laugh with us about it. All before the time of cell phones . | Dad, Darcie, me (18), Kevin and dirty mouth dog, DeeDee | Kevin, Mom, Darcie and her cat, Scooter (that "followed" her home), me (18) and dirty mouth dog, DeeDee. Ditto in this picture, just without Mom :) | Kevin, Grandma (Dad's mom, visiting from New York for my graduation), Darcie, dirty mouth dog DeeDee and I (17). This is the house I grew up in Midwest City, Oklahoma | I told you that was the only time you'd see DeeDee with a white mouth. Couldn't find another one!

14: 1st Christmas in Tulsa House (18 years) | My parent's home in Tulsa, OK. My dad still lives there. My dad moved to Tulsa first and started his job, I moved 2nd when the college semester started, my sister and mom moved up after the house in Midwest City sold, my brother was all grown and living on his own--he stayed behind :( I moved to Tulsa with my family when I was 18; however, my boyfriend still lived in the Midwest City area; and of course, I didn't think I could possibly live that far away from him (2 whole hours). So, when I was almost 19, I moved back to Midwest City and lived with my best friend, Kim. I attended Rose State Junior College and worked at DelPaint. This was the year I got pregnant with Kelsey. AHH, see the trouble I get myself into. After her birth, I moved back to Tulsa with my parents. I attended Tulsa Junior College and worked at Mervyn's and Dillards Department Stores. I met Sydney's dad (Matt) at Tulsa Junior College. Matt and I, at the age of 21, moved to Norman, Oklahoma to attend the University of Oklahoma where we both finished our Bachelors of Science in Business Administration; mine with a Marketing Major. While in Norman, I worked at Wal-Mart in the women's division. FYI, my first job was at Show Biz Pizza (like a Chucky Cheese); I also was a log ride attendant at Frontier City Amusement Park, and had a short career with Golden Corral. Upon graduating from college, I accepted a job in Austin, Texas with H.E.B. Grocery Company. After an intensive training program, I became a Service Director, then a General Merchandise Manager, then an Assistant Store Director. Sydney was born while we lived in Austin, TX. This was actually the time of my life when y'all found me; I was 28 years old when I received the phone call; ironically enough on August 5th which is my Mom's birthday. When Sydney was 1 1/2 years old, we made the decision to move back to the Tulsa area to be closer to both of our families. I was 29 at the time that Matt and I separated. Sydney and I moved back into the house above, with my parents. That was a very special and memorable time with my mom and dad, Peapaw and Meamaw. They were always there for me when I needed them, supporting and encouraging me through the toughest of times. | the day my mom and sister got to Tulsa, after selling house in Midwest City | 2nd Christmas in Tulsa, after Kelsey was born; I was 20 years old. | Twenty to Thirty

15: Proud Grandma and Proud Grandpa | Darcie's Wedding | Sydney's 1st birthday at the jumping place | 1st corn on the cobb | Darcie, Mom, Me (22) and Matt's Stepmother | Baby Shower my Mom threw for me (26 years) in Tulsa | Dad, Brooke (Kevin's youngest daughter), Cameron (Kevin's son), me with Kevin behind, Mom, Becky (Kevin's wife) and Cherlyn (Kevin's oldest daughter). I was 29. | Tiggy, that same kitty that followed me home all those years ago, welcoming Sydney home on her first entrance into our house in Austin

20: I have held onto these letters for SO long. I have the envelopes,letters, pictures and gifts I received from you all. I know how difficult these letters were to write, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness in either choosing to send one or your thoughtfulness in choosing not to send one you had written.I understand the angst in making these decisions. Please know they've had so much meaning to me over the years. I have read and reread them many times. If the video Cherie made ever turns up, I really want to see it!!! I'm honored to be able to share these with you again,now.

22: Thirty Forty | After Matt and I got divorced, I decided to get out of the retail industry due to the irregular hours. I wanted something that, as a single mother, would allow me to spend more time with Sydney. I got a job, at the age of 29, in the health care industry, which is the industry I remained in until I had the opportunity to stay at home with the girls. I did spend nine months, after a layoff in health care, selling office space-planning and design. The core responsibilities of all my jobs over the next many years were sales and marketing related; marketing the company's services to various referral sources in order to increase our volume of clients. Brookhaven Hospital--Account Executive. Inpatient Adult Psychiatric and Brain Injury Rehabilitation Interim Healthcare, Inc.--Director of Marketing Division. Home Health Care, Private Duty Nursing and Hospital/Facility Staffing MSI, Inc.--Account Executive. Herman Miller Office Systems (office cubicle space planning, design and all related office furniture that would go into such a cubicle space) Children's Medical Center--Director of Marketing. Inpatient and Outpatient Children's Psychiatric Hospital After we moved to Mississippi and Olyvia started school, I worked part-time for the Chamber of Commerce as the Marketing Coordinator, building relationships with current chamber members and recruiting for new chamber members. Now, I enjoy my girlies immensely and plan to go back to work someday at something that just "sings" KIM---who knows what yet, something artistic or design related??? Definitely, surrounded by lots of people I can interact with :) Aaron and I met while I was working for Interim Healthcare, Inc. He worked for one of the hospitals I tried to recruit for staffing needs. However, we did not start dating at that time. It was a couple of years later when a mutual friend "set us up". At the time we started dating, Sydney was 7, Brenyn was 3 and Olyvia was merely 1 1/2 years old. I was 33 and Aaron was 31---yes, I am married to a younger man. | Mom would fall asleep every time we watched a movie together; so jokesters that we are, we had to take a picture of her sleeping. | Sydney and I in mom and dad's front yard

23: Mom, Darcie, Sydney, Dad, Me and Chelsea (mom and dad's dog) | Nylla (Mom's Twin), Mom and I | Kevin and I | Sydney (the brownie scout) | Me, Sydney and my beautiful Mom | 6 months after we started dating. Aaron, Brenyn, Olyvia, Sydney, and I | My sweet, sentimental Dad, Sydney and I | My sweet girls Olyvia (2), Sydney (8) Brenyn (3)

24: Francis Fritz Joseph Frank and Katherine Susan Lockwood 08/31/1937 Circleville, NY | 1974 New Year"s Eve | 60th Anniversary | Aunt Nonnie, my Dad, my Grandma, Uncle Keith and my Grandpa

25: My Dad's Parents, Middletown, New York | The "Homestead" The house, was moved to this location in 1939, making it well over 100 years old. House where my dad and his siblings grew up Middletown, NY. Last picture of the tree before it was taken down so the city could widen the road | Dad, Nonnie and Keith

26: Irving Paul Frank, My Dad

28: My Aunt Nylla Sue, my Mom Twylla Lou, my Uncle Jerry Dennis and my Aunt Donna Frances | Merle Lorenzo and Lydia "Oneva" Womack and their children | Lydia Oneva Palmer lived in Altus, Oklahoma which was about 10 miles from Martha, Oklahoma where Merle Lorenzo Womack lived.

29: Nylla Sue, Donna Frances, Gerald (Jerry) Dennis, Twylla Lou, Oneva and Merle Womack | My Mom's Parents, Las Cruces, New Mexico | Grandma, my Mom, Grandpa

30: Twylla Lou Womack Frank 08/05/1943 - 06/29/2008 | Irving Paul Frank 11/15/1941 | Irving was stationed at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. He met Twylla about a year prior to their first date because she was dating a friend of his, Jim Moore. Although, Irving recalls there was no chemistry between himself and Twylla during that encounter. One evening, Jim decided to break up with Twylla. He had another date already scheduled for that same evening. Irving had the rare, but "lucky", opportunity to be with Jim when he went to Twylla's that fate-filled evening. Irving seized the opportunity because this time the chemistry sparked! He decided to ask Twylla out and the rest is our family history. Thank you, Jim!

33: My Beautiful Momma, Twylla Lou

34: Irving Paul and Twylla Lou pregnant with Kevin Dean

35: My brother, Kevin Dean

36: Kevin Dean married Becky Singleton, they have 3 grown children and live in Tulsa, OK | Brooke Clary Brooke is single and lives in Noble, OK | Cameron Cameron is engaged to be married and lives in Tulsa, OK | Cherlyn married Tom Edwards, they have 3 children and live in Dallas, TX area | Gavin, Audrey, Grant Tom and Cherlyn's kids | Kevin's Family: oldest daughter Cherlyn, Brooke, son Cameron, and wife Becky

37: Twylla Lou pregnant with Darcie Kay | My sister, Darcie Kay

39: Kylie Jay | Darcie Kay married Shane Anderson, they have 3 children and live in Oklahoma City, OK | Kaylen Renee | Connor Matthew, Connor bestowed me with the name Auntie Kim

40: Kimberly is married to Aaron Anothayanontha. We have 4 children: Two daughters from Kim: Kelsey Rae Tharp Hails Sydney Lee Stout Two Daughters from Aaron: Brenyn Alexie Anothayanontha Olyvia Christyne Anothayanontha | Just Married April 6, 2002 South Tulsa Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK | Brenyn, Sydney, Olyvia my Mom made their dresses, my wedding dress and all my bridesmaid dresses | My bridesmaids, left to right: Gina (mutual friend that set Aaron and I up), Jen (great friend of 13 years), and Tracy (my dearest friend of 17 years) | My Dad, putting the "something borrowed" lucky Indian Head Nickel in my shoe

41: Kelsey Rae Tharp married Sean Hails | "The New Look" of our Family in 2011 Aaron, Kim Olyvia, Brenyn, Sydney Sean, Kelsey We had these pictures taken when we met Kelsey and Sean for the first time. My sweet husband had the awesome idea! | My mom, taking the picture, told us all to make a silly face. You can tell Aaron and I were still dating because Sydney and I were the only ones that did so...I don't think the girls knew what to think and Aaron was impressing mom with a smile

42: Well, this is all I have thus far---BUT, I am SO excited about the idea of adding MANY, MANY, MANY more to our future albums.

43: Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and love!!! I love all of you VERY much!!! Kimberly Dianne

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