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Marli Jorn's life

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FC: The Life of Marlena Lillian Jorn

1: One day, there was a pregnant woman named MaryBeth Sheridan, and her husband, Les Jorn | Now, back to the more important part of this story, me.

2: First off, I was conceived in mid-August. Yup, that's me! The egg cell was fertilized, I started dividing and then moved down to my mom's fallopian tubes

3: This is me in my second week! I became a blastocyst, buried self in uterine wall and I started developing my outer membranes!

4: At 3 weeks I started to form my 3 germ layers, the Endoderm (produces epithelial tissues), ectoderm (forms the integumentary system,) and the mesoderm (forms muscles), and although my organ systems are not developing yet, they very basics are occuring here.

5: In my fourth week my eyes, nose and mouth are starting to form!

6: By week 5, my hands and feet start to emerge, my tail disappearing, and I doubled in size.

7: At week 6, I'm growing fingers and toes, my windpipe goes from my mouth to my lungs, and I have eyelids!

8: Week 7; My heart is now in four chambers, my teeth are forming and and my eyes are formed

9: Week 8...Wow! I'm now a fetus! My fingernails are forming, my vital organs are forming, and I can bend my arms and legs

10: Month three: my face formed, I can make a fist and I'm developing fingerprints!

11: At month four, my brain is starting to work, my skeleton is hardening and I'm gaining my senses.

12: In month five, I can hear mommy's voice and suck my thumb.

13: Month 6; my vocal chords are here, and I'm hiccuping a lot!

14: Month seven is finally here! But something isn't right, the doctors look at my ultrasound and there's a black mass in my abdomen, wonder what it could be. Also, my lungs are almost done developing!

15: I'm here! April 17, 1995 at 9:50 AM, 19 inches long 6 lbs 7 oz. I was very sick and on a couple of machines. and because I was a month premature my lungs were still not done developing right.

16: Even though I'm just a newborn, I have a lot going on. Remember that dark mass in my ultrasound, turns out it was Neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer. I was in the hospital for eight full days.

17: I had many returning doctor visits (weekly) for problems at birth (mostly lungs), and monthly visits for cancer follow-ups.

18: At four months old, I gained some weight and grew taller, and no more cancer! I got it removed when I was a month old.

19: At 7 months old, I was still small but growing and my motor skills were starting to develop by rolling over.

20: At 10 months, I fed myself for the first time and still small

21: At 12 months I was catching up in size and I started drinking real milk, and I learned to walk!

22: When i was 15 months, I was in the 75th percentile and LOVED running...and falling.

23: At 18 months, I was a very social girl and always knew where I was.

24: Oncologist (cancer doctor) visits every three months!

25: Five years old, I was very friendly, I loved to help and take charge. I started reading at four by asking mommy and daddy how to spell words like "King"

26: 8 years old... my eyesight was poor so I got glasses, and I hit my growth spurt.

27: When I was 11, puberty was in full swing while other girls were just starting and we stopped seeing the oncologist.

28: At 14 I had bronchitis twice due to always having lung issues

29: At 16-17 I had pneumonia for a month and pinkeye and started having panic attacks..which are all sooo fun.

30: At 25 I will look like my mom and I will grow a few inches taller

31: At 35 I will have a child or two and the only sicknesses I'll have are illnesses like the flu.

32: At 45 I will have pneumonia again, but for two months. I will also stop having panic attacks.

33: At 55 I will get grayish hair and be getting checked for another cancer, because neurobastoma makes it easier for me to get another cancer in the future

34: At 65 I will be getting more lung issues like pneumonia or bronchitis, but it would be worse due to my age

35: At 70, I will shrink due to my spine and I will go to bed earlier and earlier from fatigue.

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