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Marc Patrick Whitlock

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S: Marc Whitlock 2011

BC: His Wife His Home His Brother His Daughters His Grandson His Family and Friends | This book is just a small chunk of the memories and the wonderful life that is Marc Whitlock, there are so many pages left undone and so many words unsaid, the photos may be a little faded but the memories are clear... I hope that this gives you a glimpse of Marc's journey and how much he is loved. A very Treasured Life. December 2011

FC: Marc Patrick Whitlock | A Treasured Life

1: Marc Patrick May 27, 1961 Dec .14, 2011 | A happy baby, Marc slept all night at 10 days. When he woke up he would lie in his bassinet gurgling and making cheerful noises. | Marc: Roman from the god Mars Patrick: Late Roman Patrician/nobleman | Born at California Hospital in Los Angeles. The doctor knew we were Navy and the announcement of his birth was like an announcement aboard ship: A bosun's whistle then-"Now hear this, now hear this, baby boy Whitlock" and then his first cry. '

2: Photos are his beauty shots at 3 months... you can see that he was a willing subject. Marc was game for any game we wanted to play, photos- sure! A walk around the block- Heaven ! Since Mom and Dad both worked, Marc had a nanny named Mary and she spoiled him with her loving and hugging He smiled and laughed all the time. | Dressed for 3 week check-up

3: Some Quality time with Dad.

4: Marc and Bimbo bear | Daddy Lookout | Marc 'n Kevin and the bear | Busy busy-the hat helps. | High Fashion | Bath time-Play time!

5: Marc's Dad worked two jobs when he first mustered out of the navy and he went to school. One of the jobs was working for an armored truck company. Every week he would buy a bag of pennies and we sorted them looking for the one that would make us a fortune. Once we had sorted the bag, we traded it for a new bag. While sitting in the car waiting for Dan to make the trade Marc would stand on the seat next to me and name all the letters and numbers on the car license plate or call out the colors of the cars driving by. Marc loved helicopters and called them "heely-crackers". One evening we were walking home from the store and the sunset was an incredible palette of pinks and purples and Marc said."Look mama, the sky has a purple blanket just like mine". At Christmas when he was about three the boy's present included a worktable. It had a changeable top and a bench on each side. One of the tops was a magnetic board with plastic letters, another was a chalkboard. Marc would spend hours with that table and each time he would become so frustrated he would shout and cry. He was trying to write his name and each time it would come out "cram". He could see it was wrong but he couldn't see how to fix it. | Marc 2 years & nine months.

6: THE FIRST FIVE YEARS | 1, 2nd attempt to slipcover the old wing chair, the boys like it. 2. Marc happily poses in the yard of our "new" house on 88th Street. 3. Marc lovin' grandma Vicky's dog Sinbad 4. With Grandma and Grampa at the "House on Hoover Street" 5. Senor Marc on the Museum Steps in the Rose Garden at Exposition Park. 6. Marc loving the feel of that pile of Fall leaves- house on 31st. 7. Snazzy Sunglasses no matter how you wear them... or.. Marc goes Hollywood.

7: We moved from 31st street because our landlords were giving up the property, Dan found this wonderful old house on 88th. The landlord, Mr Vuckovich was a spry guy in his 80s, his son was the proprietor of the famed Waltah Clark line of Hawaiian shirts. It was serendipity because it turned out that next door was a gal I had met years ago when at Long Bow Scout camp. Midge was there visiting her cousins that summer. A deep and true friendship grew up around that early meeting and our children. Our group soon to include about six "aunts" beginning with Midge, her sister-in-law, Bridgie and mutual friend, Sandy. We were the brat pack until we began to move around. The 88th street house was located on the South West side of Los Angeles, during the "Watts Riots" of 1965 we had a half track positioned in front of our house as a protective measure. We did not suffer any repercussions or have any trouble during the incident, but Aunt Marie was so scared that instead of the planned visit with us, she drove on to San Diego until it was over.

8: We Are Home owners ! | We bought an "as is" house in 1965 and had to do a lot of work repairing walls and fixing shelves..then we painted the house a creamy yellow with white shutters and a Chinese orange door. The house was in a complex with the streets named after the developers family and ending in dale. Our house was on Donaldale. Marc's school was Sunkist, just a short walk away. The boys chose to room together in the largest room and picked out some of the decor- red,white and blue nautical theme. | $16,000.00 -4 bedroom-2 bath Ranch

10: One of Marc's favorite things was to go to Grandma Vicky's house in Alpine California- it was like a mini vacation with kid fun in the bargain. | Donaldale Street The first home we owned. Back yard on 88th Street- our landlord Mr. Vuckovich was 80+ years old and making pomegranate jelly when we first met. Bottom two photos at The Alpine house. Gramma Vicky w Cathi, Marc, Kevin & baby Janette. Baby with me is Chris | Our Homes

11: Just Hangin' and Having Fun | 1.Brush daily 2.Uncle Bill shows how to fly the plane 3. Lunch at Der Weinerschnitzel 4. Life among the daisies. The ' 60s were a colorful time

12: 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade | 6th Grade | Cub Scout- Webelo Troop | 8th Grade | Hawaii Days 2nd Grade

13: Grandma Vicky, Marc and Grampa Rusty | Kevin, Marc & Dan Graduation Bassett HS | SK00L Daze | Sunkist Elementary School Valinda CA Bassett High School Class of '79 | Senior Picture

14: Marc, Kevin, Laurie Lee Hoskins, Chris Clark, Timmy Todd Hoskins | HALLOWEEN | Costumed up to trick 0r treat around the neighborhood... Aunt Bridgie , the Anderson's, the Lehnins, the Harkers , the Sousas and a few others then on to Grandma Vicky's house for hot mulled cider and fresh pumpkin pie. Grandma's house had spooky music and was festooned with jack-o-lanterns, big spiderwebs and ghosties floating around. Halloween candies were saved so they would last a long time. | Kevin, John John Sousa, Marc | Marc was the Chief executioner head chopper to Kev's king. He said the best fun was making the ax and adding the 'icky" blood with lots of glitter. | The Friendly Neighborhood bartender.

15: Christmas | First Christmas | Second Christmas | Great Grandmere and Great Grandpere Driver with Marc, Kevin and Cathi Clark.

16: Every Year we would get together and take pictures for Christmas cards- Marc & Kevin, Laurie Lee &Tim Hoskins, sometimes Kim & Karen Wright and once or twice cousins Cathie and Chris Clark. At left is a few of the Whitlock boys.

17: Thanksgiving


19: Birthdays

20: Marc reaches the half century mark and Ellie has worked out a Humongous Surprise party for him. Kevin has come down to spend the weekend and we make Colleen play the role of nagging wife insisting on going out to dinner- for Sushi. Finally get everyone loaded up and get over to the restaurant... Marc, who usually catches onto everything is clueless. Inside the restaurant he sees one friend and wonders why he is there, then suddenly 50 plus people jump up and shout surprise! it was Awesome. | The birthday boy has to wear the kimono, carry the umbrella and sing a birthday song in Japanese with the guests and the restaurant hosts. | the big 50

21: Albert and Nellie | Karen and Jay and Jay's mom | Hannah, Garrett, Colleen and Kevin | Sher and her mom | Sherie and Ellie | Ellie reads the cards | A few of the people who came to the party so many more than we can possibly get on the page... people from Aerovironment, from the Airstream club and special Friends and Family. It was a wonderful party.. Thanks for the memories!

22: The Later Years | Snaps

23: The | The Hobo Queen and her consort...Marc didn't win- can you believe it? Airstream Club Fun.

24: Top: Rowdy Middle; Muffin Bottom: Pepper | Boo & Duchess | Mine all MIne!

25: P E T S | Marc is a Pied Piper to animals, they all flock to him. There was a little Siamese kitten stray that decided she loved him and she would even try and climb the ladder to be near him but she didn't have any faith in the rest of us. Over his life he has had many pets, here are a few favorites... including his beloved Captain Boo. and his new love---Penny. | Penelope Rose | Our beloved Captain Boojangles died suddenly of heart failure the result of an adrenal tumor in mid October. Kathy, a friend from Marc's work knew about some puppies ready to come home so Penelope Rose became the newest member of the Family. An American Staffordshire Terrier, she soon took over with her energy and winning ways.

26: Marc-Laurie Lee- Kevin-Tim near Columbia | Cousin Ed Radford Knott's Berry Farm | Lebanon Oregon | Auntie Karen took you to your 1st Snow | Washington DC Smithsonian

27: Vacation trips | One of the first trips we took as the new family was to Sonora to visit Marc's brother Kevin and family. Sonora is in the middle of California's gold country and is replete with history and interesting places. The historic town of Columbia was once considered for the state capitol, now it is a living museum and tourist attraction. You can ride a stagecoach, pan for gold or get your picture taken - we did them all. And we visited every candy shop we could find. Midge and her family live in the area as well. We camped out at Ellie's friend Marilyn's house in Angels Camp and drove up to Murphy's to see her shop there. We visited Mark Twain's cabin. We had a wonderful time. This area is the home of the celebrated Jumping Frog contest. We also took the new family to see the home we had in Tuolumne for a very short time. The girls decided that they were not so comfortable in a country with so many ups and downs and twisty roads. But we still read all the homes for sale ads in the papers and dreamed. | The upper class family of the 1800's Ellie, Marc (with Duchess) Jolene and Januari Whitlock. | Marc Laurie Lee Kevin and Timmy Todd

28: Family | Grandporents Mac & Marie w/ Ricky Lee Whitlock Rusty & Victory Clark | Colleen, Hannah, Garrett and Kevin Whitlock

29: Timmy Todd Hoskins, Marc, Catherin Clark, Janette Clark, Laurie Lee Hoskins, Kevin | Don & Carole, Jeff, Phillip & Tm Holt, | Colleen, Kevin Garrett, Serene Whitlock | Garrett & Hannah

30: Kevin and Colleen Whitlock Family Serene, Hanna Victory, Jesse Garrett

31: Marc Patrick and Isabel Santiago Whitlock

32: John, Tony, Julio and Isabel (Ellie) Santiago -at home in Puerto Rico | Jolene

33: Albert, Nellie, Leo, Christy, Isa and Luke | Julio & Yvette Tony and Debbie | Adam, John, Pam and Caleb | Roger, Januari and Liam

35: October | October 14. 1995 Marc and Ellie are Married!

37: Will you please take our picture? | Our Honeymoon --June Lake, California

38: SnapS

39: Favorite Things | Topping his list of favorite things is anything that is radio controlled-- aircraft, boats and cars (as in the photo below)

40: One of his MOST Favorite things is FISHING and CAMPING | Top: Fairystone Park, Virginia -left- Grandma Mac's house Collinsville Virginia Middle: One that didn't get away Bottom: Lake San Antonio Top Right: Loretto, Baja California Far Right: Fish camp -Suppertime!

41: and Skiing | and Things with Engines | Especially FORDS

42: Aerovironment | Lindsay, Greg, Steve, Debbie, Marc, Tony | The Gossamer Albatross | Global Hydrogen flight | Pathfinder2 Electric bicycle | 20 plus years

43: Graduation Day | Proud Parents

44: We had a huge tie-dye party for a project- which, of course led to a tie-dye pyramid. Marc is second from the top on the right and Kevin is the top man. | Northern California Whitlocks Calvin, Hannah, Garrett above, Colleen & Serene below. Marc with baby Garrett. | The men:Del Driver, Nik, Rusty and Rodger Clark | Dan

45: Kim Wright, Marc, Timmy Todd Hoskins, Kevin, Karen Wright | Cathi, Janette & Nik Clark | RJ &Tabitha, Kevin, Chris Clark, Marc, Shanon Clark and Rodger James Clark sr. | Marc loves his Gramma Mac | Pat's son Trevor Wine | More Family & Friends.

46: 419 East D Street Ontario, CA 91764 | Marc's new home, a 1912 Eastlake style Bungalow- -- money pit. 2 bedroom w 2-1/2 bath and three bonus rooms. Purchased for $149,000.00 The first year was a challenge. Marc ripped out the wall in the kitchen to make it more than twice it's original size, but under renovation we lived with no hot water in the house and holes in the floor and showers and necessaries taking place in the Airstream. He took the utility room next to the kitchen and built a utility room -pantry/laundry/bath. The next project was a place for Mom. | HOme Owner!!

47: He added 625 sq feet of living space on the back of the house for mom -it included a closet, a bathroom and a nice office space. In the meanwhile they are doing a fix-up paint and decorating in the main house. Once the apartment for mom was finished,he started on the outdoor space building 625 sq feet of deck for entertaining under cover, a step down al fresco kitchen took shape on one end of the deck. Then the dusty back yard was tackled and his home is fast becoming a show place to make anyone proud. A beautiful calm contemplative space lush with flowers and fruit trees- cherry, plum nectarine, orange, grapefruit, lemon.

48: SnapS | Chris Clark, Kevin and Marc | Airstream Buddy- Andy | Marc doing his part in the cookie baking (tasting!) | The Brothers Castillovietia | Captain on deck

49: Liam & Papa

50: The First week in September 2010 Marc was not feeling well enough to come work at the jazz festival, the following Thursday he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. A series of serendipity events came together and he was accepted at the City of Hope. Their tests found cancer in his bones later it metastasized to his adrenal glands . In October 2011, The City of Hope said they had done all they could and he was enrolled in a home hospice program- | Marc & Ellie in his Chemo "do" | Might as well take it all off. Marc gets moved into Mom's apartment. Marc and Penny Chillin" .

51: Friends from church and from work come for some bible study and to sing carols. December brings a parade of well-wishers. | Marc bundles up to join in the festivities | An Evening of Carols and Prayers December 5, 2011

52: Liam has a cold and has been banished from his Papa, finally convinced that the only way he could see him up close was to wear the dreaded mask. He was still a little hesitant but finally got his chance . | Penny waits her turn | A nice warm bottle of leche and Papa | Happiness!

53: Debbie, Kathy, Monica & Vivian visit on their way home from Vegas | Pastor Jeff stops by to read a passage of scripture and share a prayer | Chris Escobedo | Saeid our hospice nurse | Three guys from Aerovironment

54: Rebecca, Wayne, Sophia and Dean Menchaka | The Jafarkanis- Karen & Ryan above Karen and Jay below - | Jim Hodges an Aerovironment and golfing buddy stops by.- they commuted to Simi Valley together | Family photo: Tony Sanchez

55: December 11,2011

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