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Lucia C. Tierro-Williams

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Lucia C. Tierro-Williams - Page Text Content

FC: Lucia C. Tierro-Williams 85th Birthday July 6, 2012

1: Luz

2: My Life's Journey so far.... I was born on July 6, 1927 at the U.S. Naval Reservation Olongapo City, Philippines. I am the only girl among 9 children who were blessed with parents that not only made great sacrifices for our welfare but also instilled in us the virtues of humility, charity, and honesty and the importance of family support and unity. A father who settles minor differences with "magpasensya ka na", and a mother whose strict discipline is for doing the right thing. Growing up with only (8) brothers was very beneficial to me. I became bolder, more aggressive, and less demure... thus I was able to interact positively with men particularly in the workplace where I competed comfortably and successfully reached the top. The "Lord" blessed me with great health, long life and enough intelligence that enabled me to have a good paying job and in turn financially help my parents with my 6 younger brothers. Someone said that life is not measured by the number of years but rather by what was done with those years. Well, the following is what I did with my 85 years which is embodied in three groups: (1) Scholastic (2) Employment and (3) Social/Sports Activities. I started my 1st grade of Elementary School in July 1932 and graduated in April 1939 as Salutatorian of the 7th grade. During this period, I was always the youngest and teacher's comments were: most talkative, most mischievous, most clever, very obedient and helpful. I was crowned Miss Christmas in December 1932. I went on to 1st year High School in July 1939 and was in 3rd year when World War II broke out December 8, 1941. Four of these 6 semesters were free because of earned scholarships. Olongapo City was bombed and burned during the war, hence in 1945, there were no high schools. In July 1945, I continued my 4th year high school at the Zambales Academy, San Narciso, Zambales and on April 1946, graduated as Valedictorian with 1 year free College Scholarship. I wanted to take an Engineering Course in College which would take 4 years. At that time, for practical reasons, families were more inclined to send MALE children for further education because they are future breadwinners whereas, the females generally get married. I realized that if I pursued the 4 year course our family finances being affected by the war, might not be able to sustain further education of my 6 young brothers. The only viable shorter term courses for women were secretarial , teaching and nursing - all of which

3: I was not interested so I decided to quit school and seek employment instead at the US Naval Base because they were hiring English speaking civilians for replacement of the homebound military reserves in the Disbursing Office. Coincidentally one of my co-graduates from San Narciso, Zambales who wanted to work inside the Base too asked me to accompany her, so in May 5, 1946 we went and call it luck or hands of fate because I was hired to report for work on May 8, 1946, and my friend was rejected. In May 8, 1946 to June 26, 1949, I worked at the Disbursing Office as General/Payroll Clerk and Fiscal Accounting Clerk, then in January 1949, the US Naval Base was faced with a massive reduction in force of civilian personnel. Management wanted to save me from being laid off because of my excellent periodic work performance evaluations, I was transferred to the Disbursing Office US Naval Air Station, Sangley Point, in Cavite City, with a reduction in pay. I worked there from June 27, 1949 to February 15, 1952, as a Clerk Typist. I was able to use my 1946 free scholarship in July 1951, as a nigh student at the College of Business Administration, University of the East because of the proximity between Cavite City and Manila. It was cut short in February 16,. 1952, I was promoted and transferred back to the Disbursing Office, Subic Bay, as Voucher Examining Supervisor until April 20, 1956. I was promoted and transferred to head the newly established Disbursing Office US Naval Air Station, Cubi Point, Subic Bay as supervisory Fiscal Assistant Until August 1, 1960. In August 18, 1960 I was reassigned to head the Clerical Division of the newly established Machine Records Department for the mechanization of the Accounting and Supply System of the Naval Supply Depot. My elation for the opportunity to work in a computer environment (IBM) was deflated in June 23, 1963. The two male consecutive Head of the Disbursing Office were fired because of embezzlement of funds so the Naval Supply Depot Commanding Officer decided to fill the position with an eligible female, so I was promoted as Fiscal Accounting Officer.

4: In the meantime, the Vietnam War was escalating and the volume of monetary transactions of the Disbursing Office increased tremendously because of the regular influx of visiting ships of the 7th Fleet. So in 1964, I was promoted and appointed by the Comptroller of the United States Navy Department. as Deputy Disbursing Officer to assist the Disbursing Officer in managing and disbursing Uncle Sam's money -- the duties included signing of US Treasurer's checks amounting to millions of dollars. My official check signing signature "Tierro" is on file in the Office of the Comptroller of the United States Navy Department. I was the FIRST FILIPINO civilian employee to be entrusted with this great and trustworthy responsibility, and FIRST FILIPINO female civilian employee to occupy one of the highest paid position among the over 30,000 base employees. In 1972, my salary rate reached the frozen stage - no more room for advancement, so at age 45 with 26 years active service , I retired May 31, 1972 under US Civil Service System. In July 29, 1972, I immigrated to the USA on a special immigrant visa. After vacationing for a month in Los Angeles, CA, Charleston, SC, and New York City, I started to work again as Credit Clerk in the AMSTAR Corporation at Manhattan, New York. Although the job and work environment was ideal, the cold winter weather did not agree with my body. So to avoid being sick I decided to move to Charleston, SC where I experienced Southern Hospitality and pleasant weather. In August 22, 1973, I was hired by the North Charleston Sewer District of the State of South Carolina as Lead Accounting II and Section Supervisor. In 1975, I met Jones Williams, got married in August 28, 1976, and lived happily until his accidental death in September 9, 1988. The pain of being abruptly left alone made me long to be near relatives. So in October 5, 1988, I decided to retire and after estate probate was completed I moved to Los Angeles, CA, in June 1989. A visit to San Diego made me decide to move away from Los Angeles, and in June 1990, I moved to live in beautiful San Diego. My sports minded brothers made me sports oriented which led to my active participation in numerous Bowling Leagues, local, state, and national tournament since 1965 to 1972 in the Philippines, 1977 to 1986 in Charleston, South Carolina and 1992 to 1999 in San Diego, California. During these periods I was team member of league champions in various years, received numerous patches and pins in recognition of excellence in some

5: categories of the game. After my retirement, I missed the people contact during my 42 years employment, fortunately there are various local Senior Citizens organizations that provide entertainment and relaxation like weekend dances with live band, crowning beauty queens for events relative to each months celebration, etc. I was a past member or officer of some of them. I am currently the treasurer of the Fil-Am Cultural Group since 2000 and member of the dance group performing Filipino Folk Dance until my accident in January 2009. My most precious cherished moments are growing with eight brothers, addition of Carol, as the third female in the household of eleven after 25 years later, the births of my son Charles, (Bonna), grandson Charlie and granddaughter Sara-Bess. Looking back -on balance- my 85 years was more joy than despair. Here are some useful nuggets that I want to share..... Live today as if tomorrow will never come. So everyday be ready to face your maker by striving to live by the golden rule and the 10 Commandments. During difficult moments do not despair we learned in math that problems can be solved...but if everything fails submit yourself with confidence to divine intervention. Cherish your family, your friends today may not be yours tomorrow but your family is yours forever. LUCIA C. TIERRO-WILLIAMS

6: When I was 3 years old | at 5 years old (Miss Christmas 1932)

7: Standing: Left to right: Remy, Milo, Ric, Ani, and Jie Seated left to right: Jun, Luz and Leng | Standing Second row left to right: Leng,, Jie, Milo, Luz, Remy and Jun Seated First Row Left to Right: Ani,Tatay, Nanay and Ric | Standing Second Row left to right: Erning, Luz, Ric Standing First Row left to right: Rem, Milo, Jun Seated First Row left to right: Nanay, Leng and Tatay | My Family

8: The Bathing Beauty

9: with my scooter | with my 1949 Pontiac | with my cousin Baby Cabling

12: with my best friend Kate | "A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. " -Walter Winchell

15: C H A R L E S T. G R A H A M

17: w/ Charlie (Bonna)

18: Tatay, Myrna, Charlie and Janet | Milo, Janet, Myrna and Charlie | Susan, Carol, Tessie, Cleofe, Carrie, Vicky, Nancy Olive, Myrna, Beth, Cora, Bong-Bong, Charlie and Boy | Cleofe, Nene, Ester, Coring, Myrna, Susan, Carol, Nanay, Tatay, Charlie, Espy, Bong-Bong and Cora

19: w/Carol, Nancy, Myrna, Beth, Olive, Nanay, Charlie, Cora and Tatay | Ani and Charlie | w/ Myrna, Carol, Charlie, Nanay, Linda, Manglicmot sisters, Remy, Ester, Cora and Tatay, | Jie

20: with Ate Carmeling, Kuya Ric, Tatay, Espy, Carrie and Cleofe | Milo | Tessie | Carol | (Standing) Leng and Coring (Seated from left to right) Nancy, Beth, Tessie, with Boy on her lap and Vicky | Leng and Coring with their kids from left to right Vicky, Beth, Tessie and Nancy

21: mother and son | love

22: My son Charlie (Bonna) and wife Cindy | Charlie and Cindy and their children: Marie, Charles and Sara-Bess

23: w/ little C h a r l i e | w/ Marie

24: M y F a m i l y

25: "Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best." -Bob Talbert

27: with Sara-Bess

28: Cindy, Marie, Charlie and Sara Bess | Sara Bess and Charlie Arizona October 2011 | "You don't choose your family. They were God's gift to you, as you are to them." -Desmond Tutu

30: happy memories

31: with my husband Jonesy | Good Times

32: 11 Barretto St. East Bajac-bajac Olongapo, City, Philippines

33: Tierro's Ancestral Home

34: w/ my father, Tatay Pinong | w/ my mother, Nanay Toyang | Nanay Toyang and Tatay Pinong

35: Olongapo City Fiesta

37: G R A N D R E U N I O N M A N I L A Philippines

40: for the love of Lolo Pinong

41: let's have fun

42: Royal Maverick Ranch | R O S A R I O B A T A N G A S

44: Beautiful | San Diego

46: T H A N K S G I V I N G D A Y | L A S V E G A S

48: las Vegas Nevada

49: Las Vegas Nevada

50: Thanksgiving Day

51: "No matter what...your family will always be your family!!!" Luz C. Tierro-Williams

53: Milo and Marly's Family

54: L e n g C o r i n g & F a m i l y

55: Bayani and Melle's Family

56: J i e & N e n e 's F a m i l y

57: R i c & C a r m e l i n g 's F a m i l y

58: N e w Y o r k & N e w J e r s e y


60: J a n e t & C h i l d r e n

61: Tessie,Lor & Family

62: S U S A N P E T E R & F A M I L Y

63: C o r a S a n d y & C h i l d r e n

64: Eric, Arlene and Inigo

65: "A moment lasts all of the second, but the memory lives on forever." -Author Unknown

66: B a b y C a b l i n g A g a b o n & C h i l d r e n

67: P e d i n g C a b l i n g and F a m i l y

72: Teresita | Jun, Julie and Jojo | Standing: L-R Cora, Olive, Myrna and Susan Sitting L-R Bong, Remy, Ester and Eric | Tatay and Nanay in New York | Eric, Bong, Ester and Baby Inigo, Olive and Arlene | Nanay, Tatay, and Tia Tayang | Inigo Ponce A. Tierro

73: Cora, Sandy, Mave, Mica, Mark and Michael | Tessie and Kathy | Remy and Ester | Janet | Michael, Lydia and Marcel | Baby, Ronald and Jill

74: Q U E E N C R E E K A R I Z O N A | Rosie and Tony Dacoco | 50th Wedding Anniversary

80: WEDDINGS | W/ Cleofe | Jennifer | Espy with Ate Carmeling and Cleofe | Espy with Lenny, Ate Carmeling and Lenny's Parents | Espy and Lenny

81: Jennifer w/ her cousins Cathy, Stephanie and Marie | Jennifer | Tessie and Lor | Ralph and Carol

82: Corazon, Merlo w/ Ani and Melle | Ester and Remy | Ambe and Dicky | Jie and Nene

83: Cora | Cora, Sandy, Mara, Mica, Mark,Mave and Michael | Ester, Cora & Sandy | Cora

84: Susan and Peter | Pete amd Myrna

85: Charles "Charlie" T. Graham | Jonesy Williams | In Loving Memory | "Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life." -Albert Einstein

86: In Loving Memory | Tio Gabriel Cabling, Nanay, Tatay | Nanay w/ Tia Tayang Simbulan | Ernesto "Erning" Tierro | Ricardo "Ric" Tierro | Rufino "Jun" Tierro Jr..

87: In Loving Memory | Remigio "Remy" Tierro | Corazon "Cora" Tierro-Javier | Enrico Maria "Eric" Tierro | "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leave a memory no one can steal." -Anonymous

88: In Loving Memory | Evelyn Tierro | Caridad '"Coring" Tierro | Federico "Peding" Cabling | Imelda Cabling-Francisco | Orlando Agabon Sr. and Federico Cabling

89: IN LOVING MEMORY TIERRO FAMILY +Myra, +Herminia "Miniang" +Jessie Lingat CABLING FAMILY +Rosa Gonzales-Cabling +Ricarda, +Rodrigo, +Federico, +Arturo,+ Gabriel Jr., +Pablo,+ Guillermo +Flora CRUZ FAMILY +Vicente, +Zosimo, +Agrifina SIMBULAN FAMILY +Tomas +PHOTOS NOT AVAILABLE

91: A L L S T A R

93: Social | Activities

96: friends | f u n

97: To My Dear Ate Luz, You have touched the lives of many of us in significant and varied ways during the course of your life's journey that, so far, has spanned 85 years and counting. At my end, let me recount some of those that have lasting impressions on me for they readily come to mind and warm the heart. I graduated in 1954 as Salutatorian at Olongapo High School. My Salutatory Address during the graduation exercises ended with the following words: "To us, therefore, the future has hurled a challenge. What shall be our answer?" I can't now recall what else I said to the audience that night but those stirring final words which, I believe, made my speech well-received, have been embedded in my mind ever since. Yet, they were not mine; they were your words. You added them at the end of my prepared speech when I asked you to review it. A speech that ended with a call to arms and was much applauded by my co-graduates! That's who you are Ate Luz - gifted and talented and, nobler still, ever-reliable and dependable, for to you family comes first. Have you not been there for most of us, at times, even at the expense of your own personal interest? You graduated as Valedictorian in high school which would have entitled you to free tuition fees as a scholar. Yet, you decided to forgo getting a higher education so you could work to financially help our parents raise six growing boys (that included me) still in school during those difficult years after the Second World War. Thanks to your selflessness, our family weathered those difficult years so much so that, by the grace of Almighty God, our mother (Nanay Toyang) lived up to 91 years old and our father (Tatay Pinong) up to over 100 years old!

98: On my part, I know that, without your self-sacrifice, I wouldn't have earned a college degree and ultimately land a job in a prestigious accounting firm from which I retired as a Partner. Not only that, in 1971, instead of buying a car, Marly (my wife) and I decided to use our savings as down payment to build our home in Paranaque City where we still live today. The cost of putting up the fence for our home was not part of the financing package and we didn't have the money for it at that time. Who else came to the rescue but you, Ate Luz? Moreover, thanks to you, our ancestral home, which still stands today at No. 11 Barretto St, in Olongapo, was built while I was still in college. Along the way, I believe that you found favor from Almighty God for you got well-deserved promotions and pay increases while working at the US Naval Base in Olongapo. These enabled you to not only help support us but even buy your own car! That's how I learned how to drive, and at some point, at the steering wheel of your brand new 1957 Chevy Bel-Air Car! We last saw each other during my visit to San Diego in the spring of 2010. At one point while talking to you, I thought that I was gazing at Nanay Toyang's face and exclaimed "Ate Luz, you look like Nanay!" Well, to me, Ate Luz, you not only look like Nanay at the same age, but also embody her trait of character I most admire: selflessness, fortitude, compassion, and faith, as well as Nanay's strict disciplinary trait. I think that the author of the following verse from the Book of Proverbs (16:31): had in mind a person like you at age 85 when he wrote: Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by a life that is just.

99: *My wife Marly and our children and grandchildren: Janette and her children Paolo Santino & Kiana Camille; Pogsie, his wife Lydia and their son Zico Roberto; Dicky, his wife Ambe and their sons Martin Angelo, Luis Emilio & Carlos Antonio; and my daughter Jennifer and youngest son Marco. | On behalf of my family*, I wish you the very best on your 85th birthday and pray to Almighty God that His special blessings for the Israelites as written in the Book of Numbers (6:24-26) be extended to you today, and the rest of your life: The Lord bless you and keep you! The Lord let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! The Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace! Happy 85th Birthday, Ate Luz, and God Bless! | From Milo and Family*

100: Ate Luz - My Idol By: Bayani C. Tierro Ate Luz has always been a disciplinarian and I did not appreciate this when I was growing up, Kuya Jie, Carol and I had to do certain tasks before she would give us monetary reward. Little did I know then that she was just instilling in us the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work. Later in life, I realized that her admonitions together with our parents' guidance helped build the character I now bear. I am now enjoying a pleasant life as a retiree here in the Philippines. This would not have been possible without the help of Ate Luz, I encountered some problems with the required documents for enlistment in the US Navy. She came to my rescue and personally went to Sangley Point, Cavite and confronted the Officer in Charge for recruitment, not to beg but to set the record straight. This led to my Naval Career and I retired as a Senior Chief after 22 years of service. Ate Luz has always been very helpful to me and my family. She provided us with good credit reference in the purchase of our first dining room set in the early state of my marriage. Together with Jonesy, they took care of Melle and the kids during my deployments. When I retired here in the Philippines, she helped financially in the release of my car from the Bureau of Customs. There are still a lot of help she has extended to us, TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION, enough to say that she was always there to guide and extend a helping hand. While we were in South Carolina, we enjoyed her hospitality and culinary expertise. But we'll let you in on her pet-peeve- she hates washing dishes!!! We had fun going to the beach and playing mah-jong with the barkada. We have not seen Ate Luz since 2002 but Victor and PJ have visited her in San Diego some years back. No words can express our gratitude except to say THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU. Someone once said "When it is dark, people look for a candle. YOU... are that candle, touching their hearts and lives with your light" Have a Happy and Blessed 85th Birthday!!!

101: My Tribute to Ate Luz by: Manuel "Leng" Tierro The world is filled with inspirational people. Sometimes we do not have to look any further within our own family. I must say one of the women who has inspired me the most is you Ate Luz. You are a person of good moral character, who believed in hard work, honesty, integrity and goodwill to others. When I visited San Diego last October, it brought back a lot of memories of our childhood. I was only 12 years old when World War II broke out. The Japanese bombed Olongapo so we were forced to evacuate, some of the roads and bridges were unpassable we had to cross three mountains to get to Longos, Zambales. We walked from midnight to 4:00 p.m. and when we reached the foot of the mountain there was a truck waiting for us to take us to our farm in Longos. We lived in Longos for three years. Ate Luz do you remember our mid morning and afternoon snacks? You would ask me to get some coconuts so you could make bibingka, suman, etc.....I think the years of climbing the coconut tree made my arms stronger. We would go to the plantation and had a contest on who had the highest pile of chewed sugar cane. I enjoyed swimming for hours with you, Kuya Ric and Kuya Erning at the beach. After the tragic death of our grandfather, uncle, and aunts it was necessary for our family to leave Longos temporarily. When our family left for Manila I could not let my hogs and chicken unattended so I stayed behind to take care of them. I did'nt have the means of tracking the days of the months so I drew a calendar on the ground. After the war, our family moved back to Olongapo where we finished high school. Ate Luz you are the key motivating factor behind my success in life. Without your support I could not have achieved whatever I have now. When I played for the Port Terminal, you supported my passion for baseball wholeheartedly. The 3-finger glove that you gave me was very helpful playing the "hot corner", scooping one bounce ball with ease. During that same year I was recruited by the University of Santo Tomas. They offered me a full scholarship to play with their team as a member of the Manila Bay Baseball League (MBBL). As a member of the MBBL (Manila Bay Baseball League) I was selected to represent the Philippine baseball team in the Asian Games (Japan) where we played against the American Major League Baseball Team - New York Giants now known as New York Yankees. It was an honor to play against well known professional baseball players to name a few - Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Whitey Ford and Jerry Coleman. | In 1952, while working at the U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay, Philippines, I received a job offer from Canlubang Sugar Estate. This was not only a job opportunity, but also a chance to pursue my dream of being a semi professional

102: After I retired from Canlubang Sugar Estate I coached the Philippine Baseball Team for several years. Our team competed in the Asian Games where we played against teams from other countries in Southeast Asia. When my wife Coring passed away in 1984, I decided to immigrate to the U.S.... as always you came to my rescue, you willingly provided me with an affidavit of support. When I needed a transportation in San Diego you helped me purchased my car. Your support and generosity to your family are unparalleled. I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family, and please know that we are forever grateful. So on the occasion of your 85th birthday, may this day bring you the blessing of God's love, inner peace and endless joy. Happy 85th birthday Ate Luz. From: Leng and Family | baseball player. As they say "good opportunity only knocks once" so I discussed this matter with you, Nanay Toyang and Tatay Pinong and you all offered to take care of my first born child Carol to make it easier for me to relocate to Canlubang. I played third baseman for the team. Ate Luz you were one of my biggest fans. You would always come to our game, not only rooting for our team but was so proud of my baseball statistics....double and triple plays, stealing home, home runs, grand slams and inside-the-park home runs....And who would know this young man who nearly died when he was 16 years old would soon be inducted as one of the best third basemen in the Baseball Hall of Fame at Rizal Memorial Stadium, Philippines. | (Standing from left to right) Leng, Carol, Tessie, Vicky, Nancy, Beth and Coring Front row: Merlo and Boy

103: Ode' to my sister by: Jesus "Jie" Tierro Ate Luz is someone who stands with you Tatay used to tell us all when we grew up, in all your ups and downs We'd stick together...He was right..... A sister who is always there for you I also think of tears we shed through all the tears and fun. and things we overcome Growing up as kids we were blessed Even though our lives have changed To have come from a loving home Our love is still the same Nanay and Tatay loved us all The closeness only sister knows And never did us wrong. is etched in both our hearts. I'm thankful that we were loved Something money could never buy Today I want to say to you This was the richness that filled our hearts We LOVE YOU with all our hearts Because Nanay and Tatay always tried. We LOVE YOU beyond this LIFETIME And our LOVE will never stop. Nanay and Tatay had their hands full Raising nine kids way back then Ate Luz Happy 85th Birthday! We never went hungry or unclothed Their love was Heaven sent. I close my eyes and travel back, and still can see it all When I remember happy times I think of you all. It makes me smile when I recall Those happy things we used to do. We had a beautiful childhood Many memories we all hold dear We've always had that sibling bond That' more precious than gold. Finding closeness I never could have imagined And time leads us down a winding path, yet as we walk We stick together....... | Jie, Nene and family

104: Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Ambitious, Hardworking, Determined, Diligent, Competent, Assertive, Confident, Capable, Dynamic, Decisive, Brave, Cultured, Helpful, Dependable, Concerned, Generous, Friendly, Sympathetic, Honest..... The list can go on endlessly and anyone could agree that it's all what you are..... Happy 85th birthday to our dear Auntie Luz who, with her positive attitude and personality accepted all of life's difficulties as opportunities for success! | from the Family of the Late Ric Tierro | Greetings on your 85th Birthday, Auntie Luz, and wishing you many more years to come. From Douglas and Irene and our sons, daughters and grandchildren and from our sons and daughters in-law. God Bless and more power to you and the TIERRO clan. | Douglas | Douglas w/ wife, Irene | daughter, Arcely | daughter Arlene and family | son Ariess, wife Queta and family | From the Family of the late Ernesto "Erning" Tierro

105: Auntie Luz If there are words to describe Auntie Luz they would be "selfless" and "generous". She is the only "rose" among 9 siblings, but she has blossomed in ways that made a beautiful difference in their lives. She sent six of her brothers to college - Uncles Leng, Jun, Milo, Jie and Bayani and our own Daddy Rem. She is the epitome of wit and intelligence, tempered by toughness and discipline, yet beneath those strong features lies a kind and giving heart. All her life, Auntie Luz has been a living inspiration to many of us, helping anyone and everyone within and outside the family. She is there when times are tough and stays when the going gets rough. She listens with an open mind and always lends a helping hand. Birthdays, weddings, and any event you can count on her without a fail. Even when our volleyball team needed a sponsor, she helped us out without a doubt. And oh fiestas and family reunions were not the same without Auntie Luz at the helm. She challenged us to overcome our weaknesses and build on our strengths by facing the audience and showing our talents. Her accomplishments do make us proud but her lasting contributions make us truly blessed for what we are and what we have become today. Indeed, Auntie Luz is the "Iron Lady" and the unsung hero of the Tierro Family. As we celebrate her 85th birthday, let us take a moment to fondly remember the wonderful memories we shared growing up with her and everything we learned along the way. For these and many more, we are truly grateful. Happy Birthday Auntie Luz! Rem and Ester's Family (Susan, Myrna, Olive, Cora Bong and Eric) | Standing: Cora, Olive, Myrna and Susan Seated: Bong-bong, Rem, Ester and Eric

106: All Things Bright and Beautiful -Adapted from Cecil Frances Alexander All things bright and beautiful, All good deeds great and small, All things wise and wonderful, Our Auntie Luz has them all. Each little Charlie who dances, Each little Sara-Bess who plays, She gives them inspiration, She gives them tiny wings. Her level-headed calmness, Her toughness deep inside, Her kindness and her giving, That brightens up our lives: Her wit and warmth in the winter, Her pleasant summer smile, Her talents and her blessings, She shares them with everyone. She fills our lives with happiness, And memories that we might tell, How great is God Almighty, For giving us our dearest Auntie. Susan Tierro-Shulick

107: Aunt Luz you are highly intelligent, well spoken, focused, and ambitious,...but, underneath that strong and aggressive personality is a very caring, generous, and a helpful person. There were times when it was a challenge to balance a variety of needs, but somehow in the chaos of things you have taught me to find the time to enjoy and remember the good times. The most amazing thing that you have instilled with me is that we have a family background in which responsibility, achievement and certain standards of behavior are expected , and have so far been nicely lived out by you and your siblings. Gratitude is something which none of us can give too much. I would like to let you know how much I appreciate and thank you for your love and continued support to me and my family. You are not only my aunt but a second mother to me. I hope today is a memorable and a happy one for you. Happy 85th Birthday Aunt Luz. | From: Carol Tierro-Espiritu and Family | Aunt Luz, you are the most intelligent, unselfish person I know, and it truly does show. You have the biggest heart with the most caring touch which you share with so many of us. I appreciate the good advise and help that you have given me and my Dad, and we took it in with immense gratitude....Some good memories that I can remember....during the 60's we looked forward to visiting Olongapo to celebrate the town Fiesta and our family reunion. After our sumptuous meal (endless eating), laughter, jokes and most especially the dance contest, Aunt Luz would call the eldest child of her siblings and gave us money envelopes. I remembered getting 20.00 pesos and 10.00 pesos for my brothers and sisters. These are some of my happy memories that I will always cherish for they are priceless. Everyone knows her as a tough, strict woman but loving, caring, giving, helpful, and kind is what really defines her. Happy 85th Birthday Aunt Luz and may you have many more to come. Love, Tessie Tierro-Razon and Family

108: Hello Auntie Luz and happy 85th Birthday! Thank you for all the things that you have given to us and for all the love and care to our Dad, Jun and his family.Keep safe, always live your life to the fullest and enjoy God's blessings. From: Jojo, Josephine, Joanne, Jayson and Jerome | From the Family of the Late Rufino Tierro Jr. | For Ninang Luz, Ninang! Happy, happy birthday! kailan po kayo uuwi? I miss you so much na po! Please take care always. Patrick John (PJ)

109: Dearest Luz, Have a great and happy 85th birthday. We can't wait to celebrate this joyous day with our relatives. See you in June. God Bless! Baby Cabling-Agabon and Children (Ronald, Bebot, Suzette, Ming and Dennis) | Dear Auntie Luz, On behalf of the family of the late Federico Cabling Sr., and my late sister Imelda, Mom, Melinda, Leila, Teresita, Godofredo and I are wishing you a wonderful 85th Birthday celebration and many more to come. We all wish you peace, good health and happiness. Thank you for the past 85 years for being an inspiration for all of us in your achievements in life, and may you be blessed with many more. Love, Federico "Enteng" Cabling, Jr.

110: Dear Ate Luz, I'm so happy to reminisce the good old days....when my mom entrusted me with Tiyang Toyang ang Tiyong Pinong, you stood by me and supported me at all times with what I wanted to achieve in my life. You mentored and treated me as your own sister, and I took your excellent advice about life, family values and money matters in stride. In one way or another you have been a big part and have enriched my life. Ate Luz, for eight decades you have experienced a lot of things, your love changed the lives of many around you, and you embraced and confronted your challenges and triumphs with dignity. May your day be a celebration of love and happiness. Happy Birthday Ate Luz and may you have many more to come. Rosie Ate Luz, Happy eighty five years of experience and wisdom. Thank you for teaching or molding Rosie to be a wonderful woman that loves and value the family. Happy Birthday! Tony Auntie Luz, We don't know much about you, but what we can remember.... when we were in Quezon City, your son Bonna, Lola Toyang and Ate Carol lived a block away from us (4th Avenue Quezon City). After a couple of years we went our separate ways. Lola Toyang and Bonna moved back in Olongapo, and our family moved to San Pedro, Laguna. We recalled dropping by your house at 11 Barretto Street to pay respect to Lolo Pinong and Lola Toyang and at the same time we visited our mother's brother Uncle Roger and his family. After so many years we reconnected when you attended our parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. We're so glad that we got a chance to visit you in Ate Carol's home with our parents and Uncle Roger and Aunt Emmy. We enjoyed our dinner at Valley View Casino and our trip to Carson, California to visit our relatives (Alferos Family) . Auntie Luz, in that short period of time we sensed that you're a strict and strong willed person, but your presence make people smile. Thank you for sharing your stories about your life during World War II...... When you confronted Uncle Bayani's recruiter to set things straight which resulted in him enlisting in the U.S. Navy.... How you succeeded in your professional life against all odds. You're clever and very smart. Auntie Luz, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Cheers, Dacoco Family

111: Dear Luz, On behalf of the entire DATU family, we wish you love, happiness and good health as you celebrate your 85th birthday. Happy, happy birthday and May GOD pour upon you HIS abundant blessing today and always! Fely, my late husband, Santiago "Tiaging" Datu Sr. and our children: Pepito, Linda, Gloria, Lita and Jun | Lita and Jun | from left to right standing: William (Lita's husband), Ricardo (Gloria's husband), Gloria, Lita, Pepito, Linda and Elsa (Pepito's wife) front (seated) : Fely | Fely w/ great grandson Ice | fr left to right Hazel (Jun's niece), Jun and wife Carol | Linda's family (l to r) daughter Katherine, Linda, daughter in law Sonsoles, son, Adrian Emmanuel, husband Adelio, son Jay Antonio | from Left to right: Jun's sons Jan Anthony, Joseph Martin, Jonagthan Benedict, Fely (Ima) and Mark Oliver (son of Lita) | Fely and Tiaging

112: Ate Luz, after so many years of not having any contact, I was so happy to see you again in Arizona. When we both worked at U.S. Naval Base, Subic Bay Philippines, I remembered stopping by your office, and you always made yourself available for a sisterly advice. Even with your busy schedule you listened and understood the challenges in my life. It is so nice to have a cousin like you, your're beautiful inside and out. I'm so glad that I'll get a chance to celebrate your birthday in June. Happy 85th Birthday Ate Luz! I wish you good health and many more birthdays to come. We love you and May GOD Bless you always. FAUSTO DELA CRUZ AND FAMILY

113: On behalf of the Flores Family (Gusti "Ima", Leleng, Day, Rely, Val and Cila), we all want to greet our beloved neighbor, friend, and close family Auntie Luz a very Happy, happy 85th birthday....May the good Lord shower you with many blessings on your Special Day. God Bless! Cila Flores-Cuartero from Chicago | Gusti (Ima), and Fred (Tatang), | Rely, Gusti, and Val | Gusti | Rely, Cila | Cila

114: Fabulous 85

115: The road to success is not straight. There is a curb called failure. A loop called confusion. Speed bumps called friends. Red lights called enemies. Caution lights called family. You will have flats called jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination... An engine called Perseverance... Insurance called Faith... And a Driver called JESUS, You will make it to a place called Success! -Unknown

117: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. -Abraham Lincoln

119: Happy 85th Birthday Aunt Luz

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