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Louise's 70th Birthday

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Louise's 70th Birthday - Page Text Content

BC: To Be Continued May 20, 2011

FC: Louise Jerdon | ~ Celebrating 70

1: Dear Louise, You have been a wonderful mate for over 40 years. That's over half of our lives together. That's incredible. Thanks for all the wonderful memories! Happy 70th Birthday -Tom | "I was standing outside the auto showroom when up the stairs from the auto repair shop came this gorgeous looking blonde with Hollywood sunglasses on & the longest legs I've ever seen. I said to myself, 'Self, you've got to sell this fox a new car.' (translation: 'Man, you've got to get a date with this chick!') The rest is history. The road to Paradise had begun."

2: Mom has always been the rock of our family. She has always been the one that we all went to when we needed to talk. Through all the jokes, fights and insubordination, Mom took it all and returned nothing but love for us. As a child, I remember stories of Mom running into our apartment when I was a baby and saving me from a fire. She showed me her hair she saved that caught on fire and Dad had to cut off. Mom is the one that gave me my love for Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors. She told me how she always craved ice cream when she was pregnant with me, and Dad would go to 31 Flavors for her. 31 Flavors is still my favorite. I remember as a child that I used to have pain in my knees and ankles really badly, and severe headaches. Mom would come and rub Ben-Gay on my joints and make them feel better. She would bring a cold wash cloth and lay it on my forehead and sit with me. She would trace lines across my face to help relax and soothe me. In Apple Valley, Mom and I went to see the movie Arachnophobia at the movie theaters. It was such a scary movie. In one part the spider jumped toward the camera and she jumped and grabbed my hand, which made me jump. It was so funny her being so scared and then scaring me in the movie. I hate spiders. Mom, you have always been there for me - giving support, comforting me, listening to me and loving me. I am so happy that I am your son. You have helped bring so much joy into my life. I love you so much. -Tommy

4: Dear Louise, You are truly an elect lady to me. I have so much adoration for you. You are the most perfect example of unconditional love. Over the past 20 years I have watched and admired how you see all of us through a “mother’s eye”. You are so patient and loving and so gifted at seeing everyone for their potential, never giving up or losing faith. Your attention to detail and genuine interest is what makes everyone feel so important and loved by you. You never miss a birthday, holiday, or special event. You are always just a phone call away and quick to give encouragement and genuine compliments. You have an amazing sense of humor and the patience of Job. Every one of your children LOVE and ADORE you. Whether it is being a daughter, wife, mother, mother-in-law, or grandmother you make it seem effortless. You are one of my very best friends. I love you, Ginger

5: Dear Grandma, Happy Birthday! I have always looked forward to and appreciated all your holiday and birthday greetings. I don't know how you keep up on all the dates. I have fond memories of the trips I took alone to visit you. Your cooking was always great, and I loved the Thanksgiving dinners and other family get-togethers we had. You have always made me feel important and special. Thanks for all the love you share, and I hope this birthday is a wonderful one for you. Love, Kinsi

6: When I would get in trouble with my dad, I would hurry, grab the phone and run to the bathroom to call Grandma. I had her number memorized by heart so I could quickly dial her number before anyone could get to the bathroom. After the phone would ring, I would ask for Grandma, if she didn't answer, and I would tattle-tale on my dad and say how mean I thought he was being. Naturally, Grandma took my side. She would then proceed to tell me how much trouble my father would be in next time she saw him for being mean to me and that she would even spank him! I always felt so relieved when I heard her say that because I thought that he was really going to get in deep trouble. After I talked to her, I would hand the phone to my dad with a giant smirk on my face, then dart to the other room. I always loved calling Grandam and getting my dad in trouble. - Attiana

7: Dear Grandma, I’m writing this to let you know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me over the years, and to tell you I love you very much! Whenever I visited California, you spoiled me relentlessly! Always making the best food, and open for anything I wanted to do, those long summer days spent riding bikes and watching movies are some of the fondest I have. I’ve also always loved your sense of humor and the stories you used to tell about my dad as a kid! I also remember the card games we used to play such as Old Maid and Go Fish! And I’m now aware of the vital role you played in my 6th birthday trip! I can’t thank you enough. That will be one of the most vivid and wonderful birthday memories of my life! I also want to thank you for attending all of the important events that have happened in my life. They wouldn’t be as special without your attendance, and I can’t wait for the upcoming events so I can see you again! You are definitely the glue that holds the Jerdon family together as a unit! I love you so much and can’t thank you enough for always being there for me! Love,Tajj

8: Dear Grandma, Happy Birthday! Thank you for always being interested in me. I wish we could spend more time together. I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you have many more to come. With love from your grandson, Traegen

9: Love, Shaylee

12: One of the earliest and best memories of my mom is when when I was around 3 and my mother put me in preschool for the first time. I think we were living in Long Beach. I believe she went back to work part time, and Tommy was in elementary school. I hated it. I cried the first day, all day. The second day I wouldn't stop crying and they must have called her because she showed up around noon with McDonald's and took me out to the playground. We ate lunch and played that afternoon and she never took me back to the preschool again. She must have given up on working so she could stay home with me. It was my senior year of high school and I knew I wanted to go to college, but I just didn't really have a direction. During the later part of that year, I was really stuck on going to this art school in Orange County. My parents knew that it wasn't going to happen, but my mother indulged me anyway and took me down to visit it and tour it together. We spend the day together, had lunch, talked about life and my future. I really don't remember much about the school or the tour, but I will never forget the good time my mom and I had together that day. - Kurt

14: Dear Louise, You’ve always been such a wonderful mother-in-law, I am so lucky to have you in my life. You have such a big heart and the way you always think of others first is truly an inspiration. From the first time we met, you’ve always made me feel like part of the family. and I have cherished each visit we’ve had. You raised a wonderful son who I am proud to call my husband and thank you for being there for us all these years. Happy Birthday, and may there be many more years and visits to come. Love always, Melanie

15: Grandma, I will always remember when I would come spend the night at your house. You would always come in and draw on my back before I went to sleep, and I would have to guess what you were drawing. Then, you would sing the "two babes in the woods" song and ask if I would like the good or bad version. Of course, I would always say both. I also remember when you came to San Francisco to watch me and Macy while Dad had to work. All the trips I have taken with you and Grandpa I will never forget because we always had so much fun. I love you and Happy Birthday! - Kallan

16: Grandma, everytime I put my hair in a braid I always think of you, when you put your braids in my hair. That was so funny that the hair color matched so perfect. I remember always going over to your house to spend the night. We would always go get our nails done or your hair done together, and I remember your hair dresser always asked about me when you would go alone. Thanks for all that you've done for me. - Macy

17: Dear Grandma Jerdon, A memory that I have of us is baking cookies(I think it was chocolate chip) at your house when I was little. I hope to see you soon! Happy Birthday!! I miss and love you! I also hope to make even more memories. Lotsa love, Tatumn <3

20: OK Mom, all teasing aside, I can't begin to tell you how freakin' awesome it is to have such a wonderful mother. No child could ever have asked for such a supportive and loving mom. And I apologize if any heart condition you may develop is a result of my constant teasing and scaring when I was younger. You were always a great sport and still are. There is so much, for which, I would like to thank you, but for now let me just say... Thank your for your trust. I can't imagine what it must have been like for you to let your 15-year-old son leave on a two week trip to Washington with his friend, allowing me to explore the world all the while hoping that I remained safe and made good choices. Not just once, but twice as I went off to explore the Canadian Rockies with my friend. Throughout my teenage years and into adulthood, I always felt the trust you had in me. Although I was always in good company, I never wanted to do anything that would have violated your trust. Hopefully, I haven't disappointed. That trust allowed me to see and do things that others never have the chance of doing. Thank you for your undying support. Even after all these years, I still sometimes feel guilty for not continuing my pursuit of a career in animation. In some ways, I feel like I may have disappointed you for not continuing in that path. It must have come as somewhat of a surprise to hear that I wanted a career in medicine instead. Regardless, you never once questioned or doubted my decisions or my goals (at least not to my face). I only felt support and encouragement cfrom you in all that I have done. Sorry for all the money you spent on art supplies.

21: Thank you for your unwavering faith. Your service to God and your testimony of the gospel have always been a lighthouse beacon to me during the storms of life. You have set a perfect example of faith: faith in the Lord, faith in your spouse and faith in your children. It has been your faith, in many instances, which I feel has been the only thing that held the family together. Thank you for your unconditional love. Free agency is a tricky business, especially as a parent who must sometimes relinquish control to allow their child to exercise their agency. Although there were plenty of times I may have disappointed you with the choices I made, I have never once felt you withdraw your love from me or any of your other children. Everything I have accomplished or will accomplish can be traced back to a loving, faithful, supportive and trusting mother. Any compliment I have or will receive as a husband and father is a result of your teachings and counsel. My faithfulness in the gospel is due to your faithfulness in the gospel. Mom, your influence will be seen in every good choice I make and every good thing I do. I could never thank you enough for the mother you are to me. I love you, and I am grateful that I am your son. - Jacob

22: Louise is like a second mother to me. Sounds cliche, but it's true. You always hear what people say about mother-in-laws, but I have always found her to be the most loving, easy-going, down to earth, nurturing-without-being-intrusive person I know. When Jacob left for his Air Force training, little Caleb and I lived with her and Tom for about nine months. Some might have counted such a time living with in-laws as difficult, but Louise made it wonderful. She was my buddy during some of my loneliest times. It was such a blessing having her home all the time with us. When Caleb was being difficult in his crazy tantrum stage, she was so patient and willing to help me get a break from time to time. She would offer to take Caleb so that I could go to the gym or visit a friend. Church was especially crazy when he was having a fit and she would even sometimes take turns with me taking him out and sitting with him. She helped me maintain my sanity during those months. Being a young wife and mother at that time, I also felt like I learned more about being a good homemaker from her. She has honed her craft, and does it with a cheerful attitude. She is not a complainer. She gets the job done and then goes to find what more she can do. I love her for the amazing woman she is. She is a great example to me. I love you, Louise. Happy birthday! - Stephanie

23: Love, Caleb

26: Mom - your unconditional love and giving to your family filled our house with warmth. You showed me how to be a great woman and more importantly a devoted mother. As the only girl, you took me under your wing and created moments that will stay with me forever. Taking me shopping and out to lunch when I was home “sick” from school, letting me play dress up with your jewelry, giving you manicures and pedicures, taking trips together, etc.; I could’ve never asked for a better woman to look up to. Happy 70th Birthday to my beautiful, amazing mother! I love you beyond words. - Cameo

27: Dear Grandma, I remember the times when I would come over to your house and we would get out the book of 101 Things To Do and we would always make foil boats and see who could hold the most stuff inside. Once I grew out of that kind of stuff we would always play Uno or Candyland together. Sometimes you would come play Robot with me on the computer. I also love when I come over and we make things to eat. I wish you have a Happy Birthday! I love you so much!!!! Love, Xander

28: "The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows. And the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years." ~ Audrey Hepburn

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