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Memoirs Of A Family

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FC: Memoirs of a Family

1: The Fortu Family

2: Family Picture | photo by Glenn Ferriol

3: My dad Gerardo Fadri Fortu,was born on Arpril 26, 1961 in Banton, Romblon.. He was the 8th in the family . He finished elementary at Banton Central School.and finised highscool at Banton Highschool. He graduated as Bachelor of Science in Architecture of National University. He is the Purchasing Manager of Modair Manila, a construction company.He was awarded Best Employee Of The Year.

4: My mother , Elnora Salome Fonte Fortu was born on November 17, 1960 in Banton, Romblon. She was the 2nd in the family . She finishd elementary in Banton Central School. and finished highschool in Banton Highschool.. She graduated Bachelor in Science in Biology at University of Santo Tomas and Doctor of Medicine in Lyceum Northwestern College of Medicine .

5: She is the consultant in Internal Medicine at Manila East Medical Center , Marikin a Valley Medical Center and Metro Rizal Doctors Hospital. She is also the company Physician of Monde M.Y. San Corporation.

6: My brother , Gerom Peter Fonte Fortu was born on June 30, 1997 at Salve Regina Hospital in Pasig City. He studied nursery and kindergarten at Vista Verde Learning Center. He transferred to Claret School of Quezon City from preparatory. He is a varsity player in Football.

7: I am Gerel John Fonte Fortu. I was born on July 21, 1995 at Salve Regina Hospital in Pasig City.I studied nursery and kindergarten at Vista Verde Learning Center and transferred to CSQC to continue my studies . I am part of Claret School Football Varsity team since when I was in grade 5. I love to draw.

8: Memoirs of a Family | Memories of a family

9: By: Gerel John F. Fortu | Photo by GJ Fortu

10: Table of Contents 1. My Family's Happy Moments 2.Happy Trips with my Family 3.The boat almost capsized! 4. Picture taking with the Igorots 5.Kayak! I'll be back for another ride

11: 6. Canyon Woods Residential Resort, our second home 7.Banton, Romblon, no other place like home 8. Mt. Mayon! My hectic vacation why? 9. White Sand 10. Baby!, Don't come back!

12: Enjoy!

13: My | My Family's Happy Moments We are a family of four. I had a brother in Claret. My dad is an architect and my mom is a doctor. My parents are very happy because both of us have honors and awards, when I was in grade 3 and 5.Both of us are varsity players of Football Varsity team in Claret. My parents

14: were very much honored when I won the silver medal in the On the Spot Contest in Claret when I was in prep and when my brother was selected as player in Pambansang Palaro.My dad received "The Best Employee Award". He is a manager of Modair Philippines. He is very good in art, a very loving father and spend time with

15: our family.He drives us to school in the morning. My mom is a valedictorian in elementary and high school and scholar at University Of Santo Tomas. She is a consultant of Manila East Medical Center, Marikina Valley Medical Center and Metro Rizal Doctors Hospital. She is loving wise and very simple She cares for us and

16: is a vey good teacher doctor just like she is a vey good mom. My brother and I have similarities with my parents. My brother resembles my mom and I resembles my dad.

17: Happy Trips with my Family


19: The Boat Almost Capsized!

20: When I was an infant we traveled to Mindoro to spend Christmas with our grandparents. On our way to Ranzo, we traveled by a motorboat. th waves were big , it caused the motorboat almost to capsized . My parents were thinking of how we could be saved when the boat capsized. Prayers saved our family. We arrived safely

21: and celebrated the Christmas with great joy. This was the story my parents told me.

22: Picture Taking with the Igorots

23: We went to Baguio City when I was six years old. It was a great fun with the Ferrera Clan. We traveled by convoy with our cousins, aunts, uncles. On our way to Baguio City, we stopped over to eat.

24: There was so mush laughters and stories to tell. We rented an apartments. We went to different places like Mines View Park, Camp John Hay, Botanical Garden, Burnham Park, Philippine Military Academy,,

25: Grotto of Lourdes. We enjoyed the cool climate and of course the Igorots where we had picture taking. We ate a lot with my relatives during our vacation, there are some ghost stories when we are in the apartment!

26: Canyon Woods Residential Resort, our second home

27: Of course Tagaytay was the favorite place of our family. We come here during weekends, holidays and we treat our relatives and friends here. The climate was cool. We attended the solemn Sunday mass at Pink Sisters.

28: We had breakfast at McDonald's and go straight to Canyon Woods Residential Resort. We played billiards and strolled at the clubhouse which is like a hotel. We went to the gym, basketball court, lagoons and a tour at

29: the Canyon Woods. This is a very nice and a relaxing place for my brother and myself. The terrain was very beautiful and the landscaping was very good. After the fun, we have to eat our lunch at our favorite restaurant.

30: overlooking Taal Volcano. After taking our lunch, we 're going back home and rest. | overlooking Taal Volcano. After taking our lunch, we 're

31: Kayak! I'll be back for another ride

32: Subic Bay was a very relaxing place with very good and inviting beaches. We rode in a kayak, my brother and I were thrilled and excited, My other relatives rode on a banana boat pulled by a jet ski. There were plenty

33: supply of food and drinks. We ate in the restaurant and we strolled at Subic. We spent overnight. We enjoyed in the hotel because we swam in the swimming pool. There was too much bonding because we played games

34: together with our cousins, aunts and uncles. We had so many stories told and jokes shared together. The weather was so fine, the sea was smooth and everyone was fit. These made our stay in Subic a perfect togetherness.

35: Banton, Romblon No other place like home

36: Banton, Romblon is the hometown of our parents. Our life would not be complete without visiting this island. This is a home away from the busy life and busy streets of Manila. Banton is a quiet place to live and there was no criminal

37: reports for several years. There was no buses and jeepneys. What they have is motorcycle and motorboats. The people are friendly and loving. The beaches are very unigue and beautiful.The white, fine sands are

38: inviting.When we went to Romblon we rode at ro-ro going to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro. We rode a motorboat to Banton. In Banton, I saw the old house of my father and mother, the old church and most of all the culture of the

39: people. We paid a visit to our uncles. On our way home to Manila we left Banton at around 4.00am. Thw captain of the boat had a zero visibility on the route that we are taking. The sea was rough and the weather was so called and the sea was dark.

40: Our life was in danger. As if anytime the boat will capsize. Everybody was quiet and nervous. Everyone is praying for everybody's safety. What if the boat capsized. Where could we be? Could we survive the cold

41: water or will the we be a heavy meal for the shark. Thanks God we boarded safely.

42: Traveled to Region V,My hectic Vacation. Why?

43: We traveled to Bicol and my dad was the only driver. We enjoyed the fun and we ate whenever we spotted a restaurant. We passed by Guimaras where there where the other side was sea and at right side was a very green land. Maharlika highway was a long road to travel. There were vendors selling fruits and we bought them so they can go home early. We booked to a hotel and stayed overnight at Naga City. The city was small but the food were delicious.

44: On the following morning all of us felt tired and the thought of the long journey back home made us more tired. We ate a heavy lunch and hurried back to the hotel because we are afraid of crossing Atimonan in the dark. At 6.00am we are afraid that NPA or snakes might cross our path. Everyone is moody because we are clothe with fear and hunger. Everyone's eyes grew big when we saw Chowking. At last we had great meal. Hunger and

45: fear were turned into joy. But all of us had another problem the following day is monday and busy day for all of us. Our schedule is very hectic! As if we are running out of time. We arrived home at 12.00am =, packed our thing and wished that the following day was still a holiday. Of all our tours, this was the most exciting and hectic! We spent 18 hours! in traveling to Bicol. We didn't saw the beauty of Mt. Mayon because we don't have enough time.

46: White sand

47: In December 2008 we went to Puerto Galera. The island as well as the beaches were beautifully created be God. On our way to Batangas we enjoyed the ride. We waited for 30 minutes in Batangas Pier before we boarded the motorboat to Puerto Galera. Everyone was excited. Why is Puerto Galera a favorite place of the foreigners? Is this a tourist spot? On our way to Puerto Galera, the sea was rough and

48: the waves almost hit us, Korean passengers were very much amazed while the big waves stroke the motorboat. We booked to a hotel near the beach quickly after arriving . We rested for a while but we cannot resist the beautiful beach and fair weather. We enjoyed the beautiful sea. Of course after we got tired of swimming, we have to eat delicious food. Lifestyle at Puerto Galera is expensive.

49: We had a short story stay , so the following day, we had to go home. The trip was good and the weather is was fair. We had to relax along the restaurant at south expressway as my dad needed to energize because he is the only driver. Along our way home, stories and memories of the good place were told. We have to go back to Puerto Galera. This gave us a very relaxing mood. This is far

52: from city life as there were no busy streets, noisy vehicles. I want to see again the beach of Puerto Galera and it's crystal white sand! and the restaurants who serves fresh,delicious food and relaxing refreshments.

53: Baby, Don't Come Back!

54: Life is not at all a bed of roses. My brother got sick when he was in grade 2. My mother suffered the trauma because she knew the complications of dengue fever. Thanks God he was discharged improved. We were victims of thieves . My mom was is her second year of Residency Training in Internal Medicine. In June 1994, while my mom was home, she saw all the things

55: scattered at our living room and bedrooms. The thieves entered the door of the kitchen. Valuable things that can be hand-carried were stolen. Even the old shoes of my dad was stolen. What we were thankful because nobody was hurt. Material things can be recovered. We had lessons to learn to be more careful and more prayerful that God watches over us. It was two

56: weeks that my mom could not go home alone. She has to wait for my dad somewhere before she went home. She put three locks at the door of the kitchen so thieves would have a hard time destroying it. What a safe door! In November 21,2008 we were victims of "dugo-dugo" gang. An evil guy called home that mommy met an accident. Our maid was told to bring all the money as my mommy

57: needed it, she told the evil guy that there no money and he told our maid to destroy the cabinet and bring all the contents of it.. They met at Starbucks at Sta. Lucia and our maid was looking for my mom. The evil guy told our maid to wait for my mom. It was already evening and soshe went home. Everyone was upset. My parents came home. There were security guards our yard and our neighbors were tensed as they looked at our

58: house. Everyone knew that thieves were inside the house and they held our maid and the two of us( my parents) captives.The two of us had training so we went home late and our maid was in Sta. Lucia because she brought all our documents including title, car registration and all the keys of our home. When my parents saw us, my mom kept us in a safe place so that we will be a little bit free from trauma. There was a great relief for us when all of us were safe.

59: Thank God, our documents were recovered. Our land titles were released just recently after hearings from Regional Trial Court of Dasmarinas, Cavite. The evil guy tried to withdraw from ATM but is was captured. All our bank books , check books and even checks were given to the evil guy. There easy money easy goes. My parents suffered a lot from the trauma. my mom had many sleepless nights and fear that the evil guy can identify her and corner her in

60: one place and let her sign the check book. But God was so protective, this did not happen. Ondoy made history for us. my mom was trap at Ortigas extension. She stayed overnight at G-liner bus line. She has to make rounds at Manila East Medical Center. Rough to the hospital and back to the home was flash flooded. There was nothing at the road: no food, no water , no communication. My dad and the two of us and our maid was at home.

61: We can see the flash flood. We thought the flood will not reach our home until, the time we saw our cars at the garage were flooded. We started carrying furnitures at the second floor as well as other appliances. Water at our house was at knee level. We were worried about my mom . She left he place at 4.00 am the following day together with the other stranded passengers. The crossed Imelda Avenue while the flood waters was at the shoulders of my mom. The height of my mom is 5'3".

62: They went through the floods , worst! it was against the current! There was no choice again was to wall the through the flood from the gate of Village East ( our village ) until the Clubhouse . We were tested with time to be more patient and to have more strength. The after effect of the flood was more worst. Many properties were destroyed. But one thing I noticed our neighborhood became close maybe because we shared the same sentiments.

63: The END Date Finished 13 december 2009

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