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Memoirs of my family

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Memoirs of my family - Page Text Content

S: memoirs of the family

FC: Memoirs of the Family by Gerard Angelo A. Rivera

1: Table of Contents | Chapter 1: Zamboanga Experience................pp. 7-25 Chapter 11: Subic Mode...................pp.26-29 Chapter 111: Canada Experience...........pp. 30-37 Chapter IV:Puerto Galera(white beach)...................pp. 38-44 Chapter V: GRADUATION.............pp. 45-48 Chapter VI: Pictures...................pp.49- 55

2: Philippine Copyright 2009 SDS Publishing Inc. X-304, 3rd Floor Memoirs of my Family by Gerard Angelo A. Rivera "No portion of this book may be copied or reproduced in books, pamphlets, outlines, or notes, whether printed, mimeographed, typewritten, photocopied, or in any other form, for distribution or sale, without the permission of the author and the evaluator. The infringer shall be prosecuted in compliance with copyright, trademark, patent, and other pertinent laws"

3: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS | First of all, i would like to thank the following: 1)To some of my classmates for giving me some little ideas 2) To my parents for allowing me to do this on weekdays 3) To Mr. Rox Cosico for assigning us to work on this wonderful project 4) To Myself for alloting time to do this project despite of being busy nowadays 5) To GOD for guiding me and enlightening me in doing this project


5: Preface | Hey Reader, Thanks for reading this book. I spent my time to worked on it. I really work hard on it. This book contains the most unforgettable experiences in life. Hope you'll find learn many lessons in life and ENJOY READING IT. At the end of this book, you'll see our pictures -Gerard Angelo A. Rivera


8: "Zamboanga, I never heard that before!" That my reaction when my grandmother(sister of my grandmother) told us that we were going to the place. That time, I was just a little kid. Also, she said that Zamboanga is their former hometown. This is the place where they live and grew up until they separate and find the continuations of their lives. My grandma became nurse and worked in a hospital in Manila. There, she married my grandpa who became a doctor there. My grandma's sister went to CANADA and

9: started a new life there. Back to the story, there is another good news, we will ride the airplane. "Yehey!!"I jumped into happiness. The day when we went to Zamboanga, I felt nervous and excitement. When I first stepped at the airplane, I was amazed. It's big and beautiful. It is my first time to rode airplane. Also, I ate the foods that are being serve there. After 45 minutes, we arrived now at the Zamboanga Airport. This airport is not too big not like the NAIA terminals. So, when we got our bags, a person whom I don't know showed to us. Later, I realized that that

10: person is the twin brother of my seaman uncle. I know my seaman uncle. When their boats landed here, he always go at our house here. When I saw him, I thought it was my seaman uncle because they really look alike in each other. So, we went to the Fort Pilar. It is a religious place. It has an altar and a beautiful image of our Mother Mary. There, we prayed for thanksgiving. After that, we went to their house. There house was small and you need to climb a wooden stairs in order to enter the house. There, I met my other uncles and aunts and my cousins to. They're older than me.

11: I have a nice stay at there house. My cousins play with me. The food, which is fish, is so delicious. In the other days, we went in a certain beach their. So, we had swimming there. I place myself on a shallow part of the beach because I'm afraid to go at the deep side because of SHARKS. Also, that part have many rocks! Later on, my dad ask me to come to him and go to the deep part. I became scared but he said that he will hold me. So I accepted it. When we went to the deep part,

12: it's floor is full of sand. So I have my relief. After that, we ate lunch. On the next few days, It's our time to depart Zamboanga. I said goodbyes to my cousins and relatives. We said that we will come back soon. At that point, I said to myself that Zamboanga was, indeed, beautiful. AND OUR PROMISE BECAME TRUE!!


14: Last February 2009, we returned. My grandmother, again, went here to celebrate her birthday at Zamboanga. She said that she paid already our trip. SO I decide to not got to the school on the said date that we will go there and go back here. 7 years ago, It's my first time to rode an airplane. Now, 3rd time already! So the day when we will go there, I felt excited. I wonder how my cousins look like after 7 years. So we rode PAL. After 45 minutes, we landed now at Zamboanga. I saw again their airport. After we got our bags, I saw my grandmother and my uncle there

15: He said that he didn't recognize me because I grew taller and become mature. He remembered our first visit there when I was still a kid. After a little talking, we loaded our bags in the van and went to Fort Pilar. We prayed for our thanksgiving and safety here. After that, we went to their house. My seaman uncle sent us pictures of his new and BIG house. That place is where that old house stands when we went there for the first time. So, I expected about on this house. When I saw it, I became amazed. The former house that is made of woods became a house made of

16: cements. Also, it has a beautiful color. Before we entered his house, we climbed again the stairs but not wooden stairs but cemented stairs!!Many thing change from the last 7 years. So, we borrowed the room of my seaman uncle. It's beautiful inside and have a large TV and an aircon. First thing I did there was watching the TV. It has cable so I enjoyed it. A few hours later, I felt sleepy so I slept first. After that, we ate lunch. Then in the afternoon, we went to the houses of my grandmother's siblings and my grandma invited them for her birthday. One of his

17: brothers has two grandsons who study at Claret Zamboanga. I became amaze that I have a fellow CLARETIAN and as the same time, a relative. So I asked my uncle to tour me in CLARET there but I saw only the outside of the school. After that, we went to the other remaining until we went to the cemetery and prayed for one of our relatives there. After that, we went back to the house

18: and ate dinner. DAY 1 done. On the second day, I woke up with a good morning. I ate a good breakfast and started my day 2 WATCHING TV!!(hahaha!!)After that, I used my uncle's laptop and check my YM, Multiply and Facebook accounts. Also, I asked some of my classmate what happened to them when the time I was absent. After that, I am back watching TV. After lunch, we checked in a hotel where my grandma will celebrate her birthday. We swam in the swimming pool there. It's enjoying!! After a few hours, I dressed up for the birthday of my

19: grandma. Surely, this is fun. I stepped outside of our room and I saw many guest entering the auditorium of the said hotel. I entered the auditorium and I saw that it is big. It has many foods and drinks(shots ex: tanduay+pineapple) After a few minutes, the PARTY started. My dad and his cousin accompanied my grandma in entering the venue of her birthday. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY as she walked going to the stage. Her birthday was so GRAND!! Then, my uncle gave an opening speech and thanksgiving to the sponsors behind for the

20: success of my grandma's party. The guests gave their greeting and wishes to her. After that....EATING TIME!!!(yahoo)We were placed at the presidential's table because we were one of the closest friends of the celebrator. The waiter served us foods. After that, we enjoyed the whole night DANCING and DANCING ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Also, I tried to drink that shots. Later, after drinking 5 glasses, I felt dizziness and sleepy. The taste of it is unexplainable!! I didn't danced the LOW because of my condition so I went to our room and had sleep while the aircon is freezing me!!

21: DAY 2..FINISHED!!The next day, I woke up early because we will go to mass and to the beach. My uncle fetched us from the hotel and go to the church and hear mass. After that, we went back home and ate breakfast. I change clothes and went back to the car and go to the beach. Our destination is long which took us in about 1 hour. We arrived at the beach while raining. I remove my clothes and it is so COLD!!After a few minutes, the rain stopped and we started to swim! I used my snorkling googles to see what's under. I can't see anything but brown

22: sands. Also, the biggest thing I did, I battled with the WAVES!!The wind was so strong causing BIG WAVES. It's so fun because your dragging back to the waters. After swimming I felt someone's pulling me because of my experience in waves. We had a lunch there. We ate the leftovers of the lechon that is serve on the party of my grandma. After that, BACK TO SWIMMING AGAIN!! The waves become bigger and the wind became stronger and the rain are there again!!So my dad ask me to go away and take a bath. After that, we left the place and go back to the house. Later that

23: night, we went to the house of my dad's cousin. We ate dinner there. After that, we traveled in the downtown. We went back to the house. DAY 3....done!!So, I woke up the next day, It's our last day in Zamboanga. At morning, we bought some "Pasalubongs" At lunch, we ate in a restaurant. Then, we went to Fort Pilar and went back at home. I packed my things. My uncles left first for our tickets and placing the luggages in the airplane. When they came back, they fetched us. We said goodbyes to them and left the house. Surely, they will miss us. We arrived to the

24: airport and my grandma cried because she will be back to her normal and boring life in Canada. At 5:45pm, we entered the airplane and left Zamboanga. Our trip going to Manila became CRUCIAL!!When we passed on the dark clouds, the airplane vibrates. The pilots asked us to fasten our seatbelts while traveling in the rainclouds. After a few minutes, It stopped. After 45 minutes, we arrived NAIA terminal. We rode a shuttle bus going to the Arrivals section. We got our things and my dad get our car and rode us back at home. Surely, I will miss this wonderful experience

25: and I'm looking forward on the day we will return there | Before I finish this chapter, I forgot to tell this things: On the first day, we swam at the swimming pool in Pasonanca. That night, my tummy seems to be aching so I went to the bathroom twice. I think the cause of this is I drank some water in that swimming pool


27: My uncle(dad's younger brother)and my aunt with my cousins visited us here. On there stay, we decided to go to Subic. I was still a little kid on that time so I would share less experiences. So we went to Subic and swam on the beach there. I played myself in the sands and I am afraid to swim on the water. I made little sand castles. We stayed on some expensive rented house in Mimosa. Then, we went to Fontana and swam there. I love the waves. I played with the slides there. I think that experience is enjoyable even I am still a

28: kid on that time. After many years, my relatives on the mother side and us went to Subic again and swam. I think this time, I'm not lucky. It tried myself to go to where my cousins where. There is a rope and I hang myself there because I don't want to drown. Then, someone is pinching my foot. At first, I thought It was a crab. I shouted for help. The lifeguard rescued me and we went on the shore. I saw my foot full of mosquito-bitten-like circles. The lifeguard said that I was bitten by a jellyfish so he poured vinegar and that time, I just hanged up on the shore. I never got

29: back on the water fearing that the jellyfishes might bit my other foot again. The next day, we went to Fontana again and we swam there. After the FONTANA-SUBIC experience, we went back to our homes. My uncle, at the same time a doctor, told me not to scratch my left foot. It my infect. He gave me a medicine to cure it.


31: "Canada, what is that place? I never heard that before" My parents told me that we were going to Canada. At first, I didn't know that because we didn't took up world geography when I am a kid. I just accepted it. They said that we were going to stay at the house of the my dad's auntie. On the day when we were about to leave Philippines, I felt nervous and excitement. I want to know what Canada is and what life of people in there. My uncle fetched us from house going to the airport.

32: I became amazed because the NAIA is BIG. Also, it's my second time to rode an airplane and first time to go INTERNATIONAL. When we entered the airplane, I became excited now. This is the start of our journey going to Canada. After a few hours, we had our stopover at Narita, Japan. There, I tried to rode the WALKING ESCALATOR. It's so fun and I did it all over again. After a few minutes, we left the airport and continue our journey. It took us 1 day inside the plane. I became so anxious that I want to stepped out now on the airplane. When I saw the sun rising, I know

33: that we were going to arrived at the airport in US. A few minutes, YES!!, my hardtimes are paid off. We landed now on the Seattle airport. Inside the airport, I ordered burger at Burger King. I surprised that the product of Burger King in America is different from here. My dad called his elder sister which lives in California. Then, we rode a shuttle bus going to a small plane which will deliver us going to Canada. After a few minutes of ride, we reached and arrived CANADA!! YAHOO!!THIS IS IT!! My grandma and my

34: dad's cousin welcomed us. We ate first on a buffet restaurant there. After that, we went first to my grandma's house. We rested for a while. Then, we went to the supermarkets there and buy some foods. At night, we ate burgers from MCDONALDS. The next day, we went to a casino and we ate there. My parents tried the slot machine. Luckily, they won. We almost ate at the restaurants outside. My dad's cousins are kind to us. Also, we went to a snow mountain. We rode a banff in order to go there. It's my first time to hold a snow. It looks like the frozen ice in the

35: freezer. I enjoyed every moment holding it. Then, we went to the BIGGEST, as in, BIGGEST MALL IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!THE EDMONTON MALL. It has a pool inside. There are lots of stores. I became tired of walking inside the mall. It has a big amusement park called GALAXYLAND. I tried and enjoyed the rides there. Such a great experience to go inside to the BIGGEST MALL IN THE WHOLE WORLD. There in Canada, we always use bus. If I can remeber

36: we always eat HERSHEY KISSES(haha). In the house of my grandma, everytime that the grasses are thick, me and my dad cut it down using a machine(I don't know the name). My mom did many works at home like washing the clothes, ironing it and many more. Also, during our latter days in staying there, my parents became addictive on the slot machine and they seldom go to the casino with there relatives but they didn't won. After a month of staying there, it's the time when we need to go back at home. At our departure, my grandma cried because she will be back to

37: her normal life. Also, we bid goodbyes to my uncles and aunts and after that we rode the airplane. It took us another 1 day inside it. Then, we landed now at Manila. My uncle(my mom's younger brother)fetched us there. Canada trip is an amazing experience. I can feel that 2 years from now, we will be there again and live. We will just wait up for now the approving of our papers and visa. One thing, when we were in Canada, I have no sickness of asthma but when we came back here, my asthma came back to. I think because of the clean air there.......


39: In Grade 6, we had a FAMILY DAY. That family day had a raffle. 2 will win trip to Puerto Galera for 4. Luckily, I am one of the two who won!!It is an answered prayer. My dad said that the owner of the resort is my classmate's father who was there on that time. The gift certificate is valid until December 31, 2008. So, we planned in vacation to go there, Few months later, we had it on April 25, 3 days and 2 nights. We left the house Saturday morning. We rode a bus going to Batangas Pier. Then, we ordered tickets for the boat. Lukcily, we got one fast because there are

40: many people too. We waited for 30/40 minutes. Also, we ate lunch there. After that, the boat arrived and it's our time to ride on it. The trip is so long. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes. I almost slept while traveling. After that, I saw something white. Then, that's Puerto Galera. Yeah!!After that boat hanged up on the shore, we stepped down on the water and go to their ticketing office to set what day we will ride the boat again. My dad called the father of my classmate, on the same time, the owner of the resort we will live. After a few minutes, the my classmate's father

41: arrived and fetched us going to the resort. The resort is just near to the beach, at the back of the resorts facing the beach. The resort is small but good. He lend us the key and tour us going to our room. Our room has two bedrooms and a small TV. In my point-of-view, the room is neither big nor small. When the owner left us, we rested for a while. After half an hour, we change to our swimming attire and go now to the beach. There are many people in the beach. There are, also, many rides such as the banana boat, jet ski and many more. The waters are so

42: clear that I can see fishes under it. It's so nice to swim on the beach. After that, I made a Mount Everest out of sand(haha)but it fell when the waters come to the sand. After few hours, we left the beach. We went back to our room and dressed up. Then, we ate dinner at the stalls near the beach. After eating, we watched TV and slept. DAY 1 ended. I woke up early the next day. We ate sandwiches which is our food in trip and cup noodles. Then, we change to swimming attire and swam on the beach again. It's morning so the water are bit cold. Also, I can see the fishes

43: so nice and so clear. After that, we went back to our room and dressed up and ate lunch outside on the stalls. After eating, we went back to the room and slept. After a few hours, we woke up and heard mass in a chapel in near town. We walked in going there. After that, we bought water and food on a convenience store and walked back going to the beach. There, we ate dinner. We stroll the beach for a while before going back to the room and watch TV and slept. DAY2 ended. I woke up the next day. It's our last day in Puerto Galera. We ate breakfast at a nearby store. Then we swam

44: again for the last time. After a few hours, we dressed up and ate lunch. Then, we went back to our room and packed our things. We thank the owner of the resort for letting us in. At around 1pm, we rode the boat and leave the island. It's such a great experience in Puerto Galera. I hope I would comeback there soon.


46: Of all the family experiences in life, I think this experience is the greatest. All my hardships in studies and my parent's hardships in work are paid off. By this event, I showed perseverance and I made them proud to me. In my section in grade 7, I was the top 3 of the class. I strive hard for me to be in the honors of the batch. In graduation, I didn't made it in the honorable mention but I became an awardee. I brought honors to the school. As far as I remember, I became the delegates to go to La Salle for a youth convention. In the program, we became the most active school,

47: beating ATENEO and LA SALLE and other schools for girls. In grade 7, I, also, became serious to my studies. This is the time when my true self was released. I became more aware to what's happening. In the celebration, we, first, heard the graduation mass. After that, we went to the gym. The graduation started. Each one of us walked the center aisle. When the awardees were called, I went to the stage and receive a medal. After that, the graduates are called and receive their diplomas. Truly, my medal and diploma are

48: the effect of my perseverance in studies. Today, I still continue it and still hope to become the honorable mentions of the class DON'T SAY "THE END" AT THE LAST PAGE OF THIS BOOK. YOU'LL SAY........ LIFE MUST GO ON!!



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