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Memoirs of a Family

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S: Memoirs of a Family

BC: Memoirs of a Family

FC: Memoirs of a Family

1: Table of Contents | Chapter 1- All about my father Chapter 2- All about my mother Chapter 3- My parents' relationships Chapter 4- Birth of my brother Chapter 5- Knowing his achievements Chapter 6- My birth Chapter 7- Knowing my achievements Chapter 8- About me and my brother Chapter 9- All about our family Chapter 10- Ups of the family Chapter 11- Downs of the family

2: Introduction | This is the story on how our family started until now. There are many awesome and exciting things you can discover about our family. I will narrate here the informations, happenings and past experiences or achievements in each of the members of our family. I will also tell about the ups and downs of our family. You will learn many lessons and values by just reading this. So keep reading.

3: My Father | My Mother | My Brother | Me

4: The name of my father is Dante A. Mangaliag. He was born on October 4, 1958. His hobby when he's studying is helping his father in selling some goods. And with this, he was always honored by his father. Even though he worked hard, he still strive much in his studies. With the hard works he did, he met his dream of becoming a seaman. And by becoming seaman he learned that by just doing good works he can achieve his dreams in life. For now, he is still working for us in order to finish our studies and for us to find a good job in future. | Chapter 1

6: Chapter 2 | The name of my mother is Menacita P. Manlusoc. She was born on February 26, 1957. She was the second to the youngest in the nine children of her family. When she was young, she always go to her sisters' house and do some household choirs. Because of the poor family, my mother always work hard only to study in school. There's a time before when she stopped studying because of lack of money. But she still worked very hard in order to finish her studies and later on she was able to finish her studies and with her determination she was able to get a job. Her job was printing newspapers in Philippine Star and it makes her life much easier.

8: Chapter 3 | When my father and my mother saw each other, they became in love with each other and they had their relationships. Because of the good things they do, their relationships become stronger.They are always with each other and my father always give her gifts during her birthday. Then later, they already planned to have their marriage and it happened on June 2. 1985. Their marriage became the symbol of their never ending love. As a couple they assure that they can solve or overcome the challenges and problems that they will meet.

10: After 6 year from marriage, my father and mother had the first son. His name is Kevin M. Mangaliag. He was born on October 4, 1991. He is my older brother and he is very playful and cheerful. He was also very naughty when he was very young. Sometimes before, he fought one of his classmates then our parents was called by the principal. Our parents had many problems with him before because of his attitudes. But they tried to disciplined and teach him good things. Then as he grow up they saw that he improves his behavior so our parents still continue in guiding him and they hope he will become a very good boy. | Chapter 4

12: As my brother grew up he had already many achievements. One of those is winning as a 1st place in the singing contest during the birthday of my cousin. This achievement makes him more confident to himself. So as he grew up he was happy enough in his talents. In school, he had many achievements and rewards. Because of his smartness, he got medals when he was in grade 2, grade 5 and grade 6 as a honor in their class. With his achievements, his naughty attitudes before was changed into good attitudes like a gentlemen. And now he is studying in PMI. Like our father, he also wants to become a seaman too in the future. | Chapter 5

14: In August 7, 1995, my parents had another son again. My name is Juan Carlo M. Mangaliag, I am the youngest son in our family. When I was young I was the opposite of my brother and I am always quiet and behave. My parents had no problems with me before and they are very proud to me. I became happy when I started studying and I always had fun playing with my classmates and friends. My hobbies are using the computer, playing and talking with my friends and searching the Internet. | Chapter 6

16: When I started studying in school I already received many achievements. With my determination in getting rewards, I got medals from Prep to Grade 6 as a honor in our class and I also got certificates as a best in particular subjects. When I was Grade 4, I tried to join the Boyscout. Then our patrol or group ranked fourth place as a best in all of the patrols and me as a leader. I am always happy every time I achieve those rewards and my parents become more proud to me. My key in getting those is my determination and perseverance. | Chapter 7

18: As brothers, we're always together when we're young until now. We always play with each other anywhere. We're also the one who makes our parents and whole family very happy. We help each other if we needed, like every morning I'll prepare his breakfast then later he will help me in my assignments. But sometimes one of us commit mistakes that's why our argument starts. This is the problem of us and our parents always try to discipline us so we cannot commit mistakes. As our relationship grows, we learn more and more lessons in life that helps us to become better individually. | Chapter 8

20: Chapter 9 | Our family which is composed of 4 members is living together as a whole family these days. Each of us is happy enough to live our roles in family. My father is the one who is in the highest is the protector of our family and works for us to have money. My mother is the one who do most number of tasks in our family and she is also the one who provides our budgets and cares for us. My brother is the one who helps my father in fixing things. And I'm the one who sometimes do little tasks in our home like cleaning and sweeping if our home is dirty or dusty.

22: Chapter 10 | UPS OF THE FAMILY (I will only tell here the good happenings and good experiences about our family.)

23: When my brother had a field trip when he was grade school our whole family was invited and it was in Enchanted Kingdom. I'm so happy on it because we enjoyed the different rides there and our neighbors was also there because some of them are studying in that school also. We also had picnic there, picture takings with neighbors and rode many rides until night. This is my happiest trip before and our family doesn't know how will this be enjoyable but at last we are all very satisfied in this one. After the field trip we all rested in our home.

25: When my father went back in our country before the New Year 2010 we were so happy because we didn't see him for one year before. Then we celebrated this New Year very joyfully with complete family members again. This was a very memorable experience again because we fired many fireworks, we ate very delicious foods and we watched movies in this celebration. This experience made our family very united again. And I wish that these experiences would happen again next time. Our family still have more ups but I only tell 2 because others are very similar here.

26: DOWNS OF THE FAMILY (I will only tell here the sad happenings and sad experiences about our family.) | Chapter 11

27: When we heard the news that my grandfather died, we all shocked and we felt very sad because when he's still with us, he is very happy and strong enough. He is very close to us before when he is alive and we always had bonding on him. My father who is the son of my grandfather felt depressed about this happenings. Then our family went in the funeral and we saw him in casket. We stayed there for more than one week. Before my grandfather was to bury, my parents, and my grandfather's other relatives cried and put many flowers in casket for he is very kind to everyone when he was alive. This happenings made our family very sad.

29: When I woke up in morning before with a very strong typhoon Ondoy I became happy because the classes were suspended. But later on I was shocked that there's already flood and it was reaching our house. Then later on again the flood already reached our house. We felt very scared of that because we might all die with this and luckily the flood didn't reach our 2nd floor. But after the rain and flood, we are very sad because almost all of our properties was destroyed and our house is filled with mud. We don't know what will we clean first because its very hard to clean the muds. This experience makes us lonely. But this teaches us to care for our natural resources. Our family still have more downs but I only tell 2 because like the ups, the other downs of our family is also similar to this.

30: Pictures that was used in this book

33: The End | Thanks for Reading... Please write comments on my book. | Our family who overcame the challenges and obstacles in life had knew everything that would help each and everyone and will now face the experiences for future.

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