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Margie's Birthday Book

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Margie's Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Margie's Birthday 2011

BC: January 30, 2011 | Happy Birthday With Love...

FC: A smile as sweet as spring | "Mom, Mommom, Margie" January 30, 2011

1: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything.

2: "Margie was popular and had several other beau at the time. After being a little miffed at 'the Store' on Fathers' Day because I didn't give her 100 % of my attention, Margie was a bit cool when I called to take her to dinner. After 5 calls she accepted...I took her to a dance. I think fine dining and summer dancing finally turned the corner." From Dad's Journal in 2001 | September 2, 1956 Reception at MCC

3: "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12 | A great birthday present for Dad, my graduation...May 29, 1975!

4: the flowers are blooming | Old Friends | The Kahls in Jeffersonville

5: spring is in the air | springtime

6: Special Occasions | What a surprise to find you had 'dyed' your hair brown before the wedding....but it was actually very pretty...scary though, when you wouldn't come out of the bathroom and show me. The lesson here is: Never do something drastic with yourself before an important life event!

7: Great Friends Great Memories | St. Augustine...

8: sunny days are here again! | Travel!!! | It wasn't easy convincing you to get some sun on our Fall Florida Trip! Gay's porch is the perfect place.

9: Barb & Jack's | Fall Break 2010 | We Must Wear Protective Sunglasses!

11: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything.

12: Days of Our Lives

13: And the Seasons They Go Round and Round

14: Another Birthday Girl... | Gretl rip

15: Riley Robert Reese 9/9/92 | A Star is Born

16: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything. | Quilts made from some of Dad's finest Murrell's clothes.

17: MHS Hairspray October 2010 Riley as "Link" | "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12

18: spring | sunshine | bloom | 25 Anniversary | At least once, I sneaked and wore this beautiful white mink when you and Dad were out of town:!

19: Cousins!

22: "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Proverb from Guinea | Chicken at the Van Buren Legion was a treat before I had Regan! | Like many families, most of our special occasions involve great food:)

23: spring is here! | "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12

24: sunny days | "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Proverb from Guinea

25: spring is here! | "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12 | Murrell Cookouts are the best!

26: I don't remember a time in my life that I didn't know Margie Murrell !! Our families were wonderful friends all through time and that relationship just naturally continued on with Diana and me. What a wonderful, kind, delightful and gentle woman Margie always was and is ! Whenever I run into her, I know I will be greeted with a very warm and genuine smile and a hug. She never fails to ask all about the girls and keeps up on all of their latest endeavors. I have such vivid memories of "Bob and Margie" at parties (back in the day . . .) with my parents and their entire group of close friends. Oh what fun they all had together !! It's so hard to believe this is her 80th birthday ! She still looks too young to be ANY of our Mothers !! Happy, Happy Birthday !! The Lesters all love you !! Love, Tracy

27: I am so pleased that Diana asked me to write a memory I have of you. Unfortunately, she only gave me 5 hours to complete this task. As I began to call upon all of the special memories I have, I realized that 5 hours was obviously not enough time to list them all. The first feeling that came over me was that you were just like my second mother. You, and Mr. Murrell, always took the time to make me feel as if I were a part of your family and your love for me was obvious. I remember my mom telling me how lucky I was to be dating someone with such wonderful caring parents. She was absolutely right! In an effort to keep this short (thanks Diana) I would say that two memories stand out more than the others. I remember you trying to “fatten” up a tall underweight lanky boy with homemade milkshakes, sandwiches and delicious starches. Had I known at the time there would have been a 30 -year delay in these things kicking-in, I might have turned down a few..nah, probably not. And the most vivid memory that stands out for me is “our moment in the sun”! Yes, the tall lanky boy dressed in tights and a feathered cap entering stage right to carry off his damsel into the sunset! I still can’t believe I agreed to do that..neither did my psychiatrist of which I spent 4 years trying to recover from that event. Between you and me it was really kind of fun! As you celebrate this special day and recall the many wonderful memories you have, know that you did play a very important role in my adolescent life, and I am so thankful that God blessed me with such a wonderful “2nd Mom”. Happy birthday Mrs. Murrell, and I look forward to writing more on your 90th birthday! Love, Mike

28: Although I had known who you were, I remember "officially" meeting you shortly after Patrick was born in 1987. You were so wonderfully excited for our family encouraging and sharing your memories and all the while being so calm, which was just what I needed at the time. It has been fun to observe you with Regan and Riley over the years. Your eyes simply twinkle as you watch them perform or simply share a few words in passing. Their lives have certainly been enhanced with your love and guidance. I think the words gentle grace describe you so well. No matter what the circumstances, happy or sad, your gentle grace shines through! That gentle grace is a wonderful gift to all of those who are blessed to know you. It's no surprise that I instantly liked you way back when we first metyour dear daughter - my dear friend, is a reflection of you. Our entire family loves and admires you! Thanks for the moments you've shared with us over the years! Happy Happy Birthday Blessings to wonderful YOU!

29: Only you could serve goulash in the dining room and make it seem elegant. I believe it was my first date with Diana. Only you.. would be brave and kill the attacking honey bees at a back yard lunch. Diana and Bob screamed and ran like little girls on a playground. You sat firm and swatted the bees like flies. Only you would hang up the phone on me during a thunder storm. “We can’t talk on the phone now Bare!” Only you..are YOU and are loved by so many people. Have a wonderful birthday! Love, "Bare" | Miss Margie, Throughout the years you have been a source of joy, comfort, and laughter to me and my family. Without your presence, my life would not have had as many blessed moments. Your watchful care over your own family has always--even without your knowledge--reflected onto my life and the lives of my parents and brother in a way that is truly unmatched by anyone. Thank you, from the bottom of my wee heart, for all that you have done and will continue to you. You are a blessing to all. With the sincerest love, Kayla M. Brown

30: Kathy | Happy Birthday Mrs. Murrell! Oh, where to start! Remember all of our inside jokes? Since you were born before my time, little red haired girl and of course, the Santa!! You are such a stylish, lovely, graceful, fun person. I know why my Mother considered you such a dear friend. You will always have a special place in my heart! I love you, Kathy | Your mom always looks so great, always very put together. I think that is the secret of aging gracefully...ha, ha, I'd better get cracking on that "put together" thing! I have my moments...one or two! You definitely take after your mom!

31: I remember so many wonderful things about your mom. She was always willing to support us in our crazy things we wanted to do when I spent the night. I think one of the memorable things was when she used to sing. She had a beautiful voice and you followed in her footsteps. It was usually after dinner and you and she would sit at the piano and sing. Tell her I said happy birthday! Love, Suzi (McNamara) | Dear Margie, When I first met you many years ago, you reminded me of Gale Storm in "My Little Margie". She was so pretty and always upbeat....with a smile on her face. That describes you perfectly! And you've always been kind to everyone....just a joy to be around....our little Margie! Jack and I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope you have many, many more!! Much love to you....xxxooo

32: I hate to think how long ago I met your Mom!! Although I was only at Taylor one year, occasionally we had those trips to Marion to perhaps see a great basketball game. Your Mother was always looking like she "stepped out of a band box" as my Mom would say. Always put together and as silly as we were!! I enjoyed the attempts to match make me with a certain player!! haha...I always felt at home with your Mom....when homesick at Taylor, It was good to see your Mom.... Still beautiful and caring at 80! Keep smiling and singing!! All my family and my Mom's love and happy birthday wishes to you Margie!! Love, Beth | Happy birthday mommom!!! I miss u soo much! I hope u have an amazing day!! I remember you getting cookie dough for us every time we would come over! We would Always sneak some in the middle of the night! Another awesome thing would be waking up to you very cheery in the morning making us the most amazing breakfast ever!!! Thank u so much for everything! I will cherish those memories forever!! Love u! Love Cassie

33: "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow." ~ Proverb from Guinea | My memories of Margie stretch back to high school when I was the “new girl” at MHS and Di decided tmake me one of her best friends. Coming from a family of 5 girls, I loved spending the night at the Murrells where there was no one else to bother us (of course, Di liked to be at my house because there was always something going on!). Margie was always stylish, dressed to the nines and always had her make-up “done”! She loved to have the scoop and was always ready to hear the latest gossip during those sleepovers! She loved to play matchmaker and I especially remember a dress up, “adult” dinner party she threw for all of us teenagers just so that she could fix me up with one of the basketball players! I also have fond memories of travelling with the Murrells to away basketball games, dinners with them at Meshingomeshia and wrapping Christmas gifts in the back room at Murrells. Margie always welcomed me as a friend and treated me as I were her daughter. Happy Birthday Margie- and many more! Hugs, Jan Kepley Keefer | Jan

34: Dear Margie, We have so many wonderful "family" times we've spent together celebrating many different occasions in the lives of Regan, Riley, and Diana. You are such a wonderful Mom, Grandmom, and person in general. Our family loves you! As you reach the grand occasion of your 80th birthday, we want to wish you the best of health, wealth, and happiness in the years to come. Happy Birthday Margie! Love You! Khara, Katelyn, & Laurie | When Margie arrives the party begins!! Happy Birthday! Tina, Rick, Andy, Amy, and Audrey

35: One of my favorite memories of your mom, is how when you and I would practice a song ( me playing, and you singing, or you and Barry singing) your mom would always come in and stand with you and want to sing too!! Often she would be louder than us!! lol Even at Tina's mom's birthday party just a few years back, your mom was asking me to please play the piano so you (and she) could sing!! And, I NEVER saw her without her makeup and a lovely smile for everyone. Happy Birthday; and may you have many more! Love, Joni

36: I remember going over to your house, and your Mom was such an easy person to talk to. I envied your relationship with her and the fact that you had a Mom like her. My Mom and I didn't have much of a relationship at that time. (Things are better now.) Your Mom filled a void in my life and I think of her from time to time still. When I saw the picture, before I saw that you'd asked for people to write something, I was still going to say 'tell your Mom hi from me'. Give her a hug too... ; ) Diana (Lusk) Longfellow | HAPPY BIRTHDAY Margie. It is always fun to see you when I come to Marion. I used to love coming to your home for the weekend when Di and I could get off campus from Taylor. Whenever I see you with that big smile and warm hugs I always felt so welcomed . By the way, what kind of magic cream do you use? I could use a jar or two. Love, Mary

37: What a beautiful bouquet of messages and memories have filled this book. For me, almost 25 years of pictures are collected here that I can recall the events myself. You have had an exciting journey through life and may you fill many more pages. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Margie! Love, Judy

38: My strongest connection with your mom was during the time leading up to Rick's kidney transplant. Every time she would pick up Regan or Riley at my house, she would take time to ask how we were doing and let me cry on her shoulder:) I appreciated her concern and prayers and encouragement! And of course I remember what a loving grandma she was to your kiddos! Happy Birthday, Margie! | Happy Birthday Margie! While I'm sure I met you during the Murrell's Clothing Days, I didn't get to know you until we were both in Bible Study Fellowship at the Friends Church. That must have been in the late 1980's til early 1990's. I always admired your sweet disposition and your godly wisdom. You were such an encouragement to me during the time in my life when my kids were little and such a handful. I pray you have an incredibly happy birthday and that you can spend it with those you love most! May God bless you with many more joyful years abundant with his goodness and blessings.~ Connie Whonsetler

39: Margie...Happy Birthday!! I can't begin to tell you all of the WONDERFUL memories i have of you in my life.I was blessed to call you my Mother-in-law...and the beautiful Grandmother for Regan and Riley.I am so very thankful to have had so many years in yours and Bob's life. Thank you for ALL the HUNDREDS of Briskets and dinners...(you are the Queen of Briskets)...and to this day...I put butter on my turkey sandwiches...though they have NEVER tasted as good as yours! Thank you for the WEBB experience.......I love them all!!....and I LOVE YOU...and I always will. I wish you a Happy Birthday Margie...May you have many,many more. Thank You for everything ...Have a GREAT DAY! Love always, Ron

40: sunny days | " | When we thing of Aunt Margie we think of her big smile. She always had a big smile and a hug for us that made us feel special. I guess you could say she brightened up a room when she walked in! Give her our love and wish her a happy birthday for us. Love, David & Carol | When I think about Mommom, I remember her daily presence in Regan's life. This was important for me to see, and experience because my grandparents were all very far away. To get to feel a grandparent a little bit closer, even if it was just every once in a while, was very special to me. It was such a joy to see and talk with her this summer. Mommom, I wish you a very happy birthday! Love Joanna

41: "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12 | Dear Mom Mom, Where do I begin? Perhaps I'll start with your french toast and sausage dinner. One of my favorite things about coming back home to Indiana is breakfast for dinner at Mom Mom's! It is not a successful trip homewithout this dinner:) What I love most about YOU is that you stepped nto the role of grandmother in my life. I know Grandma Fay is so thankful that she has you as a sister and I know she's grateful that you stepped in and played the role of Grandma for Evan and me. You are so sweet and loving, and a servant of the Lord. Your heart is pure and you radiate light to all who know you. Thank you for being such an important part of my life, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Love, Amaris

42: Happy Birthday,, Mom! I'n putting this book together, it occurs to me I never have to get you another present - because it would be hard to top this one! I have always known I have been blessed to have an amazing, extra-special Mom...and seeing/hearing so many people's messages to you reflects that and more. Thank you for pretty much the "perfect" childhood; I couldn't have asked for more in two parents who loved each other and me - unconditionally, no matter what. You made things fun and I know we had an unusually good relationship because I hated to leave home! I loved doing stuff with you and Dad. Because I was an only child, I know you worked to include my friends whenever we could, often taking them to dinner at the Club, Rosie's, Emily's, or out of town for ballgames. When I was little, I loved to have a babysitter and watch you and Dad go somewhere dressed up - you always were so beautiful and still are, inside and out. You passed on your love for music to me, and it has enriched my life more than I could say. In addition your faith in God is inspirational, something I know everyone who knows you notices and admires. Thank you for thousands of hours of babysitting - for being a Grandma the kids still want to come visit. Thanks too for supporting me through very difficult times, for showing me that you can come through valleys and smile again and even have joy. I only hope by the end of my life, I will be half th person you are. I locw you - Di

43: Dear Mommom, When I was little I loved coming to your house to eat French Toast and Brisket and play games like Checkers. You and Bobby always were there for all my school programs and on grandparents day at Lakeview. I always looked forward to coming to your house. Thank you for all the times you have had me over, and invited my friends too. I am so blessed and grateful to have a grandma like you. I have learned a lot from you about faith in hard times. I love you. Riley

44: sunny days | " | To my Adoptive Mother... From the scent of your perfume to the way you greet me every time we are together, it is a little bit of magic. You have given me the kind of acceptance that only mother's give their sons. No store - bought card could ever communicate my admiration and affection for you. Some thoughts cannot be put into words. So, to my new-Mom on her special birthday, I must tell you how impossible it is to find the perfect present for you. Because it is you who gives me the "best-gift" every time I see you - the gift of acceptance. When you say “Hello Son," I can hear my real-mom's voice too. It IS magic. Your cake will glow, not because of the number of candles on it but because of the brightness of our love for you. Love, Jack

45: spring is here! | "For the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers are springing up and the time of the singing of birds has come. Yes, spring is here." ~ Song of Solomon 2:11-12 | Aunt Margie, You have been like a second Mom to me. You bought me my first bra! I loved it so much you let me sleep in it. I have great memories of coming to your house for the holidays. You are a wonderful cook! Remember Pershings Pet Store? When I call the number a mysterious man answered and said they we all out of guinea pigs. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you! Gay

46: Dear Mommom, Firstly, let me say that you look AMAZING for 65 years old! :) I only hope that I look that good at your age ;)... all jokes aside though, I just want to tell you that I love you so much. There's just so much to say I don't even know where to begin. There are so many memories I have from your house that I will never forget...Drinking coffee with you and Bob, watching "Wheel of Fortune," imitating Bob with his eye drops, building a house of cards, listening to your stories of Hester the witch while going to sleep, the warm wash cloth on my eyes in the morning, Branflakes and croissants, taking my school lunch in a Murrell's bag, French toast and sausage, Mary Poppins, Vicks Vaporub, warm baths, chocolate milkshakes, Monopoly, the alphabet game with Joanna, the Abba dabba song, the long talks of stories and advice...there's just so much...you're one of the most wonderful women I know, and I look up to you as someone I admire most.

47: Your heart for people, for children, and for God just amazes me. How could I have been blessed with such an amazing grandmother? Your strength in the Lord is something that I remember in times when I'm struggling. You and Bob, together, were this ideal couple in my eyes and I only hope that someday I'll have a relationship like that...and when Bob passed away, we were all devastated, and I'm crying even writing about it... but even in that loss, you remained so strong...and look at you now- you pay your own bills, cook your own french toast, have a wonderful new "friend," have a job that you love, and live life with a smile...and if you can come out of something like that, I know that whatever I go through, I can make it too. I love you so much, Mommom. Happy Birthday~ Love, Regan (Little Lamb)

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