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Mel's Book

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Mel's Book - Page Text Content

S: Mel Juett, Her Legacy

BC: With Love,!!!

FC: Mom | "A mother's smile can brighten any moment, and a simple hug can put joy in your day. A mother's love will stay with you forever, and touch your life in every way."

1: Mel Juett, Mother and Friend

2: Mel Juett, Loving Wife!!! | Dear Mel, I want you to know that I love you eternally and am so grateful for the 36 years that we have been married. You remain the highly intelligent, beautiful, compassionate and god-fearing daughter of God that I was seeking 36 years ago. What a wonderful wife and mother you are! What a great posterity you have raised! I know we raised them together, but you were always there for our children, and were truly the heart of the home. You always supported me in my work, my hobbies and my church callings. Thank you so much! It is wonderful to have so many memories with the family - activities, camping, picnics, trips - acknowledging you, of course, as the planner, organizer, and the one doing most of the work. I am grateful for the opportunity to work together with you as primary teachers, and to learn from your teaching example. I now look forward to serving mission (s) side by side with you in our retirement, helping to build Zion and preparing the earth for the second coming of the Savior. I love you, Tim

3: I returned home from my mission the end of August 1974 and began going again to church at the University branch and shortly met the beautiful Mel Noble. She was our sacrament meeting chorister. We were also in the same family home evening group, and I got to know her more in that setting. After a stake young adult fireside at the Portland Stake House, I was walking Mel to her car and was about to ask her out on a date. However, she popped the date request first, stating that she had been given tickets to a Portland Trail Blazer basketball game, and would I be interested in going with her. Of course I was interested - both in seeing a professional basketball game AND in going with a girl I had a crush on. Not long after that, we went to Multnomah Falls with Mel’s roommate, Debbie Larsen and her fiance’, Darwin Rasmussen. As we walked up the trail to the top of the falls, I took Mel’s hand. It was somewhat embarrassing that I had to make stops to rest because of my “heat allergy”. During October 1974, Mel asked me if I wanted to go the World’s Fair in Spokane, and we could stay at her parent’s home in Sandpoint, ID. I was excited about that, and we invited my mother to go along with us. We drove the 10 hour trip to Sandpoint in Mel’s Mustang II. Her parents were gracious and enjoyable to talk with. I loved their little humble home in the country. The next day, Mel, I, my mother and Mel’s parents all drove to Spokane to the World’s Fair. We had a great time and I enjoyed holding Mel’s hand much of the time. Only much later did Mel tell me that her mother had asked her if there was anything Mel wanted to tell her. At that point, we had not discussed marriage. I had gone back to work at the Sylvan Standard station after my mission, but also did a home study course for selling life and health insurance for Reserve Life Insurance Company whose headquarters was in Dallas Texas. I flew to Dallas for a few days of training there. While there I was missing Mel very much. I pondered considerably the type of woman I wanted to marry, and I could see that Mel fit my ideal. The primary qualities I admired and desired for a wife were a high degree of intelligence, compassion for her fellow beings, and a complete dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. She had all of those qualities, and I loved her. Now I just needed to know if it was the Lord’s will that I ask her to marry me. I spent several minutes on my knees asking the Lord to let me know if I should ask Mel to marry me in the temple. I felt I had done my part in determining the type of person that she really was, and if she was the right one for me. After several minutes on my knees, I experienced the “burning in the bosom” that D&C 9 signifies is an affirmative answer from the Lord. I had never experienced that feeling before, but it was so powerful that I knew that I could not have willed it on myself. I then sat down and penned a letter to Mel, letting her know my feelings about her and asking her to also pray to know if marrying me is the right thing for her. I knew she would read the letter by the time I returned to Portland. We spent a couple more weeks praying and being sure that marrying was the Lord’s will. We went together to the Lloyd Center Stephenson’s Jewelers and picked-out a wedding ring for Mel.

7: Jared's Memories I remember as a little kid in Florence mom always being there when we would come in from playing outside. She would have soup and sandwiches ready for us with all of our placemats and spoons and forks set. Even today she always makes sure the table is set perfectly and beautifully. My own children love going to her house to eat because it is “so fancy.” It takes so much time to set a table and have it all ready before everyone sits down, I appreciate it even more today for that reason. Mom made sure we had lots of activities to do, including painting with water colors, puzzles. I am glad mom was a teacher, and although she had to give up her career to take care of me and my siblings, she continued to live as a teacher for us. She taught us so many things that I can hardly find time to teach to my children. It makes sense to me now why mom always had me reading books to her at night. She pretty much taught me how to read by herself. I was pretty clueless as a child to what mom would do for me. I was consumed with playing and creating adventures in the backyard. It is only in later years including now that I look back and see how much involvement she had in my adventures and experiences in Florence in the forest behind our house, the tunnel, the hill, and the big ditch along the side of the road. I was constantly getting hurt somehow, and could always run home to her and she would patch me up and take care of me. I remember feeling great comfort when she would be bandaging me up and taking care of me with food, drinks, and ice packs. One memory is when I was playing in the drainage ditch and stepped on a piece of glass. I didn’t realize it immediately, but I was gushing blood out of the bottom of my foot. I ran home and I am sure it freaked mom out, but she wrapped and bandaged my foot up and I didn’t need to go to the hospital for stitches I remember as a teenager mom telling me I should develop other areas of my personality instead of focusing just on basketball. At that point in my life, all I did other than school was watch basketball, and play basketball and talk basketball. I was as one-dimensional as it gets. and mom could see the ramifications of what that meant for my future. Of course, as the know-it-all teenager that I was, I took incredible offense to mom saying that. I defended myself telling her that girls liked me and thought I was cool how I was. She suggested that I would need more attributes to attract decent girls in the future. I never let on to it, but that dagger to my pride stuck in and I worked on becoming more well rounded. Good thing she saw the flaw in my development and pointed it out because I could have ended up in quite a different place in life. I thought I was going to go on and play basketball in college, but she knew I wasn't even close to that talent level, and therefore should develop other skills too It was hard but mom encouraged me to become involved musically. I considered quitting band on a few occasions, but she would keep me going. I tried piano lessons prior to that, but I didn’t get very far with it. I remember having a hard time being taught by Sister Williams across the street. The neat thing is that I actually learned all my basic notes and scales from those brief piano lessons that lead me to pick up playing the trombone and then later singing in choir in high school. I can remember all the way back as a young primary child singing in sacrament meeting because my parents encouraged me to sing. How many little boys got that kind of cultured encouragement from their parents. It has motivated me to involve my own children in music and the arts, not just with lessons taught by someone else (although that’s part of it) but by showing and demonstrating my own love for music and the joys it can bring. I remember in junior high mom teaching me to write my papers on a typewriter. I am sure I spent hours grumbling and vocally being angry and irritable about having to re-do and re-type those pages over and over until they were spelled correctly. I also remember having a project due in high school or junior high and not having any idea what to do, and being completely stumped. She stayed up really late with me helping to make a decent project. Although it might have appeared enabling, she was actually coaching me along, and taught me how to problem solve the situation, and expressed the importance of not procrastinating. I never procrastinated an assignment after that, and it didn’t require me having to fail at the assignment, as many parents would have allowed to happen. Lessons can be taught not only by tough love, but a combination of that with mercy, compassion, and using teaching moments appropriately. Darrell's Memories You would think this would be simple. But then again this is Darrell a brother to Mel. My memories of Mel, is that if anyone was going to live their life without making a mistake, it would be Mel. Seemed like she took care of me a lot. When I struggled to get through school, she was there to help. She spent many hours preparing me for tests, only to find that I was much like a can, with the bottom of the can cut out. When you picked it up, nothing was in it, and that is the way it was with the test. I would start doing the test, and nothing was there. I had a fifth grade teacher tell me I was stupid, and that is what I felt all the way through school. Mel was what got me as far as I did. When she worked in town, and I worked at Safeway, we would always meet and have lunch togetherat Sand Creek on the dock behind her work place, and have cantaloupe. Fond memories and many discussions. The best times were when she got home late at night, I would hide in the bushes, side of the porch, in the lilac bushes, or corner of the garage, and many other places, even in the house, and reach out and scare or grab her. Very, very funny stuff. We also spent many times down over the hill Swimming, sleigh riding, ice skating or many other things. Yes growing up with Mel was a treat. Even to this day, we still talk on the phone when she calls me. Ha! Do not want to fill your book, so these are the high lights. Love you Mel. Enjoy the love this is written with. Love you!!!!!!!!! Darrell

10: All those hours picking fruit and eating it while the juice poured all over our faces in the sunshine and canning for hours on end even when your feet felt like falling off. All the cakes and cinnamon rolls you made! All the ice cream Sundays in your special blue cups! Sunday dinners at your house, around the table, while you took tiny bites and always helped the kids eat so you never got to your plate until we were almost done. It was fun to play the piano and watch you dance with the kids and eventually watch them dance to your new clock. Sitting on your back porch on the glider swing and looking through the newspaper while talking to you and you pushing the kids on the swings. I remember when you fell while it was just me, you and Rylee at Zion's and I didn't know how to wake you up! Rylee also pooped all the way up her back! I remember all the birthdays you have attended and all the yummy ice cream cakes, the fun birthdays at Riverforks park with the watermelons and that fried chicken! I remember when you just lit up during Christmastime when your family was all together and you just savored all that special time with your kids, and especially with the grandkids, who occupy this amazing place in your heart. You would give anything to help your grandkids. You have always been willing, on a moment's notice, to babysit the kids and help Jared and I get a break. We so appreciate having you close by and having someone we can rely on. I thought it would be hard moving to Roseburg to be away from my family, but it's not near as difficult when we have you nearby. I will always remember all the haircuts you have given our family and how you taught me and gave me the confidence to learn myself. Jared tells me he gets that familiar memory, whenever I'm canning and the lids seal with a pop, of you canning when he was a little child. I remember that you let me talk you into redoing your stone wall and grow your hair out! I love that you listen to me sometimes! I love the memories of when Jared and I would come home from a date and talk with you and Tim for a while in your room while the kids were sleeping (or supposed to be sleeping!). We had some great talks then. I remember when you took our family picture and forgot to turn the camera on! You always have given the most thoughtful gifts and are so generous! Thank you for sharing all the fun occasions with us! Fun conference times! Having you over to watch conference at our house! Oscar Meyer cheese hotdogs on the grill inside Grandma's House! Easy cheese and crackers! Umpqua ice cream! Ice cream cakes! Our trip to Marcia's and our near death experience and the fun we had visiting there together, me and you and the kiddos. You visited me in the hospital after having Jackson and gave me soft fuzzy pink slippers that I still love! They were actually a comfort to me and I was grateful you had thought of me. When I think of Mel, I sometimes think of migraines, ice packs, and soft fluffy pillows. And you are always still so nice and show no sign of weakness when you have a migraine. It's only lately that I can tell the signs and try to help you relax. You always loved to get toys and bikes and stuff that the kids would love to use at your house, to help them have a great time there. You always set up a special corner for them, with the picnic table, and have a special space for them for feel like they belong. It's heartwarming! I'm still trying to get used to you being warm sometimes, but I have so many memories of you being cold! | Amy's Memories -She loves murder mysteries: "Murder She Wrote," "Perry Mason," "Diagnosis Murder," "Matlock" and she loves to make predictions -I remember watching "Regis and Kathy Lee" while helping her fold the laundry -Laying on her bed while she read to me -Helping her in the kitchen -Helping her plant flowers in the spring -Playing games, especially Boggle -Helping her make a special scrapbook for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary -Talking in the car while we drove to Washington or Idaho to visit her family in the summer -Going to BYU Education Week with her, especially meeting up for dinner every night -Going grocery shopping with her -Helping her make her lists ("to do" lists, grocery lists) Mom-isms When there is fighting/arguing, she will try to dispel the contention by singing "Love At Home" or "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words" "Four on the floor" --meaning, keep all four legs of the chair on the floor--stop leaning back in your chair Things you love about mel (in a numbered fashion): -She is probably the most patient person I know -She loves unconditionally, even when she is not treated particularly well -She has great faith and a very strong testimony...one of the most stalwart examples I have -She has always loved having her kids home--when everyone else's parents were thrilled to send their kids back to school after summer vacation, she was really sad -She continues to sacrifice to make sure we (her children) have what we need and so much of what we want -She is always baking something, there are almost always cookies in the cookie jar -She loves holidays and always decorates the house so it's easy to get into the holiday spirit -She has a great way with children--I have never known a child who didn't love her -She is a wonderful teacher -She is very smart and has great intuition -She never yells or loses her temper | Michelle's Memories

15: Jared Eugene Juett | Mom, this is one of those situations in which words truly cannot describe the fondest of heart-felt emotions. Your presence in my life as my mother has been a tremendous blessing. Not only does my patriarchal blessing state that, but it is also something I feel deeply about on a personal level. You have not only had a profound impact on my childhood, teenage years, and into my adulthood, but your influence has stretched on into the lives of my own children. Thus you continue to bless my life by blessing my children. What would have done without you to help potty train our children. There would be many more stains on the carpets of our homes, that is for sure! You have taught them to love books, know their letters and numbers, and love learning. It has been neat to see you in action with them, as you were with me as a child, but this time from an adult perspective. It has helped me appreciate you even more. I am grateful for you taking me to Education Week with you every summer. It was an experience that really helped me to strengthen my own testimony and to develop my own sense of freedom within myself. It helped me to see the spiritual blessings available at BYU and the caliber of people that would be there. I left in me a desire to return someday, which I did. Thank you for always being there for me, and for the countless prayers offered and tears shed in faith for me. I will likely never know in this life the full influence that your faith had on my life. I have often felt that I donÂ’t deserve to have such a blessed life, as I have had to sacrifice very little compared to others. I believe it is at the very least partially due to your faith and pleading to our heavenly father to support me and guide me. I hope my children get many more years out of your life, so they can truly feel and experience the legacy you are leaving them. Love, Jared

17: Jeffrey Byron Juett | Every moment together is so sweet. I can never get enough. I feel like I have so much to say but I never know what. So, I bask and soak up the infatuating moment. Wish the play would never come to an intermission. Good byes are so fast and so hard. But the the memories constantly stream. And I wish we could live them over and over again, from the first day you saw and held me; cuddle, sing and rock me, wrapped in grandma's knittings and quilts; suck my thumb with my blankey while hearing stories, make lunches, play games, can and cook, push on the swing, micro machines on my pillow of a bed well made, be dropped off at school in the morning and picked up in the afternoon, you as my cub scout leader and the troop sitting and working at the kitchen table, staying awake till I silently returned home and slipped in to give you a kiss good night, the delicious scents and colorful visions of every warm and exciting holiday, reading my books and helping me with my reports...how you did it all is phenomenal. One of your days would be enough to overwhelm me before I even get out of bed. Each day you made was a masterpiece. Thank you for this sweet life! Thank you for this family, my dear father, brothers and sister! Thank you for my wonderful childhood, my upbringing, education, values, compassion, empathy, gratitude, patience, peace, strength, companionship, prayers, every meal, a beautiful warm safe fun healthy home! Thank you for giving me everything! Thank you for getting up every morning! You are magnificent! My angel! My mom! I love you! Need you! Forever hold you dear and near! Love Jeff

19: Dear Mom, I have said it before and I will say it again and again: I could not ask for a better mother! I feel so blessed to have been born to such wonderful parents. Every time I look back on my life and consider my many blessings, I am filled with such joy. Almost all of that joy can be traced back to the fact that I am your daughter. You have loved me unconditionally, in spite of my stubborness and ingratitude. You have taught me, by word and by example, how to be a faithful daughter of God, how to be a good wife, how to be a patient and attentive mother, how to be a devoted friend, how to be honest and true. I will be forever grateful for your love and your example. Every year I become more aware and understand a little bit more how much you have sacrificed throughout your life to give; to give me life, to give me love, to feed me (no hamburger in stuff, no vegetables, no seafood!), to clothe me (Nike! Gap! Only name brands!), to put me through gymnastics (I want a new suit! I need grips! I want a T-shirt and nachos from every meet!), to make sure I had school supplies (New! Crayola!), to give me what I wanted for birthdays and Christmas, to take me to Ed Week, to help me get through college...I could go on and on and on. I can never thank you enough for what you have done and continue to do for me. I am often told, "You are going to be such an amazing mom!" or "You are a really good mom, those kids are lucky to have you." While I recognize I could be so much better, I accept their compliments and think to myself, "I learned it from my mom!" It is true. Because of who you are and your wonderful example, my children and stepchildren will be blessed. So much of what I am and what I do was learned from you. Thank you! I love you forever Mom!!! Love, Amy Love, Amy | Amy Jean Juett Muhia | Amy Jeannette Muhia

21: Jonathon Reed Juett | Mom- How dear my emotions and love for, and memories of you, are! When I contemplate the miraculous blessing of having you as my mother, my eyes begin to swell with gratitude. You have largely been the cause of much of who I am; many of the strengths that I possess were ignited by your keen mothering qualities. I do not believe that I would be who I am today had I not had such a unique and wonderful example from a uniquely wonderful and ever faithful mother. When I reflect upon the changes my life has undergone, I cannot over-look the steadying hand of your guidance and influence. Three particular experiences come to mind as critically pivotal moments in my youth: Living as a wayward child in Houston, Texas, the missionaries came knocking at my door and said, “We don'’t know who we are here to see, but there is someone here that we need to speak with.” After several months and much visitation with the missionaries, in particular Elder Preston Beck, I slowly began to be reactivated in the gospel. If it had not been for the missionaries entering my life at this precious moment of vulnerability to the spirit, I would not have engaged upon the path that leads to happiness and peace, the happiness and peace which I now enjoy. Later, I learned that you, my ever faithful mother, had prayed them to me. Still in Houston, my lease was nearing expiration and my roommates were graduating. I now needed to find a new place to live. I had made arrangements to stay with some friends from work until I graduated a couple of months later, which friends were of no positive influence .I would have continued to slip further away from the path of light had I moved in with these friends. Two days before I was to make this move, I got a phone call from my bishop, Bishop Sorensen, whom I had never met before. Bishop Sorensen asked if I needed a place to live. At this time, I had not told anyone I was moving except for my friends that I was moving in with. I told Bishop that I did and he suggested that I come the next day to meet him and his family at their home. Long story short, I moved in with the Sorensen family, which was the most critical point in my life to that time! I felt as if I could reach out and touch the love and spirit in that home, that the Holy Ghost was a tangible thing, which I had not felt for years. I discovered later, that you, my mother, sensitive to the spirit, had prayed me to my bishop’'s home, neither you nor I even knowing who my bishop was. The third critical moment occurred when I was residing in St. George, Utah. I had entangled myself in a questionable, late night situation. I passed through that situation unscathed, however, early the next morning you called and said, “Jon, what’'s going on?” I replied, “Nothing. What do you mean?” Your response was that you knew something was going on because you had awoken in the night and had the incredible urge to pray for me and that your prayers had persisted all through the night. We may never know what would have or could have happened that night, but I know, and am grateful, that nothing did happen, because of your willingness to live your life sensitive to the spirit’'s promptings and practiced ability to act upon those received promptings. Had it not been for your diligence in seeking heavenly assistance and intervention during these three pivotal moments in my life, I would not be where I am or who I am today. Thank you for your example – for your patience, kindness, love, forgiveness, prayers, fasting, late night struggles, persistence, faith, service, and all other things that you do and are. My life has been truly blessed, largely because of you. I don'’t know why Heavenly Father gave you to me, but I am ever grateful for his infinite wisdom and grace.

23: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever."

25: Marcia Naylor | Dear Mel,Michelle asked me to write a letter to you to express how I feel about you and what you have meant to me in my life. I was so excited at first, there are so many things that I can say about the things we have done together and how you have influenced my life. It could be a very long letter, but I will jot a few ideas and see where this takes me. I guess you have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I feel bad about being naughty some times when I was little. I always felt bad when I made you mad. I remember you sticking up for me when the brothers teased me so relentlessly. I don’t remember too much when I was very small, except that you were there to help me. My earliest memory was when you came to wake me up as the paramedics were carrying Grandpa Charrither’s down the stairs to take him to the hospital. You were there to help me not be afraid as he groaned as they were taking him down the stairs. I guess you were there many times to help me not be afraid and to help me know things would be all right. You used to babysit a family at the end of the Mile Road. I don’t even remember their names, but they would leave the dishes from all their meals all weekend long so you would do them on Monday when you came to watch their bratty kids. I was amazed that you would continue to fulfill that job since you had told them you would do it for the summer. But not only did you take care of them, but you would bring me along sometimes to play with the kids and take me with you when you took them to the beach down the Bum road, by the railroad tracks. I bet we couldn’t even get there now, as things have grown up so much in that area. IT was the best beach, so much sand and no other people around. We would make a picnic lunch and eat after swimming. Remember all the bird holes in the side of that steep hill we would watch them come and go as we laid out in the sun. What kind of a big sister would take a little sister, so much younger to add more to the work load? Only you. You taught me how to be diplomatic when speaking to others. One day mom, you and I were standing looking out the front room window. Mom was so worried, as there were men out putting in big poles along the road and one was going to be in our yard. Mom said, she was worried that dad would be upset, if she didn’t go out to talk to them. You and I were brave, we would go tell them not to put it there, for mom. I remember as we were walking out, how brave I felt having you walk with me. I spoke first and said, “What do you think you are doing?” You quickly shushed me and said tactfully, “Are you going to put that pole in that hole?” Now to me I thought, well, DUH, of course that is the plan, but you used such kind words that they just said they would check and found that they were in the wrong place. My approach would probably have made them act like they knew what they were doing and would have gone ahead with the plan, before finding the mistake. So. I tried to be more tactful in my life. (still working on that as well) Remember hoola hooping as we walked around the yard petting the kitty on our shoulder at the same time. Oh my that was fun. I was sad when you went off to college. I was happy to have my own room, of course, but I did miss having you around. I did love when you would come home though. Some of the things I remember are, making chocolate cake and decorating them as mamma and baby Koala bears. I do remember you bringing home friends as well. I nearly died that you would know so many hot looking guys and they were your friends! There were many of those times I was wishing I were just a little older. Hehehe. You graduated and moved to Portland. Yet again, you invited me to come to stay with you in the summer. What fun we had shopping, going on picnics and tanning in the park. One time we were out when it was too warm and we hadn’t had enough water. You got sick in the park and had me run back to the neighbor lady, whose name now escapes at this moment, to get help. As I ran back, I was so worried that you were really sick, but by the time I got to her door, I was nearly as bad as you. I know I knocked on her door and fainted right there from heat exhaustion. But she brought me in, laid me on the couch with some water and headed out to bring you in. Oh what fond memories. Her sons name was Earl. He still lived with her and he must have been 45? I graduated and really didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. There you were again, inviting me to come to live with you and work in Portland. We made the plan when I was starting my senior year. Oh we were going to have fun, but then Tim came along. You ended up getting married the March before I graduated. Oh what would I do now? Still come to live with you, you said, until I could get set. So I did. WE went to garage sales together to help get furniture for my apartment after I found a job and got my own place. You helped me find a place, and helped me get a job. Dave had an opening in his place of work, but you helped me with my math so I could pass the silly test. I became a rate clerk for Standard Insurance Company. You helped me to learn how the bus system worked, how I could get to work and back by myself. Then you listened every day as I would tell the funny things that happened to me on the bus on my way home. My apartment was only a few blocks away from your apartment with Tim, so we still spent many evenings together, while Tim was going to school. We shopped at Fred Meyers and laughed every time we were together. You even helped me picking out Keven to be my husband. You told me we would be happy together, as he liked to laugh with me and I guess you knew he would also take good care of me. Remember our trip to the coast where Haystack is? WE did a double date thing with Keven as my date. We took a picnic lunch there as well. WE did do a lot of picnics. We began to have kids and shared clothes. We wrote letters, since the phone was too expensive to call. We still got together nearly every year to visit and vacation. AS the children grew older and there were more of them, we still got together, either a week at your place or a week at mine. Sometimes both in one year. Our first big trip together, was to Sun River OR, with mom and dad and both our families. IT was great in the house we rented. WE watched a movie, Tim played the harmonica with his nose and we laughed as we talked and just plain enjoyed each other’s company. One year we went camping out of Roseburg, with our families and with Dick’s family. OH we did have fun, but then the rain came one afternoon and we decided to pack it up. We stopped at some restaurant for dinner, who wanted to unpack and cook after that mess. We had several different trips at Christmas up to Sandpoint, but the trips didn’t stop there. We have gone to Sandpoint with just the two of us, to visit mom and dad. What a treat to laugh, talk and play together. We had one of the best Thanksgivings together in Sandpoint in 2010. What a blessing as we were in a snow globe atmosphere with pure love and enjoyment for so many days together. I love the trips every summer when you come to my home, which you named the desert Resort. We would eat on the deck, read books out by the pool and swim till we were all pruney. Of course, we would have to get out in time to fix dinner for Keven when he was home, but when he was gone to accounting classes, it was like being kids again, but better. And we certainly can’t leave out our last adventure vacation Hawaii! We loved the trip to Hana with you, Tim and Jeff. Then what fun to go on the zip lines with you as well. What a hoot, when you were coming across the second line and you thought our guide Carlos wasn’t watching. You yelled at him, Are you paying attention? I am coming , are you paying attention! WE all laughed and Carlos thought it was great, especially when I told him you were a teacher and he best listen! You do make things fun. We got to go in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean, well that spot anyway, 150 feet down. We certainly can’t forget all the swimming time either. So to sum up the things I have learned from you are the things of character more than anything else. How to be a friend, how to be kind, how to be patient, and how to love children. I know some of those feelings come naturally, but you helped me to fine tune them. You are the best sister anyone could ever have. You are so talented at teaching, in school and in the church. You are so blessed with a talent of looking for the good in others, of serving and showing people that you really care for them. I’m sure there will be memories coming back of other things we have done with each other. We did so many things how can one remember it all in one letter, but I hope I have covered enough that you can begin to feel the love and gratitude I have for you. Love,Marcia J

26: "You are never far from thought and always close to heart."

28: Always in my heart

29: Mel! You are a wonderful mother in law. I know I haven’t always made it easy on you, but what a bond we have! I love you! I love your easy smile and how, even when you are in pain, you put on a happy face and smile through it, and grin and bear it. Sometimes that little stubborn side can come out, and make you do all sorts of stuff you shouldn’t but I find even that endearing because it’s what makes you you and that is what I love! I like that you’re short like me and you have the softest hugs. Your hands are the most soft I have ever felt. I love that we have spent so much time, side by side, cooking together and that I have gotten so many rich recipes from you, and rich memories to go with them. You are an amazing cook, and a wonderfully patient person. Oh, your patience could stand until the end of time, without you ever yelling or getting outwardly angry! I know you will always be here for Jared and I, and I thank the Lord for sending us here to Roseburg, to be close to you and get to know you and grow this friendship that I wouldn’t have gotten to experience just by talking to you on the phone. I’ve been through some difficult times and you have been like a rock (albeit a soft and cute rock!) next to me, through my miscarriage and the many moves we have made, and sad times we have had. Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all trial here, there have been so many great memories with you at your house, on Sundays having dinner after long days at church and all these fun years of Christmas we have had with you here with us! All those days picking fruit in the orchards and going shopping with crazy kids. And you still seem to want to hang out with me! It is so fun to be able to go over to your house and feel like it is still home, like we are visiting, but are still so comfortable and familiar and at home because you have made us feel so welcome. I have just been so blessed to know you. Our kids just love you to death, and try to greedily take every minute they can with you because they enjoy it so much, and enjoy your love. You have been a stalwart example in the church, ever faithful. I have enjoyed reading all your special church mystery novels and talking with you about books. It’s fun to text you and get all your funny sleepy texts! I’m just so grateful we live so close and Grandma is around the corner and within walking distance. You make my heart glad and I love you!! Love, Michelle Dear Grandma, yeah I love grandma. I love some stuff about grandma. I better go. I love toys. I better turn the electricity on (this is while it’s out). I got my hammer. I like grandma’s smile because I have to go. Love, Jackson Dear Grandma, I hope you come back from Hawaii for we can have a sleepover soon. I would just say to her what we’re doing. That’s all. I like her to heaven and back. She loves me. She makes me feel happy. She helps me sometimes to bake with her and she lets Rylee do that too. I have to go potty. Love, Madison Dear Grandma, I really miss you a lot. I wish I could see you almost every day. I wish you lived at our house because then you wouldn’t go anywhere without us. I really miss you a lot. I appreciate the things that all the breakfast that you make and all the food. I also appreciate the beds you have because they are so comfy and I really like them. You make me feel really happy and safe. When you do nice things to me, I feel like giving you a hug. When you give me hugs I just wish that you could be with us forever. I think you will be with us forever. I think we will read stories to each other in heaven. I like when you make pancakes for breakfast when we spend the night. And I also like when you brush my hair because it gets really shiny and I also like when you curl it. I like how I see you give my daddy a lot of hugs and kisses. And I also like how grandpa just chats with daddy. You’re lucky to have grandpa. I love you from heaven all the way down to earth. It’s a really long ways. I miss you. See you on Saturday! Love, Rylee | Rylee Juett’s Favorites -I like how grandma makes interesting cakes -I like that trapeze that she has. - I like her go fish game in her special chest. Mad-I like the star game, how you can put all different kinds together. - She lets me write down the lists if she needs to go shopping and she lets us play on her playground, and she got it just for us. - When we went to DQ! -My favorite memory is when we get together to have a fun time and eat ice cream, chocolate brownie thunder. - I like all the potatoes she makes are so good, I especially even like them when they’re good and smooshy at Sunday - I really like Grandma because she is really nice and has fun things to do at her house Jackson Juett’s Favorites -Uhh, things and stuff -Uhh, I don’t remember. She helps me feel better. -I like her toys. -I like her superhero dress-up. | -I like her soft hugs and hammers. -Because I like how she babysits me. Now I have to go. Don’t turn on the lights or I’ll be berry mad. Madison Juett’s Favorites -She says that she likes me a lot. -She says that there’s lots of fun things to do at her house. -My favorite memories are her dress up box. -Grandma’s smile is very cute and everyone says I look like her. They call me “Little Mel.” -Grandma loves me and she helps me with stuff I like. -We went shopping and we got some shoes and some new jammies that were fun. -I like the cheesecake that she makes. -I liked how she maked ice cream and that she can make Dairy Queen ice cream! - I like how she is pretty good at making and finding cinnamon at the store - I like grandma’s swings but I don’t like the spiderwebs that go on her playground and spiders make big spiderwebs. And I love when her slide is slippery. -I like her cookie jar tv

31: "You should be showered with flowers"

32: Dick's Memories Hello Mel, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! This is such a wonderful gift that your daughter-in-law had in mind for your Christmas present. I want to tell you that you are awesome, sister of mine. You have been with me through so much since my missionary experiences. You have been a strength and a strong advocate of support for me. I have love asking for your advice in things that I didn't think I could do without your advice to make a better choice or judgement. Plus, you were there for me when Davina was going through her first tumor surgery. You came up to spend time with me and took care of baby Ricky at Uncle Bud & Aunt Sherry’s home while Davina had her surgery. That was so awesome. That was so much effort on your end to babysit Ricky. It helped me to be with Davina through that miracle surgery. Then you helped with our kids giving advice on how we could raise them with the troubles of teenagers. Your bright cheery disposition was such a delight. Your sense of humor was immensely great in adversity and to keep us up laughing. I enjoyed the many game nights we had. Plus you were with me when Davina was losing her battle with cancer. The time when you & Tim came up to see us when she was going downhill, it was so wonderful and meant so much to me with your support. You helped ease a troubling brother who was dealing with the loss of a dear loved one. You have supported me and Rick through the many Christmas times. I will never forget your generosity and love. Plus I will never forget the time we were down at your house for Thanksgiving with Mom & Dad and Marcia & Keven when I was BBQing all of those steaks and enjoying a wonderful time in your festive home. We had a great time visiting every summer. I love and miss being able to keep that tradition up being in your fair city. I enjoyed that one time you were in charge of the family reunion. I had such a great time going down the Umpqua river with everyone. I enjoy when you took me to get some good Umpqua ice cream cones. My favorite is double fudge thunder. We had some this weekend with Allen & Erin. That brought many memories. You are a wonderful, loving, caring, thoughtful, kind, & generous sister. I'm so grateful that we were able to come down to earth to be in the same family. I remember the things we did when we were kids growing up. The fun with our neighbors. The time with our cousins when they came up to spend summertime with us. I can keep on thinking and remembering those things we did when growing up. You are an awesome sister. I love you with all of my heart. I know that I look up to you. You set a good example for me. I love the time we spent going to the temple together to enjoy the blessings that are there for us to cherish. I hope this will bring you enjoyment at this time of year since we both enjoy the color red. Plus Christmastime is our favorite time of year. I love you Dick Earl and Hazel's Memories I am writing this as one Mel’s daughters-in-law asked some of the family to write a letter in story form telling something about her when growing up. We were so happy and thrilled to have our second child born to us. She was 2 months premature, coming to our house on May 2, 1949. Being premature like this she was so tiny, weighing just 4 pounds and a few ounces. We were going to have to leave her in the hospital for a week or so while I was to go on home. Because I was nursing her this was impossible. The doctor decided they would just let me take her home with me. I remember when her grandfather, my Dad, first saw her he was afraid to even touch her let alone pick her up. He finally did and held her for a few minutes on his way to work and from then on he couldn’t stand to see her cry and not pick her up. She was his pride and glory from then on and they became quite close. She grew up a very happy baby and her older brother adored her. Three more brothers and one sister joined her making our family complete. She was always an outstanding girl in school, making friends with everyone. Anything assigned to her at home or school, she was always willing and happy to do. When she was 8 years old and was baptized a member of the LDS Saint and always did for the leaders what they asked of her. She filled all her requirements and received her achievement. She always upheld the standards of the church. When she got older she babysat for me and for others, a very dependable babysitter. She was a very good student in elementary school, high school, and at BYU. When she graduated from BYU she moved to Portland and got a job teaching school, being a school teacher, and loving it. She finally retired from teaching at the end of the school year of 2010-2011 and plans on being a substitute teacher now. The children, their parents, and all teachers around her loved her. She met Tim Juett while living and teaching in Portland, OR along with several other schools, ending up moving to Roseburg, OR. Together she and Tim rasied 4 wonderful children and 7 grandchildren with another on the way. We truly and really love her and are so proud of everything she has accomplished. Memories of Mel: when she was little: When she was attending school at BYU, she always brought several of her school friends home with her. It was always so fun. One time she went water skiing. I think it must have been over at some friend’s home, maybe Fisher’s home. Anyway, she was told when she was ready to quit skiing they would pull her over towards the dock and she could just sit down on the dock and let go of the ropes she was ahold of. Well she did this but was going a lot faster than they though and she just slid across the dock and in the water on the other side. She looked so surprised and scared too. She worked summers for a business in town called S&T. She did quite well at that job, holding it until she finished school at BYU and left Sandpoint to further her life. When she graduated from high school I bought her a hat for graduation and for the first time for me, I bought I hat too. I think I wore it to the graduation and probably never wore it again. She played the piano a lot and with this she played for her older brother Dave’s graduation. We always raised our own meat and when we butchered she was always a big help when it came time to cut and wrap and freeze the meat. We always enjoyed having lots of meat for the next year. Before she was born and we were living upstairs at my Aunt Ila’s home, I spent a whole month in bed. When I needed anything I had a big pan on the floor at the side of my bed and would lean over and rattle the pan on the floor and Aunt Ila would come upstairs to see what I wanted or needed. When we bought our home her first bed was a dresser drawer. This is where she slept for a month before we finally got her a basket. When my health turned bad on me in my later years she was such a big help, her and her sister Marcia. Marcia and her husband bought a home for us and moved us when our other home started going downhill. Mel was responsible in getting us lined up with Meals on Wheels which we delivered one meal daily plus bring a double meal twice a week for Saturday and Sunday.

37: Always in my heart

38: Amy -She is probably the most patient person I know -She loves unconditionally, even when she is not treated particularly well -She has great faith and a very strong testimony...one of the most stalwart examples I have -She has always loved having her kids home--when everyone else's parents were thrilled to send their kids back to school after summer vacation, she was really sad -She continues to sacrifice to make sure we (her children) have what we need and so much of what we want -She is always baking something, there are almost always cookies in the cookie jar -She loves holidays and always decorates the house so it's easy to get into the holiday spirit -She has a great way with children--I have never known a child who didn't love her -She is a wonderful teacher -She is very smart and has great intuition -She never yells or loses her temper “Mom-isms” by Jon I, too, remember mom singing, at times of contention, “Let us oft speak kind words to each other” or “Love At Home.” Though I did not appreciate it in my youth – actually, I got quite upset, because “the guilty taketh the truth to be hard, for it cutteth them to the very center – how grateful I am now to have been taught kindness and patience from such an inspirational, incredible, and unique mother and daughter of God. -Ever patient and kind heart -Sensitivity to the spirit -Concern for her children -The needs, and often wants, of the family are always the priority -Unconditional love -Eagerness to serve others, especially her family -Love for her grandchildren - When Sariah could not speak or would not speak on the phone to Mom, I was taught a valuable lesson of love, patience, and kindness. Though most people, even I, would get frustrated at speaking to a silent phone, Mom carried on a conversation with Sariah as if it were actually going on and told stories to her because she knew she was still listening. Sariah, though she would not speak when the call was actually made, loved and begged to call “Gomma.” | Michelle -I love that you love to teach me things. Canning and cleaning and how to teach my kids well. -The kids have been able to be so smart because you have helped them to learn, and have been patient with them and kind and you have experience and know what they need to know! -I love how you kept all your kids’ most special toys. They cherish them and I feel like it is so special for my kids to see what their daddy played with as a boy. -I love your love of memorabilia. You have your photos up in your house and just everything that means something to you. -You notice all the great details in the landscape and things I never really paid attention to before. When I first got to know you it was as if a new set of eyes were opened and I learned how to appreciate all those intricate things you appreciated. -I love the hard work you have put into life. The long hours teaching at school, all the hours you spent babysitting other kids while yours were young and all those crafts, projects, and cakes you made with the kids. -Your love of your family is so important to you! I love that! Your family always, always comes first. Whenever Jared has a need, I can literally see the sparkle in your eye when you know there is something you can do to help him. And he appreciates it. -I like what a great example you have been to us with food storage-you really are prepared. Even when you have people visit, you have your house completely ready, the table set so beautifully, and everything is set up. -You are the best hostess. I have never met someone who could do as you with all the table set so nicely and a tablecloth for every occasion and so many different sets of dishware! -I love your love of plants and trees and bushes. You can just spot them a mile away and you appreciate every bloom. -I love the memories of us going to garage sales and you loving finding bargains like me. It has gotten harder with more kids, but I still remember them! -I love how you love all the kids you have ever taught. You would invite us to your school parties and dances and stuff and it was so fun to see you in that environment, just blooming in the sun of helping children learn and feel loved. -You are always supportive of my next project and the next new plan! I love your enthusiasm. -You are a good friend, honest and forgiving, long suffering and kind. You always let me borrow things and have never had a problem sharing your internet or computer if the need arises. Thank you! -I love that my kids just love you, and know that they will always be hugged and loved in Grandma’s arms. It’s a true testament to your genuine love that they never hesitate in saying they love you and wanting to be with you! Many of our kids first words have been Geemah or Gima because they want you and want you to hold them, and feed them yogurt covered raisins or cinnamon toast or cheesy broccoli soup. -I love your million sets of dishes! It’s so fun to come over and see what new dishes and decorations are out! It is especially fun to look through boxes with you and have you show me all the good memories. -I love that you learned to be interested in sports for all her children!!! I couldn’t believe it when I heard you talking about sportsI was sure you didn’t like it, but you had made sure to learn details so you could talk your kids’ lingo!! -I love your long emails that you send! Your ramblings are fun and enlightening to read. -You have amazingly straight teeth and everyone always says you are the one person that looks younger as you age.

42: Always in my heart

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