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Linda's History of Howard and Butler Families

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Linda's History of Howard and Butler Families - Page Text Content

S: Ancestors of Reuben Thomas Howard and Palistine Butler

BC: Researched and Compiled by Mary Wrenn Ellis Book created Jan 2013 | Picture painted by Don Ellis in 1960 1417 19th Street | 15 | Norma, Linda Linda And And Bill Nancy Wrenn Howard | Linda Mark And Bill Wrenn | Linda Pat Reuben And Bill

FC: Ancestors of Reuben Thomas Howard and Palistine Butler

1: Section One Reuben Thomas Howard Starting with his Mother and Father Tom and Louise Tart Howard Section Two Palistine "Pat" Butler Howard Starting with her Mother and Father Joseph Edward Butler and Rosa Lee Cobb | Tree of Knowledge

2: Reuben Thomas Howard Born Harnett Co., NC 26 Apr 1910 Died Greensboro, NC 19 Aug 1990 | 2

3: Palistine Butler Born Rockingham Co., NC 11 Feb 1911 Died Greensboro, NC 14 Aug 1990 | 3

4: Great Grandparents | Parents | Thomas Elias Howard b: 30 Jun 1886 d: 27 Jun 1936 | John William Howard b: 12 Aug 1858 d: 27 Apr 1936 | Litha Carolyn Moore b: 29 Jan 1868 d: 15 Mar 1915 | Stephen Howard b: 16 Oct 1827 d: 13 Apr 1904 | Mary 'Polly' J. Pope b: abt 1840 | Bright Moore b. 1832 d: 19 Mar 1909 | Mary Eason b: 1832 | Jesse B. Moore | Margaret (last name unk) | Father of Reuben Thomas Howard | Charles Howard | Sarah Fowler | James Eason | Charlotte 'Lottie' Moore | 4

5: Great Grandparents | Parents | Louise Elizabeth Tart b: 22 Jun 1892 b: 20 Feb 1976 | Westbrook Tart Jr. b: 07 Nov 1861 d: 04 Nov 1949 | Ridley Audious Hall b: 09 Nov 1863 d: 01 Jun 1953 | Westbrook Tart, Sr. b abt 1838 d: 04 Apr 1864 | Love A. Hall b: 05 Jun 1836 d: 02 Dec 1897 | Mary Ann Lucas b: 20 Mar 1844 d: 22 Apr 1905 | Mother of Reuben Thomas Howard-- | Winifred Lee b: 18 Jan 1836 d: 29 Nov 1922 | Nathan Hall | Kitsey Lee | Furniford 'Furney' Tart | Kitty Simmons | John Lucas | Mary J. (last name unk) | Thomas Martin Lee | Elizabeth Hodges | 5 | Continued Next Page

6: Thomas Tart, Jr. | Thomas Tart, Sr. | Elizabeth Mitchell | Furniford Tart | Elizabeth Westbrook | Nathan Tart, Sr. | Martha | James Westbrook | Martha Lee | Furney Tart to Nathan Tart, Sr. | William Westbrook | 6

7: Thomas M. Lee | Thomas Martin Lee to Peter Lee, Jr. | Obediah Lee | Edney West | David 'Short' Lee | Peter Lee, Jr. | Anna Eldredge | Willis West | Sallie Gainey | Mary Cato | Samuel Eldredge | 7

8: Thomas Elias Howard (only picture available of Thomas) Louise Elizabeth Tart | 8

9: Thomas Elias Howard b: 30 Jun 1886 Cumberland Co., NC. m. 03 Sept 1907 in Harnett Co. NC. d: 27 Jun 1936 in Cumberland Co., NC. Louise Elizabeth Tart b: 22 Jun 1892 Harnett Co., NC. d: 20 Feb 1976 Guilford Co., NC. Tom died unexpectedly in a car wreck traveling to Cumberland County with some friends three days before his birthday. Louise Elizabeth was called Grandma Howard by all her grandchildren and was living with Lloyd and Myrtle at time of death. | Tom and Louise had 14 children: Coy Lee Reuben Thomas Herman Harper Myrtle Elizabeth Hattie Bertha Thomas Henry Lewis Henry Gladys May Gladis Bonnie Bess Mabel Caroline William Paul West Brooks Margaret 'Peggy' Louise | 9

10: John William Howard -No Picture Available- | Litha Carolina Moore -No Picture Available- | 10

11: John and Litha had 10 Children: William Matthew Thomas Elias Libby Bennett 'Benny' Daniel Craven Hettie Laura Ann Marvin Lee Lester and Lotti | John William Howard b: 12 Aug 1858 prob. in NC. m: 14 Aug 1883 in Cumberland Co., NC. d: 27 Apr 1936 in Linden, Cumberland Co., NC. Litha Carolyn Moore b: 29 Jan 1868 in Cumberland Co., NC. d: 15 Mar 1915 in Cumberland Co., NC. | 11

12: Stephen's second family with Hannah Eliza Farris. | 12

13: Stephen Howard b: 16 Oct 1827 Duplin Co., NC. m: 14 Dec 1858 d: 13 Apr 1904 in Miller Co., MO. First married Mary J. 'Polly' Pope b: abt. 1840 in NC. Death information unknown Second married Hannah Eliza Farris b: 12 Jun 1842 Moniteau Co., MO. m: 22 Mar 1864 in Sherman, Grayson Co., TX. d: 19 Jul 1910 in Bagnel, Miller Co., MO. | Stephen and Mary J. Pope had 3 children: John William Narcissa J. Elias He and Hannah has 9 children. James 'Jimmie' Charles 'Charlie' Josephine Margaret Belle 'Maggie' Annie Jane Mary Pearl William A. 'Lon' Johnie P. | 13

14: Hannah Farris Howard Posted be Posted by TaNea Graves "I found this handwritten story in papers from my grandfather, Paul Howard" (son of Ernest Howard, grandson of Alonzo Howard, great grandson of Hannah Howard). I do not know who wrote the story, but this is what it reads: According to James L. Houston of Independence, MO on 11-18-1992 Hanna Farris Howard found it difficult to receive a widow's pension from Stephen Howard's Civil War Service after his death. There is/was speculation that Stephen had been or was still legally married before he married Hanna Farris in Texas. Some thought he had a first wife in Duplin, North Carolina, where he was born. After the war he would list his home & birthplace as Tennessee. Family members would say that Stephen would leave for weeks & months at a time from his home with Hannah in Miller County. Perhaps he kept in contact with his first family. Nevertheless, it appears that many questions were asked & many affidavits required concerning a previous marriage. The widow's pension of $12.00 was finally granted to Hannah. James Houston first started helping me in 2001 - He passed away a couple years ago. Mary Ellis

15: Stephen Howard Posted by Posted by TaNea Graves I found this story in some papers from my grandfather, Paul Howard (son of Ernest, grandson of Alonzo, great-grandson of Stephen). I do not know who wrote the story. According to research of James L. Houston: Stephen Howard was a Bushwhacker. (One who would rob and murder people along the trail.) Stephen did not farm to speak of nor had any gainful employment. Stephen would leave home for weeks & months at a time. Perhaps he travelled back east to see his first family or perhaps he was on the road travelling with fellow bushwhackers? Usually when he did return home to Hannah he would be drunk. He was a mean drunk and would want to refight the Civil War. As the story is told: Stephen rode up home drunk after a long trip. Hanna told the kids to quickly hide. One of the kids ducked into the cow's stall. At the time barns were attached to the house to protect the stock and grain safe from bushwhackers. Stephen took a shot at the kid diving between the cow & calf in the stall. The bullet missed the kid and killed the family's one cow. Only Hannah, the kids, and one calf lived through this episode. I am unsure if this story illustrates Stephen's death or not, but wanted to share it. I would love other information about this colorful character.

16: HOWARD, Stephen, Private Born in Duplin County and resided in Cumberland County where he was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Sampson or Cumberland County at age 34, March 27, 1862. Present or accounted for until he deserted on November 11, 1862. Returned to duty in March-April, 1863. Present or accounted for until he deserted at Sullivan's Island, Charleston, South Carolina, August 21, 1863. Returned to duty on October 30, 1863. Present or accounted for until captured at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia, May 16, 1864. Confined at Point Lookout, Maryland, May 19,1864. Released at Point Lookout on June 7, 1864, after taking Oath of Allegiance and joining the U. S. Army. Assigned to Company K, 1st Regiment U. S. Volunteer Infantry. Two Pope's joined the same day as Stephen. The were James D. Pope and Josiah O. Pope. James has always wondered if they were Polly's brother's. James D. is in Hair Cemetery posted on Cumberland County Web Site. He is listed as J. D. Pope. -Nancy Scott (Apr 25, 2001) | 14 | Pay Stub from Civil War

17: Cumberland, Sampson, Duplin, Columbus, Robeson, and New Hanover: I, Stephen Howard, born in Duplin County, North Carolina, age thirty-seven years, and by occupation a farmer, DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE, to have volunteered this seventh day of June 1864, to serve as a soldier in the "Army of the United States of America", for a period of three years, unless sooner discharged by proper authority: So, also, agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations, and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers. And I, Stephen Howard, do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and Allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States of America, and then orders of the Officers appointed over me, according to the "Rules and Articles of War". Sworn and subscribed to, at Point Lookout, Maryland this seventh day of June 1864. Before E. Williams, 2nd Lt. 1st U.S. Volunteer Infantry. Stephen Howard: I certify, ON HONOR, that I have carefully examined the above named volunteer, agreeably to the General Regulations of the Army, and that, in my opinion, he is free from bodily defects and mental infirmity, which would in any way disqualify him from performing the duties of a soldier. Rob Miller, Asst. Surgeon, 4th RW Examining Surgeon. I certify, ON HONOR, that I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, Stephen Howard, previously to this enlistment and that he was entirely sober when enlisted: that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier. I have strictly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service. This soldier has blue eyes, dark brown hair, fair complexion, is five feet nine and one-half inches high. E. Williams, Lt., 1st Regiment of the U.S. Volunteers, Recruiting Officer. Stephen was married to Mary 'Polly' when he went into the service, there is no indication of when she died or that he divorced her. When he was forced to fight for the Union he went to Texas and somewhere he met Hannah and they married. Was it legal or was he a bigamist? We may never know. | 15

18: Stephens marriage to Mary J Pope and his marriage to Hannah Farris, Court Docket where Hannah was given guardianship over her children after Stephens Death. | 16

19: Thanks to Dianna Mattingly and her son for going to Mt. Pleasant cemetery in Miller Co., Mo and cleaning this stone for me. As you can see it was a lot of growth on the stone and it was not an easy job to clean it. | 17

20: Father of Stephen was Charles Howard we have no information on him except that he was in North Carolina and that he married a lady named Margaret. Also he must have been in Duplin County for a while because Stephen was born there in 1827. | 18

21: Louise Elizabeth Howard "Grandma Howard" | Bonnie, Hattie, Peggy, Reuben, Myrtle, Lewis, Mabel and Paul. | Children of Louise E. Tart and Thomas Howard | 19

22: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Westbrook Tart, Jr and Ridley Audious Hall | 20

23: Westbrook Tart, Jr. b: 07 Nov. 1861 in Harnett Co., NC. m. about 1882 in Myrtle Beach, Horry Co., SC. d: 04 Nov. 1949 in Guilford Co., NC. Ridley Audious Hall b: 09 Nov. 1863 Cumberland Co., NC. d: 01 Jun. 1953 Myrtle Beach, Horry Co., SC. | Westbrook and Ridley had 10 children: Nathaniel Gaston Minnie Laura Seth Eldridge Minnie Kathryn Mary Elisa Winfred Louise Elizabeth William Paul N. C. John Robert Barney B. | 21

24: Westbrook Tart, Sr. and Winifred Lee -No picture available of either one- | Westbrook Tart, Sr. b. about 1838 Harnett Co., NC. m: 1857 in Harnett Co., NC. d: 04 Mar 1864 in Smithville, Brunswick Co., NC Winifred Lee b: 18 Jan 1836 d: 29 Nov 1922 in Dunn, Harnett Co. NC. | Westbrook and Winifred had at least four children: Kitsey Elizabeth William McKinley Westbrook, Jr. and a boy that was not named in any record. | 24

25: State Of North Carolina,} County of Harnett } On this 20 day of June A. D. 1885, personally appeared before me, James W. Atkins, C. S. C., in and for the State and County aforesaid, Winniford Tart , age 49, years, and a resident at Wade post-office in said County and State,and who being duly sworn, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension under the provisions of an act entitled "An Act for the relief of certain soldiers in the late war between the States," ratified March 11th, 1885 that she is the widow of the late W B Tart who enlisted in Co. B, 10 Reg. Bat. N. C. State Troops, on or about the 24 day of March, 1862, to serve in the armies of the late Confederate States, and that while in performance of duty in said Company and Regiment,Bat. in the State of NC on or about the 4 day of March, 1864 he received a wound or wounds was taken sick which terminated his life in the Hospital near Smithville N.C. She further states that she holds no office in the United States, State or County, from which she is receiving the sum of three hundred dollars in fees or as a salary, that she is not worth in her own right or the right of her late husband, property at its assessed value for taxation to the amount of five hundred dollars ($500), and that she has never remarried. Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 20 day of June , 1885. her J W Atkins Winneford x Tart Signature of C.S. C. mark Also, personally appeared before me, Nathan Norris ,who resides at Wade post-office, in said County and State, a person whom I know to be respectable and entitled to credit, and being by me duly sworn, says that he is acquainted with Winneford Tart, the widow of the late W B Tart of Company B, 10 Regiment Bat., North Carolina State Troops, and that he believes her to be the identical person she represents herself to be, and that the facts set forth in her affidavit are correct to the best of his knowledge and belief, and that he has no interest direct or indirect in this claim. Sworn and subscribed to before me, this 20 day of June , 1885 J W. Atkins Nathan Norris Signature of C.S. C. Signature of Witness | 25

26: STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, } Harnett County. } To the Auditor of the State of North Carolina: We certify that we have carefully examined the application of Winneford Tart the widow of the late W B Tart , who enlisted in Company B , 10 Bat Regiment, North Carolina State Troops, for a pension under the provisions of an act entitled "An Act for the relief of certain soldiers in the late War Between the States," ratified the 11th day of March, A.D. 1885, and the proofs filed in support thereof; that we are satisfied that the said Winneford Tart is the widow of the late W B Tart who enlisted in Company B , 10 Bat Reg. N.C. State Troops, on or about the 4 day of March 1864, and who lost his life in consequences of a wound received in sickness battle on or about the 4 day of March 1864, that she is now a bona fide resident of the County of Harnett in this State; that she does not own either in her own right or in the right of her late husband, property of the assessed value of five hundred dollars; that she is not in the receipt of a salary or fees arising from any office in the County, State or Nation, to the amount of $300 annually, and that she has never remarried, and therefore her application is correct under the act. {Seal} B T Sha?? Ch'mn Board Com'rs. M V Primm? Commissioner. James Carnere? " (IMPRESS COUNTY SEAL HERE) Thos Matthews " J. S. Harrington " J.A. Green Sheriff. No. 587 {Seal} J W Atkins Clerk Superior Court. WIDOWS CLAIM FOR PENSION ACT OF MARCH 11th 1885 ========================== Mrs. Winneford Tart Widow of W B Tart Company B , 10 Regiment, Bat. North Carolina State Troops Heer is proof as identity Name??? (? Name on record?) Approved ============================ Filed by board of Inquiry of Harnett County, N.C. 15 day of July 1885. Disease | 24

27: State of North Carolina, * AUDITOR'S DEPARTMENT* Raleigh, July 25 1887 (In circle) AUDITORS DEPARTMENT, State of North Carolina MADAM:--- Your application No. 587, for a pension as the widow of W. B. Tart, who it is alleged was a member of Company B , in the 10 Regiment Bat., North Carolina State Troops, has been considered by the State Board on Inquiry. consisting of the Governor, Attorney-General and Auditor, and I am directed by said Board to inform you that final action has been postponed in order that further evidence may be furnished on the following facts: Held: Proof as to your husbands identity His name not on muster roll. Where or when did he die? Supporting? below I am further directed to say, that the testimony must be from persons having no interest in the pension; must be made in writing, verified by the oath of the applicant and accompanied by the affidavit of one or more credible witnesses. Whenever possible, the testimony of the person having personal knowledge of the facts will be required. The additional proofs should be filed in this office on or before the 1st of August, 1887, and must in every case be verified by the signature and seal of the Clerk of the Superior Court. Very Respectfully, W P Roberts Auditor | 25

28: To Mrs. Winniford Tart Wade Post-Office Harnett County, N.C. (Hand Written letter) North Carolina } Harnett County } Personally Appeared before me J A Cameron, CSC, Winniford Tart Wife of W.B. Tart applicant No. 587 for pension as widow of W.B. Tart who belonged to Co. B 10 Bat. NC Troops and makes oath that she is the identical widow of W.B. Tart of Co. B 10 Bat NC troops who died at Smithville N.C. ( of Smallpox) in the month of February in the year 1864 and that she is entitled to a pension under the existing laws of the state Her Winniford X Tart mark Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 9 day of Aug 1889 J A Cameron CSC Personally appeared before me J A Cameron CSC G W Neighbors & H C Avera who were personally acquainted and served with W B Tart of Co. B. 10 Bat N.C. Troops. And H C Avera and G W Neighbors each maketh oath for himself that the said W B Tart dec'a died at Smithville NC in the month of Feby 1864. Sworn to and subscribed before me H C Avera on this 9 day August 1887 G W Neighbors J A Cameron CSC (Note on separate piece of paper) W.B. Tart dide in Feb 1864 at Smithifel Hospilt NC Misspellings were on the original | 26

29: Furniford 'Furney' Tart and Kitsey Lee Furniford 'Furney' Tart b: 19 Dec 1811 in Johnston Co., NC m: 1832 in NC d: 29 Sep 1888 Harnett Co., NC Kitsey Lee b: 25 May 1807 in Cumberland Co., NC d: 23 May 1878 in Harnett Co., NC | Furney and Kitsey had at least 10 children these were found in the 1880, 1900 and 1910 Census Records Furniford Jr. Westbrook Sr Phereby Mary Francis Thomas Nathan Joseph J. W. and Andrew | 27

30: Thomas Tart, Jr. b: about 1790 in Johnston Co., NC. m: abt. 1810 in NC. d: Apr. 1850 in Sampson Co., NC. Elizabeth Westbrook b: about 1791 in Johnston Co., NC. her death date is unknown. | Thomas Tart, Jr. and Elizabeth Westbrook | Thomas and Elizabeth had at least 12 children: Nathan James Elizabeth Furniford 'Furney' Mary 'Polly' Thomas Sarah 'Sally' James William John Nancy Phebe and Kitsy 'Susan' | 28

31: Thomas Sr and Elizabeth had 10 children: Phebe John Sarah William Elizabeth Thomas, Jr. Nancy Nathan Martha 'Patsy' and James | Thomas Tart, Sr. b: 07 Feb 1761 Nansemond Co., VA. m: about 1783 d: May 1849 Newton Grove, Sampson Co., NC. Elizabeth Mitchell b: about 1765 Bertie Co., NC. d: in Sampson Co., NC. date unknown. | Thomas Tart, Sr. and Elizabeth Mitchell | 29

32: Thomas Tart was a soldier in the American Revolution, having enlisted July 27, 1778 in Bertie County where he was living with his father. He served one year and ten months. This is more fully described in the chapter on Old Soldiers, in The Heritage of Sampson County, North Carolina 1784-1984 TART, Thomas 1761-1850 STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, SAMPSON COUNTY On this 15th of August, 1833, personally appeared before us, James Bennett and John King, two of the justices of peace in and for the county Aforesaid, Thomas Tart, a resident of Sampson County in the state of North Carolina, aged 72 years. Who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832. That he entered the Service of the United States under the following named officers and Served as herein stated. That as near as he can recollect, it was in the month of June, 1779 (Actually enlisted July 20, 1778), a draft was to take place in the Company to which he belonged, for the term of nine months, that the Company was to furnish six men, that in order not to stand the draft, the Company made up two hundred dollars continental money to any one who would volunteer. Rather than be drafted he took the money and volunteered under command of captain William Williams; and that himself and what men were drafted from the regiment rendezvous at Windsor, Bertie County and remained there about a week, and from Windsor they were Marched to the town of Halifax in Halifax County. Before they arrived at Halifax they met some continental officers who took command of the Militia. When they arrived at Halifax, there was a considerable army Stationed there. He was then placed in a regiment commanded by Colonel Hogan, Major Thomas Hogg, Captain Redding Blount and Lt. Rueben Wilkinson. | 30

33: They were stationed there as much as three or four weeks. They then Marched from Halifax to west point fort on the north river, and as he Understood, to fill up the Third North Carolina Regiment. They marched Under command of the continental officers already named. When the regiment got to New Kent County, Virginia, Lt. Wilkinson, got a parole, as he supposed, to visit his father in said county, and took him (Thomas Tart) along to wait on the lieutenant. After staying with the father of Lt. Wilkinson for some time, they took off after the army, but never over took them until they got to West Point. They went through Richmond, Fredericksburg, Alexandria in Virginia, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Princeton, NJ. When they arrived at West Point they found their regiment back of the Fort on the commons. There was several armies stationed there and about the area. There was a large chain stretched across the river, as he reported, to prevent the British shipping from going up river. Thomas Reported that he was never in any battles but nearly all the time for Which he volunteered he had to wait on his captain and lieutenant. Lt. Wilkinson and Lt. Yarborough of another company fought a duel, and Lt. Wilkinson was wounded in the left arm. They went up the river to a town called New Windsor and to the hospital. While there and the care of a doctor, time expired on our enlistment (April 20, 1779). Our Commander, Big William Matfoot, John Male, John Hoggard, Patrick Hoggard, And Nathan Cobb were all discharged and left for Bertie County North Carolina, Lt. Wilkinson sent Thomas to Philadelphia to find Colonel Hogan To get his discharge. Hogan by then was a general and he ordered Thomas to be inoculated for the Smallpox. Thomas was sent to the hospital in Philadelphia. And before he was over the Smallpox, he was taken ill with The Putrid fever and his life was for some time despaired of. | 31

34: When Thomas was well enough to leave the hospital, he returned to General Hogan and this time obtained a discharge. He was told that he could go home, however he was still feeble and unable to make the long walk alone to North Carolina and was at a loss as what to do. He was told that he might get a job aboard a ship to the West Indies on a trading voyage. Thomas signed up on the ship Clay (actually named Jay), formerly called the ship Liverpool. (This 18-gun vessel with Captain Courter also had 100 men as American Privateers.) They sailed from the port of Philadelphia in August of 1779, and when they were three days out from the Cape of Delaware, they captured English Brig (called Pitt) laden with rum and sugar for the English Army at Halifax, Nova Scotia. She was sent to Alexandria, Virginia. They then Sailed to an island called St. Eustatius in the West Indies where they unloaded their tobacco and stores. They loaded up with salt and returned to the United States. The ship was commanded by Captain Steerman Coulter, John Douglass, and Lt. Tanner A. Fisher. When they got as far as Chester on the Delaware River the ice prevented the ship from going any farther. (About Jan. 1780. Ed.) Thomas then Went into Chester and worked with a shoemaker for his victuals while he waited for the prize money from the ship's load of salt. When all issues were resolved he returned to his father's home in Bertie County in May of 1780, being absent one year and ten months. Questions asked Thomas Tart by James Bennett and John King, Justices of The Peace, during the application for this pension. Question 1: Where and what year were you born? Answer: I was born in Nansemond Country in the state of Virginia, the 7th of February, 1761. Question 2: Have you any record of your age, and if so, where is it? Answer: I have it on a slip of paper from my father's (Nathan Tart) large Family Bible. | 32

35: Question 3: Where were you living when called into the service? Where have you lived since the revolutionary war and where do You now live? Answer: When I was called into the service, I lived with my father in Bertie County. I was absent by land and sea for one year and ten months. After my return, I married. I moved to the state of Virginia near where I Was born. I stayed one year, then I moved back to Bertie County and from thence about thirty-three (33) years ago (1800), I moved to the place That I now live on the north side of Kill Peacock Swamp and east side of The Great Coharie, Sampson County North Carolina. Question 4: How were you called into the service, were you drafted? Did You volunteer? Were you a substitute and if a substitute, for whom? Answer: When the draft was pending for a term of nine months, our company Was to furnish a quota of six men. The company offered to give any men that volunteer two hundred dollars Continental Money. Rather than run the Risk of being drafted, I took the money and volunteered for a term of Nine months. Question 5: State the names of some of the regular offices who were with The troops where you served, such continental and militia regiments as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service? Answer: Colonel Hogan and Major Higgs commanded the regiment where I Served, and Captain Redding Blount and Lieutenant Rueben Wilkinson Commanded the company to which I belonged. I have no recollection of any militia or regiments, nor do I remember who the officers were that commanded At West Point. Our regiments were encamped on the commons back of the Fort, and the soldiers of the fort and the soldiers of the regiment had No communication with each other. My employment was to wait on the Captain and lieutenant. Question 6: Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so, By whom was it given and what has become of it? Answer: I received a discharge from the army from Colonel then General Hogan in Philadelphia After my return from waiting on Lieutenant Wilkinson. I know not what has Become of it. When I received it, I had no idea of it being of any advantage to me, and I then entered on board the Ship Clay by Letter of Marque on a cruise to the West Indies. Question 7: State the name of person who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief of your service as a soldier of the Revolution? Answer: I know of no person who can testify at this time as To my service as a soldier of the Revolution. A few years back I could have done so. I don't know whether any of them are yet alive or if alive, I know not where they live. As to my character for veracity, I will state the names of Thomas Thornton Sr. and Westbrook Lee, who have know me for about thirty-three years, the time that I have resided in this county. | 33

36: We Thomas Thornton, Sr. and Westbrook Lee, farmers residing In Sampson County in the state aforesaid do hereby certify that we have know and are well acquainted with the applicant Thomas Tart who has subscribed to the above declaration, that we believe him to be seventy-two years of age, that he is believed and reputed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in that opinion, and that we believe him to be a man of veracity. Sworn and subscribed to the day and year aforesaid: Westbrook Lee and Thomas Thornton, farmers. We John King and James Bennett, Justices of the Peace as aforesaid do hereby declare as our opinion, after the investigation of this matter and After putting the interrogations prescribed by the war department, that The above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he States; we further certify that Westbrook Lee and Thomas Thornton who signed the preceding certificate are very respectable farmers of the county; that they are creditable persons, and that statement is entitled To credit. We further state that we have know the applicant and believe him to be a man of veracity. Given under our hands the day and year above written. John King, JP and James Bennett, JP. Submitted by: Jerome Tew A search of our Patriot Index provided the information found below. TART, Thomas Birth: VA. 7 Feb 1761 Service: NC. Rank: Pvt Thomas Tart is buried about three miles east of Newton Grove and south of HW55 on the plantation that he cleared and farmed. [ Frances Becket] | 34

37: Reuben and Bonnie Howard (Brother and Sister) | Hattie, Bonnie, Reuben and Myrtle | Peggy, her son either Jo or Vinnie, Grandma Howard and Hattie | Lee A. Tart son of Wm and Civil Tart | Nathan and Catherine Hall | Whitfield Tart, Sr. | Susan and David Lee | 35

38: Section Two Palistine "Pat" Butler Howard Starting with her Mother and Father Joseph Edward Butler and Rosa Lee Cobb | Our Ancestors | Tree of Knowledge | 36

39: Palistine "Pat" Butler B: 11 Feb 1911 Rockingham Co., NC Married 13 Feb 1933 Reuben Thomas Howard B: 26 Apr 1910 Harnett Co., NC D: 19 Aug 1990 Guilford Co., NC | Doris Howard B: 25 Apr 1936 D: 04 Dec 1973 Guilford Co., NC Married 1st Joseph McCain 2nd Curtis Wayne Payne Nancy Ann Howard B: 25 May 1937 Rockingham Co., NC D: 20 Dec 1994 Guilford Co., NC Married 1st Roy Leonard Haynes 10 May 1952 2nd Herman Higgins, Jr. Linda Sue Howard B: 09 Jun 1944 Guilford Co., NC Married 23 Jun 1962 William Howard Wrenn Jr. (Bill) B: 24 Aug 1944 Guilford Co., NC | Norma Howard B: 09 Jan 1933 D: 1980 (Divorced) 1st Married 16 Jun 1948 Joseph L. 'Joe' Godfrey 2nd Married 14 Aug 1967 Dean Wyrick | Children of Pat Butler and Reuben Howard | 37

40: Great Grandparents | Parents | Joseph Edward Butler B: 24 Jan 1877 Rockingham Co., NC D: 30 Dec 1952 Spray, Rockingham Co., NC | 38 | Moses "Prophet" Butler B: abt 1835 North Carolina, D: bef 1900 | Nancy Brewer B: 07 Apr 1843 Guilford Co., NC D: 20 Apr 1918 Gilmer, Guilford Co., NC | Moses Driscoll Butler B: Abt 1790 D: between 1850 and 1860 | Nancy (Last name unknown) B: abt 1790 Rockingham, Co., NC | Zachariah "Dingle" Gray Taylor Butler B: Jun 1754 Worchester Co., Md | Elizabeth Driscoll B: 26 Mar 1760 Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., NC | Noah Brewer B. abt 1818 M. 21 May 1842 D. abt 1880 | Elizabeth 'Betsy' Ann Andrews B. abt 1818 D. abt 1880 | Eli B. Brewer B. 1784 Virginia, USA M. 1815 NC D. bef 1860 Guilford Co., NC | Esther Wooters B. abt 1797 Guilford Co., NC D. aft 1880 Guilford Co., NC | Samuel Butler B. abt 1795 | Polly Smith B. abt. 1722

41: Great Grandparents | Parents | Rosa Lee Cobb B: 15 Aug 1883 Alamance Co., NC D: 29 Jun 1968 Reidsville, Rockingham Co., NC | 39 | George N. Cobb B: abt 1860 NC D: aft 1890 NC | Rebecca Sartin B: abt 1854 Caswell Co., NC D: aft 1890 NC | Elisha Sertain/Sartin B: abt 1798 NC D: 18 Oct 1856 Caswell Co., NC | Livingston G. Cobb | Sarah Jane Canady abt. 1829 NC | Frances Paschal B: abt 1814 NC D: abt 1900 NC | Ezekiel Paschal B: 20 Jun 1787 D: 18 Oct 1856 | Thursa Ann Canaday B: abt 1791 D: 01 Aug 1864 Caswell, NC | B: 1827 D: 16 Aug 1863 Gettysburg, Pa | John Junius Canady B: 14 Mar 1763 Charlotte Co., VA D: 15 Dce 1836 Rockingham Co., NC | Mary Frances Shearer B: 1765 Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co., Va. D: 1844 Rockingham Co., NC | Jesse Cobb B. abt 1790 M. 05 Dec 1817 Caswell Co., NC | Mary A. Boswell | Elizabeth (Last Name Unknown) | Mary Ann Tennison B: abt 1775 Charles Co., MD D: abt 1821 Caswell Co., NC | William Cobb B: 20 Oct. 1772 M: 05 Dec. 1821 D: April 1835 Caswell Co., NC

42: 40 | Joseph Edward Butler B: 24 Jan 1875 Rockingham Co., NC D: 30 Dec 1952, Rockingham Co., NC Married B: Rosa Lee Cobb B: 15 Aug 1883 Alamance Co., NC D: 29 Jun 1968 | Parents of Pat Butler Howard

43: 41 | Children of Joseph and Rosa Cobb Butler are: | Jesse Raymond Butler B: 30 Nov 1905 in Rockingham Co., NC, D: 27 Apr 1968 in Greensboro, Guilford Co., NC Married Garnett Fuller b: 1908 in Rockingham Co., NC Fannie Sue Butler B: 15 Feb 1907 in Caswell Co., NC D: 19 Jan 1983 in Eden, Rockingham Co., NC Married James J. Stegall B: 10 Mar 1905 in Henry Cou., Va D: 03 Aug 1984 in Eden, Rockingham Co., NC Palistine Butler B: 11 Feb 1911 in Rockingham Co., NC D: 14 Sep 1990 in Guilford Co., NC Married 13 Feb 1932 Reuben Thomas Howard B: 26 Apr 1910 in Harnett Co., NC D: 19 Aug 1990 in Guilford Co., NC Lee Roy Butler B: 12 Oct 1912 in Rockingham Co., NC D: 11 Mar 1986 in Eden, Rockingham Co., NC Married Ethel (Butler) | Willie Thomas Butler B: 22 Apr 1916 in Rockingham Co., NC, D: 30 Jul 1935 in Leaksville, Rockingham Co., NC; Single Guy Butler B: 1918 in Rockingham Co., NC Herman Butler B: 1921 in Rockingham Co., NC Taylor Brown Butler B: 11 Feb 1923 in Rockingham Co., NC, D: 25 Jan 1993 in Mountain View, Howell Co., MO Son Butler B: 03 Nov 1926 in Spray, Rockingham Co., NC, D: 03 Nov 1926 in Spray, Rockingham Co., NC George Madison Butler B: 01 Jan 1909 in Rockingham Co., NC, D: 21 Mar 1961 in Leaksville, Rockingham Co., NC Married Eva Cora Fagge

44: 42 | Great grandfather Ezekiel Paschal of Linda Howard Wrenn | John Stadler Butler CSA Veteran | Grandmother of Linda H Wrenn | Second cousin of Linda Howard Wrenn | Third cousin of Linda Howard Wrenn | First cousin 3 times removed of Linda Howard Wrenn

45: 43 | Grandfather of Linda H Wrenn | Second Cousin 2 times removed of Linda

46: 44 | Son of Joseph E Butler Moses "Prophet" Butler B: 1837 Rockingham Co., NC Married Nancy Brewer Butler Summers B: 1858 Guilford Co., NC Enlisted in Co., 4th Cavalry Reg't NC on 12 Aug 1862. Enlisted in Co., 45th Infantry Reg't NC on 15 Apr 1864. Transferred out of Co., B, 4th Cavalry Reg't NC on 15 Apr 1864.

47: 45 | Children of Moses and Nancy Brewer Butler Caroline Butler B: 1862 Elizabeth Butler B: 1866 Zachriah Butler : B:1872 Robert Butler B: 1873 Joseph Edward Butler Married See preceding page Rosa Lee Cobb Thomas Butler B: 1877 Edwin Butler B: 1879 Anna Malinda Butler B: 20 Dec 1883 in NC, D: 29 Mar 1947 in Reidsville, Rockingham Co., NC Married abt 1900 Alexander A. Lynn B: 1868 in NC

48: 46 | Moses Driscoll Butlerr. ..... B: 06 Jun 1790 Fayetteville, NC D: Bef. 1860 in NC Married ... Nancy (Butler) B: 1790 in Rockingham Co., NC

49: 47 | Children of Moses and Nancy Butler Francis J. Butler B: 1829 in Rockingham Co., NC William Butler b: 1830 in Rockingham Co., NC Moses 'Prophet' Butler Married See preceding page Nancy Summers

50: Zachariah "Dingle" Gray Taylor Butler B: 28 Jun 1754 in Worchester Co., Md. D: 27 Jan 1836 in Sullivan Co., Tn 1st Married 03 Mar 1781 in Md. Elizabeth Driscoll B: 26 Mar 1760 in Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., NC D: 17 May 1802 2nd Married 13 Aug 1802 Cumberland Co., NC Rachel Garrison B: 03 May 1769 NC D: 30 Mar 1838 Tennessee | 48

51: Children of Zachariah and Elizabeth Driscoll Butler Moses "Prohet" Butler Married Nancy (Butler) Zachariah Gray Taylor Butler Jr. B: 04 Mar 1793 Joshua Butler B: 04 Sep 1795 in Guilford Co., NC Married Abt. 1818 Susan Lovelace B: Abt. 1798 in Virginia William Field Butler B: 08 Jul 1800 Margaretta Butler B: 15 May 1802 | 49

52: 50 | Uncle of Linda H Wrenn | Grandfather of Linda H Wrenn

53: 51 | Third cousin of Linda H Wrenn | Pat and Reuben Howard | Bill, Linda and Mark Wrenn

54: 52 | U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles about Livingston G Cobb Name: Livingston G Cobb Residence: Rockingham County, NC Occupation: Farmer Age at enlistment: 35 Enlistment Date: 3 Jan 1862 Rank at enlistment: Private Enlistment Place: Rockingham Co., NC State Served: North Carolina Survived the War?: No (Died in 1863) Service Record: Enlisted in Company H, North Carolina 45th Infantry Regiment on 08 Apr 1862. Mustered out on 16 Aug 1863 at Gettysburg, PA. Birth Date: abt 1827 Sources: NC Troops 1861-65, A Roster The Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War _________________________ Name: L G Cobb Service Info.: 3D LT CONFEDERATE STATES Army Cemetery: Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery (Moved home to bury) Cemetery Address: Point Lookout St. Mary's County , MD Buried At: Section 1 Site 1 | Livengston Cobb 2nd Great grandfather of Linda Howard Wrenn

55: 53 | Livingston G. Cobb 2nd Great Grandfather of Linda Howard Wrenn

56: Following Moses Butler through the Census. 1820 Census has the elder Moses Butler with his wife and 2 boys and 2 girls under 10 1830 Census has the elder Moses with his wife and 2 sons ages 10 to 15 with 2 girls under 5, 1 girl 5 to 9, 1 girl 10 to 14, 1 girl 15 to 19 1840 Census shows elder Moses with his wife and 1 son under 5, 1 son 5 to 9, 1 son 10 to 14, 2 sons 15 to 19 with 2 girls 9 to 14, and 2 girls 15 to 19 The younger Moses would be under 5 on 1840 | 1820 Census | 1830 Census | Following Moses Butler through the Census. 1850 Census shows the elder Moses and Nancy his wife as both age 60, with their children Frances J (Female) age 21, William age 20 and the younger Moses as age 13 1860 Census shows that Moses is missing so has probably died sometimes in the past 10 years, all the children have moved out and she is living with Elizabeth age 80 probably the sister of Moses | 54

57: 1840 Census | 1850 Census | 1860 Census | 55

58: Myrtle, Reuben, Mabel and Lewis Howard | R | Lewis Howard | Paul and Peggy Howard Brother and Sister | West Brooks and Tina Howard | 56 | Myrtle Howard Ellis | Pat and Reuben

59: Peggie Howard Monoco now and then | Thomas Howard then and now | Belle Tart | Paul Howard and Wife Peggy | Pat and Reuben Howard | Pat | Grandma Howard | Hattie and Bonnie Howard | 57

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