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Memoirs of a Family

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S: Memoirs of a Family by Mario Bernabe N. Contreras III

BC: I'll be meeting you soon my emo princess^^ -Mario Bernabe N. Contreras III Is that the guardian?

FC: memoirs of a family | Mario Bernabe N. Contreras III Author/Editor

1: Table of contents | p.4-5 p.6-9 p.10-13 p.14-17 p.18-21 p.22-25 p.26-29 p.30-33 p.34-37 p.38-41 p.42-45 p.47 | Introduction I. dad II. mama III. me IV. My brother v. the wedding vi. my mother's sister vii. onyok, a cousin like no other viii. my father's 2nd brother ix. my tito alvin x. tita ethel, pasig XI.opening the door to the future path

2: Acknowledgement I extend my deep appreciation to all my loved ones and peers for giving me assistance for this book and to Mr. Cosico for letting me work on a very wonderful project.

3: Preface Dear Reader, This book reveals stories,experiences, and memories that happened within my family the enhanced the ties that bounds us together. Hope that this will help you live more everyday

4: Introduction | Mario Bernabe R. Contreras Jr My father was born December 3,1963 I learned how to cook thanks to my Dad but I'm not as good as he is, He likes to play games like us he may not look like it but he came through a lot of hardships Alma Luz Contreras My mother was born August 2,1962 Special Skills: Wake you up 2:00 am in the morning Help you very well Most wonderful mom My mother is very studious so i admired her very much...

5: Mario Bernabe N. Contreras III I like to do household chores, play games , I dislike sunlight or anything bright as you can see from the picture, My Family and I live at 11-A Road 9 Project 6 Quezon city, I was born September 11,2009,same as the incident Twin-Towers, AProud member of Deviant-Art and Rappelz Admin. Mario Miguel N. Contreras Born: March 24, 1999 He's the most annoying but lovable brother you'll have though we always fight for the right math calculation process, we'll never stop arguing i guess

7: Story I DAD It all began with my father and mother...with me and my little brother ...a one happy family..But not all times, we have also ups and downs..But most often, there are more happy moments that we shared especially this time in crisis.First, my father is Mario Bernabe Jr. (where I got my name as Mario Bernabe III). He graduated of B.S. Industrial Engineering at the Adamson University. And presently working at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as Management and Audit Analyst III. The difference between us...he's old and not so strict parent. He always guide me and my brother especially in our studies he also play with us Gadgets, Sports and Mind games they used to be fun but we lost to him every time we play. I remember when my father told me when he had to be brought to the hospital due to severe stomachache which happened to be an appendicitis. Fortunately, my mother had saved something to pay but not for such unexpected situation. And thanked God, my father was discharged from the hospital after a week of confinement.

9: All our savings to buy some audio equipments were then went to all the bills for my father's treatment. But at least, he is now alive and kicking. When the doctor had shown his appendix, it was already swollen and inflamed...ready to burst. He has an emergency operation to remove it immediately. Today, the only problem about his health is his blood pressure and he is on medication to maintain it in normal level. I do remember that my grandfather and mother had rushed him to the Heart Center because of his heart's palpitation is abnormal. It was 30 December 2008, a day before New Year's Eve. They had to stay in the emergency room until his heartbeat became normal. I thought I lost him but thanks to God, he is with us.

11: Story 2 Mama She's cool but sometimes, not good at all. Her name is Alma Luz N. Contreras, a Certified Public Accountant and works as a Bureau Accountant in the Forest Management Bureau, a staff bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. And she's my ever dearest mother..in 2005, she undergone two operations. First, an operation of her left breast due to a large lump but it was benign. It was a Thursday afternoon of June, my father accompanied her to the MCU Hospital when my Tita is then a resident doctor, for the surgical excision. She was put to sleep due to her pain tolerance is high. Or else, she will be in hysterics. It was a gruesome two to three hours, checking every

13: every lymphnodes for lumps or cysts. It was only one (1) day and she stayed in the surgical room until she woke up to be brought home for further rest and recovery. Then, September 9 of the same date after the birthday of Mama Mary, my mother was again brought to the National Kidney & Transplant Institute for a major operation on the obstructed ureter through non-invasive procedure called "laparoscopy", only small holes were made so that the instruments as thin as the barbecue stick was inserted. It took the operation for more than 5 to 6 hours. Modern medicine coincide with the modern technology of today. Hope it will be the last operation for her...it was really a torture!!

15: Story 3 ME I was born as Mario Bernabe III on the 11 September 1995 in Manila...remember the 911 accident in New York..and the birthday of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos..I was line-up to that events which mark in history not only in the Philippine but the whole world. i was premature...2 weeks advance but fortunately, my mother and I did not suffer any complications whatsoever..Until I was already a year old, I was in and out of the Philippine Children's Medical Center, Quezon City due to pulmonary disease...then I also got amoebiasis. I pity my parents because they had to stayed in the hospital. Even to the extent that they will be no leave credits...But at long last, my mother is a devoted Marian and she believed in miracles..when I was three to four years old, my journey began. It was Holy Thursday of 2001, I was brought to Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan (my grandfather hailed

17: from Lingayen, Pangasinan). All people from all walks of life went there every Holy Week to pay homage to Her. The image of Our Lady of Manaoag is said to be miraculous and whatever you asked or petition to Her will be granted if you are sincere and deep in your heart ...you have faith!! The moment I touched Her, I felt something which was unexplained. A touch of Her dress...it was really different..what they called "miracle" Up to this day, my mother made it a "panata" if not only Holy Week but at least once a year to visit Her and thanked...because today, I was not the thin boy..but a healthy person inside and outside..And I will really thanked Mama Mary very very much..who healed me..and will always be there. Now I help at our Parish church as the receptionist in the Church Clinic.

18: Three of Us Three Musketeers

19: Story 4 MY BROTHER I was the apple of my parents' eyes until my brother was born on 24 March 1999. He's very very different from me. Sometimes we fight but only petty issues. We always play PSP. The only thing that we have the same interest...Anime!! He was born as Mario Miguel...as in St. Michael the Archangel of God...San Miguel in Spanish. Coincidence that his birthday falls on March 24, the same feast day of another Angel...St. Gabriel, Messenger of God. And also he's guardian angel. In one situation and it was when he was one to two years old, we went to formerly SM Supersale Grocery Mart to buy our weekly basic needs. We're so happy then until that day when he wanted to put inside the pushcart and so my parents did it. As we strolled to the store, my mother forgot my brother who was inside the pushcart and at that instant, he fell from it and to the cemented floor. Blood was on his shirt and short. They did'nt know where such blood came from. They rushed him to the

21: him to the Philippine Children's Medical Center, Quezon City for medical treatment. He undergone some tests include ct-scan on his head. Thank God, no head or body injuries. He only bit his tongue in which it bled. Today, he's so active as I am. And green-minded...so called "Mr. Trivia". I may think he's stronger than Superman but he's just him. Sometimes I thought that due to such event, his head was shaken and placed in order as in a Rubik's cube. But no, it was his guardian angel...St. Gabriel...and of course, St. Michael!

23: Story 5 The Wedding It was January 2000, a wedding took place..a special moment for my Tita Eden. I was so excited because I was one of the secondary sponsors...Groom's men. She was really lovely that day..as if she looked more like "Dina Bonnevie". She was very very happy...as she walked down the aisle ..to the altar. It happened at Paco Church. After the ceremony, all of the guests were included in the picture-taking. The motif were blue and beige. Then, we went to the reception at the formerly Westin Plaza now it has a different name. It was a buffet style ...eat all you can. Then, a dance began with my Tita Eden and

25: her brothers including my father plus my grandfather..the last dance was for her husband..my Tito Emvic. I was only five years old and my brother is ten months old only. It was a festive event. And also, there is a sentimental portion of the reception where members of my Tito and Tita families had to deliver a message. And it was very touching ..the newly wed couple stayed in Westin Philippine Plaza for one night as it was included in the hotel package. We went home time but happy and fulfilling...it was already morning when we arrived in Quezon City. Traffic at wee hours..

27: Story 6 My Mother's Sister if there is happy moments..there is also the sad part. It was only in 2008 and my Tita Marissa was operated due to myoma in the uterus. Before that, she had undergone curretage but unfortunately it was not enough due to the reason that the cysts were already as big as a football. My Tito Alvin was very worried due to the reason that two operations were done to her. She was confined at the MCU Medical Center for almost one week for recuperation. After a week, Tito Alvin brought her to our house in Project 6 until such time that she can move without any pain. It was really difficult on her since all her sons are going schools in Tanay, Rizal. She lived in Greenland Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal. Too far from our place in Quezon City. If there is no traffic, 45 minutes the least travel but it can become worse, more than an hour in going there. Since the place of my grandmother where we also presently living is 3 floors, she stayed on the ground floor due to the wounds in her tummy. She felt uneasy and also, the

29: pain was excruciating. But at least, she is now well...without of course, her uterus and one ovary which was already removed due to the cysts and myomas, After that experience, Tita Marissa who is now an Assistant Principal in one of the public schools, looked healthy and strong but she can not carry heavy loads due to the operation. Her sons are always there to assist her. Thanks anyway, there's Someone who will always be there to guide and protect us...

31: Story 7 Onyok, a cousin like no other It was the Summer of 2006, Onyok and his older brother, Nino went with us in Sariaya, Quezon. It was an experience he would never forget the rest of his life, this is why...When we arrived in the house of my grandparents, Onyok was the most vicious "kulit" and "magulo" cousin also take note he looks like my brother Miguel so we always confuse one with the other. He is always moving, hyper active besides that He's a very normal boy unlike my brother who a little hard to accompany. We went on a one-hour trip from my grandparents house to a beach in Tayabas, Quezon and my cousin was so exited that he gone klutzy, we went there with all my cousins from my father side when we got there found some familiar faces they the relatives of my little cousin Onyok we talked with them for a bit then bayed goodbye. We got ready to swim, I went quickly to the slide beside the pool they went after then i when i was down they(Onyok and Miguel) suddenly went down, I almost hit myself to the pool floor, As we are about to go to the cottage, he sat on a swing but outbalanced himself, bumped his head on the wood of the swing. Ouch! Did that hurt. And he ...


33: never said anything about it. We only knew that when he already went home in Cainta. His father was very very angry and he had examined his head in an hospital there. Good, there's nothing wrong with his head. But Onyok had the grandest time in the beach...sliding to the pool, playing in the beach. All of us got sunburned and it really hurt a lot. Its was worthwhile even though there was such accident happened. But sorry to Onyok, it will be the last trip he will have with us for now. Anyway, its good while it last and we'll wait for another visit from them.

35: Story 8 My Father's 2nd Brother In the family side of my father, he has a brother who is so "kulit" in their younger days. He is called "Tatao". I don't know why but it fits him, until now. He is now happily married with a stable job and lives in Iloilo City. The story began, during the time when they were studying in one of the Catholic School in Sariaya, Quezon. It was recess time and at that time, all students were free to go around the campus. At that time, he saw a bell near the principal office. He thought it will be fund to ring it. But he has second thought of doing it. Back and forth he walked around it. Before the recess time is about to an end, ten minutes..

37: Slowly, he went near the bell and began to pick up it and then...rang it ...again and again..So it was a panic as though its time to go home. Everybody went outside their rooms and saw Joey..Immediately, he was called to the Principal's Office and called his mother (my grandmother) about what happened. My grandmother was so afraid that he might be kicked out of the school. But the principal at that time was kind and considerate, she gave him another opportunity but a warning of never to do it again. Now I know where my brother inherit his "kulit" but he's not so much like our Tito Joey. Miguel, my brother is an angel or a specter(?) to us.

39: Story 9 My Tito Alvin He is the husband of my Tita Marissa, the sister of my mother. It happened unexpectedly. It was Saturday morning, feeling so hot and sick...the only thing he knew that will relieve him is a warm steam. So, he improvised a steamer. He boiled water in a kettle and put it in a large basin used in laundry. Then, he put a stool in the middle of the hot water. He got a blanket to cover his body. When everything is in place, he then sat on the stool which is placed in the middle of the large basin. In a flash of a second, the stool broke and he plunged in the basin with boiled water. He felt the pain that

41: was in the lower part of his body. Again, the skin were blistered and inflamed. He was then rushed to the hospital in Cainta for immediate treatment. He stayed there for almost a week due to the medication given to him. He was unable to sit. He laid flat in bed with bandages on the lower part of his body. Never again in his entire life will he do it and lesson learned, never put a plastic stool in the middle of the large basin with boiled water. Today, Tita Marissa said there is still scars. Thanks to modern medicine. My Tito Alvin is back to normal.

43: Story 10 Tita Ethel, Pasig In September 26, 2009, Typhoon "Ondoy" hit Metro Manila and other places in Luzon, the experience was gruesome for my Tita Ethel who lived in Pasig City. She is the younger sister of my father. She thought that it will not be worse but unexpectedly heavy rains poured and poured..until she noticed that the water is rising from the drainage to the gate of her rented apartment. There was no light and water supply was also difficult. But she managed to stay calm and not panic. My grandmother already called my father and told him to help Tita Ethel if things becomes not good.

45: Unfortunately, she had a new car parked in the garage of her rented apartment. And it was damaged due to the flood. Me and my family went there after the typhoon, we found out what really happened. All the houses were full of mud and all their furnitures are all outside for drying. It was really the worst typhoon of the year. And so did Tita Ethel, her first experience of sort. She was already planning of finding a new place because of such experience and due to the reason that the place is prone to flood. But she has second thought because of its accessibility to her work at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Now, she's okay and her car is already repaired and in good condition.. thanks to my father who helped her.

46: Here are some pictures that i made with my peers they helped me to "Fix" them although we are not with each other anymore we still continue to be the best...

47: Chapter 11 Opening the Door to the future path As of today the stories that we encountered as a family give us lessons that guide us to discover more and more of what awaits us in this world we walked upon and as we grow to its caring surface and as we pass the guardian the seals the door from us... Is that the guardian? Where's the Door?

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