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Martin Family History

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S: Martin Family History 2010

FC: Our Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: This book was created in December 2010 by the five children of Jim and Ruth Martin. It is intended as both a historical record and gift to our children, Amy, Chris, Steve, Shelley, Mike, Jamie, Scott, Kevin and Brittnay. It is our hope that you will have a family keepsake that you can pass along to your children some day. God has blessed us with wonderful children who are now blessed with their own children. If they grow up to be as good as you, you have done your job. Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep The "Family Photo" was taken in April of 2006 at Jan and Bob Bransom's home in Dunkirk, Maryland. Pictured from left to right top row: Justin Martin, Scott Martin, Bob Bransom, Tony Neiswonger, Jim Martin, Steve Franck, Kevin Franck, Dick Lambert, Lou Franck, Mike Bransom, John Martin. Next row: Ericia Neiswonger, Emma Lambert, Shelley Martin Lambert, Deb Martin Franck, Lindsey Martin, Emerson Martin, Amy Martin Neiswonger, Jan Martin Bransom, Ana Gilbert Franck, Beverly Martin Davidson, May Ann Martin, Brittany Martin. Smaller children in front Bailee Lambert, Khorey Neiswonger, Ryan Hoffman, Reagan Neiswonger. From our family not in picture: Jamie Davidson, Christine Davidson. (Bev's kids) Sophia Franck (Steve and Ana's child) Kellie Bransom, Isaiah Bransom, wife and son of Mike Bransom.

2: We have created this book as a gift for our kids and grandkids as something we hope they will cherish and pass along to their kids when that time comes. This is the life story of five kids that grew up loving and caring for each other, stayed close through their lives, and share that closeness still today with our kids and grandkids. We will pass along as many memories of our time growing up as a family, starting our own families up to where we are now. As we go down the many very different roads we all traveled to get to today we will pass along our memories of our parents and grandparents, the times and many places we lived as well as the joy and sadness we lived along the way. We know that there is no way that we can remember everything or everyone. Our goal is to make sure our families have as much information about us and our parents as we can give to them so that one day when their kids ask them questions about their family tree they can answer them as much as possible We all believe that we have worked hard to pass along the values our parents instilled in us in our children and we can see everyday that you all have the foundation to have what it takes to pass them along to your own kids. We realize just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful close knit family and believe that was no accident. The five of us consider ourselves as Christians and want that for our kids and grandkids but we do know that it took many different paths for us to be where we our today and our trust in God and acceptance of Jesus came at different points in our lives. While we would not wish to push these principles on our kids we are all comfortable with where each of you are today. Now that we have lost both our parents we understand how so many times you wish you could ask just one more question, get one more memory, have just a few seconds, but that is not the way this life works. We dedicate this book to our parents Papa and Nana, we still miss them so much every day. We do cherish our time with them and only wish our Dad had a little more time so our kids could have known him better, but that was not in Gods plans. "To understand your parents' love you must raise children yourself."

4: Our Parents

7: James Blair Martin was born November 20, 1925 in Gastonia, North Carolina.He was the son of Luther David Martin and Ella Ruth Davis. Dad passed away December 4, 2000 | Ruth Annette Watson was born on January 19, 1928 in Washington D.C. She was the daughter of Luther David Watosn and Myrle Blanche Nash. Mom passed away August 11, 2000 | Jim and Ruthie were blessed with five children Beverly Ann James Blair, Jr. Debbra Lee Janice Lynne John Christopher

8: James Blair Martin was born in November of 1925 to Luther David Martin and Ella Ruth Davis in Gastonia, North Carolina. We really don’t know too much of his life in North Carolina, we believe they had some time in the Newport News area of Virginia before they moved to Washington DC when he was still young. Jim attended Jefferson Junior High and Eastern High school until he dropped out at age 17 to enlist in the US Navy in 1943 during WWII. Jim served in the South Pacific aboard the LST 693 from 1943 thruough the end of the war in 1945. Jims ship carried landing craft that ferried soldiers to the beaches as the US moved through the Japanese occupied islands including the invasion of Okinawa and the liberation of the Philippines. Jim returned home and worked as a security guard at the National Archives, living at home at 3809Blaine Street NE. Sometime in the later half of the 1940’s Luther and Ella divorced and he and his younger sister, Emily Davis Martin, carried on with their lives. Sometime in 1946 Jim was introduced to what would become his wife Ruth Watson. After dating a while he married Ruthie in September 1946. Jim and Ruth moved to 15th Street in the Southeast section of the city having their first two children Beverly and Jim, Jr. and at some point moved to Brentwood Maryland along the way having two more children Debbra and Janice. They bought their first new house in Palmer Park Maryland in the later 1950‘s. Tragically that house burned to the ground a few years later. Never fully recovering from the loss of their house they decided to move to Newport News to start a hopefully new life. It was while living in Virginia Jim suffered his first heart attack while only in his 30’s. His heart condition would hamper him for the rest of his life. While living in Virginia his second son John was born in 1962. After a few years in Virginia, they returned to Brentwood and Jim would spend the rest of his way too short life there. Jim suffered a fatal heart attack in December of 1980. He had just turned 55 years old only three weeks prior. | Pappa | Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad

9: Ruth Annette Watson was born in Washington during the height of the Great Depression, which as you can imagine were hard times. She was the second daughter of Luther and Myrtle, having an older sister and four older brothers and one brother born after her . Ruthie had many hard times in her life, her Dad was an alcoholic, she lost a brother and her Mom died when she was only fourteen years old. After that she was pretty much raised by her older sister, Alice. Aunt Alice and Mom were very close throughout their lives Although we talked to her many times about her youth, she never had too much to say. Guess with mostly sad memories she was just as well off trying to forget bad times. In 1946, Ruthie was working at the G.C. Murphy store in DC where what would become our Grandmother, Ella Ruth Martin, introduced her to her son, Jim. We would guess that they dated for a while and were married in September of 1946. At the time they were living in the far Northeast section of the city at 3809 Blaine Street NE. Mom was always devoted to her kids, she almost it seemed went to extremes when it came to caring for us. Some examples would be she once accidentally burned Beverly with a cigarette so after that she never smoked until we were all in bed. Even after we had grown up, if she ever did have a cigarette, which wasn’t often it was only in the evening. Strange as it may sound today, she never had a drivers license. All of remember the cab rides to the store or laundry mat. Most of us mention and have memories of our hard financial times growing up but she always found a way to get us the things we needed or wanted. Looking back now it all seems so unfair, growing up pretty poor, and then living through all the hard times in her married life, but did always seem happy with us. Seemed as though Mom had a few health problems, suffering from a collapsed lung and was hospitalized for a short while due to a “nervous breakdown” but we mostly remember her as healthy and vibrant. While Mom was in her fifties she began to suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, an illness that evidently ended her life She was in the midst of battling Parkinson’s when Dad died very suddenly in December of 1980. That had been a bad year for relatives losing Uncle Earl shortly before Dad and Bev’s husband Jim Davidson shortly after that. Mom moved to | Nana | No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life

10: The Martin Kids

13: James Cortland Davidson was born on January 28, 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Elmore E. Davidson and Lona D. McCallister. Sadly, Jim passed away on February 22, 1981 in Washington, DC | Beverly Ann Martin was born on July 25, 1957 to James B Martin and Ruth Annette Watson in Washington, D.C.

14: Beverly Ann Martin was born July 25th 1947, the first born child of Jim and Ruth Martin. At the time, Jim and Ruth lived in a house on Blaine St NE, in Washington DC. They lived there for a year and a half before Jim was offered a job at a Coca-Cola plant in North Carolina so the family moved. Eventually they moved back to Maryland and lived in Kirkwood Apartments until after the birth of James Blair Jr and Debra Lee. During this time Nanny had built a house in Brentwood and the family spent a lot of time there. When Beverly was in 2nd grade the 5 of them moved to 15th & H St in N.E. Washington DC and shortly after relocated to Northern Virginia (Alexandria).. Beverly remembers Jimmy would sit on the curb waiting for her to get home from school most days. One day she came home from school saw Jimmy on the curb with a smile from ear to ear. She could see he was trying to hide something behind his back. As she got closer she could see what looked like a tail wagging behind him. It was a boxer puppy (Skippy?) Papa had got them as a pet. The next move was to Palmer Park near Largo Maryland. One day Jim and Ruth came to the children's school to pick them up early and told them sad news that there had been a fire at their house and it was destroyed. Papa had just finished painting the kitchen, he put the paint brushes in a can of gasoline. The can was next to the hot water heater and it caught fire, spreading very quickly. The family was lucky enough to have lived in a very tight knit community. The neighbors came together and helped the family until they found a new home in Newport News (7 Oaks). Many memories were made in the 7 Oaks neighborhood, including the only surprise party Beverly recalls having, on her 13th birthday. Shortly after that Jim suffered his first heart attack, which would continue to cause health problems for years to come. From 7 Oaks they moved to Marshall Ct. in Newport News. Story (While living there Ruth sent young Jimmy to the store with a note for sanitary napkins, but Jimmy was too big to use a note, so he bought some table napkins and brought them home. John Christopher was born less than a year later and the growing family moved back to a very big house on Webster St. During this time Beverly joined the majorettes and enjoyed traveling with the group. While living on Webster St, at the age of 15, Beverly found herself attending summer school. There was a young man in her class named James "Buddy" Davidson. The two knew each other, but only as acquaintances. Soon thereafter, "Buddy" dropped out and joined the Navy. After serving 4 years in the US Navy, the two reunited and quickly became close. The friendship turned to dating and they got to know each others family well. The couple fell in love and were married Nov 22 1969. Beverly and Jim Bought their first home on Pheasant Run Dr in Laurel Maryland in December, 1969. On May 20th of 1970 Christine Delores was born. The apple of her father's eye, the couple couldn't imagine anything ever be as wonderful. James Jr. was born July 22nd 1974, shortly after the family relocated to Carleton East apartments in Lanham. The family made their way to Boston Mass. when the children were 7 and 3 and lived there for 2 years before returning to Maryland. Around the time the family moved back to Brentwood there began a series of devastating events for them. The first in the series was learning that Jim was terminally ill. While Beverly cared for her husband in the hospital, the children stayed with Jim's mother in Riverdale Maryland. Then on December 4th 1980 Beverly's father suffered a massive heart attack and died. Less than 3 months later, on February 22nd 1981, her husband Jim would also pass away. For the next several years the family would struggle for stability. Christine married and moved to California and Beverly and "Jay" would settle in the Edgewater area. But this calm would soon come to an end. While visiting Christine and her husband in California, Christine's husband, Bill, was killed in a motorcycle accident. Not wanting to leave Christine on her own, and with Christine not wanting to take their children from Bill's family, Beverly and Jay stayed in California. Beverly, Jay, Christine and her 4 children would eventually relocate back to Maryland, where Bev and Chris still live today, Jay relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and lived there today with his wife Becky and three children.

16: James Blair Martin, Jr, was born on October 18, 1951 at Doctors Hospital in Washington, D.C. He is the son of James B. Martin, Sr. and Ruth Annette Watson. | Mary Ann Stanard was born on January 8, 1953 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Dwayne Owen Stanard and Margaret May Clouse.

18: I have many happy memories from my childhood and wish I could get them all into this small space. We lived mainly in Brentwood, but spent some time in Palmer Park and Newport News Virginia. I don’t remember a lot of my early Brentwood years other than refusing to go to school when I started. I was so bad that my Mom dropped me off one day and I actually beat her back home ! While still in the first grade we moved to Palmer Park where our house burned down one day while I was in school. Soon after that we moved to Newport News and I have really found memories from there. I was still in first grade so I’ll guess it was in 1957. Virginia seemed like a fun time to me. We first lived in a place named Seven Oaks. The neighbors there were close knit and I remember everyone meeting in the courtyard in front of our house and playing games. My favorite was a game where one of the men would bury two soup cans about 20 feet apart and we should toss large washers, trying to get them in the can, sort of a poor mans horseshoes I guess. There was a large field behind our house and about once a week all the adults and kids would play softball or toss a football around. We moved from there to “Marshall Avenue”. That place didn’t seem like as much fun and I missed Seven Oaks and our friends there. I met many “new” relatives, and had a favorite uncle, Uncle Earl. He was my favorite because the had a waterfront home and a boat we would go fishing in a lot. My Dad would take me fishing either with Uncle Earl or we would sneak out on the piers in the shipyard and fish from the end of them. I also have most of my memories of my paternal Granddad Luther David Martin. It was in Virginia that Dad had his first heart attack, a problem that he had the rest of his life. His bad heart kept Dad out of work a lot and we fell on pretty hard times. While I always tell of how poor we were, the good old “cereal story” everyone has heard too many times, as a kid it never seemed all that bad. We came back to Brentwood in 1962 I was in sixth grade and we were living back on Webster Street. The next few years seemed to go by without too many big memories, I did play a lot of sports and Dad was very involved too. The biggest thing from the early sixties was the assassination of John Kennedy, it was pretty sad. The later part of the sixties was a very turbulent time, the deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin King and the war in Viet Nam. The music seemed to change a lot with the Beatles and all the other groups doing a new kind of music. In 1968 I met and fell in love with a girl in school, Mary Ann Stanard. I did a lot with her family including going to her church, Metro Baptist in DC. There was a preacher there, Reverend Stuckey that had a good way of preaching that related to the teens, and the crazy going stuff going on then. During one of his sermons I felt I was ready to accept Jesus in my life and was Baptized there. I sort of wandered in and out of Christian life until later in my life when I reconnected.

19: I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and spent the first eight years of my life there in a little house on Sycamore Road. My fondest memories of Reading were the summers there. Every year we would register our bikes and get a new sticker for them. After everyone got their stickers our parents would block off our street and all the kids would ride their bikes as in a parade to show them off. We spent most of the time in summer at the community pool where my brother Dave took swimming lessons and competed at swim meets. Also our last summer in Reading I started going to Green View Bible camp where I continued to go for several years. The camp directors were Betty and Wooley Ulrich and they became both lifelong friends and mentors for me. In 1960 while I was in the third grade we moved to Queenstown, Maryland where I attended Thomas Stone Elementary for a short time before we moved to 5619 29th Avenue in Hyattsville where I attended Ager Road Elementary. Shortly after moving to Maryland we became members of Capital Hill Metro Baptist and we were very active there. While at Capital Hill I began taking piano lessons from Mr. John Kooistra, sang in the Choir and learned to play the hand bells. Music was and still is a big part of my life and I have lots of family memories of having Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Mary’s, who was more like a Grandmother to me than an aunt. All of both my and Aunt Mary’s family sang and played instruments and after dinner we would play and my Mother and Aunt Mary would sing Christmas carols. As a teenager I attended Nicholas Orem Junior High and then Northwestern High School. We stayed active at Capital Hill where I played piano and have fun at many of the activities there. My brother Dave left home and enlisted in the Air Force so I became an “only child” at that point. It was while attending Northwestern that I met Jim and we fell in love.

20: Jim and Mary Ann met at Northwestern High in 1968, fell in love and married on June 13, 1969. We were very young and really didn’t have anything. We were so young we basically grew up together, raising our kids along the way. had no job, we had no place to live, no money, heck I had to borrow the money for the license, we just knew we loved each other wanted to spend our lives together. Married so young and with a baby on the way is not the best way to start however we have endured and now can look back with a sense of pride. We raised our children to become very successful, always worked hard to provide for them and now enjoy the fruits our life’s work. Along the way we have lasted through the highs and lows, pain and sorrow, sickness and health. Amy came along on December 19, 1969 and considering our ages it was pretty scary to think that a couple of kids could care for a newborn but with the help of family we handled to pretty well. We were still living with relatives but soon had a place of our own, a small apartment in Brentwood. Jim was working in a paint company warehouse and Mary Ann stayed home to care for Amy. We lived in three different apartments in the next few years. On November 27, 1971 Shelley was born, so now we were four. In 1973 Jim was appointed to DCFD where he worked until retiring as the Assistant Fire Chief 2005. In 1977 we bought our first house in Edgewater for a whopping $35,000, at that time a price we thought was way over our heads considering Jim was making $10,000 a year. One other consideration we had then was Mary Ann was pregnant with Scott, who was born in December 24, 1977, a fact we had to hide from the bank so they would not reject our loan. Life in Edgewater was a good time, Jan and Bean lived next door and we had lots a good friends in or neighborhood. We along with Jan and Deb, who was right around the corner, and our neighbors had fun in those days. We did lots of things with Jan, Deb our kids and our friends kids there. Funny now that our kids love camping that their first camping experience came on a neighborhood camping trip when we lived on Chesapeake Street. We were still in Edgewater when Amy and Shelley married and our first grandchild Ryan was born. As the years passed we were blessed with six more grandkids, bringing joy to our hearts. Looking back we have the usual couple and parent memories, some things we are proud of and some things not so much so, but in the end we have no regrets. We are proud of all our children, they have accomplished so much. Michelle was the first of the Martin kids to graduate college, followed by Scott, a shining moment for two parents who had just barely managed to graduate high school. We are very proud that our marriage had endured now over 41 years. Considering we were married as teenagers, living through the turbulent sixties, something that normally never lasts, we have survived. Not that it has been easy by any means, we endured lots of ups and downs. However in the end we are still together, still in love, and happy. We believe that our family, our kids and a lot of help from above helped us. The greatest gift we have been given has been our kids, we are still close, and all still love each other, the one thing any parent can want or need.

22: On June 13, 2009 Jim and Mary Ann celebrated their 40th anniversary by reaffirming their vows at Riva Trace Baptist Church.

24: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

25: Debbra Lee Martin was born January 19, 1954 at the Washington Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland. She is the daughter of James Blair Martin and Ruth Annette Martin . Lewis Earlie Franck Jr. was born September 13, 1953 at Prince Georges Hospital in Cheverly Maryland. He is the son of Lewis Earlie Franck Sr. and Mae Anita Franck

26: I was quite a tomboy growing up. One day when we lived in Brentwood, on the corner of 34th and Webster Streets, Jimmy was hitting crab apples with a baseball bat. I was going to sneak up on him and scare him but just as I did he came back with the bat and clocked me right between the eyes. Knocked me out cold and gave one of many of my black eyes. I played softball, basketball, and ran track and I even did a little cheer leading for the HMB boys and girls club. When we moved back to Maryland from Virginia I started the third grade at Thomas Stone Elementary School. One of y greatest memories was being at school when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. All of the teachers were crying and we got to go home early. Louie and I met in high school and we married on February 12, 1971. Our first son Steven was born that year We bought our first home in Edgewater in 1976 and our second son, Kevin was born in 1978. We lived in Edgewater until building our present home in Harwood in 1986.

29: Steven Dwayne Franck was born on march 23, 1971 at the Adventist Hospital in Takoma Park, Maryland He is the son of Debbra L. and Lewis E. Franck Jr Kevin Christopher Franck was born on July 1, 1978 at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C. He is the son of Debbra L and Lewis E. Franck Jr.

30: Mama and her boys | Steve at the age of 4 with the family dog "Sam"

33: Steve married Ana on December 30,2007 at Calvay Community Church in Riva, Maryland. Pastor 'Bill 'Raley performed the ceremony | Sophia Isaella was born on October 22, 2009

35: Robert (Beanie) Bransom & Janice Lynne Martin Married June 30, 1973 at Mayo Methodist Church in Mayo, Maryland

36: I think my fondest memories growing up come from my time in Seaford, Virginia with my Uncle Earl. There was just something about being by the water that was so calming for me. Our home could be very "loud" at times but when I sat on the pier to crab and just enjoy the water I was so relaxed. Every year after we moved we would go back for our family reunion. The kids would sit on the pier and crab and the guys would go fishing for the big fish fry. I remember when we moved from Virginia to the "big city" and I started elementary school at Thomas Stone Elementary in Brentwood, Maryland. My previous elementary school consisted of a couple of classrooms and everyone went home for lunch because there was no cafeteria, so you can only imagine my amazement at this huge brick building with all these kids. The worse was trying to get rid of my accent and try to stop using "yonder" and "hey" instead of Hi. The kids loved to tease me so I practiced in front of the mirror every day. Then came the day of the big fire drill - what the heck?! All the kids ran to line up and leave the school and I froze - never had fire drills in Virginia.

37: Our family never went to Church - except of course on Easter but I always remember Mom making us say our prayers before we went to bed. They never meant much to me then, just words, but it left a mark on my heart. I met my husband, Beanie, in Jr High School and we began "going steady" couldn't call it dating since we were both too young to drive. We married in 1973 and had our son Michael. Life was not easy back then but we struggled and made our marriage work. In 1976 our son Michael was in a terrible accident and we almost lost him. It took several years for him to recover and one day I heard him talking in his room; when I asked him who he was talking to he said "God". All the memories of the promises I had made to God, if he would just spare my son's life, came flooding back. It was evident to me that Michael had a special relationship with God during his hospital stay and I wanted to honor my promises so Mike and I began attending Church. I am happy to say that Beanie, Mike and myself have all given our lives to Christ and are continuing to grow in our faith.



43: Michael & Kellie Bransom married July 11, 2009 in Annapolis, MD

45: Isaiah Robert Bransom born June 17, 2009 to Michael and Kellie Bransom in Annapolis, MD

46: I was born in Newport News Virginia, and we moved to Maryland when I was 1 year old, and settled in a house on Webster Street in Brentwood. I remember the pool table in the garage, and the missing cinder block in the back wall of the garage that served as a walnut throwing target. If you made a clean throw through the wall, it had the potential to cause damage to Mark Rose's Volkswagen parked in the yard directly behind ours. I was told I once pushed myself back in my high chair at the house on Webster Street, taking a direct hit off the heat radiator which took a few stitches to repair. This story was confirmed recently when I decided to shave my balding head, and saw the scar! Somewhere around 1st Grade, we relocated to 4509 34th Street, directly across from Thomas Stone Elementary School. There was not much parking space, so everyone visiting just parked in the school lot and walked across the street. One glance at the school lot, and you knew who was at our duplex. We had a nice backyard (with a peach tree!), for our dog Sam (Sambo to Dad). She had fun when we went across the street to the Thomas Stone playground. Sam might have been the most famous dog in the area with her feat of following me up the steps of the sliding board, sliding down and chasing me after I got a head start, running as fast as I could. She always caught up, and managed to take my feet out from under me, causing a delightful human/K9 wipe out. We used to go back and do it over and over again, until she left so much "slobber" on the slide that you couldn't slide anymore. | John Christopher Martin was born June 7th, 1962 to Jim and Ruth Martin in Newport News Virginia. | Brittany Marie Martin was born September 25, 1993 to John and Ann Martin in Annapolis, MD

47: With all my siblings married and on their own Mom and Dad “downsized” to an apartment on Windom Road in Brentwood. I was only 7 years old when Amy was born. I essentially grew up in the middle, as an only child at that point. I remember Mom and Dad babysitting when everyone went to work, and having fun being the goofball and entertaining my nieces and nephews. I took a liking to hockey when the Capitals first came to town and most people in Maryland didn't know what hockey was. Along the way, I was blessed being a stick boy for the Capitals at Capital Centre. This presented the opportunity to get free tickets, and in 1977, Dad brought Mom to her first hockey game. The Caps stunk back then, but this turned out to be an exciting game, with a lot of goals scored and the Capitals getting a tie. I recall looking into the stands where Mom and Dad were sitting, and seeing them jumping up and cheering and having a blast. When I meet them at the car for the ride home, I said to Mom " You've never watched football or baseball with me and Dad, and everyone says hockey is a harder game to understand, but you loved this". Mom says "They bang into one another. knock each around, the puck goes in the net , the red light comes on and you jump up and cheer"! Mom loved going to hockey games, and one of my most precious memories happened at a Capitals game in 1990. They put us on TV during one of the camera shots into the stands at Capital Centre. Mom looked up at the screen, and gave sweet smile. Afterwards, she says she felt embarrassed, and didn't think she looked good on TV. Well, that changed after the game. I still knew some folks at Capital Centre, who let us walk back stage after the game to get to the elevator, so Mom wouldn't have to climb all the steps. While backstage, WRC Channel 4's George Michael, (host of the George Michael Sports Machine) walked past us. He stops, turns around, and makes his way directly in front of Mom, and stops us. He gets right up next to Mom and says "Mam, that was a GREAT camera shot in the 3rd period!!!" As we walked away, I looked at Mom and said "you know who that was don't you"?, and she says "yes". I said "If anyone knows you looked good on TV, he would". She got a big grin on her face and says "Yea, I guess so"! In late 1980, I got to fly with the Capitals to Toronto for a Saturday night game against the Maple Leafs. It was the first time I ever flew on an airplane. We flew back immediately after the game, and Dad was there at the Cap Centre to pick me up at 3AM in the morning. When I got in the car, Dad told me how he and Mom had seen me on TV (this was big back in 1980 - no Internet and only 3-4 TV channels!) I asked what Mom had said when she saw me on TV, and Dad replies "There's my baby". Ironically, as we drove home, Dad told me "I'm so glad I lived to see one of my Children travel outside the Country". Just five nights later, Dad died on December 4th, 1980. After Dad passed away I had to grow up pretty fast and help take care of Mom. We relocated to the Edgewater area and I am still in Anne Arundel County. In 1983, I started a 16 year career with the Fire Department. In May of 1990 I married Ann Simmons, and we were blessed with Brittany Marie on September 25, 1993. Our marriage ended in divorce in 1998. I’ve worked with Homeland Security since 2002, currently in the Behavior Detection Branch at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport and believe it or not still play hockey. In December of 2010, we won the D.C. Championship, and I was named the MVP of the Playoffs. Not bad for a young 48 year old hockey player! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Family Note: John was named after Dads cousin, John Christopher Owensby and is the only Martin named after a family member. In our research we have not found a Beverly, Debbra or Janice in our ancestors. We know Jim is a Junior but there is also not a James in any Martin ancestors !

48: Daddy's girl all grown up. Brittany's graduation photo | John, Mom and Britt at Disney World

49: John with legendary hockey player Gordy Howe

50: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Myrtle B. Nash | Ruth Annette Martin | Luther D Watson | Sarah Nash | William Watson | Susan Watson | Alexander Watson

51: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | James Blair Martin | Ella Ruth Davis | Luther David Martin | Lillie Pudgett | William Luther Davis | Sally Ann Goers | Fletcher D. Martin | Noah Padgnett | Missouri Padgett | Ann G. Jones | William D. Goers | Benjamin F. Martin | Emmaline Marsh

52: Missouri and Noah Padgett | Sallie Ann (Goers) Martin | Emily Martin Fern, Ella Ruth (Davis) Martin, Ellie Davis and Lille Owensby

53: Clockwise from above, Myrtle (Nash) Watson, Ruthie's Mom, Noah Padgett, Ella Ruth and Ellie Davis, Ella Ruth (Nannie) and Leonard (Poppa) Johnson.

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