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FC: M.E.JEYARAM celebrating 100 years of our hero

1: PREFACE One hundred glorious years ! It is hard and almost impossible to summarize Thatha's eventful life into a coffee table book. But we have made an attempt to capture some important phases of his life, with loving thoughts and words from his family and friends only to show how much we love him, to show how he has touched many lives and how we feel truly blessed to have him in our lives. Compiling this book has been a remarkable experience for me as I got an insight into Thatha's life through the many discussions with my parents who were instrumental in gathering all the data. This book wouldn't have been possible without the generous gift of time that so many people put into it. Thank you to all that contributed their thoughts and photographs for this commemorative book. Kavitha Marudadu Granddaugheter

3: BIOGRAPHICAL FOREWORD by M.J.Visweswaran | My dad was born on January 13, 1913 to Mr.Ethirajulu Naidu & Mrs. Adhilakshmi Ammal in a village named Marudadu in Tamilnadu. He lost his father at his early age. He had two elder brothers and two elder sisters namely Mr. Vijayaraghavalu Naidu, Mr. Govindarajulu Naidu, Mrs.Jaya ammal &Mrs Savithri respectively. My Dad's maternal uncle Mr. Adikesavalu Naidu took over the family further. They all had moved to Burma. He joined The Kalabasty S.P.G School in Rangoon, for his primary education, after that he joined at St. Antony’s Boy’s High School on May 27th, 1927. He completed his schooling and left the school on March 31st, 1930. Then he studied up to FA (called in those days ) & passed his intermediate in 1932. My dad was lucky to have had the blessings of Mr.V.S.Mudaliyar, who acted as his God father. My dad till date has very high regard for him. Mr.V.S. Mudaliyar launched my dad's career in the civil services of Burma Army in 1934. My dad continued to maintain close relationships with Mr.Mudaliyar's family and several generations thereafter i.e. Mr.V.S.Mudaliyar & family, Mr.V.Ramanathan & family, and Mr. R.Boopathy& family. My Dad got married to my mother in 1938 at Chengelpet in Tamilnadu. He took my mom, Mrs.Sakkubai to Burma. While in Burma, he witnessed World war II. During that time he helped so many Indian citizens to evacuate Burma and send them to India. He managed to send Mr.V.S Mudaliyar’s family ,friends and all the women folk of his family in the last Ship which left to India.

4: Sri. V.Shanmugam Mudaliar Godfather | Srimathi Aadiammal,Mother | Sri. Vijayaraghavalu Naidu & Srimathi Devaki ammal Elder brother & Sister-in-law | Mr. & Mrs. N.S.Siva

5: My Dad's brothers namely Mr.Vjayaragavalu Naidu, Mr.Purushowtham Naidu and Mr.Govindarajulu Naidu walked along with other families towards India crossing the border by foot. Unfortunately Mr.Govindarajulu passed away on the way to India. Other brothers reached India. In the mean time my dad had been posted in Assam by Burmese Army where he met his brothers, before they returned to their village, Marudadu. My dad continued to work in the Burma army at different ranks and finally took pre- matured retirement in 1949. My Dad's friend Mr.A.G.Krishnan who studied with him in Burma, helped him to get a job through Mr.N.S.Siva in the department of Atomic Minerals Division,in New Delhi. His friends Mr.A.G.Krishnan and Mr.N.S.Siva were more like family to him than friends. Unfortunately both of them have passed away, but our relationship still continues with their families. After a few years, my dad was transfered from Atomic minerals division to Department of Atomic energy (Bhaba Atomic Research Center) in Trombay. A few years later the department transferred him to Madras atomic power project, as senior Stores Officer at Kalpakkam in Tamilnadu. He retired from Kalpakkam in early 1970’s. After his retirement he served in ECC, Tuticorin for few years, then he joined the company called Pressteals at Kalppakam. Because of his age, we requested him to stop working and enjoy retired life. He continued his social service after retirement. He helps the poor in need, donating money to Helpage India and several other similar organizations. FAMILY LIFE: My Dad has been blessed with an eldest daughter, Mrs. Devatha Ananthapadmanaban, residing at Coimbatore and three son’s. I,M.J.Visweswaran, married to Lakshmi Bai, residing in Chennai, Dr.M.J.Srinivasan, married to Dr.Anbarasi, residing in Vellore and M.J.Dwarakanath, married to Kamala Dwarakanath, residing at Hyderabad. All are well settled in their life. He has six intelligent,well settled grand children and six great grandchildren.

6: M.E.Jeyaram with his mother, wife and four chilldren

7: His first grand daughter , Sashirekha Venkatesh is a leading Auditor in Coimbatore. Her twin daugher, Suvesha and shuruthi are now doing their graduation. His second grand daughter, Dr.Sathyarekha Govindaraj is a gold medalist , a famous ophthalmologist in Chenglepet, having a son Nanda Narayanan. His third grand daughter, Sangeetha Pradeep is a software professional at Microsoft in Seattle. having a daughter Diya Rasam, and a son, Aran Rasam His fourth grand daughter Kavitha Marudadu Mehra, is an innovative architect in Chicago. having a new born baby boy, Vir Mehra. His fifth and only grand son, Nikhil Dwarakanath,a gold medalist in MBA and an executive in a multinational company is married to Anisha Dwarakanath, also a software professional. His sixth grand daughter, Nidhi Dwarakanath is a bright visual communication executive in Mumbai. My Dad is proud of his family and loves them all dearly. In1997, he lost his wife . After her demise his social activities have reduced greatly. However, he still stays in touch with his friends over phone. He spends his time reading newspaper, doing prayers,and watching TV. He is an ardent great cricket fan, but also enjoys watching tennis and football. He is a person of honesty and integrity and has a very kind heart. We all must have doing something good in our past life that we have him in our lives. WE ARE SO PROUD OF HIM. My Dad's humble son, Visweswaran.

9: M.E.Jeyaram in Rangoon

10: DOWN MEMORY LANE by Colonel (Retd.) V.S.Ranganathan Our Respected Uncle Jayaram, The Burma Connection I consider myself very privileged to write a few lines to you recalling memories of your association with our family which dates back to 1930’s when my father Sri V.Shanmugam Mudaliar(Baba as we called him)was posted at Mingladon Arsenal, Burma. I remember you and Baba often used to meet to exchange views on office matters as well as family welfare issues. On weekends and holidays, you and Baba would plan get-togethers, outings, and ball badminton tournaments. On every festive occasion, you and Aunty were amidst us to join in the fun. The “Send Brothers” Episode Baba had bought an Austin-10 (1928 model) for use by our family for pleasure trips during vacations. Baba and you once planned a family ride in the Austin car to Rangoon and back. My elder brothers, Ramanathan and Padmanabhan, who had come from Madras on a holiday, and my elder sister Dhanam, were very thrilled about the drive. Baba and the rest of us bundled into the car. It took less than an hour to reach Rangoon city, which was about 10 miles away. I think we visited some friends and your family who resided near Thomson Street. Later in the evening we went to a restaurant. After having some refreshments, Baba, Amma, my two brothers and two sisters happily boarded the car and started on their homeward drive to Mingaladon.

11: After some distance Baba and my two brothers realized,after a headcount, that one member i.e. yours truly was missing. Baba decided to send the two brothers back to Rangoon along with you to the restaurant where I was seen last by them. Lo and behold, when they reached the restaurant, oblivious to the anxiety of others, I was found perched up on a high stool and listening to some music emanating from a radio kept on the bill counter. We returned home thereafter. This incident became the talk of the town and was generally known as the “Send-brothers” episode. The Good Samaritan During another summer, my two sisters and I were afflicted with heat boils all over the body. Amma could not manage nursing and caring for all three of us. So it was you, the ever benevolent Uncle, who readily volunteered to take me away to Rangoon for treatment under your care. I was given a daily hot,neem-water bath, followed by application of a Burmese medical solution made out of a peacock by-product. Within three days, I was cured of the ailment and returned home. I was treated like a member of the family by Aunty and you. This was a clear example of your noble nature. There were so many more such incidences worth mentioning. I could go on and on. In our family, we often recall the eventful days we spent with you and your family. | A view of Thompson street, Rangoon Burma, a few yards away from where Mr Jayaram & Family resided

12: World War II Air-raids It was sometime during mid- September 1939 that the Japanese invaded Burma. Among other vital installations and vulnerable areas, Mingladon Arsenal was their first target. I remember you explaining to us about actions to be taken during air-raid alarms when sounded, and how we should get in to the trenches which were dug behind our houses. Evacuation of families to safe destinations-The saga The Last Ship Baba would narrate the planning and coordination you did for the safe evacuation of about 60 families, including ours, and despatching us by the last available ship from the port of Rangoon to Vizag (now Vishakapatinam), escorted by Sri Ponnaiah, one of your colleagues from the office. The long trek You, along with Baba and Sri Sreenivasan, duly supported by others colleagues, planned and organized the evacuation by land route of the office staff with essential files, vital records and families who missed the last ship. The trials and ordeals you had undergone during the long march amidst shelling by the Japanese Air Force bombers as narrated by Baba to us were terrifying. Baba also mentioned the role played by the Red Cross and the Salvation Army under Brig. Swamy. Re-establishment and re-habilitation Baba, along with trusted staff like you, set up the office at the Fort Garrison, Allahabad. Your family and ours resided at Tagore Town. I remember you, Baba, and my maternal Uncle Ramakrishnan, used to commute by bicycles from residence to the Fort and back.

13: The Approbation The task of evacuation of staff and families, undertaken and executed meticulously by your loyal and unflinching support to Baba, were appreciated by your superiors at Allahabad Fort where you had re-established yourselves. At times, I often wondered whether such onerous tasks and assignments completed under all adversities, should have been appropriately recognized by the Government not only by mere words saying, “Well done,” but also through rewards and awards. Neither the erstwhile British Army nor the later Indian Army did anything in this direction. It is regrettable indeed. Due to your unassuming nature you took everything in its stride. | Some of the family members prior to boarding the last ship from Rangoon, Burma to Vizag,India in 1939. Mr ME Jeyaram can be seen standing 1st and 2nd from the left

14: Names of some of the staff members who had worked with M.E.Jeyaram are as follows: At Mingaladon, Burma 01. Mr.V Shanmugam Mudaliar 02. Mr.V.Subramani Mudaliar 03. Mr.G.K.Iyer 04. Mr.M.E.Jayaram Naidu 05. Mr.S.Ramakrishnan 06. Mr.Sreenivasan 07. Mr.Padmanabhan 08. M.r.Hariharan 09. Mr.T.B.S.Mani 10. Mr.Rufus 11. Mr.Albert 12. Mr.Ponnaiah 13. Mr.Dawson 14. Mr.JagannathaPillai (Canteen Contractor) 15. Mr.Arulanandam (Office Peon) 16. Mr.Bellary Security Guard-Arsenal Main Gate) At Allahabad 01 M. Edwin Samuel 02 M. Shanmugam 03 Mr.Jambulingam At Whitefield 01. Lt Col.Himmat Singh 02. Major.Jadhav 03. Captain. Raymond 04. Mr.Puttapaiah 05. Mr.G.V.Pathy 06. Mr.Kumar 07. Mr.Stanley Daniel 08. MrReay 09. Mr.Kalyan

15: The Cricket Match During your brief stint at Vehicle Depot Whitefield along with Baba, I remember you were the Captain of a cricket team to Mysore. I had accompanied Baba and Mr.G.V..Pathy, to witness the match.. We stayed at the retiring rooms of Mysore Railway Station. The Centenarian On the innings of life, you scoring a century is commendable. Indeed a great achievement. It is all attributable to disciplined and well-regulated daily routine followed by you. I commend your positive approach to leading a simple life and of your continued association with our family, of which you are a important member. Congratulations Kindly accept our heartiest congratulations on becoming a centenarian. My family members join me in praying the Almighty to give you physical and mental strength for the enjoyment of a healthy life all the time in the years to come.We humbly seek your blessings that we can emulate the good example set by you. We salute you with utmost humility and convey our warm and sincere regards to yourself. Yours Respectfully (V.S.Ranganathan) (Priyadarshini) | At the retiring room, Mysore Railway Station after the cricket match led by Mr Jayaram. Seen in the photo are Mr G.V.Pathy, manager of the cricket team. In the middle is Col. V.S.Ranganathan and to the right is one of the key player from the opposite team.


20: MY THOUGHTS ON MR.M.E.JEYARAM - MY FATHER-IN-LAW by N.M.Ananthapadmanaban | My marriage was an arranged one. However none from my family including my parents saw the girl before marriage. Nor the girl’s parents met us before the marriage. They were stationed in Mumbai and we were residing in Chennai. Everything was finalized by correspondence and the marriage was fixed on 29.08.1965. Immediately after marriage, my in laws left for Mumbai. I did have first hand knowledge of my in laws household etc. only when I went to Mumbai with my wife for a fortnight’s stay in November 1965. My father in law was working as Asst.Stores Officer, BARC, Mumbai. I noticed that my father in law was highly duty conscious and totally dedicated to work. His first priority was work and then only others. Excepting for taking us to a couple of his friends houses for dinner / tea he could not find time to take us to other places of interest in Mumbai even though it was my first visit. Fortunately, within a year of my marriage, he got a transfer to Chennai and got settled down. I had the opportunity to visit his place frequently and to know more about him from close quarters. He was always active. He was moving like a Bee. Never rested for a while. If there was no official work, he would undertake social calls on friends and relatives. It was just difficult to see him in his house as he will always be moving around. He was honest to the core. He held very sensitive posts in his official career but conducted himself admirably. He hates people who are dishonest. He was always helpful to others. He helped large no. of people to secure employment as well as to get admissions in Schools and Colleges. Number of people benefited are too many to list out.

21: As a father in law, he was proud of my achievements. He was always inquisitive of my progress in official ladder. I had around half a dozen promotions in my career and he was first to greet me on each occasions wish me success and blessings and also advice me as to how I should conduct myself in my official career. Numerous letters sent by him are in my pride possession. He always cared for the happiness of others and would pursue to achieve this even if it hurts him. The approval given by him for going ahead with the marriages of his two sons’ stand testimony to his broadmindedness and concern shown to his children. This was a trendsetter to other members in the family to follow suit. He leads a very simple life. He is not ostentations in his approach. He is always content with what he has. He did not go in for a house of his own even though he had opportunities to do so. He told me that he would not like to own a house in his name to become the bone of contention for his children at a later date. | Devatha and Ananthapadmanaban at the wedding with M.E.Jeyaram and Sakamma, in 1965 | M.E.Jeyaram celebrates the start of his 100th year with his daughter and son-in-law

22: M.E.Jeyaram at his eldest grand daughter Sasirekha's wedding | M.E.Jeyaram offering his blessings at Sathieya Rekha's wedding

23: He is religious but not superstitious. He is regular in offering prayers as well as doing yoga. He is a vegetarian by choice since turning to 60s. He does not take carry over cooked food – which is one of the secrets of his maintaining good health. Ever since my father’s death in 1981, I have been looking to him for his advice, guidance, help. Whether it was for purchasing a house plot or for constructing a house or for performing the marriages of my daughters, his help and guidance were very invaluable to me. He had no gender inequalities. He wanted all his children to share equally on any matter – whether sale proceeds of agricultural produce raised in the farm or sale proceeds of house plot. His presence is a great strength to me and to my family. I should say that for all his success, he had a homely and understanding wife. She was a pillar of strength to him till her death in 1998. He is very proud of the achievements of his grandchildren and used to share his joy with friends and relatives. The first granddaughter is a chartered accountant- a rank holder with a flair for sevas and charities. The second is an eye surgeon more dedicated to her work Third is senior executive in Microsoft based in USA and well settled in life. Fourth is a highly talented and ever innovative Architect also based in USA Fifth is a budding and bright Visual communication executive based in Mumbai The only grandson is an executive in a multinational company based in Delhi and shuttling between India and USA. To me, he is a father in father-in-law;s robe. My wife and myself pray for his continued blessings on us as well as on the other members of the family in the centenary year to be celebrated in 2012. N.M.Ananthapadmanaban

24: MY FATHER-IN-LAW : Superman of our family by Lakshmi Bai I am proud of being his daughter-in-law. He is more than my father because I lived only 16 years with my father but I have been living with my father-in-law for more than 30 years. He is a God-father, guide and philosopher to me. I admire him and respect him for his love and affection to everyone not only to his family members but also to all people he is acquainted with. He leads a simple life though he can live royally. He never keeps anything for himself. He shares them with everyone. He is ready to help the poor when they are in need but he denies publicity. According to him, the left hand should not know what the right hand gives. He has given money to Helpage India, to an old age home and an orphanage in Kancheepuram. He has made donations to several temples and for the education of many. He has helped his relatives in getting jobs and with their college admissions. He never fails to pray God for the welfare of his family. His prayer time lasts longer than an hour every day. He still reads the Bhagavad Gita every day. He lost his father in his childhood and was brought up by his maternal uncle who had to support a large family. He knows the hardships of life. His hard work and self confidence made him a respectable person in the society. His love and affection fetched him a lot of friends who are still in touch with him and respect him. His friends and relatives who really understand him, visit him very often to get his blessings. He is proud of his family members and expresses his concern about them to everyone . He is also proud of his grand children who are all in good positions in their respective professions. He is a cosmopolitan, his family is like “Bharatha Vilas”. Caste and creed has no bar to him.

25: He loved his wife Mrs.Sakkubai very much. She was beautiful, nave and soft spoken. He is proud of her delicious cooking . He missed her very much after her demise. His day begins with prayers early at 4a.m., He never forgets to write his diary regularly and the day is not complete without The Hindu newspaper. His knowledge about the world is up to date and he shows his interest in all walks of life. He mostly watches the news and sports channels . His interest in cricket is amazing, he would not budge from his chair while the cricket match is on. He used to be a cricket player in his younger days. His simplicity, contentment, gratitude, forgiveness, hospitality, godliness, clean habits, regular exercises, controlled diet, no temptations, no expectations, love and affection, having a motto of ‘Be happy and make others happy’ – I feel these are the secrets of his life . My maama (father-in-law), I am trying my best to follow your footsteps. Congratulations on your 100 th birthday. At this glorious moment of your life, Our hearts are filled with love , Our lives are truly blessed. Your loving daughter-in-law, Lakshmi bai | Viswes and Lakshmi on their wedding day with M.E.Jeyaram and Sakkamma, September 1973 | Viswes and Lakshmi with daughters, sons-in law & grandchildren

26: REGARDING MY FATHER by Dr.M.J.Srinivasan My father Mr.M.E.Jeyaram is a superman. I have not seen so far any person who can replace him. He is a very honest, straight forward person with a lot of friends and helping tendency. He is a very hard working person. His main interest is the his family's uplift. I hope God give him good health and peace. Seena | Seena and Rani

27: Family members with M.E.Jeyaram at his grandson Nikhil Dwarakanath's wedding celebration | Family members with M.E.Jeyaram at his grand daughter Kavitha Marudadu's wedding celebration

28: MY THOUGHTS ON DAD AS I GREW by Dwarakanath Upto my 4th standard/ Grade – He was a tough cop at home. Everyone (that’s me Mom & my Sister) would be on our toes when he is home and ensure all happens to his expectations. Its in this period that I have had maximum no of “Kottu”s” ( ie Hard Knocks on my head with his Knuckles) . this was always for not living upto his expectations in learning Maths – my weakest subject . It was at this age in N. Delhi that he taught me to be guide for all our relatives who visited Delhi and I really had become an expert in drawing out an itinerary and executing the same at a young age. Am comfortable in Planning my holidays now. Upto my 8th Standard/ Grade – He was a good disciplinarian and guide. He also taught me courteousness and helping friends whether they need help or not I had to Volunteer in asking them. This was especially at a place called Kalpakkam where the Nuclear power Project was coming up and Dad was one among the very few early settlers. As the Project progressed many families came in to settle and Dad used to put me in helping them to settle in this new place. I’d say it was great learning to socialise, make friends and be helpful though it used to be a drag sometimes. Thank god I spent only my Holidays in kalpakkam. Upto my Graduation -- This period was more like a Man to Man relationship. He used to talk more diplomatically. The casual chats with authority changed to amiable chats. The Body language would be the same as with his friends. His appreciation on certain small achievements by me grew .

29: Later this became more descriptive and superlative in sharing these achievements with his Peer group and relatives. At this stage I also observed that he would always publicize the greatness of his sons, and son in Law especially. I was the one who had heard ( Maximum no of times) him talk about My B In Law & S In Law”s Performance & Growth. This was to any one who drops by. Am sure all of you who are reading this would have experienced. Such was and is his Pride. He is still proud about all his sons, son in law, daughters in law, Grand daughters, grand daughters in law and great Grand children. Upto my getting married and having raised a Family - This was a period I realized that he knew much more than I thought He knew about me. Kamala was the Channel he used to expose all my Ills & wills. I was no more the last or little guy in the Family – that’s the way he made me feel. As my children grew up to Graduation the attention and praises on their achievements by Dad was on the raise and it was the same or should I say more than what I had described earlier. To day this would start ( as he would state) from our great Sashirekha’s unique position as Coimbatore’s TOP CA , Sathya’s Corporate Dr Family, Sangee Microsoft’s only Naidu founder, Kavi Chicago’s designer from Marudadu, Nikhil the only Brain and Nidhi the Adventurous south indian liliput slogging it out well in Mumbai. ( Just translate this in literal Tamil or Telugu for Dads slang) There is much more to add but I’d end with --- In all the above stages and till date he still continues to address me on my mistakes as I D I O T.\ Dwarak | Dwarak and Kamala on their wedding day with M.E.Jeyaram and Sakkamma | Dwarak and Kamala with M.E.Jeyaram on his birthday as he enters his 100th year


32: THE MOST SPECIAL PERSON - The person I respect and honor the most by Sasi Vengatesh | The person who is ever special – can only be Jeyaram thatha as I have always called him – My earliest memories of him are still in my mind – a walk in the beaches of kalpakkam and going to visit his friends with him in Kalpakkam . Again in Anna nagar, Chennai when I was perhaps 5 years - going to Gaylord store , visiting his friends. He was always involved and interested in what I was doing –be it my studies, my friends ,extra curricular activities – it was amazing to have a grand father with whom we could discuss movies , movie stars , sports –talk about our friends and share everything with him. I used to enjoy chatting, discussing with him, from movies, sports , politics, current affairs and about everything around. In fact right through my studies, it was a pleasure to share whatever awards and prizes we got with him because he used be so happy and enthusiastic and give a lot of encouragement . Everytime I would share with him some small prize or award – I would feel like a STAR. He did it with all his grandchildren and they would all vouch for that I’m sure. He was a big hit with all my friends. All my friends would be in awe when they met thatha cos he was so modern, friendly – infact I used to show him off to my friends. I can go on and on .. he is an amazing personality – I have learnt a lot from him – I really admire | Thatha with Sasi at the celebration of his 100th birthday, Jan 13, 2012 | Thatha with Sasi and Sakkamma

33: Thatha's eldest granddaughter Sasirekha with husband Vengatesh | His friendly nature –( he has so many friends ) the Genuine interest he takes in others welfare and the way he cares for others . He is a totally Selfless, Simple ,Honest person with an extraordinary sense of commitment. There was so much energy , enthusiasm and positivity in whatever he did. He lived his life with a feeling of contentment . His routine of yoga and prayers , food habits, his interest in reading philosophy and scriptures –I can go on and on - it’s amazing that he follows his prayer routine till date. I remember the months Thatha and Sakkamma spent with us when I had my twins. (December 1991 ) Their presence, love and support cannot be measured in words. We were able to bring them up especially in the tough initial months only because they were there with us. I’ts amazing ! – as I think back and as I write now -right NOW - it strikes me – that whatever im teaching in my Art Of living Classes – thatha HAVE BEEN LIVING THAT . It’s so , so wonderful to have a grandfather like him and I consider myself fortunate and blessed and I’m grateful for having thata. | Sasi with her daughters Suvesha Vengatesh and Shuruti Vengatesh

34: MY THATHA by Sathieya Rekha | My thatha was a person with great values, self disciplined and a great humanitarian.The fond memories of him I had as a child was that he used to be so religious in doing yoga.I used to see in awe how he could stand upside down.May be that’s the secret to his long life.Another thing I remember is that he would refuse to eat food that is more than six hours.I only wish I could be like him.He was always encouraging regarding my studies.Ienjoyed the days he used to visit us at Coimbatore.Thank you thath for all that you have done .I WISH HIM GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN THE YEARS TO COME. Sathieya | Thatha with Sathieya on her wedding day, 1999

35: Grand Daughters and Great Grand Daughter

36: THATHA by Sangeetha Visweswaran | My earliest and probably, warmest memory of childhood is with Thatha. I vaguely remember sitting on a ledge in Kalpakkam with Thatha with the ocean behind us and the road in front of us and counting cars, learning to count up to 100 and down from 100. I don’t know how I felt then, but every time I think of that now, I feel warmth, friendship and huge sense of security. Even after 35 years, My relationship with Thatha has always brought around those feelings. Thatha has always been a great friend, knew all my friends very well and was great friends with them too. Even today, most of my friends still ask about him even though they haven’t seen him for more than 20 years. Thatha has always been a strong supporter of me, and I could count on him to be on my side during the times when I had to convince Mom and Dad about something. He has been such a strong believer in me and has always made me feel important, that even if I got an A in a school test, he boasted about that to all people who would listen as if it was an IAS exam. He is fair and strong and unbelievably broad-minded and has always been there for me and our family. I have learnt a lot of valuable life lessons from Thatha that have made me who I am and I wish and hope to learn more and more from him. Thank you Thatha for being there! Sangi | Sangi and Pradeep on the eve of their wedding with Thatha, 2002 | Sangi with Pradeep Rasam, Diya and Aran Rasam, 2012

38: A LETTER TO MY GRANDAD by Kavitha Marudadu, written in 2009 to mark thatha;s 95th birthday | Thatha with Kavi at Nandanam house in 2002 | Dear Thatha, January 13th this year is an extraordinary day. I have seen this day before about 30 times, but you have lived gloriously to see this day 95 times. As remarkable as it may be, that is more than 3 times that of what I have known this world to be and I have much to learn from your view of the world and from your experiences. As I learn and discover the world, I have also come to realize that so much of what I am today is really a residue of you and my parents, largely because of the values we (Sangi and I) have been raised with as children. So, I wanted to write you this letter, on this wonderful occasion to tell you how great an influence you have been in my life – not that it has been nearly as extraordinary as yours. Like you I have not survived against all odds. Like you I have not seen a war. Like you I have not been the sole breadwinner of a large family. Like you I have not lived to tell. Like you I have not been an inspiration to many. But in my small ordinary life, in many different ways, I see your influence in my everyday attitude. I credit that to my parents, for raising us like you have raised and influenced them. I have fond memories of us in Kalpakkam- long walks to the beach. Sangi and I eager to solve your “manakannakku” (I have never been as good as Sangi in solving your riddles- little does it surprise me that she turned out to be a smart engineer at Microsoft).

39: Your explanations for “broadmindedness” and “narrow mindedness” set us up for a strong value system. Your words of encouragement and appreciation have been invaluable. Your words of censure have been a driving force to do better. Your understanding has surpassed the limitations of what is flippantly called “generation gap”. When everyone else failed to understand, you have- without any judgement. I do not know of any one person who has a many friends as you do. You live life with dignity and pride and I admire that.Your command on language is flawless. Today, I consider the power of words to an effective weapon to express myself, as I am doing now in this letter, and I credit that to the foundation in vocabulary that you provided. As I started thinking about what I could present to you on your birthday, I figured that writing a candid letter about how important you have been to my development as a person seemed more appropriate than any other gift money could buy. If I turn out to be half as righteous as you are, I would consider myself successful. Happy Birthday. I hope that this sweater would provide you the warmth and convey my love. Kavi

40: DEAR THATHA by Nikhil Dwarakanath | Dear Thatha, Here's wishing you a very very happy hundredth birthday...may you be blessed with lots of peace and love....I have watched and learnt so much from you...Thanks for everything..." -Nikhil

42: GRANDPA by Nidhi Dwarakanath | From your thick brown-framed spectacles to your carved wooden walking stick and leather pouch, there are several objects I have always associated with you dear Thatha. You have always fitted the perfect description of a grandpa. I remember the days you would visit us in Hyderabad when Mom and I would clear out a cupboard for you and keep a glass bowl on the washbasin for your dentures. Every night I would be fascinated with how you looked without them. Our dinner menu would shift from rice to chapatis and for the first few days Nikhi and I would be on our best behaviour with no arguments and no physical fights. Eventually, we’d get bored of our good behaviour and get back to our usual rivalry and you’d always be shocked at how rowdy we could get. I have always loved listening to your tales from Burma and your many theories on the importance of doing well in life. Amazingly, your great memory always narrates tales chronologically just like it happens in a history book. Through your visits, I realised that you enjoy a conversation with anyone from the maid at home to our very shy neighbour. A trait I have also seen in Dad. After all these years, I admire the vast life you have led dear Thatha. I wish you good health, peace and all the happiness in the world! Happy 100th birthday Thatha! PS : Every one of you reading this should ask Thatha the secret behind his lifestyle so you can also make it to your 100th year. I think the secret is his chappati and milk meal. Nidhi | 0

43: 0


46: Suvesha and Shuruti Vengatesh | Nanda Govind

47: Diya and Aran Rasam | Vir Mehra


50: On Bogi 13thJanuary 1913 a man arose in the earth with great fame and sparkling and did a big service not only for his family relatives also for the global by joining military in his Twenties. During second world war he was posted in Dhimapur border of India and Burma and he made voluntary services to repatriats which is memorable event. Our family members, my parents, uncle,family friends and others are also the repatriats . He took them to the hospitals and served medicines food and other requirements and sent them to their native places on his own. He played a major role in helping a pregnant lady that had labour pain, With great difficulties he took her to the Mingladn military hospital in Burma. There the lady gave birth a baby boy on 18/12/1940 No wonder I was the baby boy born on that day. My uncle was in great hurrah and distributed chocolates to everyone in the hospital. I feel very proud. Though I am an adventurous and a bold man, I could not join in any defence services to serve our nation due to unavoidable circumstances. I feel very bad about it. Later he joined BARC in Mumbai and later on he was posted at MAPPS Kalpakkam.During his services he appointed several peoples and relatives to join in above concern and made them prosperous. This service minded man is nearing a century. We need more years to be with us for the moral support to our family members and others. SERVICE IS HIS MOTTO Regards, P. Rajendran & family members | SERVICE IS HIS MOTTO by P.Rajendran | P. Rajendran and Mrs. Geetha Rajendran

51: HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY by Param and Katchu | Parama and Katchu Mr. Venkatasamy and Mrs. Usha Venkatasamy | This birthday and always, May God’s strength direct you, May His power sustain you, May His wisdom guide you, And His vision light you, His ear to your hearing, His word to your speaking, His hand to uphold you, His pathway before you. From Parama and Katchu | A ROLE MODEL by Usha Venkatasamy | My uncle is a role model for our family. There are few things to emulate from his life. They are discipline, punctuality, smartness and clean habits. He is a kind hearted and lovable person. We seek his blessings. J. for Judicious. A. for Aim. Y. for yeomen service at DAE. A. for Amazing. R. for Righteousness. A. for Amicable. M. for Manliness. From Usha Venkatasamy, V.Venkatasamy, Kishore


53: THOUGHTS ABOUT MY UNCLE by Iravati Devarajulu

54: , | Mr.M.E.Jeyaram, popularly known as Jeyaram uncle, among the young and the old , children, employees, housewives etc. has remained NOT OUT after scoring a century. He was a very popular,soft spoken gentleman, very good in Public Relations. He has won the hearts of all with whom he had interacted both at the offices at Kalpakkam and in the DAE Township and in the neighbouring villages of Sadhurangapattinam and Puduppattinam and has earned the name "GOODWILL AMBASSADOR" His respect,regard and adoration towards his old boss, late Mr. N.S.Siva, who was known to him while at Burma is admirable and praiseworthy. I was working at BARC, Trombay till 1967 and my acquaintance with Mr.Jeyaram at BARC was very casual. Mr.Jeyaram came on transfer from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay to Kalpakkam as a stores officer. At Kalpakkam we were neighbours in the Township and we became very intimate friends. Mr.T.V.Prabhakaran,Architect, Mr.Krishnamurthy,Senior Civil Engineer and Mr.Jeyaram were all residing in the same building and they had several common subjects to be discussed. Mrs.Ramamurthy(Project Chief Engineers Wife) who was responsible for the construction of a temple at Sadras Township had mutual consultations with Mr.Jeyaram on welfare activities to be carried out among the residence of the Township. Mr.Jeyaram used to go and meet the residence of the Township at their houses on sundays and holidays and exchange pleasantries and discuss about their welfare, without any distinction of the level of the officials , caste, community etc. | MY GOOD FRIEND M.E.JEYARAM by A.Eappen

55: Mr. & Mrs.Eappen | I retired premature in Dec. 1977 , came to Madras and settled . Mr.Jeyaram after his retirement came and settled down with his son Mr.Visweswaran in his flat at Nandanam. Every Christmas and Newyear Mr. Jeyaram used to ring me up and convey his greetings to me and my family members. I used to visit him at his flat and convey my regards and respect to him. Mrs.Visweswaran used to entertain us with tea and small eats during our visits. I am only 84years old and my wife with her cardiac problems use to accompany me to see the jovial man. I knew Jeyaram's family, all the three sons and daughter and they are all very loving people. I wish to congratulate Jeyaram uncle for his long , useful and memorable innings and pray to God Almighty to give him strength to lead a peaceful, comfortable and healthy life. Loving Friend, A.Eappen

56: I was not fully aware of you too much in my childhood and school days. I only knew that everyone was afraid of you because of your military control, anger and our respect based on that. We won’t speak any word against you and obey you keeping in mind that everything you said is for our good only. To be speaking frank, I was having little bit hesitation in speaking with you directly and that is because of the feeling created by all other family members. The above observation was in my mind till 1978. After that you entered in my life directly by providing me a placement in a private concern under your guidance. After having direct touch with you all the above feelings disappeared and a happy movement was generated between us with great respect. Like this my life was going on with you, you opened the Gateway of the World in 1981 December, by transferring me to Uttar Pradesh. It helped me a lot to see the world alone and learn the people outside, to take decisions alone, how to and how not to live with them, etc. I developed myself a lot at that time. Now I am really happy to say that all happened in my life is because of your full support and guidance provided from 1978. May God give some more years for you, so that, I can have your support and guidance. I am really thankful for you, uncle. Sairam | DEAR UNCLE by Sairam | Sairam and Agila celebrating M.E.Jeyaram's 100th ..birthday

57: Premakumari (Choti) and daughters Tara and Lakshmi | THANK YOU CHINNA by Premakumari (Choti) | When I was in 9th standard I had come to kalpakkamwith Seena Anna to visit you. Even though I had seen you many times before, that trip showed me a different person. Daily you used to get up in the morning and do exercise regularly for nearly one hour and set an example for us. I am happy to tell you that I too do exercise and yoga almost daily. Next thing for which I admire you is, your wise decision to restrict the number children to four only like your parents. Thank you Chinna for leading us in the above two ways. Yours lovingly, Choti. | Mrs.Saraswathi and Mr.Devarajan

58: The name itself says that he is a man for victory and perfection. I am proud to say about my thatha. He is not only our grandfather but also a Godfather for our total family. When commands and when he orders us he looks like Hitler. But finally after all our success he stands back like Mahathma Gandhi. It is true that there is no comparison for him because he has the style of his own. I pray for his long life and need his blessings. Vijay | MAN OF VICTORY AND PERFECTIONS by P.R.Vijay | P.R.Vijay V.Bharath V.Mridula | HAPPY BIRTHDAY THATHA by V.Bharath | I remember Jeyaram thatha as a very good reader of books.He had Bhagavat gita, Ramayana and many more books on his table. He adviced me to study well. I also like to read many books. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THATHA. V.Bharath | I LOVE MY GRANDTHATHA by V.Mridula | When I visited Vichi thatha’s house, I told the story of Ramayana to Jeyaram thatha. He was very happy. Then he gave kalkandu to me and told me to study well. I love my grand thatha. V.Mridula

59: Gayathri | JEYARAM THATHA by Gayathri | When I think of Jeyaram thatha , immediately his commanding voice comes in my mind . He has a very sound and strong voice. There are many things we have to learn from him.First thing is his punctuality.Then his disciplined style of life from following his regular diet upto his night prayers. “ Early to bed and early to rise Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Jeyaram thatha is a very good example for this saying. Jeyaram thatha speaks out open heartedly, that is straight into others face , whether in praising their right things or pointing out their mistakes. Thatha is very perfect in money transactions. Once he adviced me that and you give money to someone you wish or to somone if it is your duty, but never lend money as a debt to anyone. Really money makes minds apart. Another thing he gives great importance to education. When ever my kids vist thatha, his only advice to them is to study well and you will get everything in life. There are so many things to write about him and may we take all the best things from him and it will be a stepping stone for our great success. It is a great previlige to write about him on his 100th birthday. I pray for his good health and need his blessings throughout my life. V.Gayathri.

60: Keerthe Balaji Balaji and Kamali

61: Akshitha and family | YOU ARE LOVED by Akshitha | Mr. M.E. Jayaram Naidu - This name personifies different things to different people and to me: an impeccable disciplinarian. Yes!!! That’s what my mom used to tell me all the time and how Vichy uncle used to me scared of you. :-P Though I was not able to interact with you much in person, you’ve always kept me in awe with your sheer will power and strength that you’ve for your age. I would have loved to spend more time with you in person. Thatha!!! I take this opportunity to tell you that YOU ARE LOVED by all of us and you’re such an inspiration for the generations to come. Akshita

62: Sri Ramamurthy with Mrs.Lakshmi Ramamurthy and family

63: Bobby with Tina and Jerome | JEYARAM UNCLE by Janardh Rao (Bobby) | Jayaram uncle used to visit my parents in Chennai,India. I was a junior in high school back then. He always wanted to know how I was doing in high school and advised me to study well. My parents always spoke very highly of him and told me he was a straight forward person with very good morals, helpful nature and character. I am always very grateful to him for his timely help he offered via his friend to help me transfer to PSG College of Technology. If not for his timely help, i would have ended in a small and startup engineering college back in those days. He also introduced me to his daughter in Coimbatore and I can never forgot her and her family's hospitality during my stay there. I kept in touch with him frequently and knowing him more over time only reinforced my parents impression of him. What can i say, I have yet to meet such a straight forward man who never minces his words and says it like it is and does what he says. During my first India trip after schooling in US, I met him and he told me he was proud of my accomplishments, It made me feel very good. I was delighted and excited when his granddaughter Kavitha looked me up and spent her first Christmas and New Year in the US with my Wife Tina and son Jerome in Minneapolis. In closing all I can says is Jayaram uncle was a positive influence in my life, without his timely help, I may have never gotten to be what I am today. Gratefully, Janard Rao (Bobby)


66: - | A LEGEND IN HIS OWN LIFETIME by T.V.Prabhakaran | To my family- that is Raji, my wife, daughter Priya ( 1968 born), her daughter Aarthi (1999 born) Vijay, my son and self, the word Godfather is spelt MEJ! I met Jeyaram Mama (as all of us refer to him- Aarthi calls him "Jeyaram Mama Uncle!"!) in Trombay in 1966- when his office was near mine (A&CE Division). I was transferred to the Madras Office of the Madras Atomic Power Project in May 67, and he also joined the same office a couple of months later. In the office he was the Universal elder brother, helping everyone ( of any rank) with soothing advice and calm counsel. I was transferred to Kalpakkam in Jan 68 and he followed in April- In the Sadras Township, his house was just behind mine and that is where our close and cherished association started. He and Sakku Mami were the constant mentors to Raji, then a new-found mother , helping her with innumerable problems (some realand some imagined!). He was also the mentor to all the 60 or 70 families living there at that time. The only telephone (Chengalpet 211) was in his house- as the Stores officer, he was responsible to receive any consignment of materials or equipment- trucks would arrive at any time of the night - with or without notice- in the dead of the night he would go to the house of the storekeeper, and driver, go and open the warehouse and receive and safeguard the equipment. More than consignments, he would get frequent trunk calls at night or early morning from relatives and friends trying to contact various people in Sadras Township. He would willingly walk to the person's house concerned, and convey the good/bad news as the case may be.

67: MEJ with Vijay and Nivedita MEJ with Raji and Priya | In Jan 69, we both moved to the same apartment block, across the landing from each other. Priya used to walk across to his house as soon as she got up in the morning. He would carry her in his morning walks, meeting various people on the way. Thus she became much better known in the Township than me!I She would most reluctantly let him go to the office! Priya also picked up his perfect English pronunciation. With all his kindness, he was strict with his staff and open and frank in his dealings. When he retired in Jan 1971, there was a huge farewell meeting. EVERYONE in the Township attended- and many were crying- including himself. After a couple of years we were happy that MEJ returned to Kalpakkam,as the Administrative Manager of a big contracting firm working in the same project. Our bonds grew ever closer. During this period he was a strong moral support to me in dealing with some problems in our family. Since 1989 we have been living in madras- and hence I have been able to call on him now and then. Every time he would make kind enquiries about Priya and Vijay, and later, about Arthi as well. Every time Priya and Vijay visit India, they make it a point to meet him. And I look him up as often as I can. And always come back with a good feeling. We have all been very fortunate in this.. We only pray this continues for long. Prabhakaran

68: - | GOD FATHER by Shivshankar | If I am in the privileged position of having to say a few words on how much I value and cherish my relationship with "MEJ" it is solely on account of the close & warm bond of friendship between him and my father N S Siva since the early 50's or t hereabouts. In our growing and formative years my brothers & I looked on him as more than family and basked in his many endearing qualities and were in awe and admiration of some of his attributes.It was not just us either but it was our extended family as well uncles, aunts- paternal and maternal & assorted cousins who feel the same way. He was generous to a fault and gave of his time and energy to friend and stranger in equal measure.His empathy and sensitivity to one's problems, predicaments , sorrow or joy are worthy of emulation.He was very often at the forefront in every event offering companionship, support, assistance or advice and usually oblivious to any inconvenience or hardship to himself. I used to think to myself many times that here is a one man NGO ! I do not think for a moment that my experience is unique. I am sure that these very same thoughts will be echoed by anyone who has the good fortune to be associated with him in any way. To end on a personal note, and I speak for my three brothers and sister as well, considering how "MEJ" has been there for us in times of joy, celebration, sadness, sickness and good health all these long years and admitting that the concept of a "godfather" is alien to our culture ,it would indeed in one word define how we look up to him. The Siva family wishes "MEJ" and all his loved ones the very best on this very special occasion and pray that he is blessed with long life & many happy years ahead. Shivshankar.

69: . . | I remember as a little child how I would always be very happy to see "Jeyaram Mama" as we called him. He would have a big smile and a hearty greeting for all of us, and would always press our hand tightly while he enquired about all of us, congratulating us on our successes and comforting us in our sorrows. He would always walk so vigorously and cheerfully, never seeming to feel the hardship of the distance he had to cover in the heat of the day. I would frequently marvel at his robust good cheer and health and tell myself, "the secret is his selflessness'. I recall during my SSC days, we were alone in Churchgate for a short while due, I think, to Dad's surgery in Madras, and Jeyaram Mama and Mami arranged for hot home-made chapathis and sabji to be brought all the way to us in Churchgate every day from so far away! How much Jeyaram Mama and family blessed us with their selfless and tireless concern for our well-being! I always thought 'how lucky Daddy is to have such a devoted lifelong friend!!' Best wishes and congratulations to Jeyram Mama on his 100th birthday! Namaskarams from Kittu and Kavitha in Sydney | JEYARAM MAMA by Kittu and Kavitha

70: Mrs. Renuka Mr.Bhupathy - | CENTURY CELEBRATION OF RESPECTED M.E.JEYARAMAN by R.Bupathy | The calendar year 2012 will be of unique importance to all of us, as we are eagerly waiting to see that our mellowed personality Respected M.E. Jeyaraman enter 100 years in 2012. Though a frequent event in the field of cricket, Century celebration in one’s life-time comes only once and that too a rarity. Happy Hundred is a really a blessing of the Almighty whose expects nothing in return, excepting the service of His creations. Revered M.E. Jeyaraman a close friend and associate of our family for over eight decades is very mature personality who could place most of our family members by names till recently. He would willingly partake in our family functions evincing much interest and concern and used to make loving enquiry about each of us. We also would not miss any of the functions organized in his family and would be pleased to get blessed by him and his beloved and soft-spoken wife Mrs.Sakubhai, who was equally interested in our well-being. His sense of gratitude is very high and deserves emulation by every one. His respect and regard for my grand father, late Shri.V.S. Mudaliar could be visibly seen whenever we meet him. He fondly recalls the days when he got his job in Burma, at the instance of late Shri.V.S. Mudaliar. His memory is green when he recounts his stay in Burma and used to accompany my father late Shri.V.S.Ramanathan to the city and dock-yard to see him off by ship to India. He also vividly remembers each event while trekking to India from Burma during the II World War. Tender love and recalling the good-olden day’s happenings enthralls him beyond measure. He, shinning as the Patriarch of his family is a fountain of inspiration and courage for all of us. On this momentous occasion of celebrating the “Happy Hundred” we are immensely fortunate to seek his blessings and good wishes. My wife Mrs Renuka, son Mr. Vijay and daughter-in-law Mrs.Asha join me in praying for his good health all through. R.Bupathy &Family.

71: . | It was in the year 1957, when, as a 26-year old, I was called for an interview in New Delhi, for the post of a Petrologist in Atomic Minerals Division (AMD), Dept. Atomic Energy. That was my first job-interview and I was quite nervous at the prospect of facing giants of Geology in those years,like Dr. D.N. Wadia and Dr. P.K. Ghosh, and answer their questions. While I was fidgeting nervously, awaiting my call, I was approached by a smiling person, who seemed to know I was from Madras, and spoke to me in Tamil. This was my first encounter with Shri. M.E.Jayaram. In his kind and encouraging manner, he put me at ease, assuring that my qualifications were exactly right for the job, and said reassuringly that I would be selected. His prediction proved right – I was indeed selected for the job, and I joined the Dept. Of Atomic Energy in July 1958. I arrived in Delhi, then a bachelor in search of a house. New to the city, a novice in interacting with house-owners, and above all, not knowing Hindi, the conversational knowledge, I was all at sea on this front. I was temporarily staying with my uncle in Old Delhi and commuting some 20kms a day to work and back. It was at this stage that I came in closer contact with Mr. Jayaram. Despite his wife being unwell, he put in time and effort and found me a suitable place to stay in Karol Bagh and went out of the way in helping me shift and settle down. I still remember his thoughtfulness and his practicality when he insisted that I should not leave behind at my old residence, the grinding stone (“Ural”) that is used to prepare dosa and idli batter, as I was intending to do because I considered it too heavy for transport and taking it up to the first floor where I had rented my residence. However, he personally lifted it, and found space for it in the small vehicle that was hired to move my household items! Even after I moved into the new residence, he made it a point to visit me daily for the initial few days to ensure I settled in smoothly. I have narrated a few incidents that stand out vividly in my memory. His helpful attitude was directed not towards me alone, but to everyone he knew. He is a living example of the saying – “Udhaara charithanantu vasudhaieva kutumbakam” I wish him all the Best of Health and Cheer as he approaches the century mark. A. V. Sankaran | UDHAARA CHARITHANANTU VASUDHAIEVA KUTUMBAKAM by A.V.Sankaran

72: - Mrs.Tara Krishnan with family | MY ELDER BROTHER by Mrs.Tara Krishnan | We can write volumes about him or put it in just one sentence, YOU CANNOT FIND ANOTHER SINGLE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD LIKE HIM. He is a very good friend of our family and I have known him for more than sixty years at least. His generosity and helping nature is amazing. Once when my husband [his greatest chum] was very sick and I was scared to be by myself. Without hesitating even for a minute, he offered to stay back with my family for the next couple of days. That was such a comfort to me then. If he sees somebody in trouble, a total stranger, the next moment he will be there. Just three or four years back ,I was in Chennai visiting my niece. I had just come from Canada and I very much wanted to meet him. I talked to him and explained to him ,that even though I wanted to see him, I would not be able to climb the steps .You will not believe, the next day he came to see me , coming down those very many steps, which he had to climb up on return .I was ashamed of myself. A man 15 years older than me has done what I hesitated to do .I can never forget that. It is still so fresh in my mind .I can go on and on and it will never end. May God Bless Him. I did not want to postpone sending this mail because I am not very much younger and any thing can happen to me any moment. Thanks Lakshmi for letting me know about this event. As requested I am attaching a recent picture of me with my two sons and daughters-in-law. My special namaskrams to my elder brother and blessings to the rest of you. Tara Krishnan

73: . . | Sri M. E. Jeyaraman was our first acquaintance when we reached kalpakkam township way back in January 1969. Little did we then realize or imagine that this will still continue .Perhaps it was mainly due to Sri Jeyaraman’s unique chemistry he generates with whom so ever he would meet . No one can expect a more friendly person than him. Thanks to him we came to know Sri and Smt C.V.S.Sastry and family and many others. Transfer to Kalpakkam from a city like Bombay was , to say , the least was very traumatic . The dead silence at Sadras township where we started our project life still awes us ! The sound of the waves and the sand all over the place was a drastic change from the dirt and mire of Bombay though to be frank we still miss our Bombay days . In many ways Sri Jeyaraman made those early days livable at a lonely project site. The one outstanding characteristic quality of Sri Jeyaraman –was his tremendous good will towards all. His friendship cut across all official barriers ( which were many in a claustrophobic township ! ). He never once carried this over this during his official interactions - a tremendous achievement indeed. He was our neighbour at Pudupattinam township . It was then ,possible to meet his entire family .That is how we came to know all of you. We consider this a great blessing indeed . It is not easy to have an enduring relationship over a period of close to half a century . It was all possible because of Sri Jeyaraman . He has this capacity to light up every one’s life in some way or other . Do one call this EMPATHY ? It give us great sense of happiness to learn that his family is trying to bring out a tribute to him - to celebrate one hundredth birthday of Jeyaraman mama . We wish him well and his family all happiness and joy . You are a blessed lot to have such an affectionatepatriarch in the family . Good luck to all of you Subhadra and V.Krishnamurthy | EMPATHY by Subhadra and V.Krishnamurthy

74: . Chittani and Ganesan - | We are proud to be the good neighbors of Thiru M.E.Jeyaram, residing at U–8 , Lotus colony. We used to share our morning wishes everyday as soon as he opens the door at 6.30AM, to collect The Hindu newspaper and milk packets. Just like him I (chittani) have spent my younger days in Burma before World war II. Hence we shared our thoughts of Rangoon and also reminisced about our life in Burma before the war. We came to know that he stayed at Rangoon east where more tamilian families lived. He was helped by his maternal uncle who worked there. He studied in Reddiar boys high school when Miss. Iravathy was the principal and Mr. Chari was the headmaster. When he was in 8th std , he wrote a précis writing of twenty lines in English. It was appreciated by a Britisher since his English was so good.He joined in army as a clerk in a leave vacancy for three months and completed his probation by doing three consecutive leave vacancy. After gaining experience he was posted in Michinia, Burma. He was then promoted as Ammunition in charge stores officer in civil services army at Chirapunji, Assam India. He has travelled to almost all places in India and Rawalpindi, Now in Pakistan. He is a simple man with clean habits, well wisher , though he is strict ,he is open hearted ,has a great personality, he speaks and writes good English, lovable person to his family and others. He is proud of his family members that he speaks highly of them to others. He loves to live in Chennai where he has contacts with lot of his relatives and friends , who keeps calling on him to get his blessings. He loves to see cricket matches on TV. We have known him for the pas thirty years. He and his wife showered us with their blessings, when we started looking for a girl to marry our son Kanakasabapathy. He loves kanaka’s family members Sridevi, Anupama and Apsara. He advices Anupama and Appsara to study well. Though Sanjeed is muslim boy ,he accepted him to stay with him and treated him as one of his grandsons. This shows his affection to everyone irrespective of caste and creed. We pray the Almighty to Shower His Blessings for his good health and long life in the years to come. A.G.Ganesan &Chittani. | OUR NEIGHBOR by Chittani and A.G.Ganesan

75: LIFE IS A GIFT by Mr.Santhanam (Neighbor) | “Life”, as a human being, is the Almightys Gift, and we should take this life as an opportunity given by Him to reach Him , by developing the divine in us rather than the devil in us. In our long or short journey of life, we came across countless number of people. A few stay in our mind, some for very long time- sometimes throughout our existence. Sri M.E.Jeyaram—Jeyaram Sir, as he is known to me is one such a person in my life. I think I came in contact with this personality,some time in the first half of the year1967, When I was posted as P.A. to chief Project Engr., Madras Atomic Power Project, at Shastri Bhavan , Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai on transfer from Deptt. Of Atomic Energy, Bombay. By his simple , open-hearted and lovable behaviour he entered my mind and never moved out since then. I have a feeling that I have some connection with him from my previous birth itself. I pray to the Almighty to grant him health, happiness and peace of mind throughout his life and when his time comes, to take him to his Kingdom. Santhanam | .

76: . . - | UDHAARA CHARITHANANTU VASUDHAIEVA KUTUMBAKAM by A.V.Sankaran | It was in the year 1957, when, as a 26-year old, I was called for an interview in New Delhi, for the post of a Petrologist in Atomic Minerals Division (AMD), Dept. Atomic Energy. That was my first job-interview and I was quite nervous at the prospect of facing giants of Geology in those years,like Dr. D.N. Wadia and Dr. P.K. Ghosh, and answer their questions. While I was fidgeting nervously, awaiting my call, I was approached by a smiling person, who seemed to know I was from Madras, and spoke to me in Tamil. This was my first encounter with Shri. M.E.Jayaram. In his kind and encouraging manner, he put me at ease, assuring that my qualifications were exactly right for the job, and said reassuringly that I would be selected. His prediction proved right – I was indeed selected for the job, and I joined the Dept. Of Atomic Energy in July 1958. I arrived in Delhi, then a bachelor in search of a house. New to the city, a novice in interacting with house-owners, and above all, not knowing Hindi, the conversational knowledge, I was all at sea on this front. I was temporarily staying with my uncle in Old Delhi and commuting some 20kms a day to work and back. It was at this stage that I came in closer contact with Mr. Jayaram. Despite his wife being unwell, he put in time and effort and found me a suitable place to stay in Karol Bagh and went out of the way in helping me shift and settle down.

77: . | I still remember his thoughtfulness and his practicality when he insisted that I should not leave behind at my old residence, the grinding stone (“Ural”) that is used to prepare dosa and idli batter, as I was intending to do because I considered it too heavy for transport and taking it up to the first floor where I had rented my residence. However, he personally lifted it, and found space for it in the small vehicle that was hired to move my household items! Even after I moved into the new residence, he made it a point to visit me daily for the initial few days to ensure I settled in smoothly. I have narrated a few incidents that stand out vividly in my memory. His helpful attitude was directed not towards me alone, but to everyone he knew. He is a living example of the saying – “Udhaara charithanantu vasudhaieva kutumbakam” I wish him all the Best of Health and Cheer as he approaches the century mark. A. V. Sankaran


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