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Louise Slater's Memory Book (Copy)

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Louise Slater's Memory Book (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: A Look At Louise's Life Hourney

FC: A Look at Louise's Life Journey

1: To a wonderful daughther, sister, wife, mother, grandma & friend...

2: Biography & Family Ancestry

3: Lurie Louise Lambeth Born in Flomaton, Alabama August 20, 1941

5: Milestones Born in Flomaton, Alabama August 20, 1941 High School Graduation: Fletcher Academy in 1960 College Graduation: Nursing School in 1963 Anathesia School in 1968 Married Bruce Edwin Hansen in 1964 William Mason Slater in 1978 Climbed Longs Peak 1985 Completed Grandma's Marathon 1987 Children: Bret Edwin Hansen born August 3, 1966 Step Children: Ted Mason Slater born March 23, 1965 Thomas Thorn Slater born June 2, 1966 Leigh Ann Slater born January 6, 1969 Lisa Maria Slater born January 6, 1969 Laura Jean Slater born January 6, 1969 Siblings: Mason Lambeth born 1937 Tommie Lambeth born March 19, 1939 Sallie Burnese Lambeth Rutledge born August 20, 1941 Aaron Lambeth born February 1, 1944 Vernon Lambeth born August 11, 1947 Jonnie Lambeth born March 30, 1952 Ronnie Lambeth born March 30, 1952 Wayne Lambeth born October 4, 1953

6: Places you've lived 1. Flomaton, Alabama 2. Frostproof, Florida 3. Asheville, North Carolina 4. Chicago, Illinois 5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6. Bend, Oregon 7. Alameda, California 8. Whitehall, Michigan 9. North Muskegon, Michigan 10. Albuquerque, New Mexico 11 Las Cruces, New Mexico 12 Rolla, Missouri 13 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 14. Strawberry, Arizona 15. Pahrump, Nevada 16. Socorro, New Mexico

8: Louise in Action | On a Mountain, or on a Hog | In the Heat, or in the Snow | Louise is always... READY TO GO!

9: Lambeth English: habitational name from Lambeth, now part of Greater London, named in Old English as ‘lamb hithe’, from Old English lamb ‘lamb’ + hth ‘hithe’, ‘landing place’, i.e. a place where lambs were put on board boat or taken ashore, no doubt in order to supply the meat markets of London on the other side of the river Thames. Barnes English: name borne by the son or servant of a barne, a term used in the early Middle Ages for a member of the upper classes, although its precise meaning is not clear (it derives from Old English beorn, Old Norse barn ‘young warrior’). Barne was also occasionally used as a personal name. Irish: possibly an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Bearáin ‘descendant of Bearán’, a byname meaning ‘spear’. | Family Names | Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press

10: Lambeth Family Tree (Generations 1 - 4) | Lambeth Family Tree (Generations 1 - 4)

11: Stephen Thomas Lambeth (Grandfather)

12: 1910 Census Record Pollard, Escambia County, Alabama This census record shows that Stephen Thomas (known as Thomas) and Beatrice lived beside Thomas’s father and mother. At this time, only Ethmore and Edgar had been born. Thomas’s siblings were still living at home with his parents. | Stephen Thomas Lambeth (Grandfather)

13: Stephen Shirley Lambeth (Great Grandfather)

14: Homestead certificate issued to Stephen Shirley Lambeth on Feb 4, 1888 for 159.92 acres in Escambia County, Alabama | Stephen Shirley Lambeth (Great Grandfather) | Homestead Act of 1862 Signed by President Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862 to accelerate the settlement of the western territory.

15: Mary Catherine Lambeth (Great Great Grandmother)

16: 1880 Census Record Pollard, Escambia County, Alabama This census record shows Mary Catherine and her children living with Mary's parents (John and Ann Lambeth). Mary's occupation is listed as "not employed" and Stephen Shirley's occupation is listed as "laborer". | Mary Catherine Lambeth (Great Great Grandmother)

17: Homestead certificate Issued to Mary Cathrine Lambeth on May 11, 1894 for 160 acres in Escambia County, Alabama | Mary Catherine Lambeth (Great Great Grandmother) | Homestead Act of 1862: Approximately 270 million acres, 10% of land in the United States, was claimed and settled under this act.

18: Lambeth Family Tree (Generations 5 - 8)

19: John M Lambeth (GGG Grandfather)

20: John M Lambeth (GGG Grandfather) | Purchase of Land Certificate issued on Nov 1, 1858 for 79.72 acres in Covington County, Alabama. This land was purchased under the Land Act of 1820, which required land to be purchased with cash instead of credit.

21: John M Lambeth (GGG Grandfather) | Homestead certificate issued to John M. Lambeth on May 19, 1903 for 160.68 acres in Escambia County, Alabama | Homestead Act of 1862: Declared that any citizen or intended citizen could claim 160 acres of land for a minimal filing fee and 5 years of continuous residence on that land.

22: Josiah Lambeth (GGGG Grandfather)

23: Josiah Lambeth (GGGG Grandfather)

24: Directions to Lambeth Cemetery: The cemetery is northeast of the small town of McLeansville in Guilford County and west of highway 61. Located on the high west shoulder of High Rock Rd. (State Road 2719), surrounded by a native stone well, about 50 yards north of Buffalo Creek Ridge. | Josiah and Elizabeth Loftin were married on December 18, 1789 and their marriage bond was signed by her brother Joseph Loftin. The Loftin and Lambeth families were neighbors and the Loftin’s other daughter, Tabitha Loftin, married Josiah’s brother Moses. By the summer of 1800, Josiah and Elizabeth had moved to Guilford County. They settled on the North side of Buffalo Creek, about a mile from where it empties into the Reedy Fork. During the summer months, Josiah and Elizabeth’s home was used for "preaching" until a Church was built in 1834 by the congregation of Adam’s Chapel Christian Church. Josiah lived in this house until his death on June 17, 1851. He was buried on his land not from far from the front porch of his home, where he used to sit and look at the river. This spot became a small family cemetery and there are about 40 graves at this site. Source: | Josiah Lambeth (GGGG Grandfather)

25: Josiah's Last Will and Testament “In the name of God Amen. I Josiah Lambeth of the county of Guilford and State of North Carolina do make this my last will and testament, 1St. I do will and bequeath to the six children of my Son Joseph Lambeth. One Dollar each. 2nd. I bequeath to my son Shadrack One Dollar. 3rd. I also give to Lovick One Dollar besides what I have give. 4th. I Bequeath to my son John the Land Whereon I now live supposed to Contain three hundred Acres, be the same more of lefs & my son John is to pay over to my Estate Three hundred Dollars, or his Executors, 5th. I also give to my daughter Edna one hundred and forty Dollars One loom, one Table and bible. Furthermore I will and desire that Benjamin Brown shall have one Dollar and the remaining property shall be sold and Divided as follows. To Davis Brown who now lives with me Ten Dollars and the balance of my Estate between the Girls Equally. Catharine, Polly, Sally, Cresy ,Francis, 1 Hepsey .Nancy’s hear Edna. And my daughter Polly being indebted to Edna Twenty Two Dollars and seventy six cents I order and will my Executors to take of Polly’s part of give to Edna with the interest on it from 1st September, 1842 till paid. Lastly, I appoint Robert Prather & Lovick L. Lambeth my Executors of this my last will and testament in Confirmation Whereof I now set my hand and affix my seal this the 18 do September 1846. Josiah Lambeth, Seal " Acknowledged in presence of us his William x Cumming ,MarkJohn Cumming , "state of North Carolina Guilford County" August Term 1851. Source: | Josiah Lambeth (GGGG Grandfather)

26: Samuel Lambeth (GGGGG Grandfather)

27: Samuel Lambeth (GGGGG Grandfather)

28: 1790 Census Record Craven County, North Carolina This census record shows the following living in the Samuel Lambeth household: 1 free white male under 16 years of age, 3 free white males 16 years or older, and 2 free white females. | Samuel Lambeth (GGGGG Grandfather)

29: John David Lambeth (GGGGGG Grandfather) Migrated from England

30: Barnes Family Tree (Generations 1 - 4)

31: George N Barnes (Grandfather)

32: 1930 Census Record Escambia County, Alabama This census record shows that the Barnes and Lambeth families were neighbors. | George N Barnes (Grandfather)

33: Nathaniel Sam Barnes (Great Grandfather)

34: Nathaniel Sam Barnes (Great Grandfather)

35: 1860 Census Record Monroe County, Alabama This census record shows Nathaniel and Martha (second wife) living with Nathaniel and Elizabeth's children. Martha was only 22 years old and her sister Amanda is also living with them. The other interesting item in this census record is the number written to the right of Nathaniel's occupation, listed as "Farmer". This number is the amount recorded as the value of their real estate. | Nathaniel Sam Barnes (Great Grandfather)

36: Obediah Barnes (Great Great Grandfather)

37: Obediah Barnes (Great Great Grandfather)

38: Obediah Barnes (Great Great Grandfather) | Certificates of land (285.7 acres) purchased in 1835 and 1837. This land was purchased under the Act of 1820, which required a cash instead of credit sale.

39: Obediah Barnes (Great Great Grandfather) | 1830 Census Record Monroe County, Alabama This census record shows a total of 17 people living in the Obediah Barnes household: 1 free white male ages 5–9, 2 free white males ages 10-14, 1 free white male age 15-19, 1 free white male age 40–49, 2 free white females under 5, 1 free white female ages 5-9, 1 free white female ages 30-39, 1 male slave under 10, 3 male slaves age 10-23, 4 females slaves ages 10-23. | Obediah's Tombstone

40: Nathaniel S Barnes (GGG Grandfather) | Smoak (GGG Grandfather) Migrated from Ireland

41: Our Memories of You

42: 70 Reasons Why We Love You 1. Loves animals - Bret 2. Loves to laugh - Lisa 3. Generous to all (maybe to a fault!) - Lisa 4. A very caring and kind mother-in-law - Rachel 5. Loves the ocean - Bret 6. Lives life to the fullest - Bret 7. Sees humor in everything-Ryan 8. Favorite NFL team is the Oakland Raiders, and I don't mind too much - Bret 9. Taken care of people her whole life - Lisa 10. Not only loves to laugh but enjoys seeing others laugh - Leigh 11. Likes playing games with me - Brandon 12. Boosts confidence in everyone she engages - Leigh 13. Inspires you to be better! - Leigh 14. Kind to everyone - Bret 15. Sends me pictures of "meow meows" - Claire 16. A constant refuge for the weary soul.-Wayne 17. I love how full of life you are - Dora 18. Loves to read - Rachel 19. Drives fast - Bret 20. Cherishes family - Bret 21. Inspires you to be better! - Bret 22. Can take a joke..and tell one. -Wayne 23. Loves her Grandkids - Rachel 24. Enjoys a good cup of coffee - Rachel 25. Compassionate to all-people and animals! - Leigh 26. I love that you come to see me - Brandon 27. You always remember when my kids have a birthday! - Dora 28. Always been there for me - Bret 29. Enjoys traveling - Rachel 30. Makes you feel good about yourself - Leigh 31. Likes adventures - Bret 32. Best slumber party partner - Brandon 33. Looks for the good in everyone she meets. - Leigh 34. Best slot machine player - Mary Sue 35. Gave me my first Bible - Claire

43: 70 Reasons Why We Love You 36. Let's me play the balloon game on your phone - Brandon 37. Will go out of her way to help people in need - Leigh 38. Loves being active - Bret 39. Because you play with me - Brandon 40. Always has excellent advice - Leigh 41. Great cook, as long as it's take out :) - Bret 42. Sings songs with me - Claire 43. You always send me sweet e-cards! - Dora 44. Loves me no matter what! - Sam 45. Comes on vacations with us - Rachel 46. Always there for me - Bret 47. Doesn't need words to let you know she cares - Leigh 48. Gave me my first bike - Claire 49. You've never really had a birthday, only your sister!!! - Leigh 50. Optimistic - Rachel 51. Intelligent - Bill 52. Puts on a good spread - Mary Sue 53. Has Rainman beat at the casino's! - Leigh 54. High jumper - Bret 55. Endless life time of fun memories - Bret 56. Best Grandma - Brandon & Claire 57. Loves, hopes. Holds to the light, even in the darkness.-Wayne 58. Loving Mother and friend - Bret 59. Caring Grandmother who holds us a lot - Brandon & Claire 60. A woman of character - Lynn 61. Down-to-earth - Bret 62. Plays silly games, like putting sticker on our faces - Brandon 63. Wit and positive fun loving nature - Peggy 64. Most loyal, true hearted friend anyone could ever have - Sharon 65 You're always there. - Ronnie 66. Generous with not only your material things but also yourself and your time - Sharon 67. Great sense of humor - Bill 68. Best Dive partner - Bret 69. Loved running to get to nowhere - Bret 70. Because you are you! - All of us

44: Our Fondest Memories of You | Us diving off the coast of Mexico in a storm. The ocean current was so strong that we were thrown 50 - 60 feet against a reef. You hung onto me to make sure I was safe as possible. After that dive, the local Dive Master took us and the other divers to another site, which was just as rough as the first. - Bret | When we would go on vacations with you and dad when we were little girls, and have nicknames; for example, you were "partly sunny", and we would always laugh! -Lisa | Homecoming!!!!!! -Wayne | Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with you. Being in the kitchen with you making big messes-but ending up with a delicious meal~ Leigh | The Michael Jackson concert. Totally awesome and I will never forget it! Leigh | Shopping in Chicago!! Leigh | That you gave us another brother and Uncle ~Bret! : ) Leigh, Laura and Lisa and Sam | You made snowmen, snow angels, and had snowball fights with the kids in the neighborhoods! - Kim

45: Our Fondest Memories of You | Every time we visited you was an adventure! While visiting you in Muskegan. you taught Amy and I how to catch field mice in the horse feed barrel, shoot bow and arrows and wear moon boots in the snow. Great memories!-Ryan | I will always remember the good times we had in the OR. Jamie | You drove me, Tom and Ted to Florida for some fun in the sun with the Rutledges. When we got to Kentucky you stopped at a fireworks store and bought us all fireworks. We went to a near by park and lit several of them off and had the time of our didn't even get mad when we were throwing firecrackers out of the car window at passing cars...and a couple of them went off in the VW van. You were always patient with me, caring for me, and have always had my best interest at heart. I love you!! -Bret | You showed me my first Cardinal. - Kim

46: Our Fondest Memories of You | One winter day, my doorbell rang and I opened my door to get a face full of snow. It was your way of asking me to go for a walk. It was twilight and so beautiful outside. We took a long walk, enjoyed the beauty, and of course had a snowball fight. I was so glad you suggested it. -Sharon | You and mom cried together as Bret and I got on the school bus to go to our first day of Kindergarten. - Kim | When you rear-ended someone's car in California while we were looking at some deer.-Wayne | The year we moved to Grants Pass the kids and I flew out for a visit. I'll never forget the overnight sail on Lake Michigan from Muskegon up to Whitehall. Bret, Brian, Kim and I slept down in the cabin and you and Bill slept on deck in sleeping bags. When I got up in the morning and went on top there you were hanging half over the side. If you had tried to turn over, it would have been a mighty damp awakening. What a sight that was! -Sharon

47: We stopped to see you on our trip to Disneyland. While there, we went to an Oakland A's game (the year they won the series). You bought Kim an A's pennant which you would take and wave over Bruce's head (he was sitting in front of us). Finally he said "Kimmy, if you don't stop that I'm going to break it". You jumped up and said "It was me, not Kimmy." Kim will never forget that. On our way back, we had stopped at my brother's in San Jose. They had a three-foot above ground pool which Larry tried to do a cannon-ball into. Unfortunately he landed pretty hard on the bottom of the pool and broke his tail bone. We stopped back at your house on the way home and you, being the dear that you are, gave him a pillow to sit on for the drive back to Lake Oswego. I still have that pillow! -Sharon | Our Fondest Memories of You | I had the casino page you, but there was no response so I went back to the room to look for you. Later, I got a call from you saying "Unless you're dying I'm not coming up there because my machine is hot" - Mary Sue | You and I learning how to scuba dive. You got me through that and a whole lot more. - Bret | I remember the evening walks with you in Michigan. - Kim

48: I Celebrate Your Life by Joanna Fuchs Mom, your Birthday brings to mind The thousands of things you did for me that helped make me happier, stronger and wiser, because I had you as a role model. I'm grateful for all the times you healed my hurts and calmed my fears, so that I could face the world feeling safe and secure. I'm thankful for all you showed me about how to love and give-- lessons that now bring so many blessings to me each and every day. Your sacrifices and unselfishness did not go unnoticed, Mom. I admire you, I respect you, I love you. And I'm so glad you're my mother! Happy Birthday!

49: Dear Mom, As I look at these pictures and see myself growing from an infant into a man, I think of the unconditional love you have given me. I am truly blessed to have a mother as caring as you. You have raised, supported, and guided me through life to become the person I am today. I have learned so much from you and am always in awe when I witness your generosity and kindness to those in need. You have taught me so much by example and I will have you in my heart forever. This weekend’s celebration and this book, containing contributions by just a small number of people whose lives you've positively impacted, are a tribute to you and your life. God puts people on this earth to make this a special place and you truly are someone special. Thank you so much for all your love and sacrifice, you are ‘Heaven Sent’ and you are my inspiration. "There is no other Mother that could give a love so true, and there is not a son who could love you like I do." All my love from your son, Bret

50: Happy Birthday, Louise I am glad to get the chance to contribute to your birthday book, a chance to look back on years I was fortunate to live with such a unique, exquisite women. You have always been to me a combination of cute and beautiful, traits seldom found together, yet highly desirable. Add to that, indefatigable as the Ever Ready Bunny. I could never keep up with you. I know no one who gives more to others. It is no wonder that they call you “Saint Louise” at Socorro General Hospital, where you are currently working and indispensable. You have an admirable independent, self sufficient spirit. You are in the top percentiles of people I have known when it comes to natural intelligence. I think we all would choose you to be our jury foreman. You would rise to the top like cream in fresh milk, to become the leader of any group marooned on a desert island. And, if these complements are not enough, you have a great sense of humor. All these attributes make you ideally suited for your next seventy years. Lucky grand children! Thank you for the privilege of living with you through many happy years, many interesting places and with good friends and a great family. I love you, Bill August 20, 2011

51: My Sister, My Friend by Sam It used to be that we could not stand to be apart. But now we are older and our lives have new starts. You have your kids and I have one too. But there is not a day that I don't think of you. I set and remember all the fun in the past. And I pray everyday that my memories will last. We have been through such hard times, first loves and jobs galore. Sister with you in my life I am never ever bored. We shared our clothes and even our friends. We would cry on each other when our hearts would not mend. Sometimes I wonder if I was not a twin. But then I would not have known my very best friend. We were made into two by Gods hands from above. What a blessing you were, a sister to love. Our lives are now hectic and time goes by fast. But I know our friendship will always outlast. So today I wanted to tell you what has been on my mind. You are my sister , my friend, we are two of a kind.

53: Thank you for making my childhood so fun and memorable. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be like you. You introduced me to sailing, distance cycling (which I still do!), scuba diving and snorkeling. You talked me into being a marine biologist...well that didn't pan out, but anesthesia did! You bought me my first walkman radio and a beautiful laryngoscope set. But, most of all, you were always there for a phone call, a birthday card, or a good laugh. You will always be my favorite aunt. Happy 70th birthday.

54: “ A friend to love, and a woman of character.” Louise, I am glad to be here to celebrate this special birthday with you, and celebrate the special person you are. I have always respected you and the kindness that you have shown towards others. You were always so good to my folks and they thought the world of you. I will never forget the celebration of Bill’s birthday in Tucson at the dude ranch. I think of it often, and how thoughtful you were to ask mom along. It was a great time for everyone, but I know Nevada had the most fun. Thank you so much for that special time. Your life has been caring for people, and caring about people. I remember the tender care you and Bill gave to Terry through her illness, and how you were there to comfort and support the kids. You have always been there for them, and for me also. You have touched many lives Louise, so many more then you know. Happy 70th Birthday Louise and God Bless You. Lynn

55: Louise, There are so many things I admire about you. Your strength, courage, and generosity are just a few. Knowing you has made me a better person. You will always be an important part of my life. Happy Birthday to an amazing woman!! Love you, Chyrel

56: Louise, I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have many more. I’ve had the privilege of knowing you for 16 years and am thankful for that opportunity. You’ve always been generous and kind, but mostly I’m thankful for your unconditional love to Brandon and Claire. I’ve watched you many times and you sincerely care for them and I truly appreciated it. Every child deserves a caring grandmother and thank you for giving that to them. You are a remarkable person and I hope to always embrace life with the same passion that you do. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. Happy 70th Birthday All my love, Rachel “And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln

57: I remember the first time I heard you cuss. We were in a casino in St. Louis, when a guy kept bothering us about playing more than one machine at a time. You told him "You're acting worse them my 2 year-old S-O-B" but, we did end up with two free dinners out of it! | Thanks for being my friend! Love ya, Mary Sue

58: 40 Years of Friendship | Louise, You' have been my best friend since the day we met. We may not talk much or see each other often, but when we do it is as if no time has passed at all. You are the most loyal, true kind hearted friend anyone could have. You are generous with not only your material things, but also with yourself and your time. There isn't anything you wouldn't do for not only your friends but perfect strangers. Thank you for your friendship. I love you my dear friend, Sharon

59: Louise, I have so enjoyed getting aquainted with you through Burnese. You are such a fun person & so full of life! We have met in Vegas twice & I have always had lots of fun wth you. You are definitely the luckiest lady I know! So-- I have tried to learn from you regarding the slots! :) I am always glad to share time with you and I respect you for your skills & knowledge, & enjoy your wit & positive, fun loving nature! Happy Birthday, Louise! Enjoy your life, & take care of yourself! Hope you aren't going to do some "dare devil" thing to celebrate your 70th ! Love you.. Peggy

60: What Is a Grandma? by Barbara Cage A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes. She is someone you can tell your secrets and worries to, and she hopes and prays that all your dreams come true. She always loves you, no matter what. She can see past temper tantrums and bad moods, and makes it clear that they don't affect how precious you are to her. She is an encouraging word and a tender touch. She is full of proud smiles. She is the one person in the world who loves you with all her heart, who remembers the child you were and cherishes the person you've become.

61: Things We've Laughed About Together | Pulling a Yuka plant out of the desert floor and using it for our Christmas tree. - Bret | Laughter was always our mainline of communication.-Wayne | Bad pictures...usually of me. - Leigh | what don't we laugh at together!! : ) Leigh | The time we went to Las Vegas...It was 3 am and I was already asleep in the hotel room. I awoke to loud knocking on the door........I got up and looked thru the peep hole only to see you with a handful of money, displaying it in front of the peep hole. always struck me as funny that you were still up at 3 am with all of your energy while I was exhausted at such a young age!!!! Leigh | We have laughed together at so many things through the years! Jamie | Rachel and I drove to your house in Strawberry Arizona for Thanksgiving weekend. We sat down for a lovely goose dinner. We talked, laughed, and had a great time. Then it was time for desert. You served pie and ice cream. I chose the pumpkin pie. I stuck my fork into the piece, but it wouldn't go through. I tried again, but no luck. After some examination, we discovered that you cooked the pie with the wax paper still on the bottom crust. We laughed and laughed. Rachel and I still talk about that pie. - Bret :)

62: Secret giggles between the two of know what I'm talking about! Leigh | Things We've Laughed About Together | I crashed the left side of your Nissan 280 ZX and then proceeded to crashed your rental car while it was getting fixed. Two months later, you hit a 400 lb deer on the right side of the car and told me you did that so I wouldn't feel so bad. At the time that this happened, it wasn't very funny. But we've laughed about this multiple times over the years, and I still get a good laugh over it. - Bret | One evening I went up to visit you. Before I could even knock, I heard a strange noise coming from inside and you saying "help". I opened the door and there you were standing on the coffee table yelling. I asked what was wrong and you said "I think Bret's snake got loose". What a sight to see! I had to laugh, but you didn't see the humor in the situation. Everything turned out ok and in the end, we found out that the snake has been let go outside. - Sharon | Once in Mississippi, you told me to watch your slot machine while you went to the restroom. When you returned you said "there was a man in the ladies room and so I asked why are you in here...and he replied because this is the mens room." - Mary Sue | Thanksgiving 1996 Rachel and I drove to Rolla for Thanksgiving weekend with the dogs, six month old Triton and Chiron. We were scheduled to arrive mid day, so you scheduled dinner for that time. We missed an exit and we ended up being four hours late. You kept dinner warm as best as possible. Once we arrived, we let the dogs run around with Amigo before going inside to eat. We went into the house and that’s when it all went down hill. Triton and Chiron ran around the house breaking things and going to the bathroom EVERYWHERE. All of a sudden Chrion jumped on top of the table and grabbed the Thanksgiving dinner ham and ran off with it. Triton went after her and took it a way. I jumped on top of him and took it away but not before they each took a few good bites. I handed it back to you and you just washed it off and put it back on the table. We all sat down and ate like nothing had happened. I’ll never forget the look on your face and how calmly you handled this. -Bret, Rachel

63: Favorite Trips We've Taken Together | Fisherman's Wharf. San Francisco. (You know it's all about FOOD!) Wayne | Jacksonville, Florida, and to Disneyworld!--and to Hawaii! Lisa | San Jose, San Francisco and Monterey California! Best trip ever!! This trip came at a very important time of my life and really meant a lot to me. I thank you and appeciate you for that. Leigh and Sam | Las Vegas! Excellent time! Leigh | Hawaii! Visiting your home in Strawberry; Going to the Grand many special trips with you and Dad. ~Leigh | CeaderPoint Ohio 1980 You drove me, Paul and Mark Hansen to CeaderPoint Amusement park for a weekend of rides, games, and a lot of fun - Bret | Albuquerque, New Mexico 1976 You drove me and Wiggles across the country in your yellow convertible TR6. The whole way there you taught me all of my times tables. As a parent, I now know it was to occupy me...and Rachel and I plan on using that one. I know it wasn't a vacation/trip, but I will never forget that. - Bret

64: Four years ago, Kim and I met you in Las Vegas. We had four absolutely fantastic days, all thanks to you. We stayed in a gorgeous two bedroom suite at Caesar's Palace and went to a Celine Dione concert, front row center seats no less! We also had a scrumptious meal at one of their restaurants. We, all three, were like a bunch of giddy teenagers. That's the thing, Louise, you know how to have fun! But then I can't say anymore, remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!! -Sharon | Favorite Trips We've Taken Together | One of the most memorable trips was to the Dude Ranch In Tucson for Dad's surprise birthday party~Vince refers to our family picture as the "prison rodeo picture" because we are all dressed in blue.....I think he is just jealous!!! : ) ~Leigh | Cancun Mexico 1982 You and I went to Cancun together. You spent the days in a seminar while I laid around the pool all day waiting for you. At nights we went out on the town eating some questionable food...they said it was chicken, but it sure didn't taste like it. - Bret | You and I travel to Tunica Mississippi for a gals time out - Mary Sue | You flew me out to Las Cruces in 1989. We rode mountain bikes in the desert, fed the road runners, and you let me drive your 300Z! -Ryan

65: Grand Canyon Trip 2005

66: Mom & Son | Sunset Kailua-Kona | Watching the Sunset | Surfer Gang | Quiet Couple | Mauna Kea | Black Sand Beach | Louie Ready | Big Tree | Gettin Out | Lookin Good | Sea Side | Surfs Up | Kailua - Kona, HI December 1989 | In Action | Making Friends | Eating what we caught

67: Rocky Mountain National Park 2009 | Late summer of 2009, we went to Estes Park / Rocky Mountain National Park. We stayed in a cabin by the river, went for hikes in the park, picnicked by the lake, and finished off the trip with some great seafood. Thanks for the this great trip that we will never forget!

68: "The Gang" Tanque Verde Ranch, Tucson Az. April 15, 2000 Some tough days of ranchin!

69: New York City 2000 You met me in New York City and we had a great weekend. We went to the Opera, Grand Central Station, Twin Towers, Times Square and did some shopping. We also had some very scary taxi rides! Thank you for helping me experience New York City for my first time. -Rachel

70: CALIFORNIA!!! 2010

71: Disney Land 2011

72: ..being funny, uplifting, and positive. Mostly caring.-Wayne | you are the most compassionate, caring person I know. When I am in situations that require me to make decisions, I ask myself what would Louise do, or what would Louise say. I try to be as good as a person as you are, but those are big shoes to fill! your kindness is unwavering. you inspire me by just being you Louise. you make me want to be a better person. Leigh | You've inspired me by... | On our visit to Michigan, I had my first broken toe! You "nursed" me up and that is what inspired me to pursue my medical career! THANK YOU Louise!!!! :) I have always adored you and always will! Love you Louise!! -Kim | You've inspired me in so many ways. From starting out life with very little to where you are today is an impressive example of hard work and determination. You have accomplished so much in life. I remember you, me and Bill went to Vail and I went skiing, but I hadn't skiied the top of the mountain. You told me to go back and ski the top of the mountain, because I need to try and get the most out of every opportunity that I can. Thank You! - Bret

73: You've inspired me by... | always being so gracious to those who need you, whether you are working or not. You view your job as a ministry to those in need. (You are even there to help some animals who are down-trodden.) You always have such a big heart, and you make me want to emulate your kindness, gentleness, and compassion to others.--Lisa | Louise-- You are one who shares all good to others. The gift of you comes to everyone. You do not know how to hold back. You serve every young and old. Giving is your gift.....Ratna | You were my example and my inspiration to complete my college degree - Bret | You live life to the fullest. - Rachel

74: I'm Thankful For You Because... | You got on a plane to come help us within a couple of hours from us calling and saying Brandon was sick. I was 8+ months pregnant with Claire and was so happy to hear that you were on your way. I've alway been thankful for you going out of your way to help no matter what time of day we call. -Rachel | Louise, I'm thankful for you because you became a mother to me after mine left this earth. You assisted Leigh, Laura and me when we needed it. You always made sure we were comfortable when we were with you and dad. And you were always there when we needed you...You were even the one to answer the call when I practically killed Laura with an aluminum bat! You are still always so gracious to us, and I am glad you are within arms reach in Soccorro! Now, I can even be there for you! --Lisa | I can't even begin to tell you all of the reasons why I am thankful for you. You have consistently been there for me since I was just a kid!! and my need for your advice and companionship and love and support have only grown over the years and you have never let me down. I was blessed to be given you as my Mom when I lost my biological Mom. I love you so much for all you have done......Leigh | I'm thankful for you for all the little things you've done for me like taking me to football practice, letting me have so many pets, and making sure I finished high school. But, most of all I'm thankful for you because you given me a great life. - Bret

75: Louise, In Life, people come together, either as family or as friends. And the journey begins. This journey, every moment is very precious. I call it "holy instant". It is very pious and auspicious. Louise, I and Lisa are connected with you in all essence: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are all one in spirit. Thanks being who you are. --Ratna | Louise, I am so thankful for you being in my life! You have taught me so much and you have given so much! I will never forget any of it! Thank you Love, Jamie | I'm thankful for you for so many reasons. You have done so much for me, given so much to me, and have always been there for me. -Bret | I'm Thankful For You Because... | I'm thankful for you because you always let me play games on your phone. - Brandon | I'm thankful for you because you went with me to see Mickey Mouse - Claire | I'm Thankful for you because you let me have so many fish tanks in my bedroom. The room smelled like rotten fish for several years, and you never complained - Bret

76: I'm Thankful For You Because... | Thank you for sharing your favorite books over the years. I've read so many great books because you have always been so nice about thinking of me and passing them on. -Rachel | Louise, you have always offered to help in many ways, thank you for that and all that you do for us!! Love you, Jamie | Thank you for coming to all my birthday parties! I love that my Grandma has been to everyone! I Love You, Brandon | Thank you for never giving up on anyone in need. In my darkest moments, you would be a light. When I couldn't see freedom, I could hear your words. You told me one time,"It's easy to be a Christian when on the mountain top." I never forgot it. It's ok to have a sis for a hero. Love you always.-Wayne | You never miss an important make mountains move to be there!!! : ) Leigh

77: Your Family & Friends

78: Bret, Rachel, Brandon, Claire Hansen

80: Brandon & Claire Hansen Taken June 2011

81: Brandon Edwin Hansen January 19, 2011

82: Brandon's art work at age 5 | Claire, Brandon, Grandma, and Grandpa Bill

83: Brandon & Grandma

84: Claire Dawn Hansen April 11, 2009

85: Claire's art work at age 2

86: Claire & Grandma

87: Siblings

88: The Rutledge Family Ryan, Dora, Jonah, Ethan, Benjamin & Emma Kate

89: Jonah | Ethan | Benjamin | Emma Kate

90: Special moments....

91: Special moments....

92: Ratna and Lisa

94: P | E | T | S

95: Happy Birthday Song by William Slater Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday you two, Happy Birthday to you May you have many more, May you get gifts galore, For we love you for shore, Happy Birthday to you You are twins of a sort, It’s hard to tell you apart, But your both so darn beautiful, I can only sing what’s truthyful This is the end of our song, Hope you don’t think it’s too long, I’m sorry it wasn’t sung better, Probably should have just sent a letter.

96: Happy 70th Birthday! | Bret | Bill | Claire | Lisa | Leigh | Sam | Rachel | Brandon | Lynn | Mary Sue | Kim | Peggy | Laura | Vince | Rebecca | Ratna | Ryan | Dora | Jonah | Ethan | Emma Kate | Ben | Sharon | Larry | Wayne | Ronnie | Aaron | Chyrel | Jamie | Amy | Mike | August 20, 2011 | Tom | Kaia | Karlie | McKeanzie | Kelly | Mason | Emily | Ted | Eric | Chase | Karen | Micki | Cindy

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