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Krafty Fun

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S: Alexandra E. Swales 3 Years Old

FC: Alexandra E. Swales | {February 2013 February 2014}

1: My Sweetest Big Girl, I have no words to describe my love for you or the amazement and awe I feel every time I look at you. You are my big girl, my brave girl, my silly, crazy, wild independent girl. Over the last year you have grown in so many ways I would need pages and pages to write about everything you have learned and all of the ways you have changed. But, despite all of these changes you are still the same stubborn, imaginative, amazing girl you have always been. This New Years Daddy and I were talking about our favorite part of the past year, and I told Daddy that my favorite part was watching the bond you and your sister have grow into this amazing, indescribable connection. The way you rush to her side when she gets hurt in order to comfort her, the way she reaches for your room the moment she wakes up from a nap, the way the two of you can laugh and play the silliest games together is something so special. You are very lucky to have such a unique connection. Yet, this special bond comes with such a great responsibility little one - you are the big sister and Grace wants to be just like you. It is your job to set a good example for her, to show her, to teach her, how to be amazing, special, wonderful, beautiful, just like you. I know the two of you will always watch out for each other and I feel so blessed that my daughters already have allies in the world. You are my light and I love you with all of my heart - from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes always and forever. Mommy

2: { Yee-Haw Cowgirl! }

4: Mommy and Auntie Katie worked hard on creating a fun cowboy/cowgirl party for you and Ryan. There was an Old Western town (complete with doors you could walk through and people to peek through) There were fun outfits for the guests to wear, pretend horses for riding, and yummy cowgirl food and drinks!

6: We traveled to Phoenix for you birthday.. While we were there you spent a lot of time with Nana, Uncle Philly, Auntie Katie, Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin.

8: Happy Valentines Day

9: On Valentines Day you, Daddy, and Grace went on a special "love" scavenger hunt!

10: Momma hugs, messy fun, tea party.

11: Running with the "Big Boys" in the woods, looking at the first signs of spring, playing with Grace, looking cool in the car.

13: Having fun! | { Children's museum, games with Grace, hikes with Aunt Meg and Uncle Justin }

14: Play Time | {You love to explore and be silly! }

15: { Having fun in the sun! } | {Family pictures, March}

17: Easter Cookie Baking You love to help Mommy bake - you're favorite thing to make is sugar cookies!

18: Happy Easter. In four short months you have turned into the most amazing big sister.

22: { Cause they are only that way for a while. } | Let them be little

24: You were playing on the stairs after Mommy told you not to, and you fell down them and hit your head really hard. You were sick to your stomach and had a huge bump so Mommy and Daddy brought you to the hospital. It was really scary for everyone, but we were so thankful that you were ok.

25: May

26: In May we went to Kansas City to visit the Wylam family. While we were there we went to the aquarium, a COLD kite festival, and a train restaurant. It was a fun trip visiting friends!

27: Kansas City

28: Your eyes sparkle when you are happy | You have such a serious, contemplative side ... | Hold on tight ... the merry-go-round at the zoo | Hugging your best friend Audrey - two peas in a pod

29: You are growing so fast .... | Your favorite breakfast is oatmeal with 1/2 a banana | You don't really have the patience for writing ... but we practice anyway ;) | If we could live outside, you would be so happy | WEEE you are fearless | Spring means ice cream ... most Friday nights Daddy would be home from work in time for a trip to the ice cream store! | Your "eww yuck" face

30: We spent time with Great Grandma (Gigi), and did a lot of snuggling with the baby chicks that had just hatched! | Grammy & Grampy's Farm

31: You helped Grampy make sausage, did art projects, and were a huge help with the chickens!

32: We visited Great Papa, went to the lilac festival, helped Grammy in her garden, and went fishing with Grampy.

33: Grammy and Mommy were going out to dinner when we received a phone call from Grampy - you had fallen off of a chair and hit your head. We went to the hospital for the second time in a five weeks so that you could get three staples in your head.

34: Summer Fun included swimming in your little pool, lots of playdough and art projects, swinging HIGHER at the park, and working in our garden

35: Strawberry Picking

36: Workin' at the Car Wash | You and Daddy could spend hours outside washing his car until it shined! You always take your job as car washer very seriously.

37: It was super hot and humid but we still had a lot of fun playing mini golf! Although after the seventh hole you started just picking the ball up and carrying it to the hole.

38: Blueberry picking was hard work, but we had fun and came home with A LOT of blueberries!

39: June

40: Title | Let's Laugh | July

42: You took a trial Karate lesson and LOVED it, so we signed you up for two months of Karate lessons. I am not sure if you loved it because it was fun, or because your big cousin Abby does Karate. Either way, you were always excited for Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and practicing your rolls and high kicks | Karate

43: Aiken Beach Party The whole family went downtown one Saturday in June to the Aiken Beach Party. You dug in sand, made an art project, splashed in the water, and got your face painted. After we went out to lunch and ate yummy pizza.

45: In the beginning of July Aunt Megan's family was in town visiting. We went up to the lake to spend the day with them. You thought Cole was the coolest Big Boy you had ever met!

47: You are one of the silliest, most confident, sweetest girls I know. . You can sit and play with a tub full of cooked noodles for hours, you love to help take care of Grace, summer sunglasses are a must because otherwise your "eyes hurt so so bad", and you rock your "big cousin" shirt like a super star!

49: One of our favorite summer time activities was to spray ourselves from head to toe with bug spray and then go explore Hitchcock Woods. We always found a lot of interesting things to look at. And Mommy always stopped to have a picnic style snack.

51: Family Lake Trip, New York | This summer we spent a week at the lake near Grammy and Grampy's house. We swam, fished, roasted marshmallows and had A LOT of fun.

53: Mhhhhhm S'mores are the BEST

54: Few Family Pictures

55: We had an amazing vacation filled with fun, laughter, and love. You were so sad to say goodbye, you wished we could sleep there forever.

56: You took swim lessons for two weeks at the YMCA. You learned to put your face in the water, jump off the side, and kick really hard to get where you wanted. | Swim Lessons

58: August

59: You played soccer for the first time this fall. You loved spending time with new friends, and chasing the ball around. But, I think your favorite part was getting a donut with Daddy after every game. | First Soccer Practice and Game

61: Sweet Girl, at 3 1/2 years old Mommy and Daddy can't believe how fast your are growing. You are so spunky and full of life. You make me smile EVERY single day. You truly are beautiful inside and out.

64: First Day of 3K Mrs. Hardy

66: Edisto Beach August 2013 | In August we were invited to go to the beach with Audrey and her family. You had so much fun digging in the sand and playing with Audrey. Your favorite part though was having a sleepover. You talked about it for months later!

68: Title | Love

69: August

70: You had so much fun at the Color Run. Mommy and Daddy were afraid that you wouldn't like the dust being thrown at you - but we shouldn't have been worried! "More colors, more colors" you shouted.

71: The Color Run, Augusta, GA

72: You love going to school. This year your teacher was Mrs. Hardy. You have learned your numbers, colors, and shapes. You enjoy when it is your turn to bring snack because that means you will be line leader and the calendar helper. You have made some great new friends this year!

73: 3K School Pictures

74: In October we took a very special trip to Charleston. We met Mr, Justin, Mrs. Kira and Anna at the beach. Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin came up on Friday. We found a yummy ice cream shop down the street, and a pier where you could see a lot of little crabs scuttling about.

75: Folly Beach, South Carolina | We spent a lot of time swimming in the ocean and digging in the sand. There was a surf board at the house we rented and so you practiced surfing! We found some beautiful shells to bring home so you could always remember our fun vacation!

76: While we were at the beach we took a morning trip to Boone Hall Plantation. You were able to pet and feed some animals, see a baby alligator, and wonder through the garden maze. It was even more fun because you were able to do all of that with Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin.

78: On our last day we went to see the light house and climb on the driftwood. You had fun pretending you were flying while keeping your balance in the wind.

79: And of course, a trip to Charleston wouldn't be complete without stopping to see the pineapple and rainbow fountains. It was a fun trip with friends and family, and we can't wait for next years beach vacation.

80: You went to the dentist for the first time this fall. You were SO brave. I went back with you, but when it was Mommy's turn a few minutes later you told me you were fine by yourself. The dentist told me you did a fantastic job and were a super listener. When they were done, you sat in the special chair and watched TV while you waited for Mommy to be finished. I was so proud of you. | First Dentist Visit

81: Fire station

82: Title | Love | October

84: You loved how the squishy seeds felt between your fingers. You were so determined to get them all out by yourself without any help from Mommy. When you were done scooping seeds you drew a Tiger face for Mommy to carve out.

85: It took you weeks to decide what you wanted to be for Halloween. Finally, after spending some time looking at costumes on-line with Daddy, you decided you wanted to be a Rainbow Monster - IF you could have fuzzy monster gloves!

87: We did a lot of trick or treating this year! You went trick or treating with Mommy and Grace at the nursing home, with our family at St. John's, and with Grammy and Grampy on Halloween night in our neighborhood. It was an extra special Halloween Night because Grammy and Grampy were visiting. You even asked Grampy to dress up as a bird and he did!

88: Build A Bear | Grammy and Grampy took you to Build a Bear. You picked out the cutest Santa Puppy. He had a red collar, candy cane paws, and said "Ho Ho Ho"

89: While Grammy and Grampy were visiting, you and Grammy made yummy sugar cookies! You and Grampy got lots of snuggle time, we went for a walk on the golf course, and you spent a lot of time playing in the playroom!

90: You loved going to the zoo with Audrey! | You are such a great helper with Grace! | Snuggle time with Daddy | Helping Grace open her birthday presents | John Thomas came to visit! | Frozen squeeze yogurts are one of your favorite treats

91: Park

92: The two of you LOVE your snuggles with each other | Birthday lunch for Grace | You worked very hard on making this handprint turkey | Silly Girls!

93: Title | You went to your first "late night party" at Linda's house to watch the Sophia the First movie premiere. You packed your backpack to the brim with your stuffed animals, blankets, and a juice box for everyone. | November

95: No one can make your sister smile and giggle like you can. When we took her one year photos - the best ones are when you are with her, or trying to make her laugh. She loves you more than can possibly imagine right now and wants to do everything you do.

97: We went for a walk in the woods to take Grace's one year pictures and discovered the BEST pile of leaves to play in!

98: Happy Thanksgiving! | We had a very special Thanksgiving this year at our friends house. You had so much fun playing with Charlee and sitting at your fancy kids table! And we ate the MOST delicious Thanksgiving feast!

99: Home Depot Tour We went on a tour of Home Depot with our MOMs club friends. We made tool boxes, rode on tractors, learned how they mix paint, saw wood being cut, and a lot of other need stuff. It was a FUN morning!

100: Larry the Elf | { Where could he be? } | Larry the Elf came to our house the day after Thanksgiving. He would fly away at night to report to Santa if you were naughty or nice. In the morning he would land somewhere new. Sometimes, he brought a special treat for you and Grace. And sometimes, he left a project out for us to do.

101: Daddy was very lucky to have you help him put the Christmas Tree up.

103: Stories with Mrs. Clause, Christmas Noodle Fun, Fake snow, and cinnamon ornament painting ... We sure were busy this holiday season!

105: You had fun going through the ornaments asking where each one came from, and why it was special. | This year, picking out our Christmas Tree was extra special because Grammy, Aunt Megan, and Uncle Justin came with us! It was a cold drizzly day, but that didn't stop us from picking out the perfect tree!

107: One night Audrey and Charlee came over for a special treat. You drank hot chocolate, ate Christmas cookies, and watched Frosty the Snowman. Then, we made the most delicious reindeer food. Yours had EXTRA chocolate because "reindeer LOOVE chocolate you know."

108: Larry the Elf brought you a Ginger Bread House. You were so careful when you decorated it. Mommy was very impressed!

109: We went out to dinner with Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin and then went to Lights at the Zoo. You had fun catching the snow, seeing the lights, and eating S'mores! That night you had a sleepover at Aunt Megan and Uncle Justin's house.

110: Christmas Eve | We had some last minute baking to do for the next morning, reindeer food to leave out on the driveway ... and some other fun to be had!

111: Christmas Eve night you discovered your love of smoked salmon, opened your new Christmas PJ's, watched Monster's University (which you had been wanting to see forever!) and wrote a letter to Santa telling him about the treats you left, and asking him for a bell from his sleigh.

112: Title

113: Merry Christmas! This Christmas, when anyone asked what you wanted you would reply "a suitcase with wheels like Daddy's".

114: Opening presents was so much fun. You were very lucky and received a lot of very special gifts from all of the people who love you so much.

115: Two Very Special Gifts ...

116: { Enjoying Christmas Gifts }

117: Audrey's Ballerina Birthday Party

119: Title | On New Years Eve we went over to the Colquitt's house after dinner. We roasted marshmallows and then watched Mr. Andy set off fireworks. It was so much fun to spend the evening celebrating the new year with our friends!

120: Brrrr it's cold outside. We had three days straight where the weather was the coldest you have ever been in - 13 degrees. But the sun was shining so we bundled up and headed outside. You loved eating the icicles.

121: January Fun included snuggles on the couch, a trip to the museum with Daddy, and an extra special lunch with Aunt Megan.

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