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Memoirs of my Family

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S: Memoirs of MY Family

FC: MEMOIRS OF MY FAMILY | FLORES-SOLIS | Marco Lorenzo E. Solis Author/Editor

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS | I. Part I - Journey a. Juanito "Bong" Flores 5 b. Christabel Felicia "Bingbong" Flores 6 c. Federico Carlo "Ikoy" Flores 7 d. Paolo Flores 8 e. Mark Kevin "Marvin" Flores 9 II. Part 2 - New Beginning a. Introduction 12 b. Barbara Criselda "Bamba" Solis 13 c. Marco Lorenzo "Anco" Solis 14 d. Maria Angelica "Angge" Solis 15 III. Part 3 - Never-ending Path a. The Flores Four 19 b. Randomize pictures 20 c. "Spencer" the dog 27

2: DEDICATION PAGE | I dedicate this book to families whose relationship is very strong, even if there are arguments. I also dedicate this book to families whose relationship may not be strong but lives happily in their lives. Lastly, I dedicate this book to my family especially to my siblings currently living in America right now.

3: PREFACE | To the reader, You are to be amazed to see how a family gets together and learn the true value of a happy family. This book does not only focus on values, attitudes, but also focus on events and incidents that show lessons in life. I hope that you will look closely on how a family is important in our life. To this, I say God Bless! Marco Lorenzo E. Solis Author


5: One day, there was a man named Juanito Flores, also known as "Bong." A native from Pampanga, he was a simple and hardworking man. At his young age, he was set to travel to a place called, "Manila." During his journey, he experienced hardships, struggles and victories. Then, when he was in Manila, he met someone named Lea Roa. They became close friends and then, when they finally knew they were meant for each other, they got married and started to have their own family. Lea was only at her young age when she got married. After many years, during the year 1981, they bore their first daughter, Christabel.

6: Christabel Felicia Flores, also known as "Bingbong" was born on the 3rd of January year 1981. During her childhood days, she was like an angel to her family. She had high grades, received medals from different aspects. But, when she was reaching the level of maturity, her parents noticed something. | She always had gimmicks with her "barkada", instead of studying, she talks to the phone with someone and her girlish attitude was changed and it became boyish. | Because of this, instead of meeting and dating with boys, she became interested with girls. Her "kada", was almost like her. But this situation did not disappoint her parents and they respected whatever their daughter will turn out to be. Two years after she was born, another member of the family came but this time it's a boy named, Carlo.

7: Federico Carlo Flores, also known as "Ikoy" or simply Carlo. Born on the 2nd of February year 1983, he is an athletic and hardworking person. What her parents like about him is that he always follow their advices and doesn't have tantrums. But, like her sister, as he grew older, he changed a lot. | He always had gimmicks with his "barkada", played basketball a lot instead of studying and doing homeworks. His lovelife became his first priority instead of his studies. | Years had past and he learned his lessons in life. He focused on his studies and set aside all the things that may interfere in his studies. Aside from having good grades, he was chosen to be one of the varsity player in basketball at Lourdes School. Several years after, another son was born and was named Paolo.

8: Paolo Flores, or simply known as Paolo was born on the 29th of June year 1987. Smart and cheerful are just two of the words that best describe him. From Nursery, Preparatory, up to Grade School, he was an excellent student. But when he entered High School, his attitude towards studies changed. | Yes, high school was a tough one for him. And this led to a change in his lifestyle. Like his sister and brother, he went to gimmicks with his friends and many times, he was grounded by his parents. Then, one situation happened in his life. A situation that will never be detached in his life experiences. He had his gall bladder removed through operation because he had gallstones. For a month, he made the hospital as his home and his family sacrificed their time to visit and stay with him. After this experience, his life changed for the better. The old Paolo came back. Two years after he was born, his parents gave birth to another son named, Marvin.

9: Mark Kevin Flores, or also known as "Marvin" or "MK" was born on the 9th of October year 1989. During his childhood, hardships and problems came. He had a surgery on one of his eyes that led him to see things using one eye. He had to wear glasses when he was young. But, there is also one thing that seemed to be not normal in him. | At an early age, he was fond of playing and wearing girl stuffs instead of the usual toys for boys. His family noticed that his actions was becoming more of a girl. Gay. A three-letter word which anyone knows the definition. For him, being gay is not a choice but it made him be like one because he enjoyed it and he is happy being like one. Well, his parents respected him for what he is. Even then, they supported his girlie acts. His funny personality and good qualities made people like him more than his being gay.

10: Yes the Flores family had many enchanting events and problems, and they continued to live the real value of a happy family. Their journey towards their paths of their lives will be a memorable experience to them. Those experiences will never be erased to them. But, as they continue their journey, many struggles will be tested and big changes will come. But, what are those changes? Is it a change in their place? Their appearances? Or their closeness? Still, the journey is not yet over. Their happy ending is still a long way to come. Witness as they will experience a different kind of atmosphere as their journey continues..


12: Many years had passed by. But, one day, an incident happened that affected the whole family. Bong and Lea fought at each other like cat and dog. It was an incident that led the two to separate. Then, Lea filed for an annulment to make their separation legal and finally end their marriage. Sadly, the four siblings did not expect the event which had happened. This led the four to stay with their father while their mother stayed and temporarily in Indonesia. Then, after all of them had moved-on, another beginning was set to happen. One day, when Bong was in a place, she met a woman named Bamba. A pure "Manilenyo", they started to be close to each other and then eventually lived together as partners.

13: Margaret Barbara Criselda Solis, or simply known as "Bamba" is the second wife of Bong. Born on the 19th of January year 1964, it's a surprise that her age gap with Bong is 12 years. But it's not a problem anyway. She and Bong are currently living together in West Triangle, Quezon City with their children. Like the relationship of Bong and Lea, they, too, had problems between themselves. Still, their love for each other is strong. They work in the family construction company owned by Bong's father. Both finished the same course in college, which is BS Civil Engineering. Surely both of them will live together for years and as the saying goes, "till death do us part." During the year 1995, she and Bong had their first child, Marco.

14: Yes, it's me, the author. Marco Lorenzo E. Solis, also known as "Anco", "Marcky" or simply Marco. Born on the 28th of September year 1995. I, at first, thought that I will be the youngest in the family for many reasons. During my childhood, my imagination was strong that everyday I think everything is created by magic. I, too, had many problems especially with my older half-brother, Marvin but those were just sibling clashes. | During the past years, I was compared to my other older half-brother, Carlo. One, we look alike; two, we have the same style of fashion; three, we're both skinny and lastly, we always have the same things. But, past is past and we consider ourselves as one. | Then, three after, my mother bore a baby sister, Angge.

15: Maria Angelica Solis or known as "Angge" is the youngest of the six. Born on the 28th of January year 1999, this fella is the cutest in the family. She is the mini-me look-alike of Bamba. Creative, smart, that is Angelica. It's like her life is almost perfect because her family always supports her in her accomplishments. She is currently part of the SHS Junior Pep Squad and I can tell you this girl will have a bright future.


17: Now, their paths toward their journey will still continue. A family of eight, a children of 6, 4 sons and 2 daughters. They may be many but the important thing is the bond, unity and love they have for each other. The problems and arguments they had are just lessons for them. Their strengths are their weaknesses. The lessons they learned are everyday life experiences. Now as they continue their journey, every person in their lives will be a part of them. The God-given talents they had will be a guide, a shield and a weapon. Call them anything you want. Lame, poor, rich, noisy, evil, lousy, b*st*rds, we all know that they are an example of a family, who undergo struggles and accomplish victories. The paths to their journey, is NEVER-ENDING. Only God knows if and when will their paths end. Because God, holds the key to their success in life.

18: Photos are expressions and representations of delight, joy, happiness, suffering, sadness and pain. For my family, it represents the bond we have for each other and it shows what and who we really are inside. For others, it showcase fashion, fame and self-dignity. So, the other remaining pages will be an album of remembrance of my family.



27: Even our pet dog is part of our family!

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